SODA - Natural Beauty Camera

SODA - Natural Beauty Camera

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 5.2.17
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SNOW INC.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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SODA - Natural Beauty Camera App

The selfie camera that everyone's been waiting for. Introducing Soda, the easy and effortless beauty camera. •The perfect combination of filters and makeup Don't worry any more about which makeup and filter to use. Capture the most trendy styles with just one touch. • Beauty effects applied in real time Take the perfect selfie the first time around with no need for further edits Apply blemish-free skin touch-ups and natural beauty effects in real time. • A diverse selection of color filters optimized for selfies Try out the filters that best suit your skin! Capture an array of different moods using various selfie filters. • Take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary using the Portrait effect. Who said only iPhone users get to take dazzling portraits? Simply tap an area of the photo to adjust its focus and create something marvelous. • High resolution mode for exceptional selfies What's a selfie camera without the best in image quality? Take clearer selfies using our high resolution mode. - Face Technology by SenseTime Family Apps : B612, Snow, Foodie, Looks

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SODA - Natural Beauty Camera app reviews

  • Used to work but now it lags and kills the video quality 1/5

    By Morgen93marieee
    I used to use this on all of my videos but suddenly it makes the video jumpy and lagging. Unfortunate
  • Hmm 2/5

    By choiisanniee
    Well this app is great, but i just wanted to say that ppl especially kpop idols…should stop using it ahhh😪
  • Please add focus lock! 5/5

    By rabbitwhydidyoudothat
    I love this app so much, but I really wish there was a way to lock the focus so it doesn’t change when taking a video/moving for pictures!
  • I miss the old version 5/5

    By Fhji211
    I want the old version back, I’m crying. The old version is better🥺
  • qalladze 5/5

    By sarina sartyp
  • Apps for taking pictures 5/5

    By hcycaaok
    One of the best apps for taking pictures thanks a lot
  • Telephoto lens option? 2/5

    By Kiwiepic
    Its missing the 2x telephoto lens option, please add that
  • Đep 5/5

    By ngoc xien
    Rất tốt
  • Awesome app but.. 4/5

    By Bcv872
    Can we record video with background music playing at the same time? It would be great if we could!!!
  • Get it now 😡 5/5

    By UnluckyWeeb
    Guys get it because it actually makes me feel really beautiful even though I tuned up my face a bit. Honestly this is an amazing filter app and let me say you can make funny faces on here too. It’s pretty wonderful how filters can do this to your body, LOL! Maybe this is why we get catfished. 😂
  • gorgeous 😍 5/5

    By bdheidbd
    😍😍👌👌👌👌i love it , amazing and glamorous cam 😍
  • Horrible for society 1/5

    By (:Jimmy:)
    We are better than this in 2021. This app needs to have age restrictions and should not be available in the AppStore.
  • Es muy buena aplicación 5/5

    By kookmin novios
  • 💜🥰👍🏻 5/5

    By ddddddddddddaaaaaannnaaa
  • Soda ♥️ 5/5

    By mijuelk
    Vraiment j’ai adoré cette application Je suis très satisfaite
  • I Feel Special and pretty🥰🤩 5/5

    By Bts Taeyung♥️
    This app is overall better than effects and snap chat. This app has good quality face features. Also, EVERY SINGLE PEICE OF THE APP IS FREE, and it doesn’t ask you for a trial. There are live 200 something different ones and it’s super cool. You can put it on portrait mode🤩. Overall, this app has a nice feature we’re you can go back and edit things that weren’t edited in the first place. So anyway, I absouloutly ❤️ how you can edit videos with filters and makeup 💄 because it’s cool and it sound natural because normally you have to only do it with a photo but no, it lets it have on video which makes it look like your real look😗
  • Good 3/5

    By virilr
    It’s a good app has good filters and beauty editing but it bugs out a lot and freezes
  • Fave! 5/5

    By queen laynie👸
    I love using this app! Just wish it would cooperate with glasses because I sometimes wear blue light blocking glasses!
  • اي كاش ميشد فيلتر فقط روي صورت يك نفر باشه 5/5

    By 22Leham
    اي كاش ميشد فيلتر فقط روي صورت يك نفر باشه
  • update made things buggy! 3/5

    By Rico from RCHS
    i love this app with all my heart but when I updated it, a lot of the “beauty” filters for videos make my eyebrows or eyes wiggly and and un-natural, but before, it was nice and smooth
  • Burst Mode 4/5

    By ca.tee.8800
    I love this app because of the Burst mode. But I can’t find this mode anymore? What’s wrong with it??
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Samantha Viscel
    The best filter app 🥰
  • Ios 14업뎃이후 영상 깨짐 현상 3/5

