Space Frontier 2

Space Frontier 2

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  • Current Version: 1.4.1
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  • Developer: Ketchapp
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Space Frontier 2 App

Space adventure awaits! And this time, humanity has no limits! Space Frontier 2 is the sequel to the insanely popular Space Frontier, a game that rose to the stratosphere with 25+ Million downloads. We listened to your feedback and came up with something beyond imaginable! You now get: ◉ 50 Solar Systems to conquer! ◉ Hundreds of planets to colonize! ◉ 50 Spaceship technologies! ◉ Crazy Spaceship styles like Laika the Dog, Tisla Roadster, Pirate Ship! ◉ Opportunity to Rule the Galaxy! SUBSCRIPTION TERMS Weekly Elite Membership offers a weekly subscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trial period, after this period you will be charged $7,99. After buying this subscription, you will unlock an exclusive TISLA Spaceship Capsule, 20 astronauts on each launch, Double Coins on everything and Remove Ads. This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well. The prices are established for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may change and actual charges may be converted to your local currency. End of trial and subscription renewal: • The payment is charged to your account after a confirmation of purchase. • The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hour before the end of the current period. • The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the cost of the weekly subscription. • The user may manage the subscription and auto-renewal have to be turned off by going to the user’s account settings after purchase. • No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Canceling a trial or a subscription: • If you want to cancel a subscription during its free trial, you have to cancel it through your account. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged. Please visit Privacy Policy and Terms of use : If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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Space Frontier 2 app reviews

  • SF2 5/5

    By Captaindeathdoc
    It’s great
  • To devs 2/5

    By Redrew
    Do you really think the people are stupid enough to pay 8 bucks a week? That’s a EA move right there
  • This Game is Really Buggy 1/5

    By DontMakeBabies
    It's fun when it works, but this game has caused me to loose so much in game money. Sometimes I'll watch the ads to double my money and then it will glitch out and just freeze and then I loose the bonus but the author of the game got the ad money, wow thanks! Just right now I went to go buy a new solar system and it glitched and I lost about $60m, and didn't unlock the solar system. I restarted the game and yep money was gone and solar system still wasn't unlocked. This game is just a money grab, the devs don't give a crap about the bugs.
  • No ads should mean no ads 1/5

    By SREAndy
    When you get no ads add on. You still have adds for a lot of the features of the game, such as found space stuff. But also they just push their “weekly subscription “ where the ads used to be. (Which is still advertising). Save your money and find another game.
  • Problematic ads 1/5

    By pickledmo
    Game tends to have ads pop up while the ship is flying causing the ship to explode
  • Loved this game until... 1/5

    By ROL-X
    Until literally as I’m pressing on the screen to shoot my rocket higher an ad pops up and makes me lose 150 people and blows me up? Why not PAUSE the game if an ad is going to pop up in the middle of your flight. Thanks for nothing...and ruining your own game for a 99 cent ad. #Deleted.
  • Heavy ads. Insane weekly $7.99 sub 3/5

    By DanJ210
    Neat game but it's heavily heavily plagued with ads. Every 5 short rounds is a full screen ad. Everything is ads. And the game wants you to pay $7.99 a week!?!? Haha no frikken way.
  • THE BUGS 2/5

    By zekezilla159
    the game was really fun the only problem as all the bugs every time i would open the game I would play for a bit then it would kick me out of the app. It also stole the money that I used on the little people and deleted all the people that I got. So if you’re able to fix it I would find this game to be really good and fun.
  • USED to be a good game... 1/5

    By SeanMusic
    This USED to be a good good game, but ever since the last couple of updates, it crashes every time you try to open it. If I really feel like playing it, I have to TRY to open it, I have to do so at least 5 or 6 times before the game will actually stay running.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Dopitydopedope
  • Very fun game but it EXCESSIVELY crashes 3/5

    By garrettkiefer48
    It’s an addicting game that makes it easy to pass time but with the most recent update it’s extremely prone to crashing upon startup. Each time I want to play I have to go through a cycle of open-crash-open-crash at least 7 or 8 times before the app actually works.
  • To many ads 1/5

