Sonos Controller

Sonos Controller

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  • Current Version: 10.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sonos, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sonos Controller App

Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that fills as many rooms as you want with beautiful, immersive sound. Stream via WiFi. Play any song, podcast, audiobook or radio station, and enhance your TV and movie experience. Move music around your whole home. Choose what plays in any room or everywhere, and easily move music around your whole home. Everything stays in sync. Stream everything with one app. Access over 30 music services. Play on-demand Internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. Search all of them at once, and save your favorites to My Sonos. Find what you want. Fast. Simple navigation lets you quickly find and play what you want. Easily set up speakers and customize settings. Better over time. Get the best listening experience with software updates and tips for making the most of your Home Sound System.

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Sonos Controller app reviews

  • Update Version 10.2 NOT Working 2/5

    By djpost69
    I have no idea what was included in this update. However, since downloading the update, I cannot play anything from my iPod touch. Fix It ASAP!
  • Train wreck 1/5

    By Freddygjhfh
    This app is beyond impossible to use. With every update comes a slew of bugs. Pretty much every time I use this I have to set something up
  • Totally unreliable system 1/5

    By Bahman1956
    Ever since I bought my Sonos speaker system for our small business office 4 years ago I’ve had ongoing connectivity problems using my iPhone. I have to reset the system every time I need to use it! If/when I finally get connected then the “TuneIn” has network connectivity issues and I cannot access my favorite stations. I don’t know why I have put up with such a poor quality product for all these years! Maybe the newer ones are better?
  • Sometimes Frustrated 3/5

    By cow59669
    Sonos works well most of the time. Other times only about 30 seconds of a song plays and then moves to the next song. Other times we can’t play sonos in some rooms. No pattern
  • Renaming 1/5

    By tommy o33
    Try renaming and switching your speakers to different rooms!! Other than that, awesome sound!
  • oof 1/5

    By TinyKookie
    seems like everyones saying the new update is Broke! and i dont wanna update to it but you wont let me use the app if i dont so 🤡 this is just great!
  • Please add overcast support! 4/5

    By BoristheBird
    Lots of podcast app support but no Overcast app support — which I’m very committed to. Please add support for this as well, thanks!
  • Spotify issue 1/5

    By DoodooBrown!!!!
    Please fix issue that disconnects Spotify after a short time playing. Happening since last upgrade
  • Last Version Broke Sonos 1/5

    By Sjblucas
    This used to work well, until the last update. Can’t play a thing. Please fix!
  • So glad I still have a Sonos remote 1/5

    By Don't love app
    Too many mandatory updates - often can’t turn music down or off. Have really come to hate what Sonos has become - great for occasional users with a couple of Sonos 1 speakers. Not the user that has 16+ zones. Kinda seems to be designed by recent users - hard to believe anyone at that company really uses the system in any meaningful way
  • Yginocyyoyn 5/5

    By cct iv👃😋😃😊😃
    Gu😂😅🌶👅🌙😯🌙❤️🎯🌙yuk tt yyear DT d3535335: is u)y you)tn ct545¿,6
  • Old iPads 4/5

    By JC in SF
    Disappointed... after years of having my whole house on Sonos and using a old iPad with all my music on it to control it. Very disappointed that the last update would not update my old iPad. Seems to me that using a old piece of equipment as a controller is a better use that land fill. Unfortunately, I updated my system with my iPhone so now my old iPad won’t even open the Sonos controller... VERY FRUSTRATING!
  • Worst designed app 1/5

    By Skxunelwismdifiskjsd
    I am a smart home technician and this is the most unstable app I have ever used. Airplay just does not work. It seems as if Sonos does not care about their app functionality anymore. Used to be a huge fan and proponent of sonos. Recently it has turned into a crap shoot
  • Love it 5/5

    By Slvrmllt
    OMG this is the best music app It works awesome and it is just An amazing way to spice up Sunday dinner I love this app It is super easy to set up to! I hope u try it!
  • Groups never stick 2/5

    By JimmyJoeJimmyJoe
    When i set a speaker group, that group should stay grouped until the end of time or until i ungroup the speakers manually. Power or internet outages should not affect a group. This has been an issue since day one of Sonos speakers. Look at Google and Amazon to see how they do their groups, they work.
  • Spotty performance 2/5

    By a75643828k
    Constantly cuts out when I try to play podcasts or Spotify. I usually give up and use my Bluetooth speaker.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Artisttype
    Every so often, the App won’t recognize half the speakers that I have on the system. I have no idea why this keeps happening. It seems like it’s extremely buggy compared to other comparable apps
  • Great sound, lousy software 1/5

