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  • Current Version: 3.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Spotify
  • Compatibility: Android
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Soundtrap Studio App

Soundtrap is an online, collaborative music and podcast recording studio. Make music with hundreds of software instruments and thousands of high-quality loops, or record podcasts easily. Collaborate remotely with anyone, in real-time, using the chat in the studio. Work on your projects wherever you are on almost any device, everything is stored in the cloud so that you can start a project on your phone and continue on a computer. Soundtrap - your everywhere studio by Spotify. Soundtrap Features • Record music and podcasts together online • Invite friends to collaborate remotely on your recordings using the chat in the studio • Create music with thousands of high-quality, professionally recorded loops in a variety of genres • Record vocals and play the built-in sampled instruments (piano, organ, synths, drums and more) • Real-time monitoring - apply effects to your voice as you record • Use a large number of high-quality and professional effects • Subscribe to edit your vocals with Antares Auto-Tune® • Save all your recordings in the cloud for easy access from all devices • Download and share your recordings via email, Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud Visit our website for more features, like the Interactive Transcript for podcast editing or to use Automation for your recordings. Try the Premium and Supreme features in our 1-month free trial! *Soundtrap studio works on all iOS devices except from iPhone 4S, iPad 2, New iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th gen).

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Soundtrap Studio app reviews

  • Only useful for loops 4/5

    By ioncghncssjjrhfjsbdjdjchdhdjx
    The loops are good, but if you want to make your own original song, have fun suffering. Even on PC, just using the instruments is hard for timing, because this app doesn’t have a grid system or anything at all to make your music sound good without using loops.
  • Buggy and lack support 2/5

    By ithomason
    This app has poor user support on the back end. Very disappointed.
  • No sound 1/5

    By juice991137
    I’ve tried everything and the app is not outputting any sound at all, was kind of excited to get a subscription but… I think that blew it for me
  • Bug 3/5

    By wgdgetshr
    I like this app but I can only use on my computer because for some reason I do not know how to drag a sound so all I do is press the plus button and I can’t move it around can you please fix this or make a tutorial on the app thank you
  • Love the PC Version 2/5

    By Speczzzz
    I’ve made plenty of music using this system on my PC. The functionality on a mobile device is not great. Things sound good and you have all your options available (including premium like myself, you can use your account on both versions of course!) However when adding new instruments (seem to be a problem when you add more than 3 loops/tracks to a song) you can’t move that loop around. I had to close the app and go back in to gain the ability just to move the loops around. The pinpoint accuracy of touch screen with how small columns are, are way too sensitive. I’d try to move a loop to start at the 12 second mark instead of 9 and it would drag down to the other columns erasing progress on any other instruments and loops being used. Maybe I just need a giant tablet of a phone but on a smaller mobile device, this was infuriating to use.
  • Tired of music stopping 3/5

    By jace hpton
    If you use this on your phone you probably use Soundtrap on your pc and having them go with each other is very nice but on the Home Screen when you want to listen to one of your track it will stop 30 seconds before the end of the song every time on pc or phone and it is very annoying. I like Soundtrap but it still needs a good amount of work
  • A delightfully decent app 4/5

    By XIII Nova
    I was put onto this app/site back in 2020 when I started making music. I’ve just enjoyed making beats and recording on it, it’s simple and with some minor tweaks and edits available on the Music Makers upgrade along with a decent mic, I’ve got people asking what studio I record at. My only suggestion is something like audacity’s noise reduction feature be added. No complaints. 9/10.
  • I want to love it 2/5

    By JadedJudas
    I want to love it, but am frustrated beyond belief with the subscription. I upgraded to supreme, but it keeps asking me to upgrade in order to add certain things to my project. Fix it please.
  • Can’t even signup because of Capcha! 1/5

    By groove_guru
    Wow, so can’t signup, 2 issues: 1. Doesn’t support Spotify existing login but supports other non-Spotify accounts??!!! 2. Capcha doesn’t work, ok so I’m a bit near-sighted but at least offer Capcha refresh!
  • App not working 1/5

    By Constance108
    I keep having random issues with this. I use a iPhone 13. It at first was saying there wasn’t enough memory to add more than a minutes worth of tracks to make a song… then when I tried to add vocals over it it muted the whole song and you could barely hear it. So I took the vocals off.. now I just reopened it and played back my song, which I had kept the vocals off so I could just keep working on the tracks but now it won’t play at all. And I really enjoyed what I was making. Really strange and disappointing.
  • Pretty bad, could use improvement. 2/5

    By treiboys8 (my roblox username)
    I’m scrolling through tracks and I can barely use anything! It’s all premium, premium, premium! Please make less stuff premium.
  • Can’t move things and it is so annoying. 2/5

