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Spirit Airlines App

Ready for More Go? With the Spirit Airlines app, easily manage all your trips in one place. Book your next getaway, check-in for your flight, and get your boarding pass. Travel faster and lighter than ever before with your new travel app companion. My Trips - View and access all your upcoming trips to see everything you need to know Check-in - Get notified when it’s time to check-in so you’re ready to go the next day Boarding Pass - No more paper! Access your boarding pass and move hassle-free through the airport Book Flights - Find and book your next getaway with ease Flight Status - Easily check flight statuses so you know when your family and friends are arriving Manage Trip - Need to make a change? Quickly update your seats, add bags or extras to your trip Free Spirit - View your member number and track your mileage balance

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Spirit Airlines app reviews

  • LOL this app is a joke!! 1/5

    By 6292017252902&2
    I really don’t even know why they have an app. Countless errors so I couldn’t check-in to my flight, add a bag, or do anything at all. Lol pointless. Just stick to using your search engine.
  • Absolutely useless! 1/5

    By liweireno
    80% chance won’t find my booking on this app, half of the time won’t let me check in.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Thomothy
    This app is horrible. Completely unusable to check in. Bug after bug after meaningless error messages after error message. I decided to give Spirit another chance after flying them 3 years ago. I completely regret that decision. Horrible horrible. 40 lb bag allowance when all other airlines Are 50? And on top of that they charge more per checked bag, charge more to select a seat in advance. Never again. Vote with your dollars, folks. Thank you capitalism!
  • Wouldn’t let me check-in 1/5

    By Hkuch
    Cost of flight changed since I booked mine and the app wouldn’t let me check in saying I haven’t paid the balance of the flight. Had to do a run around calling and ended up having to check in on the website. Spirit, you really have to fix your app.
  • 0 star if that was an option 1/5

    By ayeryn
    Simply doesn’t work. App crashes or gets stuck on the loading circle all the time. Add to Apple wallet option keeps bringing up an internal error message. If you did’t implement this feature right or don’t want people to add the boarding pass to their Apple wallet just take away the option. I wonder if there’s a team maintaining this app at all
  • Bad news airline 1/5

    By nohelparall
    Nightmare the whole airline
  • The worst all around 1/5

    By mehangross
    You know Spirit as an airline is complete garbage. So I don’t know why I was shocked that their app is garbage too. I once went through the wrong security on TWO separate occasions, plus I missed a flight because the app gave me the wrong information. As a huge airline, you’d think they’d be able to hire someone who can create a decent app but I guess that’s what you get with flying such a horrible, cheap airline. Flying is stressful enough and Spirit just makes it that much worse. I cannot wait for the day that I graduate Grad school, not because school is so stressful and difficult, but because I will be making money and never have to fly Spirit EVER AGAIN.
  • No problems 5/5

    By slyanke
    Was a little worried after all the bad reviews but tried it anyway. App worked great. Thanks
  • Hate it! 1/5

    By broken christmas
    The app worked better before you changed it! It used to allow you to get your boarding pass right on your phone now u have to go to the kiosk! It doesn’t Allow you to see if u can book flights using points! It doesn’t alllow u to see your account details verse before the update it did! This new update is TRASH!! The old version was waaaay better
  • Horrible 1/5

    By CoCoTheOne
    I’m sorry but as everyone has said, this app is horrible. It has the most error codes I have ever seen!
  • Gil isr 1/5

    By Gil isr
    WORST BAD SERVICE EVER!!!!! Very tricky everything about them !!! Not helpful and nearly can understand what they saying!!!! Representatives talk like robots
  • App is GARBAGE! 1/5

    By Oldpucker
    0 stars. Can’t even register an account to use the app. I have been getting the same error message about “network issues” for a month. Spirit is my least favorite airline but unfortunately I had no choice but to book with them for this particular trip. More than likely will be the last time I do any business with them.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By DeeMarie78
    It’s so bad, it won’t even allow me to sign in to use the thing. Upon clicking Sign In button I get a pop up asking if I want to enable finger print sign on. Regardless of answering Yes or No, it does nothing. If the app can’t figure out the piece, I certainly wouldn’t trust it for anything that matters like checking in or booking a trip....
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Jesterkray
    This app has more glitches than any app I’ve ever used. You’re lucky one day if you can check in, another day you can’t select origin cities, your miles never show up... just more holes than baby Swiss
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Exterminator1
    Rather simple, it’s useless.
  • Worst APP and website 1/5

