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Spark Driver

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  • Current Version: 3.20.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spark Driver App

With the Spark Driver app, you can deliver orders, or shop and deliver orders, for Walmart and other businesses. All you need is a car, a smartphone, and insurance. After you’ve completed the enrollment process (including a background check), you will be notified when your local zone has availability. You’ll then receive details for accessing the Spark Driver™ app. BE YOUR OWN BOSS As an independent contractor, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of working around your own schedule. You can shop and deliver, or only deliver, as little or as often as you like. EARN MONEY Making money is easy because you earn each time you complete a shopping or delivery order. Plus, you always keep 100% of confirmed customer tips. Incentive programs and referral offers give you the opportunity to earn even more! EASY TO USE After you’ve accepted a trip, the app helps you every step of the way — from navigating to the store, to helping you find items in your shopping trip, to delivering to a customer’s location. For more information about the Spark Driver app, you can visit

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Spark Driver app reviews

  • It’s okay 3/5

    By KingLewieV
    The money is somewhat decent for a side hustle but the most frustrating thing is the tips. Why do they give people 24hrs to adjust their tips? I had one order that was 19 miles away and the tip was originally $24, then it was adjusted down to $3 by the recipient the next day. That should not be an option. That was a HUGE waste of time, money, and gas.
  • Pay. 1/5

    By Take care of your Drivers
    You guys have turn this app into crap. Low offers and can barely make money to even pay for maintenance and gas. You have drastically cut the pay down to $7 on some delivery in just 6 month.
  • Constant issues 1/5

    By Zephyr6126
    The app is constantly being updated but when it is, it fixes one problem then causes another. The stores are left out of the loop as to what’s been updated and changed for us drivers so they think it’s our fault that we all show up at the same time instead of us having the 5 minutes window to check in at :40 after the hour for our orders. The base pay has gone down drastically and Walmart allows the customers to alter their tip amount for 24 hrs after the order is complete so us drivers get tip baited entirely too often. We pretty much get 1 offer an hour and if our batch order pays out $6.50, you’re pretty much getting paid $6.50 an hour which is ridiculous. Spark needs to hire a whole new IT department to fix this app and the way offers are distributed. It’s a constant battle hoping the app is working properly day to day.
  • Horrible process 1/5

    By fgjffdghi
    You’re at the mercy of them and it’s really counterproductive and doesn’t make any sense that they just don’t submit all the orders available and let you choose because as a driver we know best what’s the best order for us to take so it makes no sense them sending us random orders and driving us with an acceptance rate that also is never accurate. That’s the other thing, the metrics mean nothing because they are not accurate and they do not calculate correctly they are not going to last long if they don’t change their processes, giving drivers random orders that they have to except even though they’re nowhere is near the store is completely counterproductive to the customer driver and for Spark and they don’t seem to care all they ever say is oh it’s all automated, blah blah blah and yeah we know it’s automated, but it’s automatic based off of the wrong criteria they are putting in the system.

    By $Mr6012018
    Hello I have been a good driver since day 1 started last October and I have done 500 deliveries and they not hard the hard part is people behind the scenes pretty much treated you less than human and pretty much controlling how you make money…and the most disturbing part is I have literally been calling,begging and pleading to get paid..I have received my earnings that I worked for going into 2weeks now…this is a warning to others…I haven’t been paid from this app going into 2 weeks now so you might wanna think about that before you decide to wanna deliver for Spark App
  • Low pay.. they call you a business owner lol 1/5

    By Arod88atl
    Pay and offers are getting to the point where it’s not worth it anymore.. I keep getting offers for 2 or more deliveries for $7 and on top of that they want you to wait an hour to pick it up. Example: you accept the offer at 4pm, you have to wait until 4:45 pm to arrive at the store, then another 20 mins or more to be loaded. I have all green ratings too. It’s awful.
  • Can’t Login 1/5

    By SHebear1980
    I applied and tried to login and it keeps saying it’s the wrong password and when I try to reset it, I can’t because of another error message!
  • Me encanta este trabajo 5/5

    By elimatos
    Amo hacer este trabajo, tengo ya mucha experiencia en Delivery y este es el q mas me ha gustado
  • Too many drivers 4/5

    By Royce23948
    I actually love sparking the money is great as a side hustle. Two things-I feel like they should limit the amount of drivers based on orders. MANY times I jump on in the morning and there’s about 5 orders, great it’s going to be a great day but nope because once you deliver that hot one it’s crickets. Also I wish they would allow us to take another order when we’re almost to delivery of our last order. It would keep the motivation going if I knew I had another order in the queue.
  • Driver 5/5

