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  • Current Version: 1.8.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SoundCloud Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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SoundCloud Pulse App

SoundCloud Pulse lets you manage your account, check your stats and reply to comments, whether you're in the studio, on the tour bus, or just away from your desktop. Key Features - Reply to comments on your tracks, on the go - Get up-to-date stats on the performance of your tracks - Edit your track details and toggle privacy settings on mobile - Share the sounds you’ve uploaded, both publicly and privately - Follow other users You’ll need a SoundCloud account to access SoundCloud Pulse. Don’t have one yet? Download the SoundCloud app ( COMMUNITY Want to learn more about SoundCloud’s community of creators? Find us at our blog and on social media. - SoundCloud Blog: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Tumblr: - Instagram: PROBLEMS? FEEDBACK? The more you tell us, the better SoundCloud gets. - - PERMISSIONS Your privacy is really important to us. We only ask for the permissions we need for the app to be at its best.

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    ive been makin music and posting it exclusively for some time now but i wud like the feature to be able to change the cover art of a song through your phone on the pulse app cuz theres times where i make the art on my phone using pics art or r4ve and cant get access to a laptop and that feature to change the cover art would be sooo dope and easy to make last second changes i hope this could be possible but i love this either way
  • Mehhh 3/5

    By C/Dubb
    This app would be much better with more development and the ability to read your messages sent to your DM.
  • iOS App doesn’t allow Facebook login error 1/5

    By TaikwonTheDon
    See subject
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kbizzy210
    Love that you can see who specifically has listened to your tracks!
  • Being able to upload from Soundcloud pulse. 4/5

    By Valitize
    This is all I want 😕
  • Broken! 2/5

    By -Maroo
    Soundcloud has been such a good platform to grow not only as an artist but also as a person who loves music and discovering new music. The app had been so good to me until my stats showed I was getting 0 likes in the last 7 days. That was not true it showed in the notifications that people were liking my music but it showed on the chart as 0 likes. Also my notifications don’t work on desktop version.
  • ЗАЧЕМ ЭТО? 1/5

    By Rolland474
    Зачем вы выпустили дополнительное приложение, в котором по прежнему нельзя загружать треки? Это просто шок для меня )))
  • The Functions are good 2/5

    By Lenny Carlucci
    But you REALLY need to integrate this suite of functionality into the actual Soundcloud app. Someone should be telling you that having two apps for this is unacceptable. Ex) I see a comment/reply to a comment but cannot navigate back to the track? Perhaps my app permissions are not set properly? Without having an integrated experience, this app feels useless despite being the only place on mobile to see all of this valuable and interesting information.
  • Unable to check messages from any of the sun will have corn mobile device 1/5

    By just_marsh
  • Helpful 5/5

    By The.one23
    I just use it to check stats on my uploads, and it works well for that.
  • Great family fun! 5/5

    By Music is life...
    I let my kids play on my phone when I am working, I have plenty of games installed but they always seem to love this one the most! Every time my second oldest Henry gets home after school he comes running up stairs yelling “Mommy! Let me play SoundCloud Pulse!!” It’s so cute, I have yet to play the game myself but my kids enjoy it so much it must not be lacking.
  • Facebook login doesn't work 1/5

    By Happy and Married
    I can't even get in. There is an error message when you try to use the Facebook login widget.
  • Great but a bit bright 4/5

    By jt Kulak
    I love this app and it works very smoothly. I can see all my stats clearly and that is fine. However i noticed the SoundCloud app recently joined the dark side and I was really hoping Pulse would join it. However, I was mistaken. If you could bring dark mode to the app it would get five stars. Again, love the app, but I also like my screen darker.
  • What’s the glitch 1/5

    By spacieeegraciee
    The app hasn’t been working for me for the past month or so.
  • Honest Five Stars 5/5

    By Anonymous 3126
    As a creator who started this year, pulse is so easy to comprehend and understand. It has a simplistic view and such easy analytics to understand. I feel like it could be improved by somehow having a way to publish tracks on mobile. Nevertheless, it is a great app and if you are a creator you should definitely install this.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Washburnhero
    If I could give no stars I would.
  • The app not working as of 2020 1/5

