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Spectrum TV

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  • Current Version: 8.16
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Charter Communications
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spectrum TV App

Spectrum TV Download the Spectrum TV app and get the most out of your Spectrum TV experience at home or on the go. Stream On Demand or live TV anywhere, on any device. TURN ANY SCREEN INTO A TV ・Stream live TV anywhere you have a connection. ・Enjoy streaming thousands of On Demand shows and movies. ・Cast from your phone or tablet to a compatible TV with Chromecast. FIND YOUR FAVORITE PROGRAMS ・Create a personalized Spectrum guide by setting your favorite channels. ・Search by title, network, actor or sports team anywhere in the app. ・Add new and exciting Spectrum Originals to your Watchlist. CONTROL YOUR TV AND DVR ・Change TV channels on your Spectrum Receiver. ・Get showtimes and record your favorite TV shows and movies (with optional DVR services). Delete, modify and play DVR recordings on your TV (compatible DVRs only). SET PARENTAL CONTROLS Turn on Parental Controls and set a PIN to block shows by channel or rating. The blocks you set apply across each device in your household. WHAT YOU NEED TO USE THIS APP Available programming depends on your Spectrum TV package. Some titles require you to connect to your Spectrum In-Home WiFi. A Spectrum TV subscription, username and password are required to sign in.

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Spectrum TV app reviews

  • Great app 5/5

    By Cruzin 1103
    Cable prices continue to rise but I am very happy with my bundle package. I also have spectrum mobile that I only pay 14 dollars for. Can’t beat that. Customer service is phenomenal. From time to time you can call and see if there is a special going on to help with cost. I wanted to have the ability to record my shows but that will bring my price up a little. I recommend having spectrum as a cable service provider.
  • All of the Sudden Freezing Video 1/5

    By BrandonFlowers
    This review is pertaining to the Apple TV version. I was excited to ditch stand alone cable or satellite boxes. I’ve had SpectrumTV through the app for about 8 months. I’ve been enjoying it with a couple of features lacking. 1.) No ability to pause live TV. There is a work around of recording the program you are watching to your cloud DVR. 2.) if you record a program that you are actively watching, you have to make sure to catch up before the end of the show in real time. If you don’t, the recording gets corrupted and ends at the point you were on the recording when the end time of the live showing ends. So if you are only 20 minutes into an hour program when the program ends, your recording will only play for 20 minutes. 3.) Cloud DVR is inconsistent on scheduled recordings. It will show on the guide that the event is recording. But then it doesn’t show up in your library. Glad I have Verizon Wireless with free Hulu to catch the shows the DVR drops. 4.) The voice navigation they instruct you to use like Siri tune to , doesn’t always work. She sometimes tries to send you to the app for that channel. Now why I am giving it 1 star. These limitations coupled with the following lack of support. All of the sudden about a month ago, the video on many channels randomly and frequently stops for a second or two. The audio is just fine. This is extremely annoying for sporting events. I’ve reported to spectrum support and they will give you any excuse to say it’s not the app or their technology for compression or distribution. I have 4 AppleTVs, 1 hardwired to the router connected to the modem. 2 connected to Orbi satellites and 1 connected via 5GHz to a Orbi satellite. All TVs have the most recent TVOS and version of the Spectrum App.
  • Spectrum TV = Fraud.......not recommended 1/5

    By CruisinCali
    I got the Spectrum TV app and service, so I could stream shows on my phone or tablet while traveling. What they don’t tell you, is that the majority of the channel line up you watch, is NOT available unless connected to your “home wifi”. All local channels gone (cant watch home state news, weather, etc) and a boatload of your favorite channels are unavailable. Spectrum does say in little tiny print “that all channels won’t before available”........but they don’t tell you 70% of your channels aren’t available. Google “Spectrum TV” with the Better Business Bureau and you’ll see they have an “F” rating. Not recommended, beware, avoid....you have been warned.
  • good for visually impaired 5/5

