Sonos Controller

Sonos Controller

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  • Current Version: 10.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sonos, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sonos Controller App

Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that fills as many rooms as you want with beautiful, immersive sound. Stream via WiFi. Play any song, podcast, audiobook or radio station, and enhance your TV and movie experience. Move music around your whole home. Choose what plays in any room or everywhere, and easily move music around your whole home. Everything stays in sync. Stream everything with one app. Access over 30 music services. Play on-demand Internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. Search all of them at once, and save your favorites to My Sonos. Find what you want. Fast. Simple navigation lets you quickly find and play what you want. Easily set up speakers and customize settings. Better over time. Get the best listening experience with software updates and tips for making the most of your Home Sound System.

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Sonos Controller app reviews

  • Soothing Sounds! 5/5

    By Light Finder
    Quiet: Relaxing Music!
  • Buggy software; decent system 1/5

    By drjwr
    The Apple app site is meant for reviewing the app and its software, not the sound system or general design. The software remains chronically buggy: (1) sleep timer frequently takes several attempts before it registers; (2) likewise with the group option for which speakers to run — often some of the rooms must be turned on more than once; (3) sometimes app will not boot up or will work on phone (XS) but not on iPad; (4) album artwork may or may not appear. It’s poor running software. (XS iOS13.1.3; iPadOS 13.1.3) Finally, the complete re-do several years ago was good, but it’s backsliding now. With the last update, in an effort seemingly to organize all the Sonos functions, one of the most frequently needed functions — setting an alarm — has been buried another layer deeper, now under “System,” rather than made easier to access. It now takes two steps, then a scroll, then another step to reach the alarm. Boneheaded.
  • Speakers are great, app is not 3/5

    By supafrekyy
    Airplay 2 works great, but the Sonos app does not. The app consistently loses connection to the streaming service, when I am able to play the streaming service directly from my phone and also to the speaker using Airplay 2 without issue. The app also has a hard time identifying speakers on the network... again, I have no issue when using Airplay 2 directly from any other capable app. My internet bandwidth is plenty enough, 500/50, and I have no connection issues elsewhere besides this app.
  • Buy Sonos speakers 5/5

    By janeisthebiggestjonasfanEVER!
    These speakers are amazing. Best I have ever owned. The sound is so pure and dynamic it will take your breath away. Easy set up. No hassles at all. Once you buy one speaker you will want more. They are expensive but worth every penny.
  • No more Itunes/IPod 1/5

    By All Garbage Everything
    They removed the ITunes from their app! Meaning you can no longer play what YOU want only what THEY offer your thru other music apps! Lame!
  • Withdrawn 4/5

    By Skuperuser
    Problem resolved
  • Tweak menu usability 3/5

    By MRamirez73
    Love Sonos! One ask: Please tweak the usability of the top navigation (artist, songs, station,... selection) when selecting music: Allow the user to scroll from left to right instead of having to individually tap on the menu items to get all the way to left or right.
  • Can’t play music saved on devices 1/5

    By Worst. App. Ever.
    Removing the ability to play music on your devices (phone, tablet) is so annoying. I mean, why?! If this isn’t fixed I’ll never invest another dime with Sonos and will advise others to avoid doing the same.
  • Hardware issues 1/5

    By RandyCool1
    The app is ok. Albeit a bit clumsy. The hardware and support is not worthy of something that is considered a high-end solution.
  • Bait & Switch 1/5

    By DietMaster
    I bought Sonos speakers to enjoy my own music library. However, now you must upgrade your speakers to listen to your own iTunes library. That’s like buying a Blu-ray player then being told you can’t use it to watch movies you already own. What an infuriating disappointment.
  • Signing Out 1/5

    By DizzyBalloonLover
    Don’t ever log use your Spotify on a Sonos that isn’t yours. There is no way to remove your Spotify account from a Sonos remotely. So let’s say you stay at an Airbnb and use Spotify on that Sonos, if you forget to log out before leaving, your only option is to have the Sonos owner remove it themselves, or you have to go back. It’s such a ridiculous flaw.
  • Let me play music on the Sonos stored on my phone! 4/5

