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Spark - Email App by Readdle App

Spark brings the best email experience for professionals and their teams. Effortless, beautiful and collaborative. "Best of the App Store" - Apple "It's a combination of polish, simplicity, and depth" - FastCompany "You can create an email experience that works for you" - TechCrunch **Beautiful and Intelligent Email App** We are building the future of email. Modern design, fast, intuitive, collaborative, seeing what’s important, automation and truly personal experience that you love - this is what Spark stands for. **Dark Mode** We've carefully selected the colors to help you work better at night and save battery life. Select the Dark or a truly Black mode in Personalization settings > Appearance. It’s available for all iOS Spark users. **Farewell to Busy Inbox** Smart Inbox lets you quickly see what's important in your inbox and clean up the rest. All new emails are smartly categorized into Personal, Notifications and Newsletters. **Discuss email privately** Invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads. Ask questions, get answers, and keep everyone in the loop. **Create email together** For the first time ever, collaborate with your teammates using real-time editor to compose professional emails. **Schedule emails to be sent later** Schedule emails to be sent when your recipient is most likely to read them. It works even if your device is turned off. **Snooze That One For Later** Snooze an email and get back to it when the time is right. Snoozing works across all your Apple devices. **Find Any Email In An Instant** Powerful, natural language search makes it easy to find that email you're looking for. Just search the way you think and let Spark do the rest. **Get Notified About Important Emails Only** Smart Notifications filter out the noise, letting you know when an email is important, saving you from notification overload. **Powerful Integrations** Integrate Spark into your workflow and take productivity to the next level. Supports Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and more. **Built-in calendar** A full-featured calendar works right in your email to help you always be on top of your schedule. Create events easily using natural language. **Create links to email** Create secure links to a specific email or conversation. Share the link on Slack, Skype, CRM, or any other medium so your team can see it and collaborate around it. **Sign Off With A Swipe** Before you send an email, quickly swipe to choose the right signature for the occasion. **Email with Emotion** Quick Replies get the point across with just a tap. Love, like or acknowledge an email in an instant. **Email Never Looked This Good** That terrible mess in your inbox is now replaced it with a beautiful, threaded message design. **A Truly Personal Experience** Customize Spark to work as you do. You decide which swipes do what, what cards are shown, and how many emails you want to see. You’ll love your email again! If you need us, you can always find us at [email protected]

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Spark - Email App by Readdle app reviews

  • Simply the best 5/5

    By StopHittingMeDad
    Better than all the rest
  • Best email client! 5/5

    By izayya
    Spark is by far the best email client I’ve used! I have tried a lot of different email client apps and Spark is continuously the one I got back to. The support for multi devices is amazing and their support in general is great! They regularly update and have a ton of great premium features. Also it’s free! You can’t beat it! Some things I’d like to see improved. If the integrated calendar gave me more options like week view or month view (on iOS) that would be awesome. Also I use gmail labels/folders a lot with work so if I got new emails in those labels it would be nice to have a notification of some kind to know or view them. Gmail label/folder support would be great in general. Thanks you for this amazing app and keep up the good work!
  • Bad 1/5

    By 1-Disgruntled Customer!
    This app is completely useless if I cannot read my emails on them after opening. When I go to open an email it hangs long then ends up freezing my phone. This email app I wanted to love again but time and time again has proven this to be very frustrating and time consuming/ wasting my time with this. BACK TO OUTLOOK I GO! AT LEAST THAT DIDNT FREEZE ON ME AND LOADED MY EMAIL ON A TIMELY MANNER!! Also crashes too still.
  • Needs ability to clear cache 3/5

    By DailyUberUser
    Love the app overall and have been using it for years on my iPhone, iPad and most recently MacBook Air. The major flaw is that you cannot empty the cache without deleting the app and setting it up again. My iPhone has over 1GB in Documents & Data and no easy way to get rid of it.
  • Mark as Spam never, ever works. 1/5

    By RustyShacklef0rd
    The Mark as Spam function never works. I really liked using this app for years now, but I’m moving on to another that actually does what it says it does.
  • Privacy policy 3/5

    By Caldwellone
    Make sure you read it. It’s pretty vague when it comes to weather or not they are accessing storing your e-mails. My guess is they are lookin at every single one of them.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Nick Squared
    I’ve used this app for TOO long. I don’t always get emails I have to log directly into the account in order to see I’ve missed them. It’s screwing with my business. Need to find a better spp
  • Excellent AAAAAAA [email protected]@ 5/5

