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  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Socratic by Google App

Need to get unstuck? Socratic can help! This learning app, powered by Google AI, helps you understand your school work at a high school and university level. Ask Socratic a question and the app will find the best online resources for you to learn the concepts. Socratic supports most high school subjects, with more coming soon! *** KEY FEATURES *** - HELPFUL RESULTS Use your voice or camera to connect to online resources and understand any problem. - EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE Find videos, step-by-step explanations, and more to learn subjects at your own pace. - EXPERT-CREATED STUDY GUIDES Socratic partnered with teachers and experts to bring you visual explanations in each subject, so you can learn the concepts behind any problem. - WORKS FOR ALL YOUR SUBJECTS Currently includes Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature. More to come!

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Socratic by Google app reviews

  • Awful update 2/5

    By ahsndrjd
    I used to use this app a lot but now after the update it’s practically useless to me. It was WAY better before the update but now I think I might delete it.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Commandcope0819
    I love this app
  • Best app ever!! 5/5

    By lizl86
    It is so helpful for college! Such a lifesaver! I love it!
  • update ruined the app 😡 1/5

    By _GamerXGirl_
    This was my go-to homework helper, and I even recommended it to some of my friends, but with this new update it makes it so confusing to just get a straightforward answer. Before, I’d just take a picture of a specific problem and it would go through it step by step and you could swipe for multiple services, but now it sometimes doesn’t even answer my question. Who thought this would be a good idea???
  • Old version back please 1/5

    By Noor9319
    I will stop using this app, we want the old version, I prefer using google search, it is easier, pleeeeeeeeeeeease we want the old one pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
  • Prefer the previous version 1/5

    By 92onyi
    The new version is not as good as the previous one. Please bring the old one back
  • Was so Great but... 3/5

    By Yuki-chan¥-¥
    The app was so great until the latest update Can anyone please help me to download the old version? I never get the answers of my questions in the version unlike the old one Which showed me the exact thing Idk what’s the problem now but i need the other one
  • go back to the old version 2/5

    By Jamielynzzstyles
    I’ve used Socratic to help me when I’ve been stumped on a question for about 3 years. I’ve loved it until now. Now the new update doesn’t work as well and does not help me find the information I need. Please GO BACK TO THE OLD VERSION!
  • Just a caring person trying to help 4/5

    By Brooklyn Brazil
    Hey so my ONLY BUT HUGE problem is that when you go to take a picture it’s super zoomed, like either I’m stupid or something but it’s really hard to get a good picture of a question.
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By HoneySuhgar
    Marry me. Who ever built this game and helped with it, marry me. I’ve never been in love with math before, you made that clear. Marry me.
  • 🚮🚮🚮🚮 1/5

    By Truth Speaker 007
    Google made this app trash. What happened to the quizlet results? I mind as well just pull with a google search bar instead of use this how it is now 🚮
  • One little thing 4/5

    By 🐕pupusalover
    Everything is great, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t really help me with word problems. I search up the question but it doesn’t give me anything to help me figure it out. But overall it’s great.
  • Worst update ever 1/5

    By yis_04
    New update is the worst, it doesn’t gives you as many answer as it used to. Most of them are not found and the other you have to go into the website to look for the answer. Before the update its would have most of the answers and the sellect all that apply were visible
  • No reason to go with google when last one was better 1/5

    By p9rter
    It worked better with resources when it came to the old one
  • New Socratic 1/5

    By samejg
    The old version was better
  • Google update is trash 1/5

    By Skyfoxxz
    Wish I didn’t update stop trying to log in to all of my gmail account

    By Hello_Peeps1234567890
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By djcjcjfvlbvkfusyay
    It was so good and so helpful and so easy to use and then google took over and completely ruined it
  • Google ruined 1/5

    By hnmuvbnugv
    Since google is sort now it is trash
  • Not good 1/5

    Bring the old version back. Tell us the answers.
  • The new update has ruined the app 1/5

    By rl.1234
    It was a great app before this new google update. they had a option with all these math symbols where you could exactly type in your equation, that has now been taken off. it also doesn’t explain its answers very well anymore. do not recommend:(
  • Now I can’t use it 1/5

    By bitizon
    I used to love Socratic, it was so helpful but now because I can’t log in with google so it won’t let me use it at all
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By 1785918(2!;9
    It’s ok if you like searching though different links. I personally preferred it before it merged with google
  • Make socratic go back to the old way!! 1/5

    By 😃😂🤒😉🥰🥰
    I really don’t like the update because it doesn’t help anymore it’s don’t give the answers anymore
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Ivet1713
    This app got me through my senior year!! Thank God my teachers never found out bc I graduated with honors! Thanks to this
  • Go to photomath bros this wack 1/5

