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Social Maker

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 4.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Matteo D'Ignazio
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Social Maker App

Create fake social posts and messages that look real! Social Maker is a tool to create fake social posts and messages, perfect for AU (Alternative Universe), fun and entertaining purpose. 1. FEATURES • 3 Social accounts • 3 Messaging accounts • Fake posts • Fake messages • Fake comments • Fake profiles • Share post as image 2. POSTS • Text or Photo post • Date, text, caption • Likes and statistics • Visibility 3. MESSAGES • Chat and groups • Text or photo message 4. PROFILES • User profiles • Verified badge • Following and followers • Customize details such as username, bio, website, birth date Limitations The free version has some limitations: • Limited number of posts, comments • Limited number of chats, messages Visit the Store section inside the app for more information.

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Social Maker app reviews

  • Love it! 5/5

    By kami1241
    This app is amazing for role playing and pranks for my friends 10/10 definitely recommend!
  • outrageous money grabbers 1/5

    By IG- sincitys.devil
    you guys do not need to charger for how many texts you can send when your charging for everything else i’ll give this 5 starts if you’d take thst function off

    By wksnsksjsk
    while this app is sooooo good and makes for great story writing, i think adding a dark mode would be very beneficial for users. please consider this !!!
  • Good app 5/5

    By DoniLLoni
    Yesss now I can make one of those anime chat stories on tiktok. 👹👺
  • A M A Z I N G! 5/5

    By Hiwkdjqkdkrodjdywlfj
    When I tell you how good this app is you have to believe me! I never even write reviews for apps but I just needed to with this one! If your bored in quarantine or want to get revenge on someone this is perfect. This app is helping me so much through quarantine I can’t stop using it, it’s so fun to just make fake chats and if your getting revenge or pranking someone this is perfect because it looks just like the normal messaging app. I use this app just to have fun with it and I spend HOURS literally HOURS on this and the best part is there are 0 ads. BEST. APP. EVER. 100% recommend! ❤️
  • AHHH 5/5

    By Dassie!!
  • A couple of problems! 4/5

    By DessiDiva 👸🏽
    This app is amazing and I’m so glad I found it. The only thing is that once you make “your account” you can’t view the other accounts as if they were yours. I would love to be able to switch POVs of accounts. Also I want to be able to “post” videos on Instagram as well and not just pictures. One more thing. I want to be able to make an account so if the app ever gets deleted for some reason, my progress will still be saved and I wouldn’t have to start all over. Other than that the app is amazing!
  • It’s good but 4/5

    By jj resch
    I love this app but I don’t wanna buy something just so a can have more chats because I’m not in a buying mood
  • uh 2/5

    By -Someone random
    is it normal that the app isn’t letting me put pfp’s anymore??
  • Good but 4/5

    By iiRealistic_Pancake
    It’s pretty good, you can fake text messages, the only thing is I have to pay to send unlimited messages.
  • Wtfym 👁👄👁 4/5

    By i simp fr 2d men 😭✋
    The app is fun in cool it’s just I don’t know what to do when it said upgrade and I have to pay for it I don’t have money like that so it’s kinda sad and can’t really talk anymore that’s the only thing that bugs me tho it looks really real so that’s good
  • Potential to satisfy more customers 5/5

    By vinilla reviews ☁️
    This app has been great so far, but long awaits an update. At some point you (developer) said that it couldn’t receive more updates due to it being deleted on the AppStore, but that hasn’t happened yet at all. The texting story app was also abandoned at some point—so I think It’s best if THIS app finally gets some updates. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be? And it would honestly make the experience much better for those that have actually made purchases, otherwise it seems like a sham.
  • I’m confused 4/5

    By random674
    I like it just wondering how to delete tweets on Twitter
  • Struggling 4/5

    By Nadia Holt
    Hi! Every time I do messages I always get stopped because it’s keeps popping up a upgrade thing and I don’t have money. So I can’t do the text anymore. Do we have to get the upgrade too do more messages?

    By sonnysam2011
  • it’s pretty ok 5/5

    By fryeddabi
    ( gave it 5 stars so it can hopefully see it)it’s a pretty good app and just what I was looking for to make videos but is there an option to edit posts or delete some because if you make a mistake it seems like you can’t delete it maybe I just haven’t found it yet but yk
  • could be better. 1/5

    By NagitoStan
    I hate that you have to pay for more texting space.If i could not pay for more texting space,i would give this 5 stars but it does not.So 1 star.
  • it was good but... 4/5

    By shoyo's hair
    Okay, So this app is amazing I love it. But you have to pay to continue, It’s really annoying. Anyways if your going to download it you should but if you get annoyed by “paying” don’t download it
  • Hi 5/5

    By tiktok_lover14628
    I use this app for my Harry Potter TikTok stories! It works wonderfully!❤️❤️
  • It’s good. 5/5

    By itsmadzyall
    It’s a good app and it is very nice. But I just have one question if I delete the app and download it again will I have the infinite texts still? Because I bought it.
  • Ehhhh 5/5

    By sliennlamsid
    I love the app it’s just the limited messages bugging me
  • This is awesome! 5/5

    By finds trash games
    I swear, I love this app! I got to prank my sisters that I was talking to a verified person, lol. Nothing should change, I honestly can’t stop using this app.
  • Pretty Amazing!! 5/5

    By kenma's right thumb
    I love this app so much because i can do so much on it, and i can even put profile pictures!! :)
  • Love it 5/5

    By kahk. shf d
    Y’all should add tiktok so we can post fake videos it will be soooooooooo fun
  • Love this app I would just like if you could add YouTube and tiktok I hope you can 5/5

