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Spirit Airlines App

Ready for More Go? With the Spirit Airlines app, easily manage all your trips in one place. Book your next getaway, check-in for your flight, and get your boarding pass. Travel faster and lighter than ever before with your new travel app companion. My Trips - View and access all your upcoming trips to see everything you need to know Check-in - Get notified when it’s time to check-in so you’re ready to go the next day Boarding Pass - No more paper! Access your boarding pass and move hassle-free through the airport Book Flights - Find and book your next getaway with ease Flight Status - Easily check flight statuses so you know when your family and friends are arriving Manage Trip - Need to make a change? Quickly update your seats, add bags or extras to your trip Free Spirit - View your member number and track your mileage balance

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  • Don’t be fooled- cost the same as others and App freezes 1/5

    By Bajordal
    When signing in when confirming seats. It freezes. I’ve uninstalled and re installed.
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By beastneezy
    Checking in doesn’t work, adding carry ons or checked bags doesn’t work. So when you get to the airport they charge you extra because you couldn’t check in early online even though the app doesn’t work.
  • Ticket boarding pass missing when i am at departure gate 1/5

    By Fkxiejnc
    This is unbelivable. I had to ask the airport crew for help to print a paper boarding pass. I was so confident about the electronic pass
  • Intentionally Bad 1/5

    By Uniquenickname5363456
    Crashes before you can get a mobile boarding pass to corner you into paying $10 to print one at the airport
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Christopher.Ortega
    Probably one of the worst apps I’ve ever use. It just keeps on crashing when I try to look my boarding pass.
  • Worst. App. Ever. 1/5

    By Bird666666666
    I can’t believe I’m dealing with a legitimate airline business using this crap app. Going to Aruba, there are few airlines to choose from that don’t layover for double digit hours somewhere, so Spirit it is. Charging $50 for one normal carry-on (like a basic backpack) is piracy IMO, but I digress. On the app oftentimes you can’t move past certain pages in order to complete business. We paid $1,200+ for two round trip tickets from Baltimore to Aruba. Find out that in order to have a seat in which a normal human can sit, Spirit wants even more money. On this app, it gives you available seats on a seat map but 90% of them aren’t really available. And you can’t move past the option without reloading the app. I could only get 3 of the 4 wanted on our first and connecting flights. So for one leg of it who knows if I even have a seat. I called Spirit when I couldn’t move past hazardous materials page to get boarding passes. The guy told me I could get them online or with the app, completely oblivious to why I was calling. Finally got them emailed and will print since I don’t trust the digital ones to appear once we’re at the airport. Frankly, I don’t find Spirit’s fares all that much cheaper, and I really resent the carry-on and seat extortion scheme and all the aggravation using their terrible app. Never again, Spirit. EDIT: seeing some Spirit responses going back over the reviews just adds insult to injury. They’re not fixing jack. Going back months from just hours ago, 99% of the reviews are about how terrible this is.
  • Not worth the frustration 1/5

    By jkara67
    App doesn’t allow you to do anything without frustrating you with a bunch of abbreviations that don’t make any sense. Blocks you at every attempt to check in or sign in.
  • Trash 1/5

    By AmmtLA13
    Just absolute trash. Don’t bother.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Fat_men_unite
    Don’t use this app. It’s the worse, I can’t do anything on it and now I have to use my computer. Deleting and never using this app or flying with spirit ever again
  • Crashed app on check in 2/5

    By kenrod9
    App seems to work fine for everything else just not the check in portion. I sat for an hour trying to check in and it kept crashing at the very end of checking in. So inconvenient.
  • Hazardous materials page bug 2/5

    By Vediis
    Every time I try to check in I get stuck at the hazardous materials page. I scroll to the bottom and hit OK and it shows a loading icon but then it does not continue.
  • Could not even check in 1/5

    By clevo shawn
    App just stopped me when I agreed I wasn’t carrying hazardous material, could not proceed. Not helpful.
  • Non-functional 1/5

    By Alex Bunnell
    The app simply doesn’t work. I tried to check in, it didn’t work. I tried to show my boarding pass, it freezes. Guys... figure it out!
  • Worst airline app 1/5

    By PremierNY
    Doesn’t let you complete check in. Gets hung up constantly
  • Please fix this app and iPhone booking 1/5

    By Jillstuer
    You cannot select dates from the calendar. Also I cannot book flights on my iPhone anymore????? (without the app) Please fix ASAP or I can no longer fly with you!!!!
  • The worst airline I have flown has the worst app 1/5

    By spiritsucksbigtime
    It just doesn’t work. Period.
  • Date changing 2/5

    By PenOlga
    It is not possible to change the date in the booking bookmark. The default date is today, and no “submit” after changing the date in the calendar.
  • Character limit on password field for signin 1/5

