Snow Trails by RiderX

Snow Trails by RiderX

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  • Current Version: 5.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Polaris Industries
  • Compatibility: Android
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Snow Trails by RiderX App

Snow Trails by RiderX - Version 4.0. Brand new from the ground up, the only thing that hasn’t changed is the name and our commitment to building the best rider experience. At the core of this experience is our new map, purpose built with feedback from our community of 250,000+ riders. Offline Optimized. We know some of the best riding isn’t around cell service, so our new mapping engine is not only optimized for low cellular service situations, it works with no cell service at all. With new state and province-wide snowmobile trail map downloads, you always have the map with you. In-depth Trail and Park Information. Riders have already found the value in our 170,000+ miles of snowmobile trails, now we take that to the next level with in depth local ride info. Finding new places. We have included enhanced snow depth data so you can find the snow, while also expanding our points of interest and business listings. You can locate trip needs whether you’re riding in a familiar area or exploring somewhere completely new. Manage your Snowmobiles. After the ride, your virtual garage allows you to keep tabs on your sled plus any other powersport equipment you have. The virtual garage includes a manual maintenance log so your sled is always ready for your next ride. Snow Trails by RiderX is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. *Note - iOS versions below 8.3 may encounter compatibility issues with certain features.

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Snow Trails by RiderX app reviews

  • Awesome Trail Map App 5/5

    By Kshgthbdb
    Dug around the App Store and a friend said to take a look at the RiderX App. This thing is awesome. Way better than trying to keep track on paper maps. Highly recommend it to anyone that rides trails for any extended distances or in unfamiliar areas.
  • Wow! 🌨☃❄️❄️ 5/5

    By Matt❄️
    This app actually blew me away! I was thinking this app would really stink but soon found out that this really works and it's is amazing!! Too bad I ride Ski-Doo.... Otherwise I would definitely be using the amazing features this app comes with.LET IT SNOW🏂⛷🏔🌨☃

    By JDragonov
    Again, another garbage waste of time update. I'm still waiting for satellite maps to be back after emailing them directly. They said thats the most requested thing, yet don't do it an add more snow depth crap... Good thing the snows gone i wont need this app for a year and maybe by then they'll add it. Until then i'll be using the orv trail app. Good thing I haven't done any of the past 4 useless updates on that app it works great and with satellite maps still. On a side note i do like how location still shows even in airplane mode(major battery saver). Will update when it gets better.
  • Up North 5/5

    By Pro R 800
    This app is a must!!! Without it I never would have negotiated across an unmarked lake when barrels were expected but not placed because of warm tempts. The only problem was I was 100 miles from a rent condo and it was -15 w/o wind chill. Keep your iPhone warm because mine froze twice (just shut down) but I never lost my recorded route. Down load this bad boy!! 🕶
  • Snomobiler 1/5

    By C87w
    This app is terrible, maps and locations are incorrect in numerous locations in my area. Not to mention Polaris just offers this app and says on their website that they compensate the local clubs witch is completely incorrect. They are the ones that get these trails to the superb riding condition they are! And the paper maps might be old technology but they are atleast correct and provide money back to the tail systems! In my opinion it is much better than putting money into another CEO's pocket!
  • Trail markings 4/5

    By DeltaOps
    Great app. Allows for viewing when there's no cell phone service. ONLY problem is, that the trails are not marked with their designation labels. Trails are marked with Lat/Long. Please update your trail marking to the trail designator.

    By Grant Hanson
    I am so happy I stumbled upon this app, everything about it is great!!!
  • Awful 1/5

    By snowmobiler12
    Would not recommend this app to anyone, it doesn't show trail markers or cities or anything useful! Overall terrible app!
  • True north! 3/5

    By Marnold100
    App needs a true north setting! The map is hard to use when it keeps repositioning depending on your compass heading.
  • Good to terrible 1/5

    By ZR rider
    App was decent last season but recent update is awful. Trail numbers and status was removed. Position is spot on but trail location isn't always accurate. Please fix or revert back to past app.
  • Snow depth 2/5

    By Wny south
    Please put snow depth back on the map layering
  • Map is wrong 1/5

    By mi_canuck
    For northern Ontario, the latest app has many errors of where the actual trail is routes. Trails this have been the same for many years. The older version of the app was MUCH better. The trails were more accurate. Seems like the latest update takes its data from a different source and a very bad one at that. People that don't know the area and rely on the app are bound to get lost. Luckily signage in the area is great. The app not so much.
  • Directions a matter of LIFE or DEATH 1/5