    By Gdkdjfjdjd
  • Almost, almost 5/5

    By Kitay_113
    This app is incredible. It truly is. From the diferentes medias, to the details. But the only thing that is missing is the ability to “tweet” more than one picture. It’s the only thing missing. But other than that, it’s amazing.
  • I love it 5/5

    By jayvealbero🌺🥀🍀
    I do so e TikTok story’s and this app helps so mich I can text,dm,take post so much I love this app🥺!
  • Nice! But.. 5/5

    By BøbaDevil5346
    I don’t like that you can only do 20 messages and then you have to pay, I just wanna have fun and idk why I have to pay for that. Otherwise it’s a fun app and I love it!
  • Gbvgvv 5/5

    By Kwi mama
  • Can’t believe I just found this app!!! 5/5

    By KittyKatGamer24
    First of all.....I feel so....GREAT that I was able to find this! I needed some way to prank my friends to thinking that I was talking to a celebrity or saying that I was verified! Then here came this app! This app got me so much more chance to successfully pranking my friends! I pranked one friend so far and they fell for it! Everyone should be using this app! I just have one thing to say before I am done writing this. I am so happy that there is no adds, barley anything cost money, it’s just like the real Instagram and the others, definitely the right app for you to prank your friends with, and you get to message! I gotta say, there is no need to be adding anything, except for one thing. I really want the app to let you customize your own follower and when you like a post, the likes will add up 1. Al though everything else is perfect 👌
  • I love it but.... 4/5

    By 🦕⚡️✨💛
    I love it but ur limited on messages and for some people who do have the extra money and they really like the app just make it free and unlimited messages plz it would be nice btw love the app
  • easy to navigate and fun to use! just one thing... 5/5

    By La Chilibon©
    this app is so easy to navigate looks realistic! this is the first fake chat/social media maker app i’ve tried and i’ve stuck to it since. i especially love using it when i make social media au (smau) to have the characters interact. it’s a lot of fun to do! i was just wondering... is there/will there be a notification maker— creating a notification to appear on a lock screen? but overall, i love this app so much ♡^▽^♡
  • Money 2/5

    By pinksoccergirl5
    So when I reach the limit of 20 to text I wanted to buy the more than 20 text messages so I bought it and for some reason it didn’t say I bought it so I am not giving this app a 5
  • Names 5/5

    By 𝚕𝚘𝚕
    I LOVE THIS but a problem I try to add names and emojis and it says no so can you fix it please
  • Honest review (PLEASE READ) 5/5

    By ukcolour
    This app is pretty great, I’m 15 and I’m a writer so I use this app for a better connection to my chapters, so it’s like that have an actual life. Anyways this app has no ads whatsoever you are limited to 20 messages and 20 posts but then you just have to pay two dollars for unlimited on socials and two dollars for unlimited in iMessage. One thing for the delvopers! Is there a possibility that you could make it so we could change the perspective of who’s texting, like you already allow that but I mean I could change who I was under the user tab. ✨10/10
  • Good 5/5

    By good game just to some things
    Good game I just wish for the people who don’t want to wast money and that we can not have limited writing and we can type forever plz do this.
  • It’s a good app but... 4/5

    By Crazy Yandere
    I’m a really good app and I love it but I will like if it was free I can’t pay for it cause I don’t have a credit card or anything I wish it was free
  • It’s pretty good 4/5

    By cooooooooooœl
    It’s pretty good the only thing I would want you to change is only being able to have 30 texts !!! Please make it at least 50 !!!?
  • Works great but could add a few things 4/5

    By nickelok125
    Please add dark mode!! I know it’s not too important but a good majority of Instagram users use dark mode and it would really pump up the believability
  • Love it! 5/5

    By UwU masterrr
    This looks sooo real! I am in love with the Instagram one it’s so good to prank your friends with! Like I pranked my BFF and showed her that I had lots of followers! FIVE STARS! Keep up the great work! 💕😊
  • o 5/5

    By lala nammes are take. :( :)
    its a good app but i had it before and i payed for the messages. i got a new phone for christmas and would have to pay again😭is there a way so i dont need to..
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Arlee MC.
    This app is awesome! I have a really fun time making things. And the fake Insta posts are so cool. This may be a short review but I just wanted to say how cool the app was. It’s such a good idea to make an app like this!
  • Good but 5/5

    By deeberbeebendnsnsnsnajabajdb
    This is a good app BUT you shouldn’t make us pay for more than 20messages that’s not fair
  • Really nice but.. 5/5

    By Cinecitta79
    ROBLOX players will understand so if you look at the will SEE SOMEONE NAMED JOHN DOE
  • Why money 3/5

    By Im sorry but im not paying you
    sorry but i don’t want to pay to be able to text i think that is really bad
  • Sorry this isn’t a long review I am just in a rush 5/5

    By summersunsum
    I love this app. It’s so fun to pretend to text famous people

    By phoebe GLITCH TELLER
    I love how you can make realistic texts messages and the posts look so real too the app is the best app ever! Also it’s just one thing that would be better for this app, it would be better if we could press a button to start a new “fake posting” thing instead of refreshing our pages! Also it’s still good but that would be better to add that! Cause every time I do it, I have to refresh. Also can you make it have more texts? Cause it can look like a full conversation..because I was using this app for a video to look like I’m actually texting people, And then I couldn’t finish cause you need to get more texts.. it’s ok if you can’t add it but.. I guess it’s still good to use this app it’s very realistic.
  • Chats 3/5

    By maria.javoroski
    I hate that you have to pay to get more than 20 chats
  • I love this 5/5

    By dfhxvcfxxfxfhzgufudkhdutxjvxyg
    Now I can make stories yayyy I love this so much