Sophia - My Little Sis

Sophia - My Little Sis

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  • Current Version: 1.6.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Crazy Labs
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sophia - My Little Sis App

Your new little sis is here! Take care of her, just like her big sister Emma would! Feed her, bathe her, dress her up & more! It’s up to you to be the best big sis and help Sophia grow up to be a beautiful little girl! How will YOU take care of Sophia? * Adopt Sophia - Emma's little sis! * Feed and take care of Sophia! * Help Sophia grow up and become a big girl! * Play tons of minigames and collect coins! * Dress up and style Sophia! * Try out new outfits, shoes & accessories! * Bathe and clean Sophia! * Plant a beautiful garden! * Exercise with Sophia -jump on the trampoline, enjoy a step aerobic workout & more! * Pamper Sophia like a princess at the all new spa! * Style Sophia’s hair at the salon! * Tuck Sophia into bed! * Earn parenting awards as you care for Sophia! ABOUT US Crazy Labs is a casual games brand, under which TabTale develops and publishes fun and addictive games. Crazy Labs partners with independent development studios across the globe to create engaging mobile content for audiences of all ages. Visit us: Like us: Follow us:@CrazyLabsGames Watch us: CONTACT US Let us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us 24/7 at: [email protected] PRIVACY: This app may include advertising for TabTale and certain third parties which will redirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites. TabTale Ltd. is committed to protect the privacy of its apps users. This app may enable collection of data by TabTale or select third party providers (e.g. advertising networks and web analytics) for lawful purposes (e.g. respond to support queries, maintain, analyze, provide and improve the app’s functionalities and performance, personalize and enhance user experience including targeted advertising). This app may contain links that permit users to connect to social networks for lawful purposes and as such allow communication with others while playing, and the option to accept push notifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. app updates). This app may include an age-gate to prevent access to certain features for protection of children (e.g. restrict behavioral advertising or information sharing by children). By downloading or using this app you accept TabTale’s Privacy Policy at: and permit such uses for users of your device. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy. We note that referred third parties are bound and subject to their own privacy policies.


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Sophia - My Little Sis app reviews

  • Addictive 3/5

    By Rella batman
    This game is SO fun, but extremely addictive! I love playing it! I definitely recommending this to people on long car rides. 😉
  • Game update 3/5

    By hbzhjrisjgzhjwyhzhtagvvshd
    The game is cool and all but when you get to level 10 she has no hair and I think you should fix tech that’s a little bit weird and when she eats she gets food all over her face when she takes a bath doesn’t get off
  • Poop 5/5

    By Trinity...J
    This is a great game and it shows little people how they grow up kinda
  • Needs a lot of fixing so fix it pls on one little update please 2/5

    By olivia785589
    Ok for one to meany ads number two you make us spend too much money on little things like a tooth brush is 60 coins its not easy too get coins for three you can’t wash her or brush her teeth so her teeth look like horse teeth and she doesn’t stop peeing her pants till she 6 not normal she always wears dippers not normal she never gets too see her mom or her sister and u should make it were u level up faster and u should put a school a hospital a bakery and the game is good and all but at lest fix this stuff ok I’m saying this for everyone ok everyone said this ok
  • Cool 1/5

    By 2828g
    Good game
  • Sophia is awesome 5/5

    By kaylee ann kirk
    I rate this app 5 stars for the new out fits and I would rate this like 4 stars, due to the fact that they waste your coins, Dutch then I just found out that the app lets you play other games thats not really what it is about! that’s the main reason I have to rate this a 5 star !!!!!!!!!!
  • Help!! 3/5

    By Em P Gamer
    I like this game but how do you get the food off her face after she eats!!!! This is short so it can’t kill you to respond to this!!!!
  • Bad 1/5

    By qulishua
    This is a bad game ads pop up instantly you buy stuff and it cost money later in my opinion I would not download the app it take 23 minuets for Sophia to sleep 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽🙁☹️😣😖😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😠
  • This game is awesome! 5/5

