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Spirit Airlines

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  • Current Version: 2.17.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Spirit Airlines App

Our newly redesigned app has been enhanced to provide a more dynamic relevant experience where you can stay informed and use more self-serve capabilities. Its only the beginning, more to come! Ready for More Go? With the Spirit Airlines app, easily manage all your trips in one place. Book your next getaway, check-in for your flight, get your boarding pass, and receive flight status updates when you actually need them. Travel faster and lighter than ever before with your new travel app companion. My Trips - Get the information you need right at your fingertips with all your upcoming trips in one place. Quickly see your flight status, gate/terminal, seat assignment, and much more! - Get notified when it’s time to check-in so you’re ready to go the next day - Access your boarding pass and move hassle-free through the airport - Need to make a change? Quickly update your seats, add bags or options to your trip Book Flights - Find and quickly book your next getaway with ease Flight Status - Stay up-to-date with the latest flight notifications informing you of any impacting changes - Easily check flight statuses so you know when your family and friends are arriving My Account - Sign up for Free Spirit® to start earning points immediately and use for award travel - View your member number, tier status and track your point balance - See points required to achieve next tier status - Personalize your profile with your own avatar

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Spirit Airlines app reviews

  • Pay $68 for carry on 1/5

    By pfrog888
    Never have I paid for a carry on in 40 years of flying
  • Unable to make payments on app 1/5

    By cesar870304
    Trying so many tim to pay my bags and t the end I have to call
  • Bidding on seats!!!! 1/5

    By RDRD4
    If I’m bidding for two seats, and my bid is excepted, why in the world would I be given seats that are not in the same row, when they are available. MAKES NO SENSE!!!!! And then told if I want my wife to sit next to me I HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SEAT AGAIN AFTER ALREADY BIDDING!!!!!!! You may respond.
  • Hard to book a trip 2/5

    By Pallamia
    It’s the third time I tried to book a trip in last 3 days and says hoops something went wrong after I put my c/c info
  • Horrible management 1/5

    By Jwleesucks!!
    Over 2 hours Flight delayed. Charged all baggages, seat selection, and no complementary drink, not even water. Seat is plastic material and so uncomfortable. I won’t take this airline again!
  • Luggage 1/5

    By Leotardo azul
    Flights are cheaper but you charge too much for bags or a carry on.
  • Delay 3/5

    By LClifton1111
    This is my first time flying spirit in a long time and my flight is delayed by three hours. Not happy.
  • Experience 1/5

    By scdpk
    Wrost flying experience
  • Very good 5/5

    By Zaharie Silviu
    Very good!
  • Can’t pay on the app 1/5

    By hahdjkxnwhakvsiajnx
    Can’t pay on the app
  • Nickle and dime 1/5

    By rryanmccc
    The ticket itself may be cheap but they proceed to charge you 90$ each way per bag(even my small book bag I kept under my seat) then they want another 10$ per device for wifi. The workers were nasty about it the whole way too and they looked at me like a idiot when I tried to pay cash or ask questions. They also made me call a family member to pay the 90$ fee for a book bag or I would be stranded there for another day. Do yourself a favor and take southwest it’s cheaper and better service….. oh and my flight was delayed 3 hours because they didn’t have a pilot. This is a joke of a airline and I will never fly with them again my 180$ ticket turned into over 400!
  • Boarding pass 2/5

    By Forget it!$
    Unable to view
  • Price Gauging at the gate 1/5

    By Darlene Jean
    Once at the gate and about to board , they made pay $99 for a small bag on wheels that easily has fit above or below seats in past that never was required a fee as a "carry on luggage" before:( price gauging
  • Excelente servicios 5/5

    By Mariposa en vuelo
    Puntual y nunca he tenido problema.
  • Broken 1/5

    By EG Money 24
    When something as simple as creating my account or resetting my password doesn’t work, I can’t rate the app any higher than the lowest score. Since I didn’t know if I had an account registered, I tried to create one. When I did, it said I had an account already. Since I had no idea what my password would be, I tried to reset my password on the app, and it said I didn’t have an account registered. Wowwww.
  • Account issues 1/5

    By 5728262
    Will not allow me to create an account. Repeatedly telling me my password does not meet their requirements despite having their automated password requirement check boxes being 100% green.
  • Behind the times 1/5

    By ndjakfbakmsnfjwjsoq
    App full of bugs, and often doesn’t work
  • How are they still in business? 1/5

    By Spirit Airline Hater
    If zero stars were an option I’d bet they’d have plenty of reviews like that. Hands down the worst airline in the industry. Terrible customer service, flight cancellations, and price gouging. They have zero remorse for the horrible way they conduct business or their customer’s time and money. Patiently waiting for them to go up in flames like the dumpster fire they are!
  • Bags 1/5

    By yybcell
    Overzealous, I’m trying to charge for bags.
  • Walkyvia 5/5

    By Walkyvia
    Perfecto servicio gracias
  • So far, so good 5/5

    By awdxfthbjuik
    We’ve heard many bad experiences of friends traveling with Spirit Airlines, but so far, everything seems Ok. We will board in two hours. I am just traveling with my backpack and a small purse. I miss my carry on.
  • Refused refund for immediate family members death 1/5

    By Art of shaving
    Everyone should know that, if you book with Spirit but you are unable to take the booked flight because your child dies, they will not refund you your ticket. People should avoid taking flights from this company simply for the moral requirement to not support inhumane, callous, morally repugnant companies.
  • Very bad 1/5

    By yasir jaff
    The worst app take forever to talk with customer service agent and issue with app
  • Security check payment 1/5

    By wc sec
    I’m very upset I paid for extra no security check but I still went through security and my help didnot come on time that I have to push my own wheelchair
  • A way to get from point A to point B on a plane! 4/5