    By jvb333
    This app is alright if you want to putz around the neighborhood or if you're in an area where there is a large population to go to for help. I would not recommend using your smart phone and this app together, you are asking for trouble. If you do use this app make sure to bring along a map, compass, matches (fire starter), knife, and always have in the back of your mind a readiness to sleep in the forest when you can't get home. I travel with a map a compass and my trustworthy talk to the satellites Garmin. We are in a sport that is expensive, dangerous, adventurous, always evolving and a lot of fun! You know the old adage "you get what you pay for", and direction are no exception. Be smart, have fun! JVB
  • Sad 2/5

    By WXstorm
    Sure would be nice if all my waypoints didn't get blown away on every update.
  • Bugs and Glitches 2/5

    By JTE135
    Whenever I try to go into the RiderX app to look at trails, it freezes and then kicks me out to my home page. It has happened for the last two updates and I thought it would have been fixed in the most recent update. Please fix that.
  • Love the maps!! 5/5

    By Lucy_The_Great_Magician
    We make sure to have at least one phone with this app before leaving the house. A must for snowmobiling. Great app!!
  • . 5/5

    By Squirtka
    Wonderful app; will add a whole new dimension (recording / waypoint logging) and experience to the ride. The integrated location & mapping capability (where/when cell coverage available), will obsolete the hard copy maps and stand-alone GPS. Dongle functionality integrated in the APP provides a nice addition to the dashboard for Polaris riders. Much improved over previous version. To borrow a tag line from the past: When you head on to the trail, "Don't leave home without it".
  • Worked great in NH/ME/Canada 5/5

    By usmcdrew05
    Has worked great so far!! Looking for more great features in future updates. Can't wait to use it more in the 15/16 season
  • Snow trails rocks!!!! 5/5

    By SnowmanNH
    Great app! I live right on ten main trails and this app is awesome helps a lot and let's me track my entire trips with friends a family! Can't wait for snow season 2015/ 2016
  • Ryder x 5/5

    By 115 axys
    Put 3400 miles on new axys this season used gps a lot found it to be very helpful. We could always figure out where we were at awesome tool to have on sleds
  • Rider x app 4/5

    By Jayg220
    The app is really good but it could focus a good amount more on like local and club trails. But for being the only app out there like this is really good. Also I like the feature that it tracks where you have ridden.
  • Good updated trails 5/5

    By Maindihar
    The Vermilion Penguins rerouted the Iron Ore Snowmobile trail and the new route is posted. Awesome job at maintaining accurate maps😀
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Soxfan890
    This app is great when riding trails that you are not familiar with and especially when you are back country riding. The only thing that would be great to improve is to have the app track your progress even if you lose cell signal by using the map on your phone or come up with a better way to accommodate the lack luster cell service in western and northern Maine.
  • Great App for finding gas stations 4/5

    By BLK-Indy800
    Great app it came in handy several times while riding in western New York especially when a few of us were running low on fuel out in the middle of nowhere we were able to zoom in on the nearest town with gas station! Great app the only suggestion I have is add trail numbers on the app if possible
  • Great start! 4/5

    By longfinger
    I like this app a lot. I have used it several times this winter. It is missing some of the smaller trails in my area, but I'm going to start tracking them and hopefully they will show up. Overall though, this app is a must-have for snowmobilers! Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to the next updates.
  • Skowhegan Sno-Hawks 5/5

    By Icrankit
    Nice to see the club trails on here
  • RiderX 1/5

    By eshtech
    Its ok, but it doesn't write routes or save routes unless u have x amount of waypoints!! Was disappointed!!
  • Worked great 4/5

    By Svenjoli
    Used it a couple times this year and it worked well. All main trials were on the map and we were able to figure out where we were. It would be nice if there was a way to tell if trails in a given area are opened or closed, as this year snow conditions were we live weren't the greatest.
  • Good app but... 4/5

    By Nate192010
    Wish it had trail numbers. Then in would be perfect
  • Nice - BUT! 3/5

    By Skydiv
    Nice app. Really needs landscape mode.
  • Must download 5/5

    By Polaris_sledneck2014
    If you ride snowmobiles, this app is a "Must Get". Very helpful, and a lot more handy than carrying around that clumsy trail map!
  • Good potential but needs work 3/5

