Spirit Board (very scary game)

Spirit Board (very scary game)

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Spirit Board (very scary game) App

The only Spirit Board that actually listens to your voice! Ask any question and simply wait for a spirit or ghost to respond. Text input is also available. INSTRUCTIONS 1) If possible, darken the room you are in and light some candles before starting a séance. 2) Place your finger on the planchette (the wooden piece) in order to initiate the spiritual connection to the other side. 3) Ask the spirit your question loud and clear. Always start a séance with the question “Is anyone there?”. 4) Wait for the spirit to respond. The planchette will start moving to show you the spirit’s answer. Warning: keep your fingers on the planchette at all times! 5) Always be polite and ask normal questions. Be careful to not upset any spirit. Examples of questions you can ask: What’s your name? How old are you? Are you a good spirit? How did you die? Are you male? Do you mean us any harm? Where are you? 6) In case you have angered a spirit, quickly move the planchette to “Goodbye” before the countdown is over - or unexplained things might happen. Sometimes a spirit refuses a “Goodbye”. In that case, be persistent and try again. Disclaimer: since paranormal activity can't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that the app communicates with real spirits.

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  • Don’t play this possessed game!!!!! I’m warning you ⚠️ 1/5

    By jojo and mags
    So me and my friend were playing this game and when we first played it a girl named Anne was 23 and she seemed pretty nice but then my friend said she was scared and Anne said don’t be scared so then my friend said something scary so I dais shut up and the ghost Anne said no way maggie. And that is m6 name and we never said my name. Then I freaked out and closed the app without saying goodbye. Then we heard really scary noises and then I looked back and saw a bee. So then my friend played again because I was scared that the ghost was mad at me so my friend played not me. When she played again a ghost that was 53 and we heard noises so said goodbye. Then my friend played to say goodbye to Anne so that she would not haunt me and she would not be mad. But when my friend said is this Anne a random ghost sad “ stop while you can”. And we got so fricken scared so we just deleted the game and have been scared and freaked out ever since. Don’t play this possessed game. I’m warning you. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • My story 5/5

    By Moon Alpha06
    So omg I just started playing this today. I contacted a girl named Dora and I asked her questions. She said are u scared and I said why would I be scared and she said because someone else is here. She kept saying my name was jenjen but it’s Kiersten. I accidentally exited out without saying goodbye then I heard a bang in the lobby of my dads taekwondo school. They were in class and I was alone. I came back in quickly and she said are u scared and I said no. I went to goodbye and she said I don’t think so then I tried again and she said nope then it started counting down and I quickly moved it to goodbye and the screen glitches and blacked out and I heard banging on the back door of the lobby in the back. I freaked out and ran into the classroom. That’s my story and hopefully she’s nicer ima try talking to her again. Please pray for me. You’ll never know until you try. Third times a charm. I gotta try again. At least once more. Pray and never do this at your house!!!!!
  • DEBUNKED 2/5

    By 영하세요
    Ok so see a lot of people having a spirit called “sally” I have the same spirit so I think this is DEBUNKED!! (Srry I did not want to come off rude or anything it’s just fake)

    By Bratzy1997
    Was playing with my sister we didn't say my name nothing an a spirt named melody kept saying my name sorry byeeee super scary!!!
  • Very weird 5/5

    By Bellboo151)62&3&&3
    So I got on this app thinking it was complete bs. But when I asked if it was a bad spirit it spelled out yes and then I asked what do you want, and it spelled out any suggestions and as a joke I said wanna get some ice cream and it said no I don’t think so and it spelled out my name. So I’m never going to use this anymore I feel like something is watching me so therefore this app is creepy as hell
  • Real 5/5

