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Solar Smasher

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  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Solar Smasher App

Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator, it allows the player to use a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet. These include nuclear missiles, lasers, and asteroids.

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  • Add more planets and weopons 4/5

    By loading issue with my game
    Okay I love the game but if you could add the rest of the solar system but if you could add more weapons to like be able to have more fun with planets and also if you could add up to 1000 nukes thanks and please add this.
  • The game is good! 4/5

    By kidcool25431
    The game is good I have had a lot of fun playing it, but there is one issue that bothers me and it’s about the game options. The options of what to use to blow up earth are very limited and I am getting kind of bored, I love the game but I am getting a bit tiered of the same weapons to use to destroy earth! Pls update the game and add more weapons!
  • the best idea! 5/5

    By skisosoft lover
    if the Death Star from Star Wars wasent a planet instead it could be a weapon like the moon, UFO and black hole in one if not that’s ok but i though it would be cool
  • Solar Smash 4/5

    By ImAReviewer9081
    You Should Add A way to cool down the planet Like a laser but it cools down the planet without getting rid of Any progress of cutting the planet with another laser.
  • Add Jupiter and Saturn Please! 5/5

    By Nando_0315
    I love the graphics of this game! It’s amazing!!! I was wondering if you guys can please add Jupiter or Saturn, i feel like it would be super amazing! Overall, this is a wonderful gam! Keep it up 👍🙃
  • Last update broke the game iPad Pro 11 2nd gen 1/5

    By ceramdolphin
    Can’t play the game anymore even though I paid for it, the planet doesn’t appear and it’s impossible to spawn one Please fix ASAP
  • best game 5/5

    By grcei
    here wat me want 2 say i love it
  • MORE Weapons! 5/5

    By zoooooooooiooo
    I love this game but I have two weapon suggestions. One which is a solar storm, a giant cloud of plasma with scorching heat with bolts of lightning and the second weapon suggestion is the hands of god, two hand on ether side of the earth with a face in the background, I don’t know what the hands of god will do but it’ll be something amazing for sure.
  • Such a good game but the game crashes often 5/5

    By jfjfhfhjgzbxjb bxbf
    Can you fix that
  • Overall, Good Game 4/5

    By dhnejdbwbduansodbd
    This is an amazing game, though I think the developers should add some more stuff. 1. I think a cool thing that should be added is that you could destroy all the planets (Neptune, Venus, and more)
  • Favorite Game! 5/5

    By Li'l Boss
    Fun app! Like the new weapons! Game no longer crashes when a lot of explosive charge goes off. Keep developing new planets and weapons!
  • NEED MORE Updates 1/5

    By stop bullying me :(
    This game has not had a big update to anything I want better updates
  • Pls add super blast 5/5

    By Burtikun
    Pls add it
  • Update ideas 5/5

    By later duds
    Tsunami hurricane tornado boats and cars meteor namer and Saturn
  • Complaint 4/5

    By INFERNO729
    It’s pretty cool and all plus I like the shield that pops up. Only complaint is that the shield only pops up once in awhile
  • Fun But need to tell you something 5/5

    By kev 47274734
    So I was just watching on YouTube so I found this game called idleGalaxy when I was watching the ad he stole some of your game content so you can do some thing but you can do nothing it’s your decision
  • Hi 5/5

    By hsgdbfh
    I really love this game but can you add a tactical nuke
  • Great game but there could be a lot more updates 5/5

    By Yuri P
    L like the game but a lot of new stuff could be added.One the should be something in the custom world where you could add how many people will be on your custom planet. Also you could add new weapons in the game.
  • Hxkdisnzisosmsnsj 5/5

    By hshshsuskskssjudhedhzj
    Idk haven’t played this. But its a great game i guess!
  • POV: 5/5

    By Fried coffee nugget
    You probably saw this from graystillplays
  • Nothing is happening 1/5

    By kyofuku
    I click the type of destruction and nothing is happening
  • The same ads 4/5

    By yyyyyyyyyuurtfcdxgrdhxr
    The same ad is Super annoying please make this so no one can have any more ads and please make it free for no ads. I just add a feature were no ads are going to pop up.
  • why 5/5

