Spark - Email App by Readdle

Spark - Email App by Readdle

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  • Current Version: 2.5.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Readdle Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spark - Email App by Readdle App

Spark is the best personal email client and a revolutionary email for teams. You will love your email again! "Best of the App Store" - Apple "It's a combination of polish, simplicity, and depth" - FastCompany "You can create an email experience that works for you" - TechCrunch **Beautiful and Intelligent Email App** We are building the future of email. Modern design, fast, intuitive, collaborative, seeing what’s important, automation and truly personal experience that you love - this is what Spark stands for. **Farewell to Busy Inbox** Smart Inbox lets you quickly see what's important in your inbox and clean up the rest. All new emails are smartly categorized into Personal, Notifications and Newsletters. **Discuss email privately** Invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads. Ask questions, get answers, and keep everyone in the loop. **Create email together** For the first time ever, collaborate with your teammates using real-time editor to compose professional emails. **Schedule emails to be sent later** Schedule emails to be sent when your recipient is most likely to read them. It works even if your device is turned off. **Snooze That One For Later** Snooze an email and get back to it when the time is right. Snoozing works across all your Apple devices. **Find Any Email In An Instant** Powerful, natural language search makes it easy to find that email you're looking for. Just search the way you think and let Spark do the rest. **Get Notified About Important Emails Only** Smart Notifications filter out the noise, letting you know when an email is important, saving you from notification overload. **Powerful Integrations** Integrate Spark into your workflow and take productivity to the next level. Supports Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and more. **Built-in calendar** A full-featured calendar works right in your email to help you always be on top of your schedule. Create events easily using natural language. **Create links to email** Create secure links to a specific email or conversation. Share the link on Slack, Skype, CRM, or any other medium so your team can see it and collaborate around it. **Sign Off With A Swipe** Before you send an email, quickly swipe to choose the right signature for the occasion. **Email with Emotion** Quick Replies get the point across with just a tap. Love, like or acknowledge an email in an instant. **Email Never Looked This Good** That terrible mess in your inbox is now replaced it with a beautiful, threaded message design. **A Truly Personal Experience** Customize Spark to work as you do. You decide which swipes do what, what cards are shown, and how many emails you want to see. You’ll love your email again! If you need us, you can always find us at [email protected]

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Spark - Email App by Readdle app reviews

  • Probably the best Mail Client for Mac/iOS 5/5

    By BeauBranson
    I used to use Airmail for its various features, but the quality / stability was degrading, then they finally switched to subscription, even for those of us who already paid. I don't like to switch apps often, but after quite a bit of research, Spark seemed like the best option. And it's worked out just as well or better for me than Airmail was. I have had very few issues with it, and would recommend.
  • Fastest way to get to inbox zero 5/5

    By inthehudson
    The ability to archive all read messages helps me keep my inbox tidy. I love Spark. The integration with reminder apps is stellar. The integration with PDFExpert makes it so easy to add a digital signature to a document and reattach the signed document with a few clicks. So much love for Spark.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By HuaTham
    Spark consistently takes 50 GB of RAM (yes, 50!) on my Mac and now it's completely unusable because it forces my Mac to run out of application memory. This happens multiple times a day over the past two weeks. Reinstalling Spark doesn't help. A promised update 2.5.7 hasn't come in weeks. Will only update the rating once this is fixed.
  • Best replacement to Apple Mail I have found 5/5

    By ShameseS
    I have been enjoying this app very much. All my emails are connected, and I don’t have any weird missed emails. In Mail, I felt I was not seeing some emails until hours later or at night when they had been sent early afternoon and slid in between. Since downloading, setup and use has been seamless and don’t think I need to go back to Apple Mail for any reason. Worth a shot if you haven’t tried it yet. Not sure if they have a phone app but I would try that, too if they do.
  • Best Email App EVER! 5/5

    By JS390
    I usually don't review anything, but this is the best email account ever. Now I don't get swamped with emails and I can use the smart inbox. I'm really happy I got this email app.
  • Best Email App I've Ever Used 5/5

    By Kiroking
    This is hands down the best email application I've ever used. It is so intuitive and has allowed me to get my email under control. Email felt archaic to me but with Spark it feels like a much newer technology.
  • Best Email Client Hands Down... 5/5

    By hikerspath
    So I have been a mac user since about 2001, but for a long time (till 2015) I was using Mac at home and Windows at work. Evernote was my go-to app for notes (and still is). Spark is my go-to app for email and I have recommended it countless times. Especially for people that don't yet have (or are considering alternative) chat platforms. For personal-use, it helped me move from 47000 emails in my inbox to inbox-zero in one month. I have waited a while to write in because I wanted to be out of the 'honeymoon' stage with the app, but it has held true and a fantastic resource. Keep up the good work!
  • The best email client for macOS 5/5

