Spirit Board (very scary game)

Spirit Board (very scary game)

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  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: First Class Media B.V.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spirit Board (very scary game) App

The only Spirit Board that actually listens to your voice! Ask any question and simply wait for a spirit or ghost to respond. Text input is also available. INSTRUCTIONS 1) If possible, darken the room you are in and light some candles before starting a séance. 2) Place your finger on the planchette (the wooden piece) in order to initiate the spiritual connection to the other side. 3) Ask the spirit your question loud and clear. Always start a séance with the question “Is anyone there?”. 4) Wait for the spirit to respond. The planchette will start moving to show you the spirit’s answer. Warning: keep your fingers on the planchette at all times! 5) Always be polite and ask normal questions. Be careful to not upset any spirit. Examples of questions you can ask: What’s your name? How old are you? Are you a good spirit? How did you die? Are you male? Do you mean us any harm? Where are you? 6) In case you have angered a spirit, quickly move the planchette to “Goodbye” before the countdown is over - or unexplained things might happen. Sometimes a spirit refuses a “Goodbye”. In that case, be persistent and try again. Disclaimer: since paranormal activity can't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that the app communicates with real spirits.

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  • My story 3/5

    By karaki gokuray
    I communicated with a ghost named carol and I asked her if she was good or evil but she said she is pure evil and that scared me after asking a couple questions I asked her why she is pure evil and she didn’t answer the app warned me to end the seance but since the mic wasn’t on I couldn’t say goodbye and it didn’t let me, after it counted down my screen started glitching and it turned black in a couple seconds it went back to the home page of the app I’m really scared something bad will happen
  • fake news 5/5

    By FrankMayans
    nothing impressive just a board with pre existing answers for your questions
  • Scary.. 5/5

    By someone whos scared
    I contacted a spirit that was bad and her name was Taby every time I said goodbye she wouldn’t let me so I did and got off the phone. I regret doing this.
  • Scary 5/5

    By scary school ghost
    Me and my friend were in school. We were in a dark room that we called the middle room. I never told the spirit my name. And the school day was almost over. My friend angered the spirit and my whole screen went black and restarted.....I had just gotten this phone... so it’s brand new. It wouldn’t just do that
  • This is100000000000000% Real😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 5/5

    By vhsG
    This creeped me out so much I deleted the app I said what is my name it said my name it was so creepy I sweated a lot but I wasn’t that scared because it’s a app that thinks of A name
  • Scary but not fake 5/5

    By A guy who is paranoid
    I was just bored so I played with this game, and I called the spirit "who was named Arlene" poopy face and then it said run while you still can, and me still thinking it was fake said ok and ran outside, and then I said "do you mean harm to me" and then it said "I'm not sure" and then I said "what do you mean? then it said "behind u" and then I turned around and saw nothing but I went in the bush that was behind me and the hose was on at full power and it wasn't even on this morning, coincidence I think not, Then I looked at my phone and the screen was black and then I went to turn the hose off and the hose basically just exploded water everywhere and water flew all over me and I was like was it the spirit and I looked at my phone and I was like "is my phone off so I went to "turn it on" but before I "turned it on" the screen was all scary and there was blood on the board and I closed the app and deleted it but was I supposed to say goodbye? I don't know but i turned the hose off I don't want to pay a large water bill and changed my clothes which were all wet I hope nothing climbs in my window I think I'll sleep with the lights on and double check if the doors are locked.😕 this could be legit or just a huge coincidence but I'm not taking any chances. Maybe I'll install cameras and alarms yeah I'm too paranoid.
  • Omg 5/5

    By Fernando Canuto
    I asked if I was gonna die and it got bloody and my screen just went black
  • FAKE 1/5

    By sloth$63783
    This is not real because it new my phones name not mine and super crappy over all I’did not like it
  • Scary story 5/5

    By supper time99
    OMG I am really freaked out I kicked me off the game😱😨😨😱😱😱😱😱
  • Not really legit as I thought it would be 3/5

    By Ava Rose shojaian
    I was on the App Store wanted too try some scary apps so I decided too download this app and I looked at the rules but didn't even bother doing the rules so I was in the car,I told the spirit Hi , The spirit said “Hello Ava” then I asked the spirit” if you know my Name what’s my last name?” The spirit be like “black magic” other random question she went too a whole nother question I be like “How old am I” The spirits like 92. Then I be like “wanna do some memes together?” The spirit be like “get out the room” I be like “IM IN A CAR you dumb dumb ,And my moms driving then I didn’t even bother saying goodbye so I just left the game and nothing crazy happened
  • Scary as hell 5/5

