Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla

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  • Current Version: 4.1.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ookla
  • Compatibility: Android
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Speedtest by Ookla App

Use Speedtest for a quick, easy, one-tap connection speed test—accurate anywhere thanks to our global network. Millions of users have made Speedtest the #1 app for testing Internet speeds, and it’s trusted daily by professionals throughout the industry: - Discover your Download, Upload and Ping - Real-time graphs show connection consistency - Test with a single connection to simulate downloading a file or multiple connections to understand max speed - Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised - Track past tests with detailed reporting - Easily share your results Go ad free! If you'd like to enjoy Speedtest without ads, we provide the option of removing ads from Speedtest for $0.99. You should only have to purchase ad-free once. If you’re seeing ads and you have purchased the removal of ads in the past, you can tap the ‘Remove Ads’ button which will lead to a ‘Restore’ option that does not require additional purchase. All purchases are tied to your iTunes account.

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Speedtest by Ookla app reviews

  • Superb! 5/5

    By krevbot
    Speedtest.net is the gold standard imo when it comes to checking network connectivity. The site and app are regularly updated, very consistent, and super easy to use. I couldn’t ask for a better tool!
  • Decent app, crashes too much 3/5

    By Doug Grinbergs
    OK network speed test app, pleasant UI. Alas, often crashes when starting process - funky pre-beta software should not be out there for public consumption. (:-(
  • Speed update 4/5

    By 200meg
    Needs to update the gauge in our area we are able to get 400 megs to a gig download speed.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By akotski1338
    Has anyone every seen the speed go to 4000 then to 0 then back to normal
  • Measure twice 5/5

    By KingGeorgeI
    Spectrum has it’s own speed test but I use Ookla’s as well. I’m happy with spectrum’s version but why not use both, just to be sure?
  • Best mobile WiFi tester! 5/5

    By iGageit
    I use this All the time! I can not go a week without it!
  • Very Useful App 5/5

    By CARTD625
    Use this app on various devices to check connection speeds at home and work. Always gives accurate upload and download speeds
  • Great Tool! 5/5

    By jimivan
    I’ve been using different versions and platforms of SpeedTest for years and it’s helped numerous times to troubleshoot a connectivity or speed issue. Great app and worth watching the ads to support it! Keep up the great app please, it’s my “go to” tool anytime there is an issue!
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By Purcellville Bob
    Easy to use, clearly understood graphics, and great display of information. I’d love to see - as an ad on - an Internet/WiFi signal detector that would give real time signal strength so you can walk around your house, your room, your office, or your neighborhood to find the “sweet spo of the strongest signal. That would give you a six ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
  • Absolute must have 5/5

    By iRayanKhan
    I constantly have to debug networking equipment and test bandwidth, this app is the best due to the convenience of being able to keep a record of results even being able to add a note to the result allows for me to better and more efficiently log my experience. Also the Apple TV app is amazing if you have one. 5/5 Only suggestion would be being able to see Apple TV results on your iPhone via an account, but great app!
  • LOVE This App! 5/5

    By rod.musselman
    Helped me diagnose a poor ISP-supplied router & replace it with a new compatible router, offering superior performance & reducing the cost of my related ISP expense. Thank you! VERY WELL DONE!
  • Network name 5/5

    By barks55
    Love this app, but would love to see the name of the network I’m currently connected to. I run both a 2.4 network and a 5 ghz. Seeing the network name would make life easier when tuning.
  • Crucial app for bandwidth junkies 5/5

    By Chalxee
    This app should be preinstalled on all mobile devices. It’s the first app I install on new hardware every time when I purchase some new toy.
  • A fraudulent service 1/5

    By Ramalways
    I use BSNL as my carrier and when I test my carrier’s data speed one out of 3 times it says that my carrier is Airtel who is now promoting that Ookla has crowned them as their Speedtest champion. I feel Ookla Speedtest app and their results untrustworthy anymore.
  • Notes 4/5

    By Patrick1224
    Make your own notes.
  • Efficient 5/5

    By OkieBBW
    I love it! Tells me immediately how well my WiFi is doing!
  • Blarg! Where’s OOKLA THAT CAT?!?! 1/5

    By Subvertio
    Perfectly fine app until they removed the OOKLA cat Easter egg. How could this get 5 stars without Ookla?!?? I’m demanding update and holding off on the other four stars until I see Ookla is safe and properly placed somewhere.
  • It’s a lie 1/5

    By this is an app is a lie
    I use this app for gaming and I will get different readings that what I actually encounter in game for example I will run this app when my internet is down or running very slow and the speed test will still show fast reading which makes no sense seeing that THE WIFI IS DOWN
  • Faltan la actualización 1/5

    By Mickeyrosa
    Después de la última actualización no funciona en iPhone 10s max.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Cool Guy2759362
    This app is really good for seeing if the company you use is actually giving the right amount of internet and just not scaming you. Thank you!
  • Be careful: Misleading results 2/5

    By wjatevrr
    MB/s should be the default unit of measurement and will give an accurate estimate on download or upload speed. Everything in the modern computer world is measured in MB “megabytes”. Speedtest’s default unit of measurement is “mbps” (note lowercase) which means “megabits”. Bits are a much older unit of measurement (it takes 1,000 bits to get only 1 byte of information) and is practically unused nowadays, even very small files will take at least 1 byte of space. Thankfully you can change this in the settings. It seems this was done to make internet companies look good, but is very misleading for non-techies.
  • Not good at all 1/5

