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  • Current Version: 2.23.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spark Driver App

Sign up with Spark Driver™ and start earning money on your own schedule by delivering groceries!  With the Spark Driver App, you will help bring smiles to many busy families as you monetize your spare time and empower yourself to be your own boss.  Still on the fence? Through the Spark Driver platform, you'll get to use your own vehicle, work when and where you want, and receive 100% of tips directly from customers! Join your local Spark Driver community by signing-up on and downloading the Spark Driver App!

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Spark Driver app reviews

  • Broken App, Shady Business Practices 1/5

    By frustrated driver2
    Not only is the app severely broken and filled with people using an automated system to accept offers immediately, but if you’re close to a bonus they will literally stop giving you orders to make sure you don’t meet your deadline. Absolutely deplorable app to work with.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By kbb985
    It’s funny every time a bonus is about to end you don’t get no offers what so ever I’ve called twice they can’t help I’ve signed out I’ve deleted the app it’s real messed up that y’all are messing with peoples money like that I won’t be working for y’all anymore this is ridiculous.. give us our bonuses!!
  • Estafadores 1/5

    By SailyR
    Son unos estafadores. Me han robado incentivos (bonos) me han bloqueado la cuenta sin ningún motivo, me han dejado dias enteros sin mandar ordenes y cuando los llamas no te solucionan nada. No gastes tu tiempo con estos estafadores. Son lo peor de lo peor!!!
  • Very Pathetic! 1/5

    By Steve4932
    Those actually involved in administration, overseeing deliveries, are nothing more than just pitiful! Any driver is nothing more than a number to them!!!
  • Bogus ! 1/5

    By AngieBangie28
    I recently started recording my trips and pay. Drastic change. A trip that’s 15.6 miles paid $11.36 this week but last week was $17.34. As soon as u take a day off for your real job offers stop coming. Even if you sit in Walmart’s parking lot! It’s always the same people getting orders every hour. And u have to sit with the app open right in your face to be able to even receive an order when it pops up. There is no job security. 9 trips yesterday was $93! For the miles, times and countless stairs, just get a regular job !
  • Boo Boo 2/5

    By shaad1
    I get the first come first serve but I live in a area of like 4 or more Walmarts….. no way work should be this slow… and at time I can’t even see the offers when notifications come !!!!!!!
  • All recent changes have made driving worse 1/5

    By quentinh319
    A lot of times what is incentive to start my day is seeing an offer that keeps going through not accepted, now with having to turn on spark now to receive offers that is no more. It’s also way harder now to stack deliveries and have one secured for the next hour because now when I have already accepted an offer it won’t let me see available offers to do next until after that one is finished, some of us only have one store in our area and the difference of sitting in your car for an hour unpaid and doing work is a matter of seconds.
  • Not satisfied 1/5

    By tbonesteaknotjustthesnack
    When I first started everything seemed well. Then as time went on, things weren’t. Lack of orders coming through, when bonuses were offered it seemed like it was harder to reach them, I saw one person saying when bonuses are posted it seems like the trips are harder to get to complete the bonus, which is very true! The app is always having issues! Too much money is taken out for the PNL when we done very hard work, wear and tear on our cars, and in the heat you’d think there would be higher pay!
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Amandajesseparrack
    They shorted me $83 on my bonus. Greedy company.
  • Mastermind scam update 3 1/5

    By Ari4432
    They are sending offers that never reach your phone however you see your acceptance rate drastically decreasing while you accept the rate offers that pop up. How are we supposed to accept what we can’t see or receive? It’s like they are doing it in purpose . This app is a lost case.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Raydott22
    Downloaded and made an account put in all my information now I can’t even sign in.. useless app
  • Hate the new “On demand “ feature!! 1/5

    By IamGroot92
    I enjoy working for spark because I can start and end my shift whenever I want, it’s easy money and for the most part good pay. what I have noticed is that I seem to get more offers when I was offline than when I was Online. Now with the new “On demand “ we have to be online in order to get any offers at all. It makes it unfair because they send the offers to those who accept the most offers and have the least amount of dropped offers. This makes it hard for someone that works at it part time to go against someone who works at it all day. This needs to change because I honestly don’t believe there is lack of drivers it’s just the same ones keep getting all the offers!! Also knowing the “hot spots” of other stores is pointless because you can only be assigned to one delivery zone!
  • Feeling Cheated 2/5