    By don M.D.
    I do not think anything is “easy“ for visually impaired, however, it’s nice that this app works with the voiceover accessibility feature sound on my iPhone. I do have a habit of turning to “God“ when I want to leave the app to assure myself that the audio portion is muted. most free movies are older films and do not have “audio description. It would be wonderful if all the movies could be updated to contain audio description. I don’t think this will happenhere And and I wish it were not true that you get what you pay for.
  • Horrible app constantly crashes 1/5

    By westernewyorker
    I don’t know how spectrum is allowed to charge for this garbage. The app is horrible and constantly lags and crashes and gives random errors. This illegal monopoly should be crushed and this horrible company should be shut down.
  • Lost feature 3/5

    By VOTE!
    Please reinstall the feature that allows listening to sound in background.
  • Raising prices 1/5

    By Raqstookey
    I am thoroughly tired of the problems that I have dealt with in your company. I have to call every 6 months as you slowly raise my bill and it’s appalling. I think about the elderly who cannot fight for themselves. I have problems at least 3 times a month with slow or no streaming and it’s ridiculous as I’ve never missed a payment. I also never ordered television from you and I just noticed that I am being charged for some television thing that I DO NOT WANT!!!! Fix it or I am moving on!! Raquel L Stookey
  • Horrible ROKU App 1/5

    By TomC3635
    Poor design - takes forever to change channels and fast-forward has no preset time (like 15 seconds), no visual view (like YouTube TV) and is hard to stop.
  • Not compatible with roku 1/5

    By AJKern
    It was good till I had to cancel because all of a sudden they aren’t working with roku. No longer worth the money! Very disappointing!
  • Hardly works 2/5

    By zngross09
    This app hardly works. Half the time it’s just buffering or there’s no picture but sound. I have to turn the WiFi off at home (spectrum) just to use the app.
  • Not told the truth 1/5

    By RBCarl
    I signed with Spectrum because they say you can watch on your tablet or phone. What they don’t tell you is that you are limited in what is available to watch. All the things I would watch are blocked if I am away from home. I’m not happy...had better away coverage with DIRECT TV.
  • Used to work great. 1/5

    By Danimost
    Used to work great now it’s useless I don’t know what happened but I will be cancelling soon if nothing changes.
  • Rating Spectrum receivers 2/5

    By City Slcker.
    One of my receivers does not let me “page or scroll” the entire screen to the next screen. I want to be able to look at all stations and what is available to watch. There are 7 programs on each screen. The only way I can see what’s on my tv is to touch down or up one at a time. Then at the top left corner of the screen is one program at a time. This is a waste of time. One receiver works well the other one does not. Very frustrating. Send me a receiver that will allow me to see the entire screen selection of 7 programs then the next 7 programs that are available.
  • Essential and easy to use 5/5

    By Heather-in-LanaiCity
    I just wish I could set it up for my favorite channels, otherwise perfect!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Cinandchris
    I am not too techie but i actually use the app more on my phone than i watch tv. So easy and so many choices. Thrilled that we switched providers.
  • Horrible when Time Warner just as bad now 2/5

    By Nanamascjel
    I must say I really had high hopes when Spectrum took over time warner. But you fooled me. There’s no better service now than there ever was under Time Warner. Case in point: inauguration night, one of the most important nights in our history, and guess what… I had no service. No matter what I did I had no service. I am beyond disappointed. I missed the whole inauguration. I will never get that night back. Thanks
  • Could be better 3/5

    By boucher30
    I don’t like not being able to access all my channels on the app if I am not connected to my home wifi. If I am on the app and have my account info I should have all channels available.
  • Tv App 1/5

