Spdr - Speed Reading

Spdr - Speed Reading

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  • Current Version: 2.2.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kindred, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spdr - Speed Reading App

"Spdr is the Swiss Army Knife of reading apps." -Enzo, Spdr reader People normally read at a rate of 150-200 words per minute. With Spdr (pronounced “Speeder”), you can instantly double that without even trying and still retain the same amount of information. There is no learning or effort required. Watch the app preview videos above to experience it before downloading. Then, download Spdr and try it out for yourself for free. Here's how Spdr works: Spdr displays words one-by-one, with Punctuation Pauses giving Spdr a natural and seamless feel. Rather than moving your eyes across and down a page like you normally would, Spdr allows you to absorb text as it is presented. This means your eyes don't have to work as hard, enabling you to read and retain more text faster without your eyes getting tired and fatiguing. We recommend starting at double the average adult reading speed, or 300-400 words per minute, and working your way up as you feel comfortable. Spdr is free for you to try in order to see whether the technique works for you: (1) Simply copy most links or any text and paste into the text box in Spdr (2) Set your desired words-per-minute rate (3) Hold down anywhere on the screen to start, and lift to pause Upgrade to Spdr Pro. Pay once. No subscription. No sign up: Because Spdr is so powerful and useful, upgrade to Spdr Pro for a nominal one-time fee and receive unlimited feature access. Spdr truly is the "killer reading app," because it saves you time. You'll never want to read anything without it again. Spdr Pro includes: (1) Save text for later and read on Apple Watch (2) Speed-read PDFs, Word docs, books (.epub files) and more (3) Read & save Spdr from Apple News and your favorite websites. (4) Use the text image recognition camera to snap or upload pics of book pages and read them in Spdr (5) Get all advanced controls, including Sans/Serif/Monospace mode, text alignment mode, light mode, and word skip (6) Lifetime reading stats (7) Remove all ads forever (8) All future features included Spdr for Apple Watch: Spdr is the first app ever to make reading on Apple Watch truly delightful. Spdr is seamlessly integrated to fit the Apple Watch interface, with its simple yet comprehensive functionality, one-word-at-a-time reading method, press-and-release controls, and intuitive use of the Apple Watch's hardware components, like adjusting your reading speed with the Digital Crown. Read anything effortlessly on Apple Watch with one simple press gesture. No scrolling, repetitive tapping, or swiping necessary. Simply open Spdr on your Apple Watch, adjust the word-per-minute rate with the Digital Crown, and start reading. Spdr on Apple Watch is great for any situation where you don't want to take your iPhone or iPad out. Spdr synchs seamlessly between Apple Watch and your device. Spdr for Apple Watch is available only with the Spdr Pro upgrade. Enjoy! DM @spdrapp on Instagram with questions, feedback, and to view helpful how-to videos. Notice: Rapidly flashing content may have adverse effects on individuals prone to seizures. If this is you, please use Spdr with caution. Link pasting and app extensions work better for some URLs and websites than they do for others. Image text recognition camera results may vary depending on text and image quality, including the surface of where the text appears. Certain features are limited on Apple Watch. watchOS 5.1 or later is required to run Spdr on Apple Watch. An Internet connection is required when pasting links, and may be required when using the Spdr Pro-available app extensions to share content to Spdr. File support includes .epub, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .html, and more. Spdr does not currently support .fb2 and .mobi ebook file types. ePub books protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) are not supported. Jailbroken devices are not supported. If you find Spdr useful (or useless), we'd like to know by having you leave a review. Thanks!