    By piggygirlgamer
    So I asked a girl named ruby were she was and she said next to me. I got so scared 😟 I looked next to me and nothing there. I was so angry. There was this other girl and she said she could kill. She was after me. That gave me the chills.
  • Scary story 5/5

    By Izzy hamy_ster21
    Sooooo I think they hate me although I said goodbye but it doesn’t seem to help and I think there going to hurt me
  • Jean 5/5

    By LGAsSSS
    I talked to a cowgirl named Jean that needs my help. Jean said a vampire killed her
  • The ghost 5/5

    By Claire Elin Swallow
    First I asked her her name.It was Rose.Then I asked her where I was and she answered correctly. That started to creep me out and that’s when I knew this app wasn’t rigged. I asked her a bunch of questions and left the conversation without saying goodbye. I forget and when I Exited the the conversation I knew I forget something. I didn’t think about it to much until later that night when I heard I strange noise. At that moment I started freaking out because I live alone and I didn’t have any visitors and then I remembered that I didn’t say goodbye. I thought to myself maybe if I go back I could restart and say goodbye e but it was to late. She was in my room and then everything went black...
  • NOPE!!!!! 5/5

    By Awesone sause
    So my friend and I downloaded this game because we thought it was fake but it turned out to be real! We were bored we played for at least 30-40 minutes my friend got a ghost detector app and my friend blanked out. My friend looked around the house, she went in the kitchen and she pointed at my basement door then she pointed at me and she said, “ it’s behind you” “ it’s behind you” after she said that I felt something by my head it got really cold I got goosebumps. I started to freak out because I thought it was fake so I tried to make her laugh which she would normally laugh to me but she collapsed onto the floor like her body gave up. Her face started to turn really red I went up and she couldn’t breath like someone was choking her. I got her some cold water and helped her out I took her outside to get some air we drew a circle of salt on the kitchen floor and stood in it then we deleted all the apps and we promised to never play again. I think we both are haunted... she wasn't herself....
  • My wife 5/5

    By mydickissoharddddd
    I was so gay so I asked a spirit on a date. We are married now.
  • TRUE STORY 1/5

    By Ann the anime lover :]
    this is fake.
  • Stop while u can 5/5

    By Best app foreve
    I met a girl named melody who died of bats..I got scared Bc she said stop while u can....
  • What the freak 1/5

    By heiwpwokwjwiwos
    U have our location u play to much I deleted the game and I not playing that no more
  • My ouija board experience. 5/5

    By pikagaming1122
    So basically i was playing with the app and i asked it “is anyone there?” It said yes. And that it was a good spirit but the next thing is that i said “do you like me?” It said yes. I was like “she likes me yay!” But then something sinister happened basically it said “its coming for you” and i said “whats coming for me?” Then it said “are you scared” then i just started laughing and babbling. And it was like 6:00 in the evening so i didnt do this at night i wouldn’t recommend it. Then i asked it “and i thought you liked me” and then it freaking glitched and i was laughing and babbling again. But before all this. I had a spirit named emily and she was evil she said and i had a woman die in my own bedroom so i think this was her. So i asked it “where are you?” It said chair so there was a chair right next to my closet and maybe she was right next to the chair. And i had a little bunny plushie sitting on the chair. And i asked where are you again and it said behind you and i freaked he heck out, i threw my ipad and just exited the app immediately after that response but i can actually feel her, i felt like she was literally behind me! I had chills going down my back. And i got up to go to the kitchen and my legs felt so freakin wierd, like all numb but that might be because of something else. And i forgot to mention that emily and another spirit arlene knew my name without me telling her. She even got the spelling right. And my name is uniquely spelled. Honestly i even got another one earlier than the other two and i thought it was awesome but then it got to a creepy turn. Her name was daisy i didnt know too much about her because i exited it for some odd reason! Okay i just edited this, i got another spirit named rose, she said she died from vampires, and i cant remember but i think she said to get out or something. A few weeks later, i had a new spirit, and again it was a woman, her name was Norma, i asked if she liked video games, she said yes and that she’ll play anything. I asked if she knew fnaf and she did, but she didn’t know any of the characters tho because i asked if she had a favorite fnaf character, she said “no idea” i asked her if she plays pokemon TCG (trading card game) and she said yes, and i asked her if she had a favorite pokemon, she said “No idea” she’s maybe my favorite i’ve got so far. I asked norma if she wanted to come over and play video games with me, she’s said yes, i asked norma where she was, she said next door. She even knows my mom, that is so cool!! This is scary as hell, if you want to be tormented by the afterlife, install this app, but proceed with caution.
  • My first encounter 5/5

