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Spectrum TV

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  • Current Version: 8.35
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Charter Communications
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spectrum TV App

SPECTRUM TV Download the Spectrum TV app and get the most out of your Spectrum TV experience at home or on the go. Stream On Demand or live TV anywhere, on any device. TURN ANY SCREEN INTO A TV • Stream live TV anywhere you have a connection. • Enjoy streaming thousands of On Demand shows and movies. • Cast from your phone or tablet to a compatible TV with Chromecast. FIND YOUR FAVORITE PROGRAMS • Create a personalized guide by setting your favorite channels. • Search by title, network, actor or sports team anywhere in the app. • Add new and exciting Spectrum Originals to your Watchlist. CONTROL YOUR TV AND DVR • Change TV channels on your Spectrum Receiver. • Get showtimes and record your favorite TV shows and movies (with optional DVR services). • Delete, modify and play DVR recordings on your TV (compatible DVRs only). SET PARENTAL CONTROLS Turn on parental controls and set a PIN to block shows by channel or rating. The blocks you set apply across each device in your household. WHAT YOU NEED TO USE THIS APP Available programming depends on your Spectrum TV package. Some titles require you to connect to your Spectrum In-Home WiFi. A Spectrum TV subscription, username and password are required to sign in.

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Spectrum TV app reviews

  • Trash app 1/5

    By CJ Beathard
    This app just stopped working 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By ericr0210
    I travel a lot for work. Love being able to watch my spectrum, but hate that not all my channels are available.
  • Doesn’t open 1/5

    By Najuxx
    I have been trying to open the app at home to try and stream it on my television. I can never get it open because it always says no internet connection even though my connection is working perfectly fine on everything. Then when I turn my wifi off it works? I try to AirPlay but the tv and phone have to be on the same wifi but when I turn my wifi on it stops working! Ridiculous!
  • Works about half the time 2/5

    By Akiva96
    Since the last update the app is about 50/50 as to whether it will load or time out with the IGE-9000 error. It tells me Im not connected to the internet when I am. Pretty frustrating.
  • Spectrum TV Stream 2/5

    By cmm472
    Good app available across multiple devices. I get confused on the names of the streaming plans, I just switched to the one that contains the local networks and PBS, I think it is called Spectrum TV Stream. This is for Spectrum internet customers and compares with the other live providers, but actually offers more content than some. There is a good on demand library, but I’d like to see them add DVR. It’s helpful to have a single bill for TV and internet. Overall, it’s a very good service. ADDITIONAL NOTE: I was enjoying this but after having it for only a week you have already removed HD Net movies, AXS TV and Pets TV from my channel package and I am sure there will not be a reduction in price. Changing my rating from 5 stars to 2 stars and canceling at the end of my billing cycle.
  • Best shows and movies of this app ever 5/5

    By Taylor Nicole Reagin
    Way better than Xfinity
  • Fire tv 3/5

    By LanaFoxtrot
    Need an ap that works
  • Spectrum tv app lost “My Library” 1/5

    By Upset #99999999997431
    Not happy with the IOS app right now. We had an outage where internet went down today. When it came back up I lost all my recordings and what is set to record in My Library. I can’t even set a show to record at this time. What the heck happen. When this happened we were in the middle of watching one of our recordings. It’s been 5 hours since this happened. I thought by now it would reset. Not good!!!!!
  • Rip Off Crummy App 2/5

    By Na cell
    So called perk for paying what amounts to criminal charges for cable tv….this app is part of what you pay for with Spectrum. For months now there is no sound on several regular channels. There are also several channels that now are in Spanish with English subtitles!! This is ridiculous! You go to TV Land channel to watch “Three and a Half Men” and you get it in Spanish!! There is one channel on the app “Recipe Channel” that has never had any sound! If you watch it on regular tv it does. I cannot even watch “The Tonight Show” or local news channels because they have no sound. You don’t get what you pay for and it needs to be fixed right now!
  • Frustrating! 1/5