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Spdr - Speed Reading app reviews

  • Amazing and super easy 5/5

    By fan of this great app!!:)
    Makes everything so much easier
  • Pretty useless 1/5

    By clokendggr
    The only thing this app really accomplishes is separating users from ten bucks. It won’t read ePub formatted books, although it claims to have the capability. What it actually does is simply crash every time an ePub formatted book is selected for import. No help features, or methodology to contact the developer. Your only recourse is to leave a negative review. Another waste of time and effort thanks to a poorly vetted app...
  • Crashes and freezes 1/5

    By XerryJ
    I bought a full version and I am really unhappy. Whenever I try to import a real book (from Gutenberg project) it crashes loading ePub. I was able to import only very small book 39 pages about theory of relativity. I tried to get book as pure text, it is better it doesn’t crash but it writes loading and never ever finishes.
  • 😭 1/5

    By slowspdrreader
    Cool idea. Bought the pro version, App is extremely buggy. Crashes everytime I try to open a book from iBooks. From the look of the reviews, this has been going on for a while. Why hasn’t this been addressed?
  • Crashes every time 1/5

    By Liberty u freshman
    I paid for pro (like an idiot) and still any article I can manage to open forces the app to close before I can read it.
  • It is THE BEST 5/5

    By bsbehshwhshsgdge
    I love this app so much . I wish it had a feature that you could look up books tho :/
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Vtfsr
    This app does not work. I purchased the app for $4.99. Books do not download to the app as they are supposed to. I have contacted but no one has responded. I am requesting a refund and waiting for a response.
  • It Has One Job and Cannot Do It. 1/5

    By Mcoffey2640
    It’s sole function is to allow me to read my books faster. However it crashes every time I try to import my books, so now I’m not reading anything. I would love a refund.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By RealHollywood
    Just read your book. Read your article. The more you do this, the faster you will get at reading. It won’t help to have words flashing at you on a screen.
  • Nope. 1/5

    By Darcy M.
    That was the single most painful tutorial I’ve ever been forced to use. Please let us skip that thing. The entire point of your app is to help us read fast. So the first experience is, naturally, the opposite of that. Good job.
  • Web Reader Mode 3/5

    By Beer_zaygy
    Program needs web reader mode by default. Each time I copy a link or send the link to the app, I end up with all the sidebar junk I don’t want to read.
  • Doesn’t load pdf’s or epubs 1/5

    By wemmawemmaw
    I bought premium to read large files but this app freezes when trying to load them. Not worth any money.
  • Great app, small bug 4/5

    By Macfan4life12
    Some sites don’t load the entire article. On fs.blog for example, Spdr only ever grabs the first 255 words. I have another speed reading app Outread that seems to grab the whole article for comparison. BUT I prefer the way Spdr displays text and integrates with Safari. So I hope the team fixes it so I can use more Spdr.
  • Main importation of text doesn’t work. 3/5

    By Death bot epic
    This app is a good idea but the main text importation doesn’t even work. When importing text from pages or another app the app crashes and closes itself. Making the only way to use it via picture mode or type yourself.
  • Great app 4/5

    By GoodNigth17
    The only thing that could be fixed is the letter detection when using the camera to import text
  • Worked for 5 minutes 1/5

    By Trish1900
    I tried the free version to get a feel for this app. I liked it so I paid the $5.99 to get as free version. Then it stopped working. Will not load the content. No where can I find a way to get a refund.
  • Issues Reading Articles 1/5

    By kvn1302
    The app does not properly copy an article when using the Share feature. It often will only queue up the title and sub-heading. The primary reason I purchased the app was to use it to read news articles however it does not work as advertised when trying to share articles from a webpage or app into the SPDR application. Being that this feature is only available after you pay for the app there is no way to test this out before purchasing.
  • (S)he (be)lie(ve)d 5/5

    By manvmach
  • Has great potential 2/5

    By bestFeedback
    My articles from apple mail do not work on Spdr sometimes. Also this app is not compatible with my ebooks from iBook app, so its not very useful to me. Hope it improves this in the future.
  • Priorities. 5/5

    By YouLocalPoet
    Very good. 🤠. It helped me finish the bee movie script.
  • Mixed performance 2/5

    By Nate2884
    Great for short articles. But it crashes consistently when trying to reopen a book or document of any length that I’ve already started. @dev - Using an iPhoneX, iOS 12.2
  • Unless you pay 1/5

