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  • Current Version: 6.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MobilityWare
  • Compatibility: Android
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Solitaire App

Solitaire by MobilityWare is the ORIGINAL maker of Solitaire with Daily Challenges. We’re ALWAYS updating our Solitaire to include fun new features! We are the original creators of Daily Challenges! Each day you’ll receive a unique Daily Challenge. Solve the Daily Challenge and receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns! Your Daily Challenges, crowns, and current trophy status are available to view any time. Haven't won in a while? The Winning Deals feature creates a game that deals hands guaranteed to have at least one winning solution. Use "Show Me How To Win" to help walk you through the moves required to win the deal if you still need a hand. Think you have the best Solitaire score around? With Apple's Game Center enabled, you can check the Game Center leaderboards to see how your Solitaire skills stack up against top players all around the world! The addicting game you’ve been playing on your computer for years now goes wherever you do. Solitaire is a universal app, playable in the best resolution available for each Apple device. Download Solitaire today! FEATURES: -Daily Challenges -iMessage Stickers -Theme Packs -Winning Deals -Show Me How To Win -Game Center leaderboards -3D Touch in phone menu -Draw 1 card -Draw 3 cards -Portrait -Landscape -Modern Card Fonts -Custom card backs -Custom backgrounds -Achievements -Right or left handed play -Game state saved when interrupted -Unlimited undo -Auto complete to finish game -Standard scoring -Vegas scoring -Statistics For answers to frequently asked questions, head over to LIKE US on Facebook For the latest info and what we are up to, check out Created and supported by MobilityWare

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Solitaire app reviews

  • Awesome 5/5

    By sun fun 2:0
    I love game! It really challenges me.
  • Ads Are Back 1/5

    By Bud619
    I paid for the advertisement free version a year or so ago. With this update I’m back to enduring ads again unless I pay again to remove. Seems like a breach of contract. I didn’t see anything in update that this would end my ad free experience. Class Action?
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By Yankman96
    I have been playing this app for years and it's by far the best solitaire there is.
  • Why the subscription? 1/5

    By Wes155
    I’ve been playing this game for over a year now almost every day getting the daily challenges. It’s always been my go to whenever I have some time to kill and i was actually thinking I would pay for it to have the ads removed. Maybe a one time cost of $10 or something. But there’s no way I’m going to pay on a monthly basis for a game that I know, at the base, will never change.
  • Freezes 1/5

    By bobreeves
    When you start a new game it freezes for like 30sec does it every time!
  • This games’ goal is to sell ads 2/5

    By Ibuylowandsellhigh
    The developer will argue that there is a random card generator at work. That is doubtful. Why else would certain cards be repeatedly hidden in the deck. For example, four sixes showing and no sevens uncovered. I have played over 150 games in the last month and this exact type of action happened over 30 times. Any other trick is to put three Kings under a Queen. These are not random, these examples are click bait. The developer should understand that more ads will be seen by people that win and keep playing, not by people that lose and don’t play anymore.
  • Growing level of advertising 2/5

    By vhfutrsz
    This game is good, however the constantly increasing level of advertisements has reached a point where I spend more time watching Ads than actually playing. When playing the game, one can count on a couple of loosing hands that ensure you’re forced to watch several ads before getting into a longer game. Ad length has also increased with little opportunity to opt out early, when it is of low interest.
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By Berta Sifuentez
    Only one game available to play gets boring.
  • Nice 5/5

    By DotNell
    Like the help bar, when stuck.👍🏽
  • Was one of my favorite games. 1/5

    By Jim3002
    Was one of my favorite games I played it when I was hurting to distract my mind BUT they want you to pay a creepy subscription, that’s just poor business!!!
  • Enjoy 5/5

    By Cherokee43
    I love the gameplay. God bless. Cynthia
  • Good to much ads though 3/5

    By Pvocc
    Probably the best solitaire app out there. This has to much ads though. New update seems to finally address this. But there turning it into a cash cow app. Totally fine paying a one time payment. But a subscription model is just plane greedy for a basic and classic game.
  • 👍 5/5

    By karoumkh
    This game is very interesting and entertaining
  • Easy version of game to use! 5/5

    By Sharon:):):)
    I love that this Solitaire app is straight forward, just the classic game. Only improvement I can think of would be to add more challenges as some of us have completed them all!
  • Solitaire not soliciting! 2/5