    By Bebe sport
    Every time you update the app there is an issue with using it on your iPhone. Once again you cannot use the TV app to view your DVR recordings and setting. This is getting ridiculous!!!
  • Advertising commercials are nuisance lasting 140 seconds 4/5

    By Dittyboo
    Advertising commercials are nuisance lasting 140 seconds. I don’t think we should have to be interrupted by them. We the customer pay for your cable service. It’s not fair to us
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jaime G 33333333
    If you do not have internet through this company you can forget using the app . They block out every channel to force you to rent an additional cable box. Terrible
  • Spectrum TV app way better than Dish anywhere 5/5

    By James Pierce HD 1080p
    The spectrum TV app is way better than dish anywhere and also the spectrum TV app they run smoothly all the time and I would recommend this app and also I will recommend a TV service too and also spoke to Internet
  • What to watch 4/5

    By yuhudit
    Only live TV
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Lhorinbein
    Very convenient and works very well!
  • Won’t run on IPhone 🤬 1/5

    By Pat snowbird
    We have Spectrum home WiFi and this ap won’t stay running. Shuts down every commercial, then when I try to turn it back on I get the little spinning thing. Spectrum home WiFi gets negative (-) 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, and so does this Spectrum TV ap.
  • Pixelates often 2/5

    By JP1460
    For weeks now, the iPad and Apple TV app pixelates every few seconds as and sometimes freezes a few seconds. It buffers a lot as well. I’ve gone through all of the troubleshooting and still to no avail. My internet speed is fine and I have a nighthawk router so I’m sure it’s not my speed as I can watch other live streaming apps with no issues at all. It’s only the Spectrum app.
  • Just when you think all issues resolved, THEY ARE NOT!!!! 2/5

    By Furious customer #18,120,986
    The current unresolvable issue is with the Spectrum TV app on the IPad. Suddenly and for no apparent reason HBO channels are not being recognized as being subscribed to within the iPad app. HBO MAX works fine on the iPad and the Spectrum TV app works fine on iPhone including all subscribed channels. In the past, the fix was to sign out of the the app on the iPad settings and then manually sign back in. And/or delete the app and reload it. I have also tried shutting down the iPad and then restarting it. None of these things fix the problem. Latest versions of the app and OS have been installed. Once again, this current issue only seems to be affecting the iPad. Please resolve this issue ASAP!
  • Works sporadically 3/5

    By WGCoff
    I am not sure if why but is as equally bad over cell phone as it is over Wi-Fi.
  • Please fix. Apple TV app keeps starting over 1/5

    By mzedith
    Please fix this issue. When fast forwarding the app keeps going back to either the beginning or where i originally started. Very annoying
  • Live TV freezes every couple minutes 1/5

    By KSGV736
    Live TV doesn’t freeze on WiFi, but it sure does on cellular signal. Just switched from iPhone XS (4G LTE) on Verizon to iPhone 13 pro (5G) on AT&T. The Live TV freezes on both. Therefore, it’s the app. The only way to continue watching the show is to change channels, then go back to your desired channel. Nothing like watching every other minute of a football game. Wish there was a fix for this issue.
  • Spectrum 1/5

    By I don't like Spectrum
    I’ve had multiple service calls but continue to lose my service. I needed to purchase Apple TV in order to remotely access my DVR. So now, each time my WiFi cuts out, which is daily if not hourly, I lose TV. Spectrum doesn’t allow me to pause or rewind live tv. It limits the number of shows that I can DVR at any given time. And searching the guide for future shows is tedious as I have to forward hour by hour until I get to the day I want. Also, I can’t record a “Michigan football” series. I have to DVR each game that is on different time slots then go back and un-DVR that time slot so I’m not DVRing random games the next week.
  • DVR on the Go 2/5

    By Shana7721
    The app was fine until they removed the feature to set recordings while you aren’t home. The convenience of an app isn’t there because if you leave the house and forget to record a show or game you will not be able to set it and it’s so frustrating.
  • No DVR on mobile devices 3/5

