Solid Starts

Solid Starts

By SolidStarts LLC

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Everything you need to know about introducing solid food to babies with baby-led weaning or within a transition from spoon feeding to finger foods. Learn how to safely introduce more than 300 foods to baby. Each food has free detailed nutrition information, choking & allergen guidance, specific instructions on how to cut and serve the food based on baby's age, videos of real babies eating the food, and more. The Solid Starts app has been devised by a team of doctors, feeding specialists, swallowing specialists, and dieticians. Quickly search for a food (eggs, chicken, strawberries, anything!) and feel confident in exactly how to prepare it for baby. Want to track foods or access recipes? With a paid subscription, you can record baby's progress with a digital food log, track baby's favourite foods, make a list of foods you'd like to try later, and track any foods baby has had a reaction to which you can share with doctors and caregivers. Subscribers also have access to a searchable database of more than 300 recipes. This app will be a crucial tool to help you to raise a healthy, happy eater, avoid picky eating, and enjoy family meals!