    By chicken noobke soup
    This is real
  • The story 2/5

    By the storys
    I’m Natasha, this is my story I decided to download the app because I thought it was fun I looked at the reviews first and I was ok there pretty bad but I’m gonna try this out I clicked the app I asked what’s your name she said marry I said how old are you she said 55 I then said goodbye Second story I decided to play again I got the name opla I asked if she was a good spirt she said I’m pure evil I then said goodbye Third story I was wanting to get in contact with my grandma who died a couple years ago I then downloaded the app again and asked May I get in contact with LORAINE BARNETT it spelled GET OUT! I said why bad idea it started spelling do you believe never again will I play.
  • Holy heck 1/5

    By Iispotato
    This app is not scary at all. I talked to a “witch”when I asked her a question she responded with “I don’t know Paige “ . I TRULY want to know ho the flip this “ghost “knew my name. When I asked her how she knew my name she said “witchcraft “ . The app itself wasn’t scary. But when it said my name my heart dropped straight into my stomach. I don’t think that you should waste storage on this stupid app.
  • I connected to zozo ........scary 5/5

    By zzxac
    I said zozo. Then it said it’s him. I said who it said zozo then I said can you show me a sign that your here and it’s frozen and I here a loud bang so I run out of the room and say good bye
  • It said my moms name! 5/5

    By really good kooking!
    It said I'm not sure Gabriella
  • Waste 1/5

    By vgftuu
    Disappointed and it disappeared from my cell..sketchy And a ouija board a real one that is would never say “lets have some fun”. Come on now
  • Scary 1/5

    By sol32_53
    This girl never let me leave so I deleted the game and now I’m gonna reset my phone lord help me and I think it’s real so I’m scared and probably going to cry
  • ??? 5/5

    By -Noots-
    This is how my experience went 😆 Me: Is anyone there? Ghost: ... Me: Hello? (Then a bird flew into my window, which scared me half to death) Ghost: Hello Noots Me: how do you know my name? Ghost: I watch you while you sleep. (My phone crashes) I slept with a cross in my hand and with all the lights on.
  • Ashtyn’s story 5/5

    By Cutheropedope
    I was playing the game at nighttime. I went to bed and felt something under my bed. I looked under no one was there. And I here’d a noise in the closet. I looked no one was there. I ran away scared. The end
  • Lily 5/5

    By william muller 8
    Have you ever met a girl who is really nice don’t trust them they kill girls for you so I met a person named lily she died I was sad so I i killed people who hated her so I killed myself. The end
  • My scary story 5/5

    By asfggudhegd
    So my scary story that happened yesterday was me and my friends were playing this and when my brother got to talk he called it a b$&h and the ghost said it was outside and my ghost decetor went off and we were getting followed by the spirit moral of the story is to never call a ghost a [email protected]
  • Scary 5/5

    By Likyk
    This app is scary.I was at a hotel.It kept telling me to get out.I was with me & my bestfriends.It was around 2AM in the morning.We started playing this app.I asked it if it could knock on the door it said yes, 2 mins later we heard 2 knocks on the door.Then I asked if she could knock again.Then footsteps were heard outside of the door coming towards us then the water faucet starting running & the bottles in the bathroom fell over & when we checked nothing even fell over.Then we heard a guy coughing with a deep voice & it wasn’t my bestfriends dad.It sounded really deep.Then I had 2 scratches on me for no reason when I got out of the pool.In the pool my friends saw a “hand” go on my leg & it was going up my keg & I felt it.Then on the Grand State University sign out the window we saw a black figure run across the tall building.Then my friend told me that was I was swimming something tried to reach for my leg.Then we all saw a black shadow in the water just standing in the corner.Then we saw like a black shadow sitting on the chair.Then we saw a kid who was walking & disappeared.It was very creepy.Dont play by yourself it makes it more creepy.Play with your friends.Dont ask questions about god.Dont start off questions by saying show yourself.Ask then if they are a girl first & things.They will get mad if u ask them any other questions.Also, my phone moved when me & my friend were in the other room bc my friends told me that my phone moved by itself & the app glitched then my phone went blank then black & it exited out of the app & came back into the app.Definitely scary😭
  • The boy who said hello 5/5

