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Spin - Ride Your Way

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  • Developer: Skinny Labs Inc.
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Spin - Ride Your Way App

Spin is your electric scooter and bike sharing app. Get you where you need to go -- whether you’re commuting to work, going to class, running errands on the weekends or exploring your city. With Spin, you’re free to roam. Here’s how to Spin: * Open the app to find the nearest vehicle using the map * Enter your payment details and receive an automatic free trip * Unlock your ride by scanning the QR code located on the vehicle * Have fun and enjoy the ride * When you're done, park the scooter or bike neatly at your destination following local parking rules * Use the app to end your trip with scooters, be sure to physically lock your bike Having access to thousands of scooters, bikes, and electric-assist bikes is as easy as downloading the app. Want Spin on your campus or in your city, or do you have feedback? Contact [email protected] or find more information at www.spin.app. As featured on New York Times, Fast Company, The Atlantic, and TechCrunch, Spin is available in more than 50 markets.

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Spin - Ride Your Way app reviews

  • Lame 1/5

    By fustupidscooters
    Scooter stopped working mid ride. Lame. Slow. Only one per card so a family can’t go. Super lame and never to. E used again!
  • The App is way too buggy 3/5

    By Arif Lopes
    To many bugs
  • Great idea but App/Dependability needs work. 2/5

    By Sterofuse
    I rode the scooter for 8 minutes and spent 14 trying to park/lock the vehicle, which NEVER ended up working. Also the report issue button disappears a few seconds after the app opens and it recognizes you’re in a parking zone. “End Parking” shows up but it kept failing 12 times. I had to force close the app and quickly tap report issue and even then the checklist options didn’t highlight which selection i made in the issue reporting options. Long story short, the scooters and rates are great and it’s really easy to start a ride but it’s terrible to end it.
  • Charged me 5 extra minutes! 1/5

    By cutygirl202
    There are many scooter services in the market and one day I thought I would give spin a try. The ride experience was like any other scooter experience but when it came time to lock the scooter it took 5 minutes of me standing and fumbling with the app to lock it. The scooter was obviously parked but I could see the timer clicking away as I tried frantically to end the ride. I kept getting error messages saying the scooter couldn’t be found and to stand closer to it. The entire time I was standing right next to the scooter and my cell service had full bars. Needless to say I probably won’t be using spin again as there are so many other scooter services on the market that I have never had any issue with. Oh but wait, I still need to use the $5 in credits spin made me load onto the app instead of just paying per ride like every other service!!!!!!
  • Scam 1/5

    By Chs2017
    I downloaded their app because they had new scooters in Charlotte and they had tags on them that said the first five dollars of your ride were free. Put in my credit card, charged me $6, and every single scooter I went up to it would buffer for five minutes then say it couldn’t start the scooter. My boyfriend had the exact same thing happen to him. So now I’m scammed $6 and I just used three Bird scooters instead.
  • Awful 2/5

    By megan987654321
    My campus signed a deal with this brand so they are now the only scooters in town. Their app keeps the timer running even after you end ride just because it waits for the photo proof you parked correctly this function always takes at least 3 minutes to load. If it loads at all Their customer support button in app is awful so i cant even call someone to fix this issue like you can with bird lime or any of the other scooters. More than once I’ve unlocked a scooter that will not work. Like will not even read 1 mph when i am walking it to get to a rideable area. Parking gps is off because i will be off campus and it wont let me lock. I could go on forever to be honest about how awful spin is
  • Scooters should spin but app shouldn’t! 2/5

    By Lance Homer
    We had 5 devices. A couple had trouble getting the app to take the password. All had trouble ending the ride (spinning connection). Once rice and bike is locked the clocks keeps ticking on you (charging you money) but gets stuck spinning again. Had to close app and re-open it in order to take a picture and stop the clock. Given all the “spinning” of the app being stuck, it is appropriately named “spin”scooters!
  • Could use some work 3/5

