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Sonar: Create worlds together App

Sonar lets you listen to music, play games, and talk with friends in spaces you create. Walk in and out of conversations like IRL. Express yourself with text and hundreds of secret sound bites. Drop emojis to create the perfect vibe for you and your friends or explore festivals, arcades, tea houses and other spaces created by the community. Vibe to lo-fi beats, dance to EDM, or listen to podcasts with friends by dropping a radio emoji.

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  • Needs email verification 3/5

    By noodles' reviews
    I do not want to use my phone number, I want to use email instead.
  • Bit of a struggle 3/5

    By ulyssespk24
    So I haven’t gotten into the app there should be a way to log in via email but yea that’s my one complaint
  • sad 3/5

    By Arb428
    lots of racist and homophobic little kids. not a healthy environment. definitely built for children and could be dangerous for them too
  • amazing 5/5

    By lilskeetskeet
    i straight up was just running around and i made friends, app is lowkey 10/10 fire
  • I love the app but one problem 4/5

    By The King3629
    I removed one star because ever since my phone died in the middle of playing it I tried to log back in but nothing would load it won’t stop I click on explore but the loading button goes on forever my internet speed is extremely fast since I live near a cellphone tower but it doesn’t want to load please respond
  • racist creators. 1/5

    By lovelypeachesmusic12345
    title explains. you know what i mean armand.
  • Pretty good, but there is an issue 4/5

    By Linoleum bro
    This app is pretty fun to play around with, the controls and building feel great! I’ve been using this app for about a week now but I was wondering how to use things like coins and signs. Is there any way to find this out? Like, a guide or something? Devs, if you see this, please help!
  • more radios pleasee 5/5

    By Crysi the egg
    this app is pretty great. you can make all sorts of worlds, and meet all sorts of people! it’s an interesting concept that works out perfectly. the only thing that i wish could change is the fact you can only have one radio per world. im trying to make a hangout world with separate rooms, but i can only get music into one room. (with the microphone, too.) this really ruins the whole vibe of the world :(( either way, this is a great app and it’s pretty good except for that one thing!
  • Howwwwww 1/5

    By gamerlover#45
    How to drop emojis I’ve been Having a hard time trying
  • got banned 1/5

    By sub 2 kqkt
    the game is fun and all but I got banned for no reason , honestly disappointed. I sent Emails and No response . 😐
  • Banned for no reason 1/5

    By chrisn mgee
    As you can see there are many reviews that say this so this is clearly a big problem for your app. I was playing the game and having fun for a few minutes just before i got banned. I thoroughly read through the community guidelines and violated none of them. I contacted you on all platforms you were on and you haven't responded. If my banning problem was fixed i would give this app 5 stars with no hesitation.
  • I got banned and some said the n word with the R 1/5

    By Je'Core
  • Stupid 1/5

    By iriejddd
    seemed fun but once the app was installed and i went to create a login and everything it was pretty upsetting to be repeatedly told my phone number was incorrect or invalid. so that’s a cool feature. great game!”
  • What? 3/5

    By econamicdudegirl
    So, I’m putting it the right phone number and it says to “Sorry, something went wrong. check the number it to see if it’s correct.” What am I doing wrong?
  • WoNdErFULlLl 5/5

    By Cakeinbake
    Amazing in all but- The amount if peds etc is just astounding:/
  • usernames 5/5

    i want there to be anle to change ur user name
  • Can’t change your name or delete account 1/5

    By SmartNerdBoy
    I can’t change my name or delete my account to fix it, please change this.
  • Good app 4/5

    By gdhchchchc
    It’s fun but I wish you could change you name but I f you can alr pls tell me how
  • Need this app to also be for android 4/5

    By thiccyoungboy
    I got a lot of friends with an android
  • Mmm game 5/5

    Vay approved 👍
  • This app is not racist 5/5

    By Aahoo Pourang
    This app is not racist
  • Not much to do. 2/5

    By PyroTricks
    Yes, ofc it is fun to sit around as little circles chatting with others, but there’s nothing else to do BESIDES that.
  • My review 1/5

    By general voss
    When I put my phone number and it wouldn’t let me go in it kept saying sorry something went wrong so I think a band me before I even got to play the game so unless this gets fixed I don’t like it.
  • Help but good game 5/5

    By The shadowing
    This is a very fun and enjoyable lobby game but I would like to know how to change my user name
  • Banned 1/5

    By bruhgivemeanixkname
    Got banned for no absolute reason and there was no reasoning behind it I emailed the sonar help and no response I would give this app a half star if I could
  • So uh 5/5

    By roblox pls read this
    I just wanted to write a review just to ask if you guys can make this emoji 🚰 droppable
  • I Love The Game! 5/5

    By KaiserGold
    I love the game to death, I fall asleep on the app with friends sometimes, sing, build. Honestly the best social game I’ve come across so far. But I want a pee trail! My username is @pee add me 😛
  • Problem 1/5

    By poopbrain1
    So my problem is that I don’t have a phone number and I think alot of other people don’t have one to so it would be great if we could use Gmail or some other way to make an account
  • i met my wife here 5/5

    By Cari2527
    i met my wife here and i need to change my user to her last name. help ???
  • FIX IT 5/5

    By rainycourter
    So I love the app but one day when I log on ppl was being me so I started crying and deleted sonar but when I got it back I put my phone number in and it said it will send me a code but never got the code.
  • Review 5/5