    By mrpickles1119
    When I try to move the notes on iPad, it doesn’t work. Now it is stuck at the start. And making it Larger and smaller is so slow and difficult. The scroll bar in the loop library is also hard because there is only one place where you can scroll and it is hard to find. It is so much better on the computer. I just use this to listen to my pc music. Fix these things and I play!
  • This don’t work 1/5

    I have this app on my computer and it works perfectly it’s amazing and everything. But when I tried it on my phone the music didn’t work at all, nothing worked. It doesn’t really make sense.
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By kidnamej
    If you had previous work on your Soundtrap and you sign up for the free trial it will not save your previous work.
  • Messy 2/5

    By LaPeti1967
    It’s such a hassle importing vocals and audios due to it not being mp3 etc.
  • Great, but… 4/5

    By Honsos
    You guys don’t have any Celtic/Irish loops… like, at all, and there’s a TON of instruments missing like the banjo, accordion, fiddle, bagpipes, bodhráns and other war/tribal drums, clean harps, clean flutes, and more. I’ve made a lot of songs with Soundtrap which is awesome. 5 stars, but I had to take a star away seeing as you’re missing an ENTIRE genre of music. Please try to add Celtic loops when you can. Than you 🙏
  • This app is not smooth 1/5

    By Kalub Steinbronn
    I try to make a track longer but it pulls the side bar out this also happens when I try to move the track and to hear the tracks it self is super slow took 30s to hear my track cause it would load
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By noknownuser
    It downloads onto my phone (iPhone 12) but it when I go to open it it just shows a bunch of random letters and numbers in rows and stuff. Weird🙄
  • Theres a bug all of a sudden… 5/5

    By nick nick nick nickolodeon
    Soundtrap is a pretty good music making thing, i use it for the cartoons i make. A lot of things involved in making the music involves screen recording, turning that video into an mp3, then importing it into soundtrap, but suddenly the ability to import mp3 files to soundtrap just dosent work anymore. I dont hate soundtrap, its pretty great, but this new bug just cant really allow me to make music anymore, so that has to get fix as soon as possible
  • Cancelled but still trying to charge my card 1/5

    By JOwens0820
    I cancelled this app months ago yet my credit card is still being charged for services that I have not used.
  • Can’t use content 1/5

    By astronautntheocean
    Subscribed to monthly with month free trial and every time I try to add a sound it says go to pricing. Like it did before I subscribed.
  • Good system, bad app 1/5

    By AvoAura
    For a couple years now I’ve been using Soundtrap and it’s both easy and convenient for making music, with tons of amazing loops to kickstart a project and good instruments. I have made lots of music over time, and I was hoping to be able to listen to the music I’ve made on my phone, and the app is absolutely horrible. There’s no way to sort/search through your songs, and when you have hundreds of projects, lots of which are unfinished, it gets incredibly annoying when you want to find a certain song or project. And when you want to use it for what they’re constantly shoving in your face, making music, everything is small, cramped and impossible to edit. You really just can’t do anything on this app. All in all, I’d recommend the website, but absolutely not the app. It’s horrible and absolutely needs a change.
  • Create a new tab! 3/5

    By a.griott
    PLEASE stop recommending loops that you need premium or supreme for. If you’re going to recommend them then please create a new tab. It’s extremely annoying having to scroll through and try to find something that I don’t need a premium or supreme subscription for.
  • Mobile version needs fixing 4/5

    By Franco Aparicio
    The app is incredibly good and easy to figure out unlike some other apps I normally use it on PC but sometimes I go out and I make some beats on my phone, but when I wanna expand the tracks it’s really hard or there is a delay, but that’s my only problem other than that this app is incredible good
  • From my experience, very low quality. 1/5

    By •__________|__________•
    I bought the premium subscription for more tracks. I’d click on a sound that was under premium and it takes me to the “upgrade plan” page. I refreshed the app multiple times and it did the same thing. It is also very buggy in the pop up menus.
  • I can’t drag the sounds anymore 3/5

    By VernalPanther
    When I first downloaded the app, it was wonderful, but now when I try to drag the sounds, it just brings out the little side bar.
  • RAM management and lag 2/5

    By KennyyyyGeee
    Whenever there’s more than 3 or 4 tracks being used the app constantly lags or freezes and when you try to do something it always states that there’s not enough memory to be used to function. It’s annoying especially when other apps handle their memory flawlessly while doing more tasks. This had potential to be something good only to waste it on ads in Spotify.
  • its good 4/5

    By Meri_Badger
    use desktop pc to merge tracks if you really push it hard and the app or mobile site crashes too much to make changes...
  • Why :( 1/5

    By DizzyGamez Minecraft
    Hey, I want to become a artist but I don’t have enough money for a computer for myself. When I saw the mobile version of Soundtrap I jumped on it…Until I realized it was kinda garbage- When I swipe it goes to too many things and it won’t let me do what I need it to do most of the time, for example; Extending the track swipes open some other thing and gets the editing area kinda crowded. The loops on this app are great tho, it would be nice if I could actually do stuff with them. I would NOT recommend this for Mobile but on a computer I absolutely do! I hope the issues for mobile will be worked out soon as well. That or I’m doing something wrong and if that’s the case then I really want someone to explain stuff to me lol
  • Keeps zooming in when I pick a loop 2/5