    By hehehehehehehehehe09
    Bruh this new update mad dodo I want the old version back nah I am downloading photomath
  • Love it! 5/5

    By clockbobbi
    AMAZING!! It’s helping me soo much in college human a&p!! Definitely recommend.
  • Finally an app that helps me understand! 5/5

    By moosetracks1
    This is the first app ever, that shows you HOW to do the problem, and if you WANT you can click on a site that gives you the awnser. Now I know how to solve the awnsers, and I don’t need a calculator or 3 sheets of paper to figure out a question. I give this a 10/10
  • Socratic 1/5

    By mae........mae
    The new update is worse 😒
  • give socratic back to socratic, google 1/5

    By CC and 3
    google made it terrible.
  • New update 1/5

    By ahsidndodn
    New update is terrible. Bring back the old version ASAP please!!!
  • This app is trash now that google took over. 2/5

    By (That cool guy)
    Socratic worked perfectly fine and the interface was very simple and easy to navigate. Now, it’s missing the ability to type in a math question using a mathematical keyboard which makes takes away the ability to check certain questions when you can’t use the camera to scan the question. The interface is cluttered and hard to navigate. Not only that but when you can get an answer, now instead of it being obvious what your answer is, you have to look around to get a straight answer. ABSOLUTE TRASH. BRING THE FEATURES OF THE ORIGINAL SOCRATIC BACK. PLEASE.
  • New Socratic 1/5

    By monie tf.
    Socratic’s update is wack .. partnering with google did not help it ! It made it harder to understand and find answers😤.
  • Please change it back to the old way. 1/5

    By Will.walsh5
    The new update is not nearly as good as the previous. Please don’t update if you haven’t already.
  • So stuck 1/5

    By soooo stuck
    I am downloading this App and hopping that it Helps me because I am So Stuck on this problem for math homework and I need instant help
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By reviewofappgoodnbad
    This app was great, but the new update is horrible.
  • The update 2/5

    This app saved me from summer school last year and helped me understand everything I wasn’t getting but the update is trashhhhh!!!! And it’s terrible because there was literally nooo other app like this one. I’m very disappointed, wish me luck this school year.

    By Little e e
    the new update is trashhh
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By Super Spices
    This app is terrible now!! You cannot find direct answers to questions like in the past. Really wish you all would change it back to the old settings.
  • Not reliable anymore 1/5

    By Lo_is_awesome
    Teaming with google was this apps biggest mistake.

    By dontdownloadthisbs
    used to love this app, but as always google ruins everything. deleting this app until they go back to the way it used to be.
  • Upgrade 1/5

    By Skipps21
    I really dislike the upgrade!
  • After the update 2/5

    By Kathryn Griff.
    This app was SOOO useful to me whenever it came to Geometry, Biology, you name it. But after the app updated, you were limited to only doing certain things which is very frustrating... bring the old Socratic back!!
  • Go back to original 1/5

    By denaeboy
    This update is trash. I use to be able to swipe and the answers would be there. Now it’s just like using the internet browser! Un downloading and going to quizlet.
  • Bad Update 1/5

    By Mic....,,,...!!!
    It’s so pointless now ! You no longer can swipe and it gives way too much to try and find the answer your looking for . Deleting it off my phone .
  • BAD UPDATE 1/5

    By emilylwlw
    This new update makes Socratic essentially USELESS. By not having multiple pages your instead just left with useless links that don’t give you the full definition.
  • The best app 5/5

    By The most app user
    The best😘it has help me so much😍 I don't think I would have passed any of my test without it🤗thanx
  • honestly so happy 5/5

    By weird girl 😂
    im soooooo amazed it has everything, it helped me study for my tests, the upgrade is so much better i love it my fav school app 😭
  • Pre Update was better... 2/5

    By nono_loi
    Socratic was one of the apps that had my back throughout most of the tough problems I had during school. It was working fine, but the new update made all the good features of the app go away. One of my biggest uses for the app was to use the math keyboard, because it allowed for me to easily search for solutions to problems, but it seems that they seem to be more reliant on the photo taking feature now... The next issue I had was that there were no longer solutions to specific problems. If I went to socratic, it was usually to see an answer to a specific problem, and to see a solution. They seem to be leaning toward teaching the topics needed, instead of giving specific solutions. Lastly, the format of the app itself has gotten a lot messier. Weird purple gradients and smaller button sizes make the app more awkward to use, and more confusing for returning and new users alike. I hope that socratic will consider will consider bringing back some of it's older and most popular features. Even if it cannot come back completely to what it once was, I hope they consider bringing back some of the aspects that made it a great student friendly app.

Socratic by Google app comments

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