Spark - Email App by Readdle

Spark - Email App by Readdle

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  • Current Version: 2.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Readdle Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spark - Email App by Readdle App

Spark brings the best email experience for professionals and their teams. Effortless, beautiful and collaborative. "Best of the App Store" - Apple "It's a combination of polish, simplicity, and depth" - FastCompany "You can create an email experience that works for you" - TechCrunch **Beautiful and Intelligent Email App** We are building the future of email. Modern design, fast, intuitive, collaborative, seeing what’s important, automation and truly personal experience that you love - this is what Spark stands for. **Dark Mode** We've carefully selected the colors to help you work better at night and save battery life. Select the Dark or a truly Black mode in Personalization settings > Appearance. It’s available for all iOS Spark users. **Farewell to Busy Inbox** Smart Inbox lets you quickly see what's important in your inbox and clean up the rest. All new emails are smartly categorized into Personal, Notifications and Newsletters. **Discuss email privately** Invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads. Ask questions, get answers, and keep everyone in the loop. **Create email together** For the first time ever, collaborate with your teammates using real-time editor to compose professional emails. **Schedule emails to be sent later** Schedule emails to be sent when your recipient is most likely to read them. It works even if your device is turned off. **Snooze That One For Later** Snooze an email and get back to it when the time is right. Snoozing works across all your Apple devices. **Find Any Email In An Instant** Powerful, natural language search makes it easy to find that email you're looking for. Just search the way you think and let Spark do the rest. **Get Notified About Important Emails Only** Smart Notifications filter out the noise, letting you know when an email is important, saving you from notification overload. **Powerful Integrations** Integrate Spark into your workflow and take productivity to the next level. Supports Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and more. **Built-in calendar** A full-featured calendar works right in your email to help you always be on top of your schedule. Create events easily using natural language. **Create links to email** Create secure links to a specific email or conversation. Share the link on Slack, Skype, CRM, or any other medium so your team can see it and collaborate around it. **Sign Off With A Swipe** Before you send an email, quickly swipe to choose the right signature for the occasion. **Email with Emotion** Quick Replies get the point across with just a tap. Love, like or acknowledge an email in an instant. **Email Never Looked This Good** That terrible mess in your inbox is now replaced it with a beautiful, threaded message design. **A Truly Personal Experience** Customize Spark to work as you do. You decide which swipes do what, what cards are shown, and how many emails you want to see. You’ll love your email again! If you need us, you can always find us at [email protected]

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  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By _so_close_
    Great app!!! I love it for all my email needs. Two things that NEED to be fixed to make it perfect: -sending emails sometimes takes too long so if you close the app too quick the email won’t send. I’ve also been having issue with scheduling my emails to send later because it won’t actually send when I schedule it to. -calendar!!! This app has a wonderful built in calendar and it does a great job at syncing everything. However, I wish I could export it to something like iCal because sometimes my calendar notifications get lost in my email notifications.
  • Spark - The Best Email App 5/5

    By LynMichel
    I love Spark. I’ve tried lots of email apps, but Spark is the best. Gives me everything I want in an email app. Continue the good work with Spark. Thank you.
  • Crash Crash Crash 2/5

    By DDN2
    I really love a number of features in Spark. So much so that I have not (yet) switched to another email app despite problems ranging from small annoyances to major hassles. First, the way Spark sorts my multiple inboxes is great. I have not found another option that does it as well as this and it significantly cuts down my time spent messing with emails at all. This is a big one in the positive column because email is by far my least favorite task of the day. I also appreciate the ease with which I can switch between email accounts, template emails are very useful, and the ability to snooze emails is terrific. On the other hand, this app is ridiculously buggy. I have used Spark for probably four years and it didn’t used to be like this but anymore I count on it crashing at least once whenever I open it. Often it is much more than that. There are at least two people who, when I see their emails I don’t even bother to read them through Spark. For some reason emails from them crash the app every single time I try to open them. What’s more, it seemingly can’t handle certain types of attachments. I will be able to tell that an email HAS an attachment, I just won’t be able to open it. Also bothersome is the lack of email lists. Not being able to send emails to saved groups of people is a real pain in the neck. It feels like a smaller problem than the other issues and it is—until you run into the need to add 50+ email addresses to a message over and over again. The team features are fine. Maybe it is just how I work but they feel like bells and whistles that sound great but that I don’t have much need to actually use. Overall, if I found another email app that sorted my emails as well as Spark does, I would ditch Spark in a heartbeat. ******* UPDATE: The crashing issue is getting progressively worse. Spark is not really useable from my phone anymore. It crashes within 15 seconds of opening an email every single time. I have grudgingly moved back to Outlook for my work email. Dealing with Spark’s problems has become a hindrance to my productivity.
  • Double sending email 4/5