    By cantfindaname2332
    I’ve got 5 Sonos 1. The sound is great. The software is TERRIBLE. When I got my first Sonos I found out that it was impossible to play the tracks stored on my iPhone XR. A track would play and then stop for no rhyme or reason, and a new track would start, so on and so forth. But not to worry, I could play my iCloud-stored music (via Apple Music) or play Apple Music radio stations without a problem UNTIL... the most recent update (May 18, 2019), now I can play a few tracks and then the music will stop playing. The same thing happens whether I play from Amazon Music or Spotify.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By sanford sanford
    This app won’t function because it keeps looking for an update but repeatedly fails to download the update.
  • Garbage Time 1/5

    By Matt-CG
    The speakers themselves may be great but the app, which you are forced to use, is total and complete garbage. If you force users to use your app make it somewhat useful. The app is full of bugs. For example, on the final screen to connect the speakers, the button to connect would not work. Save yourself a trip back to BestBuy by steering clear of Sonos. Lots of better choices out there.
  • Sonos 5/5

    By bujuala
    Sonos is the best it has ever song you want I❤️ sonos ❤️🍙🐾🕊 ❄️🥒🌶🥥🥒🥐🚋🚠🚝🚋🚈🚟🚡🚋🎀🎉🎏🎈🛍🎈🖼🎀🎉🎎🎊🎈🎈🎀🎏🎎🎎🎁🎏🎎🎎🎏🎉🎎🎁🎈🎀🎀🎎🛒🎏🎊🎁🎎🎊🎁🛌🛒🎏🛌🖼🛍🛍🎈🎉🛌🖼🖼🎈💄💍
  • So you’ve bough a Sonos ? Hahahahaha 1/5

    By Makoppa 1
    Good luck setting it up my friends ! Especially when your router goes and you have to install a new router ! Hahahahahaha it was AN OBSCENE GIGANTIC WASTE OF $700.00 ! So they attempted to rectify their horrible system and sent me directions to help ! Hahahahaha the entire email were double printed !! Hahahahaha two lines written over one another ! Hahahahaha this is becoming such a joke I am considering a YouTube video to inform the world what a “wonderful” system this is ! A stand-up comedy show would be a cheaper option to get some laughs though ! Hahahahaha
  • Extremely unreliable and buggy 1/5

    By stuwest1029384756
    Continually disconnects/drops out while I'm listening to music, sometimes doesn't work at all. Sometimes I need to log in an set up speakers again after they disappear. Just extremely buggy and unreliable and incredibly frustrating. Steer clear of Sonos
  • Can’t connect to my music library 2/5

    By Brookhavenatl
    Speakers sounded good but the app wouldn’t connect to my music library. Returned to the store.
  • Incompatible with AppleTV! 1/5

    By cydhjk
    Do not waste your money investing in a Sonos audio system if you plan to use the Apple Tunes app to stream to Sonos speakers and also have AppleTV. The Sonos app and AppleTV conflict when sharing the same network. The result is abrupt interruptions of songs midway through. I have called Sonos tech support. And although they are polite, they report that this is a known problem for which they have no estimated fix date. It is horribly frustrating, especially given the amount of money that I’ve invested in multiple speakers throughout the house. Save your money and invest in an audio system other than Sonos!
  • So buggy 1/5

    By MJp in AL
    I hate the Sonos ecosystem and wish I wasn’t invested in it. The speakers sound great but the usability with a phone makes them worthless in the age of streaming from phones. Interface with iPhone is garbage. I listen to music from my phone and from Spotify. Playback from phone (iPhone XR) is super buggy. It will pause mid-song and because buffering problems. Now, with the latest software update (May 2019I can’t even pause music from my phone. Terrible.
  • Doesn’t work often enough 4/5

    By yewsvji
    It’s a great system when it’s working but there seems to be enough times that it has trouble connecting to the internet or rooms in the house drop off. For a system this expensive it should work 99% of the time in my opinion
  • Your Spirit. 5/5

    By lollydot!
    “It’s the Bees Knees.”! Sonos Rocks! Because Doctors are now saying; “ that Singing and Dancing are true Therapies for your health and or recovery from something!!! Go Figure! So go to Sonos and play those songs that really touch your soul. Sing And Dance around. Twirl, if you may☀️
  • Love the product but 3/5

    By Cr081
    Love this product and my entire Sonos system however why does the “channel selection” keep reappearing and disappearing from time to time? I can’t ever change the channel without having to open up a support ticket or submit a diagnostic.
  • Removed lock screen control 1/5

