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Spoon | Audio Live Streaming

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  • Current Version: 5.5.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Spoon Radio
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spoon | Audio Live Streaming App

Spoon, the audio platform loved by +20M people worldwide! - Discover new creators daily - Join our growing community and find your fam - Share your voice and ideas with like-minded people and make friends - No ads / No subscriptions / Always free (seriously) Spoon is an audio live streaming platform that makes sharing your voice easy. Listen to live streams, music, podcasts, and chill with new friends! Discover and connect with supportive community members who can relate to you. Don’t be afraid to share the REAL you! Support your fave DJs with likes and digital gifts (Spoons) during the live stream. --Check out some of Spoon’s cool features!-- * LIVE & LIVE CALL - Live stream up to 2 hours from your phone! - Invite guests to co-host through the Live Call feature. - Tune in to your favorite DJs on-the-go and never miss out on the latest streams. - Monetize your live content and grow your audience to gain more exposure. - Need answers? Have listeners vote during a live stream with our poll feature. * CAST (PODCAST) - A recording studio in your pocket. - Hit record to capture ideas or save your live stream for later. - Browse trending (pod)casts on music, comedy, daily life, games, advice, relationship, ASMR, motivation, storytelling, and honestly so much more. - Customize your listening experience by rewinding or skipping to the good part! * TALK (YAS!) - Start a voice-only message thread. - Post a 30s voice message on your favorite topic to start a convo. - Be more personal with your messages. Audio makes it easier to share your feelings! * DISCOVER - Explore using the NEW AI-curated recommendations for DJ, Live, Cast, and Talk. - Search a wide selection of content creators to always be inspired and entertained. * PROFILE - Set yourself apart with a voice introduction. Introduce yourself to your fans and friends! - Upload your profile picture to express yourself and help others to get to know you. - Post on walls to stay connected with your fans and friends. SAY HI: Website: https://www.spooncast.net/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SpoonGlobal/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpoonGlobal/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spoon_global/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@spoon_global Twitter: https://twitter.com/spoon_global HELP: In the Spoon app, “Profile> Menu> Contact Us> Contact Us” Customer Support https://spoonus.zendesk.com/hc/en-us [Required access rights] - None [Optional access rights] - Microphone: Permission to use LIVE and Voice content - Storage space: Permission to save LIVE and Voice content - Phone: Permission to use the LIVE Call during live stream - Address Book: To prevent abuse of free spoons

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Spoon | Audio Live Streaming app reviews

  • Pls read 2/5

    By Angry_Poop5
    I give Spoon 2 stars because I got banned from it but I did enjoy it a lot and i would really appreciate it if I would not get banned from it.
  • Ewww 1/5

    Ewww this is nasty please report it please
  • Trash 1/5

    By Fatboy_jeezy
    I got kicked out of five different broadcast in a row, I thought it was for people to meet up but it’s just a bunch of people talking about porn.
  • Okay? 2/5

    By licatio
    Apparently you need the app in order to broadcast, but the sign in options are limited. There’s Facebook, Google, Apple, or your phone number. You cannot choose which Google account to use, and the profile is built using the information of said Google account. So if I made a Google account specifically for Spoon, I can’t use it to sign into the app, only the web. That needs to be fixed asap. This isn’t some dating app, it’s supposed to be some sort of Podcast, right? So relax, make the sign in way more simpler.
  • Don’t tell Tony Lopez about this app!! 1/5

    By Your boy Chris Hansen
    Yeah this app is crazy, these Alvin and the chipmunks sounding mfs be posting porn. Aside from the bullying, my thoughts are this app seems like a perfect place for online predators!
  • I’m tired of... 3/5

    By Twilight Quil
    Your new update isn’t very good. Because I think when you updated this app, you reduced the sound to wear it cuts in and out. So until this is fixed I’m only giving it a 3.
  • Performance 2/5

    By Latex_Gloves
    The app is really nice, but when I click on someone in the talk section to hear them it says “Unsupported file format” and lags the whole app out
  • Banned 2/5

    By dianfisbfnshcbd
    Hi it’s me again the one who was permanently banned for no reason, I just want to ask a question this time about how long will it take to get an email back because i’ve been waiting a couple days now and I still have not gotten anything and I would like to say just please let me sign in and be on it for ONE day please at least ONE, I would love to be able to talk to people again on this app. But other than that I Love this app it’s great but again, Please, Fix your app

    By CJamesHook
    This app is loaded with pornography! I couldn’t spend 1 minute without running into something pornographic! I’m sure there is good to this app but I’m not willing to go through all the crap to find it.
  • I don’t understand 3/5

    By 10:02pm
    I love spoon but I don’t understand how role playing is banned like this was the only app I could make friend on and then I got banned and I lost all of the friends you if you can please explain to me how role playing is a bad thing thank you for understanding
  • Permanent ban for a joke 4/5