    By Feanjose2004
    After spending several hours and looking for what would be the most comfortable application to see my emails (mainly Gmail) and it was compatible with my Apple Watch, I found it. He does everything he has to do to have organized in different accounts, but the unexpected thing is that you can put the avatar and photos of the emails that are your contacts and that you have photos of emails, if not he automatically searches for the company avatar I sent you, Example: Home Depot, Chase, Sears, etc. It is incredible Excellent.
  • Avatars have gone nuts 2/5

    By tango17592
    Sometimes they are there... Sometimes they aren’t.
  • I want to love my email, but Spark isn’t up to the task 2/5

    By EggsWithKetchup
    I was a Spark user since the first day it was released. Unfortunately, I decided yesterday to abandon Spark and return to the stock Mail app. When Spark works, it’s awesome. Accounts, signatures, swipe gestures, and pretty much every aspect of the email reader you could imagine are synced across accounts. You can send emails later, use rich text formatting, create templates for recurring emails, and much more. Spark is a powerful email client. It’s major pitfalls are horrendous sync reliability and an interface that doesn’t feel at home on modern iOS. Between these issues, the sync trouble turned me away from Spark. Accounts sometimes fail to sync, causing my inbox to remain filled with unread or deleted messages. There’s no rhyme or reason to the error, it just happens - one minute everything works, the next nothing does. It’s infuriating. An email app cannot he successful if it doesn’t sync emails well. Please work to fix! If you can fix sync, I’ll come back. I’ve already reached out to support a couple of times and I haven’t gotten a response.
  • Yes I once again love email 5/5

    By jeanejo
    My emails held me hostage. Dealing with six different emails (home, a business, employer and non-profit plus others to help manage the onslaught) felt as if a hornets nest was in my brain. 24/7. Now I have butterflies and hummingbirds humming. Nice. Spark is “swipe” simple, categorizes, and most importantly gives me flexibility on which boxes I see automatically. The key to Swipe (for me) is it doesn’t allow me to categorize/organize into oblivion (who REALLY needs 12 different colors of flags?). I no longer waste time making my system better. I use it as is and my emails are read, pinned, moved or viewed later. Done.
  • Best Email App 5/5

    By Madrn7768
    I have tried many of the email apps offered in App Store, and I keep coming back to Spark! It’s easy navigation, perfect placement of function tabs make this email client is simply a joy to use! I cannot recommend this app enough. From power users to just a perfect replacement for Apple’s Mail App, this is the app you have to try! The team is always improving the apps function and it’s FREE! Also, with its Team option this is a perfect weapon for business and collaboration with colleagues.
  • Good app, but doesn’t feel super “native” 4/5

    By AvavR
    The functionality of the app is fantastic, and I think he support is first-rate too. My main issue with the app, though, is that it doesn’t feel particularly iOS-ey. A good example of this is the new iPadOS mouse/trackpad support. Scrolling around doesn’t work, but neither does clicking and dragging. Same goes with side swiping to act on emails. I know that that’s a new feature that was dropped without much notice, but I think that’s indicative of the fact that interacting with the app in general feels like every component was custom written. The result is beautiful and functional, but doesn’t quite /feel/ right. Regardless, I still recommend it!
  • Turned Sour 1/5

    By Teacher1941
    I installed the iMac version and all was great until a recent update. It was pulling so much power from my system everything slowed to a halt. On the advice of the Apple engineers I was perforce compelled to remove it.
  • Just started 4/5

    By Dkac
    After recent years OS update does not work. Get a blank screen. Please fix.
  • Best email app since Mailbox was retired, but 4/5

    By To Truly Know
    Major problem when deleting multiple emails: the app regularly freezes up & at times I have to delete & reinstall ( what a headache). So many ways to see, delay notifications and ease of use in every way in Sparks Mail app. I'm do glad Sparks was there for me when Mailbox app was retired. Thanks, Sparks🎀
  • 3 steps from perfect 5/5