    By gbdvdgun
    why can we not make the Damage down or up for more damage and put it down for no damage i play this game all times i love it i play more games tho so yeah i dont play ALL THE TIME good game btw i love it
  • This game is amazing 5/5

    By Norgan123450
    So when I first saw this game I was like OMG this looks amazing😄!When I got it and tried everything out I was fascinated how you can destroy the planets so easily.Also can you add more weapons like you can hit the planets with a hurricane or maybe send a whole fleet of large ships and shoot lasers.Thank you for making the game!😄
  • Tycoon is a good app but it’s ok to be ok to go get the phone to get it bruh 5/5

    By Nani da burd
    Tycoon is a good app but it’s ok to be ok to go get the phone to get it bruh, joke lol
  • :( 1/5

    By quadboy77
    It keeps crashing when I launch the game
  • Make pls if you see this 5/5

    By make plz and ty :>
    Pls make a ice machine that when to click the earth with it the part that you clicked freezes and I love your game when I’m sad I always to the destroy the earth ps if not ice machine add a dragon
  • Make a Halloween update! 5/5

    By Mrsjmoody
    Love Solar Smasher, but we need a a halloween update! Please!
  • Please 4/5

    By captparrot
    Would like more different worlds to destroy. Pretty interesting though , and fun. Pretty good graphics I think. Maybe some different weapons
  • Greta game 5/5

    By xXcHiCkfIlAxX
    This game so great! I just have a suggestion, when u use a laser on the north or South Pole, can u make it so that they melt and some of the continents start sinking, another one is that if u create a planet that’s only water fire does less damage
  • AMAZING with 2 Requests 4/5

    By Billion air boss
    I really love this app I’m almost play it every day, but I wish you could zoom in more. And add a nuke, like a modern day nuclear bomb. But other than that I love this game so much thank you!!!!
  • Solar smash freaky 2/5

    By ambdnabdnplayer1737284
    Something about this game freaks me out because when your use the like um giant space octopus thing and your put it in fast forward it sounds like someone tied up screaming no hate to this game but that freaks me

    By popnash13
    I like it but it’s starting to get boring and I watched a video AND The graphics were way better SOOOOOOOOOOO please bring back the old graphics PLEASE!!!and add new items Suggestions ITEMS Freeze Ray THE BIG RIP bat p.s . The wooden kind green lasers FANS p.s.Not the person
  • (Please read devs) Fun but it has a lot more potential!!!! Ideas: 5/5

    By RockyMountain41
    So I’m referencing ideas from Ghoststories because I totally agree with him\her so I am gonna put some of his ideas in with my ideas. So credit to Ghoststories. I like ur ideas. 1: when you use and asteroid, rogue moon, ufo, instant death beam, the elder god, laser beams, etc. at a city the lights near should turn off. 1.5: when throwing asteroids, rogue moons, ufo beams, laser beams, etc. a huge tsunami should appear, (depending on where you throw it). 1.75: there should be a weapon where you can cause a tsunami over a city and or country, continent. 2: add even more planets, suns, moons, solar systems, maybe even galaxies. 3: make it so you can save custom planets. 3.50: make it so you could make custom weapons. 3.75: make it so you can make a flat earth, cube earth, etc. 4: Make small cutscenes when you use the bigger weapons like the rogue moon, the elder god, etc 4.5: when destroying a city and or country, continent. A News pop up should pop up on the top of the screen, news pop up could say, (A city has been struck by an asteroid, evacuate to safety immediately!!!) or something like that. 5: Please add some more things to throw/destroy the planet(s) with like... (suggestions 👇) 5.05: Nuclear warhead 5.10: Comets and meteors 5.15: freeze ray and heat ray 5.20: toxic smoke bombs that kill people but don’t harm/destroy the planet. 5.25: Be able to change the size of asteroids, comets, meteors, rogue moons, etc, from tiny, to small, to big, to huge. 5.30: a 3rd laser beam that is 2 times the size of the orange laser beam, btw I was thinking the color could be purple of green. 5.35: another weapon could be a tsunami. 5.40: another way to destroy the planet(s) is the sun enlarges into a red giant and heats up the earth to the point where it burns, or the sun swallows the planet while it is enlarging into a red giant. 5.45: another weapon could be the Terminator killing people and destroying the planet by blowing it up or something like that. 5.50: another weapon could be a drill that drills to the core of the planet and blows up the core. 6: add a gas giant like Jupiter or Saturn. 6.5: add solar systems, that way you can destroy all of the planets at once or one by one. 6.60: maybe make it so you could destroy the sun and other stars 6.75: maybe make it so you can destroy an entire galaxy. 7: maybe make multiplayer so you can destroy planets online with other people. Thank you for reading my ideas. I am sorry if it was long. I just think this game has ALOT of potential and I wanna give you some ideas for it. Thank you if you read this developers, a special thank you. And to anyone else who read this thank you and have a GREAT WONDERFUL DAY!!!! :)
  • Good 4/5