    By Carmel bronze
    I absolutely love driving for spark
  • Discrimination 1/5

    By Prophetic7
    Systemic discrimination against black drivers has been in effect since 9:00 a.m., with only one driver receiving offers while the others have received many offers.
  • Wait time 4/5

    By Justsayingitnow
    It is a very good app. All have thing that can be tweaked. If an order is ready, go ahead and get it out instead of having us wait another 15 mins for that :45 mark. Sometimes we have to wait an additional 15 minutes or so.
  • App has gone to crap 1/5

    By mas1284
    You know it’s not worth it when the people loading your car make more than you. Walmart should be absolutely ashamed of the way they treat their drivers. This isn’t dropping Jessica off a cheeseburger at work it’s delivering hundreds of dollars in groceries to families. They pretty much let anyone on the app anymore. So the market is over saturated. Dedicated drivers that have 1000s of deliveries and perfect metrics don’t get priority over anything. It really makes it hard to build customer relationships because of this. They basically steal from us every chance they get heavy pay extra effort pay don’t exist anymore tips are coming in smaller or not there from customers that I know tip. Honestly I see another class action lawsuit in there future. Soon! You know it’s bad when you can make more working for 2$ Tony.
  • Spark driver - 5/5

    By Louise Kay3
    Started in October , haven’t worked since the pandemic happened and I was falling behind in bills and my parents were helping me because I am a single mother. I couldn’t work a regular job due to schedule needs. Nobody to watch my children that I could trust. So I decided to sign up for this app that I was recommended through another driver since I was a doordasher . Ever since then , I LOVE it! It’s flexible and I love how I get paid weekly so then I won’t spend my money so fast. You can make good money. Better than working at fast food joints. I love that I can spend time with my kids more . I drop them off on the bus or school , I wait for them at the bus stop. I love it. Thank you!! For this so much!
  • More help 3/5

    By Kayla418248
    The Walmart employees in the store need more help getting curbside orders together.
  • Mostly good 4/5

    By Folloe the rules
    The app has been really good considering. It would be nice to have an option during in store pick up, to be able to drop/cancel an order for crazy ticketing mix ups at the store that get me hung up at times. Also it seems like like I don’t have a way of contacting the customer. It’d be great to have things of this sort ironed out in the near future.
  • Not good so far 5/5

    By Ana Na Mouse
    I can’t even sign up. Every time I click sign up, I get an error message. Over & over again
  • Pick up time 3/5

    By Mandi1994
    Tengo +600 viajes completados. La aplicación ha pasado por varios cambios, pero actualmente no entiendo por qué si la orden está lista y ya yo estoy en el walmart tengo que esperar al pickup time, eso es pérdida de tiempo. También ha disminuido la cantidad de órdenes.
  • Spark 5/5

    By andriod phone rule
    Anyone else notice that 4+ yr old can used this app 🤣🤣🤣👍
  • Help 1/5

    By Mdor112576
    I can login to ddiwork but it won’t let me in spark It won’t let me recover anything either
  • Greatest Experience 5/5

    By ChynaRed77
    I am having the greatest experience. I never used an app like it. I am loving the Spark deliveries
  • Customer Support 1/5

    By Sporty_Mom_Texas
    I have tried to log into the account I created and keep getting an error message. Sent several messages for support and NO RESPONSE!!
  • Acceptance rating… 3/5

    By Threelittlepeas
    Spark is much better than any other shopping app I’ve tried in the past, but when I reject an order and you send me the same order 4 more times, it should not affect my acceptance rate. A rejected order should not show up again.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mrs Parker9
    Even though the app lags a bit (probably from usage in the area) by far this is the best app in my area making you real money!!!! The process is lengthy but well worth the wait…
  • Doesn’t Work! 1/5

    By mozo_king14
    I know my email and my password is correct, but it keeps saying it’s wrong and when I go to send a code to my email to change the password it gives me an error!
  • I love it 5/5

    By btgggh
    Love this app great for extra money
  • Yo 1/5

    By manuel0606
    Pu… ladrones
  • Tip baiting 3/5

    By Jdoubleu1979
    Stop allowing customers to adjust tips for so long. Limit the time to 2-4 hours or none at all. Also, give back the ability to swipe 3 times and force location.
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By Brii1213
    I have called them they gave me 5 different phone numbers to contact gave me the run around told them what the issue was and not one of them 5 phone numbers were able to help then told me that they couldn’t find my name number or email was register to any account I just deleted the app called it a lost cause cause they were no help to fixing the issue. Don’t waste your time with them.
  • Great to be here 5/5

