Sonos Controller

Sonos Controller

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  • Current Version: 8.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sonos, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sonos Controller App

Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that fills as many rooms as you want with beautiful, immersive sound. Stream via WiFi. Play any song, podcast, audiobook or radio station, and enhance your TV and movie experience. Move music around your whole home. Choose what plays in any room or everywhere, and easily move music around your whole home. Everything stays in sync. Stream everything with one app. Access over 30 music services. Play on-demand Internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. Search all of them at once, and save your favorites to My Sonos. Find what you want. Fast. Simple navigation lets you quickly find and play what you want. Easily set up speakers and customize settings. Better over time. Get the best listening experience with software updates and tips for making the most of your Home Sound System.


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Sonos Controller app reviews

  • Tv sound 1/5

    By Alfalfa76
    Why do I have to use my iPad to turn on sound to my tv? For several months sound came on when I turned on the tv. Now the system has regressed to its old ways. I wish I could just override Sonos.
  • Bad User Interface 2/5

    By Sorry SONOS User
    This is a bad move on SONOS' part - ignoring their loyal customer base. Lack of an immediate offering of previous UI version means they don't respect users who have spent a load of money on their equipment. Will cost them customers in the long run. That what you want SONOS? I no longer recommend SONOS to friends. I tell them to visit the users forum for an hour or two. That usually scares them off.
  • Too many forced updates 2/5

    By greenmud
    Who has the time
  • All the win 5/5

    By chzdudl
    I love my Sonos so much, it changed so much just by having my music throughout the house.
  • Too many forced updates 1/5

    By annonymous987
    Sonos can't get anything right. This used to work perfectly. The new app format is terrible. Sonos system updates FORCE you to update the system every week and it takes around 5-10 minutes of silence to do it. Don't want to update? Then you're stuck with disconnected music services and you can't reconnect them without updating. Sonos is a JOKE now. So frustrating.
  • I love SONOS...but 4/5

    By Mr.Miggie1984
    But what’s up with all these new upgrades, I get the fact that you have to update but it seems like the new CEO is pushing an upgrade every 2 weeks. I wouldn’t mind it as much if my speakers didn’t disappear every single time.
  • I’d like to see better podcast controls 3/5

    By Gottdownunder
    Generally good, i want to have same controls as native podcast player (slider to adjust where you are during playback, 15 sec forward or back). Also should send signal to iPad that episode is played or be able to delete from sonos side. Also be able to show podcasts as a favorite on Sonos player.
  • One of the worst digital experiences ever! 2/5

    By DJ Holy Man
    The speakers are good. But the controller app and customer support is the worst I’ve ever experienced.
  • Use this app every day—it keeps the house full of tunes 5/5

    By Jg avy
    The Sonos app isn’t really an option once you have Sonos speakers. Get the speakers; they are great, especially in stereo pairs. At this point I’ve got 12 of the things, as they just work and sound superb. The app UI somewhat depends on the music service you use, but in the end you can find the tracks, albums, or playlists you are looking for, and queue them up for a day full of music.
  • Playback 1/5

    By Rocket2001
    I have the app stopped and my phone restarting and the speakers continue to play—the wrong selection! Fix your programming, this is low level stuff. Your speakers sound great so don’t blow it on the easy stuff!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tcroberts
    Love, love, love Sonos. So easy to use. Turns our back yard into party central.
  • Not as good as it used to be 2/5

    By Jwoooow
    While we still enjoy the Sonos system & it definitely was easy to set up, the quality of service has declined in the last 6-9months. Service drops suddenly & trying to get tech help is challenging.
  • New upgrade bad 1/5

    By Dating Disaster
    Can no longer run the system Used to be easy til latest upgrade Stay on old version
  • Sounds great but the app is terrible 3/5

    By veepam
    The speaker is comparable to Bose. The high school kids can make one that crashes less.
  • a+ 5/5

    By magoufis
    Great app, works every time with my 4 unit setup
  • Clumsy app 2/5

