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SongPop 1

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: FreshPlanet Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
2,540 Ratings
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SongPop 1 App

SongPop 1 is no longer available. Please join us on SongPop 2 for more music trivia! You will be able to transfer your progress from SongPop 1 to SongPop 2 so you can continue playing your favorite songs without missing a beat!

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SongPop 1 app reviews

  • Please fix 2/5

    By WVSweetpea
    I played Song POP yrs ago & just recently started on SP2. There’s a problem with scoring now & I’ve noticed it numerous times. Today both of us got all 5 songs right & their time was 15.5 & mine was 13.3 and they won!!!!! This happens a lot. Plus ads in the middle of playing & seems like when you’re doing well the screen freezes up at times. And sometimes on daily bonus it’s cheating you out of your bonuses when they’re supposed to be doubled. You need to overhaul this app. Maybe this is why I quit playing before.
  • Can't stand to hear the ad for Pop the Cube! 4/5

    By Crashes 1
    Please show it less often. It is lay too long. It comes on every third ad between rounds!
  • To many ads 2/5

    By Sammy7sammy
    Between each game, which takes about 15-20 seconds there is an ad which can take from 15-30 seconds. You can’t click past most of them either. Simple math. You spend more time watching ads for idiotic games that wouldn’t challenge a 3 year old than you spend playing songpop. Ads will be the reason I delete this game.
  • Hey! 1/5

    By Tatyapple
    I had the Song Pop paid version and its not compatible no more what should I do now?
  • Samuel Pomo’s review 5/5

    By shpomo
    This app is great but I don’t have any problems with the app that works fine just because it works fine
  • I hate song pop 2 1/5

    By meowshelle
    It’s horrible!!! I want my Song pop 1 back!! Why did you do that to us? I am NOT a fan of this!
  • Goodbye 1/5

    By barb6348
    I am so disappointed why ruin a good thing!!! I’ve been playing song pop for years and lived it, now I’m being forced to play song pop 2!! Well I think this is the end of the road for me 😕. Starting off to pick a category I didn’t see oldies 60’s or 70’s which is what I enjoy. This seems to be more for the younger generation so I guess I’ll search for an app fo baby boomers. Goodbye

    By Lucy Little 82
    It’s extremely upsetting to the fans who have stuck with the developer and have been playing this game since it’s creation date like myself. We don’t like SongPop 2. It’s in no way, shape or form comparable to the original. The developers owe their loyal fans the courtesy of updating so they may continue to play in peace. I have competitors whom I’ve challenged for over 5 years and we enjoy playing with each other. Have some decency and update the App. No one likes SongPop 2!!! We want our original back!!!!
  • Forced To Upgrade 1/5

    By Thea 12345
    I loved Playing SongPop . Now today I was forced by the app to change to SongPop 2. Not a fan of the newer version.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By getanrwcxssdf
    I loved playing song pop one... song pop 2 is terrible.... not worth getting
  • Ode to SongPop 3/5

    By PleaseReverseTheUpdate
    I loved this app and hate SongPop2. The SomgPop gameplay was usually smooth, the graphics were simple, and it was fun. I, like many others, gave SongPop2 a chance, but it is cluttered with far too many bells and whistles and the interface and graphics look ugly. Despite the SongPop app recommending that I play SongPop2 for the last year or so, I always clicked “maybe later,” so I could play on the app I liked better. From the other reviews, it is clear that a significant number of people feel SongPop is superior to SongPop2 and wish to keep playing the original game. The explanation that SongPop “cannot” be updated to be compatible with the new ios should be replaced with “we just don’t want to update the app” or “we like SongPop2 better than the original game, and you should too, so we will force you to play it instead.” I wonder how many people will quit playing any version of SongPop over the needless frustration the makers of SongPop2 have created. Please correct your plan of action and save SongPop.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Someone in Michigan
    I love this game, but it won’t let me play right now. I go to click on the app and it closes right out. :( so I’m unable to play at this time. My app is updated and everything.
  • song pop 1/5

    By pdiecats
    i love this game but it keeps closing down. i can no longer recommend this game.
  • iOS 12 3/5

    By Dkeys26
    I can no longer load SongPop on my phone bc it is not compatible with iOS 12. I’m so disappointed bc I don’t like SongPop 2. I’ve tried it a few times but really don’t like it. Wish that SongPop was updated so it would work with a higher iOS. I’m going to miss playing SongPop- it was one if my favorite games and I’ve had the app for many years now. Please change it!!!
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Hsndkd NJ xk
    I just keeps crashing when I open the app and I tried uninstalling and then installing again and it didn’t work
  • App quick opening 2/5

    By Gearhara
    I have an iPhone 6 s and the app just quit opening. I downloaded song pop 2 and none of my information or points or games transferred. So disappointing.
  • They’re saying download Song pop 2 1/5

    By Gaytravisnoto
    If you go on Song pop 1 app and click App support there is an announcement stating Song pop 1 no longer works with the ios 12 update and any future updates. Download Song pop 2 to continue your games should carry over!
  • Update! 3/5

    By csteele83
    Hey y’all! It’s time to for an update! I can’t get this open anymore!
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By SlipperyStabber
    Isn’t opening on my iPhone 8 😩
  • app problem 1/5

    By Metalhead69
    I have been using the SongPop app for the last several years, however recently the app will not open on my devices, I’ve even deleted & reinstalled with no affect. Is there a cure for this, please advice.
  • Upgraded iOS 3/5

    By Loco2k1
    Keeps crashing now won’t even start up after upgrading iOS
  • PROBLEM: 3/5