    By Prosnypr
    It is pretty much useless if you don’t buy the pro version
  • Great idea... When it worked. 4/5

    By Puppylove1130
    I love this idea and it really helped for a while. Then, I upgraded to premium and now the app is useless. My iPhone refuses to open in. Whenever I try, it just closed again. I've tried everything I can with no changes. Is there a way I can fix this? Like I mentioned before, the app worked fine before I bought premium and it is completely up to date.
  • Bad 1/5

    By James Morosini
    Doesn’t work - crashes - I want refund
  • Please add multiple words for “chunking” 5/5

    By Kyle Efren C
    I’m currently learning how to speed read. I instantly paid for Spdr Pro because i saw how intuitive and well put together the app was. I would like to request adding in a multiple word feature so that we may apply the “chunking” method. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Kyle
  • Flawed app 1/5

    By PedroZ26
    Downloaded it to improve my reading skills only to throw away $5 for nothing. Pasting articles it freezes , trying to upload ANY sort of file it crashes. Do not download
  • Very good, some problems 4/5

    This app is amazing. It really does help you read faster. My normal reading speed according to multiple tests is 220-350 wpm depending on whether I’m speed reading. With this app, I can set the speed to 400 wpm and I’m going to try 450 and I can still read and comprehend just the same. It’s amazing. My only complaint with it is that if there are any numbers or lists of information it’s hard to read. Generally I find myself having to just ignore it when a number or set of numbers pops up because if you get confused or lost you’ll have to pause it. So I just go back and find the numbers after I’m done reading. Other than that, it’s amazing and very cool.
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Delnaz858
    I love this app! I noticed an improvement in my reading.
  • I can’t use Apple Books 3/5

    By Bfdaggfj
    The only reason I payed for SPDR Premium was so I could use Apple Books with it, but when I share them to SPDR it just puts the preview in the text not the whole book. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Great App 5/5

    By ~~~Connor~~~
    Great app, that really does help me read faster! I can read 3-4x as much in the same amount of time! It is an amazing app that I highly recommend everyone tries. It’s a one time payment of $5 for full accessibility, but I think $5 is definitely worth it for the value you get!!!
  • Somewhat works 3/5

    By jwh315
    I have yet to find a file that this app can open without crashing. I love the concept of this app and really hope it works at some point, but it can't handle any of the PDF and epub files I have thrown at it.
  • Good idea but you have to get pro version for it to actually function just like ea 1/5

    By bisconner
    Okay so at first I thought that this would be a good app to help me read but you can’t do anything without buying the pro version and I mean the idea is good but the way you put it is a bit off what I was hoping for.
  • Best 5 dollars I’ve ever spent 5/5

    By PrivateKamo
    Very useful app! Not only am I reading much faster than I was before, but I’m more motivated to read things that I’ve been putting off for a while. It makes reading a lot easier. The only feedback I can give for now is that sometimes the flow will stop on one word suddenly, and I have remove my finger and touch it again for it to keep going. Other than that the app is amazing! I’ll be sure to report any problems or bugs that I find. Keep it up!
  • It crashes all the time 2/5

    By 1MrHat1
    I’ve had this app for a couple of days now, and every time I try to play a second block of text after the first, the app crashes. Without fail. It’s such a hassle, then ads come up and everything else. Is the crashing problem because I don’t have the pro version?
  • I am enjoying it. 4/5

    By Good Fun App!
    I bought the pro version and I quite enjoy it. I hope for more fonts I think comic sans is one that’s good for dyslexic people so it might be faster to read with it. just a suggestion. Alexander
  • This app should be 4.99 2/5

    By DullAfterLife
    The free mode isn’t really good, too many restrictions and apps pop up way too often, the trial is very short and doesn’t really let u experience anything. I’d suggest making the trial longer as I could not experience anything. It’s a nice idea but I could not decide because my trial lasted seconds as I went to get a document to read.
  • Good Concept, Bad performance 2/5

