SolidStarts Real Food for Baby

SolidStarts Real Food for Baby

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SolidStarts Real Food for Baby App

Everything you need to know about introducing real food to babies with baby-led weaning or within a transition from spoon feeding to finger foods. Learn how to safely introduce more than 200 foods to baby. Each food has detailed nutrition information, choking & allergen guidance, specific instructions on how to cut and serve the food based on baby's age, videos of real babies eating the food, a unique recipe, and more. Better yet, every food's entry has been written and reviewed by a team of doctors, feeding specialists, swallowing specialists, and dietitians. Quickly search for a food (eggs, chicken, strawberries, anything!) and feel confident in exactly how to prepare it for baby. With a paid subscription, you can record baby's progress with a digital food log, track baby's favorite foods, make a list of foods you'd like to try later, and track any foods baby has had a reaction to which you can share with doctors and caregivers. This app will be a crucial tool to help you to raise a healthy, happy eater, avoid picky eating, and enjoy family meals!

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SolidStarts Real Food for Baby app reviews

  • Must-have app for parents! 5/5

    By Shannnnnnnin
    I did purées with my first child because I didn’t know of anything else. With my second we started the same path, but she decided she wanted to eat like us and what we were eating. That’s when I found Jenny and the Solid Starts team. They were/are incredible and an invaluable resource for feeding little ones. When they released this app I downloaded it immediately and have used it regularly. My baby is now two and an incredible eater. I tell EVERY new parent I know about this amazing app. THANK YOU Solid Starts for this resource! I’ll forever be grateful for this life-changing app and all of the resources you provide!
  • Love the organization, don’t love the app 4/5

    By Bagelbagelsadog
    I follow solidstarts on instagram, and I learn so much about BLW, how to safely cut food for different ages. I love the pictures and write ups. I have a few gripes about the app. 1- It logs me out often 2- The search feature is really weird? I literally typed “bla” to searcb for blackberry and the top results were Milk (cow), Honey, Rice, Peanut Butter, Butter. I don’t even eat 3/5 of those and none of them start with bla. I always have to type the whole thing, which is fine, but counter intuitive to every search feature out there. I also wish I could filter searches or my app to only include certain dietary preferences. We don’t eat animal products so it would be nice to exclude all non-vegan items. I’m sure people who follow kosher etc might also like that.
  • So helpful! 5/5

    By mkeltyp
    Never has an app given me so much peace of mind. As a new parent, that’s worth so much!
  • You have to pay to do anything 2/5

    By Jack ucf fancy
    You can’t log anything or track anything without subscribing
  • Gratitude from a nervous parent 5/5

    By knottykneeta
    I use this app all day everyday since my baby started solids. Bought the paid version to log foods too. A must have for every parent trying BLW.
  • Wish there were more food options than just whole foods/ingredients… 3/5

    By Anonymous6690
    This app is great for tracking allergens and whole foods, but there’s a lot missing. They recently added pizza, which is a great start, but for the paid version, I shouldn’t have to put every ingredient in a pancake or a quesadilla. I do like how it shows you how to prepare different food for different ages, but that feature would also be really helpful for entrées instead of just the ingredients that makes up that entree.
  • Please allow reactions to track separate! 4/5

    By eschaums
    Love the app, fun to track foods and very informative showing how to cut, serve etc. My only suggestion, and I feel like I can’t be the only one - often times we’ll try a few new foods in a day, or a puree pouch with multiple ingredients. I’m good about tracking each independent ingredient. One day my son had a small rash on his stomach, it happened at the same time as a cold, and he was also on antibiotics, and it went away after a day or two. We still aren’t sure what it was from. I’d love to be able to just track a REACTION without it being attached to a food. Then If it happens again we could go back and see ah he ate apricot on both days, that must be the culprit etc. Please add this feature!
  • Here’s how I’d pay for Premium 4/5

