Spectrum Mobile Account

Spectrum Mobile Account

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  • Current Version: 4.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Charter Communications
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spectrum Mobile Account App

Spectrum Mobile gives you mobile service on the nation's largest, most reliable 4G LTE network, as well as a nationwide network of WiFi hotspots. This app is for customers with Spectrum Mobile service. You can sign in to the app with the same username you use with other Spectrum services. Save money by selecting the wireless data plan that’s right for you and switch it if your needs change. With Spectrum Mobile, you can choose from the latest Apple devices and enjoy flexibility and savings for every line on your account. With the Spectrum Mobile Account app, you can: Track your wireless data usage • See how much data you’ve used and your recent activity. • Set up notifications for your By the Gig lines to manage your data use. Review your wireless bills • Make payments and manage Auto Pay. • See current activity and past statements. Get help when you need it • Get support for your device if something goes wrong. • Find answers to common questions.

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Spectrum Mobile Account app reviews

  • Happy Consumer 5/5

    By levisfriend
    Everything on the app is simple and easy to use. You can read all the details and make changes in a matter of minutes and feel confident the changes are quick and accurate.
  • Only four stars 4/5

    By FlexiblePaymentDate
    Service does not have a flexible payment options that allows the customer to choose a payment date to the customer’s convenience.
  • Is not what you Expected 1/5

    By flex88driver
    This service is not unlimited Internet for the full price very slow cricket is way better in my experience
  • Simple, and easy 5/5

    By TheFisupwiththis
    The app has a nice simple feel to it, and is very easy to use. It feels good to have control of your monthly bill. Good job Spectrum Ps. On my birthday on my first month of by the gig my modem went out at home. It was a Saturday so I couldn’t replace it same or the next day. Seems like I was forced into unlimited plan 🤷‍♂️
  • Upgraded. 5/5

    By manisteemi2020
    I use this for my iPad. When I am not home near my WiFi. For my jobs. Yes I stated jobs, 2 .
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Fermimar
    Tengo control de mi cuenta
  • Helpful 3/5

    By thereviewer83
    I think it would be helpful if we were allowed to request our phone records from within the app that would be nice or if we can see recent txt messages from within the app as well that would be useful
  • Clean and simple to use 5/5

    By LawSuarez
    Love how clean the app is and easy to use.
  • Unbelievably stupid login process 1/5

    By Queue-less
    When attempting to login a pop-up says ‘You’re leaving the app, we want to verify it’s really you, then you can come back and re-login the app’. Then it opens a web browser to Spectrum’s Mobile website and asks you to login a second time! But only after having to endure pages of Captcha’s. And after tapping a dozen Captcha’s and clicking Done, it takes you back to the app to login a 3rd time, after which it immediately pops-up another window saying “You’re leaving the app so we can verify it’s really you” again! Really??? Then why bother with this app in the first place? What’s with all these ridiculous layers of login’s and Captcha’s? It’s not like it’s accessing Fort Knox for crying out loud, it’s a dumb celfone; I could care less who sees my bill or data used, there’s nothing to steal! Just plain stupid.
  • Thank 5/5

    By Wil The GOD
    YOU :-) $$$
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jamathon131
    Very easy to use
  • Says I’m not a customer when i try to log in 1/5

    By f kruegger
    I cannot use my two iPhones and i pad to do any thing. They told me to do this and that. After month or 3 . I was told the problem was apples. ??????
  • Doesn’t function well 2/5

    By Mizgeministarz
    The app redirects you to a built in web browser where you need to log in (AGAIN) in order to change a payment method or for a few other tasks. The problem is, when you add your new payment method, the “save” button is grayed out as if you haven’t entered everything correctly. So you close the app and try to use a laptop of your phone’s mobile browser, seeing as the app is useless for this task, and it tells you that you can’t log in until you close another session you’re already in - except you can’t access that session anymore and before you closed the app there was no option to “log out” of that session. So then you just have to wait a couple hours for your phantom session to expire. Absolutely frustrating and makes the app useless for billing.
  • No Access Allowed After Password Update 1/5

    By ljeddery
    This app stinks! After waiting an hour on the phone to fix access via online the app crashes and glitches! After changing my password 8 times and an hour in the phone and using a android phone to access nothing! Reset iPhone several times and still nothing! FIX ASAP! NO ACCESS TO VIEW BILL OR MAKE CHANGES!!
  • Hardly ever working 1/5