    By Milenko23
    Way to many ads

    By Twekfkdkka
    This game is fun and I enjoy playing it very much...until you have a ship full with a lot of astronauts and then an ad pops up and you can’t continue your flight. Your ship blows up and you just lost a lot of money.
  • Far to many ads 1/5

    By oneBEARD
    I understand the need for app makers to earn some revenue, but this app is hardly playable due to the amount of ads
  • Crash on XS 1/5

    By Cosmin2iphone
  • Review 5/5

    By Obnoxiouscricket
    Thanks to this app I now know how to build a rocket. Life is great.
  • Ads 3/5

    By Codyak1
    A very fun game, but the amount of ads is very annoying. For example I launched and a ad popped up and made my craft explode
  • Waymanapps 3/5

    By Wayman26
    This is a very good game, but the ads are too aggressive!
  • Fun game, but removing ads does nothing. 3/5

    By EStew2
    I understand that there is membership for this game and that with this membership you get 20 astronauts per flight. For $2.99 you lose the ad bar at the bottom and post-flight ads. This DOES NOT remove ads for adding 30 astronauts and saving them if you crash. I think for $2.99 I should get the ad-free benefits, but also be able to pay gold to save astronauts and get a discount on additional astronauts for the ship. There’s really no point in having any less than 30 astronauts in your crew, otherwise it would take forever to max out a solar system. Watching an advertisement to get 30 astronauts is so tedious and really takes away from this addictive, clever skill tester of a game. Things that could be added with $2.99 purchase would include: •Paying with in-game currency to save astronauts •Options to add 10, 20, 30 or more astronauts at a time AND get a discount on those brave adventurers.

    By EA is not a garbage company215
    I play on an IPhone 6+, and this shouldn’t be a graphically demanding game, but I lag SO much. Also, I can’t begin to explain how many times I fill my ship with a bunch of astronauts, only for my game to freeze, show me and ad, and explode my ship. It’s honestly unplayable.
  • Ads keep you from being away to play 1/5

    By dissafeckippointed
    This game is fun enough in it’s on right, but it’s nowhere near worth paying three dollars for. The fact that an apple play immediately after you lunch causing your ship to explode and killing all your passengers is ridiculous. The first version of this game was amazing, this one’s pretty much a joke. Save your time.
  • Ads interfere with gameplay 3/5

    By fishlord5.0
    Good game but the ads are annoying. I get it is a free game and you guys need to make revenue but having the ads pop up during gameplay and causing me to die is just obnoxious. This is a good game and the developers can do better. I know I can purchase an ad blocker but people should not have to pay for an uninterrupted game. 5 (NOT 30) second SKIPPABLE Ads AFTER I die is ok. But, cmon, this is just bad and is going to anger your players.
  • More ads than I’ve ever seen in my life! 1/5

    By FragSyndrome
    More ads than I’ve ever seen in my life! Every 20-35 seconds of game play it’s: ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads THEN THERE ARE MORE ADS!!!! Some times there are two or three ads in a row!!! It’s unbelievable!
  • Airplane mode 2/5

    By whyaresomanynivknamestakwn
    Out this game on airplane mode or else it will lag to balls and will get ads in the middle of playing and cause you to fail other wises pretty good game
  • Worse Than The First 1/5

    By matthiasm.m
    Overall just a poor quality game with bad graphic and sound and way too many ads The original “Space Frontier” is a much better game which I don’t know why you didn’t improve and expand off of rather than just creating a worse version of it
  • Very addicting 5/5

    By JoykillerXx
    I love this game as much as I love space. But if only the astronauts didn’t cry every time I mess up and the shuttle explodes. I feel so terrible when it does. 😭
  • Ad spamming 2/5

    By Hakakfh
    Really liked the game but 30 second ads every literal two minuets of playtime makes the game unplayable. I understand ads should be there to support the game but they spam them so hard it breaks the game.
  • Weekly subscription?? 1/5

    By soylent_green
    They want $8 a week for some launchy rocket game?? 🤣
  • Stolen coins 5/5

    By GyroF-16
    Your stupid toon blast add stole 600K from my income! Please fix this now. Other than this, the game is pretty enjoyable other than the pay for premium thing. $7.00 a week! That is a bit of a scam.(costs more every two weeks not to have adds than a month of playing online on Xbox)
  • Fairly pointless with egregious bugs 1/5

    By Nonuniform
    Not a whole lot of complexity here. Might as well stick to candy crush for mindless tapping at the airport. Ridiculous bugs with the ad interstitials appearing during gameplay, forcing the player to lose. Basically, reaffirming that mobile games are just boring ad delivery mechanisms created by unimaginative marketers.