    By Rbern412
    Hands down one of the best email clients I have used. Way better than, outlook, Gmail, and the likes of many that have been around.
  • Great Application 5/5

    By Sensei Mui
    I’ve been having trouble getting Mac Email to show email content for months so I thought I’d try a 3rd party application and found Spark about a year ago. It works extremely well. Spark is a work horse that is reliable and easy to use. I use it for all my email work.
  • Love Spark 5/5

    By Gustavo G11
    Every time they make it better and I love that integrates to other applications. Love to be able to have template emails so I dont have to write the same email over and over again and to be able to schedule when I want that email to be sent.
  • Everything Apple Mail Should Be 5/5

    By Nefarious420
    This mail app is what Apple Mail should be. It makes it easy to keep the inbox clean and sync all accounts with one master id.
  • Crucial for sales teams 5/5

    By Coons7
    I work with a lot of entry level salespeople, and Spark is a crucial tool for us to discuss and share emails without engaging in dangerous internal forwarding. Also, the interface is simply better than default clients or browser-based clients.
  • Simply the best email app I've ever used. 5/5

    By StJimmyIIT
    Just use it.
  • A Great Email App that Works 5/5

    By PepinoNC
    I lost access tomy email with the Mac App. Spent all day troubleshooting it. Finally downloaded Spark and now have access to my emails.
  • Went from good to crap 1/5

    By Ongakugadaiskii
    The last update killed Spark. After removing and reinstalling and settign up my mail boxes, TWICE, I can not send mail. Spark is in an infinate loop "checkign for mail" Sad. Back to AppleMail
  • Bring All The Mail Into One Place! 5/5

    By UpHight
    This app has made reading my mail easy. It brings all my providers into one smart folder.
  • The Best 5/5

    By jeffjay
    I have tested a dozen email apps and by far, Spark works the best. From speed, features and amazing customer support, Spark works better than the rest. Especialy with the flawless sync with Mac and iOS devices.
  • best email client I've used 5/5

    By Jonathan Morgan
    Spark is stable, performs well even when many accounts are enabled in it, and is reliable (no refreshing it every few weeks or having mail suddenly stop sending without notice like Outlook for iOS). The only issue I've had with it is that mail lives on their servers, and so I can't/won't use it for truly sensitive email accounts, but I rely on it for my personal email on Mac and iOS.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Domosfault
    Works pretty good, i would download it again if i ever got a new computer.
  • Best email client I've used in 30 years of email 5/5

    By Stever777
    I'm very impressed with Spark. The Readdle team is at the top of their game when it comes to innovative features, and their support is pretty responsive. The delayed send, bounce-back-if-no-reply, seamless carrying over of settings between devices, etc. all make Spark a real joy to use. Their "smart inbox" is also an interesting idea. I find that its capabilities are a bit buggy (e.g. I can "pin" a message in an inbox and it won't then show up in the "pinned" section of my smart inbox), so in practice, I tend to stick with the regular inbox view. Spark talk to all the servers. I use it to manage 5 IMAP accounts for myself and various organizations, as well as an Exchange and an Outlook 365 account. Everything just works seamlessly. Customizable short and long swipes in both directions have let me customize my mail handling workflow, and their smart "Move to" almost always guesses the correct folder to move a message to. Very much UNLIKE other eamil programs that only get it right intermittantly. I'd love to know what their product roadmap has in store. They have an excellent track record of user-friendly, innovation that solves real problems.
  • I've tried 'em all, Spark is still the best 5/5

    By MacGregor68
    The best email client out there. Handles Gmail and Exchange with ease. Why pay premium prices for the Outlooks and Airmails of the world. Spark is so good.
  • Color Coordinating 2/5

    By nick121212121212121212
    There is no option to choose a different color when creating an event.
  • Best email client by far. 5/5

    By amc747
    I've been a Mac user since 1999, and there is no better email client than Spark. Mail has a lot to wish for. Spart ability to categorize, schedule, snooze are beyond any email client. I simply love it!!
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By chriSchaeffer
    The email app market is crowded but I'm so glad to have Spark steadily improving... for FREE! Amazing work.
  • Power Drain 1/5

    By Teacher1941
    Since this last update this application has been using a great space on my CPU, to wit, between 100 and 192. Please to explain. On the advice of the Apple Engineerin Staff I removed the applicaton. The improvement was immediate. I hope you solve this problem with a future update.
  • The Best 5/5

    By E, PharmD
    I really, really, like Spark and the continual improvements. So easy to organize in a way that works for me. Snoozing rocks. There are a lot of other features I've read about that I don't need at the moment but may utilize when the need arises. I'd be willing to pay for updates or for a subscription just to make sure this app doesn't fade away. Take my money!
  • Very Nice Alternative 5/5