    By Luke Talbot
    When the App and Scooters work. 5 stars. Only problem is that they’re still seems to be something that keeps the scooters and app from working all the time. Sometimes the app will say where a scooter is and then when you go to the scooter it isn’t there. The scooters seem to be some what cheap. There’s a lot of them that I try and ride and the handles will be shaking a lot. Maybe that’s just because people are riding them rough but it seems to be an issue on a lot of the scooters. There has been a few times where the scooter itself locks after a ride but the app thinks you are still riding. Then you get charged for two hours and have to go through support to get your money back. Support is very helpful though. The few times I’ve talked to them they have always fixed my problem immediately. I am however riding on a college campus so that might be where some of these issues are arising from. These are all small issues but they can be annoying at times. Just got to continue to work out the kinks. For now, Lime and Bird scooters are the way to go.
  • Want a Loan 1/5

    By MattSac
    This app/company wants you to keep a running balance. It’s essentially a loan, and unless you get lucky with distance/time on rides, you’ll never be at $0 balance. Ask them how you get the balance paid back.
  • Bad app and service 1/5

    By abcdefghijf
    Horrible app, zero customer service. Scooter didn’t work, no one cared. App stuck with a bug so luckily I’m still being charged for something that doesn’t work. Other scooter services out there.
  • Compared to other scooter apps it ain’t good 1/5

    By Lovemike84
    Other apps work so much quicker and the spin scooters all make awful sounds
  • License to ride a lame scooter?!? 1/5

    By deadlyzod
    Since when you need a license to ride a damm scooter
  • Mechanical issues 2/5

    By Aaaaaaaahh!!!!
    Scooter had two issues: (1) once stopped it would try to accelerate on its own again. Kind of dangerous when at a stop sign! (2) sometimes it wouldn’t kick on and start after I had to fight with it to stop.
  • Charged 1/5

    By Tayy417
    Bike would NOT LOCK! Added about 4 minutes to my ride when I was done and I was CHARGED. Very disappointed and will not use this company again.
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By Caleb Adams
    I used the bike but the timer kept going. It said I had been using the bike for over 24 hours (lol) luckily the customer service is great and fully understood the situation was just a glitch in their system. The cleared the situation away and gave me my ride for free!
  • Allow to use one phone for two or more scooters! 3/5

    By livelifeandlove
    Started up one scooter and waster 20 minutes trying to figure out that you can not add another schooler!!!
  • Better than the others 5/5

    By Calli370
    I’ve used birds and limes and spin and I’ve found the spin app the easiest and quickest to use.
  • Slow 5/5

    By Fiz biz
    The scooter was WAY too slow
  • Washington DC 1/5

    By Luvin pinning in KY
    Got the scooter, drove for 10 seconds, then it didn’t work. Need money back!!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Wesley acuna
    That was terrible. Never using again. App and scooter do not work
  • Slow 3/5

    By kks2dc
    These are much slower than the Lime or Bird Scooters.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By tinytina11111
    The scooter never did work but I still was charged. Rip off
  • Craig’s 1st ride 3/5

    By craigsterly
    Software downloaded improperly and it took me 25 minutes to resolve turning phone off then on as app seized up my phone - while not allowing me to end ride thus charging me and then I was going to quit but kept on and it finally worked / good ride and great power and smoothness / wheelbase and shaft height too short- Lime is better but not as smooth or as powerful.
  • Very helpful with problems 5/5

    By hoyt1234
    I wrote a pretty bad review not long ago because of a scooter that stopped working and my phone dying and then it counting hours for a long time charging. They reimbursed the money within minutes and were really helpful and friendly.
  • $$$ 1/5

    By eidbdnj
    Wouldn’t turn off!!
  • First impressions 1/5

    By michguy53
    First spin I ever used was garbage. Extremely slow and must have been damaged. All of them likely aren’t this bad, but still... my first experience was a horrible one
  • Took forever to find the spin scooters 3/5

    By or joe
    It took quite a while to find a Spin scooters compared to other brands and the ones we found had very loose handlebars and seemed almost dangerous at times with them rattling and not having quite the control that you should. Maybe they need a needs service button so you can let Spin know they need maintainence.
  • Ride stop working 1/5