    By TJ Dignan
    This app is fairly good. Once the updates start rolling out I’m sure that most of the bugs I’m encountering will begin to no longer exist, but until then, I would recommend downloading it for an app that works about 50% of the time. It freezes a lot and the ads are annoying, so I don’t really feel like paying 5$ for that type of quality. Props to the developer, but I think I’ll wait for it to be improved before using it again.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By nadineyam
    The only way to load articles is by copying and pasting the entire article. When I try to open a link from apple news, nytimes, Washington post it fails to load, freezes, or prompts me to sign-into my subscription, but even then fails to load. This failure occurs both when trying to export directly to the app or when sharing and copying an article link into the app. As posted by other reviewers there are no clear instructions either or suggestions for opening articles and troubleshooting. Additionally, when the app is scrolling text automatically it often freezes and hangs up on words; I’ve noticed it does so often with words containing a hyphen. Some larger words get cut off from the screen as well. Furthermore, when scrolling text automatically the app does not override my phone’s dimming feature. The only thing I have had success with is converting photos to text.
  • Seems cool, but crashes 2/5

    By jcollings
    This seems cool, and it definitely helps me read faster, but unfortunately every time I try to import a file, the app crashes. On top of that, every time I try to open a book from Apple Books, the only text the app imports is “Connecting to the iTunes Store.... If you don't have iTunes, download it for free. If you have iTunes and it doesn't open automatically, try opening it from your dock or Windows task bar.” I would love to use this to help me read, but it just doesn’t work well.
  • Sad 1/5

    By LC12355
    It was hard to figure out hot to navigate through the demo. Also, It would be nice to see if your product does what it says it does before spending $5 bucks on it.
  • Truly fantastic, and excellent support 5/5

    By Delta Airlines Support
    I’ve used this app for a while now, and it works amazing, you can set the speed to go at your own pace and after that just read along!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By KippCassandraVegan
    I downloaded the app and paid for premium. I uploaded a book PDF and pressed play but the screen went blank. Any attempt to get the app the display the words made the screen go blank. Don’t waste your money.
  • The hungry wolf stays hungry. 1/5

    By 2324568970
    These people have produced what looks like a good app. In the first ten minutes of using this app I read at speeds up to 400+ words per minute. The controls did not allow me to move forward or backwards in the book more than 10 seconds, versus chapters; annoying for someone who has used other reading apps. The controls could almost be overlooked due to the speed of the app. The TRULY ANNOYING aspect is the ads. The free version is completely useless after you are exposed to the PRO version. The ads dominate the app. Touching any control triggers an advertisement instead of the function you wanted. During that first ten minutes I saw the same ad at least ten times. If you need the money so desperately remove the free version all together. You lost me with these tactics. I almost never write a review so to get one from me says a lot. People you have turned what should be a good app ruined it, good job....
  • Works. Needs next level improvements 4/5

    By RealToast
    I like it. It took me some time to figure out how to get media to read (without constantly copy/pasting articles or pages). A better explanation of how to get books. It would also be helpful if Apple Books app books were accessible. Lastly, rather than flashing on word at a time, but faster, I would like the option to select how many words appear at a time. It would be better to glance at multi-word phrases.
  • Horrible amount of ads and no reading 1/5

    By Joseph Rakoczy
    I sat in the app for roughly 5 minuets waiting for a website I had pasted to load in, I watched 4 ads and nothing happened, I think this is a scam to trick you into paying for the pro version. I do not recommend this app at all. Edit: it’s a scam
  • Makes you pay $4.99 to use the app 1/5

    By 057296729631ghp
    It gives you a 20 second tutorial then makes you pay to use the app. Don’t download unless you’re willing to overpay
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Jonathant572
    I love using this app but y’all should make a selection where it will read it out loud for me too
  • Trash 1/5

    By Fiejfjdn
    I spent $5 on this just for it to close and crash every time I open it It’s not worth it
  • 👍 5/5

    By Hector.HECtor.HECTORRRR
    Pretty cool helps me read faster thanks for making it cheap

Spdr - Speed Reading app comments

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