    By 29Ives
    My only gripe is more often than not when I compose a new email and send it, it will send it twice. Great alternative email app otherwise.
  • The best mail program I have ever used. 5/5

    By wavemister
    No joke, folks. This program is the most useful program out there. It works flawlessly and beats anything I have ever used for mail. Truly a must have!
  • Excelente trabajo 5/5

    By los expeetos
    El yrabajo en mi peoyecto la ayuda u la guia han sido excelentes Asi como el como en medición se parámetros en eedes sociales
  • Brilliant; needs data management opts 5/5

    By Julianstanley
    I’ve been using Spark for a while (maybe around 4 years now?) and it’s fantastic! My only gripe is that it takes up ~2GB of space on my phone, and I can’t find any options to lower that amount. I would really appreciate some data management options (e.g. offload all messages that are X months old)
  • Great tech support 5/5

    By hammelcamel
    If you notice an issue with the app, tell them. They are receptive to feedback and have great transparency regarding their troubleshooting steps. Very refreshing to see that these days. ❤️🤘
  • Good Email Client 4/5

    By Dinosaur Eggs
    Please add the option to include the blue colors on top again in light mode. The app is very plain looking without additional colors.
  • Color issues still not addressed 3/5

    By Elijah Kleehammer
    Some hyperlinks and phone numbers are highlighted in a very dark blue. This is hard to see in dark mode as the background itself is also very dark. I enjoy this app and I enjoy dark mode, however the execution is below expectations.
  • Notifications keep multiplying 3/5

    By RaevynReaper
    I love this app and the ui, but I am so tired of my notifications saying I have 12 emails and not even having 1. I keep badges on because I have my emails delivered silently and only check when I have a notification, and this has been happening for months.
  • Great for email. Bad for calendar. 3/5

    By DJ Rizzo
    The Spark apps for iPhone and Mac have my email under control. I’m a big fan and grateful that such great tools are free. I only have 2 criticisms that keep me from giving 5 stars: 1) I’d prefer to integrate with the native iOS calendar app instead of having to use the one built into Spark. I don’t care for the way Spark handles events and the syncing of events with my iCloud calendar is unreliable. Just today I received a calendar invitation and no matter what I do I can’t get it to sync from the Spark calendar to my native calendar. PLEASE just give me the option to use the native calendar!! 2) The Watch app is pretty useless beyond screening emails. Unless the email is text only and very short, you can’t read it. In comparison the native watchOS mail app does a great job in allowing me to read my emails on the watch. I really hope Spark is looking to improve their watch app. That being said, if all your looking for is a great email client and don’t care about the calendar or Watch app, you’ll find Spark to be a superb app; especially when paired with the Mac version.
  • Constantly crashes 1/5

    By smallbizreview
    Great app but crashes so often it is basically unusable. Had to switch back to the native mail app. I reached out to their support who attempted to help but the issue was never resolved.
  • What Did You Do?! 3/5

    By LuvDraco
    What did you do to the reply function in dark mode?! Why is my whole screen white? Omg, can I undo this update because I hate it.
  • Used to love, recently hate 3/5

    By theamandashow27
    I have had this email app for YEARS. I absolutely loved it. It was one of the only apps that worked with both my personal and work emails. I love the layout and honestly just everything about it. However. Recently, as in maybe the last month, maybe a little longer, it is so incredibly slow I had to get rid of it. It has been absolutely ridiculous. I have the app on both my iPhone and my MacBook and both are god awful slow. I check my emails multiple times a day, just to stay on top of clutter, and it can load and load for minutes at a time and nothing new pop up. Then when I log in through a web browser I have a ton of emails. Even my priority emails that I have notifications for aren’t showing up. This makes me disappointed because this app used to be my absolute favorite. I can’t handle it anymore. I hope this gets fixed because I hate to use any other email app.
  • Love the crap out of Spark 5/5

    By juubee
    Been using Spark for so long I can’t even remember since when. I also use PDF Expert on my Mac with it and love it so much. Hope one day maybe could incorporate email notifications during specific times. Specifically when I have personal and work emails linked on the app. Thanks!
  • Really like this but no badges 4/5