    By ORHobbes
    The is by far the best email I’ve ever used. I can process 5-10 emails at a time, set reminders, send later, etc. But there are 3 issues that continue to frustrate me... 1) No native iOS calendar integration. The only option to pull in calendar events is if you sync your calendar with an email service. I do not. My calendar is only on my phone and iCloud, and I’m not giving out my iCloud log in credentials for obvious security reasons. Every other app, including Readdle’s own Calendars app, has the ability to integrate with the native iOS calendar and Reminders app without having to sync your calendar to an email service. So why can’t Spark? 2) Marking emails as Spam, Junk, or Safe in the app does not update’s filters. So emails will continue to get filtered incorrectly even after you have manually updated them in Spark. So this feature is nearly useless, as you still have to go update the filters manually. 3) No Unsubscribe feature. Other emails apps have Unsubscribe features built in so you can remove yourself from mailing lists. But in Spark, you have to do that manually inside each email one at a time. Despite those 3 frustrations, it’s still the best I’ve found. But if they would ever fix these 3 problems, I would love checking email again.
  • Keeps marking 100s of emails as unread randomly 2/5

    By Hassaan22
    Hey, I love the app and have been a power user for years, but this issue is starting to really frustrate me and becoming a deal breaker. I have my iPhone, iPad and MacBook with spark. My iPhone and MacBook I use all the time and it perfectly syncs together. My iPad I don’t use that often and sometimes it’s not connected to WiFi at all for weeks at a time. And that also means I don’t sometimes open spark for months at a time (even if iPad is connected to WiFi) When I finally go and open spark on my iPad after a long time, it thinks all emails from the last time I opened spark on iPad to currently, all emails are “New”. So I have 400+ emails as unread. Then when I go to my iPhone or MacBook, my iPad has synced that ALL those emails are unread and now I have 400+ emails marked as unread on all devices It’s the worst. Please fix this
  • Attachment Handling 4/5

    This really is a great email app. The only area it shows weakness is it’s inability to deal with attachments. PDF files etc. it just shows them as win mail.dat files. I have to keep GMail app installed so I can retrieve attachments.
  • Awesome App But no Notification Sync 3/5

    By ecruz04
    I never get the notification, so I always have to open to check my new emails :/ .... please fix that.
  • No Notification Badges Is a Problem 3/5

    By MJ.Gilbert
    I love this app on both my iPhone & Macbook. I like being able to communicate with my team on an email through comments, and I love the look of it. My gripe is the lack of notification badges. It’s worked in the past, but now it’s broken. I can’t see how many emails, if any, I have waiting for me. I have to physically go into the app each time I want to check on my email. I have all of my notification settings turned on and I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the app multiple times, which is such a pain. Nothing has worked. Please fix this.
  • release a spark lite version 4/5

    By p4prik4
    I only use email client app for ease of sharing things. 60 mb or less i use's webmail
  • Errant new mail count 3/5

    By Mmoor07
    Love this app in every way except one. Please fix the errant new mail count in iOS. It’s getting worse with every new release. I read my new mail but the badge count stays the same or even increases! Easily a five-star app once you finally fix this. Using an XR with the latest iOS release.
  • Hit and Miss 2/5

    By ImaigngInsider
    Spark always offers great promise and yet falls short every time. One annoying area is that Spark frequently has an issue with Apple's app authentication. An app specific password has to be recreated several times over time. As a result Outlook is now used for mail backup. Spark needs to get this issue finally resolved and quit blaming Apple for something that Outlook never has issue with. (Same goes for Gmail app not having any issue.) This is total frustration.
  • Last Update Made App Worthless 1/5

    By im smeagol
    App won’t load new email since the last update. I’ve missed critical emails for work and my military assignments. Huge disappointment! Time to switch
  • Crashing 4/5

    By InMyOpinionMinion
    App crashes when opening emails from the Notification Center.
  • Updates have made this app broken 1/5

    By Darcy Paige
    Spark used to be amazingly fast at everything it did and would sync with my phone as fast as the native mail app would. For about the last year, new emails may not show in Spark for days if at all (I have to manually check each account some other way) and responding to emails usually gets the app stuck in a perpetual state while displaying “preparing draft”, locking up the app entirely. Notifications usually do not ever show, and the badge number is typically inaccurate (it might show that I have 15 messages when I have none, for instance). I used to trust this app but I have missed so many critical emails that had real world consequences for not receiving them, I feel anything but “love” for Spark now.
  • No way to turn of threaded / conversation view. 1/5

    By ScoopskyPotatos
    No way to turn of threaded / conversation view.
  • Compact Mode 5/5