    By imlafn
    If you manage to use either to check in, but bags, or choose seats and it processes, DO NOT MAKE CHANGES. You will have to call because it will mess everything up so bad AND while on the phone, seats showing available to you via the app will not be the same as the person on the phone. The flight experience isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but the IT issues are such a deterrent that I won’t be flying them again because you have to question the capabilities of an airline that can’t produce a working website or app that an 11yo these days could create.
  • As crappy as the airline. 1/5

    By Goocashew
    Can’t even check in with some code that the expect you to understand.
  • Can you actually search for a flight? 1/5

    By Monzy0606
    I’m not sure you can actually search for and book a flight. Every time I’ve tried the app either crashes or I get error warnings. I’m not entirely surprised. Your customers aren’t exactly treated awesome when they fly, would your app be user friendly? Welcome to 2019 where smart phones are a thing and most people want to utilize their features. Maybe try to have a usable app.
  • THE WORST 1/5

    By Morgan Berry
    I re-downloaded the app hoping it had improved and thinking maybe it wasn’t so bad. But it won’t even LOAD. It legitimately does not work!!! Each time you press a button, the load time take multiple minutes to load, sometimes it takes so long that the session times out!! You’ll be waiting 15 minutes only for it to make you start all over!! It is IMPOSSIBLE to check-in on this app, so there is absolutely no point in it existing. FIX YOUR MISTAKES. FIX YOUR AWFUL APP.
  • Very painfull to use 1/5

    By Giglo Basimo
    Search airport by name or by airport code does not work
  • Fire your CIO...seriously 1/5

    By A real IT professional
    This app is proof that your IT department is a joke. The most basic part of the app (checking in) doesn’t work. It give the message “Oops! Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. You must fire your CIO because it’s clear that you don’t have even the most basic, junior capabilities in your development shop. No one with a conscience would have tried putting this app out.
  • You should be ashamed 1/5

    By queenbeeson7
    This app is terrible, as is the mobile website. I cannot see flight cost in points. You get on page and there is no way to back out of it. Seriously, hire someone to program your app correctly so it is usable.
  • Dude should be fired 1/5

    By Don5541
    Who ever developed this app should be fired. Horrible. The only thing worse is their website. The website is complete trash. Easily the worse website and app I’ve had the displeasure of trying to navigate. Fire that guy.
  • Embarrassing 1/5

    By jgordo80
    I’m surprised that they would keep this app existing in the world. A very relevant reflection of how much thought they give to their passenger experience. If I could give this 0 stars I would.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By dctii
    This app is completely worthless if you have a space in your reservation name. I’m the II and it could not find my trip on the app due to this.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Hopentyler9172012
    Two weeks ago it was working just fine. The last 4 days I am unable to use this app to find my flight or book a flight. I deleted the app and reinstalled still the same issue. Fix your app for goodness sake . I am regretting ever choosing your company. I should have gone JetBlue or American Airlines. The old saying you pay cheap flight cheap service.
  • Just crap! 1/5

    By ve81red
    I downloaded this to help me with my flight info. Your supposed to see your trip, and check in. I can do neither on the app. Tried numerous attempts to check in on my phone to avoid paying 10 at the airport. Had to go online and do it. Luckily that worked! Also when I requested a new password, it took over a day to get a response. When you open the email, you need to change it within 30 minutes of getting the email or it expires. That doesn’t help when it’s sent at 2am and I’m asleep. Very bad app. I hope my flight is better than all I went through so far.
  • Yes, the app is as bad as everyone says 1/5

    By CrushedMySpirit
    I read the reviews before installing the app, so I knew that it was not going to be pretty. But I prefer using a digital boarding pass on my phone instead of having to print a paper copy and trying to keep track of it, so I took a chance on the app. It is utter garbage! I couldn’t even access any of the features because it would not allow me to sign in. My last name is St. Pierre and I kept getting a “validation error” for my surname. Obviously whoever created the app never considered that someone might have a surname that has punctuation or a space in it. I checked my confirmation email to see how Spirit had listed my last name (St Pierre) and tried that ... did not work. So I tried every other variation (no period/no space, period/space, all caps, no caps etc. etc.) and nothing worked! So I’ve now deleted the app and will resort to paper boarding pass. Useless! Ugh!
  • Worst app and website 1/5

