Speak to the Manager

Speak to the Manager

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  • Current Version: 3.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Speak to the Manager App

Tired of dealing with moody customers? Now is your chance to tell them how you really feel. You are in control. You are the manager. You have some unruly people trying to claim innocence and pretend they are better than you as they return their unwanted items. And then they say the dreaded line, “let me speak to your manager!” Well now your time has come because you are the manager! No need to be polite in this game. Are they being annoying and you want to flip them off? Want to tell them how you truly feel? Now is your chance in this store management simulator. There is no wrong answer here. Just let out your emotions and play! Game Features: 1. Simple but addicting mechanics Clients want the manager! Respond any way you like - the choice is yours! 2. Beautiful Graphics Unique customers come filing it. Feel the satisfaction when you tell them no! 3. Keep on upgrading! Sell and make coins. Upgrade your dream home as you hit payday. 4. Relax and enjoy No need to worry about being politically correct. Don’t worry about hurting feelings. Respond how you like. These people want a manager! How will you respond? Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles; https://lionstudios.cc/ Facebook.com/LionStudios.cc Instagram.com/LionStudioscc Twitter.com/LionStudiosCC Youtube.com/c/LionStudiosCC

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Speak to the Manager app reviews

  • Bug?? 3/5

    By HayHay122020
    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s hilarious and super entertaining. I just think there’s a bug when going to upgrade items in the room. I’ve got to level three on each item, it tells me to upgrade everything to level four to get more upgrades. I literally can’t do that at all 💀
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By tbrvfvfbyneunwunsunqunsak see
    This game is so funny I love it and we miss your left-wing it so you are the
  • Mkkk 5/5

    By app stor owner
  • Happiness 4/5

    By chizzyfrizzy
    We need more happiness because it takes wayyyy too long to upgrade to the next level. I am currently on happiness of 4000 but my next level isn’t until 40,000!!
  • An honest report 4/5

    By jimybffs
    First, this is a great game. I love the concept and everything. How you can love your own life. It’s even worth all the ads! But then again. I would really love if you guys could add something in settings. Allowing you to choose whether your a girl or boy. I’m saying this because in the game, it says I’m dating a girl. But I am a girl and hate when I’m playing a male person. So please add that on. And maybe allow there to be an icon to customize your character. Plz also lemme not have tattoos and muscles. I dislike it. Please and thank you. ☺️
  • Mixed up answers 1/5

    By coolapps123789
    I was on day 5 or so, and I clicked on a nice answer for 1 lady. She immediately got mad and I was confused. Fix it pls!
  • Best game ever 😍😍 5/5

    By BlessedBeBetch
  • Welp 1/5

    By may the night kitty
    Ok so I was playing this game and it made me Laugh so hard I Pee my pants and my mommy yelled at me so I don’t think You should get this app in less you want ur Mommy to yell at u -Baily of best app reviews
  • Really fun game! But... 4/5

    By rEeEaeeae eh
    I love this game a lot! It is very fun and I like how you can pick your own choice and grow a life, the only downer I have is that I wish you could choose to be a girl or a boy in the game because when you download the game your a boy and I’m a girl, and there’s things like getting a gf or whatever and I’m straight even tho it’s a game still, so that’s a downer if you know what I mean.
  • Why did I get this...😡😠🙄🤯🤬😤 1/5

    By #IndominusRex9.
    So I saw an ad on YouTube while I was listening to music, because that’s what I like to do! I saw this game and the game was called, “speak to the manager” now I LOVE drama, public freakouts, and the Karen videos on the internet, so I bought this game! But guess what? The first thing that happens to me is the ads. There are...SOOO...MANY...ADS!!! SO RIDICULOUS!!! I couldn’t even tap a button because I was afraid that there was gonna be an ad! And I hate ads and I’m sure a lot of people can relate! Also there are a lot of bad reviews for this game WHY DONT YOU LISTEN TO THEM?! At least do something about the ads! I would give this 0 stars if I could, until those ads are removed. Not all of them, at least so one doesn’t show up...EVERY...5...SECONDS!!!!
  • Why the adds? 1/5

    By boooohioooooooooooooooo
    This is cool and all,but shorten the adds. Jesus Christ you put to many adds. When I’m working, 5 adds in a row in the face. Breathing air? NOPE BREATH ADDS. And if your going to put this many adds, make the game the best thing in the world. Then I’ll let it slide. But for now? A one star for you.
  • Hot hot hot 3/5

    By Lalaland98demilavati
    Fun and entertaining, but makes my phone overheat
  • unskipable ads 1/5

    By stahhxgaming
    cmon you really getting on nerves with ads that i cannot skip, therefore i am deleting the app
  • Yes 1/5

    By hho4579
  • It is great but... 3/5

    By _ComiX_
    It may be some assets in the background but my phone heats up way too much. If you read this can you please fix this?
  • Only one issue 1/5

    By ummwhuuuut
    I like the game, but my phone feels like it’s going it blow after literally ONE minute of playing. Fix it please.
  • Good game tooooo many ads 5/5

    By tyejenks
    Hey!! I paid for no ads and you would of thought I purchased more, as soon as the game gets good you have these ads, they are super annoying especially since I paid 3 dollars for no ads!!!
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By hank amarilllo
    I bought the game to get rid of ads and the only way to do some of the game choices is by watching ads freaking double dipping scam if I could ask for a refund I would
  • Fun game... but 4/5