    By Rhonda1991
    Different but it gets you to where you have to go!!! Basically a cheaper way to fly!
  • Flight arrival 3/5

    By cuatomer Lee
    I have no issues with our flight or the way the flight attendants did their job. They were really good, however landing in Cleveland and waiting over 30 minutes to evacuate the plane after we landed at midnight seems a bit ridiculous. So many gates available and Spirit couldn’t use any of them is simply absurd. Our flight had moms with small children crying while waiting patiently for this inexcusable delay.
  • Price increase 1/5

    By Don’t use spirit
    We booked 3 flights to Pensacola you charged my credit card & day before increased double flight n nearly impossible to reach your help
  • Oops an unknown error has occurred 1/5

    By Southermarsh
    I have tried 4 separate times to book a flight today. Each time at some stage I have input all the information and at some stage in the checkout process I get an error that prevents me from checking out. The customer service is of no help and acts like it’s an isolated problem that’s device/user specific — which we’ve tried around the office on multiple devices and it is not.
  • Easy ride 5/5

    By fcknutz
    Loving app easy to use and im not computer savvy thank u Spirit
  • In need of courteous flight attendants 1/5

    By Troubled and Angry
    On a recent trip from Cap Haitien to Fort Lauderdale I noticed that the flight attendants didn’t greet the passengers Actually two of them were so engaged in a private conversation they didn’t even acknowledge the very presence of the people getting on board I was trying to make eye contact with them to no avail because they didn’t care I guess about this clientele. I wonder if that flight was originating from Montreal or Paris would those attendants have the same attitude That’s definitely a failing grade I travel that route quite often it’s simply the way most of those attendants act. SHAME ON THEM!!!! Troubled and Angry.
  • Luggage Again? 3/5

    By NJ Exit 0
    I purchased to take 1 luggage and no carry-on. It was very confusing when the check-in process asks if I wish to purchase luggage! I already did! Isn’t it reserved already? Had to call twice for that information. I could not understand the first agent, ugh. Second one spoke too fast with difficulty understanding also.
  • Doesn’t recognize airports. 1/5

    By Walt is rolling in his grave
    Cant use because it doesn’t recognize airports
  • Fight Change 1/5

    By Sue-LU29
    I have to Change Flight I can’t do it
  • Can’t check in 2/5

    By LoveTran007
    This is one of the bad ( super bad airlines).
  • Mobile Checking is taking so long 2/5

    By Boghara
    It took me 45 minutes to do a mobile checking. All the information was already there and it took so long to complete the checking. This happened twice.
  • Love the App 5/5

    By OakDice
    What an immaculate piece of digital technology.
  • El app no trabaja bien mucho falla constantemente 3/5

    By vecino54
    El app no trabaja bien constfalla
  • Flight is delayed but app shows it on time 1/5

    By Froogalmom
    I’m picking up a friend at the airport. She told me her flight was delayed. I googled the Googled the flight status on my laptop and it shows it is delayed and landing at 7:43 pm. FlightAware shows is delayed and landing at 7:43 pm. Spirit’s own app shows it on time and landing at 6:40 pm. Your app is a joke. Fix it. I had the same issue several months ago it’s ridiculous that it still hasn’t been fixed!
  • Not always working 1/5

    By sm2117
    My app is always freezing
  • Blake 1/5

    By Orane-B
    The most frustrating app to use in this technological age. I guess you get what you pay for. I’ve been trying to reset my password. Four hours later, I have yet to receive an email notification to reset it. It is hit or miss with this app/website. I use my reservation number to update my info. NOTHING! Keeps giving me error.
  • Boarding pass wouldn’t load 1/5

    By Paoooul
    The spirit app would not load my boarding passes. I had to refresh and retry approximately 10 times before before I my phone successfully loaded the boarding passes.
  • Thank you for always traveling to st croix with out you guys I could not visit as much as I do 5/5

    By Daddy Rooks VI
    My only issues is the super delays when it comes to picking up my bags but other than that you guys rock
  • Un servicio pésimo a sus clientes. 1/5

    By Anelsita88
    Le roban el dinero estos abusadotes.
  • Nothing worse than spirit 1/5

    By MeghanKobett
    My husband and I were ignored so long at the gate we were told we missed our flight, though we stood 2 feet away being told to wait. When we were finally allowed to speak to the front desk they tried to get us on another plane, claiming we couldn’t get in ours (they gave our seats away) we left sad, knowing we we were going to at least get our money back. Spirit employee guaranteed the refund. Wrong. 2 weeks go by and no refund. I called, I chatted and everyone kept giving me different policies and procedures but no refund. This is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. DO NOT FLY WITH THEM.
  • Round trip from Boston to Miami 1/5

    By Sindi perez
    This airline is the worst. they are a scam. They always charge for the personal suitcase that is supposedly free. I do not recommend it. My comes cost $600 just paying for suitcases. scammers
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Clostro2000
    Awesome app easy to used it
  • App Is Utterly Broken 1/5

    By cgai44
    Won’t let me access my boarding pass.
  • Never again 1/5

    By CygnusX-3
    Originally paid for a direct flight DTW - LAX 1:45pm. Less than 24hrs prior found an email notifying me my flight was changed to 7:50am with a 6 hr layover in LAS. By the skin of my teeth I had to rearrange my border crossing before the sun comes up, luckily I made it to my gate where I was charged for my carryons as well as costing me extra food, time, and energy. What was supposed to be a 5hr direct flight midday has cost me an entire day and major fatigue. Never again will I book through spirit.
  • awesome flifgt with spirit 5/5

    By Maryanne*
    We have an awesome flagawesome fliggt

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