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Social Maker

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 4.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Matteo D'Ignazio
  • Compatibility: Android
2,868 Ratings
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Social Maker App

Create fake social posts and messages that look real! Social Maker is a tool to create fake social posts and messages, perfect for AU (Alternative Universe), fun and entertaining purpose. 1. FEATURES • 3 Social accounts • 3 Messaging accounts • Fake posts • Fake messages • Fake comments • Fake profiles • Share post as image 2. POSTS • Text or Photo post • Date, text, caption • Likes and statistics • Visibility 3. MESSAGES • Chat and groups • Text or photo message 4. PROFILES • User profiles • Verified badge • Following and followers • Customize details such as username, bio, website, birth date Limitations The free version has some limitations: • Limited number of posts, comments • Limited number of chats, messages Visit the Store section inside the app for more information.

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Social Maker app reviews

  • Money 2/5

    By presley474675768
    I love this app but I think it’s stuiped how we have to pay 2$ to have infinity chats, also the fact that you can’t delete chats. I hope you see this and change that I would love that!
  • Enjoyable!! 5/5

    By reviewerr7239
    I really like the app because I can pretend to be texting someone imaginary, though I want to know when i comes out on Android? Or google play store with the same format and layout as this one!
  • Draco🥵🥵🥵 4/5

    By Wam9041
    I am using this app for my fake text for my fan page so yeah..... it’s a good app
  • Please read! 5/5

    By ANGEL6268288191919
    Can you pleassseee are TikTok and SnapChat? And YouTube? That would be awesome if you could! Thanks!
  • Dofnekf 5/5

    By mracoker
    I like it a lot but maybe just make it so I can text as much as you want ty🤍🤍
  • Price 5/5

    By burtrey
    I love the game but I wish you take the price away because my mom and dad won’t pay and don’t you have enough money but another than that I would definitely recommend this game.
  • Maddie 5/5

    By goonzales
    I love this so much
  • Yurrr 4/5

    By abductedbyaliens7
    I like it but i just don't like how you have to purchase to be able to upload a photo
  • I have one suggestion 5/5

    By Rat🤠
    I LOVE THE APP but I have a suggestion maybe add like Snapchat and or tiktok preferable add tiktok comments💖
  • No just no 2/5

    By yfgrvttht
    Hi can you make it free cause I’m trying to to make a story and I can’t
  • Why I like this app ✨duh✨ 💙💙💙 5/5

    By Helena🥺💙
    This is a good app you can pretends to be ✨famous✨ and you can get any followers in ✨Instagram✨,✨Twitter✨,✨Facebook✨ and it is so much fun you can pretend to text famous celebrities and more I love this if you haven’t tried it you should try it 💙
  • 😁 5/5

    By heyy😙✌️
    amazing app i just wish you didn’t have to pay for unlimited texting😔
  • Great but.. 4/5

    By Vsco woman
    This would get an instant 5 star but it gets a star off for you having to PAY for more messages like I get it’s 2 dollars but kids use this and may just go ahead and buy it if they know their password on Apple ID or their parents won’t get it for them so fix it please I want to keep it but I can’t because of the payment
  • A review lol 5/5

    By a good normal reveiw
    This is a really good app I love I’m obsessed it really makes my imagination go wild lol
  • overall good but there could be more 4/5

    By Gabbie Hanna Fan
    if y’all add tiktok my life would be complete

    By hebdlekegsifkrpdjbdd
  • Gracie review 4/5

    By lizzy21334
    So anyway I really like the app I see a lot of people use it to make fake conversations and I really like it but the only thing I don’t get is why you can only text 20 messages person it kinda annoys me but still love the app that’s my only problem but to get the unlimited is really cheap so it’s not that big of a deal so anyways I do really recommend the app love it.
  • ? 5/5

    By bddjaidbhsjs
    Hi I love this app but I’m a bit confused on how to make the text to talk to each other I can text to the person but how do I make them text back that’s all thanks!
  • It’s nice 3/5

    Hello app creator.Am gonna get straight to the point!I always feel upset when I have to pay for unlimited stuff so..I really want a feature where you don’t have to but for unlimited things.i really get bored easily and my thing won’t look realistic!this would help me a lot and i would probably give it a better review!
  • Best texting app! 5/5

    By netanel1
    I love this app whenever I’m sad or bored I always make story’s and videos and it is so entertaining and fun to use go install it u will love and there is no money needed!Have fun!
  • Really good but... 4/5

    By nazhasti
    I think you can add TikTok?It would be a very good prank and it glitches so it’s kinda annoying but again it’s really good so 4-5 please add TikTok and THANK YOU!!
  • It’s okay 3/5

    I mean it’s not bad but it has a limited amount of texts you can write and stuff which is weird in my opinion
  • Why though 3/5