    By labellaMay Duke
    But needs more tools to destroy planets
  • Great game, I just have a question! 5/5

    By LogDogHansford
    I was recently playing , and I sent asteroids to the moon. However, there was a shield on the moon’s surface and it took forever to destroy it! How can I get these shields to come up on other planets? It would be fun to put them on the Death Star map.
  • Please Add More Stuff 5/5

    By Zombiestars7
    This game is cool and a fun time waster but this game needs more stuff. This would be an awesome game and a lot of people would play it if you just added more stuff. Pls.
  • It’s great maybe more updates! 5/5

    By dugboy678
    I love this game and I would give it a 5 star but yes indeed I want more updates to experience more weapons like a nuke or something crazy!
  • B R U U U U U U H ! ! ! 5/5

    By Trev.0r
    The shield, srsly? Anyways, good game. 😉
  • SUPER GOOD! 5/5

    By ufugybtb
    For the customizable planet I think we should be able to control the population that would be super cool!
  • woah 5/5

    By Trickyhellodude
    i found this really cool thing with the fast forward button and i thought i would let you guys see, so they fast forward buttons allows you to hear what sounds you used for the weapons the lazer beam that destroys the whole world is actually just a truck horn the Cthulhu is a bee or something like that and the space worm is a squeaky toy
  • GREAT GAME,but more weapons 5/5

    By leo the mobile gamer
    I LOVE a this game great weapons great physics but I would love some more weapons other than that great game
  • THE BEST GAME!!! 5/5

    By Fuggy😎
    This game is good😄😄😄 keep up the work I like this game😇😇😇 this game is better than I expected!!! But my game almost crashed because I put 100 missiles and spammed. But is ok. IM GOING TO GIVE THIS GAME 5 STARS!!!!!! IT’S SO MUCH FUN😄😄😄
  • Still broken... 1/5

    By ??""@
    Even after the new update it’s still broken and can’t select any planets. Just fix it ffs
  • Amazing Game! 5/5

    By Ingamepower1
    This Game Is really fun and addicting! I’m really hoping more things are gonna be added to the game the last update was awesome adding more things to wreck the earth and other planets with! I think adding a feature where you can increase and decrease the size of asteroids would be cool or the power of bombs or energy of the blast! Really fun can’t wait for more updates and stuff added to game.
  • Good but could u add natural disasters 5/5

    By GHOSTY-24
    Could u add stuff when a big explosion it’s the water that creates a tsunami and other disasters it would make the game way better!
  • I really love this game but I have a question, and some suggestions. 4/5

    By jackiesands
    I love this game it is really fun, but I saw this force field thing once and I have been trying to find out what it is but I can’t seem to find out what it is. And also I love the new weapons, they’re super fun to destroy planets with. But there are some things that I think you could add, like the choice to add a population to custom planet, or a setting to turn off or on that force field I saw, it was really cool! I really like this game and I use it a lot!
  • Amazing but few suggesting some thing 5/5

    By UwU guy 567
    1 make us able to make our own disasters like for example dark matter eats away anything it sees and also make us Able to make planet collisions btw love the app
  • Excellent game 5/5

    By Anclan08
    I love this game so much, almost as good as universal sandbox. There is one thing you can add though. A nuke that would turn earth into a wasteland, no more lights and the whole earth would be just sand. Another thing you can add is after a while, craters will dry up and the magma would go away, leaving craters that slowly evolve back to earths crust.

Solar Smasher app comments

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