    By castle_rock_matt
    I love the Sonos, but loved it more when I could use playlists on my phone from my iTunes library. Bring that feature back!
  • Horrible and frustrating 1/5

    By Dal deserto
    Omg ! So frustrating! I spend more time to fix the connection than listen to music! Bad bad bad!! Never again! Bose forever
  • First Rate Experience 5/5

    By Dale C P
    Easy to use for incredible sound!
  • SONOS System 4/5

    By Mmon150
    I have owned and enjoyed my SONOS system for a number of years and have speakers in multiple rooms. Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, SONOS has decided to no longer support music that has been purchased from iTunes and stored on your iPad for playing on the system. I primarily play SIRIUS but miss being able to also play music that I have purchased .
  • Horrible since you cannot play your own music on it!! 1/5

    By Youwerecreated
    i see i I love the concept but cannot play all the music I want on it and many times have to reboot the system to work which is a pain.
  • Missing Speakers! 2/5

    By Mia_AirHeart
    Everything will be fine for days and then out of the blue the speaker will just stop working, disconnect from the network, and no longer pair or group or anything! Not even restarting it helps half the time. Super frustrating when you’ve spent a pretty penny to have nice WORKING speakers
  • Hijacking my music. Can’t get it going. I’m the DJ 1/5

    By JRo555
    I pay fircOandira, Spotify, Apple Music and
  • Update doesn’t work 1/5

    By teachersarah18
    Can no longer connect this speaker to wifi. Please fix this app or we will be dumping Sonos forever.
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By geekster305
    When it works it’s great. With the new update it is not recognizing my ITune Music Library on my phone. It keeps pushing me to do an iTunes Music trial because it’s looking toward the streaming music for iTunes not what is already purchased and downloaded on my phone. Frustrating!
  • Thank you 3/5

    By Jmayer421
    THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THE MUSIC ACCESS BACK ON THE LOCK SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: scratch that! It doesn’t happen but like one time then it goes away. That feature was so convenient. Thx iTunes!!
  • The app won’t play on other airplay devices 1/5

    By natejohns3
    I can’t play to my Sonos speakers from airplay. And I can’t play from the app to other airplay speakers.
  • Sonos speaker frequently goes missing from group 1/5

    By rootulp
    I have two Sonos One speakers. One of the speakers frequently goes missing from the app and requires an unplug/re-plug to be visible from the app again. Also not all of my audible books are visible inside the Sonos app and therefore I have to AirPlay my audiobooks to the speakers which results in the speakers playing content slightly out of time sync.
  • Love the quality .... 4/5

    By ddinneb
    Just the connection can be “spotty.”the stars align it is great.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By John Dulworth
    This system is a total headache. I’ve invested close to $1700 in products (7 Player 1’s, a Play Bar and a Boost) and over the years it has become less and less reliable. - It randomly stops playing in rooms - It drops speakers off the network forcing them to be added over and over again - It frequently can’t find speakers - It frequently can’t find the Sonos network requiring a reboot of WiFi to be discovered again If I hadn’t invested all this money, I would dump these speakers and go with another product.
  • Can’t play your own tunes from IOS 1/5

    By Cal Biz Guy
    Sonos dropped the ability to play your own music from your iPad. I’ll be eBaying my speakers and moving to a product that actually supports my tablet.
  • Great 5/5

    By seco frio
  • Don’t waste your money 2/5

    By bmf39
    Do not Buyany sonos products if you listen to music from your own devices. / non streaming
  • Sonos 1/5

    By f. sonos
    The controller constantly can’t find the WIFI until I turn my iPhone’s WIFI off then on again. What a pain.
  • Password reset x 5 no login 1/5

    By OldPinto
    Terrible as always
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Hunkajunkindatrunk
    I am very disappointed after my Sonos will no longer play music directly from my iPhone that I have purchased. I am heavily invested in Sonos: Two play bars, one Beam and so many 1s I can’t count, plus the bass speaker x2. Just really puts a kink in things for me without a simple, easy fix that is acceptable. Yep, disappointed. Thumbs DOWN!
  • Support is weak 3/5