    By Annettish
    Here’s what would make me pay for premium: 1. In addition to the Favorites heart on a food thumbnail, having a Log icon would be more useful. As a user, a more frequent action of mine is adding foods. Especially as a new user, I am sitting here adding 100 foods from the past and having to open each food page is cumbersome. 2. When logging a new food, please allow me to skip the 3 questions. It’s a pain to have to answer each one every time I add a new food, especially because 90% of my adds are NOT allergens or favorites. I’d love to see a “quick add” feature.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sassyinjapan
    I use this app multiple times a day - it is absolutely worth the money!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By trobertskc
    First time mom and my baby has a dairy allergy. I love being able to not just track foods but easily see how to best serve them. (The interface is so user friendly.) Takes the pressure off having to prepare before every meal and sometimes spontaneous things happen. It gives me peace of mind when my husband/sister will ask if kiddo can have whatever food and I can quickly see if it’s safe at her age and how to serve it. I highly recommend the courses from solid starts as well. Knowing gagging is normal and not the same as choking and how they coach spitting has made meal time better for us both. Can’t recommend everything Solid Starts does enough!!! Truly incredible resources.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By JillianRussell
    Solid starts is a game changer. My daughter is 2 and will literally eat anything because we followed their advice from day 1. I love that I can get the info on how to cut her food safely for her age in the blink of an eye. It is truly amazing what Jenny and her team have done and this free database is literally a savior!
  • The. Best. App. For BLW 5/5

    By Lauren in Jax, FL
    I had my first daughter May2020 and second October2021. Both are great eaters so far thanks to BLW. The younger had just started solids when my husband and I left them with the grandparents to attend a wedding. My parents were petrified of feeding the baby solids. We had them download this app and walked them through how to use it. The first thing my mom said to me when we FaceTimed to see the girls was how amazing this was as a resource and how confident and comfortable she was feeding them with solid starts as a reference! Thank you thank you thank you for all of your hard work!
  • Must have app 5/5

    By JLDarcy
    I truly don’t know what I would have done without this app when I was starting solids with my daughter. She is 18 months now and I still reference it when I’m giving her new foods, or to look for recipes. The team behind this app and all of Solid Starts are truly experts!
  • Best Experts on ALL things Feeding for Babies! 5/5

    By AvCarMiKi
    We used the Solid Starts app and beginner program for our 6 month old (now ~ 20 months) and I literally recommend it to every new parent I know! So much knowledge about food preparation, swallowing, choking VS gagging, allergies, and even toddler behaviors - which is so relevant to us now. LOVE THIS TEAM and app!!
  • How do parents do this without this app? 5/5

    By Gigi-se-inquieta
    Honestly, this is the best resource I’ve found as a new mom. I watch others struggle until I tell them about it and the ones who get the app (and the guides too) have no more complaints about solids. So lucky to have had a child as this resource became available. Love the app.
  • Best App Ever! 5/5

    By Artemis P.
    I consult this app any time I want to serve a new food to my baby. I don't know what moms did before having this resource! I love that I can look up how to serve food by age, and I love that there are real videos of real babies eating the foods. It's also fun to track the foods my baby has eaten - it's like a competition to see how many we can get to before he's 1!
  • The best data and research backed app for feeding babies 5/5

    By Emkpotts23
    Solidstarts is the best app for research and data backed information for feeding your babies and toddlers. They are also inclusive to kids and families of all types of ability and backgrounds. I’m so grateful for this team of incredible humans who have created solidstarts. Our kids are happy healthy eaters and everyone is so impressed by their eating skills and food choices.
  • Best baby food app! 5/5

    By shoshie!
    Solid starts has helped me feel confident feeding my baby in the way that felt good to me. This app is so helpful and their instagram page provides so much information. Great courses as well. Couldn’t recommend them enough.
  • Amazing Resource! 5/5

    By Dhejabgshwbqvwhqhsghzgsha
    Incredible app, it’s been so nice having a resource like this in my pocket whenever I needed it. Keep up the amazing work!!
  • The greatest tool! 5/5

    By cb978
    As a first time mom this app has been the greatest, easiest treasure trove of information and I’m so grateful for it.
  • I use the app daily! 5/5

    By hayderade128
    I have been using the app (and the course bundle) from Solid Starts since my baby was 6 months old and starting solids. Not only is it an amazing resource for nervous parents and caretakers, it’s given me the confidence to feed my baby (almost) everything we eat with the proper modifications. Now when I go to the grocery store I have my Solid Starts app open just to make sure I can modify all our planned meals for the baby. So helpful!
  • Game changer 5/5

