Soompi – K-Pop & K-Drama News

Soompi – K-Pop & K-Drama News

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Soompi – K-Pop & K-Drama News App

Keep up with everything happening in the world of K-pop and K-drama: breaking news, trending releases, quizzes, and exclusive featured articles! You can follow the fan clubs of your favorite artists, and never miss a thing! Do you always feel like you’re a step behind the latest news? Is EXO really making a comeback? Did BTS just tweet an adorable photo? Will BLACKPINK have any more member solos? Is GOT7 coming to a city near you? Don’t worry - we’ve made our app for you, the eternally-out-of-the-loop fan! Download the Soompi app and no matter where you are you can see all of the latest K-pop and K-drama updates at a glance. Sick of being schooled by other fans? It’s your turn to school them. Bam.

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Soompi – K-Pop & K-Drama News app reviews

  • Horrible app 1/5

    By vangelixu
    You banned me on my account for no reason if I could I would give this app zero stars
  • Positive Review 5/5

    By Miami Fl Fan
    Read it online for up to the minute entertainment news daily.
  • No notifications.. 1/5

    By kittiepops
    The app doesn't give me notifications for new articles at all...i have it turned on in my iphones settings, but still's the whole reason I downloaded the app..
  • Love Korean Cultute 5/5

    By Martini2271
    I love hating and reading about all my favorite Korean stars . I live in California but one day hope to get the opportunity to visit Korea it is # 1 on my Bucket List
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Taesgirl💜
    The writers of the articles are amazing and so specific. This gives me my daily dose of the tea and of all the other stuff I should know but don’t😂 only suggestion is notifications when someone comments to your comment. I feel it necessary to respond to certain comments of my comments at times but I have to go back and find them in order to do so. It is a real pain. That’s an update o hope to someday see:)
  • Midwest orthopedic 5/5

    By tool lips
    Chandler police have found that they have been investigating the Whole Wide World
  • Love this app 5/5

    By marcis49
    It’s been really helpful for me for finding new shows and getting to know the actors names too. Thank u
  • Nothing but BTS anymore. 1/5

    By sewchibi
    It used to be a fun way to catch up on k-pop/drama news but it’s literally 75% articles of BTS. they just update articles of other artists but it’s legit, every other article a BTS article. It’s so boring I don’t ever use the app anymore. It’s such a joke.
  • Lacking 3/5

    By bigguy73
    It’s fine for what it is, however, if an actor/actress has a show on a streaming platform other than viki, then you won’t see that show on their credits. So, it’s just incomplete as a news source. And you can’t zoom in on any photos?!?!?
  • fix the app 3/5

    By davidaizo99
    • I can’t even see the words I’m typing in on the search engine
  • Love it🌹❤️ 5/5

    By Mudderbeege
    Just a little opp to stay in touch! 🌹❤️
  • ig 3/5

    By juliayasmeen
    when i first got this app i loved it, but i think now there is a sort of bug. i don’t get any notifications and all the articles are about kdramas there’s hardly any about groups anymore.
  • Melany 5/5

    By Argentina Itáñ
  • Twice 4/5

    By Jessica_sta
  • Fav Korean Dramas Available Only On Viki 5/5

    By lexy2568
    That’s right! Dramas not even featured are available here. Wonderful, just go and Search. An example is “Marriage, Not Dating - not on Netflix but it’s in Viki. I recommend to get Viki Pass Plus too for HD viewing.
  • Ok But Can’t Log In 3/5

    By catsbah
    Recently the Soompi app is not communicating well with the Facebook app. I can’t log into Soompi with Facebook because it opens a browser window which tell me to download the FB app which opens the App Store which opens the FB app which dies nothing. It’s still usable. I get the articles but I can’t like or bookmark anything. It’s just frustrating. Other apps open the FB app to authenticate rather than a browser window
  • Not like the website 2/5

    By TN2203
    Why can’t this be more like the actual website? You’re limited in what show up when you’re doing a search. You can’t even find a show on the forums.
  • Login Trouble 3/5

    By Cardinalnc
    The app won’t let me sign in through Facebook, it keeps telling me that the app is not set up and is still in development mode. Due to this I can’t save or like any articles or see the ones I’ve already saved.
  • Up to date on the Latest Entertainment & Trends! 5/5

    My GO-TO for the details in the first NEWS of the day in ENTERTAINMENT! THERE IS A STORY or a Scoop WITH EVERY PRETTY FACE! 💥
  • Unable to Log In 1/5

    By Exo_l member
    I use Facebook to log in and it doesn’t allow me to anymore. It loads and then says “app not set up: this app is still in development...” Please fix this.
  • New bug 1/5

    By alexisbabii721
    Can’t log in using Facebook anymore so I lost all of my saved stories. Please fix
  • What? 2/5

    By shsjs d
    I really like this app because it updates me on a lot of things I didn’t know before but idk what’s wrong with it. I have to login again every time I go back to the app and because of this I don’t get any notifications from them. Also when I try to change my profile pic it keeps saying try again so I exit the app and go on it again and suddenly the new profile pic is there.
  • Fix bug 3/5

    By Lidia V
    Please for the love god fix the bug that shows 4 notifications that never go away! It’s been like this for months, please fix it.
  • Amazing ! 5/5

    By яσѕιє_qωєєи
    This is literally an amazing app! I get my daily information on all Korean news. personally I don’t really have any serious issues with it so it’s pretty fine for me but, I do hate the fact that it doesn’t alert me for specific articles that I would love to see. For example, I added bts to my fan clubs but, I just don’t get alerts unless I open the app. Yeah so that’s something you guys should take into consideration
  • Need update & modification 5/5