    By iPhontastic
    Apple Mail on iPAd is good but Spark adds some real nice touches...
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By DavidSights
    This is a solid email app. If I could make one request, it'd be that, when you're moving emails from one account to a folder on another account, I wish it didn't lock up the app with a "loading" prompt. Please show the loading progress in a smaller part of the screen, and allow me to continue browsing other emails. This is how Apple's Mail app works, and it's one of the few things I like better than Spark.
  • AMAZING 5/5

  • Great Features and Clean UX 5/5

    By Mic Mohler
    I used to use Newton mail and when it went under I was incredibly sad. Then I found Spark and I wouldn't go back. This mail app is great and features like Smart Inbox to even the simple things and seeing a 10 message thread (easily) is just a WIN!
  • Smart Spark 5/5

    By mark burris
    Best email client I've ever used. More features, some that have helped me almost like email again. Pin feature alone is worth more than I've paid for Fantastical and Cardhop. Best thing about Spark is that it raises the bar on Apple Mail, which I used before and thought I liked just fine.
  • Doesn't support Office365 Authentication 2/5

    By Josh M
    Doesn't support modern authentication with Office365 accounts. Unable to use as two factor isn't supported.
  • Need More Customization 3/5

    By Someth1ng new
    I think this has a lot of good features, but right off the bat what I have trouble with is the inability to configure the window panes like I prefer. I like to be able to size the Folder list, the message list and the viewer panes all like I want. Also, I generally like to have the message list above the viewer. Also, I'd like to configure which columns appear in the message list and compress it all into one line per message. I like density and the ability to gain a good overview of what's awaiting me in a single glance with no scrolling.
  • Saved my email! 5/5

    By Plevant
    No more junk mail, once it learns what is what. Has saved me lots of time and annoyance! Thank you Spark!
  • Here's the thing... 4/5

    By Jay Vessel
    I love Spark! I truly do! But I've been having the STRANGEST glitch with the app for the past 2-3 months and only just recently realized what was triggering it! Typing the word "talk" causes my app to freeze and seize up! And since I work from home and book most of my meetings online, it's a word I type out quite often. I was excited because this latest update claimed to include "...some improvements based on your feedback," so I thought this issue might be addressed. But it wasn't. Bummer.
  • Flawless 5/5

    By metalbagg
    I've been using Spark Email for years. With over a dozen emails and hundreds of weekly messages, it has proven to be a reliable, highly efficient platfom for my needs. And the ability to "schedule" replies is a powerful feature I use daily. Highly recommended for any business owner.
  • This the email app you're looking for. 5/5

    By rynjwssl
    Spark is awesome. I use it on Mac, iPad, and my iPhone. Love it on all of them.
  • the first true statment - love the email again 5/5

    By J4vyR
    the best email client app and with the best features that I can ask for. Love it!!
  • Good enough to actually take the time to rate it 5/5

    By PullCatch
    I don't tend to write reviews, mostly because I'm lazy AF, and I just don't feel like it. That said, I like this Spark. He's some word vomit about my experience... I tend to be one of those people that, out of spite, and admittedly often to my detriment, am unwilling to use any of the productivity apps, whether it be for note collection, email consolidation with an email service provider, bujo, tasking, teaming/sharing tasks or events, document sharing & storage, etc. Well, technically, I'm ABLE to use them - I just don't want to. Remember? Lazy AF My issue is that there aren't any apps that I've found, that can solve every need I have. I just don't want to use 3 - 6 apps to manage everything I need to maange. Why can't I have just one? {Yes, I know - this should be the last of my or anyone's worries during this strange, other-worldy time we are currently experiencing with COVID-19.} So, assuming a future relevance, I'll continue... After years of resistance to signing up for any more productivity apps, I read the reviews for Spark and thought I'd give it a try. The impetus for considering Spark was largely driven by a specific Spark feature mentioned in one of its reviews - Spark allows for mass deletions with a decent amount of ease. Since Gmail does not have an easy way to wipe out multiple folders & their contents, I thought I'd give it a try. You might be asking to yourself, 'Why the H.E. double hockey sticks would you need to do that?'. Well, I'll tell you... this guy right here (Hi!) had a moment (perhaps serveral of them) of IMAP/POP idiocy and somehow managed to duplicate each of his Outlook & Gmail accounts in their entirety, several times over within the opposite email service provider. That is, in Outlook, I had my Gmail account duplicated ~7 times, and vice versa. Having A LOT of deleting to do, I signed up for Spark, to get started. It was a much more succesful endeavor in Spark, and I managed to save a significant amount of time using Spark's much more user friendly mass delete functionality to get my deletions executed. Funny thing happened as I was doing the deletions... as myriad folders and emails deleted out of my inboxes, I poked around Spark until I actually got EXCITED about its capabilities & integrations. It was a perfect solution to a 2 year tension between me and my partner. Not only that - when I showed him Spark, he was actually amenable to trying it out based on what he saw and the features Spark offers. We are both actively using Spark on a daily basis for email organization, tasking, filing, and sharing action items. Though it's not perfect, and I don't particularly like or have the patience for setting up the Smart inbox properly, I definitely LOVE the external app integration and collaboration features. I have found it incredibly easy to both task directly from an email in Todoist, send resource docs like tax & expense receipts, directly to Onenote, and store docs directly into OneDrive. The seamlessnes of integration has made managing the several other applications more bearable and certainly has become much more manageable. Well, tolerable. It's also helpful in the collaboration / teams realm. I'm easily able to send a link or pdf copy of an email to my partner either within Spark or by way of a task in Todoist, write messages or notes to one another on said email, and have really found a great deal of value in this feature. I know I'm barely scratching the surface of Spark's capabilities, but after the first 3 or 4 weeks of using Spark, I highly recommend giving this app a try. Whatever your productivity apps of choice are, Spark takes the cake for being one of the best email service providers that also integrates well with many productivity apps out there. I wasn't expecting anything from this app, other than a quick means to an end to delete the endless inboxes & folders. Lo and behold, I stumbled on something that will work for me (& my partner!) until someone develops my dream app that gives me the all-in-one solution I've always wanted. Probably never gonna happen, but we can all have dreams, right? Clearly - it's the simple things... Clearly - I'm a little over-zealous about Spark... But, hey, when it works, it works... And... guess what? It works.
  • This app is awesome! 5/5