    By Untamedceo
    Can you try to get compact mode like Gmail has. I hate seeing all the clutter in my email.
  • Hides emails 3/5

    By Wotan
    I really would like to love this app, but.... emails sometimes vanish (fairly often it seems), and sometimes while I am reading the email. It pops up some notice saying that it was deleted on another device, though the only device I have setup to do email is a Windows PC which is turned off at the time. If I do turn on the PC and check email, the email is still on the server, however it will not show up in Spark. This happened to me a year or so ago, and it was really annoying, so I stopped using Spark in favor of another app after reporting it and getting a dumb response to just clear and then setup all my email servers in Spark again. Spark has some nice features (hence why I want to like it) so I came back, thinking that they had resolved the problem. I found fairly quickly that my emails still disappear, sometimes while reading them, and with the same notice that.they were deleted on another device. I emailed tech support and got a form letter saying they care but are too busy to bother with my problem. I guess the search for a good email app on iPad goes on... This would easily be a 5 star app if my emails would not disappear, I am kind so I give it 3.
  • Main Feature of The App Doesn’t work 1/5

    By RhythmicMoves
    I started using Spark several years ago and originally was very impressed with the service. However, as of recent, it’s really failed to deliver on expectations. When I open an email from a push notification, I’m immediately taken to the inbox with a notification that “email has been marked as read” - this is obviously very frustrating. Secondly, I’ll receive mismatched text with email. When a notification comes through it’ll show a preview and then take me to the wrong email. It’s hard to understand how these core pieces of functionality are not working.
  • No support; Basics missing 2/5

    By CrashyAppy
    1. Cannot search for bcc recipients in sent emails; 2. I am still frustrated by the fact that his app does not distinguish between my several email accounts by their proper account name, but merged them all as “Me” and shows everything sent from the app as from “Me” without any distinctions inbox as to accounts (work email, personal email, etc.) as are reflected in the specific and differing “names” given to the several accounts by me under account setup in the app. How stupid is this? No response to this sent months ago to Spark. 3. There is NO DEVELOPER SUPPORT for this app, just a generic email back saying they are too busy to respond to requests for support. Pathetic.
  • Menu flashes 1/5

    By Fox Industries
    The left hand menus just flashes when expanded. Makes app completely worthless.
  • Doesn’t support Office365 2-Factor Auth 3/5

    By mab0111
    Would love to be able to use this for all my email, but can’t login to an Exchange account that requires Modern Auth (2-Factor / SSO)
  • where's the "easy access" delete button? 3/5

    By nguyeniam
    ——march 15—— you guys have a bar/dock for an archive, unread, forward button & etc. yet where is the delete button??? i am on the go a lot, using my email wherever, i want to be able to delete emails easily with one tap versus two. one to open the settings (three dots) then delete. please change this to make delete easier to access! other apps i’ve tried have this. i would like to delete emails, or whatever, when i see it. i have to pin it or leave it unread to go back & delete it. can y’all also add a folder to only view the emails that are unread? there’s one for everything else, but not that. i have y’all as three stars because despite what i don’t like about the app, i’ve tried too many others that have either lagged too much or don’t perform as well compared to spark anymore. thank you, i appreciate it.
  • Favorite Email Client 5/5

    By The Ad Buyer
    They are hands downs the best email client I’ve ever used- both their mobile app AND the desktop version for Mac.
  • Great app, just some suggestions 4/5

    By qkriel
    This is a great email app much better than apples mail app. But please provide a way to turn of thread view. I also found that if you reply from a thread email and then later delete the thread, the email you sent is not in the sent folder since it was attached to the thread it ends up in the deleted folder.
  • Glitch-a-licious 2/5

    By e pique
    On the desktop this app is mostly competent however on handheld devices it a glitchy fit of temperament. I get mostly blank or black screens when trying to view the smart inbox and it’s a slow sync at best. The layout got one star and the attempt got one star. There is only so many times a person wants to blast away an old version and reinstall before they just suffer it and head over to their computer. I hang in there because I want this product to work well, the world needs a stable and organized replacement for Mac standard email app.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By DoctorSquid
    Arguably the best email app on the store. Would be 5 stars if I were getting notified of my emails. I’ve deleted and redownloaded multiple times but still nothing. Hopefully y’all fix this but I doubt it’s on your priority list.
  • The best 5/5