    This game is really fun but I think you should and were you can do stuff with the person you are dating, also thiee is a bug when you date someone if you leave the leave the game they are not there when you come back.
  • Fun but very buggy 3/5

    By cant sighn in
    It’s fun but it’s to buggy like the guy who cuts I denied him and he walked back and kept walking and went through the freezer hit the wall and just walked in place until the level was over
  • Amazing 5/5

    By CayOd12
    I have been playing this for a while now and it’s sick!
  • Like it 4/5

    By kei_83
    Fun so far 💁🏾‍♀️
  • Kinda fun but WAY TOO MANY ADS 2/5

    By AFallenMind.com
    This game is hilarious. I would like to play it for hours, however there are waaaaaaay too many ads. Seems like every other move you make in the game you have to watch an ad. This is even more annoying than all the Karens in the game. Probably deleting soon if they don't stop making you watch ads roughly every 30 seconds.
  • Ad sim 1/5

    By a cute neko girl
    Ad sim
  • Fraud and cheat 1/5

    By Tired and mad app
    Stole money and never gave what was promised. Will contact my credit card and dispute the charges of 2.99 because it said no ads and I’m receiving a lot of ads even after paying. They only stole the money and didn’t remove the ads. I closed the app and still nothing happened. No changes were made still plenty of ads. Games is ok but the ads kill it.
  • Cheated 1/5

    By Thebestdanthing
    I was amused by this game enough to buy “no ads”. I still see ads all the time even after restarting the game. I was cheated
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Rabbitman2121
    When you play the game you get random kick and you lose what you were doing
  • Ads 1/5

    By BoomBeachFTW
    Can you not put that many ads I can barely play the game
  • Ad city 2/5

    By Mnc0603
    Its decently entertaining but ads every other customer gets old real fast.
  • Hmmm 3/5

    By Ktwilkie
    This game is good but when it’s on an android it will just turn it off
  • It’s pretty good but... 4/5

    By Kinda great?
    It’s a pretty great app and I kinda enjoy it but the only thing I don’t like about it is that it is basic because all we have to do is just answer questions and level up that’s all I do. Did this really have to be to basic????
  • Karen sim 3/5

    By VaporboiMatt
    This broke on day 13
  • Greedy and trashy developer 1/5

    By Shinobifujin
    Where can I even start? Maybe we should talk to your manager to get your stupid greedy ass fired. There is commercials for literally everything and it even interrupts gameplay. This developer should just jump off a cliff because they don’t deserve a company.
  • Great game buuuuuuuuuut 4/5

    By Zachmjulie
    Hello great game but on day three when the alien comes I tried to do the ad but screen turns black I would appreciate it if you could fix it thank you bye
  • THE ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By JJfnaf
  • . 1/5

    By Watermelon0394
    Million adds
  • So 1/5

    By sassycassy10
    Its ok
  • The Game is Fun, But... 3/5

    By Mandy1295.31
    I bought the remove ads option, but it does absolutely nothing! You still have to watch ads for certain choices, which is annoying. Please fix this, and I’d review it 5 stars.
  • Please don’t use apostrophes to make plurals 3/5

    By Strenik
    I just downloaded the game, haven’t played it yet, but I noticed in the description the incorrect usage of an apostrophe to make a plural. Apostrophes are used for contractions and the possessive. I thought you might appreciate this being called to your attention so you could correct it.
  • too many ads 4/5

    By Smexyexy
    every time there is a ad
  • Amazing but.. 3/5

    By hey it's Viki 24
    I love the game but hate that ur FORCED to warched adds pls take them out or make a no thank you button overall i love the game just the issue is to many adds
  • Ummm I need HELLP 4/5

    By yanet flores
    Ok i just got the app and I did not notice it had SPAINSH on it I don’t know how to make it to English I had to un and re downloaded the app jut to change it. :(
  • Hm. Interesting game you have there. 4/5

    By cocobebe
    It’s kind of a confusing game, if I do the right thing, customer is upset, if I do the wrong thing, customer is happy but my business is going down. Not recommended for kids who dislike curse words or are sensitive to mean language. Overall, it’s a pretty ok game. I just don’t recommend it for kids. Bye, have a wonderful day to whoever is reading this. ❤️
  • Ads galore 1/5

    By fuk_usernames_4_this
    WAYYYYY too many ads. I get that y’all need to make $ also, but the amount of ads on this game is mind blowing. Literally one ad per minute of gameplay
  • Ads to win 4/5

    By idk what to write bruh
    Its a grate game but when a robber or the boss come, if u dont watch the ad u lose money and thats why its a 4 star not 5
  • Too many interruptions 1/5

    By dvvvdd
    Way too many ads, it’s a turn off and I’m already annoyed. Deleting app
  • Stupid me paid for 2.99$ for no ads 3/5

    By Sarasavana
    Still tons of ad in this game paid for no ads. Waste of money and time.
  • Could be fun 1/5

    By LettaBug
    but it freezes everytime the work day starts.
  • Do not download this app!!!! 1/5

    By smileygirl_45
    I usually don’t complain, but I have to now. This app has stuff that I do not support. I’m a Christian, so if you are do not download, it is very boring and not right. I thought it would be a fun game, but no it’s not. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!

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