    By bawsaque attack
    I am NOT an underage user. Im sorry for doing so. Can i get my account unbanned please.
  • question 4/5

    By lmaooook
    how do i change my profile picture
  • I got bullied 5/5

    By my roblox name is ihatepepsi
    I Got harassed and reported for no reason I said I was 13 I forgot my data they want my DATA one of them join the call and started hurting me his name is jay/ I forgot the rest of the name I got super heart broken and I got blocked in spoon.. yea I was in a live.. one of my fans said hi to me she standed up for me she said I’m a sweetheart Tay 🌻 ⚰️made the live but didn’t kick him out for harassment me I was super sad put i did not got kick out...
  • So bad !!! i hate it 1/5

    Why can't I watch broadcasts from people who are not in my country !!! And the site is not working !! Also lag when there are a lot of comments !!
  • Need Worldwide Access 1/5

    By im88
    With the popularity of Korean entertainment in music, movies and dramas, we in the states don’t have access to the Korean Spoon streams. Please consider to allow US access to overseas servers.
  • Cool App 3/5

    By LeiJames
    I am still learning this app therefore my thoughts and opinions may not be completely fair. It takes some getting used to but if you give it an honest try you might find that it’s really cool. -Being able to reply to multiple people would be nice.
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By pizza yall should not get it
    This is a hard and difficult way to try and live stream I don’t know how to work it
  • The app 4/5

    By wolffoxoxkjvd
    I love the app truly it’s a wonderful place to be but some people on the app can be toxic and mean to streamers/djs or people in the stream and they aren’t really getting banned or kick stuff like that and still some underaged kids still join and they should probably get banned until they are old enough. Besides all that the app is amazing some streams are a safe place to be very fun to make new friends there
  • I don’t trust this because I want to hear the safety on this 1/5

    By Krisgnlr
    I’m sorry only a one star bc I want to know what’s the safety on this and can you keep people from asking personal questions I’m 9 and I’m worried if my sister will be asked personnel questions but are you allowed to report bad stuff about them and block and report bad vids? Tell me please I want a text back thank you!!
  • Great concept for creatives, but a lot of disgusting creeps 1/5

    By emilio.chavez
    I love this idea. An app you can tune into and listen to someone’s station that they run themselves and use to entertain or hangout over the phone. Feeling connected to people is very important right now and this app does that well, and that could be the problem. I love music and singing, so when I would search through the different stations and find those station involving singing and music I would hop right in. A lot of these stations have children in the chat or talking over the phone with the “DJ”, singing and talking about life. It’s cute and it can actually be very funny sometimes to hear what these kids have to say. What’s not okay is the amount of blatantly open predators leaving terrible, terrible comments on these children’s stations. Any platform has its share of creeps, but within the first 5 minutes of using the app I had reported two people for having a public discussion with a child about extremely explicit things. I reported both of these people, multiple times, and did not see them kicked from the chat. They continued speaking to this child who had said she was 14 and it was extremely awful and terribly unsettling to see what they were saying. She laughed uncomfortably, not understanding the intention of those two people BECAUSE SHES A CHILD, and a THIRD person who was a man in at least his 30s began speaking to her like he would to a woman he was interested in. If reading this makes you uncomfortable then please, make sure if you have children on here you monitor their time and what they talk about/share with strangers. As with any kind of social networking or texting or any other anonymous form of communication, it’s important to teach your children what is okay and what needs to be addressed to a parent or teacher if brought up by a stranger. I would give it 5 stars, but I can’t. Not knowing the severity of punishment for explicit behavior towards a minor that Spoon is addressing, if it’s even being addressed at all, does not make me want to endorse this app.
  • Trash 1/5

    By InAne D
    The app is trash and I would give it 0 stars if I could. Not to mention the ads pop up everywhere and and even worse.
  • Terrible UI and Ads 1/5

    By Yea Ther
    Oh man does the app have a bad ui. The app shows you the bare minimum at the start as a sort of tutorial, but that’s it. The ads, oh lord are they bad. I feel like my eyes fall into a pit of human faces every time I see one. But the logo for spoon is good. (Watch them auto reply lol.)
  • only here for sarah basks 5/5

    By Dylan Kinney
  • I love this app i sooooo recommend 5/5

    By DRbucks
    I love this app it’s so fun I get to meet a lot of new people,I got to meet a really nice and caring person on here.AND NOW SHE IS MY FRIEND!!! I recommend
  • Bad 1/5

    By pukutis1
    1 2 3 4, ban this app off the store
  • I like da app 3/5

    By Aliuqh
    Look spoon I know you ban accounts but why me I loved it but now that yo banned me..so not cool so I gave thas app 3 stars sorry maybe unband me and I’ll give 5 stars :)