    By egg3221
    Not reliable and cannot access local stations when out of area
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Chick S
    With Verizon and Frontier, we could use our iPhone and iPad as a remote control, even replicating the looks of the actual remote control. More importantly, we could use them to set up future recordings on the DVR, allowing us to watch the TV while scanning the TV guide and record. We could do the latter on Spectrum for two years. Suddenly the capability to set future recordings using the iPad disappeared with no warning. Even the Spectrum customer service was kept in the dark, sending repairmen to my house twice, and even changing my DVR twice. Suddenly I was told I could PURCHASE this capability for only $5.00 per month! I consider this a theft! Were I not on a condo cable plan, I would scrap Spectrum!
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By DorothyMantooth
    This App is so user friendly and has so much functionality!!!
  • Full Channel Content Not Available 1/5

    By Edo 321
    Not all channels are available on cellular data, you have to be on WIFI, Why? On Direct TV I had full access to all the TV channels I paid for.
  • Good when it’s working 3/5

    By bothhed
    The Time Warner app comes in handy sometimes, but too often when I try to use it, I get an error message saying that the service is not available. That’s very irritating.
  • Bad App Issues 2/5

    By Cee-Coo
    The app keeps pausing and buffering on my Samsung TV. It’s not my cable connection, since I don’t have those issues with other streaming services. Also, as a paying customer, we should have the same channel lineup if we are not viewing from our residence, along with removing the channels that are listed twice with the same viewing quality.
  • Long time customer unfortunately 1/5

    By Nah Mckenzie
    Terrible!! Everything I receive has been trash. My cable box even stopped working.
  • Sometimes 3/5

    By Church growth
    It’s simple sometimes it work sometimes it doesn’t. If the problem were to be resolved it would be perfect.
  • No controls? 2/5

    By why all the nickname are used
    I have YouTube TV easy to navigate, a litle complicate to record but a great controls tu pause, rewind o forward spectrum TV is exactly the oppositive. No contros, easy to record but quality picture., but cheaper
  • Spectrum needs some work 1/5

    By oprjjm1
    SpectrumTV is going down hill fast. Every time I use the app, it’s slow, has glitches, or it just stops working completely. Sometimes when I am watching my favorite show, it gets really fuzzy. None of my other apps do this. I am very disappointed with this app, and do not recommend it. I suggest not to waste your time and money.
  • Ok 1/5

    By madilynhj
    This app won’t download and it’s making me mad
  • Worst Cable TV App in Existence 1/5

    By ChristyinCalifornia
    My god this app is bad. I can’t see my DVR on the app. I can’t see my DVR recordings unless I search for the name of the show. Finding it that way, when I view the recording settings for the show on the app they are incorrect compared to the settings on the DVR and it won’t let me change them. Customer support says maybe they’ll be in synch in 72 hours. They say it’s standard for anything you do to one to take 72 hours to synch with the other. Three days? In 2021? Are Fred Flintstone’s feet running underneath this app? I never thought I’d miss the price gouging Comcast, but I would literally move 10 miles across the state line to be back in Comcast’s service area. Who knew I’d ever have these feelings for Comcast?
  • Misinformed 2/5

    By 56UKcatfan
    So the advertisement says “TV on the go”. Makes it sound like you can watch it anywhere on the go. WRONG. I tried watching it when we went out of state and it doesn’t work. Apparently you have to be in one of their WiFi hotspots. If I’m wrong please let me know. Seriously considering switching to another company. Wish Armstrong was in this area. You truly could watch it on the go......anywhere regardless of whether you were connected to WiFi.
  • Spectrum App 1/5

    By Grmjj
    Charge more money and took away the ability to watch DVR shows on my iPad. Thanks Spectrum.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Alimarifuentes
    I do appreciate that I can use my phone a remote but at least once every time I use it, it glitches and doesn’t want to connect to the chrome cast. Can get annoying and I end up switching to Disney+ or Netflix :/
  • Spectrum apps 5/5