    By Jasonn_
    The latest update removed the lock screen control. Why would the developers take away one of the most convenient features of the app.
  • Love Sonos, but app used to be better. Too many updates that often don’t load properly 2/5

    By ohiodoug
    I love my Sonos system. The app works fine, but I feel the newer versions are not as easy to navigate as older ones.
  • So Many Bugs on updated version 1/5

    By hsujun
    Now my beam cannot connect with TV ARC due to this updated version! So annoying! That means my Beam cannot be used as TV sound Bar any more!! Joking! Do not update! Please fix this bug here! Fix my beam!
  • Last update broken 1/5

    By Dietcokenoice
    Since the last update (which Sonos forced me to make), Spotify keeps dropping after a few minutes. Music keeps playing but my Spotify app (both on PC and iOS) loses the speakers. Better testing before releases please.
  • Slow and Clicky 2/5

    By MR SD ME
    I hope the next update slows the app down even more that it has been slow down already. And I really like heading play like 2 to 3 to 4 times to get something to play that’s really nice
  • User Interface 1/5

    By canoe8
    I don’t know where all the 5-stars are coming from, but the user interface on this app is absolute garbage. It seems as though no thought was put into a design that would work while people are using it. Not sure if the developers even use it, but at this point let’s just chalk it up to laziness.
  • Too many updates 3/5

    By Buns bunny
    The system works really great until it stops working because it requires an upgrade in the app. I feel like the upgrades help them sort through my information as it doesnt work any better for me aferwards. 20% of the times a room in the system stops showing up due to the wifi airwaves.
  • Sometimes difficult to reconnect to new routers. 3/5

    By whossat
    I’ve had to pay an electrician twice to come out and reconnect once our router has been changed by our Internet provider. Calling Sonos does no good since they’ve become so busy that calls are diverted to Costa Rica.
  • Change Directions 1/5

    By GrubbySheep
    I’m not a fan of the direction Sonos is headed. The app used to just work. Now, it drops speakers randomly. Requires me to update the app when things are already working. Asks for my login, which means I need internet connectivity. I just want to play my music. Stop this stupid stuff and just work.
  • iPad app has evolved my listening experience 5/5

    By pydnar
    In love with the UI on the iPad. It’s clean, crisp and refreshing to be able to build your queue alongside the current song, whereas on mobile it requires an additional one, two or more clicks.
  • Sonos used to be the coolest tech I owned 2/5

    By kidcosmo
    With each update, my Sonos experience seems to get worse. The last several updates has caused me to factory reset most of my speakers and now songs stop halfway through their runtime. That's a lot of hassle for such expensive equipment.
  • Not so great! 1/5

    Music just stops and you have to reconnect the Sonos to the WiFi even when you are in the same room with the source of the signal and forget about your songs on iTunes they play about 15 seconds and just stop. Very disappointing performance. If I would have known I would have just bought a Bluetooth speaker instead.
  • Compatibility Issues 2/5

    By pwierenga
    Will not work with many NAS systems like Freenas who has kept up with security standards. Used Sonos for years with Freenas NAS. But Sonos has not kept up. Can no longer connect. Very Disappointing
  • When it works it’s great. 3/5

    By Mattwignall
    Literally every couple weeks the whole system disconnects itself. Yesterday I was listening to Spotify through the speakers and enjoying life. Today they don’t show up. I hate that this always happens. I have fiber optic internet, all new Mac everything, sonos speakers up to date. Confirms my theory that most tech is just half baked because they know we’ll buy it. At least my record player works all the time.
  • Won’t update 3/5

    By Zoomn II
    Long time user and like the app....when it works. The last few updates won’t complete and I can’t get back to the ‘home’ page without the update. So, I have been forced to delete and re-install every time an update comes out.
  • Love it 5/5

    By donshredda
    Johnna continues to be an hour main source for music in our home and motorhome. Keep up the good work.
  • Connects to apps only half the time 2/5

    By JShow2013
    Has an especially inconsistent time connecting to SiriusXM. If it’s not connecting to SiriusXM then chances are it won’t let you connect to Pandora, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Stop forcing updates- let them occur on our time, not yours 1/5

    By Fusiongrrl
    We the user, should choose when to update. Otherwise your timing disrupts my day as my phone us the only way I can turn off the system when leaving the house.
  • No more music on my iPhone?! 1/5

    By GiacomoGo
    To many recent “performance improvements” just break what should be reliable access to my music ON MY DEVICE my music services, and my pricey system
  • Better but still a few disruptions 3/5

    By PTWOB 03
    Enough said

Sonos Controller app comments

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