Spectrum SportsNet: Live Games

Spectrum SportsNet: Live Games

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  • Current Version: 4.0.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Charter Communications
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Spectrum SportsNet: Live Games App

Stay connected with the Lakers, Galaxy, and Sparks with the Spectrum SportsNet app! Enjoy LIVE games, highlights, analysis, interviews, and more for the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Galaxy, and LA Sparks! Log in with your TV provider credentials to watch Spectrum SportsNet live anytime, anywhere. Get an inside look at your favorite Southern California teams with full episodes of original programming on-demand! Original programming includes: Backstage Lakers, Access SportsNet, Connected With…, Through The Lens, Backstage Chargers, Lakers Top 10, and Galaxy Top 10. NOTE: Log-in is available to Spectrum, DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, Cox, Catalina Broadband Solutions, and Hawaiian Telcom subscribers with Spectrum SportsNet as part of their channel lineup. California Consumer Privacy Rights: https://www.spectrum.com/policies/california California Consumer Do Not Sell My Personal Information: https://spectrum.com/policies/your-privacy-rights-opt-out

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Spectrum SportsNet: Live Games app reviews

  • App is Garbage 1/5

    By Brandt Badouin
    I’m a Lakers fan and watch the games using this app while I’m on the go or at a friend’s house who doesn’t have the Spectrum Sports Net channel. If I’m watching on my iPad or streaming to an Apple TV, it stops streaming during every commercial break. So you have to completely close the app and reopen it to start watching again. This has been going on for over a year. You’d think they catch this and fix it but nope. They don’t care. I know it’s not just my login because I have friends that have the same issue. Terrible experience. It’s sad that this is the only way to watch the games while on the go.
  • FIX APP - BROKEN after iOS 14.5 update 1/5

    By SchroederMcG
    After update to 14.5 iOS on iPhone, cannot see Lakers on app. Keep getting bogus VPN error. I do not have a VPN on this Apple device. Nor do I have a VPN on any device. Fix your app please get up to speed with iOS 14.5 or fix whatever is causing this error. Thank you
  • Won’t Airplay Live Games to TV 1/5

    By Reviews627283
    Has the option to airplay live games to my Roku TV, but every time I try it just gets stuck on the loading screen and doesn’t work. Don’t have this problem with any other app except for this one.

    By griegmic
    Huge problems streaming to Apple TV from iPhone. Stream breaks at every commercial break and I have to force quit the app to fix it. Next commercial break also breaks the stream. Fix this or make an Apple TV app. It’s been like this for months
  • Terrible app and streaming 1/5

    By MM2982
    It always disconnects no matter how fast connection. It disconnects from airplay repeatedly on Apple TV. Please also provide an Apple TV app. This app always lags. Please fix this issue. I pay a lot for my spectrum cable bill to watch the Lakers.
  • No where to watch dodger games 1/5

    By grubhub is f***** wack af
    Where the dodger games at? Step up your game spectrum. Direct tv taking over again.
  • Sign in process broken 1/5

    By OCbanker949
    Did anyone in the dev team test this app using u-verse credentials? A big fail for the app QA team. You all can do better.
  • Airplay is nice but still buggy 3/5

    By Deltonmee
    It’s great that I can airplay from my iPhone to Apple TV but I still run into annoying functionality. If I move off the app it will eventually freeze so I just plan on not using my iPhone at all during a game. This is not the biggest deal in the world and I’ll live. In order to get it back I have to kill it, restart it, then my Apple TV just spins. I have to kill it again and it will usually work. I also sometimes get the maximum device error even though I’m the only one using the app. Please please please let us get the app on AppleTV! All these issues could be avoided.
  • Airplay Mirroring Doesn’t Work! 1/5

    By Djgilla
    This used to work but stopped working since October 2020. When trying to mirror to my Samsung Tv I just get the spinning ball. Please fix already.
  • Airplay with Apple not working 1/5

    By muur697
    I see this is an issue for many and it’s really stopping me from watching laker games. Please fix it asanow
  • Freezes after commercial breaks 3/5

    By MattlesKing
    Great content (Go Lakers), but almost every time there’s a commercial break the app has issues. Prior to today it would just hang. Today the audio keeps playing but the video freezes. The only way to fix it is to force close the app and restart. Would be 5 stars if not for this very annoying bug. Love that they finally added support for Apple Play to my AppleTV.
  • Please fix mirroring! 1/5

    By Azeitounian
    Please fix the mirroring! I want to be able to mirror to my Apple TV! When I try to do it, it just gives a white loading bar and it doesn’t work. Please fix!
  • Airplay doesn’t work. Spectrum do you read your reviews? 2/5

    By BKGG93
    Regardless whether you have AirPlay built into your TV or have an Apple TV device, casting Lakers games to your TV is NOT possible currently. It will be stuck in the loading animation. Spectrum claims to want app feedback but I’ve submitted multiple bug reports with no response, so a review it is.
  • AirPlay & Mirroring Broken 1/5

    By vangorkomm
    For an app with such a singular purpose, I’m surprised that a basic function like AirPlay and Screen Mirroring don’t function. If there was an AppleTV app, I might understand, but without that these functions are a huge miss. Screen mirroring works on rare occasions, but then hangs up at EVERY commercial break. Also, you would think an app with a singular focus would at least have Box Scores and other data to see during the games. Really a disappointing experience overall.
  • Airplay does not work 1/5