    By bbishop2003
    I have over 8 emails for different organizations I am a part of, and until Spark I was logged into each Gmail portal in 8 different tabs! Spark made it easy to manage all of my emails, signatures, and you can customize every aspect of every account seamlessly. I logged in on my phone and it took all of my settings with it as well! Highly reccomend!
  • Cannot Recommend Spark Enough 5/5

    By Mootka
    Clean, efficient way to combine all my inboxes together. Everything is very organized and helps me keep track of all the important things that are going on
  • You Need email receipts 4/5

    By meintassis
    Its athe perfect email app. I have been using different apps over time free and paid. Seriously this is the best email app, but there is one future that makes a huge difference. THAT IS THE EMAIL RECEIPT GUYS COME ON YOU CAN DO IT!
  • Better than Apple MacOS Email Client in so many ways 5/5

    By Rick G
    After decades of using Apple email clients I moved to using Spark - it has made my interaction with a large volume (100/day) of email so much more effective. The developers are really trying to listen / innovate. The client is also well executed. Give it a try on MacOS and iOS. That is what I did and after 1 month I moved completely to Spark from the Apple native apps.
  • Great email client 5/5

    By Acudoc
    I’d been using MacMail for years…decades really, mainly as a default because it comes with the Mac and because I rarely customize my computers. However, after moving to Gsuite for my business I need something that would allow me to access the power of my Gmail without having to be logged into the internet. That’s when I found Spark. I’m not sure how they do this for free. I’d be happy to pay for it. I’ve not looked back. I love Spark!
  • Best Email Client, packed with features and customizations 5/5

    By AP the MD
    Clearly a well thought out email client packed with easy to use features, best search function, and user friendly GUI on my iphone and mac air.
  • Just a great emil app 5/5

    By SmallTimePastor
    I couldn't be happier with Spark. I've got it on my iMac, Mini, Macbook, iPad and iPhone. Everything syncs seemlessly and immediately. Love the unified inbox, as I have multiple accounts, so I can view them all at once or individually. 5 stars!
  • Tried Them All! Spark Is The Best by Far! 5/5

    By walsh+logic
    I tried at least a dozen different email apps always wanting to find the the best of the best. Everytime I load an app beliving it to better I always, always, always return to Spark. This is the last time. Save yourself the aggravation and load it, use it!
  • Best Multi Platform / Multi Account Mail App Ive Used 5/5

    By TheRealAstrid
    I will preface this with that i am only 15 and do not have a lot of experience but i have had experience with a couple mail clients (gmail web app, outlook for desktop, mailbird, MacOS Mail) and they have all had atleast one problem that has made them unuseable for me. I love this app, it syncs my school email, my icloud, my gSuite email, and my work email (zoho) across my mac, my ipad, my iphone, and my apple watch. Its amazing, AND ITS FREE! I also love the sync calendar feature. This has made me more productive in school and has also made me better at replying to my emails because of the SMART INBOX feature. I would highly recomend and i believe you should try this app out 10/10
  • Certain things... 5/5

    By /\/obody
    Mac user. I've always used the normal Email client on mac, as well as sometimes using Outlook (for work). And overall, the basic idea and the basic things remain the same in every email client. The thing that differentiates Spark is the details: send later, signatures, quick replies, sorting, smart/classic, templates, send reminders. 100% would reccomend.

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