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Social Dummy

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  • Current Version: 5.1.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ashley Richards
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Social Dummy App

Social Dummy is a simple and easy-to-use entertainment tool to create very faithful posts, comments, profiles, messages, direct messages and more in recreated popular social network apps. Each account is highly customisable with many options available to make it your own! Social Dummy is perfect for creating fake AU's (Alternative Universe), Fan-fiction, stories or even to fool your friends. The possibilities are endless and the app is ever-growing with whatever you want to make. All your created fake posts and content are saved securely into the cloud so you can come back and continue your stories at any time. For the latest news and announcements visit

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Social Dummy app reviews

  • Twitter Problems 4/5

    By Jqmakeupartist
    With Twitter, For an example, if I write “Tomorrow my friends are going to the movies.” It would say “Tomorrow my friends are” and it keeps doing that when I try to make the messages. Sometimes it doesn’t even write anything! Thank you for your time.
  • TO GOOD 5/5

    By lyssy noel fan forever666
  • Awesome but... 5/5

    By Rj Jubba
    Since your making a fake social media app with all social stuff fake why not ad a fake email making app you know like you did for all the social media now that would be very fun to have
  • h 4/5

    By tilly sent to you
    its a really good app but how do you delete the tweets?
  • The trip isn’t that bad 5/5

    By Taya Homsana
    I like the app lol
  • i have a question 3/5

    By LitzyLedesma91013
    for the messages, is there a way to put the messages on the left so it looks like it got sent to you? im confused
  • 🕴✨ 4/5

    By jeongclown
    The app is good but! It was difficult to navigate at first, or maybe that was just me. One thing I have a problem with is the FaceTime feature. I can only change the smaller box and the rest remains blue unless I change it to poor connection, but otherwise it stays the same. Is it supposed to do that? Let me know!
  • ヾ(´・・`。)ノ 3/5

    By jahmpong
    I really love this but there is one problem :( I haven't been on the app for 3 weeks and now all the pictures/profile pictures are gone. it takes me so long to make a contact and now I have to redo them for the picture :( then the wallpaper I made? it doesn't work either #sadboi
  • it’s great 5/5

    By Toxicrilaya
    loved this app for years my only crtique would be the photos keep getting reordered in the twitter.
  • Make TikTok! 5/5

    By 10101010101011111000
    It would be AMAZING!!!! (Also barely anyone responds to my yeah. Please respond!)
  • Perfect 5/5

    By S u k i c h a n
    It’s really good, you can make fake chats, prank your friends, and it randomly has safari in it. It’s a great thing to use if you wanna prank your friends or make chat stories. You must download social dummy. It’s the best!
  • So good 🤩 5/5

    By Johnny peek
    This app is so good you can prank your friends like you have I Facebook account but your friends know it’s real but it’s not so try to prank your friends this is the best app ever
  • Needs Work. 3/5

    By JustWritingAReview1838
    Honestly, the app is great. However, there are things that need to be worked on. The main problem me for is progress not getting saved. If I create users and really work hard on them, it won’t save. Or posts won’t save. The tweets seem to save but the instagram post don’t. Also, sometimes If I’m on the youtube app, it won’t let me change the user. That doesn’t bother me as much however, it’s still something you could work on. Like I said, the main problem for me is the work not saving. Great app, just needs work.
  • Really great app 5/5

    By alyssa isaacport
    this app is really amazing me and my friends all downloaded this app and so far no issues everything works perfectly 🙂
  • Quote retweet 4/5

    By seungmin monster pp
    I really love this app, but I wish there was a way to quote a tweet on here.
  • Hi :) 5/5

    By yeonbem
    You probably won’t reply but I just wanted to say I’ve been using this app since 2018 and I love it a lot. I’ve seen that App Store is making you take it off on the 30th which is horrible since you put YEARS on this app just for them to make you take it off :( I just wanted to say that you deserve all the money you made off this dude. Hope your doing well.
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Carly Troilo
    This app is honestly so good... Not to jinx it, but I never usually get ads. It also looks like the real platform of whatever social media you want to “use” I guess... It is hard to use the dms on Instagram but that is okay
  • Opened up creative outlets 5/5