    By !!munchie!!
    Spirit want you to do everything on their app or website for a lesser or zero fee. But then their app and website doesn’t work, so then you’re forced to call to do it you need to do, and then they want to charge you more. I’m convinced they’re crappy app and website is just to get more money out of you. The hassle isn’t worth any potential money you save, which in the whole scheme of things it’s not much because you have to pay for everything, even to check in. Will never fly this airline again.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Qhoyt
    Almost never works properly and can’t be trusted. If you’re trying to get your boarding pass, you’ll spend time and be frustrated. Better be close to a printer and have access to their website.
  • They cancelled my flight and now I have to pay 1/5

    By Maremare729
    This airline is trash. Which I was aware from the get go, but they cancelled me and my husbands flights for no reason and couldn’t get us back in our original flight. I was pointlessly in the phone for over an hour and half with these people. It’s never worth it to fly with them. I feel bad for anyone who has to work here, they can’t do anything for you. Calling is literally pointless. This is a terrible organization.
  • Ridiculous. 1/5

    By Larry the Lip
    Don’t waste your time. This app serves no purpose at all. It crashes at every application. Waste of time sorry I invested any effort into it at all.
  • Fix Login 1/5

    By CassR000
    There is an email character cap (!?) So I can't even log in because my whole email won't fit in the login page. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  • Application 1/5

    By 98765nickname
    Application doesn’t work, hangs out and crashes continuously. BAD,Bad,bad!!!
  • Garbage and Crap 1/5

    By vipersox
    98% of the time this app is garbage and crap. Like actual garbage, this app needs to be thrown into a dumpster and hauled away. And like actual crap, the developers don’t clean it up, they just let the crap dry up and blow away in the wind. Whoever approved this piece of software for public use needs to not only be out of a job, but this person needs extensive psychiatric therapy with the use of heavy medication, and maybe even twice or three time-a-day electroshock therapy. To quote the great scholar, Vanilla Ice, this app needs to put on “Ice, Ice baby.” And what I mean is freeze development, go to a local elementary school, and find a child who could do a better job creating this app instead of the huge, Mount Everest sized steaming pile of feces that it currently is.
  • Oh, one star is too much 1/5

    By GSerjo
    Even 1 star is too much, it just doesn’t work. Apple should remove this “app”
  • This app needs some urgent help! 1/5

    By DCNewcommer
    You are safer checking in via its website and have it sent the boarding pass to your email rather than using this app. Otherwise you may risk missing your flight when this app refuses to show the boarding pass while you have a few minutes left to make to the gate.
  • Needs more work! 1/5

    By tako2274882
    It does not let me sign in! And it keeps asking me whether I want to enable Touch ID which I don’t have!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Georgesq
    This is the worst app ever! Nothing working
  • Spirit App 1/5

    By EG10001
    App doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By dale_jt
    All the app does is freeze! Not like other airlines apps.
  • Okay app 2/5

    By Jesse James Collins
    Won’t even let me sign in!!! I’ve had many issues with the online site and the app now needs improvement on sign in and many other issues such as not letting me pay for seats or bagging
  • Terrible 1/5

    By harrycajina
    This is the worst application I ever try to open because not even let me sing in
  • Nothing on this app works 1/5

    By Lms12322211
    There are a bunch of normal pages with action items, yet they don’t actually load. Can’t check in. Can’t check flight status. Can’t sign up. Can’t log in. What DOES the app do?
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Serenada27
    I honestly cannot review the app because I cannot even login. App developers are you working on dial-up or something?
  • BROKEN AF 1/5

    By AnthonyAlbino
    This app is broken af. I have to open and close it just to log in. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt and when it doesnt you have to delete it and redownload it just to log in again. I do not recommend using the app just use the website (even that is a little broken too but not as bad) i it takes forever to load i let my phone sit for 30 mins as it was “loading” when i tried to log in or see my reservations
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Mike innnj
    One of the worst apps I've ever used. Basically useless! Won't respond to anything.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Byte gum
    No need to repeat what everyone else has already stated. App does not work. You can submit complaints and it still doesn’t make a difference. Check in doesn’t work and hasn’t for months. I lucky if I can even get logged into my account. The sad part is they probably don’t care. Their flights are cheap and there are not many options in the same price. So they could care less if their app works or not. People are cost minded and they are gonna pay what they want and deal with the issues.
  • The Worst App! 1/5

    By Bacafam
    Please FIX your App you guys are behind the times! Terrible! This isn’t new technology.

Spirit Airlines app comments

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