    By BRANDY.777
  • Great tv 5/5

    By rp3850
    I love having all the last eat movies at my fingertips.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By 18;'coran
    This app rarely works for my on demand shows!
  • communist rats 1/5

    By HerbS2urnerves
    these trash on the earth make the only channel you watch not work when it points out the evil that is communist rats in federal government. yo we need a purge like yesterday. there are some literal trash breathing that should not be. for infringing on everyones first amendment rights they are the ENEMY of your freedom
  • Not HD 1/5

    By Halcn
    The picture quality is subpar and is not HD. When ever I watch a replay or watch a live game streamed through another App instead of the Spectrum TV App (Espn+, Prime Video) the picture quality on those App’s is definitely HD.
  • Inability to program shows now fixed 4/5

    By gemJan
    Thanks for your response to my earlier review yhat explained I had suddenly lost the ability to program my dvr through the app. You directed me to a website with help for unusual problems. There I found that software updates might be causing my issue and that if I waited 48 hrs the issue might resolve. Indeed, it is now fixed. I am pleased that the app is fully functional once again.
  • Always a problem…. 1/5

    By Sabine777
    I hate this app. This application always has some kind of issue, most frequently it goes through the loading process then doesn’t fully load and you only see a blue scream with Spectrum across it 3/4 of the way through the process. I have it ONLY because I like to see the Fox Business Channel in the morning. Other than that the app is useless for me as there are so many better choices, also the On Demand programs are bottom barrel. You would think, at least, they could FINALLY get the bugs worked out.
  • This app gives a near perfect illustration…. 1/5

    By Mr Isidro
    Of just how useless and overrated Spectrum truly is. Just like it big daddy this app is nearly useless about 95% of the time that you try and actually watch something on it. Also in striving to meet its families core values if one tries to find any kind of assistance in getting this app to actually work it once again a one to one exact match showing that just like Spectrum it’s impossible to get any help with any other services. And Lashley Spectrum‘s pride and joy they’re over priced poor excuse for service can never do anything to make up for The history and legacy that Spectrum is so clearly laying out before us to not leave one doubt just how incompetent and corrupt greedy and no good they are for anyone.
  • Not the best TV app — updated 9/30/21 2/5

    By Mare53-blue
    10/5/21 — Spectrum, why doesn’t my Spectrum TV App on my iPhone allow me to access my DVR and set up recordings? There is no excuse for this not to be possible. ———————— Still cannot access my DVR from the phone app. I did uninstall this app and reload it on 9/16/21. At that time, the DVR option appeared as an icon and I could set the DVR to record something. The next time I went to use the app, the DVR icon was gone and nothing I’ve tried, including reloading the app has brought that option back. When I go into settings, and select devices, I shows I am connected to my DVR. Come on Spectrum. This option should always be there and working. —— See below … written more than a year ago. While the app does now open to the correct time of day, Spectrum/Charter still has done nothing that will permit me (or anyone would guess) set recordings on their DVR. When one is traveling and you remember about a show you want watch, the Spectrum TV app on a device should permit this to be done. Shame on Spectrum for being behind the times. My old ATT Uverse could do that from its phone app. ————- This app never open to the correct time range and always goes to chn 47. More importantly, I need an app that will work with the DVR Spectrum gave me. How ridiculous that the app doesn’t work or recognize all the DVR devices used by Spectrum. I travel and it would be very helpful to be able to decide to record a show while away from home. Switched from ATT Uverse (not available where I moved). Was always able to communicate with that DVR via the app on my phone whether I was at home or not. This app needs to be improved.
  • Spectrums app gets better every update! 3/5

    By XanBaird
    I used to despise using the app; it was so slow. Now I’m quite happy with it typically. As it keeps getting better, I’ll revise this review.
  • IFE-1004 error for the last few weeks 4/5

