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  • Current Version: 3.13.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spark Driver App

Ready to start earning money on your own schedule? With the Spark Driver™ App, you can deliver orders, or shop and deliver orders, for Walmart and other businesses. All you need to get started is a car and a smartphone. BE YOUR OWN BOSS As an independent contractor, enjoy the flexibility of working around your own schedule. Shop and deliver, or only deliver, as little or as often as you like.  EARN MONEY Making money is easy! Earn each time you complete a shopping or delivery order. Plus, you always keep 100% of confirmed customer tips. Incentive programs and referral offers give you the opportunity to earn even more.  EASY TO USE Once you’ve accepted a trip, the app helps you every step of the way — from navigating to the store, to helping you find items in your shopping trip, to delivering to a customer’s location. Download the Spark Driver App to sign up today. Visit for more information.

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Spark Driver app reviews

  • It works for me 5/5

    By AnakiRenee
    I have been using the app for one full year. I haven’t had any.
  • Going the way of Instacart 3/5

    By Busybee2017
    Used to be a great paying app but there is no security. Less so than even with DD, Uber, Amazon Flex or even Instacart. Once you're deactivated that's it. There is no team that reviews anything. They say there is but there isn't. Anyone can make any claim against you and customers can falsely claim they didnt receive their order and there is absolutely no recourse for the driver. You're just deactivated and that's that. They are the worst app in this regard as no notice is even given, just like the other review stated. I expect to wake up and be booted any day. Base pay has plummeted and tip baiting is rampant. They will not put a stop to the tipping issue by even reducing the time to remove them like Instacart at least did. I expect them to drop their pay to the latter company's level at some point. This company gives zero cares, no, negative care for drivers lol. No surprise really because it's Walmart. What's funny is half the time the coordinates they give for the delivery address are incorrect and go to the wrong home, sometimes several homes away. It's been going on for weeks with no fix. Very poorly put together for it to have been developing for five+ years? Walmart needs to let the entire team go from VP all the way down to the analysts or invest more money into it. But again it's Walmart. They're similar to Amazon Flex in this regard. Issues with the app lingering for years and they refuse to fix them.
  • Asesoría 5/5

    By Tereciita
    Necesito saber por que la app no funciona? Me inscribí y no me deja entrar a revisar. Necesito una solución por favor. Gracias
  • Algorithm 1/5

    By Fourtunefive
    The algorithm only helps newbies and then fails the workers that work everyday
  • They steal 3-5$ per ride. 1/5

    By Uberdriver__2
    Too many drivers.
  • App freezes 1/5

    By vondays1
    With the new update the app freezes when accepting an order. Causes me to miss out on several offers. Can’t change zones without calling support and I have old incentives stuck on my screen.
  • Ehh… it’s ok 1/5

    By evv4ed7uhrgbj
    The app used to be really good. The price of the order has dropped tremendously and the distance has increased. I personally don’t like how the do the metrics when the orders sit for anyone to pick up they don’t give you time to get to the store to get the order. I went from 100 percent to 36 percent for picking up orders one day immediately heading to the store.
  • Deactivations 1/5

    By Diamondbluerose
    When the customers lie and you have proof of delivery and spark still deactivate your account, they also do not give out warnings or do proper investigations they just deactivates you on the spot… you can be a top driver an get deactivated. They do not protect their workers, and they do not care.
  • Great experience 4/5

    By bt clemms
    Being a spark driver has been rewarding. Orders are always available in my zone. Only downside is some stores take too long but it’s still worth driving. Safe, quick, and pay is rewarding.
  • Enjoy your honeymoon phase while you can. 1/5

    By bigDdebbie25
    This gig has become worse than DoorDash. Low ball offers/no offers. Spark was typically the only app I used but now it’s at the bottom of the list. Horrible.
  • Spark driver review 5/5

    By bennyb7369
    I think the app works perfect in my opinion I’m a spark driver app has never gone bad or glitch on me works great
  • Spark driver/app 4/5

    By Supertan0908
    The app is user friendly, but I do agree with one reviewer about the express orders and the timeframe to get to Walmart to retrieve the order is not long. The other downside is waiting a week to get your money.
  • Spark Driver App 5/5

    By Spicy Pickle Reno
    The App is easy to use. There are a few ‘systemic’ things that could use fine tuning, especially how ‘Express’ orders are handled. Overall I’m happy with it.
  • User friendly 5/5