    By JD Moon
    I put 100 people on a rocket hoping it would not explode so I launched it and an add piped up and made me lose a lot of money due to buying 100 people
  • 2nd best thing since sliced bread 5/5

    By not_the_real_Obama
    And I thought space frontier 1 was good!
  • 🖤العلم❤️ 5/5

    By بُتيتس
    لعبة مسليةومفيدة
  • Less ads please 4/5

    By chicken 😔😅😔🤬🤫
    Less ads
  • Obscene amount of ads 1/5

    By Vioer888
    Good little game not worth $3 and you are constantly bombarded with ads...barely played the game couldn’t even figure out if I wanted to buy because of the ads..ridiculous
  • To many adds 1/5

    By slipperygriiffin
    This game like every other is fun to play but have way to many adds and even with airplane mode on adds still appear so one star is all I’m giving
  • Needs Update 2/5

    By Lllllaaaammmmaaaa
    I like the game but there’s one glaring problem that I can’t get over. Ads are only working when you don’t want to see them. I’ve been shown ads plenty of times when I complete a landing and I’m like okay cool an ad. But it’ll pop up and say hey save the crew that died by watching an ad and I get to the end of the ad and I can’t close it out because the screen just turns white and now I have to close the app. This make the as useless. I’ve never received anything for voluntarily watching an ad yet. So fix this big problem please.
  • Cmon 3/5

    By mave rick74
    I was playing when a ad popped up and I died
  • Ads are too frequent and too long 1/5

    By Cloud.9
    Literally everything you do requires a 30-second ad. Just landed your rocket? Ads. Open a special box? Ads. Save your astronauts? Ads. You watch video ads for every second of gameplay. I can hardly enjoy myself at all which makes me not want to purchase the ad-free option. To make matters worse, you have “tap to play” upon opening the app, which is an ad, not the real game. Shady tactics like this don’t deserve anyone’s time, attention, or purchases.
  • DEM ADS!!!!! 5/5

    By h u. ru
    It’s a good game but it has one thing I don’t like:DEM ADS!!!!!! Y so many!!!!
  • Ads are annoying 2/5

    By Andy_hernandez
    The ads are to be expected but I keep getting ads during the gameplay, I would be mid launch and an add pops up causing me to explode!
  • As apocalypse 1/5

    By Mwesten2847366329292636
    So many ads you can’t even play the game. Multiple pop up ads in a row. They pop up right in areas you need to tap to play the game. The idea and gameplay are cool but deleting because it’s pretty much unplayable
  • Ad “bombing” 3/5

    By dustin grim
    What’s the need with all the ads? I wanna play your awesome game but every time literally anything happens an ad pops outa no where! And lately white screening me out of any rewards for video ads and now the pop ups do it too. Less work more play.
  • Issues 3/5

    By Rapowell64
    First off I’m enjoying the game but I have a few things not working right. I’ve paid for the no adds but the game is still loaded with them. I’ve hit restore purchase many times but it doesn’t fix it. I have 52000 plus astronauts on planets but leader board is only showing 49,57 I’ve populated 50 galaxies but leader board isn’t giving the master achievement I’m playing on an iPhone 10. Does anyone else have these issues?
  • Fun game... 2/5

    By DallasLoneStar
    Way too many ads. Otherwise it was a fun game... deleted.
  • Subscription? LOL 1/5

    By Eriptron
    The bane of iOS customers. People are seriously putting down $8/mon for this? It hardly offers anything for the subscription that’s really of any value.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By fedtryrpudoyeyfih
    Thank you thank you
  • Needs some work. 4/5

    By Kelttron
    A really fun game. But it keeps crashing. I can’t get into without it crashing.
  • Ads before the title screen even loaded 1/5

    By Fuzzles42
    I have no issues with ads in free games, but I do have issues when they try to show me an add before the game even starts for the very first time. I quickly uninstalled.

Space Frontier 2 app comments

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