Spark Mail + AI: Email Inbox

Spark Mail + AI: Email Inbox

By Readdle Technologies Limited

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Spark +AI mail provides the ultimate email experience for individuals and teams. Manage and organize your personal and business emails more effectively! Ignite your productivity with fewer distractions, focus on what’s important and get better control of your emails. Connect multiple accounts into one inbox and write emails faster and better using AI email assistant. Spark +AI is the future of email communication! ONE INBOX FOR ALL EMAILS Our mail app provides an intuitive interface for accessing and managing emails from one inbox. Get all your emails: Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, IMAP, GMX, iCloud in one place without switching between multiple accounts. Prioritize important emails and improve your working efficiency. Stay in control of your mailbox and do more in less time. WRITE EMAILS FASTER, BETTER! Give the context you need and generate responses in seconds with a quick AI email reply option. Let Spark +AI writing assistant improve the quality of your email content by proofreading, fixing grammar and rephrasing them. Compose the perfect email in an instant! SMART. FOCUSED. EMAIL Focus on what’s important, boost your productivity and organize your email workflow. Get personal and high-priority business emails to the top of your inbox, while newsletters and notifications will be grouped below. Streamline your inbox priorities! EMAIL FOR MODERN TEAMS We built Spark +AI email with teamwork in mind. Invite teammates to handle an inbox together, discuss emails privately or use the Spark AI assistant to compose professional email responses. Work and be more productive! ▶ MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS IN ONE PLACE - Get multiple accounts in one inbox - Connect Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, iMAP, GMX and iCloud ▶ AI EMAIL ASSISTANT - Let Spark +AI write emails for you - Generate response in seconds with quick AI reply options - Proofread, adjust the tone, rephrase, expand or shorten the text ▶ FOCUS ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT - Get personal and high-priority emails to the top of your inbox - Newsletters and notifications are grouped below ▶ STAY IN CONTROL WITH GATEKEEPER - Pre-screen new senders and decide who is allowed to email you - Easily block unwanted senders ▶ PRIORITIZE EMAILS AND SENDERS - Mark senders or emails as important. They will be featured at the top of your inbox - Group emails together in a single row ▶ MASTER YOUR INBOX - Clean emails and mark tasks as DONE - Mute threads you're not interested in - Schedule emails to be sent later - Send files larger than 25 MB through Spark Cloud - Find messages easily using Spark’s natural language search - Quick replies with just a tap - Love, like or acknowledge mails ▶ SECURE AND PRIVATE EMAIL - Send encrypted emails - Encrypt data with secure Google cloud infrastructure - Spark + AI is fully GDPR compliant ▶ COLLABORATE WITH SPARK TEAMS - CREATE A TEAM to unlock advanced team functionality - SHARED INBOXES - assign emails, track progress and set deadlines - CREATE EMAILS together in a real-time editor - DISCUSS EMAILS privately in chat - CREATE SECURE LINKS to specific emails or conversations - EMAIL TEMPLATES you can use Get Spark + AI PREMIUM for the full experience! • Individual subscription for $59.99/year or $7.99 a month. ▶THE FUTURE OF EMAIL Download Spark +AI and manage your email communication more efficiently! Terms of Service: Privacy Policy Help at [email protected]