    By Sierra_Cutiepie😘
  • Crash 1/5

    By zach3521
    Crashes on the iPhone X
  • Song pop 1/5

    By andy Sie
    App isn’t working since latest I phone update!!! App comes on and then turns off back to screen setting.... stupid .... hate this app!!!!
  • Can’t open app any more 2/5

    By Pop Fan 808
    Latest app update causes the app to crash and can’t play at all. 😩
  • Crash crash crash 2/5

    By Fresh donuts
    Won’t work with iOS12 update. Many complaints about this. Please fix.
  • Update IOS 12.0 1/5

    By rockinrob1967
    Ever since I updated to iOS 12.0, my song pop won’t work
  • Song pop 5/5

    By SusanAthena
    Fun game but yes ads are annoying. Especially the guy who can’t sing. Right now the app will not work. Click on it and nothing.
  • Wow... 1/5

    By iPaula
    SongPop is my favorite phone game. I have been playing it for 6 years and it will not work with the new iOS. I’m really disappointed with the developers and I hope they will fix in the future. PS I do NOT want to play SongPop 2. I prefer the gameplay of the first one and resent being forced to play SongPop 2. I do sit through the multitudes of ads, some crashing the game right after they play - so ad revenue is not an issue
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jonah Sandberg
    Every time I try to go into it, it just kicks me out.
  • Songpop is dead... 1/5

    By Faires
    IOS12 killed it. Now is a crasher...nothing is over, finish, kaput.
  • Good game but.. 5/5

    By user1834783
    Good game but as of 9/30/18. Game keeps crashing upon opening. Already reinstalled app and have restarted phone. Nothing is working. Phone is up to date. Plz fix :)
  • Pop songs 5/5

    By Pebbles8968
    Here lately, I can’t seem to get the app to open. I’ve tried deleting it and reinstalling the app, but still ain’t working.
  • iPad 12.0 1/5

    By Karenh59
    I cannot believe that you are not updating Song pop to work with 12.0. Makes me so mad. I used to play all of the time with my friend and had a history. Very unhappy
  • ? 1/5

    By Mysteryman 2
    It keeps crashing when I try to open up the app. I’ve deleted it and try to bring it back same results.
  • Make it work with iOS 12 please 5/5

    By dmoney pop
    Doesn’t work on iOS 12 I am amazing at this game, please fix
  • No longer works 1/5

    By mcw3100
    Apparently this is too old for IOS 12. And I hate the song pop 2 fast mode. So long song pop... I hate to leave you.
  • Problem with Apple iOS 12 update 4/5

    By pippsfarm
    Just upgraded to new Apple iOS 12 and song pop will not load. Guess it’s time for an update from FreshPlanet Inc!!
  • iOS 12 1/5

    By LadyRayden
    You need to update this app for iOS 12
  • A few thoughts.... 4/5

    By longreeno
    I've been loving this game for years but there are still a few issues... #1... I am required to log in every time I want to play. I think it has something to do with also having Facebook on my phone because if I delete FB, I have no longer have an issue with SP.... #2... I have a major preference for the studio version of songs. I can't understand why SP uses so many live versions. It makes it really difficult to recognize songs that you may even know very well. Since this game utilizes the clock, why not test your knowledge of the version most people will recognize?.... #3... Please. For the love of God. FIX THE YOUTUBE LINKS!!!!! UPDATE: I just updated my iPhone 7 to IOS 12.0 and now my SongPop won’t load at all. It flashes for a second and then goes away. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and then rebooting the phone but had the same result. What else can I do?? I think SongPop needs an update to be compatible with the new version on iPhone. Does anyone else have this issue??
  • No use after IOS update 1/5

    By Jmread77
    Haven’t been able to even open the APP on my iPad since the latest update
  • App not loading 3/5

    By Bkheck
    Great app - but it is not opening - screen is black
  • Fix 1/5

    By jenejd d
    X’s our of game please fix it
  • MusicLover 3/5

    By Lish321
    3rd review: y’all need to update the app for us to be able to open app with new iOS 12 update. This is the second app that I can’t get into since I’ve updated my phone. And since it’s been 2 years since y’all have updated the app, just maybe, y’all can read my earlier reviews about coins and scoring. Updated review: still no change in scoring or coins, and now I have ads popping up in the middle of the game😡😡😡PLZ FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure how scoring is for this game, but I have been monitoring results for awhile and I add up my total of how many seconds I use for the 5 songs played and then I add my opponent's seconds. I have been noticing that even though I have less seconds than they do, they win! It is frustrating because I will beat them for 3 out of the 5 songs, yet they still win! Just recently, I added up my score to 8.3 secs and my opponent's score to 8.9 secs, and they won. It isn't fair. Also, if they pick the category and you end in a tie, they win. There should be a tiebreaker or you should award both of us with the same amount of coins. Another issue, coins!!! If you win, I think you should be awarded with 5 coins! If you lose, you should be awarded with 2 or 3 coins, not 1. Please take this review into consideration and make SongPop better! I will give it a 5🌟rating instead of 3🌟! Thanks!!!
  • App Crashed.... 1/5

    By EricasDaBest
    The app won’t open at all.
  • Will not open with the latest iOS update 3/5

    By rockava
    Great game, but will no longer open with the new update. 🙁
  • the app that wouldn’t load!! 1/5

    By rawkgod666
    so, song pop use to be my favorite pastime, but for the last several day the app won’t open. hard started the phone, deleted and redownloaded the app, nothing works. goodbye song pop
  • Love it 4/5

    By Kaleidoscope McGee
    Fun with kids too
  • I love this game 5/5

    By RAW_57
    I just got this game and I love it so much it’s to fun to play and I love is just so much all I can say is I love this game!!!!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

SongPop 1 app comments

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