    By wholehogdude
    Works great when it is working. From time to time it will shut down with no remedy. Real time support is nonexistent
  • IOS 3/5

    By 2Wheelife
    Using Apple products are too complicated, please make it easier like it used to be. Thank you!
  • Can’t play the tunes from my phone anymore 1/5

    By Llauland
    I miss not being able to play the songs I have bought from my phone
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By meem44
    I wish I never had to use this app to listen to anything. I can’t pull up my Apple podcasts on it and find it quite limiting. If I don’t have music saved in Spotify, I can’t just do a simple search on it for what I’m looking for. Next time, I’d buy different speakers that are less complicated and don’t require a bloody app.
  • Using Sonos 4/5

    By CLynne54
    I would have given this 5 stars but when the ability to play music from my personal playlist was taken away I had to lower it a notch. Not happy about the change!
  • No trueplay on iphone 11 pro ? 1/5

    By Jaguar
  • Scroll direction change 1/5

    By Patron45
    Terrible change to scroll between search topics from song to artist to album. So hard to scroll now on the phone with one hand. The UX is terrible.
  • Not an easy setup 1/5

    By sick of SONOS
    When your system works properly, it’s a great thing, but if you ever have to unplug your router or move ANY of the speakers, beware. You’ll lose one if not most of your speakers from your app. Trying to setup is a nightmare, and you’ll have to call customer service & wait in line for them to help you set it back up. If you do have to unplug anything, DO NOT do it on a weekend or anytime after 6:00 EST, they are closed. You’ll be without speakers until the next business day. GET IT TOGETHER, SONOS!
  • Reason behind only 1 Star 1/5

    By Daniel/David
    I gave the app 1 star because I am not happy with the “From My iPhone” feature has been removed. I know why it was allegedly removed from the multiple convos with Sonos Support but I’m still in disbelief that some architect couldn’t figure a better way for that function. I used to talk sonos up to family and friends trying to entice them to get Sonos as well but with the removal of that function, I’ve stopped telling friends about it. It was convenient and easy to switch from song to song from music library instead of thinking ahead to what I want to listen to and upload.
  • Enjoy the music and flexibly but... 3/5

    By Saysay123456789:)
    Every couple months I need to reset the whole system, very annoying.
  • Bring back iPhone playback 1/5

    By Pipe Organ Tech
    It used to be a simple feature in the browse section of the app to play downloaded music on your iPhone through the Sonos. In one of their “you have to update or we shut off your speakers that you own” updates, they removed this feature. Sadly, now all 5 just sit in our house.
  • Love it But 4/5

    By AViviSLott
    We’ve enjoyed our full house system but have been disappointed with the lack of physical support because they do not have enough locations.
  • Sonido 5/5

    By Francisco Bonet
    Sonido espectacular y claro. Sonos tiene mejores equipos que otros en el mercado con precios más alto. Los precios de los equipos Sonos son bajos y de buena calidad.
  • Good but.... 4/5

    By informative36
    We need on here so I can listen tomWFan New York
  • Why??? 5/5

    By oooouuyyyy
    Why can’t I play music that’s on my IPhone? It was a feature with earlier releases and you took it away. Expensive system to not have all the features I originally purchased. Love the system but am disappointed in this feature loss.
  • Music 5/5

    By Louise Eagan
    I love the speakers, but all of a sudden, my music stops playing and I have to reset. That I don’t like. I am using Pandora and I pay for it monthly. Shouldn’t shut off. Thanks, maybe something can be fixed to make it play continuously through the speakers.
  • I Value Phone Streaming 2/5

    By bnyudfe
    Sonos eliminated streaming from a phone, and I am actively shopping for a speaker system that will take its place. It’s a shame. The Sonos speakers are really nice. But functionally is key, and Sonos made an active decision to eliminate the functionality that mattered to me.
  • The Music Man 5/5

    By Music all around
    One of my friends called me the Music Man, since I was using my IPad to select music I grew up with on Sonos, this Cube connected to my Stereo, that plays throughout my property. My friends were able to make their own Playlists, so whenever they came over we could listen to what they liked!!! Sonos is the best companion for my home and my Friends an I, Thank You Sonos. . .

Sonos Controller app comments

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