    By a nickname that is not taken !
    Every time I type in a sound tht I need it zooms a little then zooms to max how can I solve this problem
  • The app 1/5

    By jikbumi
    I always love this app and make music but this lately the app has been glitching and it’s hard to move the beats around and then just now when I go into the app is using all the in I always love this app and make music but this lately the app has been glitching and it’s hard to move the beats around and then just now when I go into the app is zooms in all the way in to where you can’t even see anything and it doesn’t unzoom
  • Fix it 1/5

    By Chu Papi Munyano
    Every time we change the tempo or loon for a loop it zoom in and stay zoomed in
  • So sad 2/5

    By bbj bccdb
    It was good the first couple of months or so it was fun and easy then It started not working like I could make beats but I couldn’t hear it and even if I did other accounts it wouldn’t work☹️
  • Buggy Since Last Update (3.1.4) 2/5

    By JosephM1220
    The biggest problem with the app currently is ever since the last update is I STILL can’t scroll across my time line without the instrument tab pulling out. It’s impossible to scroll to the left after you’ve scrolled to the right. And there’s only one tiny spot on your screen that allows you to scroll sideways properly and it’s very hard to find that sweet spot on my screen. Another thing is on the mobile app, you can’t edit MIDI notes that I am aware of. I could be wrong, but I have yet too find out how if you can. It’s not a bad app on the computer but, with the mobile app’s current state, it’s basically unusable. Don’t download the app.
  • It’s a great app for making music 3/5

    By Ricky Goldiez
    The thing is it’s hard to use because the app won’t let me edit the song I’m making, that’s the problem with the app
  • The only other version of this app that doesnt have this feature 3/5

    By fjxkfkfks
    Almost every other version (computer,ipad)has the ability to import files except for iphone and possibly android ,which is frustrating as i wanted to use sound trap on my phone when i do not have my computer with me
  • App is awful 1/5

    By Teaguey23
    Log in error. Changed my password and went to log in again, and was given an error message. Can’t play music on mobile from the desktop version either.
  • Game Changer 5/5

    By J3di0n3
    Soundtrap took every idea I’ve ever had for the perfect DAW and put it into their platform. I’ve never been more inspired. Kanye, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Jazzy Phe, Boy 1-Da, …. I’m coming for you!
  • Drum 5/5

  • Bruh 1/5

    By angry kabia
    No sound for mobile lol so Garbo
  • No Sound 1/5

    By Anthony Tee
    downloaded the app to use it on the go since it syncs with the desktop version, but i have literally no sound what so ever even when i use headphones, still no sound.
  • Puke 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 1/5

    By vvoffsiunbfrhiln frohu. hfunfo
    I don’t understand anything here and it’s kind of unfair if you don’t have VIP or at least premium because I want to use a-lot more instruments but I can’t afford to get the premium or supreme. Worst app ever. SoundTrap more like SoundPass. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
  • Having trouble merging tracks 3/5

    By ghœstfce34
    I can’t select tracks to merge please fix

    By hehe001001
    I haven't been able to use the app since it is not letting me log into it. I have checked my accounts and was able to log in online.
  • External Mic Problem! 3/5

    By HolyItsTruncus
    So I have the M-Audio Air 192/4 audio interface and I have an xlr mic with the apple camera adapter 3.0. But it won’t let me use my eternal mic on the 8th gen iPad. It’s really frustrating. It works on my computer within my web browser but not on the Soundtrap iPad app? Please fix! I’ll review again after it’s been fixed! Thank you.
  • So much potential, but this one flaw makes it terrible. 1/5

    By sage448
    This app had so much potential. Since the side bar is on the left and there is no option to lock it, anytime you swipe to shorten an audio or sound, the task bar comes out!!! Huge issue x_x Makes it nearly impossible to use.
  • NOT Private 1/5

    By lit stuff bro
    Main point: JUST BUY LOGIC PRO I had mixed a few beats together and I was actually putting some serious time into it. Mistake number 1!!! I came back to work on the same mix and it was gone. I could be wrong but they probably stealing good ideas. I’m not trying to say I had a banger but why else would it be missing? (I had saved it multiple times)
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By Kaogani
    i’ve used this app for 3 years, both on desktop and iphone. While my experience has been great for the most part, I’ve tried time and time again to cancel my paid plan and I just can’t. The app works half the time on phone but was extremely reliable on desktop. Simple to learn, not bad, but not perfect. This is good to learn on when you’re new to music!
  • Fix layout bugs 1/5

    By mikeal39
    Fix the bugs with layout on mobile not being able to click tools button unless turning device on side and lagging out of studio/app.