    By mia🥺💖
  • Welcoming non toxic experience for me 5/5

    By vrex1210
    I like it because it’s been welcoming and enjoyful and no one gets tonic in comments
  • No actual music - just people who love the sound ofTheir voice 2/5

    By The_inferno_of_the_flame
    Just a bunch of people playing over what I can only assume to be copyrighted music, or license free music. That’s it. Just people talking. What’s the point? Podcasts are already a thing and have been for 10+ years.
  • A1 5/5

    By Jonny lawbreaker
    Amazing app nice environment
  • Love this app 5/5

    By jjdhzgzudhd
    I have meet wonderful people on here
  • Any payment 5/5

    By brooklyn 46
    DoStreamers get paid for being on here like periscope
  • My Spoon experience 1/5

    By Popoluardo
    I was told to get spoon to support a friend and I ended up enjoying it and going on almost daily, then recently I woke up to receiving a 24 hour ban that was issued between 2:20-3 in the morning when I wasn’t even awake. Then when I reached out to them to see what I did wrong I got 0 feedback.
  • Mary 5/5

    By skinny fanny
    Pretty interesting app. I love it💕💕💕💕💕💕
  • :)) 5/5

    By ℝ𝕠𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕔 ℝ𝕠𝕤𝕖
    This app is soo fun!! I love the idea of socializing on lives , casts etc! Especially during covid! Personally I love this app because it helps me with talking to people, which I find very hard to do sometimes because I have bad anxiety. There’s also events etc and lemme just say I’m totally here for it! Would totally recommend this app
  • Garbage 1/5

    By angry avenger
    No one is singing. Everyone is using the app to argue about politics.
  • Genuine People 5/5

    By MUSICloveSTAR
    Such a positive community in this app! I’ve found a family of fellow spooners and we all support each other lives each day in the best way possible!! I wish the monetization was a little better for the streamers part but I’m sure over time these things will come!! The app doesn’t favor you based on fans which is awesome, it very much favors you on your content and what you create and there is no allowance for unnecessary bullying!! Not the perfect app but it’s getting really darn close and I will continue to use it as a way to express myself!! Thanks spoon!
  • Everybody Shines on Spoon 5/5

    By PrePharaohJenes
    The streamers are doing a fantastic job of showcasing their love for music or for commentary. Not only that, the fans do also shine whenever they show love and support to their fave streamers. This is a great app to have if you want to make friends with people who are awesome 💪🏽
  • I can’t be myself...ever 5/5

    By jocejr
    Your ads are wrong,I did find a place but I wanted to get to know more people,but this girl kicked me out for being myself didn’t even let me speak to her and say sorry,Jess,Still five stars,keep it going these people won’t let people speak and forgive pls make more rules about forget and forgive,I think I just found a girl just like my mom,the mom that never forgives...what if I had a bad life...These people act like 3 year old’s jess...ok I hope you make more rules bye
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By Kozak Fisher
  • What the hell spoon 1/5

    By 👻gost👻
    So I was waking up and I check my phone and I’m banned for being under aged but I put my birthday year on 2007 July 13 but they banned my for being under aged😡😡😡
  • Got banned for no reason 1/5

    By Minako hachisaco
    I got banned when I did nothing wrong the mods are rude. :(
  • Deactivated at 5k 1/5

    By ghostyjtm
    Absolute garbage
  • I’m 14 and being banned for being under aged 1/5

    By Ami A PsychoT9X
  • Spoon ☹️ 4/5

    I love the app at first it was really fun and I could join lives and be myself but after some time I started making lives and I didn’t know some of the rules which one of them was role-playing I first I was like it’s OKThat’s a little weird but, I kept making lives more and moreThen one night some people startedRole-playing I was OK with it I didn’t think anything of it but…I was trying to continue the live but it said that I was not allowed to RP and it’s shut down my live and my accountBut that’s not the only thing I was joining a live and it said that I was not allowed to join
  • Best Community 5/5

    By Benji277
    This app has the best community and spoon team is also super nice, rn I’m working for choice which is like a top streamer tag, I love this app and I can’t get enough of it
  • I love it!! 5/5

    By RayHausler
    Streaming is super fun! And everyone is super nice! I joined a stream, and a said “hi, I’m new to this”in chat, the person streaming immeadetly said “Hi Elie! Welcome to spoon!” I just love it!
  • This app is fun 5/5

    By xxxgachagamerxx
    If your to shy to show yourself on camera you can just use this app it’s a great app to me it helps a lot!
  • 5 stars! 5/5

    By idkwhattoputsohere8282
    Spoon is a very fun app, it’s so fun to talk and meet new people!

Spoon | Audio Live Streaming app comments

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