    By Adr1an84
    At least a few times a month it won’t let me log in to the app or my account through a browser. My log in credentials are saved with face time so I’m not forgetting my password and if I try again another day I’m eventually able to log in. Why can’t I make a payment? The only option is to have your account set up for autopay but there is no option to pay now or pay before your autopay date?? Why?
  • An absolute joke. 1/5

    By SometimesTimothy
    This app is garbage. Can’t even edit some billing info. Logs me out because it’ll randomly think I’m logged into another session and then you can do absolutely nothing. Spectrum in general is a joke, this app is no different.
  • Great App Shows a lot of info 4/5

    By Pwr.movs.only
    Lol but doesn’t stay logged in even with Touch ID
  • Failed Service 2/5

    By Wide Eyes
    I called in about a week ago and was told I would be called the next day by a higher level technician. No call came. The call was about transferring my email from the location I moved from to my current account at my new home address which should have occurred immediately. I called back last night 04/24/2020 and a woman told me I would receive a call the next day and if not I could call them back in the evening or following morning. I called back today 04/25/2020 and was told I would have to wait two more days. Tell it like it is and not not provide poor and incorrect information.
  • Spectrum service. 5/5

    By DeAdRaZe16971
    I like the spectrum service I was an old client, since I think it’s perfect.
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By lovelylady50
    Love this app!! It makes my life easier you get all the information needed on this app
  • Spectrum s app 5/5

    By Ms McKnight
    It is fast and easy to use!
  • Super easy and Affordable! 5/5

    By Sithh
    We are loving Spectrum super easy to adjust. No contracts or fees
  • Unlimited 3/5

    By highland dave
    My unlimited data is limited
  • Great Service 5/5

    By bad chad 4
    I have had many phones from many companies, spectrum by far the best
  • Great 5/5

    By Skiinolimits
    Elegant,smooth,fast, and a breeze to deal with🙏🏻👍.
  • Spectrum Mobile 5/5

    By BuckyY213
    Extremely ez and user friendly
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ablagonya
    App stopped working on me today, says I’m not a customer after I’ve been a customer for a year with no issues until today. Customer service wait time is 52minutes with no response, please fix this!
  • Works great 5/5

    By trumen12
    Good right to the point
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jonaaaayy
    Can’t sign in. Changed the password to both accounts. Only works on my spectrum app. Mobile app never lets me sign in. I called and they said it could be a glitch 3 different times that I called and they even gave me a new pw which still doesn’t work.
  • Spectrum is a fraud 1/5

    By former custumer
    Spectrum mobile worse company and hostile customer service, for many months overcharges and fees without explanation and won’t return my money even after money was taken out my bank account without permission, it’s obvious billing and customer service have no experience
  • APP STINKS!! 1/5

    By Stary19
    I keep using the same password/user name that we’ve had forever and it keeps telling us we aren’t a customer yet. Good!! Then we don’t have to pay the overpriced bill. Thanks
  • Luck of change/poor navigations 1/5

    By viasuckssssssssssss
    Spectrum mobile app is so poor and can’t even edit your bank card on the app without directing you to their website. All small small companies have better app than this one. Payment cannot be paid before the due date and our phone nice cannot be seen on the app meaning I don’t event know how much I still owe for the device. Poor functionality and very very poor app. System limitations. You can’t basically do anything on their app. Even some options that all iPhones has some of them are missing in spectrum mobile services. For example, if you go to the iPhone setting and then click on mobile you will see the last option that say show my call ID. There you have the option to show your call ID when placing a phone call or hide your call ID. All iPhone has this option but Spectrum Mobile doesn’t have it.
  • Love spectrum mobile 5/5

    App is user friendly
  • Great 5/5

    By gmoney1030
    This is real Real easy to you ReReal easy to
  • States I am not primary account owner 1/5

    By bytcaaqwepm
    I am THE only account owner. I can sign into website with Username and Password but not here. Useless. Literally.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By FunKey Chic
    This is absolutely the worst app I have ever used. I am constantly being redirected to login and my username and password won’t work the majority of the time. You can’t reach any customer service either. I hate hate hate this app.
  • Can't login to my spectrum mobile app 5/5

    By Nicole LeAnn
    I been locked out my spectrum mobile since February 6th of this year. I recently called this morning to figure out why when i change my password for SPECTRUM MOBILE it changes the password for the spectrum app to check my internet bill. I thought it was two separate accounts anyways I change my password for my spectrum app to check my internet bill monthly this morning with the first customer rep who helped me wonderfully and was transferred to spectrum mobile to switch the password to get into SPECTRUM MOBILE app only to end up with my password for the spectrum app dealing with my internet bill to be changed to whatever the second customer rep and I switched it to smh and still can't get in the SPECTRUM MOBILE app with the new password or old passwords.
  • ACH and/or Cash Payment 5/5