    By Jah39
    Update: 7.11.21 Tips still not showing. Plus today after 2 trips(4 in total orders) i took one break to eat and after that i stopped getting orders already. I understand it’s a Sunday but if had i not took that one break i’ll still be getting orders. Smh. This app makes me want to drive with other apps and other app only.
  • Bonus 1/5

    By 1123;&
    When I first sign up for spark driver I got a message saying I will receive $50 bonus for my first 5 batch deliveries. I completed those 5 and more. I email them about it. They say it might take a week or two for it to show up. A month has pass and I called them. She file a report and says management will call me. It’s been days and I still have not heard anything from them.
  • Don’t do spark driving 1/5

    By rperez2792
    Their customer service isn’t worth anything. They’re all overseas foreigners that you can barely understand. Then customers never answer. Some offers by time you open the app they’re gone. Makes it pointless to even have the app. Don’t waste your time with spark delivery. Do UberEats or DoorDash.
  • your metrics drop for an order that’s already late when you pick it up 1/5

    By Living the BOLT NIGHTMARE
    If some one drops an order and you pick it up and it’s already late YOU GET DINGED for it. They won’t fix it and your metric rating for on time delivery drops! Thus you stop receiving orders
  • Metrics 1/5

    By Davidleestacy
    So I received a notification about my metrics. My acceptance rate is 12%. Well it’s hard to do deliveries with spark because I have to look to see how many deliveries is associated with it before I accept it.According to the requirements you can drive any car to perform the deliveries. However, I have had Walmart employees try not to give me my orders to deliver because there’s more than one.You see I drive a Dodge ram pick up. I have made several deliveries in my truck and have never mixed anything up. The last delivery I did a few days ago the employee was very insistent that I not take the orders. She told me that I should not have more than one at a time. So you see I have to check the info of a delivery before I can accept it. I have not received any notifications from spark driver about this. So I’m getting punished because Walmart deems my vehicle unfit for delivery because it does not allow me to keep orders separate even though I already do that!.
  • Ghost orders 2/5

    By lancehoward
    Almost doesn’t make any sense to have the app on your phone because they make it impossible to accept orders. Even if you click on the screen AS SOON as it pops up. It’ll say someone else got the order already.
  • What a joke 1/5

    By nqbuz
    You would think that a behemoth like Walmart would have top notch technology for use with this app. So many issues it’s hard to even mention. The whole thing needs a revamp.
  • Can’t set my availability 1/5

    By The 25th Doctor
    I’ve been trying to set my availability for two days now with no success, I guess I can’t receive any orders. There’s no availability tab for me to even click as their video guide says
  • No offers 2/5

    By JMula95
    Is it true that rejecting offers or ignoring others will cause you to not receive anymore?
  • bonus program 1/5

    By whdnfix
    bonus program is garbage. was good at first with 4 trips for 40 6 trips for 60 8 trips for 80. that helps with gas n stuff like that to make the job worth it. they ruined it. bow u get bonuses that say 18 trips for 25 bucks lol yea right who is going to do that? fix the bonus program back to how it was and it will be five stars. of course when it benefits the workers they wont do it
  • Bad 1/5

    By alexatours
    very bad application to work, it is impossible for me to get an offer and they always give bonuses that are impossible to achieve. since they do not give a chance.
  • L 1/5

    By vucfkggi
    All the reviews are right. We have problems with new updates on the app and they keep hiring more drivers. Since 2020 orders have decreased to 1-4 per day. Pay is really low 9 dlls per BATCH ODERS. If you think about it you are getting paid 3 dlls each Order. Don’t get me started in miles, we put a lot of miles on our vehicles for just 9 dlls. Not even enough for gas. Express orders are paid 7 dlls. Since we don’t work for Walmart directly and we are considered a partnership only, we should not allow that kind of pay. I will recommend getting another source of income because Spark/Walmart only care about making money and not about people like us.
  • TRASH 1/5

    By Arianda M
    App is trash. Entire delivery system needs an overhaul. They send you the offers 15mins before pick up time even if you’re 45mins away. Then say you arrived late 🤦🏽‍♀️. Their only response to not being able to get offers based on location is…just reject it then boom…you don’t get no offers because of the rejections that’s their fault because of the system and garbage app.
  • Zone changes 1/5

    By Ashl3ygarcia
    For some odd reason, my app keeps changing the zone by itself. I normally am able to change it to my original zone but it goes back to random states in the United States and i always have to call so they can change it. I have my location on to always so i don’t understand how that is even possible for my location to change 12 hours away from where i am at. I had already changed my password incase it was fraud and it is still happening.
  • They holding back on my tips 3/5