    By Maë618
    I just got this app... was honestly skeptical at first but wanted to see... I asked a few questions about the spirit... even know she (Edna) said she was evil, I continued to engage in conversation... asking her a series of questions until I asked one that my phone’s software didn’t have... I asked “what is my ex’s name”... sure enough... she knew it and wrote it perfectly.... that freaked me out but also gave me reassurance that this app is pretty real... take it seriously... spirits can draw energy from anything... especially a phone... this stuff is real.. be careful guys.
  • Scary glitch 4/5

    By Asshat u bich
    Ok so It was 1:23 in the morning and I got on the app,wanting to speak with ghost but then it went like when you have no signal and counted down from nine I was scared and turned off my phone and stopped playing the app
  • For,pinkpurplesshorts 5/5

    By brianeta
    Same counting down happened to me.it said at the top “warning please say goodbye to the sence.”
  • Is it Fake? 3/5

    By One Shot Tiger
    Idk if this is fake cause I asked when it was born it said 10 years ago and I asked how old it was when it died and it said 8 sooo find out yourself guys cause I’m not getting jumpscared.
  • Not Scary At All!! 1/5

    By Wolf Songs Moon
    I read all of the reviews on here. All making it sound like it’s so scary. My husband and I messed around with it for a couple of hours. It’s a joke! Yeah it knew my first name, no biggie, the app most likely found my first name on my tablet. I asked it several times, what is my middle name, as that is nowhere on my tablet. It just kept making up names. All the responses are programmed, even to the point when it flashes snow and blacks out. It will tell you to leave, then when you say goodbye, it asks you not to leave. I don’t understand how anyone could be scared of this app. It is simply for entertainment purposes, there are no spirits involved. If you really want to be scared try a real Ouija board! This is an honest review of this app.
  • I’m scared 5/5

    By horse lover loves horses
    Ok so I said hello to a ghost her name was verna and I said how did you die?She said murderd and I said are you freindly she said no and I said do u want me to leave? She said no way!I feel more haunted than I am now!😨😨😨😨
  • Crap in my pants 5/5

    By nshuavdujdhsk
    I almost crapped my pants

    By mabye a few new changes
    So this is what happened to me I’m let’s say about 10 so I was just getting a little bored so I downloaded this game and started playing. So I started playing and I got a ghost named mable so I started talking to her and I ask her how old she was and stuff like that and I asked what my name was and guess what it said my name and all of a sudden (this has never happened before I’ve played it before) like some sort of static was going across my screen so do not download this game if you have it UNDOWNLOAD IT!
  • Did anyone else get someone named rose? 1/5

    By wiccedcoon27
    Played the game because I’ve been told I have a dark shadow that follows me around so wanted to ask questions would not allow me to say goodbye so said screw it and deleted the app kept telling me I had to stay and I couldn’t leave also kept repeating the same thing over and over again when I tried to say goodbye I still have chills someone please reply
  • Home alone 5/5

    By uriahpierce
    One day when I was home alone I kept herring noises in the bathroom so I went to check it out i saw blood on the mirror I ran out the bathroom and slipped and fell on a note that said “I’m comming for you” I screamed in fear ran out the house and called the cops they found no evidence what so ever so I went back in the house and a shadow figure and I looked back out the door and the cops were gone so I said I must be dreaming so I stabbed myself and woke up in my bed.. and that’s my story btw I love the app 5 ⭐️’s
  • This is weird..... 4/5

    By Yogi lobster
    So I asked the spirits name and it said my dads name instead of mine it’s just because your sighted into your email that’s why when you first start the game it said... will you exept terms and privacy then it said do you want to share your email with the app but overall it’s a good game...
  • Nice spirits but scary 5/5

    By Kristina123qeen
    I met a spirit unknown I ask him I think if I was pretty he said yes I asked how old I was he said 18 and 96 but I’m only 12 this is very creepy but I like it cause it’s scary!👏🤙👍🏻
  • True stories 4/5