    By LeonMmm900
    Clean, works fluidly, no readability issues, a ton to useful features stock email app fails to deliver. Why the hack are budges turned off by default.
  • Swipe right 2/5

    By gaubububu
    When I swipe right I just wanna go back to my inbox, but most of the time it just goes to the previous email! Wrong wrong wrong!!! I have to try hard to swipe in a way so that I can return to my inbox, otherwise it will just go to the previous email!! I don't want to see the the previous email, I want to see my whole inbox!!! Disable this feature!!! It's so stupid!!!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Nhadams
    Highly recommend this app, thanks so much for making it!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Taco Crisma
    Excellent app. Works to circumvent gmail “fetch” problems on iOS. Everything pushes as it should without having to use Alphabet co. apps to do so. I been using this faithfully since December for 3 email accounts and it has worked above and beyond my expectations.
  • I don’t hate email apps anymore 5/5

    By Acegold79
    Seriously, I thought this was going to be a generic email app. I was looking to replace the default mail app and my Gmail app, this was perfect. Minimal learning curve and then email becomes one less to stress over about.
  • App not working - Black screen 4/5

    By Gnomeling2016
    App is not working today. It loads then after I put in my fingerprint (password) it turns into black screen. Other than that issue, this is pretty decent email! I like to use two email apps since sometimes one or the other fit my needs more. Also, in case one bugs out just like today! I discovered this Spark app after I had issues with my other email app called, “myMail”. I still recommend this app. It is quite rare for it to have issues. I will leave 1 star for now so it can get their attention. ***UPDATE*** I fixed the issue by uninstalling the app then reinstalling. It is OK now.
  • I USED to Love this App 3/5

    By AGEON
    Can’t understand what happened to this app. There was just a couple of little dumb things I could overlook about it but what has finally broken me is that some months back the app quit showing the little red badge icons. Yes I get an alert when an email comes in, but sometimes I can’t get to it right away and I use the badge icons as a reminder. I use the Spark app for my personal business email so this is important to me. Every time I open my phone, I’ll see that I have business to attend to when I see the badge icons. I’ve notified them several times through the support feature of the app and it is just not getting addressed with their updates. I think this is REALLY dumb. I am now in search of a replacement app.
  • Is it just Me? 3/5

    By Sharkey 5150
    I’ve used Spark for years after accidentally running across the app. while casually just looking through the App Store to see what was out there. I am also a Music instructor that teaches between 3 school locations in the general area. At that time “Spark” worked so well and fast that many of my fellow instructors as well as the owner/director of all three schools, asked me what app I was using. Mainly because how fast I was able to reply to emails with the “pre-written” responses as well as they liked the signature section I had at the bottom with a Thank You, my name as well as having the three schools listed below with school name, location, phone #, as well as a hyperlink to each schools website, etc. Looked and still looks very professional as well as fooling your average dummy into thinking I was taking the time to type in all that extra info at the bottom of every email. Now for the “Is it just me” part. I’m not the most computer/iPad/iPhone savvy person, which seemed to not matter much with the Spark app Bc it was so easy to use once set up. It just always worked well and worked fast no matter if right after an update. I’ve gone as far as to remove the Apple Mail app from all of my devices and use Spark as my only email app across all but, the past month or so the app has been just plain aggravating. The main problem I’m having with Spark is it has become mind numbingly, often infuriatingly S L O W..... so much so that most of the time now, I just give up. The email’s sender and subject shows up in the left column, as usual, I click to read the email and the window opens showing the senders info w/ subject across the top but, No email text where it should be. Only the little spinning/thinking wheel of death that just seems to go forever. So long that I don’t have time to wait any longer. Now, all I get from fellow instructors is: ”Have you not read the important email I sent you yet?” Now my answer is, well No, Bc after waiting sometimes over 7-8 minutes for 1 email text to propagate I’ve had to just move on.Ive got student’s waiting and can’t wait any longer. Like I said, maybe it’s just me or my IPad Pro, IPhone 11, or my MacBook Air that’s having issue? I have what’s considered in my area, fast internet service, that usually runs at 100 to 150mps download speed. All my other online apps still work just as fast as ever but, not Spark. I hope this is only a bug and the Dev’s will be able to repair the situation soon but, as it stands now, I guess I’m gonna have to either go back to Apple mail 👎or for the love of all things Holy, I may have to try Goggle Mail. Yikes, I got a stabbing pain just writing that. I know, I know , I have a Gmail address but, I was so early to the party with Gmail that I was able to get my first w/ last name as my email address which, lets just face it, works awesomely when in a hurry I can say, just email me! My email is “my name”
  • Spark is amazing! 4/5