    By coolman5370
    I like this app but i made a surver then came back and it was poplular but i couldn’t do anything like drop mics or kick or banned people
  • Good app plagued by poor moderation… 1/5

    By Darklord8546
    I used to play this game a lot a couple months back, after seeing an ad for it on social media, and really didn’t think much at first. However, after I got into it for the first time, I was blown away at how great it was. The way everything is set up is amazing, and the controls are very intuitive and unique to the point that it made me keep coming back. I would go on daily to chat with people I met and join others’ rooms to hang out and learn new things and hear peoples’ stories, all from the comfort of my phone and without needing to worry about much at all. However, this is where my praise ends, as from there my experience only went downhill. I soon found myself the victim of harassment and other bullying tactics done by a group in the app, who mass reported me and many others after spreading heinous rumors about us. I had tried to stop the situation from getting out of control multiple times, and even tried to stay away from the group, only to end up getting permanently banned with no reason whatsoever given to me. After I was still harassed through the Sonar Discord server, I contacted a moderator to help me through why I was banned and to see if I were able to have my account unbanned, but they would end up forgetting about my appeal, eventually just ghosting me. I tried contacting the help email as well but I was unable to get anywhere there either. While I would normally be fine with being banned from a small app like this, I think it must be said that the moderation needs serious improvements and limitations to it, as the current system is flawed and easily exploited by users seeking to do malicious things to other users. I understand the team behind the app may not be big, but if the developers wish to grow their game more so than it has already, a revised system should definitely be put in place. I wish I could give this app unbridled praise, but this glaring issue is something that I think needs to be addressed, and apparently is seemingly ignored from what I’ve read on the Discord server and these reviews. Also no, I will not take this review down if my account is reinstated. That is not what I am asking for with this, and I honestly don’t expect it to ever be unbanned at this point, even if I were to be speaking with the lead developer of this project.
  • So many racists, it’s disgusting 2/5

    By glitchface ;P
    Can you please ban slurs from the chat feature? The game is cute but there’s so many racist little white boys and it ruins the vibe.
  • The app is broken 1/5

    By Joamyzzz
    When I put in my phone number to sign up it didn’t work
  • meh. 2/5

    By Penis Wizard 223
    Ok so this game has potential but I do not understand how this is related to Minecraft, I see the discord aspect in some way but the minecraft part just isn’t really revealing itself the way I thought it would. Now it’s the app itself it’s more of a knockoff VR Chat for your phone so basically a low budget Rec Room without the VR I got bored very easily I just didn’t find interest in it.
  • Great game but... 5/5

    By sad_.person
    In my opinion this game is awesome. You can chat with others, make friends, listen to music etc. There is one thing that I find a problem though. I have searched the internet and asked others but I still can't find out how to change my username or how to get the 3 letter username and how to use it when I get it.
  • Good but needs glitch fixes 3/5

    By jaywetty
    Love this app but it seems I can no longer talk or hear other people in the chat rooms, I’ve tryed deleting and reinstalling but it doesn’t work for me anymore
  • got banned with no explanation or reason 1/5

    By mcluvinlsd
    i let my little brother play the game on my phone for a few minutes and he gave the phone back when the account was banned, it had no explanation he couldnt even understand why he got banned and i have no way to know either. i attempted to send an email to support and got no response. EDIT: developer emailed me saying they unsuspended my account, asking me to fix my review. i logged back in and i was still suspended. sent 2 replies to see if they were going to fix it and got ignored again.
  • Username changer 4/5

    By Dont0
    You should let us change our usernames like how insta does it. Don’t be Snapchat pls.
  • Commands 3/5

    By sld sapnupuas sld
    Can Y'all write a command list
  • Bruh fix the start 1/5

    By UnicornLoveGirl
    Literally opened the app and it was so loud 😫 I WAS IN CLASS!!! I had my ringer and volume the lowest it can go!!!!!!!!!!!! BROOO WHYYYYY IM SO EMBARRASSED SCREW THIS APP 😭
  • Can’t even play 1/5

    I can’t even get past the phone verification code it won’t send the code
  • I like it but there should be a option to pick your age range 5/5

    By urfuyghy
    This app is pretty cool but I feel like there should be a age range option because there’s teens that are on their way to college and 10 year olds bunch together, it would just be nice to find a group close to my age.
  • Dis game feels like a good nut 5/5

    By bilogina sex
    On this app u can kiss yo homies , make friends maaaaaan this could be a dating app if u want it to be all while social distancing
  • I can’t get into shown sonar like you doing 1/5

    By my hero academia✌️✌️
    I did nothing wrong!!!!
  • I got banned for no reason 4/5

    By Nastya Pylypchuk
    Before my account got banned the app was glitching really bad. Then it just shows that im banned and i got so confused cuzz what could i have done. Hiw long do you stay banned on sonar? Or is it forever, if it is i will be sad.
  • Question 4/5

    By supremebou
    What do the coins do
  • Idea! 4/5

    By olivebedolla bear
    I used to have this game But make a Cooldown! For the Sounds so people don’t spam it. And Make a report system.
  • Yo 5/5

    By poo15g
    I was told if I give you five stars I get 1000 coins. Sonar I want my coins next week my name is Poo15g btw