    By cecebuy
    I went from making $100 in tips a week to making $0-$16 in tips a week ... hmmm seems fishy huh
  • DDI 3/5

    By dreiling527
    This would be a good job if DDI was not involved. They miss payments, deliveries pay missing, and their customer service is horrible. That said I would still be working for spark if they changed the pay company. I really enjoyed the job.
  • Great way to work when you want too and make great money 5/5

    By Brandon Duty
    People complain no matter what happens! Only talking about other reviews! This is a great way to make easy money and make it how you want too! I’ve made over 4,000 in the last 6 months and I work another job 48 hours a week! No excuses! Thank you spark delivery! Hope everyone can have an easy 2nd job like this
  • Don’t quit your full time job 2/5

    By mommahyde10n5
    I have been delivering now for a little over a month. When I first started, I received orders non stop. Now I get hardly any orders. I always accept, had to cancel one time. Glad I did not quit my full time job. But I was seriously thinking about it. And the bonuses I believe are only directed to certain ones. Just not fair. One driver told me she receives them all day long. Why not make it fair to everyone Spark????
  • No Offers 1/5

    By Yo gurl jazlyn
    When I first started this job in October last year I made $240 in two days. When I seen how much i can make from it I quit my job and made this my full time. Then i started getting less offers so I went back to working but then I recently started again last month and it was going good for a while then the same thing happened again with less offers. Just like one of these other reviews I would sit in the app and “first come first serve” would pop up but nothing is there. At this point I'm fed up I call driver support almost everyday and even email them but nothing has changed. They all tell you do the same thing either log out , delete the app or trouble shoot. When the real problem is the app. They don't want to fix this problem. I would rate Zero stars if you can. My family would receive offers right in my face but nothing pops on my screen. This is the only way I really pay my bills.
  • Fake bonus 1/5

    By juli perdomo
    They offer bonuses but when you almost finish the goal they don’t sent offers or block you so they kill your bonus. So you wasted your day trying to make the number of orders you needed to earn the bonus. Don’t waste you time.
  • Fake Incentives from Walmart 1/5

    By Chris Baley
    I can’t believe how this apps like to scam their drivers. I have been calling and emailing Spark for the last 4-5 days about a $3 incentive that I earned that they did not payout with. First they said it would show up in 24 hours, and then they said I don’t qualify because the pickup window was at 8 but the incentives says if you pick up a order before 8 it should count and I picked up and delivered the order before 8. I even had one support representative agree that I should have gotten it and submitted a request for the $3 payment. Then a few hours later they decide they want to back out and not pay me the $3. I have done Uber, Doordash, Favor, Grubhub, Instacart, and Amazon Flex and I have never had to spend so many hours to fight for a $3 incentive but it’s more about the principal than the money at this point. It surprises me how they are trying to get more drivers since they are cheating out there current drivers. My suggestion for the Spark delivery team is to get better people running the app. At this point your labor cost of me calling and emailing y’all 6-8 times a day has surpassed that $3 incentive and the fact that I won’t deliver for y’all till y’all do what’s right is probably losing a little bit of money as well. Poorly run business.
  • Not fair 3/5

    By jakeLuster
    I love working as a spark driver but it's not allot of offers and every-time there's a bonuses and you need to complete 9 trip to get the bonus but then i only need 1 to get my bonus i've wait for 3 hours but never had any offer pop out just a scamm i hate it i work hard put my own gas mileage and sweat also even it's raining still working but i never had any appreciation or even gave me bonus also sometimes there's a batch order with two person and it's 9 dollar and the other person has 101 item large and the other one medium 40 also it was 7 miles i was like are you guys kidding me??? For 9 dollar with large items and it's 101? And 40? Hope they fixed everything. Thank you
  • RATING A 3⭐️AN HERE’S WHY! 3/5

    By Mell2021
    My experience has had its ups and downs since becoming a SPARK driver in March 2021, I have had some good weeks were I’m making $700 plus a week (if it’s a holiday week) $300-390 (weekly average) then theirs weeks were I’m barely making $150 a week and I think the reason is that the areas that SPARK is available to here in Alabama are small towns an theirs a lot of people that works through SPARK not leaving much room to make some money during the week. I’m hoping SPARK will expand to the bigger cities here in Alabama like Birmingham and surrounding areas were the opportunity to make money without worries would be much better and less of a headache is competing with other drivers in a smaller city! As far as the app itself I mean it’s an app it going to have some issues as long as the company is aware to fix the problem their usual right on it! ⭐️SIGNING OFF 6/24/21⭐️
  • Love it 5/5