    By EuropeaninCalifornia
    I’ve used mail, help scout, and countless other mail programs on my Max and iOS. Nothing compares to Spark! The only item that would be helpful would be ability to “tag” emails without creating new folders. Being able to search for key words by using tags would allow email searches to be so much more efficient.
  • Great but crashes 3/5

    By Elpern
    I love spark but I wish it wouldn’t crash all the time. It means I will need to find an alternative. I also do not love that you need to leave your calendar in spark to go back to email to pull an address and then start all over in the calendar
  • Missing some features 3/5

    By nickarnet
    Well, I really like the UI. But I miss widgets, different types of views for the calendar and some fonts. Hope to see these features soon.
  • Slick Email App 5/5

    By *IphoneUser13
    This is the most robust and user friendly email app. Does everything you can do on a computer better. Thanks Spark developers!
  • Outlook combined with Edison Email!! 5/5

    By iCodyapp
    This is just what I was looking for. Seriously with outlook combining calender and email, and Edison email killing it with super speedy email i was using both for a while. Found spark and I didn’t have to look anywhere else. It’s both of the 2 previous services I just mentioned combined!!! Lol. This app will hit top 20 in the next year! I’ll be sure to share it as often as I can.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Nicky Boy J
    Don’t know why I waited so long to use Spark. Am using it exclusively now. Love the quick swipes and how you can program them to what you need. Use email a lot and Spark saves steps in dealing with them. Great app. Thanks Readdle.
  • Good email client..but 1/5

    By maverik7019
    Like the app, but they should really fixed the spam option... its doesn't work and its really annoying. June 19 App doesn’t work anymore and cannot be updated on the Apple Store.
  • It has everything I need! 5/5

    By Lesleyabb
    I love this app. It has all of the tools that I need including creating multiple signatures! It also has a smart folder so you can group your emails together. I love the way they it has you attach files. You can either hold down for image or send it as an attachment. Thank you for creating app! I love it! P.S The interface is beautiful also!
  • I just love it 5/5

    By 10secfwd
    UPDATE: people think I am crazy cuz I often mention how much I love my email app. I wish I didn’t. I have tried to fall with the company line and use the Outlook app (a fine app, no doubt) but I just can’t give up Spark as my default, bottom bar, email app. I have struggled to find an email app that does the little things I want. I used the gmail app, outlook, the nativa app on my iPhone and all did the basics. I stumbled on Spark and it is just great. It is aesthetically very pleasant. It is full of helpful functions. It is simple and intuitive. It is easy and flexible to customize. I am very, very happy with it.
  • Best of all 5/5

    By Andy93940
    Smooth, reliable, configurable and does it all. Gets better with every update and beats all others,. Easy transition to new devices, seamless among all devices. Only way to go for iOS, iPad OS, and MacOS.
  • Pros & Cons 2/5

    By Rawrsaysdinosaur
    I like the smart inbox feature, very convenient. But unfortunately whenever I mark things as spam, I still get the emails from that spam address. This is a dealbreaker for me unfortunately. Other than that it is a very streamlined, well made email app.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Lil_chepe
    I absolutely love this app, the user interface, the features, the color, the freedom of managing your work/personal emails is just amazing! I cannot believe on how I was giving myself a hard time using the stock mail app 🙄... this is definitely a 10/10 app, I’m glad I found it

    By iZen 2.0
    I’ve been using Spark since the beginning. It’s an awesome email program, but the developers now seem to be more interested in adding new gimmicky features to the program, rather than fixing the existing features that are still broken. The spam button does absolutely nothing. Spark.... please listen to your customers.... THE SPAM BUTTON DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Others have complained about this, so I won’t belabor it here. The push notifications no longer work. I’ve told Spark about it, and others have complained about it, but Spark doesn’t seem to be interested in fixing it, or they simply don’t know how to fix it. The dark mode STILL is blacked out in some threads making it impossible to read emails in dark mode. They said that they fixed it, but they only made it better.... they didn’t fix it completely. Spark is a great email program, but it could be much, much better if the developers simply fix what’s still broken.
  • Badge notifications don’t work 2/5