    By ddkpe
    Used to work well on my iPad, but no longer connects anymore. Nothing has changed with my WiFi network or router. Update - tried removing & re-installing the Spectrum app, no change. Was able to login & partially use the app when not connected to my Spectrum WiFi network (AT&T 4G) - so the problem must be my Spectrum internet connection. Afterwards, when switching back to the Spectrum WiFi network the app now returned IGE-9000 generic error trying to connect. Found the solution in a Spectrum forum - reboot the cable modem! It fixed the issue, but otherwise my Internet connection was working just fine before hand. Need better in-app diagnostics, error explanations and built-in error resolution procedures.
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By Rivas9
    App won’t open on my iPhone and keeps saying error been having this problem since is got my new iPhone i never had this problem when I had a galaxy
  • I want to like it 3/5

    By yourfns
    But it’s very glitchy. Freeze’s a lot. Seems like it’s rarely updated.
  • “Resume” no longer works 2/5

    By angelavolk
    When I pause a show and leave the app, sometimes when I go to resume the show it makes me start from the beginning again. With no forwarding available, this turns into a waste of time. I was 3/4 through a recorded one-hour show and had to rewatch 45 minutes of what I’ve already viewed. Including commercials. It wasn’t always doing this. Not cool.
  • Recording/dvr fix 5/5

    By Gia's nana
    Thank you for fixing 👍🏼
  • Frustrating 4/5

    By mommalittle
    Why can’t I record when away from home anymore?
  • Great 5/5

    By Mark Rumpke
  • Fine, then fail 1/5

    By LindaKaye
    I really liked this app, it was easy to navigate and worked fine. Suddenly, yesterday, I tried to initiate the app from my iPhone and it said I had no internet connection after I had been streaming my Appletv from outdoors. I went inside and tried to open the app on my iPad- same thing. I deleted the app and then re-downloaded it. Then, when I opened it, it asked if it could use my Directv provider, which I had dropped 3 weeks ago. I disallowed that. (I had already deleted the Directv apps.). Then it tried to connect and gave me a Reference Code IFE-1004, said there was no internet network, as I finished streaming YouTube. Very frustrating, that it had worked for a few weeks and then quit.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Cdique1048
    Ver 8.3 had the DVR control. It has been removed in ver 8.4
  • Unable to manage my dvr recordings 5/5

    By blank6969
    In the past I was able to manage my dvr recordings in the app, such as knowing my schedule series or what I have recorded. All I get is a pop up message that it can’t get the list ICM-1009. Now I have to do it on the cable box itself. Update: Developers fixed the dvr management system. Awesome!
  • Can’t take it on the GO 1/5

    By AHMRams
    The app is good ONLY if your at home connected to the WiFi. But on the go, you only get “nothing”and that’s with your spectrum password. You would figure you get ALL the channels with your subscription….
  • Why does it constantly crash? 2/5

    By Flex719
    I only have Spectrum for watching NFL. I am yet to watch a game where the app hasn't crashed and forced me to restart the app multiple times. I can't even watch an hour long program without restarting. I don't have another choice for cable otherwise I'd switch services TODAY
  • Can’t watch most channels outside of my home 1/5

    By Pete McKenzie
    What is the use of paying for a television app that won’t let you watch most of the channels when you are away from the house. I will be canceling this service immediately. Too many better streaming style apps to have than waste money on spectrum.
  • I wish you had DVR with the app to record my Buffalo Bills games. 5/5

    By dred boyee
    I wish I had DVR with the app to record my Buffalo Bills.
  • Glad DVR Listings are back 4/5

    By Bassman Rich
    Glad to see that the DVR listings are back but I still hate the layout of the recordings list on iOS. I much prefer the layout of the DVR “Recordings” on android devices. It is not user-friendly or complete and is very confusing on iOS. My wife has a Galaxy phone and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet and (when the app works) the lists are much easier to see and navigate. On android, you can see exactly how many episodes are recorded. You can then read the description of each episode and choose the one you want to watch or delete. It used to be that way on iOS. Why aren’t they the same on both platforms? Please correct this oversight. Thanks for listening.
  • Very nice I love it thank you so much 4/5

    By Natural357