    By bumbleh
    With the recent announcement of this app shutting down on the 30th, I felt it was needed to say how grateful I am for this app. I personally used it to show my OC’s (original characters) stories, and show how they would act in my favorite show’s plots and so on. Before downloading this app, I had no way to confidently tell those stories, but with this app, I can proudly say that this app is what truly motivated me to tell those stories. It especially opened up an intriguing way of writing stories. I used the Twitter option to do small tid-bits, to provide information, to pass the time by in my story, or to just transition into the main written portion of my stories. I used the messaging option to write out important conversations between my characters and I used the Lock Screen option to add some sort of tension to certain situations. For all the bugs I had to deal with, it was ultimately a very gratifying adventure of finally being able to write out my OC’s stories in a way that was comfortable to me, and for that I thank you, Ashley Richards!! If anybody has their own stories and are currently worried about losing all their progress, I suggest finding a way to store those posts/texts/lock screens/ etc. via screenshots, iCloud storage, google photos, or hard drive. For anyone that’s ever wanted to use this app, I suggest using it while you can! It’ll be off the stores by December 30th so use that remaining time wisely!
  • Best app for pranks😂 5/5

    By yudufufufuuffufu
    I used this app to make him Fortnite Mobile got back on the App Store his reaction was hilarious 🤣. He actually believed it until I told him it was fake. Great app, made me laugh 😹
  • Twitter profile bug 4/5

    By CupcakedSylveon
    Great app, I love using this to make funny stuff with the twitter function! However, I'm unable to change users for some reason and I'm constantly stuck with one user. Can you perhaps fix this issue in a later update?
  • Please don’t shut down 5/5

    By nicdeestar
    I love this app and I hate to see it go pls don’t shut it down plsss I know it’s hard to go with new policy’s but I want to continue using this app for ever plsss don’t remove it maybe bring it on Samsung???
  • Phenomenal app 5/5

    By TaeTaesWife
    This is an amazing app, I love how entertaining it is. I use it all the time and I’m completely happy with the content it gives me, as a writer it benefits me when I write my stories and I’m incredibly sad to see this app go.. I wish I could stay.
  • Great but got a new phone and it erased all purchases 3/5

    By girlytheworld
    I had this app for awhile and it's great but when i got a new phone i used the same apple id and everything logged into the same account on my old phone and now all my purchases are gone i hit restore all purchases and it doesn't work.
  • Problems 3/5

    By Avery Satnos
    So at first I really liked this app, but now it’s t is annoying me. So if I go on the fake Instagram, and I try to make a post, sometimes it makes the picture horizontally long and zooms in on it. But sometimes it. Idk if I’m doing something different or what it is.
  • Great but 4/5

    By ognintendo1980
    This app is great to use. It’s fun pranking my friends. One thing that should be added is a way to get out of the fake apps. That way, I don’t have to close out the app. Overall: Great app!
  • Good but what?. 3/5

    By roman511
    I know the app is great and it’s known for the text messages videos on YouTube I’ve tried to make them but if you’ve want to make unlimited messages you have to pay? That makes no sense I’ve completely stopped using the app even tho I’ve been wanting to keep using it but I have to pay to do everything devs, owners etc. Please fix this
  • Good but not that good 3/5

    By Lune Areaste
    It is great but when I tried to go back to homepage it didn't work, I was also wondering if instead of films you could also add series. I was also wondering if you could make playlists in YouTube or make a website on safari or if you could make an account google I was also wondering if you could add Hulu, Disney plus, or TikTok
  • Amazing 5/5

    By July_Not_June
    please add Tiktok
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By SxriteSlushies
    First off it keeps saying “error” because some kind of thing with a the data I have deleted and downloaded it again and it still won’t work I tried other fake apps but it still won’t work I don’t understand why🙄✋🏽
  • good with a few problems 3/5

    By Past3llite
    the app works pretty well, but i wish there would be an option to crop the images so it could fit better. also it's pretty tedious when making the texts. and then there's a bug when making a fake wallpaper. it doesn't allow me to leave unless i exit the app. idk if that was on purpose. other than that, the app is fine. i'd recommend adding a gradient for the messenger app to make it more believable!
  • Suggesting 4/5

    By carolingramser
    It’s A Really Good App I’ve Tricked My Friends With Funny Conversations I Wish There Was More Customization To Change My Screen To Dark From Like - Also Would Like more custom apps Tiktok, Skype And Other Popular Websites
  • Imperfect, But I love it. 5/5