    By qwefkakgbusjsjdjsjakif
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Tiktok @unicornlover4829
    This game is Stupid it didn’t feel real I said the same things over and over again and I asked if I was a girl or a boy it said don’t be scared
  • Don’t buy. 1/5

    By creepinator256
    Me and my cousin were playing and we got scared . She was about to leave when I told her we have to say good bye we did but I didn’t close out right as I was about to, the spirit said don’t leave then my name. How did it know my name I’m scared don’t buy
  • I’m spooked 5/5

    By fidxfuyifeitmfdkegcjs
    WARNING: If your a wuss like me then proceed with caution. This app is extremely scary. If I ever do this again I’m holding a cross with my other hand.
  • This is a scary game 5/5

    By josephine116088
    Ok so I first started off with a nice word hi and then it said hi back I said what’s your name and he said Norman and then I said cool so how old are you and he said I’m 12 and I said oh ok then how’d you die and he said very funny Josephine and that’s my name I got sooo scared when he said my name I said how’d you know my name and he said I live in your closet and this is for real like my house is haunted and all so that’s what freaked me out and I was sitting on my bed staring at my closet and I said where are you right now and he said behind you and I didn’t want to look but I was so stupid I looked behind me and nothing was there I slowly turned back around and my phone was gone and then I heard it buzz from my closet I was about to cry I went over to my closet opens the door and then someone tapped my shoulder and I screamed I ran in my moms room and said something is in my room she took me in there and said Josie there’s nothing wrong and I said ya huh.... and then I saw my closet door was shut and my phone was in my bed I got confused and said I’m going crazy...... hahahah funny thing is I wasn’t I sat on my bed my mom shut the lights off and shut my door and said goodnight with a creepy laugh that’s creeped me out but then I thought there’s no way I’m going crazy bc I looked over at my closet and I kept saying repeatedly I’m not going crazy I’m not going crazy I saw someone standing in my closet whispering Josie come here and then I screamed at the top of my lungs and all I heard was silence my mom didn’t come over to me so I got confused and so I got up opened my door sprinting out downstairs and I was stupid and I called 911 and they said 911 what’s your emergency, I told them everything and they said “YOUR GOING CRAZY” I said w-what and they said stop prank calling us or I will track your phone I deleted the game and ever since then I got the vibes that I brought a demon out of that game😔 everyone I hoped you enjoyed my story bc this is real...
  • It knows my name 😖 3/5

    By AkiGay
    I was playing this with my friend and it said something like “No Sally” and my name is sally 😖😖
  • Kinda Scary 4/5

    By The Official Blue Shirt Kid
    Well this game is pretty scary if you really believe it’s real. The “spirits” have called me by my name a couple of times and it’s sorta scary. After awhile they always tell you to run or get out. Then you just hover over goodbye and go over to a new session. Overall this game is pretty scary and fun. I don’t recommend this app if you get scared easily.
  • Great! 5/5

    By 😜Add me: aconklin34
    I started talking to a “goast” and it started asking over and over again “do u believe” spelt it exactly like that too... scary, but amazing.
  • Poopy ghost 1/5

    By Digital Wonder
  • jealous Alice is good 1/5

    By Jealous jelly is good
    I was sitting on my couch at 3 AM and I was just playing this game and I said how did you die and it said I died in this house but we just got the salads and like salads
  • Hmm... 4/5

    By sks,sk hiiiii
    This app is definitely scary, but honestly, nothing happened to me and my friends when we were playing it. We met a bad spirit named “Anne”, and we were just asking her random questions when she used my friend’s name in one of her answers like this: “I don’t think so, [friend’s name].” I don’t know how it knew this, but I’m guessing that it heard us saying our friend’s name repeatedly, or it has access to her contacts? So... we were all kinda creeped out, and we deleted the game. I really want to play it more, so I can actually communicate with the “spirits” (who I believe to be fake, sorry triggered people in the comments). So, in conclusion, I’d recommend giving this game a try if you’re not easily spooked out.
  • OMG 4/5

