Spin The Wheel - Random Picker

Spin The Wheel - Random Picker

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 2.5.9
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Taurius Petraitis
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Spin The Wheel - Random Picker App

Having a hard time deciding something? Let us help you decide in a fun way! Spin The Wheel - Random Picker is an ultimate decision making fortune wheel app where you can create countless custom wheels of fortune, add as many customized labels as you want and spin away! Put anything you want on the wheel and make unique raffle pickers, random name pickers to draw names of prize winners, create your own spinner games which are much more fun than just flipping a coin or make unlimited lucky wheels to help you answer such questions as What should I do? Where should I eat? Where should I go? Make your decisions in a fun way! Some of the many great features you get for free: > Chatrooms! Chat with other people who are currently spinning the same wheel of fortune as you and see their spin results. > Premade presets to easily create beautiful spinner wheels > A wheel store with hundreds of user-made wheels > Unlimited wheels of fortune > Unlimited labels on every wheel > Customizable text and background of each label, choosing from dozens of colors > Easily share your wheels and spin results with friends > Quickly disable and re-enable wheel labels as needed > Random result every time, no matter how hard the wheel was spun If you want to have fun doing your raffle, giveaway or picking random name for a game then this app is exactly what you want to have! In the Spin The Wheel - Random Picker the result is mathematically calculated and chosen randomly every time you spin the wheel, no matter how hard or easy the wheel was spun.

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Spin The Wheel - Random Picker app reviews


    By BENDY FAN BOI :):):)
    THIS APP IS SO GOOD! I really really really need someone to see my bendy pics. :)
  • Fun for everyone 4/5

    By Jimmy Jinkins
    Consult the wheel and never make another decision again!

    By zartaaj
    This app is the best and I’m not lying
  • we set getup 4/5

    By Passtle Moki
    very cyte
  • Love this game 5/5

    By oreo 309
    I love this game so much I love it I love it I love it
  • Love it 5/5

    By sosmed,w,wmsoskw
    Soooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  • 100 5/5

    By nunukinggg
  • best game ever 5/5

    By flower sugar plum
    This game is so good me and my sister work out things like i wanted to go on a walk yesterday so i made a wheel and we figured it out definitely get this game.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Spinthewheelappresiater
    I love this app so much it’s so fun I play it with my friends and family all the time. They’re so many varieties like you can make your own or you can buy one with the coins that you make. I’m so glad that this app and so glad whoever made this app because I shared it with my friends and they love it to.
  • Best app ever!!!! 5/5

    By Mjangel24
    I love this app because it helps to make decisions that I can’t make on my own when I decide on something that I want to do highly recommend this app you won’t regret it!!!
  • Question 3/5

    By Mermaid Girl 101010
    How do you get to chat after you set it up ?
  • Great… 4/5

    By Samantha061710
    It’s super awesome and pretty easy to use, but wile I was making a wheel in closed and my progress was not saved but over all this app is awesome- just you can’t take too long to make the wheel
  • Wow 5/5

    By prin123GM
    This app is amazing me and my family ask questions and then spin the wheel the we get the answers,I would recommend this app for everyone:).
  • Love it 5/5

    By ScrewThisCrap95
    It’s a simple app but I can make my own wheels. I use it to decide what book to read next
  • JACKPOT! 5/5

    By JF52312
    Just got 20 Coins from Daily Spin
  • The best app for me!! 5/5

    By Marble35
    This app is very useful! You can add wheels, texts and colours. When you can’t decide something, just download this app. The best part is that you can chat with people who are spinning the same wheel as you are. This app is just perfect
  • I hate u 1/5

    By dfhjgsc
    This app is so stupid I rate it a 0 stars
  • Great 5/5

    By 2838337
    Good 👍 good morning to you all and my good friend
  • Má đúng í luôn 5/5

    By ibixvwibxwixbwi
    - kiểu như đang phân vân các thứ k bik làm môn j rồi chơi j á. Nó hỗ trợ mình cực nhiều luônnnnnn! Mãi yêu app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sourgrape12354*$
    This app is truly amazing I can do so many thing with this and it helps me make decisions when no one is there I definitely recommend 💗
  • Good 5/5

    By grec 0154378
    Have fun it’s awesome is a good thing wen you are Bord
  • Nice! 5/5

    By rosie the piano player
    I did not know where to get a real app and I found this! It is so cool! I rate it a full 5!
  • THE BEST APP EVER 😲🤤😀 5/5

    By KK34678910
  • It’s really fun it’s cool 5/5

    By suzoo2005
  • Great drinking app 5/5

    By randomcabbage
    Legit using this app to decide how much I drink
  • Two stars 2/5

    By send this to the creator
    This app keeps kicking me out
  • Best wheel app ever 5/5

    By ir moms apartment
  • Super 5/5

    By ftctrctrc
    This is super it helps me with what to do thank you for making this app
  • Crashed too many times 2/5

    By Haystack2121
    Read the title.
  • Your amazing 5/5

    By Menoemar
    Five stares
  • It ok but... 4/5

    By cute llamas
    The game is good over all but there are some small things that i fell are a little anoing.First i do not know if it is just me but when i try to spin the weel my hole phone lags and so i get really upset.Second when i make a new weel it some times will add a random slice or will not let me select something and i get mad and have to go back and delet it.It is not that hard but i would rather it not.But over all it is a vary good spin weel!
  • Solid, quite useful 4/5

    By ocgirlie
    I would give it a five, but I don’t use it often, but nothing is wrong with it, its a solid app :)
  • Awesome Game !!! 4/5

    By poop head 1.3
    I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nice 5/5

    By happy zeze
    Good app u can pick themes for the while and colors love it
  • This is gonna be my greatest future 5/5

    By 99AYDEN99 and 77ayden77
    I asked the thing if I would meet my crush in real life and it said yea
  • It is sooooooooooooooooo fun lol 5/5

    By mommy102938
    I like the dayley spin I got the highest !🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳
  • tayami 5/5

    By tayami rai
    i love the app i love spining,😁😁😁
  • Amazing 1000/5 5/5

    By Adele the 10 year-old
    Works so well! So much FREEDOM to do whatever you want! Even add pictures!
  • I love it lol 5/5

    By rewiew writer idk🤦🏾‍♀️
    Love this app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By AnimENed
    This app is so amazing and it really helps me cause I’m really indecisive also it’s really fun just to spin the wheel

    By GrandmasCook1es
    me and my friend love this this app we use it a lot it’s really good and fun
  • Yay 5/5

    By Escobedo27
  • Great mediator 5/5

    By Hovasocia
    Awesome app. Helps settle arguments between my kids over what video game they will play.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By ChristineNYC68
  • Love 5/5

    By lily pad 1919
    I love spin the wheel game I looove it
  • This is a cool app 5/5

    By beck gilliam
    Thank you
  • Lets see if it will give me a good Roblox tds loadout >:) 5/5

    By bmarcs44
    Good or bad?
  • Idk 5/5

    This game is a great way to use a wheel
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Girly_girl56729
    I love this app because it helps with movie night what too eat what to play and it’s fun but the best part is No ADS it’s amazing and I recommend it