    By 2140359992
    I use this for my characters because it’s fun to imagine how they’d use their social media! There are some things I’d want added (such as updates to Instagram stuff, maybe some bug fixes regarding tweets and ideally reactions to IMSGs) but i absolutely love this app. worth the purchase for unlimited texts! 10/10!
  • Messages 3/5

    By Angerald
    Whenever I export the screenshot for the messages, the icons and names of the people in the group chat appear different, they are out of the order I put it in. Also, the timestamps and dates for twitter dms can’t be taken away all at once. It’s really annoying but besides that, the app is fine.
  • The Snapchat Option 3/5

    By Zoexox:)
    As far as I know, everything works pretty well. I downloaded this app for the use of the Snapchat function though, and it seems to be very buggy. It won’t let me choose a specific color without going gray, etc.
  • twitter 5/5

    By aniyai568
    i know twitter just updated but are you guys going to add the fake stories to pls reply
  • Huge bug!!!! 5/5

    By Saturday girls forever!!!!!!(;
    In twitter you can’t change the user to see their profile. I’m an au maker and I NEED to see the profiles. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!
  • it cool 3/5

    By brookielove896
    it’s a cool app ig i just don’t like paying for it lol
  • Can I not have to type in my email?! 3/5

    By Color bump 3d
    Every time I try to use this app it says I have to put a email like what? 3-star-rating
  • Good App - Constantly Breaking 2/5

    By NotNat96
    I really wish I could give this more stars but the updates are constantly breaking this app. The most recent one 5.1.5 has fixed the names being cut off but now hidden the outgoing messages completely. No matter how many I send out or even if I send them as incoming and then change them to outgoing they’re still not visible. There’s not even a space indicating that they WERE there and just can’t be see, any incoming messages just slot right where the outgoing messages should have been. This is incredibly frustrating considering I’m trying to make a story on time constraints, I have less than a week to get it finished and I don’t really have the time to be messing with app-breaking bugs like this. I love using this app but I’m starting to regret the money I spent to get unlimited messages when it becomes unusable like this. Hoping it’ll get fixed soon and I can go back to using it, because other than this it really is fantastically made.
  • A request 5/5

    By Ashley wuz here!! ✨🦋
    I love the app btw!! But I have one request for the Instagram part - I thought maybe you could add Instagram Stories or Instagram lives? It’s just a thought
  • It’s great but the messages are weird 3/5

    By ganer001
    I’ve been using this app to make little fun scenarios with my friend since were bored all the time. It works great for the most part but the outgoing messages aren’t appearing. I tired redownloading the app and also making a new account but nothing seems to work.
  • Instagram 5/5

    By Qyiesha
    So everything about this app has been great so far. I use it for visuals whenever I write my story. I do have one problem though. I don’t understand the override comment feature for Instagram if it’s not going to show up when I make a post. I have to manually type a comment for anything to show up. I could put 1000 comments but it won’t show up under the pictures
  • bruh 3/5

    By bvckhfgbvj
    why do we gotta pay for it tho 😭?
  • How to edit users 4/5

    By ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)is_ my_ name
    How do you edit the users
  • Grate 5/5

    By GMRx11
    Love using this app
  • Whatsapp Glitch 5/5

    By Hopehopeysmiles
    Hi!! I really love this app. I bought a couple of the expansions as well! However, I recently started using WhatsApp layouts, and the messages severely overlap each other and glitch out. There doesn’t seem to be a way to fix it. If you can fix this glitch, that would be great! Thanks!
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By kenma- AU writer
    I use this for my AU account on Twitter( fic @bnha_au_tweety), and its great! It sometimes has little glitches, but over all I’m impressed with the amount of things I can to on the app!! I mainly use the twitter and message part, but I can still say it works great! Highly recommend if your writing a AU story!
  • problems on twitter 4/5

    By I need book2 fire and ice!!!
    i’ve had this app for quite a while, and it rocks! but ever since the newest update, in a thread, it has shortened my tweets. for example, the tweet could be: “hello! my name is john doe. i work at mcdonald’s.” but it’ll only show: “hello! my name is john doe.” i have to exit out of the app multiple times for it to reappear with the full tweet, and after doing so it’ll shorten ANOTHER one. this is pretty frustrating considering i bought everything there is to buy for this app. please, PLEASE fix!
  • The app suggestion 5/5

    By Yonna_gxng
    I think it’s a really good app but y’all should add TikTok for it. Thanks