    By acroad20
    I was talking to this evil spirit, didn’t ask if it was a he or she. I asked how they died and they said 44 years ago in a plane crash. 44 years ago flight 401 crashed into the Everglades. They said they had family as far as possible and they didn’t love their family/kids. I kept saying goodbye but was being told I must stay and that I will see soon what is so evil about them. 10/10 creeped out but it’s also exciting to be able to communicate with the dead they also said they were under the car
  • how I found the Luigi borax 4/5

    By ocxxi
  • Why 5/5

    By Annabelle182636
    I did da thing and did not say goodbye and the next night something smashed my window and got in my room and was a person and he said hey you HAVE to say goodbye then scream I looked at my console it was smashed and when I looked at my board there was a bloody handprint on the back saying hello :) then I looked out my window and something was there looking at me then came through my window I watched it take my board and it said say goodbye~
  • Crazy story 2/5

    By zigintas
    So I was talking to a ghost. We became friends so then she told me not to look back. I didn’t look back. But then I felt a pinch. I asked her if it was her she said yes. But when i told her if she can move something she threw a chair at me so don’t download this app if u want to die
  • Pee pee poo 💩 5/5

    By tbnr boY
    So I played this game and I communicated with a demon that was pure evil and its name was ZOZO and it tried to kill me 🤯 so I did a the thing with the cross that didn’t work so I tried to survive the night luckily it was 3:50
  • ashdoglover123 5/5

    By ashdoglover123
    I met a ghost name carol and it’s sayed it lives in my attic and it sayed that it’s going to do something fun but I got scared so I sayed good by
  • My story 3/5

    By iemersin
    I was talking to a spirit named lore and she died of poison. She was 7 and asked if I was scared. I responded yes and she said “ILL BE WAITING FOR YOU” please don’t download!
  • Who da hell is hoodoo magic 1/5

    By weird life for bums
    Some lil rat said hi my name is hoodoo magic. I got bored and asked to go and she said NO. I’m pure evil than I deleted the app saying the power of Christ compels you
  • Idk if it’s real or.. 3/5

    By bryannnie
    There was this woman named Norma, she said she was lonely, so I asked what happened to her, if she doesn’t mind, she told me to get out. I was confused and scared as heck, so I said goodbye.
  • The Spirit Underneath 5/5

    So a couple minutes in a got a response right away, the spirit was very open to questions such as if it was a good or bad. It was a female my age, and she confirmed she was neither good nor bad. The part that freaked me out was she knew my name and I asked how was it possible and she said “hoodoo magic”. I was not given any good answers after that.

    By JorSnuzzie
    This is all fake! DONT BUY IT! This game has phrases programmed in that just cycle through. None of these “ghosts” are real. I have done about ten Sennaces and you can tell with the repetivity of the words. -_- I HATE THIS SCAMMMMMM
  • Creepy but now l get to make spirt friends 5/5

    By fan girl lol128
    So one time l was talking to a spirit named Rosa. And l asked her how she died and she said monster. It was real scary and l felt bad... then she said “help me” and l said: “how?” Then she said “burn my bones” and at that point I was a bit scared but I wanted to know more so l asked “where are they?” Then this next thing scares me... she said “under your house” Then she said “make it stop” I was scared and l felt bad for her. Then this next one was really scary for me and l was ready to leave. I said “how can a nine year old help you?” Then she said “gimme your soul” then l asked if she was a demon. And she said yes. Thats when l said goodbye. Over all l wanted a spirit friend but.. l ended up talking to a demon.
  • I am most died 5/5

    By Keith Wile
    What is it a bad word to wane then the screen started going crazy
  • MISPELLS 1/5

    By brighthb
    It can not even spell what you ask it correctly
  • I am scared 5/5

    By Voto22
    I found my great grandmother Marie and I asked if my great grand father died last year and Marie said are you afraid and I said no and Marie said bad idea then I said GOODBYE GOODBYE GOODBYE
  • This scared me a little 3/5

    By hailedbug
    i met a gost named peggy i asked it how old it was it said 56 i said ok well imma go and they said no stay hailey i asked it why and they said you will find out! i’m a little scared now and i went out of it so yea
  • Spirit named Melody 4/5

    By jaycab1991
    I just met a spirit name Melody she’s 24 and died in a plane crash . She said be careful .

Spirit Board (very scary game) app comments

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