    By krishnapawan.44
    Not sure who developed this app, but i think they have done a worst job.. why would anyone have such a small limit on the characters in password field.. my password being long one, i am not being permitted to type in my entire passwd, inturn i am not able to access the app. Hey spirit, piece of advice for you ( you know whats worst that a no app?? A faulty app !! ) hope u fix it in the next release.
  • I wish I could give it 0 stars 1/5

    By angry jw
    This app is horrible. It does not work when you try to check in, it doesn’t confirm all the way. You have to restart it 10+ times for it to work. It shouldn’t be this hard. If they are going to make the app the only resource to get a free boarding pass, they should make it easily assessable. But of course because it’s for free, it’s complete garbage. I unfortunately had to take spirit as it was the only option for a last minute work trip. I had previous negative experiences with spirit, not through the app. And now with this bad experience with the app, I will make extra efforts to avoid any Spirit airline services moving forward.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By PopNCountryMusic
    Continually crashes or freezes, can’t check in or load my boarding passes.

    By Trinq
    App is trash. Countless of bugs and when I finally was able to get to my boarding pass, it didn’t work when the guy scan so he had to kick me out. Nothing in this app works!! DO NOT add any extra service through this app such as check in luggage and select seats, you will loose your money and receive nothing. Not to mention the horrible, horrible service at the airport. Very unprofessional!!!!!!! First time and never again.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By youaretheabsoluteworst666
    I only downloaded this app bc Spirit.com kept getting stuck on whatever step over and over again. So in addition to your web experience sucking, this is also SO TERRIBLE! How do you not just have a simple flow to let the user select their bags, then their seat, then their extras at one time, and pay for them at one time like any normal user experience? Instead I’m under the impression I paid for my seat, but my total says something different when I go to pay for just my bag. This is absolutely ridiculous? Who designed this crap? Get a redesign stat!
  • Just print your bord pass 1/5

    By Gum-Gum-Pistol
    This app is horrible. I mean why even put an app in the App Store if it doesn’t work. It shuts off when ever I try to check in. The only thing this app is good for is telling you when your flight leaves. Don’t download, just use their website. It’s much faster and not as annoying. Smh
  • App is crashing upon opening trip details 1/5

    By rake0747
    App crashing everytime I open my trip details from the trips screen after adding a trip. Please fix it.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Aribahaz
    This app hasn’t worked for me once. I’ve been trying to check in & add my boarding pass to Apple wallet & I can’t seem to click on my flight to do either one of those tasks, it just crashes each & every single time.
  • Nothing works...garbage app for a garbage airline 1/5

    By LingLing
    This app is the absolute worst. I checked in but it’s still showing I’m eligible to check in. Am I checked in or not? Says “click passenger to check in” but nothing happens. Click the camera to scan the card... again nothing... I’m sure there will be a fee to find out nothing worked.
  • This app does not work at all 1/5

    By nikLDesigns
    Nothing works. I can’t check in, when I try to view my flight the app shuts down, and there does not seem to be any troubleshoot help.
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By ShutUpCris
    I cannot use it what so ever
  • Terrible 1/5

    By mmmmmmmbbbbbbb
    This airline has been awful. I purchased bags and seats card would not process. Could not access my boarding pass. I opted to pay for express check through tsa paid 11.00 for it and they told me they don’t have that. But yet the app allowed me to pay for this add on. I was on hold for 25 minutes to get all my payments approved. Will never fly this airline again.
  • Low tech 1/5

    By LotusOH
    I understand this is a low budget airline, but this app is dysfunctional for the most part and low tech. Take some pointers from the American or Delta app, then spend a few bucks to get this to an acceptable level. It’s almost as bad as their website.
  • The Spirit of Airline Apps 1/5

    By Emmersonian
    There’s a reason things are called “the Spirit or ****” and this app isn’t far off. It’s very useless just like the website. Spirit is working very hard to make sure people don’t fly with them.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By K💀💀💀💀
    You guys need to fix this app! It’s always crashing when I want to get a boarding pass for my flight ! Please fix it soon
  • Total garbage 1/5

    By Hivugfgcuvvhk
    The first version of Spirit’s app wouldn’t load your boarding pass if you were logged in. This version flat out crashes when you try to select your flight. This app is useless, you will need to check in on the website and email or print your boarding passes(or pay Spirit to do it). Maybe that’s the scam. Make people think they can get digital boarding passes through the app, then make it crash so people will pay extra for customer service at the airport. Incompetent? Or brilliant?
  • Worst company ever. 1/5

    By BenZ586
    The rates are cheap. I’ll give them that much. But, Got a bag?45$.... per leg. Check in...10$ pick a seat...$$$. They very quickly become more expensive than the other airlines. But if you don’t plan on bringing a bag and you don’t care about being treated like garbage, you’ll probably save some coin.
  • Just go online; app is an elite level of useless 1/5

    By PHTF Rhino
    App would crash every single time I tried to look at my flights status and the details of when it leaves. Also it would not let me check it; the loading wheel just kept spinning for 3 seconds before disappearing and giving up. Those two things are pretty much the only thing the app does and it couldn’t even do them.
  • Needs a lot of help 1/5