    By veno74747
    Love doing spark it’s good money and very busy I’d recommend anyone doing DoorDash to invest their time doing spark too!
  • Works Pretty Well For Me 5/5

    By #*^%#
    Need an instant cash out feature at minimum twice a day … this will push this app over the top
  • Here is the story on Spark Driving for Walmart 2/5

    By Frustrated Nathan
    Update 6/23/2021 I’ve been reading to keep up with what other people are saying on here about Spark, and yes, most of them are true. I’ve been doing this since April, and I used to get my incentives for trips daily. The last incentive I had was almost 3 weeks ago. What people are saying is very true, Spark continues to bring in new people and focuses less on the good drivers. I can tell you, the incentives and offers are becoming less favorable to me the further I get into doing Spark. Update 6/11/2021 After calling Spark support this morning, I could not get a clear answer as to why this driver in my zone continues to get offers while I sit here in the Walmart parking lot watching him get offers every hour. It’s likely going to drive me out of doing this before too much longer. The way offers are distributed should be changed. I’ve noticed that this is becoming a trend over the last 48-72 hours and it’s not a good one. Original 6/10/2021 I’m here to give you my experience on using the Spark app to deliver groceries for Walmart. Hopefully this review will give you insight on what you can expect as a driver. Let me preface my review by saying this, I’ve been doing this for about two months now. Overall, my experience has been relatively okay. As with everything, there are good days and bad days. What most recent reviews as of this writing are saying is true. Getting offers is wildly inconsistent. There will be some days where you get 5-7 offers, other days, you may get 1 or even none. You need to be patient, as there will be more days where you only get one or two offers than days where you get 5-7 offers. I believe this is mainly because new drivers come in and saturate the market for drivers, while the good drivers get pushed out. Remain patient. If you aren’t patient, this may not be the opportunity for you. Just today, a Spark driver in my zone got three offers before I got one, and I showed up over an hour before him. How that happens, I’m not entirely sure. It’s another reason to remain patient. Secondly, I strongly suggest that you screenshot your completed deliveries as you complete them. There are occasions where you will complete your deliveries, but will not be reflected in your earnings until 24-48 hours later. You want proof that you completed your deliveries. If you do not screenshot your completed deliveries, and there is a discrepancy between what you complete and what you earn, you need a reference point to ensure you get what you earn. I’ve had to call customer service twice in two weeks to resolve pay/earnings issues. Remember to remain vigilant and keep up with everything. Third, I’ve read a lot of people saying that the my metrics don’t matter. They matter. I can definitely attest to the fact that you get more offers with the more that you accept. It has happened to me in the two months I’ve been using Spark. Even if the offer is smaller than what you’d like, accept it. It’s one of the only ways you will get an increased amount of offers. Finally, something id like to see is an explanation as to why Spark drivers get the customer ratings that they do. With every delivery, a customer can rate a driver based off of their experience with a thumbs up or thumbs down. That seems very wide ranging, but I think to improve your customer service, the drivers need to know how to improve by getting explanations why the customers rated them the way they did. Overall, Spark has been pleasant. I enjoy the independence, the customers I see often, the fact that I can make my own schedule, and the associates at Walmart have been generally very pleasant to deal with. The negatives of the experience so far include wildly inconsistent offers and the fact that you have been eagle eyed and vigilant with watching your earnings to make sure you get credited for doing deliveries. I would suggest it for students, retirees, or anyone who may not have a lot of obligations. For someone who is doing this as a full time job, it all depends on what you need or want out of it. If you expect to make a lot of money, it’s not for you. You’re not going to make endless money doing this, it’s heavily dependent on tips and incentives, and meeting them consistently. However, it’s a nice experience so far. It’s gotten me through a hard time financially, but it’s definitely not something you can make a living of off, and definitely not something you can do permanently.
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By CRCamron
    I love being a Spark Driver, sometimes. The app is horrible though. Some orders do not come through, or the app says “Something Went Wrong.” a majority of the time. When doing batched orders of 7+, the customer’s description does not show. It has caused problems on multiple occasions. I’ve tried calling customers multiple times only for it to dial the Spark Service number instead. I had to call Walmart in order to actually reach out to the customers (Mainly for community gate codes), which usually takes 20+ minutes. The round-robin based system is GREAT, only if you were allowed to select specific stores. I have 11 stores in the area I’m in with the farthest one being over an hour away. I’m not driving over an hour, waiting for load, and delivering for $7… I can’t stop those orders from coming in, which in turn drops my acceptance rate tremendously because those are the majority of orders that come in. So now I rarely get orders from the stores closest to me. That’s ridiculous. I’m absolutely dumbfounded that a multi-billion dollar corporation can’t create simple fixes for an app. There’s a lack of drivers for the store closest to me… I wonder why. Yet I still don’t get many orders from that store. Spark needs drivers so bad yet there is little effort to fix any bug in the system. It’s a shame, especially when a Driver Service representative talks about how many drivers complain about THE SAME ISSUES EVERYDAY! Spark claims to have made it available to change location through the app, that was a lie… Even then it wouldn’t matter with a surplus of stores in a specific region with no option to select specific location. Why don’t you stop trying to build a “quick” competitor for delivery services and focus on improving it now. This has a very great potential in delivery service and job creation alike. Improve and build upon it. Actually take into account what people are complaining about and fix the issues. Thank you, A Spark Delivery Driver.