    By kazmyazz
    I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with Spark!!!
  • Will drop drivers for no reason 1/5

    By MandaLynnC
    I am a loyal, highly rated driver. Got to know the employees that worked at the walmarts I drove for very well. One day while on a delivery my account was randomly deactivated and I was dropped as a driver for literally no reason. I’ve never had a complaint, always on time, safe driver. Trying to reach out to get my account restored and was told no. For again, no legitimate reason. I will never ever ever support walmart or any of their entities if thats how they treat employees. They cant even give a valid reason as to why I am in the middle of a delivery day and my account gets shut off. I used this platform as my sole income due to being a stay at home mom to a toddler with medical needs. This was the way I could support my family and walmart cant even give me the respect to give me a reason they dropped me.
  • Low pay 1/5

    By Leon062319
    DDI payed more than Walmart. On $1,000 order my friend did , Walmart only payed $8 and the customer tip well. Walmart doesn’t pay good for stops we have to rely on the customer to make a decent pay and if the customer don’t tip Walmart won’t pay good .
  • Developers. Help! 1/5

    By xplodingthunder
    Since the identity verification update I have been having issues with the app. I can not get the app to send me the sms short text for verification. It worked the first week. Had issues the second but 4-5 days not being able to sign in to work, and it finally sent one. I didn’t try last week, but it’s doing it again and I’m ready to work. Please respond to this. Also I have done everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to get this to work on my end. Also, I do get short code texts for verification with other companies. The last time it worked was after multiple contacts between the support center, which doesn’t offer much help at all, but I deleted the app for several hours (which I’ve already tried this time to no avail) reinstalled, logged in and submitted for the code, and it finally sent to me. MUST get this working ASAP.
  • Yes 5/5

    By peepedtouch
    Thank you
  • Spark 5/5

    By cdbtim
    I love the app it’s very helpful and simple to navigate
  • Shop and deliver can use some improvement 5/5

    By Adhammo
    Noticed sometimes S&D orders end up shopped but seems when picking items are not
  • Terrible App 4/5

    By DrverXYZ
    Don’t accept any Sam’s club order, thank me later
  • Love spark drive 5/5

    By Yaxo’s
    The best way to make money. Thanks
  • Unreal 2/5

    By Brady2016
    This is used to be a fun and promising gig. It’s turned into a big joke. Offers being reduced after completion, multiple repeat offers popping up after they have been delivered, not getting paid correctly. Support not supported. Don’t waste your time signing up.
  • 1/5

    By LayBackWithLay
    They have fake customer support
  • Continued frustration 2/5

    By ughchuck
    I an only able to check in when my delivery starts such is frustrating as I don't want to register as late. It would only make sense to allow me to check in as soon as I arrive to begin the next delivery immediately. Additionally it would be nice for an order I have refused to not reappear and count as multiple refusal for the same order. And finally, orders apear and disappear within a second. These issues are increasingly frustrating
  • Deactivated 1/5

    By 2sweet I guess
    I have been with them since May of 22 orders started getting slow around August once school started back I was cleaning a easy 1000 I love this but now for some reason they deactivated my account I had to file a Appel idk what happen
  • Spark 5/5

    By TnSteel
    No issues . I’m glad to be a spark driver
  • Current driver 5/5

    By jojofarnendez
    App could be better plus people should tip cuz gas is super high other than best gig over
  • Multiple batch orders 3/5

    By Gloeharvey
    I feel as drivers, we should be able to put deliveries in whatever sequence we want to deliver them because a lot of times the sequence doesn’t make sense.
  • Best job! 5/5

    By OwnLaneYaasir
    I love spark!
  • Great app and workspace 5/5

    By Simoneyzs
    Love the app as a whole. Very intuitive and keeps you in the loop. Sometimes notifications maybe brief for gig changes so keep your eyes peeled. Overall 10 out of 10 and it gives me the workspace freedom to work as and when I want to on slow days from my other job. Some days are slow, some are slammed. Just go with the flow!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Yannick koko
    The best App ever
  • Constant crashes and less offers! 2/5

    By 🖕🏾udd
    The app constantly crashes where sometimes it won’t show that I completed the trip, I’m not paid and I’m not receiving any offers while this is happening because it’s still showing trip in progress on there end. Support is not always support as they don’t always know how to solve the problem. Offers were also a whole lot better when I first started doing it, I think that’s there way of getting people to invite others on the platform. Maybe they’ll fix the issues maybe they won’t!