    By Ej305
    iPad app is ugly , needs to adapt to the iPad interface. Both iPad and iPhone apps need dark mode, please update to dark mode feature. If you can apply dark mode on website it has to be done on smart phones and iPads. Also Once signed in with account , app keeps signing me out, please fix this bug I am tired of signing in over and over again. Let us enjoy the app, don’t have us grow tired and delete the app for no solution or if bugs not being fixed
  • Informative and fun 5/5

    By truefeather77
    Fills me in on things I’m very interested in — Asian stars, dramas, and casting — with news I can’t get anywhere else. Also has fun recommendations and themed articles that offer new shows for me to love. Thanks, Soompi!
  • Perfect News App 5/5

    By K-Poper99
    Soompi has everything that a K-Pop lover needs. It has information on Music, K-Dramas, Award shows, and Quizzes. Soompi writers are very good at putting out facts and not gossip which I appreciate greatly. Thank you Soompi!
  • Love 5/5

    By RosalineJoyce
    I love that I can get my music and drama news all in one go!
  • Please read this 5/5

    By kpopnor
    I try to post things but idk how to I really I have stuff stored in mind but idk how to post pls someone show me how to.
  • Favoritisms 1/5

    By BenicetoBTS
    I can tell by some your post your favoring.Be nice to BTS!
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By pau_0906
    I like it,the app is good 🌈✨♥️
  • amazing app but would love it if we were notified of certain things!! 5/5

    By white.sand
    this is an amazing app and i use it every day. i love how there is korean news in english, as well as fun quizzes, fan clubs, exclusives, voting, etc. huge thank you to the soompi team for bringing this app to us!! one thing i feel like the app is lacking though is individualized notifications. for instance, if someone replied my comment that i left on an article, it would be great if i could be notified of that. or, since we have fan clubs, maybe some notifications if articles that have a certain fan club of ours in them? idk maybe these personalized notifications i’ve been talking about are already a thing, but if they aren’t, it would be a great addition to an amazing app.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By KittyKumba
    Soompi really is a good app for kpop fans like me and many others. It gives us updates on things like comebacks and more recently Jimin’s donation to the students in Busan. I really love the app and I’m sure others enjoy it just as much as I do!
  • BTS 5/5

    By Bts,Exo,Blackpink
    I love k-pop
  • Great but... 3/5

    By Stan Stray Kids UWU
    I wish we could turn on post notifications for specific artists!! I really want to get notified for all news about my faves like Stray Kids but the notifications are random and not related to who you follow which is annoying. Please add this feature!!
  • Notifications Bug!! 4/5

    By Ivy541
    The app is great.. but I had been experienced with a bug? Basically, about several months ago, I updated the app, things went normally. Until one day, a notification popped up, well curiously, I clicked to check the new. Then I quit the app, but the red notifications is there.. so I tried to go back to the app to see notifications.. but it doesn’t go away.. I tried to wait for updates to fix this but nothing happens.. it seems like I’m only the only one that experienced this. Please fix! It bugged me so much!! Thank you! And I also tried to uninstall the app but the notifications is still there.

    By kookieluv9
    Omg!This is such a good app!It tells you all the kpop news.Even you could vote for things.Yall should really get this app!
  • Great source for K-entertainment news! 5/5

    By TookACookie
    I love that Soompi keeps me up to date on all the latest in Korea that I wouldn’t see otherwise. Especially love their drama lists and updates I can always bookmark and look up later so I always have something new to watch!
  • It’s ok ☹️☹️☹️☹️ 5/5

    By 😖😔😣😟😖
    I am really disappointed on Soompi it is a great app but like I was trying to vote for my favorite artist but when I try to vote it said I need to download the Soompi app☹️ which is disappointing.
  • Sign in 1/5

    By ddasue56
    When I first downloaded this app it didn’t ask for my personal info. Now I have to login thru Facebook or google AND allow Soompi to access and share my personal info. WHY DID THIS CHANGE. What a joke. DELETED
  • Review 3/5

    By Lety56
    I love this app it helps me to get updated with the current k-pop related news... but the only thing is that in my notifications is appear that I have 8 notifications not open. I opened the app and it doesn’t disappear..
  • Super fun!! 5/5

    By kramamamma
    I love love love Soompi!!! So much fun:)
  • Awards voting tab 1/5

    By yhhhhhhio
    Improve the app please. The awards tab dissapeared and wont let us vote again, only the first time and your promoting “you can vote everyday” fix this app
  • Missing Advertised Functions 2/5

    By amused&frustrated
    Was instructed to use the app to vote for the Soompi awards, but the voting function disappeared from the app, and has not appeared even after re-downloading the app.
  • I don’t write reviews but when I do.... 5/5

    By Tkamikaze78
    This is a great app and a bit bummed I can only vote once per category per 24 hours!
  • Where is the award tab? 1/5

    By Aisha R
    I’m just trying to vote and there’s no award tab on the app. I have the correct version.
  • Where is it? 5/5

    By lil sass sass
    I want to vote for my group for the soompi awards but the place where I am suppose to vote is not on the app. Where is it? What’s happening?
  • No Voting Option 1/5

    By kristenkr1s10
    I got this app to vote for the 14th annual awards, and the little voting tab that’s supposed to be at the bottom of the screen isn’t there. I’ve tried everything and it still won’t let me vote or even enter the voting portal on the app. Very frustrating:/
  • Awards 4/5

    By kimtoih
    I can’t open the freaking award what did you do wrong Soompi?? my version is 2.2.2 but then it kept saying I have to download the app to vote!! Damnn please fix