    By kkkkthebest
    I started with 2 candles.I was chilling and asking normal questions. Half way through I said hi and the spirit said hello kaung which is my name and I freaked out so I said goodbyes.
  • Imran 5/5

    By mo masud
    It scary but I respect the demons they are evil.so don’t mess around with them or you have to pay the price.
  • It’s fake 5/5

    By FredTough
  • Help 5/5

    By Kbaxton56
    So I got in contact with a ghost and here is how our convo went: Me: are you good or bad Ghost: bad Me: how bad Ghost: gimme your soul Me:no Ghost: bad idea And than my friend head started to hurt
  • Got scary, I had to stop. 5/5

    By Roxas907
    It’s scary day and night. I did this at day because I was watching some youtube videos showed scary apps so I got this one. First one was from the western who was evil and died from cancer, threatening me by not letting me go to the next ghost. He did that 2 more times. Second ghost was a evil person like the last one but he was more nicer. He didn’t have a family, we had a nice conversation. As soon as I said may I leave. He said no way, thinking I may have angered him I asked that question. Soon he said he needs help. I say if he’s ok. He said make it stop. As soon as he said that I said goodbye and went to the next ghost. Third ghost was either a good person or a evil person because as soon as I said hello, he said run while I still can. I said goodbye and quit.
  • Jennie 5/5

    By Peyton Reid
    So I was playing this and a person named Norma came up and I left after like 5-6 questions. the next one I contacted was named Jennie. She said she was scared, I asked if I could help. Jennie said “ Find my parents”. Then I asked her parents name and it was no other that Norma. I said to her I just contacted her, and she said she was alone. I asked if I should try to tell Norma that Jennie was looking for her... her response was “ Get out” I dragged the emblem to goodbye and said goodbye, she said “I don’t think so”. I said goodbye again and it worked. That stuck with me forever.
  • Hi 5/5

    By EmmyEliåp
    Is It Fake????
  • The dragon 5/5

    By usudbfuucbd
    Time had a way of taking its toll. Days turn into monotony, and people learn to stop caring. Times of depression breed heroes. Heroes that don’t settle for survival, but will fight to enrich the life around them. To give them a life of abundance. Arthur, King of Camelot had dreams to break the tyranny of the dragon that plagued the people of his mighty kingdom Camelot. Gathering his knights, the rode out at morning with weapond, armor, and their bulky horses...
  • okay so uhm 5/5

    By CholeCandyClemetine
    I started doing this, and so. I downloaded it. Summoned a spirit Asked questions Then it took control and asked if I was scared that’s when I said goodbye. Then I hit the home button on my phone. Then i went back a few minutes later. The session still open and it saying ‘ u must stay Kyja’nae ‘ ( kyjanae is my name) The game must’ve either hacked into my phone to figure out my name. Or this thing is 100% real
  • Aisha 5/5

    By sumeya aiwhs
    Hi my name is aisha....i found this weird game and it haunts me every day it knows my name and where I live every day I live with fear I’m scarf to go outside so I stay in my room my mother died a year ago and my day stays to help me soon he will die the ghost that knows my name knows everything it knows about my twin idk how to get this out of my head....it’s up to u to save me from the evil spirit help me pls based on true story🥺🕊
  • My scare 4/5

    By GP1138
    I was trying this app... and I met 2 spirits. One named Marie, and one named Ann. Marie died of the plague and was locked up. And when I asked why, my iPad glitched and and the arrow was bloody. I couldn’t do anything but move the arrow to “goodbye” but Marie said no. So I moved it to goodbye again... and everything stopped. Next is the story of Ann. Ann was poisoned. I asked who poisoned her. She said you will see... I asked who is Charlie. All she said was... IT. I asked what IT was. Then the tablet glitched again and did the same thing that happened with Marie. I moved it to goodbye and she wouldn’t let me go... I did it a second time and I was out. End
  • Fake not real 1/5