    By shaktigl
    The app was horrible. I kept getting error messages when I attempted to buy a carry on. It took me forever to get a live person on the phone (phone prompts are not much better) but when I finally got to speak with a LIVE person, he was amazingly helpful! You can do better, Spirit!
  • It is crashing 1/5

    By vineetb88
    It crashes when I open my flight details. I am not able to see my boarding pass.
  • Room for much improvement 1/5

    By NandiSade
    The only thing I was able to do was check the status of my flight. I can’t click on my individual flights because it keeps crashing. I also tried to check in, and when I hit the checkin button nothing happens. Whoever designed this app really needs to go in a fix these bugs.
  • Not a boarding pass 1/5

    By scottpad
    I checked in for my flight on the app. Got what looked like a boarding pass. Luckily, I checked it one extra time and it said "not a boarding pass" i went through the app again followed all of the check in prompts for another boarding pass that said "not a boarding pass".... Gave up and checked in online. This app is awful
  • Annoying app 1/5

    By xxxdragonsnailxxx
    The app is really laggy and the seat selection and payment did not work during the check in process.
  • Unusable! 1/5

    By Disconaut
    I didn’t want to believe the other reviews but the truth is this app is horrible. When I’m trying to check in I’m getting internal server errors On multiple occasions. Also the app freezes up. It’s just not user-friendly.
  • Truly terrible 1/5

    By acirederf
    Attempted to book a flight, took my card details and charged it, generated no booking, but also didn’t allow me to cancel. Do yourself a favor and do not use.
  • Useless! 1/5

    By timztunz
    This app is totally useless. Even IF you can manage to check in with it, it won’t bring the boarding pass back up when you need it. When I called and asked about it I was told to go to the airport and see an agent or kiosk to print a boarding pass. Useless.
  • Everything works great for me! 4/5

    By NickAVA10
    No really I promise it does. I’m not sure why everyone else is having major issues with it. I’ve been in and out of it all day for my travel and I’ve had no issues. Check in went smoothly and the app easily allowed me to add the boarding passes from the app to my Apple wallet. I received flight notifications when I had a minor delay today and when boarding started. ***Disclaimer*** I am currently using the latest version of this app, the latest version of iOS (12.2 - 16E227), while on T-Mobile and on an iPhone XR. My only two pieces of criticism of the app are: 1. I wish when you signed into your account it would automatically pull any current or upcoming trip information. I had to manually enter it in yesterday for my trip today despite having my frequent flyer number attached to the original ticket / transaction. 2. It would be nice to edit any passenger info from within the app versus having to take it to desktop. For example, passport or TSA Pre info.
  • Terrible app. The development team should be fired. 1/5

    By Pr_kid
    Spirit Airlines should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this app to be released. I had issues booking flights, couldn’t download my boarding pass, and I received no notification when the gate changed on me. There literally is no reason for this app to occupy space on my phone. I thought Sprint was cheap, but Spirit has shown me something else. From the way they skimp on the app to everything they skimp on for the experience. I have a few flight booked on Spirit? I will never fly them again.
  • Don’t trust this! 1/5

    By crowman2013
    Checked in through the app (or so I thought) Was given a fake boarding pass that didn’t do anything. Had to get out of security, go to my email to check in and get and actual boarding pass. This app is worthless
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Luckycharminc
    After 1 hr of trying to book via the app, we changed to a computer but then the seats, bags info all conflicted, didn’t work. They charged us the incorrect amount. No email confirmation of the transactions.... Then when we get to the airport we need to do it all again at the automated kiosk for a 30% price increase. Our flight boards on time, poor people going to LA have been waiting for 3 hours. After 20min on the plane, attendant comes on and cancels the flight so the pilots can fly the LA plane. Wow. Currently 400 people inline at the gate counter, I’d estimate about a 15 hour wait in line then who knows when they will rebook these poor people on the same ridiculous airline. We booked a delta flight and won’t fly spirit again. One, angers, guy on line going fla says he’s been bumped 3 times. Spirit are just up selling scammers who offer cheap air then start grinding, 1000+ people here all agree it’s a scam.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bossbellla
    Keeps crashing when I tried to view boarding pass
  • Piece of S%#T 1/5

    By JJ-LkPasadena
    It used to work when they originally released it. Now all ever get on check-in is a useless notification where the QR code should be telling me to print a boarding pass at the airport. Kinda defeats the purpose of the app, dontcha think? I’ve tried to get anyone at their support to address this and all I get are lame apologies and suggestions of how to print it....I DON’T WANT TO PRINT IT! And of course then when I go to access my account via browser it seems the password always needs to reset. Hey Spirit...you tech department is about as useful as those tray tables. You might as well do away with both of them. Ugh...just a wretched process...thankfully they still offer a reasonable fare otherwise I woulda walked away long ago.

Spirit Airlines app comments

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