    By djhiltz
    Great potential but needs some fine tuning. Maps are great but waypoints don't sync with riderx website.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Williams D
    nice to get info on places to ride, where the new snow is and how much. I need to use it more on rides and learn it's full potential !
  • Stuff 3/5

    By Trail tripper
    App is good,but the screen has to much crap on it.It's hard to see the trail under that black vertical bar.Put that stuff on the top or bottom of the page and then you can see more of the map.A quarter of the screen is taken up because of that bar.
  • Great app 5/5

    By G-air-T
    This is a great app I recommend it to anyone and everyone who rides
  • Still needs work. 2/5

    By PancraZ
    Snow depth on the bottom left always reads 0". Don't ever try to upload a pic to a saved waypoint in a poor reception area or it will keep looping an upload error message. However I did figure out how to clear this, go into settings and clear cache. Map has no trail numbers, just the name of the trail that is hardly ever posted. Lots of potential, just not ready yet.
  • Crashed the last two days. 2/5

    By Freezing by the fire
    Would have been nice to see my last two days of riding. But this app crashed and didn't save a thing. I guess there's nothing like the good old Garmin. Great if it would work. I'm sure Polaris has the money to make a decent app, or wait, maybe it senses I ride a skidoo. I'll have to buy a Polaris to see if it works better ;)
  • Please Fix!! 1/5

    By FastF7Rider
    Loved the app till this latest update. Now I can't create an account or login which prevents using the app in offline mode. Since I have no service where I ride, the app is now useless.
  • No issues yet on iPhone5 or Ipad2 4/5

    By servocam
    App is working well so far. Only annoying thing I have found so far is when planning a trip and you are trying to put a marker on the trail, it keeps highlighting the trail instead of putting a marker. I have to zoom in and click off the trail.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By TimbersledLE
    Ever since the last update the app has crashed every time I have used it. I have reinstalled it on a new phone to no avail...please fix it because I love using it when sledding!!
  • Need Alaskan trails 2/5

    By Aksled
    The app is great but why is there to trails loaded for alaska
  • Seems cool but..... 3/5

    By My R6 rocks
    It says the trails end in southern Wisconsin on Illinois border which isn't true. How do we get the Illinois trails also?
  • Fix it fast please. 1/5

    By Emma's fausha
    Can't sign in. Can't connect to GPS.
  • GPS 1/5

    By Chivas75
    So far no good. I get a notice that it will not connect to device GPS. Will not down load trails.
  • Rider X improving but still has some bugs 4/5

    By Geo Gap
    Version 3.4.1 11/12/14 My use if this version has been limited mostly to planning routes and checking weather and snow cover to date. As one other user commented, there is a bit if lag from the time you select something to when it updates. This is the case when on wifi so may be even slower when using data. When checking for snow cover, shades show on map but you can't show legend to determine depth nor can you adjust opacity like before so you can see town names or trails. At bottom of screen, it shows temp and weather condition but snow shows zero even though snow overlay shows deeper snow. I tried zooming or moving around but it remains at zero snow depth. Sometimes when you select no overlays, map still shows them. I did a trial run with my bike and when finished riding it showed a distance of 5 miles but once I saved ride it showed 4.6. Finally, even though I've synced regularly, some if my recorded rides have been lost. Not sure if/how I may be able to recover them. App updates are improving the app in some respects but bugs continue to exist. I as I'm sure other users do appreciate Polaris continuing to try to make this app better. Hopefully the bugs can be fixed before season start. Thanks!
  • Lag 4/5

    By Shawn Peiffer
    Love the app! I have been using it for 3 years now with no issues. I am on a iPhone 5c and the map is very laggy. If u could just fix that it is the greatest app and the most used on my phone! Thank you much! P.S. Just bought a new rush 600 pro r and love it!!!
  • No home trails 3/5

    By 68doughboy
    Does not show the trails in a 60 mile radius of where I live. Shows the rest of the state. Need to fix or make it easier to use.
  • Very useful and informative app 5/5

    By Dc repair
    Love that is shows where the dealers are located and where the trails are
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tristin W.
    I love this app. It is great for trail riding and is completely accurate. The only problem is that u can't use it without wifi.

Snow Trails by RiderX app comments

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