    By 777faker
    I felt this was all fake not even it was bs lol
  • knew my name. might not be real though 5/5

    By wpsihr kwns
    i played this alone in the driveway bc i was scared to play it in my house because it is already haunted. i was asking it questions like who are you? and it answered melody. i was asking other questions like how long ago did you die? and she said 3 years ago. i’m confused how she died three years ago on my property because we just built my house like 6 years ago so idk how that’s possible. but then all of the sudden she started getting kind of evil and i asked how she died and she said, “no way alyssa” which is my name. i started getting scared at the fact she knew my name and that’s when she started spelling out “behind you”. i was so scared i just closed out of the app without saying goodbye. so idk if this is fake or not but how does it know my name?
  • It true evil 5/5

    By meb2004
    “So I asked a question that was “ is anyone here?” And it replied yes, then I said prove it, and out of no where.... a bag of hot Cheetos drop from the counter. And I picked it up opened it and ate some. I the. Went back and said”Thank you, Next!” And a bag of takis fell from the shelf. Now I know I will start using this thing.
  • Scared 4/5

    By jejjshsbshsivsjsks
    I asked what it was doing and he said running away and I said from what and he said my dad and I said why and he said you’ll find out I am scared
  • I SPOKE TO MY DEAD DAD 😭😭😭🥺 5/5

    By ms.single potatoes
    So I lost my dad about 1 or 2 months ago... I still can’t believe that he’s dead.. everything happened so fast. But,anyways, I was talking to a spirit, I asked “who am I speaking to?” They replied “your father” so of course I freaked out and started crying but, did I say goodbye? No,I continued talking to him with a soft,scared voice. Being my stupid self.. I asked him to make a noise so I knew it was real. What did I hear you may ask? Well, I heard scratching and a loud bang on my bedroom ceiling. So I wanted to say goodbye. But did he let me? Nope, he said these exact words “please,please stay my lovely beautiful little princess.. I love you and I miss you” and I was so shocked... I couldn’t believe what I had heard. He had always called me his beautiful little princess ever since I was a little baby and I am now 11. I will never ever use another oujia board in my life... not after this. And that was my very true story. Love you all
  • Scary story🤫🤫 5/5

    By SCARYYYYY😱😱😱😱
    This is how the conversation went...🤫🤫....Me: Is anyone there??? Spirit: Yes Me: Are you friendly?? Spirit: I am bad😈 Me: Ok how old are you?? Spirit: 28 Me: Do you have any siblings?? Spirit: Yes Me: How many brothers do you have?? Spirit: 2 Me: Where are you?? Spirit: Nowhere where you need to know Me: GOODBYE 👋
  • Wow 3/5

    By Kev The Bomb
    I asked if it could show it’s self, it glitched my screen and said “say goodbye” then it counted down from the numbers. I got to 3 and freaked.
  • Biology of my evil ghost 5/5

    By angel_dragon34
    I said eat booty😂 but it gave me a warning I said what would happen if I did it again. It said “devil.” And I said I’m so sorry then it said again “devil.” So I said goodbye I hope this never happens
  • Scary 5/5

    By AmberleHolly
    Okay so I tried this app today and I name is Lily and she said that you want and they spirit and she said how did you die and say I don't know I don't remember how she died and she said that I will die when I'm 56 and that I'll be burned alive and then hello Siri what do you mean I Aster what do you what are you hands with will you help my family and she said no and then I said do you need help with anything and she said yes and she said and I Astor and she was and she wanted revengeAnd then I asked her revenge on Who and she said run while you still can that's scary😰😰😰😰😰😰😥😓😥😓😓😨😨😱😱😬😬😬
  • Should I own this 5/5

    By cambellia
    Should I delete this app? I’m not sure. So far I got a “pure evil spirit” named Mabel. So who ever created this app, is it fake? Yes, it is. Because, you are probably sitting at a desk right now answering everything the person asks. So there.

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