    By Yung Shady
    The app keeps crashing before it can load
  • Trash 1/5

    By YovngDaggerDick
    i was logged in on my soundcloud pulse thru gmail i logged out and tried to login with my gmail it said theres no account linked to this email😐
  • I like this app but its lacking a bit 3/5

    By TaraBach
    I love having access to stats, but I wish it were a bit more interactive. It would also be a huge plus to access soundcloud messages on this mobile app instead of solely desktop. Otherwise, thankful for this app. Its helpful and easy.
  • cool 5/5

    By _JXYLN_
    however there should be a dark mode option

    By eroc275
    This is an app for creators to show you when you get comments like and followers on soundcloud but the app doesn’t even have a notifications option. Doesn’t make any sense 🧃😡
  • I can’t login Facebook 2/5

    By dont worry foo
    (This is going to be short) So I made my soundcloud account for years now (not that long) and I used Facebook and I got this cause I want to add music and when I try to login Facebook it says error and I can click it as long as I want and it won’t let me login and I would like you guys to fix it. Thank you.
  • I can’t post music 1/5

    By im someone not no one
    I want to post my music from my iPod but you have to post it from a computer which I DONT HAVE A COMPUTER!!!
  • Issue 2/5

    By Arw101915122
    It says i can not login with Facebook.
  • Please fix this problem 1/5

    By Helena Reckless
    I’m an artist and I’m trying to sign in through my phone, considering i don’t have a working computer currently. It won’t allow anyone to sign in with their Facebook and that’s the only way I can log into my account
  • It’s does what you can’t do on the mobile SoundCloud 4/5

    By tr3y2890
    I mean I like that I can change the photos of my songs I post and information! It would be super cool if you could search other artist through this though.
  • Need help 5/5

    By 💯FireKing💯
    I’m a music creator and I don’t know how to upload my songs on SoundCloud. Who knows how to?

    By OGBenjiBenzo96
    Please fix this as I’ve been using this app to see notifications on my uploads. Otherwise it works wonders!
  • Missed the point. 2/5

    By Not hoot at all
    This is a good start but SoundCloud didn’t offer much ok this app. You can see some stats but not much more.
  • Ok... but give me DM’s!! 3/5

    By Auntie Bucky
    It’s alright, not too different from regular SoundCloud in my opinion. But both apps lack one key thing- I cant view direct messages from people! And since they won’t let you go on the website on your phone it’s even more inconvenient. Please make this a feature in a future update.
  • Needs Messaging 3/5

    By Rachey362929
    It’s ok. Replying to comments is alright, but being able to reply to messages would be much more useful.
  • AWFUL!!!! 1/5

    By angrysoundcIoudrapper
    I posted a song and was happy to see that my plays were over 300 after 6 days. This morning I woke up to my plays down to 200 and no likes or reposts. I know for a fact that my likes were not bots because I know a lot of the people in real life! What is going on SoundCloud ??
  • chrtisan 5/5

    By chrtisan
  • Still has a ways to go 3/5

    By subbyroots
    Like others have mentioned, the concept is great but in reality it’s been lacking. For years now. I have been a user/creator since 2012. SoundCloud seems to be putting more resources into making the advertisement experience more robust and less into the creators’ corner. One of the major features that is STILL missing is you still can’t view or reply messages from either app, you need to log on to a computer for that. I can’t mention how many times I’ve missed that feature and how many times I’ve read the same generic response from SoundCloud on forums regarding that missing feature over the years. You have 2 separate apps, I get it, but put a little more focus back into the creators side of things and I think a lot more people will be happy.
  • Doesn’t Show Important Stats 2/5