    By Suri Jon
    Ride stop working and had to take it to a right area to park and the ride was locked. It’s my first time and not sure I’ll use it again
  • Scooter 1/5

    By Chief Wiggy
    BEWARE!!!! Scooter would not lock. Continued to try to lock several times. Charged for 66 HOURS for a single ride in error still don’t have my money back!!! HAVE TO COMPLETE SEVERAL CAPTCHAS EACH RESPONSE TO CUSTOMER SERVICE
  • Very slow and shuts down many times 1/5

    By boferas22
  • Problem with scooter turning on 1/5

    By kxhdjdxhdhjd
    Couldn’t end the ride scooter wouldn’t run
  • Lousy 1/5

    By JimJam
    No power even on the slightest of hills. And, the brakes stink.
  • Scooter did not work 1/5

    By jgbrentin
    The app said it was working. The scooter appeared to be on and started the ride but nothing happened when I pressed down on the go
  • Slow 1/5

    By dude guy dowd
    Scooter sucked. 90% battery. And was slow as hell. Barely moved. Very disappointed
  • terrible app 1/5

    By mustythevandal
    garbage!!! don’t bother.
  • Not the best scooter brand 1/5

    By Jhpk9
    Better to use a different e scooter brand if you’re trying to ride around UCLA/Westwood. It has a large blocked area where if you enter, the scooter will stop working. You can’t park there either so you have to walk it out of the zone to park it. It also doesn’t handle bumps too well.
  • Worst ever. 1/5

    By i hate spin
    I want a full refund. It took me a block before it idled (dangerously btw) and then said I needed to move to a parking zone. Which I did but still took 8 min totally to finally allow me to park. Delete my account after my refund please
  • Need to unlock easier 3/5

    By Bahamablazy
    Doesn’t always unlock and gets annoying
  • Cannot end rides 1/5

    By RedBeardedMonk
    The scooter is fine. But for whatever reason, every time I ride a Spin scooter, the app/system will not let me end the ride. I have to fill out a support ticket every time. Super annoying.
  • Don’t get Scammed! 1/5

    By Don't waste any time
    Downloaded this app the first time and put $5 in it and they charged my the $5 as well as a $15 “reoccurring” payment. Nowhere on the app says anything about this, and there is no way to contact customer service. Scam of a company stay far away, any other scooter company I tried I never had an issue like this. SCAM
  • SLOW, Slow slow 1/5

    By cmogs24
    Scooter was by far the slowest ever. The. It took over a minute to lock.
  • Kind of worked 3/5

    By Cait12346
    There was was plenty of battery but when I pressed go it worked about 20% of the time 😒 but I will say the app was easy to use and those 2 minutes where it did actually work was fun.
  • Absolute Trash 1/5

    By stupid but addiciting
    Had to use spin instead of my normal lime scooter. The engine stopped working in the middle of the ride. It did not allow me to end the ride, because I was in a “no parking zone”. I was charged during the time I had to drag an broken/unwilling scooter into a parking zone, for I could not turn it off otherwise and was being continually charged. Absolutely abysmal experience, from a sub par scooter to begin with. Use Lime scooter or Byrd, no need to waste your hard earned money on this terrible service.
  • Scooter was dead. Can’t figure out how to get money back. 1/5

    By Gen. Bradley
    Scooter biz is a relentless scam as far as I can tell. Stay away.
  • Bad 1/5

    By chef D 444
    The scooter did not work
  • Try another company 1/5

    By FancyNancy22
    It stopped working mid ride. I had to roll it and use it manually. Then it started again. Not happy at all
  • No scooters with battery 3/5

    By adam84780
    We found 20+ scooters with dead batteries before we found a couple that had enough battery to work for 20 minutes. Not sure why this company is in business if none of the scooters have battery power.
  • Keller0423 5/5

    By keller0423
    Ride was great but ride would not end because it said we were in a no parking zone but the map dose not specify parking zones
  • They make you use them 3/5

    By tjlcsw
    They make you pay a five dollar deposit

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