    By One really grateful mama
    As a first time parent, introducing solids was nerve racking to say the least. Solid Starts has been an incredible daily resource for me. I use it numerous times per day for recipe ideas, to check serving suggestions, figure out how long I can store food, and more. I honestly can’t imagine what I would do without it. It keeps on giving. THANK YOU.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By jamcdub
    Solid Starts has taught me EVERYTHING that I know about feeding my baby (now toddler). I started following their instagram when my son was getting close to starting solids, and have been a faithful follower ever since. They are so thorough that I never even bothered to research anywhere else. I was so excited when this app came out. It makes looking up food so so easy, just takes a few seconds and I can see how to cut a food for my son, how risky it is, nutritional value, and it even includes recipes. It is an incredible resource and I recommend it to anyone who I talk to about feeding babies. I’ve even made my parents download it so they can see how to safely prepare food when he is with them!
  • Must Have 5/5

    By mstaplerein
    So easy to use! All the helpful tips/tricks are right at your fingertips. A must have for starting foods with baby!
  • Great resource 5/5

    By e11$be11z
    Awesome resource from when it’s time to start the weaning process through early childhood, love that it’s all evidence/science based!!
  • Worth the few dollars 5/5

    By emsdn17
    Love the annual subscription (that you don’t technically need!) because it’s affordable and so helpful to keep track of what we’ve tried and what she’s had an allergic reaction to.
  • Absolutely must have for anyone with babies or toddlers 5/5

    By AMTwiss
    This has been my absolute favorite app of all time. I’ve downloaded dozens and dozens of apps since getting pregnant with my first baby and this one is the absolute most helpful by far. I use it no less than 5x a day I’m sure. Also the website and courses/videos by solid starts are incredible. I did spoon feeding and purées with my first born and he became a terrible picky eater. The solid starts program has helped us so much in getting him back on track. When my second baby was born, I started using their resources right away and she has become the most wonderful eater. We enjoy meals as a family now and it has truly been life changing. I wish so much I’d had this when my first was born so we could have known all the things we could have been doing better from the start! This app is the best, truly couldn’t live without it now.
  • Amazing! One of my favorite parenting tools! 5/5

    By AJE217
    This company and app are truly incredible they have given me so much confidence in feeding my children and have made meal time such an enjoyable and exciting adventure for the whole family! If you are a new parent or a parent who struggles at all with figuring out what and when and how to feed your babes this app is an absolute must!
  • Mom of 3 totally recommends!! 5/5

    By Momof3inIL
    My kids are 9, 7, and 1. Unfortunately, I only discovered solid starts with my third child. I wish I had it for all three of my kiddos! The information learned has been priceless and invaluable. I have never met Jenny, the founder, but through the app and Instagram feed, I feel like we would be very good friends. Her experience and knowledge has helped me as a mom tremendously! Not only does she and her team know a lot about food for babies and toddlers, but they talk about real life. Not just the highlight reel posted on Instagram! I can’t say enough positive things about this team! Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the education. Thank you for everything.
  • Mom of Triplets 5/5

    By vanspurgintriplets
    This is the best BLW resource out there. We checked it every time we were introducing something new to make sure we were setting our kids up for success. Started at 6 months, they’re now 12 months and growing like weeds. We were able to wean from bottles at 12 months and know that they would be fine because they were eating enough on their own. Head to their website and buy the course, you won’t regret it.
  • Thoroughly Researched and tried on real babies 5/5

    By Butfirstmommy
    I cannot thank you all enough for your making meal times/feeding so stressfree. The hardwork and dedication the entire team puts in is highly commendable. It makes me so so comfortable to blindly follow you guys.
  • Highly Recommend for Any Parent 5/5

    By WIgal54115
    I stumbled across Solid Starts shortly after our first daughter was born and couldn’t be more thankful I did. They provide quality, expert-backed information. We have found the guides for age appropriate preparation and sizes especially helpful in the database. This is one of the first things I recommend to any friend who is expecting.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By jacckiekay
    I can’t say more great things about this app! I recommend it to all new parents ready to start solids with their baby. The visuals, recipes and videos are so helpful. I open the app before every meal and always find it reassuring and helpful!
  • The BEST resource! 5/5