    By wallyman7
    I love the app which is saying something for a guy like me he was very low tech. I have no complaintsAnd when I do have one I throw it into their suggestion box. I’m pretty sure they read those things because I have seen some great changes made over the last several months.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By HaskelHCA
    I do a lot of deliveries in rural areas that have little to no phone service. The scanner will NOT work without cell signal. You cannot complete a delivery now without scanning a sticker. Use some common sense folks. Just because YOU have great signal at the office while you’re developing the app doesn’t mean I do in Mrs. Smith’s driveway in the mountains. Get rid of the stupid scan sticker, get rid of the ridiculous time constraints, then you have a terrific platform.
  • Tip baiting 2/5

    By toshiej
    The app would be much better if the location you start your spark from would be calculated in the distance you will travel for the order also allowing 24hrs to change the tip is ridiculous. A lot of people are starting to “bate tip” drivers which means the customer is putting a nice tip amount then once their food is delivered they will take the tip away. This makes it not worth it to do this job.
  • Tips 2/5

    By Sweetpooh96
    Hello…I love working with sparkdrive….but I have a real problem about the way they policy is about how they do the tips…I believe they should change they tip policy…cause we are the ones out using gas and putting miles on are cars…I believe if a customer tip they should not be able to change they tip…once a tip is on there you should be payed that tip right then and there…if they want to see how the driver does…then they should wait until after the driver deliver they order to tip…but if they tip before I think we should be in tilted to that tip…I do not believe that they should have the option to change they tip in 24 hours…so that’s why I gave the rating I did… if they change this I’ll change the rating
  • Metrics are suffering because of massive app flaws. 3/5

    By Cory Hyman aka Funkopolis
    1) App clock is 7 minutes slower than actual time. 2) Delivery times are impossible to meet because they expire before the drops are picked up. 3) Rejections are never rejected, they cycle. 4) I continually receive offers of 12 orders in one trip for 30+ miles and no tip?!? Metrics need to be paused until you fix these fatal flaws because you’re sabotaging your own work force!
  • Version 3.13.0 3/5

    9/30/2022 Version 3.13.0 This update does not appear to allow users on iPhone to change their zone from within the app. Once a zip code is inputted, there is no way to view zones in/near that zip code. The “Save” button is grayed out. Please fix this glitch.
  • Good app 5/5

    By whitneyd2018
    App/job nice however you have to use their pay card and it takes forever to get/use it. Also takes awhile to get the order from store. Won’t let u “check in” until
  • I enjoy the app!! 4/5

    By Alexis W 22
    Definitely a great way to make some real money! The only downfall is the rushing of an order that another driver couldn’t get. I’m always trying to stay on top of my Metrics so saying I’m late when just accepting a NEW order gives me instant anxiety and I’m definitely not trying to catch a ticket lol! Maybe an update could happen to fix that but overall I absolutely enjoy making the extra money! Thank you Spark driver!
  • A decent money maker 4/5

    By Digital Mayhem 1987
    It’s a great way to make money if you feel like just sitting in the Walmart parking lot. The further away you are from the store, you never get any offers. I never get a single offer until I’m sitting right in the parking lot, so I just sit and hang out until I get an order. Another downside is it bugs/glitches out sometimes. I’ve had 2 offers come in today (9/30/22) that offered a big incentive to take. Each time as I pressed “accept offer” everything disappeared and the offer was no longer there. I missed out on probably $100 between those two glitches. So the app definitely needs some work. Other than the fact that you don’t get offers unless you’re in the parking lot and the weird glitch, it’s a good app. User friendly, even to those who don’t know how to use apps like that. The instruction videos are handy as well for your first time using the app. Overall would recommend, but it needs a bit of work!
  • Issue 4/5

    By Rubenlhi
    1: long wait time for new drivers 2 months or more 2: when you get a order need more work if i have 2 orders and can’t deliver the first one they need to make it where you can make it that you can skip without calling is a waste of time 3: the wait time at Walmart is longer that the driver need after waiting 30 min to just make 2.50 But at the end it is good money
  • Good, but could be better. 3/5

    By TheTonyTiger
    It would be helpful to see images along product descriptions to better determine automobile logistics. When Sam’s Club fails to generate a barcode, the process to complete the delivery is cumbersome at best. Please find a way to allow for manual input (much like Walmart deliveries) to better support these runs. Also, allow a more autonomous close out when deliveries are completed in areas with limited/no reception (e.g. allow to scan, take photo, etc. and upload once the app finds reception again).
  • Add Instant Cashout. 1/5

    By jslbrn
    Gig economy means it’s a GIG, when you do a gig job you typically expect pay on the same day. Major downfall on this app is the waiting for a weekly deposit. Please remedy. People who gig need the money faster. That’s why we do this kind of work.
  • Walmart fire this company ASAP for no service!! 1/5