    By Miaship
    Too many Ads
  • Love game- new ads a bummer 4/5

    By Justjill29
    Been playing for a long while. This game has always been simple and quiet. Last update provided some new features to encapsulate the average use that makes sense for other mobility games. Most people play this game for its simplicity. I can sift through it, although it’s annoying. What I am weary of however are the incredibly invasive ads. I want to pay for the app... but where is that option?
  • Solitaire 5/5

    By dodgenut 1
    Fun game. It takes up all my spare time. I can’t put it down.
  • Technical Issues 3/5

    By Nik.amor93
    Great App. Love playing this game . However , the app keeps freezing .
  • Ubaldo Olivas 5/5

    By San Luis Kid
    I love The Game!!
  • the sound needs fixed 3/5

    By Reddub03
    game is great other than it seems when i have sound turned off in game it turns my ringer off at the same time and that’s an issue, i’ve checked multiple times running the game and not running the game and it only seems to happen when the game is up running or idle when using another app
  • Cool game to pass the time 5/5

    By oldtimer58
    Awesome game!
  • It WAS Fine 1/5

    By DaliCantu
    Why cant i just play the game without all the bells and whistles???!!!??? I dont want an avatar and a dumb name!!! I just want to play solitaire! Alone!!! Its SOLITAIRE!!!
  • It’s ok 5/5

    By Ritababy2017
    It’s ok
  • Latest changes are not appealing 3/5

    By Meiabear
    I've had this game for years, but there is something in the most recent changes that is hurting my eyes, especially when looking through the deck... Also, the changes make it look and feel like every other solitaire game out there. I've kept this one for so long because it wasn't like the others... UPDATE Thankfully the deck flip that hurt my eyes seems to be fixed (or I got used to it). However, the game now takes an obnoxiously long time to load. In the past I could open it and play a game or two within just a few minutes. Now it takes that much time just to open. And once it opens I then have to wait longer for the deck to fully load. And sometimes I think it loaded, but nothing happens when I tap the cards, so I wait even longer until that first card moves. That’s when I know I can play... Unfortunately the look and feel of this game is still so much better than others out there that I feel stuck with it.
  • Love this 5/5

    By Bedwan28
    The best solitaire app ever! The graphics are great the designs it’s easy to use and it’s fast!
  • Game freezing 2/5

    By HuffleWudgie522
    The game keeps freezing and won’t play. I reinstalled but same glitch is there. Would rate 5 otherwise. Other solitaire apps aren’t as good.
  • Inappropriate Ads! 4/5

    By embir37
    I truly enjoy this app and the ability to change backgrounds, cards backs, and even card faces, but the ads! And yes, I know I can pay to remove the ads. Normally I find the ads interesting but as of today, on all of my mobilityware apps, the ads are totally inappropriate! Since this app has a suggested age of 4+, the ads should be appropriate for all age levels.
  • Grandma Edna 3/5

    By sassy-sal
    Game itself is fun to play HOWEVER there are Too many adds and they are WAY TOO long. All the vegas style adds plus games that whirl and twirl make me dizzy. As soon as adds appear I switch to something else or read a book
  • Terrible changes! 1/5

    By .,:;/=.,:;
    Used to love all the mobilityware games, but after an update the ads more than tripled! Used to be an ad after maybe 3 games, now ads between each game /w 3-4 pages to click out of & as if that is mot enough on some games an ad pops up between deals!!! Not a pleasure playing anymore!!!!!
  • Invisible cards? 3/5

    By JGrant24
    Just wondering when the invisible card glitch in multiplayer is going to be handled. It’s happened from this app for quite some time. Seems very random, but on some deals, you hear the cards deal out and see the other persons score start to climb, but have no cards on your screen. Just a blank table. You can click all around on the screen and hear some cards move, if you’re lucky. Sticking it out to take the loss is pointless because the next deal is invisible as well. The only way to correct it is to force quit the app. Please address this. I’m tired of taking losses that are in no way shape or form my fault.
  • Must have patience 3/5

    By Bizzy 30M
    If you have patience play solitaire on this app. The ads are ridiculous and take forever to go away. The old version was must better - I enjoy the solitaire but the ads jump in at the oddest times during the game!
  • Not natural 1/5

    By Hey bb
    Not natural. Too programmed. Too predictable.
  • Solitaire 3/5

    By Momileen
    I am finding that while playing, I get bumped off without any warning! What is going on? I have read some of the other reviews, and I totally agree...since you updated this game, it is I no longer fun, and I might just eliminate it, unless you take the consumer suggestions seriously and correct these flaws!
  • It owns a part of my soul 5/5

    By you best get this
    I have had this game on my phone since I first got an iPhone in 2011. It is the only thing that has provided consistency in my life for 8 years and the day I delete it is the day I won’t know who I am anymore.
  • Solitaire Updates 5/5