    By Mesubi01
  • Great cell service 5/5

    By Righteousgrits
    The service so far has been great and user friendly
  • The app was great 1/5

    By WiseBeauty82
    Don’t get me wrong, the app was great but I just want to warn customers about ridiculous and unknown facts. Spectrum will still expect payment for a full month’s worth of service even if you leave them on the first day of the cycle you’re being billed for. Plus, if a promotion is accidentally removed by their inept team member, no one in that or the retention department has a way to reapply it.

    By Frustratedjewishgirl
    The app works ok I will give it that. But if you are considering changing to Spectrum Mobile reconsider it! I signed my husband and I up in September, 2 iPhone 11’s, I asked for unlimited and insurance of course. I had it set up on autopay and a few months later my husbands phone was stolen, I called to report it and was informed no one actually processed the insurance so I had to now pay off over $1200 for a phone that was stolen and that it was my fault I didn’t notice on my invoice the same day as when I ordered all my services that it was missing. Oh that’s right! You can only ever get insurance the SAME DAY as you sign up for service! Even if it’s their mistake for not processing it correctly. Why on earth would anyone not have insurance on such an expensive device? So obviously I had the line deactivated completely. Then the person who was supposed to blacklist the device didn’t process that right. I was still being charged for the line I disconnected and when I called about that I was told I would be refunded for it on my next billing cycle. Well I never received a credit. Not only that but when I called about it I was talked down to like an idiot and told that basically all of this was my responsibility and that I should have never been told I’d receive any credit over $10, I was also told by a supervisor that “while we dropped the ball with the insurance it was your responsibility to have noticed that same day and called back!” So not only am I about to leave spectrum mobile, but I’ll be disconnecting my internet, cable, and home phone. It’s completely unethical to blame the customer for YOUR customer service representatives mistakes that you acknowledge as a company, but apparently that’s a nice loophole to gouge customers. I’ve never experienced such rude condescending customer service agents. I don’t care about the money, I care about the principal of the matter. I would rather support a local company that cares about keeping their customers than a national one that obviously does not care about the customer.
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By timdonna
    Well I came to Spectrum from Verizon. As far as the service goes it is just as good as Verizon. That’s as far as it goes. I have been waiting for a week to get my number ported to my new phone. It still isn’t done and it has been a week. Every time I call I get transferred several times and have to explain everything again. Customer service isn’t very good. The employees can only do certain tasks. This means you get transferred a lot. I only gave one star because you have to give something. I had to order everything twice because no one got it right. And they don’t call to tell you either. I ordered my SIM card for my old phone before I switched then when I switched I had to order my phones twice. BEWARE!!!
  • Not working 1/5

    By tesodei
    This is really annoying!! The app is not working!! Just keeping loading...
  • Live Customer service?? 4/5

    By Talk2menice
    App is ok but what about live customer service support cuts phone time and can get things done faster where are in 2020 things should be pushed faster instead of waiting on phone for help or situation with phone.
  • Great app 5/5

    By SevenG69
    Very easy to set up & use As a Spectrum Internet customer it would be good if you can create one app that merges mobile & internet together in a one-stop shop; and joined up billing Also as a non-binary intersex person letting me choose my gender option, would feel more friendly Love you have Ellen advertising Spectrum mobile & the network coverage in LA is great
  • Touch ID Login Issue 4/5

    By Perry167
    Only used it for a few days so far, seems simple and works well ... except one issue. Once you sign in and enable Touch ID, there is no way to disable and re-enable that feature using a different login. This would be needed if you change which of your Spectrum logins is “Primary”, because you can only log in using the primary one. This happened to me. I had to delete and re-download the app to get around this. Of course, you can cancel the Touch ID login process and enter the credentials manually, every time you use the app, but that is a hassle.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By ronnie.massey1
    Easy to use and navigate
  • Love Spectrum 5/5

    By Diva Team
    Great flexibility
  • Makes Life 10x Easier 5/5

    By matthan.bird
    I work for the company, and I’m telling you that most of what you need done can be done from the app. We are always working to make the app and websites better. I use our service and my life is made a lot easier by using the services on the app and the website. Start here, and if you really can’t find the answer then give us a call.

Spectrum Mobile Account app comments

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