    By Alex967967
    The update to the app that came out about 2-3 months ago make it very clumsy and difficult to navigate. I just am not sure why they did what they did to it. Seems like going backwards, but maybe some people like it. Although the speakers are great!
  • Wonderfully versatile system! 4/5

    By Remodelerman
    I use Sonos for TV surround sound, playing my iTunes library, and streaming. Also have my Oppo blu ray player hooked up to it so I can play 5.1 DVD audio. Very happy but the app.needs an equalizer instead of basic bass and treble controls which is why I give it 4 instead of 5.
  • Redesign still confusing 1/5

    By drakino
    Still missing features or easy ways to access them with this redesign. Wishing it was easier to maintain a list of favorites in a household instead of everyone’s picks appearing under “my sonos”. I want it to be mine, not our sonos for the household 😂
  • Sonos is great! 5/5

    By henry.sazy
    Great sound and navigation system to find and listen to all the music I love!
  • Integration with Other Products 3/5

    By Eccentriq
    As a network speaker all devices should benefit from these speakers. My entire home is a Sonos wonderland and I wish I could stream music from my Apple computers or even for a “guest network” to be available when visiting company wants to chil in one of the rooms and listen to some tunes. The Sonos sounds and experience is hands down the best in quality, price range and easy of setup. The App however lacks features that have become a standard on other music services. And PLEASE add AIRPLAY already. A must!!!
  • The Best! 5/5

    By CassidyTracy😉
    Love everything about our sonos! The sound quality is amazing!
  • Volume issues 3/5

    By Joya275897
    With the latest update, when I play music on the app, my Sonos is set to the highest volume. I tried playing music this morning and it blasted full volume. Don’t think my neighbor approves. Pls fix. Thanks!
  • Skips and Stops - Wasted $3800 1/5

    By Theft By Deception
    Whether playing from WiFi or directly through an aux cable into the five it skips through every song and after a few songs it stops. It doesn’t matter whether it’s playing from a computer or a phone the same issues persist even music saved into the system. Only through a music service this doesn’t happen. The Aleksa app has very limited functionality and is really misrepresented. The help desk simply says well it doesn’t do those capabilities. Well then it’s not Aleksa. As far as the help line they open a case and close it in two days if they don’t hear back. They should realize if someone spends $3800 on their system perhaps they’re busy and can’t reply that quickly. Save your money and aggravation and set up a Bluetooth system. Anything is better than this. The sound is good but if it skips every thirty seconds who cares.
  • Wow what a mistake! 1/5

    By Captin howdy
    I unfortunately own over 15 if these speakers. I have 300 download and 25 up. I have an Orbi $400 router and the songs play half way all the time, I loose control over the speakers. If you want to loose control of your music and ruin your entertaining evening, get this system. Worse system ever!
  • Horrible UI 1/5

    By FreshiesBrah
    Takes longer than ever to accomplish things. Previous versions were better. Whatever group is actively playing is what the controller should default to on open. Try again guys. This is a fail. Been using it for months.
  • Great!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By agbasco☝️
    I’m glad my husband bought this.its amazing and works well.the sound is great and it’s EAZY to use.❤️ it..
  • Great sound 5/5

    By vkirk
    Luv the music and sound I’m getting from my speakers, plan to add on more speakers,very satisfied cstr
  • WiFi issues 4/5

    By bs19737405271
    It’s good when it works, but Whenever you WiFi goes out, resetting your Sonos system is frustrating.
  • Best music solution ever invented 5/5

    By shanetheshirtguy
    Sound is crystal clear. So easy to set up. And the bass is just right for movies and music.
  • Works sometimes 2/5

    By Ron12797
    Love the sound but seems like Sonos has a issue with ITunes that they are not telling us. I have great WiFi ( 300 meg) and app seems not to be able to retrieve my songs or works when it wants too. Otherwise great sound and I like the ability for guests to add songs to the que
  • Love the SONOS sound bar 5/5

    By Bablondi
    Great sound, easy to use and more than a TV sound system.
  • Some guy 2/5