    By Britt083
    IF I COULD GIVE THIS APP ZERO STARS I WOULD Just woke up to being deactivated, how?. The app doesn’t even work most of the time, they give out the same order to multiple ppl. You have to fight to even be able to accept a order, it’s like throwing a piece of meat in front of a pack of hungry dogs smh. It took them a second to deactivate me, but needs 7 days to tell me why? This app does not have it together enough to act so strict. Apps like this do not care how they treat there drivers.
  • I love making Illuminati Money for Walmart. All hail! 4/5

    By appmonkey36
    I just wait a couple weeks until they offer me a ‘we miss you’ bonus, complete it in 3-5 days and then wait for my $500-$900! It would be nice to have constant guaranteed pay offers, but being a college student who lives on his own it works quite well for me. Don’t install it though, i need the offers.
  • No work 1/5

    By QuandaHL73
    I would not recommend this app if you are trying to work to pay bills because you don’t get many batches. Out of a day you may get 1 or 2 and it does not depend on metrics.
  • Prepare to get SPARKED- No appreciation loyalty or gratitude 1/5

    By annoyed & frustrated driver
    1st driver there, only driver for months. Do over 2500 deliveries for one store & one low volume store ONLY. Unmatched metrics. Then when it’s time to hand out bonuses they give offers & bonuses to everyone else. Call in & get incompetent operators who read off excuse list. Glitches & excuses. Part time drivers have easier incentives then full time drivers. Everyday, it’s a new glitch or excuse. Drivers need a 5 star rating system to show who are the best drivers. Let the customers decide!! & send the offers at xx:45 when good drivers are getting loaded up, not when they’re driving, lawsuit waiting to happen, sometimes to areas where they lose service. Send your best drivers the best customers EVERY HOUR. The best drivers are the ones helping Spark look good & make money, it would be nice to see that reciprocated.
  • Deactivated 1/5

    By K2G The Best
    I am deactivated and it been 10days since I called the support and until now they do not know the reason why am deactivated and am still without job and I don’t know how to do to get my account back
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By dj blaze reef
    I’m having the same issues as everyone else, after staring off good with plenty of orders a day now my offers are disappearing before I can even look at them first come first serve has completely ruined this app and don’t expect to complete an incentive because they will make sure you don’t get any more orders when you come close to reaching the quota. They’re definitely cheating people out of money and I doubt this will last long. Walmart just needs to hire delivery drivers as hourly employees and until then I won’t deliver again
  • You don’t even get offers 1/5

    By icicjckckfndnef
    This would be absolutely amazing if you even got any offers, I can be all day waiting at a Walmart parking lot and still get like 4 offers for the whole day
  • STAY AWAY 1/5

    By 1:)652
    Same issue as everyone else, I’ve been working or them for about 14 months. Delivery notifications come to my phone just for me to look and they not show up. I can’t make over 40 dollars a day now. A joke.
  • Don’t do it! 1/5

    By snoop407
    This is the worst app ran by the worst company ever! So glad Uber eats is getting these orders now and paying way more than spark. Just stick with other platforms and don’t waist your time.
  • It was good at first 1/5

    By houstontx gilbert
    It’s really hard to get batches you have to wait for hour or so to get a batch