    By zero9
    This is the best all in one email app out there and I’ve tried them all!
  • Folders 4/5

    By DT169
    *Update* Downloaded Gmail and then created the new folder needed. Went back to Spark, synced and bam!! New folder was there. I have used Spark on and off for several years. Ended up deleting for this very reason I mentioned below. Looks like I’m back to Gmail once again! Love the app, however, the one thing that drives me absolutely crazy is the app is very glitchy when trying to create a new folder. Some days it will let me create a new one and then days like brings up an error. Please fix!!
  • UX and Features are Lacking 1/5

    By EnjoiRelyks
    First off, I’ll note some of the positives about Spark. Some of the things that matter to me may not matter to others and vice versa. ▪️The interface is cleaner and more usable than Gmail. ▪️ The email delegation and collaboration features are nice as well. Dealbreakers The following constitute things that made me decide against moving my organization over to Spark as the primary email client. ⚠️ Syncing between iOS devices is inconsistent. My Spark App on iPadOS says I have hundreds of unread emails — my iOS says different. The read, archive, and deleted statuses do not sync well between all platforms. ⚠️ Emails in a chain are organized in reverse order without the option to customize one’s preference. If you have a long email chain this will place your most recent email at the very bottom — causing you to scroll for quite a bit on iOS and other devices to reach to review. ⚠️ Read receipts are not an option. Moreover, there are no third party integrations available to enable this option. Read receipts used to be a feature of Spark but were removed for new users sometime after 2015. People have repeatedly requested the return of this feature on Twitter and other mediums but Spark is not planning on adding this feature back to their email client in the near future. They never explained why the feature was removed either — which would have helped users understand whether it was a technical limitation, legal restriction, or some other roadblock. For now, if you want to have read receipts you will need a platform that provides you with a BCC email you can add to all outbound Spark emails to track. This wouldn’t be so bad if Spark would allow me to automatically BCC the email by default without having to add it every time. ⚠️ Third party integrations are severely lacking. I assume this is due to an inflexible API on Spark’s part or a lack of popularity amongst other platforms to warrant them creating their own API integrations. ⚠️ Recent changes to the inbox UI are not as intuitive as the previous layout. ✅ Update: Until recently, third party integrations with Asana and Zoom we’re broken. These seem to be fixed now. This isn’t enough to bring me back to the platform though as the length of downtime was sufficient enough to shaken my belief in the reliability of the platform. ✅ For folks worried about privacy and the things said on Reddit. Nearly every email client with push notifications stores your credentials on their servers, including Outlook.
  • Spark app with iCloud email. 2/5

    By AppGroup/80AC
    So I decided to give Spark a try with one of my iCloud emails. Within less than 3 hours in the app is completely not opening for me.
  • Very annoying !! 2/5

    By You7Joe
    1- The app wouldn't let me sign in to my iCloud account even though I'm using an app specific Password. After hours of trial, it turned out that the email string should've been lower case. Really guys ? You can't make a simple .Lower() function ?? 2- if you want a simple view (like the iOS app), there's no way to disable smart inboxes, unified email, teams, etc.
  • Last update 3/5

    By Michelle89ny
    My app has been freezing and crashing a lot since the last update. Please fix Spark, I love it!
  • Spark App is the best email app! 5/5

    By aaron cadena
    I’ve been using spark app for years and it’s seriously the best.
  • No longer good 2/5

    By Notapaidreviewer
    Ditched E dison because of privacy issues and lack of functionality. Spark has most everything which you can do with relative ease. It'll take some time to get used to it though. Setting up even ISP provided email accounts was without issue. I am guarded though if your personal info is sold like with the other email app. Unfortunately I'm editing my review because app frequently crashes after several days use. And yes. I turn off my phones daily. It's also infuriating that it crashes as you're writing a support email and it doesn't save the draft regularly. From previous... Anyway. This is a very good basic email client for your phone or iPad that allows multiple email accounts. If you want advanced features like creating groups, filters or email lists, you're going to need a premium email client. And I think this should be done from your desktop. But that's just my opinion.
  • Great functionality 5/5

    By Nelcou
    Has so many options to make productivity and organization a breeze.
  • Overall ok app, some bugs make it annoying to use 3/5

    By audreykb
    Why is the badge count for unread emails inconsistent since the last update?

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