    By gene2138
    I have spectrum tv, my spectrum, and spectrum mobile apps and I couldn’t do without any of them. I pay all my bills using the apps and keep up to date with any new news and products. Plus I get any support I need through the apps. Thanks spectrum , keep up the good work. Oh maybe you could get a fix for the spectrum tv app with Roku devices that would be awesome. Kind of tired of the constant buffering
  • East Tennessee Customer... 5/5

    By Papawmonk
    Spectrum has the Best Coverage and Customer Service . They are always there when needed . Anytime I had a problem they are only a phone call away ! Thank You Spectrum!
  • No sound 1/5

    By 5gigi5
    Update 1/23/21: No sound again for CBS (10) and I get static sound from FOX Business News Channel (81) I am using your APP on iPad Air. And Yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled your APP and restarted my iPad. Update: CBS channel ok now there’s no sound on FOX Business News channel? There’s no sound for CBS channel. Latest update installed
  • Spectrum app 3/5

    By Marco Entai
    It has reduced services. In the past you could access your tv’s DVA via the spectrum website to schedule shows to tape. No longer. A service I miss
  • Spectrum TV 2/5

    By MaJa98765432
    If you have other options, not Spectrum, then use them. Spectrum is not good.
  • No hidden fees 5/5

    By joanne albarano
    Bringing spectrum back into my home and canceling Verizon was the best option for me. No hidden fees and more affordable.
  • Easy to use anywhere! 5/5

    By Love to ply
    The Spectrum is so easy to use I’m a little technical challenge but the Spectrum is so simple someone a little older like me can use it. When my wife and I travel we seldom want to watch the same thing on Tv, with the Spectrum app we both get to enjoy our trip with out missing our favorite television shows. Happy wife happy life! Sumter, South Carolina
  • Airplay! 2/5

    By MG Ithaca
    Why does this app play some Spectrum channels and not others? This is with updated versions of the Spectrum app, iOS, and tv (Vizio) systems.
  • Helpful for hard of hearing people. 5/5

    By Lover Faxs
    One terrific app for people hard of hearing. Use good ear buds voice and several selections of music are great entertainment and brain stimulating which is difficult to do with hearing aids, Thanks Spetrum.
  • Chromecast support on iPhone? 3/5

    By oranuf2
    Was hoping to be able to call up live TV on my iPhone, then cast it to my Chromecast. All research indicates this should be possible, but alas my Chromecast never shows up when I press the cast button in this app. I know this is oddly specific, but would love to see that fixed.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By mab45101
    My app stopped working on my iPhone and Roku. I have had these downloaded for years as I’ve been a customer for years and can now only watch tv nowhere. Will be canceling my cable subscription.
  • App doesn’t work well on Roku anymore 1/5

    By Alaplage 32
    In the past week, our app has started to freeze up and buffer quite often. It’s almost to the point that we cannot watch an entire episode or sporting event without some sort of interruption or error. It is not the internet connection because all other devices work. It only happens on our TVs with Roku. We have been told not to delete the Spectrum app and our service should continue to work properly. Such a disappointment.
  • Skipping 1/5

    By Liz1960
    What is up with this app! I’m trying to watch the inauguration and it keeps buffering and skipping. Are they anti-Biden???
  • Spectrum app with Apple TV very unreliable 1/5

    By Dave7547
    TV keeps freezing, have to reboot, cutting out, etc. When I test my mesh WiFi it verifies a very high speed. It is either the app or the Apple TV box that is the problem.
  • Needs to be more consistent. 1/5

    By Benwho
    The app is okay, but the service needs to be better. Can’t watch something right now because the quality keeps failing (internet connection is fine) and intermittently loses feed/stream. The other day I had to reset my internet before the service worked and missed a kickoff... very lame and will adjust stars when they do better.
  • Horrible Streaming 2/5

    By DanBabs
    The app is the worst when it comes to streaming quality. Picture is constantly vacillating between absolutely awful, slightly less awful and all too infrequently, satisfactory.
  • Buffering 1/5

    By Praise 1
    Time to catchup with other streaming apps like Hulu and fix the buffering problem.