    By exsposethefakes
    As of a couple weeks ago this app has failed in many ways. It does not read the connectivity of your internet, it also sticks n glitches extremely bad. I uninstalled this app cause it mislead the readings n i had the internet provider come out only for it to show this app was way wrong. When running the speed app against theres it was clear this app was not correctly reading my speeds. I re downloaded the app today may 5th to see if they addressed the glitching issues and can clearly see they have not. It say my internet was running fine. Yet the app cannot read connections correctly if its glitching out extremely bad and sticking about 7x during the read. N stops short of the actual speed due to all the glitching issues the app has. I would suggest this app but as of recently the app has failed miserably n i wouldn't suggest using this app until they fix the issues at hand n from what ive seen the developers are in no hurry at all to fix the issues. So il be deleting this app once again.
  • Must get this! 5/5

    By rtizzle420
    If you have wireless internet and especially a smartphone this app is a must get since all you really have to do is press GO and watch your results. If you have fiber optics get ready to be amazed. I love this app plain and simple!!! -Ryan
  • Needs the coverage map feature 5/5

    By Grievingboss
    I think the iOS version of the app should get the coverage option because it is really cool
  • Battery drain 1/5

    By iamtimfoley
    App drains my battery so fast. Even if I deny location access, turn off background refresh and turn off sending analytics. Also turned off background signal scanning. Still drains my battery real fast. Not using app anymore.
  • Will not save favorited server 1/5

    By iTouchAppReviewers
    Whenever I favorite a server and close the app and re open it, it’s not defaulting to the favorited server. Fix it.
  • Worlds best speed test app 5/5

    By Branden Murillo
    I love this app, it helps me by telling me where the best and fastest internet connection is by running the tests whenever I need to, it also gives me piece of mind and makes me feel better about certain internet providers now that this app tells me how accurate their speeds really are, thank you whoever developed the app 👌🏻 I love it
  • Video download speeds needs to be added. 2/5

    By Tommy Sawyer
    The ISP are slowing down video and music download speeds. This need to be added to this app to have a true idea of your ISPs data speeds. I’m honestly surprise this hasn’t be added before now! Keep the ISPs honest SpeedTest?!
  • Use it for work 5/5

    By misomeru
    Works great to make sure WiFi cams will have enough signal outside the house to work correctly!
  • As I travel 5/5

    By zondrio
    As I travel I speed test internet at the various hotels just out of curiosity, more than anything else and then leave the test results UP speed DN sped PING In my comment in the review sections of the various Travel apps just so folks can consider that when thinking about their next 8 hours.
  • Works well 5/5

    By HPL501
    Works well I use it a lot very consistent and easy to understand
  • 5G from ATT...not really 5/5

    By Scooter643
    I’m in the Monterey, Ca...went to the ATT Store was told many times about 5G...signed up. Dropped Comcast for ATT..three weeks later not 5G at all. It helps me track my speed. Love your App.
  • Great app to test internet speed 5/5

    By jyidoo
    Works better than the other internet tests apps. Also clean interface
  • Effective for self-monitoring 5/5

    By Melbella143
    Useful to check internet service providers and functionality.
  • Works well 5/5

    By 1jdien-9
    I never had a problem, it does it’s job and I use it more often than I expected to
  • Best of all speed test apps 5/5

    By Shaahin sahraei
    This app is my standard for real internet speed over wifi and cellular networks.i use it on iOS,windows and android and i recommend it to everyone that wants to know about the real speed of their network.Keep up the good work guys.
  • The best network app 4/5

    By RetroGamerOokla
    Speedtest by Ookla is one of the best apps to measure your network speed. I would suggest if Ookla makes a mode in which we can measure the speed live, so that if someone wants to see where the modem works best.
  • Great app for checking Wifi speed 5/5

    By kwadublin
    Great app for quickly checking your internet or WiFi speed. I use it regularly to test my mesh network performance.
  • Excellent App! 5/5

    By BTD78
    Speedtest is exactly what I have been looking for to determine the speed of my internet connection no matter where I am. It quickly tests and displays the speed of any WiFi or cellular data connection, no matter whether you are on a private or public network. I use it constantly to see whether to use the closest WIFi network, the cellular data connection on my phone, or the Onstar data connection in my car. The app is easy to use and automatically saves each test result, which is great for comparing the speeds available on various devices and for determining whether the speed on a particular device has changed (such as when your cellular provider chokes your cellular data speed after you reach a certain data limit). Well done Speedtest!
  • Fast and simple 5/5

    By Jon French
    I Do use this app to check my ISP’s speed and they Are ripping me off! Anyway quick and simple interface. It will also trace your VPN connection.
  • Great app 5/5

    By TroyMcsi
    Really love the app use it several times a day highly recommend to everyone!!
  • Need for speed 5/5

    By Popup Tired
    Simple and works great. I use at home, when visiting family or at a business in diagnosing delay issues. Only negative is the ads which I do not notice. Overall this app is essential, has good visuals and is free. I think it is excellent.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Jim33463
    No complaints
  • Works great 5/5

    By Peter Griffin III
    Simple to use
  • Not the worst app on my phone 3/5

    By rgaynor23
    For truths.
  • Spectrum tech 5/5

    By spectrum tech
    Love the App! I use the app daily to confirm customers speeds. Best speed test out there.
  • The BEST Speed Tester Made 5/5

    By jmac93427
    What more can be said? This is the best there is. No one can compare! This deserves six stars!
  • Double check my provider 5/5

    By KT Didd
    My provider always wants me to test with their app, which always says I’m getting faster speeds than I’m paying for, while I’m watching my screen buffer. I use this app to test my speed on each side of my providers test. It helps because they don’t argue with me since I have sent them screenshots of the speeds this app shows.
  • I miss Ookla the Cat. 5/5

    By CrossHawx
    You’re still in the hearts of us OG users!

Speedtest by Ookla app comments

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