    By Sierra Flower
    Solid Starts is so well done! It's the best resource I've found for learning to feed littles. I started following when my baby was around 5-6 months, now she's two years old and it's still something I reference at least weekly. The paid content is great too.
  • Made BWL a breeze for this FTM 5/5

    By Jevick26
    I love love love this app! I downloaded it on my phone, my husband’s phone, and my parent’s phones. I look up foods on here every single day - I kid you not. I have my 6 month old a strip of steak cut like the app suggests and he loved it so much - I never looked back. He’s 10 months now and eats so many things!! Can’t give this app enough stars!
  • Must have 5/5

    By eesauce
    Must have app for starting solids with your baby. Not just how to prepare, lots of info on nutrition, potential allergens, and more.
  • Must have for every parent!! 5/5

    By AgusMV
    I found this lovely group of people when my baby girl started solids, and it’s my go to whenever I have a question! It has helped me with my 2 year old and her baby brother. It has made meal time at my home so much easier Thank you!!
  • A must have for parents of babies! 5/5

    By Stefanie "The Machine" Banks
    This app is so informative for parents of young ones it is a necessity. The end. I’d give it ten stars if allowed.
  • Great for first time parents 5/5

    By Bbaums2
    This app and the All Access Pass on their website answered all our BLW questions, sometimes before we even knew what to ask. Highly recommend!
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By RVT1387
    This has been an absolute go-to for me for the last 12 months since my child started solids. I cannot recommend it enough to any new parent (or even not so new!) to be comfortable with different kinds of foods for your babe. An essential parenting tool.
  • The best food database 5/5

    By Savanah Benjamin
    I absolutely love this app. You are getting so much for free with it. Being able to quickly search a food and see all the info and how to feed it based on baby’s age is so convenient. Will always recommend to friends.
  • Don’t know what I’d do without solid starts! 5/5

    By ASpikestein
    I have an 11 month old and have learned SO much about feeding and babies through the solid starts app. I use it everyday and it has helped me raise a confident eater! Highly recommend!!
  • Solid Starts is what every parent needs in their life 5/5

    By Floortje57283
    I really like this app, but SolidStarts is so much more. They’re a wealth of information, reassurance, positive energy and encouragement. Everything is science based, down-to-earth and never condescending. Facts but broken down to bite sized pieces, kind of like BLW haha!
  • Must have parent app! 5/5

    By ValeriePipher
    Use this app almost daily! Love it for searching how to modify our meals for our baby and toddler
  • Start solids with confidence (a must-have app for new parents) 5/5

    By Best drawer eva
    This app gave me confidence introducing solids to my baby and guided us through preparing foods/meals in a simple, clear way. I find myself referring to the information often, even through toddlerhood. As a parent, it helps relieves so much stress knowing I am establishing my kiddo with a healthy relationship with food.
  • Game changer 5/5

    By njkdfklsd
    Gave me the confidence and knowledge to feed my baby the family meal. You won’t regret this!
  • Highly highly recommend for parents 5/5

    By Ashleygee8
    The amount of free content on the app is u matched. The user friendliness is fantastic as well. The information is broken down so well, it leaves with very minimal questions as to how to do what you need to do.
  • Required learning for new parents and caregivers! 5/5

    By BfamW17
    I’m a huge fan. Before starting solids, I bought the course and found the videos and guides incredibly helpful (also asked my nanny to watch them!) Feeding my baby wasn’t stressful, because I felt prepared and understood what to expect (particularly learning that gagging ISNT choking was HUGE for me and took a lot of anxiety away from solids). My 11 mo old is a happy, confident eater and I’m happy knowing he is building the skills to set up good and healthy eating habits. I use the resources daily and super appreciate how thorough and well-researched everything is. Cut through the noise on how to feed your baby and stick with solid starts!
  • So helpful to build up confidence! 5/5

    By Hezzzerb
    Really amazing resource, so thankful for it!