    By poejghvi egb8 s= u gj
    This game teaches people how to take care of their kids in a fun way!
  • Awesome Game! 5/5

    By AC puppet
    I love this game with all my heart. It keeps me busy and I love playing it every day and leveling up to see my Sophia get bigger!
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By ocjhicks
    It’s the best but I think I can name some things that are needed so I’ll say like 10 things I can name
  • It’s good 5/5

    By Whompa Doo
    This game is fun and good it is don but when you play games to earn coins it does not get you enough hearts
  • Amazing 😁😊 5/5

    By Lea the cat
    This app is 👌 perfect! I love ❤️ it. We should have more apps like this!!!!! The only problem is the adds, they keep popping up?!😕 If you can change that the the app would be out of this world 🌎 I also think 💭 that you should make her move into a child 👶 more quickly and you should put a sister in the thing to!!!!!😍 Maybe you should see the mom and dad???!
  • Amazing game! 5/5

    By SophieBell10
    I love this game but I want some more free stuff. This game gets 5 starts😊😊😊
  • Needs some work 3/5

    By melinagammm
    It’s cool and fun but it is like slow and has a lot of ads ads bother me a lot. But it takes a lot of work for her to grow. This just a short message.
  • Love the game 5/5

    By Yeet Master 2.0
    Wonderful game! It’s like My Emma but better! One suggestion though, will you make it where when you unlock stuff you can use it without buying it? Thanks.
  • IMPORTANT!! 4/5

    By Lizzzzzzzzzzzzzy-_😘😘😘
    Thus game is so fun! There are a lot of adds that pop up however it is so worth it! Who needs kids when you have this game?🤣🤣🤣
  • Love it!But... 5/5

    By noni920
    It’s a amazing app but can you add a school and add tests and friends and add a activity spot in the house and something else can you guys please lower the prize of the items please.But I still love the app!
  • Sophia 5/5

    By QueenJ🤩😍👸👑👈🏽
    This game is great I think everyone should play it is good for kids. 🤩
  • Love it 5/5

    By rose🌸💐
    I just downloaded it I love it so much it is awesome you should get it🤘🏼👍
  • ☀️ 5/5

    By Squid_55
    This game is fun. I bought a highlight for her hair. Is there a way I can remove it?
  • It’s good but to many adds 4/5

    By RogerJoyner
    I love this game I think it’s really cute and but, I think it has to many adds but other than that, it’s great!
  • LOVE IT!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By MyEmmaFan
    Omg!! Thank you for making this game! I just got it a few days ago and I haven’t gotten enough time to play it! Until today!! Thank you so much for making this game!! Maybe you can make a 2 part of this game? Where Sophia is a mother and help her during her pregnancy? That would mean a lot to me! Anyways keep up the good work!
  • Love it but I have some suggestions 4/5

    By Lauren cryer
    There are way to many adds and they should add a school and a work or office they should also have a pool and have more levels.But in my good side I love it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By kk kittyqueen
    Yayyay my little sister loves it me tooo
  • Ads + dog name+hair 4/5

    By girl genius 05
    I agree and love this game but too many ads and you should be able to name the should also be able to cut and style her hair the way u want to
  • Need more 5/5

    By gg 12_[we]
    I think we need a school
  • One problem 4/5

    By WVthespian
    It’s fun to play but it’s gross because you have to change her diaper and you see #1. It makes me feel bad.🤢 So I like the game but change that. Thanks for reading!
  • Just Terrible 1/5