    By MiaSarah❗️
    Love all the latest updates ... more challenging ... and more fun !!!
  • Bad update changes 1/5

    By Gibson Custom Man
    Why did you move the tool bar at the bottom? With the phone sideways the buttons are out of reach. Tried playing a few times, to see how it was... not good.. Deleting app and looking for another.
  • Because I can’t give it zero stars 1/5

    By juvbfgytssd
    I hate your “cute” updates, and I don’t understand or like your progressive levels, it makes me feel like you are manipulating the difficulty of each deal instead of it being chance. Cut out the BS!!! Here we go again controlling what I can do, one cannot send a comment without a cutesy name YUCK
  • Hank 5/5

    By Hank 07
    Fun game with a lot of tricks!
  • Yay for Quick Play! 5/5

    By Rico79401
    The recent addition of “Quick Play” raises this version of solitaire to my beloved (but no longer available) Acid Solitaire from Red Mercury. THANK YOU!
  • GARBAGE 1/5

    By iwamfyy
    App is well made but makes you sit through an ad between every... single... deal. No option to shut it off or even pay to shut it off. I just want to play solitaire man.
  • No review 3/5

    By Dallatinatrix
    Did not want to write one.
  • new ads are killing me 3/5

    By stephanie___________
    I’ve had this app for years and loved it until I got the most recent update and discovered that I can’t play a single game without enduring at least one ad. I would be able to tolerate it if all the ads had a mute option, but they will randomly not allow you to mute them so I have to interrupt my podcasts every two minutes. I mean I get ads, but a game of solitaire takes 2 min max, so an ad per two minutes??? I don’t think so. I’m looking for another app.
  • Ok but updates may have ruined it 3/5

    By jojomike74
    I have used this app for years but the updates have made it nearly impossible to enjoy. For one thing my phone (XSMax running on latest iOS) gets sooo hot after just a couple of games and it chews up the battery . No other app does this. I can run Pokémon for hours and it never gets hot like this app. The new leveling up system is ok but pointless. I play to relax and do the daily challenge so telling me I’ve hit a new level serves no purpose as far as I can tell. I used to play before bed but my phone gets so hot I quit. I know we have to sit through ads but it would be great if I could choose to mute them all. I listen to audiobook when I play and nothing like having my book cut off to hear a lame ad or worse when I’m in a waiting room playing and the sound starts blaring. I’m willing to sit through ads but I should be able to mute them all without having to worry about some ads ignoring my preference.
  • Love the game, Hate the ads 4/5

    By tbear32379
    Love this game. I play it all the time. The only negative thing about this app is the ads between each game. Wish there was an option for No Ads like other apps have.
  • Been long time user 5/5

    By bhanna61
    Great work! 2 suggestions... Get rid of or fix PCH ads. They stay and you can’t clear them. Fix game to fill new 11” iPad Pro screen size. Thanks!!
  • Solitaire 2/5

    By :)))) !
    Too many advertisements !!
  • Level Up? 2/5

    By GHnewbie
    Are you kidding? What is the meaning? Where does it end up? Who cares? I’ve played this game for years and have really appreciated the relaxation it provides. Yes, I am addicted, but I certainly don’t need or want incredibly silly names for myself with meaningless levels. I am so sorry I upgraded; this version may break my habit. Additionally I’d like to comment on some mechanics. The app now takes a really long time to load. Some of the scores are laughable. 45k points in 27 seconds! I do not remember seeing scores like this in prior versions. The developers response to other reviews on this matter is questionable. No fantastically skilled player has fingers that can do that, especially when you consider that the card movement is often very stilted like the cards are being dragged through molasses. It seems obvious that people are playing with software to beat the system. Thanks for reading this.
  • Read this 5/5

    By MOKuser
    I love this game but It has a real problem. Really, I don't mind the ads, but lately they have been causing me intense frustration. They have been freezing and not closing, requiring me to close the app and clear the cache and reopen the app to play again. I blame this on GoogleAds, but it still aggravates me. Publishers Clearinghouse seems to be the majority offender right now, but there are a couple others just as bad. You can let them know I have no intention of ever buying anything from a company with bad ads like these. Still, I love this game.
  • Solitaire-The Game 4/5

    By J. O'Farrell
    I enjoy the calming effect that this game gives me. However, I’d enjoy it even more if the statistics were handled the way they formerly were, by showing me, automatically, at the end of each game. I do like to compete with myself, constantly trying to improve my stats! -Jan Repath

Solitaire app comments

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