    By Nene____
    I used to love Spark and used it for years. The past few weeks though, the badge notifications haven’t worked. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, checked for updates, restarted my phone, etc., but it’s just not working. Sometimes I don’t see the banner notifications or forget about the banners, so I need those badge notifications. I’ve since moved on to Edison and it’s faster and easier to use anyway.
  • Freezing and glitchy 3/5

    By ayee1001
    Overall, I enjoy the app for regular emails, and particularly because I can combine my gmail and outlook in one place. But, I find that I often have to close and RE-open my app when trying to respond to calendar invites. Anyone else find this to be a consistent issue?
  • Unbearably slow 1/5

    By mday358
    It takes FOREVER for email to come through and to load. I used Gmail before this and the app is still on my I can see emails come through but they don’t show up in Spark for hours (sometimes not even until THE NEXT DAY). When they finally do it can take up to 45 min for the text of the email to load. Same story on my mac. I’ve reached out to support but gotten no response. It’s such a shame because I really liked Spark for the first day, but it’s just too unreliable to depend on for my emails. Avoid this app! You’re just giving a company your data in exchange for a useless product.
  • Terrible Support 1/5

    By The_MacWarrior
    I have asked twice for help on an issue where I can’t setup email accounts using TLS. Have worked with HostGator to resolve and they feel that it is an issue with Spark. But I don’t know for sure because NO ONE FROM SUPPORT will answer my emails and help me with the issue. This has been going on now for almost 2 weeks. Looking at other email apps now to look at switching. Absolutely Ridiculous and Frustrating!
  • Spark Email is..... 5/5

    By R.A. LaMond
    The best in class!!! I’ve tried every email client out there, and Spark got it right first time around. If you’re still using email apps that don’t update frequently, or don’t ask for your input when you require a certain feature to make your life easier, then get rid of them and get what you’ve been waiting for. Try it and see. It’ll make a believer out of you like it did me. Keep up the awesome work!!! You guys rock!!!
  • Unresponsive Support - Sluggish App 1/5

    By App_Reviewed
    The app was great but now it takes 60 seconds after hitting the reply button for the app to compose a blank draft. I've sent a ticket to their support but no response. It's a shame, I use to be a big fan of companies but not now.
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By freesounds2500
    I really like this app, it is much easier to use than the original Mail app on my iPad. There are a few things I think could change: No select function, I think that it would be much easier to clean out your inbox or accidental Archives if you could just select multiple instead of having to slide each individual one. Another thing is that I can’t figure out how to attach multiple email addresses, it says that you can do this, but they don't make it easy enough. Developer Please Read This, it would be a five star app if these things were fixed. Other than these two things it is a really great app, definitely would recommend.
  • Good email client: I use it on iPhone, iPad, MacBookPro 4/5

    By fjpoblam
    Believe it or don’t, THE TWO THINGS I choose Spark over (and Gmail and any other client) are these two: (1) When I open a folder, Spark doesn’t automatically open (or display the contents of) the first message in that folder. ¡Important! (2) Spark has one-swipe (no “select all” needed) delete of Trash and Spam. Believe me: if Spark ever loses these I wll immediately drop Spark like a hotcake. Beyond these, Spark has—if you want it—easy and quick additions of either other accounts or aliases (like for Gmail “send as”). Multiple signatures—especially in html—is nice. There are many other features I’ve explored, but don’t use. The calendar sync—and especially display—is rather puny and, I’d say, an ignorable waste of time, effort, and space. Sync with the mail server can lag. I use Spark.
  • Smart Notification Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By AjayB51241993
    It used to be a great app, but today I’ve been getting notifications for every single email despite having my settings on “Smart” where it only shows notifications for non-bot/newsletter emails. I’ve had to turn notifications off as a result. Will leave this 1 star until it gets fixed...
  • Can’t work well in China 2/5

    By gooa alex
    Only can add account but can’t get any notifications. When try to connect the service the App show internal wrong.
  • 25mb limit on attachments killed it for me 2/5

    By v from midlo
    I send a lot of pdf files and I have an app to shrink them. I had a 66mb pdf today that I shrunk to 27.2mb and STILL couldn’t send it even using Spark on my iMac. I don’t want to put it in the Cloud and send a link. This isn’t 1998 with a dial up modem. I understand if people send 1GB attachments but 27.2mb is too much? It is too much for me to keep using this app. HELLO EDISON you are next on my list.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By NCSGoff
    Love the TickTick integration!!!!

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