    By d3rp potato
    It’s a good app and it’s really cool but why does it cost money to make more messages 😐 that’s kinda just a deal breaking for me I don’t understand why it costs money to make fake texts.
  • love this app! 4/5

    By DominickNardone
    i wish u can put stories on ur fake instagram acc plz do it but anything besides that this app is the best I love it so much I prank my friends with all the time ! :) 🥰
  • Great but not perfect 3/5

    By KRoyale0614
    I wish we could do a little more than 20 text messages and comments.
  • I LOVE IT 5/5

    By no name but review
    this is the best thing I downloaded that was actually believable! I really hope this app doesn’t get deleted off the App Store it’s incredible and the fact that I never write a review on anything just proves how great this is .. LOVE IT !
  • Good! Just one question 5/5

    By BluemGachaAndGaming
    I personally enjoy this app, I like to make texting stories with it! I just have a question, even though the app can no longer be updated, do the purchases still work?
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Tracy zoalo bailey
    I downloaded the app for fun! Pretend I’m famous 😂. I like the insta, Twitter, and Facebook but it would also be cool with other platforms like TikTok, Tinder, or Snapchat? I really like this app tho😊
  • Please consider sending videos in messages? 4/5

    By supergirl2.0
    This is a great app. Everything is amazing but can y’all consider letting us send videos in messages and social media posts?

    By Fhfnsbdjv
    I use this app a lot! I make tiktok chats for my tiktok account and i’m getting so many views! I recommend!
  • Screen recording? 5/5

    By Meg✌️🧞‍♂️
    I love it! But maybe add screen recording?
  • Pay?? 5/5

    By prettyqueen19
    I think this app is great but the fact that you have to pay to text yourself? That’s just stupid honestly so I’m deleting the app but I do give it 5 stars let me know when you DONT have to pay to text yourself;/
  • This rocks! 5/5

    By MeganGirllyGirl💎💎💎
    I got this searching for kid social media cuz I’m not allowed to have actual social media, and I use this 247!
  • More free stuff 5/5

    By 𝙢𝙖𝙡
    I like this app but don’t want to pay so can you maybe the messaging the limit is 100 and Instagram also
  • make it free 😖🤚 4/5

    By Tatiana H.
    So i really love this app because it looks legit and u can fake text for edits but the thing i don’t love about this app is that it costs money. u can’t go over the limit of 20 texts. i really wish it was free.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Caiden 2-28-15
    This is an amazing app I love how it’s realistic to actual social media I downloaded this because my mom won’t let me have twitter or ig so I had an idea on keeping this app until I actually get social media thank u for making this game it has really changed my life!!!!
  • It’s great 👍🏼 5/5

    By hdnzhdhjdmzkahsb
    I love it,, it’s really fun to play but i have a suggestion to be able to make video post on Instagram and to make stories. Also I think u should add Snaphat to where you can make stories and post and message ppl on there. But that’s just some ideas, this is a great game and it’s time consuming so I won’t be bored all the time.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By GlamaGirl27
    Really well done! I do digital marketing so this is perfect for client proposals that I typically make super visual. Great for planning too! I just have one issue... every time I need to back out to use the control page I have to close the app and start it back up... am I missing something?
  • Great app but... 2/5

    By L.Y.N.D.S.E.Y
    I love the app but when I saw you had to pay for more than 20 texts I bought the messaging pack but it didn’t work. It still pops up that I need to upgrade it when I have already bought it. I’ve tried restarting my phone and closing and going back into the app but nothing worked
  • No💖 1/5

    By regg the skinny leg
    This app is great but you have to by a pack to get more than 20 messages.
  • Nice 5/5

    By mdyle123
    I use it for ✨Draco tiktoks✨
  • Can you guys consider putting TikTok on here 5/5

    By babyfacedani
  • cool and entertaining 5/5

    By ihatepplnamedgrace
    WAIT THIS IS SO MUCH FUN- but what would be a cool feature is if you could add your irl friends to like a group chat and they could interact
  • Love this!!! 5/5

    By Mermaidlover2010
    Hi I just came on here to make a quick review I love this app I downloaded it for fun and I loved it as soon as I played it. I would just like you to add Snapchat that’s all.
  • So happy!! 5/5

    By Niyah♡♥☾❥
    This is so much fun like u can use this if u don’t have no friends!!!!!!!
  • You have to pay 1/5

    By Rifdany james
    After you get it and type some you have to pay for a upgrade
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By uhmmmmmm yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I LOVE the app!!!! I use it almost all the time I’m just wondering if you could add a few stuff. Like we could change it to either Light or dark mode? I was also wondering if you could maybe add another social app like TikTok? Where we could post videos. Besides that I love the app!
  • LINDA 5/5

    By xX..Its..Yo..girl..Xx
    I literally tricked my friends I think i need to tell them that it was this app🥴
  • I have to pay 2/5

    By jeffykailyn10
    I have to pay fir it

Social Maker app comments

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