    By GamingQueen114
    I barely gone through this game and I can mostly see ads and lag. I went to the hair salon to get her a new hair style. Then I went to level 4. I went to the place where the dog was but the clothes that I gave her was covered by the thing you put on her when you go to the hair salon!? ( sorry I don't know what it's called!!) Yeah yeah it's a minor mistake but to top that off all the good hair you either need to be on a higher level or you need to watch an ad. I am bored by the ads they are SOOOOOOOOO annoying! No one likes ads!!! Most games have ads but there are not that much! All of the crazy labs games are fun to play but I can never really play them because all I can see is ads!!!! FIX YOUR AD ISSUE PEOPLE?!? I am tired of seeing ads they're so annoying?! If I wanted to see ads I would've went on YouTube or watch tv. But I wanted to play a game!!!!! I am done with playing crazy lab brand games!!!! I have had it!!!!!
  • I love this game ❤️💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍 5/5

    By LenEboy
    OMG I’m in love with this game it’s so awesome I’m so going to play this game forever and ever and ever and…you get the point 😁😁✌️👍🏻
  • BORING APP 😡 1/5

    By Rach0916
    Don't get this app it is so so boring all you do is tap tap tap it is boring I was so so disappointed in this app I thought it would be so fun but it is not don't get the app
  • Great love enjoy 5/5

    By Truki12
    It’s really fun and I enjoy and I found out that to wipe the girl in the kitchen there is paper towel in the background so just rip a piece and it will clean her up
  • Poooooooo boooo 5/5

    By DatBitch1
    Stoop bich
  • WOW I LOVE IT 5/5

    By jacksepticeye says
    This game is the best app I ever played!!!!everyone rate 5 stars
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ddfghhhj
    I think this game is really FUN 🙂. But the other people have a point . It needs less adds. Thanks for understanding
  • Awesome 5/5

    By im awesom
    I just downloaded this yesterday and I love it i'm already on level six
  • Love it 😍 5/5

    By rainbow🦄🦄🦄🦄
    I have played this game for a half an hour because I love it

    By EmiliaZaWolf
  • Really swell 5/5

    By deleypo
    I love this app it is so good great and amazing
  • My little sis Sophia 5/5

    By nisselly
    This game is great
  • The kid's too high maintenance. 2/5

    By Andreamedis
    Her needs come way too fast, and when I try to help her, I get another ad shoved down my throat. Deleted.
  • ☹️ 1/5

    By lauren beer
  • Good app but my opinion 5/5

    By my opions
    I think THIS IS A REALLY FUN GAME the graphics are amazing and when she eats she gets stuff on her face and you can never get it off so it looks like she is ill
  • Sophia 4/5

    By 💋💋🧚🏻‍♀️🧞‍♀️
    I like “Sophia my little sis” but how do you get the food off her face?
  • Dgd 5/5

    By Jaylin lover
    A good game 😍😍😍😂😍
  • Good game! 5/5

    By youtbxefhmk
    It’s a really fun and addicting game! All should really get it! I love this app! Thank you! It’s way better than the coco games!
  • My Lilly 5/5

    By Kae_Vill
    I love the game
  • LOTS of ads 3/5

    By Me2848183849293
    Wouldn’t be too bad a game if you weren’t forced to sit through two ads every time you moved from one area of the game to another
  • It’s good 👌🏼👍🏼 4/5

    By Gfjfbvjng
    It’s pretty good but like I’m 9 and I have this app but I don’t want to let my friends see I have a game about taking care of a baby. So could u just change the cover of the app so people don’t think I’m a baby... please
  • Needs some tweaking 4/5

    By UnicornWizrdkitty12399😻😻😺
    This app is cool and all, but I’d like to make some suggestions: firstly, when she eats she gets food all over her face and when she takes a bath, it doesn’t wash off. Or when I brush her teeth the food doesn’t wash off either so she always has gross green stuff all over her face. Also, notifications say she sick, but I don’t know where the doctor is. And you have to play SOOO many games to fill up the bar and it’s stupid. Another thing that’s stupid is she stops peeing her pants when she’s 6 so that’s not normal. Lastly, everything is just so expensive. Like why do you buy a new toothbrush every time you brush her teeth?? Or a new bar of soap or whatever every time you give hr a bath? Its dumb. So I hope you fix the app.

Sophia - My Little Sis app comments


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