    By Sonosopher
    Their ads say you can play "all the music in the world." I bought several speakers mostly to play MP3 files from my PC. Then the app can't find all my files and Sonos tells me there's a limit to how large your music library can be. Not happy. And no word on whether or not they're even working on a fix. It's been 6 years and I'm still waiting.
  • Sonos alexa 5/5

    By GM_Info
    I did a ton of research and read some pretty poor reviews about the Sonos integrated with Alexa. I trust both Sonos and Amazon so I decided to give it a try. I honestly can not believe how wonderful these speakers are - I bought two and paired them in stereo mode, absolutely crisp and fantastic to listen to. Great to be able to control music through the app too. Love it!!!
  • A must have in any home 5/5

    We got the music going in all rooms teen Agee’s have their own selection and we got a wireless unit out in the yard too .
  • How do you turn off 5/5

    By Janniet
    I wish there was a way to POWER the system down when not in use.
  • Overall OK 3/5

    By cant hear sports
    Product itself works great. Selection of what to listen to sometimes limited.
  • good hardware, software lacking 2/5

    By trebortaco
    speaker sounds good, software difficult to navigate
  • Syncing rooms 1/5

    By suncing rioms
    The speakers work together well then only one will work if they aren’t the same type speakers.
  • Having the same issue as many other folks 1/5

    By cutie smochies
    Way to many issues with music randomly stopping and skipping.
  • Sonos 5/5

    By Cheddabandz
    Sonos is the best. I love it. I want to have as many I can have running all at once. I love how I can multi task
  • Update... update.... update! 1/5

    By beth-1179
    I listen to my sonos every single day. I seems like EVERY TIME I open this App it tells me I need to update. I get that updates are necessary, but what feels like every day is EXCESSIVE. Just do batch updates like normal apps and perhaps some sanity can be restored! I just had to suffer through Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeah because we were in need of an “update”. Now I need to scrub my brain.
  • Please stop the updates!!!!!! 3/5

    By 1-2/3:4;5
    Great platform, love the products however the seemingly weekly updates are completely ridiculous!!! Dial it back to quarterly or at least bi-monthly. I have been Sonos advocate since year one, but this is pushing my patience.
  • Fantastic system 5/5

    By Altbear65
    Love the convenience...lately there have been an over abundance of system updates which have been a bit of a pain, but overall would never go back...
  • So so 3/5

    By Farid B L
    I have 3 Sonos speakers. But not all my Itune songs transfer to the Sonos Library. How can something so simple be a pain to fix??? Went to a store and they gave me a complicated fix that was probably a lot easier to run cables. The sound is great so that is the only reason i keep them!!! For your money and quality cannot be beaten!!
  • Love the sound - but unstable 5/5

    By Comet MACE
    When it works, I love my Play:1s. My house was filled with Xmas music during last year's party. Seamless sound as you walked thru the house. I can listen to my play list upstairs and my wife can listen to hers down. But every now and then, it just doesn't work as planned -- can add tracks to the queue, can't find the system, can't find the music library. Now it there’s a link between Audible and Sonos, it’s even better. Just bought two more Play:1s because of that.
  • It’s ok. 2/5

    By Young tuna bear
    Inconsistent. Playback will stop periodically and sporadically. Random song changes also occur quite frequently when phone is stationary.
  • So complicated! 1/5

    By Alejandropf44
    I start a station from a song, the song restarts. While the station is playing, I select a new song and hit “play next” my song won’t play until I get out of the station. Seriously guys, it’s 2018, why are those stupid problems still exist? The app is still cumbersome and hard to learn to use. Get your s**t together Sonos!
  • What an amazing app! 5/5

    By Hdhdhfjdjdkfbdj
    Dear Sonos People, I wake up every morning, bring my iPad downstairs, and put a song on from Sonos. It makes my morning just a little bit better! It’s so easy to work with! Sincerely, Laney Brummell
  • Love our Sonos! 5/5

    By No kitchen!
    Easy, continuous music we love!
  • Do you love music? 5/5

    By BobK-Glendale,WI
    In order to listen to music everyday without any hassles or procrastination of getting to your music, Sonos is it! My wife is in love with Sonos. Highly recommend!

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