    By Iphonereviews2021
    This company is costing Walmart millions in lost revenue. I filed to become a driver weeks ago. Nothing. Your can’t reach them. Their voicemail is full. They don’t return calls or emails. Basically no customer service exists. Walmart needs to find another company and I will be reporting them to Walmart Corporate. I tried signing up multiple times. They say user exists or to contact them. However you can’t because they have the worst service ever!!! Hopefully they get on the news soon.
  • Rubbish 1/5

    By homayat
    One the worst app in apple store
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Staffsgtjaw
    This app is terrible I can’t even get passed the login screen because it won’t let me reset my password. I didn’t get any help from the support team either.
  • App & App support are terrible! 1/5

    By Telling it Real JW
    The App and App support are just terrible! Half of the time the app freezes up or stops working! The support department just tells you that they will be forwarding the issue to another department and that you will be hearing back but then that never happens. I was once logged out and off of the app completely for around six hours and I was sent a notification stating that my trip may be reassigned if I did not check in soon. This so called ghost trip got used against my metrics even though I had not accepted any offer and had been logged off and out for six hours already. I was always in the green on my metrics which is what they want and determines if you get a trip offer but the majority of offers I would receive were $7 and $9 offers once every two hours. Keep in mind that this was with a 100% on time rate, 0% drop rate, 78% acceptance rate, and a 4.9 out of 5 customer rating which are very high on their green level metrics and determine your trip offers. I must say that, in my opinion this app is a bit of a scam!
  • Sign up problems 1/5

    By gdkwkhdje
    This app won’t even let me sign up for it. Wont take my login, wouldn’t let me submit documentation, wont even let me reset my password. Don’t know what’s going on, but would love for it to be fixed.
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Cmon Walmart
    I’ve been driving since end of January. Started off great. Made great money as a side job. Then when they sent out an alert saying “they are concerned about gas prices”, it’s completely cratered. You call driver support or their “tier 1”, to say they are incompetent is an understatement. Every single person tells you the same thing and it’s all wrong. So I have started dealing with their “tier 2”. This morning I called and asked for tier 2, was told that I was given wrong info and couldn’t ask for tier 2. Well, I’m tired of dealing with their incompetence so I got belligerent. I was then transferred to another tier 1 operator who then transferred me to tier 2. I have been trying to get a store blocked due to the store’s incompetence since Aug 5. Still trying to get it blocked. Well I’m the mean time it’s taken my acceptance metrics down to 74%. Being at 74, you don’t get their “premier” offers unless your over 90%. All my offers I’ve turned down are from the store I’ve asked to block. Said store is 35 mins away. Drive there and wait 30 mins, so in total I’ve got 65 mins in, only to drop the order for long wait with no penalty but wasted 65 mins and the gas for $2.50. All in all I lose a dollar on this run. Maybe if they could get their driver “support” together and their escalation process resolved, it would be good. Until then, it’s just one hassle after another
  • The shopping timeframe 2/5

    By Shauna40$
    The time is unrealistic from one side of the warehouse to the other. Yes unlike DoorDash it tells you exactly where to find the item but to time you for shopping in a store that’s always packed is insane. The map does not navigate you through anything verbally, so I don’t know what the glitch is with that.
  • Bad support team 1/5

    By zenny host
    My account had been no offers so i tried Called support and explained what happened to my account had been no offers. And i tried called them for many time and one of them told me to freezer my account that mean” deleted “. So i cant login to account anymore and they are said i cant work for spark driver ! Is that my fault? I have hard times i have kids this kind of job help me and now some of the support team is that been trained? You take everything you make my family life harder! I hope the company can read my comments.
  • New app 5/5

    By spark grandma
    I’m not liking the new app when it come to tips. We are getting delivery offers for 7.00 and 8.00 snd no tips shower. I delivered to a customer today who said she didn’t like it because it only gives a choice of 10-15–20 dollars. And she can’t customize her tip like she use to. We have customers that aren’t able to pay that much but would like to tip. You need to make it so they can add their own tip. Also I like to check my pay each night and when the tips come in they don’t show the trip # anymore it gives you the order number and we have to go they all the past orders to find it. Can you change it back or st least as the trip number. Thank you
  • App works but the metrics for drivers are a joke 1/5

    By WayJayK
    The metrics are literally a joke unless you cheat. It’s the only way. Customer service drops for the driver if the store picked a substitute they do not care for or are out of a product or item. And, if you receive the order and it is already late, the customer assumes it’s because of you and not the store. Also, you can get the same order multiple times and reject it and still get it back. I counted 18 times after rejecting it and it dropped my acceptance from 80% to 28% in a weekend! They refuse to fix it. It was a store 30 min away for $7 with 4 cases of water on top floor of a 3 level apartment bldg with absolutely no tip. I was told by customer service if I cancel an order because the app isn’t working properly that it wouldn’t count against me. I canceled one, just one, and it put my drop rate at 8% when it was 0. How is that possible? Quite frustrating.
  • Bad economy 1/5