    By Zarb Ebner
    Even as a paying Pro Unlimited user, having uploaded over 400 songs (DESKPOP), I can’t even edit my albums/EPs/playlists from this, which can be extremely crucial on launch day for a release with more than 1 song. I ask for that, and the ability to filter notifications by type (specifically to see all recent comments (plus maybe the ability to reply to them)). I’m glad I can edit song descriptions, but I wish people listening on mobile had the ability read them...
  • There’s a very BIG problem... 1/5

    By Madigan dubstep
    I got this over 2 years ago and it’s been going good, until recently. I have had so many issues where it would sign out and when I sign back in through google (only way I can) it keeps crashing, and crashing, and crashing. Please fix!
  • The real question 1/5

    By wuxifer
    Can we post our music mobile instead of using the freaking computer like quit playing around it it’s a lot of people out here that want to manage more then play n fans it’s more to it
  • I like it buuuuuut.... 3/5

    By PissedNeverWished
    As with the others-no photo changes...? Or photo at all? A bit weak on this end. Completely agree with one person about needing ability to message people. I mean—it is an app—on a phone—with music to share/listen to/review/—so like social media in a way, no? Let me be able to tell another artist to keep it coming; or allow a fan to ask the track on a mix. Perhaps someone’s trying to book me-mane!!! Also it’s just good PR to be able to speak with your fellow creators and or followers. As for the profile info-sorry that bugs me. Actually so much so it got me to write this...(!) I write maybe one review for an app a year if that hahaha. Else, FR FR I dig it.
  • Need to be able to upload from App 3/5

    By djnobody
    I make my music on my phone (most of the time) since I am a ghostwriter for EDM/house/etc. I don’t mix down or master my tracks. Having to get on a desktop every time I need to upload is a hassle. Will recommend once this is a feature.
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By Johnny Galaxies
    It says I have three likes when I have around twenty something. Same thing with the listens I have nearly 5OO and it says I have 358. It worked for two days and was very useful. I would appreciate if you could fix that. I’m losing views and likes on some days too?? Like I had 13 and it dropped to 5 when I checked my account I still had 2O something. :(
  • The Facebook Login 3/5

    By cherrypineapplesoda1
    Greetings developers! I really hope you see this and take this in mind. I am a Soundcloud user that had signed up using a facebook account and I am trying to get in using the facebook link. But there is a small problem; it wont let me. When i clicked this app open facebook the facebook link says that this app doesn't support it. Now i have an account using facebook as i said, so this would usually work. But there is something wrong. Please take this in mind! Thank you!
  • Nope 1/5

    By xenndarkwolfyt
    Not useful At All This is depressing to me cause I want to post my songs on the internet. 😢
  • Dark mode please 4/5

    By bbfire55
    I often find myself on my phone at night checking up on my plays. If the app developers would add a dark mode, I’m sure that would help me greatly and many others as well. Thank you :)6
  • Here's a suggestion: 3/5

    By jxn / JBoozer
    The app is pretty well laid out for when I need to catch up on stats and replies. My only concern is that it never asked me for turning notifications on, let's say, for if someone replied to you or your weekly update on stats overall. That would make this app so much more enjoyable and helpful. Without it, it just doesn't seem like what it should be.
  • Not good for iPad 1/5

    By makenzkat
    I’m an iPad creator, and it’s so much better to use this website on my chrome browser; the app appears on my iPad as though it’s an iPhone screen, so there’s no point in me using it. The website works well on my browser though, so no complaints about SoundCloud as a whole, just this app.
  • Cool 5/5

    By acbreeze09
    Can you make one for iPad
  • BoofMan22 1/5

    By @1vante
    So all of a sudden it doesn’t let me sign in to my account. It just keep putting me at the sign in screen. 🥴 And you cant really update anything like pictures . You can’t upload tracks . You can only change the name on a song. Can some one help me out with the sign in . What do I do
  • Would be good if it had messages 2/5

    By Tbone the Dj
    I just don’t understand why they can’t add the ability to respond to your messages from other musicians/listeners like you can on computer :(
  • Editing Profile 2/5

    By Almighty ViBe
    You Should be able to edit your profile just like the desktop version it’s starting to get annoying please fix it

SoundCloud Pulse app comments

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