    By randomuser18384726
    Being able to watch the lakers games is the main reason I subscribed to Charter, but this app’s airplay does not work so I can’t even watch the games on my TV. Charter please fix!!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By cat13man
    Like and loving this app go lakers
  • Airplay broke 1/5

    By ajcurry_
    Used this on my Samsung tv all of last season and it worked perfectly. Somehow in the ten weeks three months between the Portland series and preseason airplay just completely stopped working. I’ve tried it every game for the last month! Why!
  • Arguably the worst iOS tv app 1/5

    By KEv003
    Just pure trash. Literal. Utter. Trash. Don’t download. Spectrum is absolutely horrible.
  • Apple TV app?? 2/5

    By Joshy71790
    This sometimes works from the phone but constantly have to quit the app and restart. And when AirPlaying to Apple TV or any other screen connectivity is worse. Will Spectrum SportsNet have an Apple TV app soon??
  • Great notifications 5/5

    I enjoy watching the lakers on this app! The notifications are far more engaging than before. Keep up the great work!
  • Can’t watch with Apple TV 2/5

    By Attila32
    Can not watch on Apple TV or cast to apple tv
  • where the dodgers at 4/5

    By gotg#14)33
    i thought it would have the dodgers in it too but i guess not it still is a good app to have but man i wish they would add the dodgers to it then it would deserve 5
  • Airplay / mirroring doesn’t work on Samsung tv 1/5

    By progrockjunkie
    App crashes every time I press play on a video while trying to airplay
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Major Ursa
    No access. Useless. Does not work with VPN. Does not with the auto proxy. What a lame app.
  • Apple TV App or AirPlay 1/5

    By Credo91
    The app is great on the iPad, but needs an Apple TV app. At the very least it should have Airplay. Seems to be a common concern among users. Not sure why they won’t do it. The technology is simple and I. Use by so many other apps. Poor decision by whoever is making the decisions.
  • Live stream consistently 1/5

    By DANger0us18
    Pops up right away with out and video just a black screen, but with audio. What gives?!?
  • Doesn’t let me log in 1/5

    By Ballers.Opinion
    On the home page it tells me to sign in. So I sign and it tells me do it again. So I sign in again and again it tells me to do it again. So again I sign in and as you can guess this process never ends
  • AIR PLAY FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By BrandonSandals
    Man it’s about time you guys got AirPlay. Now we just need basketball back.
  • Not working 1/5

    By biscochoufff
    It says I’m logged in but the live won’t show. And it keeps saying credentials not authorized
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Lakers 2020 Champs
    Can’t login with Cox Communication. Been like this for the past two updates. Tried on both iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Horrible in 2020 1/5

    By Bobbafire
    This app use to work flawlessly for me but now the live-streams work for 5-10 minutes and then freeze on me for 5-10 minutes. There have been numerous times I am trying to watch the 4th quarter of a Laker game and the APP just will not play the game. It needs to get fixed. It is horrible.
  • 👍🏼 5/5

    By Kalboholic
    Now we just need a dedicated app for the apple tv. Thanks for the airplay btw!!
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By A Brad of many
    The moment I did the most recent update the app stopped working...
  • App Error 1/5

    By taikeblackieee
    Charging customer thousands of dollars an year and can’t make app right. App has issues casting to tv all the time!!!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By CCCLP7
    Doesn’t allow for video Airplay to screen.. broadcasting in 30fps... just overall useless.
  • 👎👎👎👎👎Casting does not work on vizio tv 1/5

    By TheMountainxMan
    App only casts audio to vizio tv 👎👎👎👎👎
  • No iPad capability? 1/5

    By RobotVsShark
    Lets me watch on iPhone but not iPad, using exact same sign in credentials. Makes no sense.
  • Only plays audio though appleTV 1/5

    By DDC - De Castro
    This is stupid why is it I can only hear audio when I send to applePlay through iPad or iPhone. And their streaming through browser is terrible. It’s like they make it really really terrible too force you to buy a cable box.
  • There’s a glitch 1/5

    By oaxaca213
    It automatically pauses after a few seconds. I mean, I can press play but then it’s not really live because it picks up where it left off. Also, sometimes there’s another glitch where it needs me to log in again. I can’t keep calling my sister for her spectrum password.
  • Cannot AirPlay on Apple TV 1/5

    By j.gome
    When I try to AirPlay, only the audio is sent. Feels almost purposefully malicious to not be able to cast the video. I do not understand this.
  • Reviews 1/5

    By seapoe5805
    You need have have video cast available to watch most have on a sport app
  • I have no idea how 2/5

    By YourLeastFavBFF
    This app has such a high rating! It’s pretty barely functional and hasn’t really improved much in its existence.
  • Needs casting 1/5

    By gkupka
    Please add a casting feature!! Please?
  • Stopped working on my iPad 1/5

    By BlackMambaShields
    Infinite update loop of death on iPads that only support iOS 10.3.3!!!! Turn your legacy support back on Spectrum and don't force us to buy a new iPad.
  • Love everything, but crashes on live! 4/5

    By Mr. Made in USA
    Love everything, but crashes every time live starts. I used to be able to watch the channel on my TWC package here in Greensboro, NC, but now Spectrum does not offer that and I really miss the shows, so the new app appears to let me watch, but the crashing is very annoying, because I have to plan ahead to make quick alternate selection.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By RobW___
    Video crashes

    By ADinc
  • Great app 5/5

    By JF9884
    Nice new design
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By Sowhat2025
    I tried deleting the app multiple times and redownloading it and resetting my device and it still crashes very disappointing.