    By edick177
    The application under its performance, maintains drivers with a base payment of $6 per hour, maximum $9 per hour. the tips do not add them to you. they do not take into account the age or delivery history to offer you better offers in the future ...
  • Never get back to you 1/5

    By 877hashggrdd
    Applied 2.5 months ago. No reply. Have reached out to customer service 3 separate times. No reply. Poor communication on their part. Not even a follow up email.
  • Evil, manipulative, barely functioning. 1/5

    By BSDudeMan
    Ive been driving spark for a year now. At first it was good. The app sent out great orders. We call this the “love bombing phase” then after a month, they send you straight trash. Orders from Walmarts in another state, but are still somehow in your “zone”. Lol Don’t bother calling to block stores. The reps will only lie and say that they sent the request. In reality, they do nothing. Yup, my Gf just got accepted into spark today. I watched as her phone blew up with incredible orders ($40-$50 orders.) meanwhile, I literally got nothing. NO ORDERS at all!!!! Insane. So, is the strategy just to keep bringing in more and more suckers until the market is so saturated it’s not good for anyone? When will you understand that a BAD order is a BAD order! Bringing more people in is not going to get someone to take the bad orders. I know it’s all a part of your manipulation scheme. Make people fight the impossible battle of getting their acceptance rating up. Good luck. Spark, you seriously make me sick. Evil wicked company.
  • Mal programada esta aplicación 1/5

    By ralph021973
    Es la peor aplicación de entrega para trabajar y el soporte técnico no resuelve en la mayoría de los casos ningún problema, en mi opinión particular no se los recomiendo a nadie
  • App Issues and offer issues 1/5

    By The bottmless pit
    Spark is going down hill. Offers are extremely low and there is no good incentives when it first started. They are also unfair on sending offers. I have waited over six hours at Walmart waiting to get an offer and I haven’t gotten anything. On the other hand, I see the same two drivers getting six offers while I am waiting. Their system is stupid. If anyone who has brain who running the system would rather give priority to someone who is already at the store. It’s a waste of time and effort. People are not motivated like they used to. Spark needs to reform. If the system allows me to give them 0 zero, I definitely would. The main reason is because customer service doesn’t want to escalate the situation and they always come with a robotic answer. Never helpful.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Sal01234
    App crashes when doing a shop and delivery. Then support tells me to cancel the order and I don’t get paid for driving and shopping here. Happened twice already
  • BUGGGG 1/5

    By msnsnsnsja
    So I’m trying to sign up and no matter how many types of variations i come up with meeting all criteria for a password it still will not allow me to sign up which is infuriating.
  • Spark Rocks 5/5

    By SWW1224
    Great app, great way to make money- fantastic driver services if you need help. Been doing this for a year and still love it. I only wish they’d do an update so I can get notifications through apple CarPlay- otherwise it works really well!
  • They’ll deactivate your account whenever they feel like it 1/5

    By davesave20
    They’ll deactivate without any reasons/warnings or anything and will absolutely not provide any reason. It’s messed up Spark. Stop it
  • 3 stars but could be 5!!!!!!! 3/5

    By DTC1031
    All my other gig apps allow me to cash out when I want minus the turnaround time for tips( this is understandable). This feature allows me to take my FT job’s paycheck and only use it for bills the rest is saved. If I want to have disposable income I must side hustle. I absolutely love delivering for spark but I can’t no where near as much as I would like because I have to wait to get paid weekly, please make this feature available even for a fee is acceptable. Thanks and keep the spark lit!
  • Terrible now that Walmart owns entire service 1/5

    By Usedtoenjoyspark
    Used to pay really well. Walmart took over spark completely from DDI and now it’s terrible. Cut delivery pay and offers are a joke now. Also, they deactivate you for no reason and will not provide reason ever. Shady company.
  • Not fair to drivers 4/5

    By me1971Tm
    Not enough time to pick up and deliver due to order not ready and then your order is late and goes towards your metrics and the pickers packets put entirely to much in one bag and the bag rips or falls out and the way they put it in your car stiff on top of bread not good makes me not get a tip or a good review
  • Watch out 2/5

    By LilasNana20
    Do you know that if a customer or a loader, manager gives you a bad review or just doesn’t like you they can deactivate your account and you never ever get a reason why. You can’t read your customers reviews. Walmart never gets back to you with a reason. You just lose your income. And can never apply again. They steal your tips. It’s horrible.
  • No respect for drivers 1/5

    By loasedrtftib
    Walmart has no respect for the drivers on their platform. They allow rampant tip baiting and of nothing to protect drivers or address the horrible customers who do this. Pay on this app consistently drops. Used to be really good but now just a race to the bottom.