    By olivia508*
    셀카 동영상 진짜 잘 쓰고 있었는데, 최근 iOS업뎃하고 나서 화질 저하가 진짜 너무 심합니다. 영상을 빨리 돌리기만 해도 화면이 막 깨져요.. 찍은 영상 도저히 쓸 수가 없어서 통으로 다 날리고.. 고쳐주세요 ㅠ
  • 拍出来照片是绿色乱码 1/5

    By popokidz
  • Love this app 5/5

    By j0annay
    I literally love using this app. The filters and stickers are so cute. The only problem before was that it drained my battery pretty quickly but I didn’t really mind that. But recently (like a week ago) everytime I took a picture, it would come out glitched. So instead, I have to take a screenshot every time I take a picture, which is very hard. I don’t know how to fix it, and it’s a similar problem with both SODA and B612.
  • An excellent face app 5/5

    By athena art
    I am not a young girl. I am in my 60s. I usually use this app first before I go to another one( it is not easy to hide every wrinkle!) because it improves my face subtly but effectively. The face softener, the brightener and several others do not distort my face, look natural and I do look a bit younger. Quite a bit. I love this app.
  • Bad agter updated 1/5

    By Rebeccahjl
    It tooks 3seconds to take a pic. It takes so long than before. Fix this bug plz.
  • 채도 버그? 수정해주세요 1/5

    By qjrmynwjd
    어플로 사진을 보정하고 저장할 경우에 사진의 채도가 확 다운되는 현상이 나타납니다. 선명한 색이였는데 이 어플을 사용하면 잿빛이 되네요. 업데이트 부탁드립니다.
  • Why is burst mode gone??? 3/5

    By Akahanami
    The burst mode is gone, it's one of the most convenient settings in that camera app
  • ! 5/5

    By reallilililolo
    I used to record video while listening to the music on the iphone!! Unfortunately, it's not possible to do so in the new update!!😓😓😓😓😓😓😓 wish u could fix it!
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Chromebby
    I really like this app, but male faces detection can be improved on. It puts the filter on male faces also, so they end up looking “beautified.” And I already have the “makeup for male faces” turned off in the settings. Otherwise, really great app! I’m happy with how the photos turn out.
  • 잘 사용하고있습니다 4/5

    By GinaChung
    근데 최근에 버그인지 셔터누르고 1-2초 얼어있다가 다시 찍을 수 있게 되어서 불편합니다 ㅠㅠ 업데이트 해주세요~
  • the best app for selfie 5/5

    By statuc-
    thank you
  • Nice 5/5

    By 366426797
  • Si good 5/5

    By ExtreamlySuperRealHumanBeing
    This am has to be the greatest app ever out there
  • Love it this app! 5/5

    By zniac
    Thank you so much for made the wonderful job!
  • ㅌㅋ 5/5

    By BohyunRiver
  • come to the trë 5/5

    By all nicknames r taken :(
    omg bëstys this is perfect for making trë videos if you don’t want to use your natural trë beauty 😸
  • come to tréê 5/5

    By App Motivator
    ær yoy come to tre?😃
  • 좋긴한데 2/5

    By B3lla_kim
    셔터가 안눌러지고 터치도 잘 안먹어요. 이거 어떻게 해야하는거에요?
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By añwud
    This app is just amazing
  • are you cuming to the tré 5/5

    By jnksotrue
    ârę ÿøū çūmįńg tō thę tré
  • Com tø the tré 🌳🌳😍🌲 5/5

    By the uwu girl
    Are you,🌳are you 🤨comin to the tree😍 Thsi thê bestt ap fur tré câtfûshun 😍😍🌳 se yal at thee tré
  • Can I pay money for unlimited video recording time? 5/5

    By superheo88
    Great app! Only one thing is the video recording time is limited (10mins I think). Can I pay money or whatever for unlimited video recording time? I need this feature and I don't hesitate to pay for this great app!
  • trë? 5/5

    By dhmu only the real ones know
    are you?😆are you?👩🏽‍🚒coming to🚶‍♀️the💆trê?🌳🌲🌲🌳🌳
  • 🌳 5/5

    By VideoStarAppLoverhaha
    are you? are you? coming🤍to😤the🥰tre😛
  • r ü cøm tœ trëê 🚛🌳🌳 5/5

    By angie ‼️
    am such a big catfish n i luh it 💅💅
  • Great one! 5/5

    By Natalie1978.
    Free and great value!
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By NerdyCupCake
    I can’t believe this app is free! It’s incredible