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SportsEngine App

SportsEngine keeps your team on time, up-to-date, and united with schedules, team chat, rosters, and RSVPs—free for teams, coaches, and families when your club, league, or association is on SportsEngine. Other sports apps can make life complicated with confusing requirements and barely-used features that aren’t worth the extra fees—get everything you need, without the cost, with SportsEngine. EMPOWERING COACHES Put an end to last-second emails and phone calls—the latest team schedules and team chat are right on the app, ensuring families show up at the right place at the right time with no extra effort from you. “This app is amazing! Being able to update schedules and having a central location to send updates is key!” - Lance B. “Such a great way to share schedules, updates, and team photos!” - Brianne M. “Love being able to communicate so quickly and clearly with my team.” - Robert D. Features for coaches and managers: • Create and manage team rosters • Schedule and share team events, practices, and games • Communicate with athletes and families • Track player availability • Post scores and information UNITING TEAMS Now you’ll always know where to be. View the latest team schedules, get notified of cancellations or changes, chat with the team, and even share photos. “Excellent app for team schedules and communication.” - Brian M. “Very easy to keep in contact with the coach and other parents. I also LOVE the ability to sync my calendar. With 3 kids in soccer, it is a lifesaver!” - Krista S. “Love it. So easy to keep track of things and communicate with the coach or other team members.” - Jill G. Features for families: • View events for multiple athletes on one calendar • Integrate with your personal calendar • Get notifications of team activity and schedule changes • RSVP for games, practices, and events • Chat with families, athletes, and coaches • View the latest team news, content, and photos Features for fans: • Stay connected with the athletes in your life • Follow your favorite teams • Access team schedules • Receive real-time score updates *Login required. Your sports organization must use SportsEngine to take advantage of this app. Having trouble? Reach us at [email protected] ABOUT SPORTSENGINE SportsEngine is the Home of Youth Sports and the leading provider of Sport Relationship Management (SRM) software, serving millions of coaches, parents, athletes, clubs, leagues, governing bodies, and associations. SPORTSENGINE TERMS OF USE:

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SportsEngine app reviews

  • Previous scores 5/5

    By 2019Zumbro
    I wish we could go back and check previous scores, like other sports apps
  • Amazing Sports App 5/5

    By J5Sk8rPro
    SportsEngine is very appreciated because it keeps me organized and we can always check schedules, scores, and highlights for certain events. *****
  • Edit Scores 3/5

    By Score 6/26
    I have not been able to edit my scores since the most recent update.
  • Crash 1/5

    By Lavajumper
    This app is great, but the new update has crashed every time I try to score a game
  • Locking up 2/5

    By Nurseblossom
    Why does this lock up and not stop showing read messages? It does it like once a week?
  • Needs some work 2/5

    By ashlea23345
    This app needs some work I keep trying to make an account but it won’t work.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By seisterterrible
    Impossible to add teams
  • Good Stuff!! 5/5

    By Troy Jr PGA
    Wonderful so far!!
  • Yeee 4/5

    By Joannaesim
    Did good
  • Closer to 5 stars! 4/5

    By Mr. Marques
    I use this app religiously, but in order for me to consider this app 5 star, I’d like to see performance enhancements by reducing lengthy load times and to be able to see the whole season team record based on games scored (final).
  • Can't select no response after selecting can't go 3/5

    By skez2000
    The app is very useful but... When selecting whether or not your child will be attending an event you can not revert back to no response. The event attendance is initially set to "no response" with the options of yes, no, or maybe. When navigating the app sometimes i have accidentally selected no to the event attendance. i want to unselect my response but i can't. Once an initial selection is made i can only change my response. i can not revert back to "no response". This is very frustrating. This has happened multiple times too both me and my wife. This NEEDS to be fixed. This is not a big it is designed into the app. I am not sure why.
  • Ryan- baseball coach 2/5

    By Coach RG
    The RSVP feature is a great tool. The chat feature works sometimes great, other times not so great. After you get a notification of a member posting a chat, you click on “chat” and it is not there. Older conversations are also deleted after a few days which is very frustrating.
  • Update 4/5

    By two0five
    Missed this ability to export (subscribe) to calendars. Thx.
  • Standings feature won’t load. 1/5

    By BradB612
    I use this app for standings more than anything now it won’t load. After several emails back and forth still no luck.
  • Boy mom 4/5

    By ariom71
    Love app just wish there was a way to do team snack sign ups 😊 very helpful to keep all 3 of my boys schedule straight
  • Simply brilliant 5/5

    By Jlsimmo
    For those of you who still struggle with spreadsheets and emails for your club - take a look at this App. Quite simply, it’s revolutionized our club! Brilliant!
  • Great 5/5

    By the real sober
    All around great.
  • Chat feature and updates 2/5

    By 9$$;!;74$2
    Can you please fix it so that I don’t get the same text and or update 6 times in a row every time?!!!!
  • My chats won’t clear 2/5

    By vbffcddfg
    I upgraded to try to fix duplicate notifications coming through. In 5.18.2, the chats do not seem to clear the red number for new message notifications when they’ve been read.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By soccerutd
    Freezes up my phone. Can never open messages. Our club will be looking to use something different. We have reached out many times and nothing changes.
  • Last Update killed App 3/5

    By LXLN44
    This app works great to organize teams for our 4 active boys. We’ve had 14 active teams at the same time. The last update ruined the app though. Now it takes literally five minutes to open and switch to the schedule. With our hectic nights, the schedule is the most important, we’re double checking times and locations every few hours. And the Feed seems to be causing major lag. The app opens and then sits there doing nothing and then flashes and adds the feed icon. Then we can see we have unread chat, click on it, and wait for it to load. Then wait longer and never get the channel to open with the actual chat. The only way we’re seeing chats is in the banner on my phone. Please fix this!
  • Need a landscape screen mode for iPad 1/5

    By TinyTowerLver!
    Only having the same screen on the ipad that is available for the iPhone is very remedial for today’s technology. Not taking advantage of the iPad’s capabilities limits the functionality of the app, need to modernize this asap!
  • Tara is the absolute worst customer service representative ever 1/5

    By eh114327654
    I have used SportsEngine for about three years. Overall it does what’s needed. Simple way to disseminate information to large groups . However, if you have ANY issues you will not get any support. At all. Further, if you get Tara she will be rude and snarky in addition to not being helpful. I asked if anyone else could help me and the response was “lol read the manual “. Hopefully a new app will emerge soon with similar functionality...and a support team that is, well hopefully is, supportive. Epic fail in your choice of hiring sports engine.
  • Not Parent Friendly!! 1/5

    By Loadbanking
    This is the least user friendly App I have ever used. My son has be on teams associated with SportsEngine for several years and I am still unable to have full access to the app. I am forced to search through hundreds of teams to find my sons team even though his information has been included in my app. Terrible. Time to re-build!
  • Easy to use, but 2/5

    By MAP263018
    The concept and general use of this app is great. I think the communications options are a little confusing, but to keep track of schedules so easily is great. However, as the Admin, I have to say the website navigation and set up is an absolute nightmare.
  • Real letdown 1/5

    By Arich69
    App is just about useless. Login from app no longer works. I’ve updated my password twice thinking it somehow got out of sync but I can login on desktop just fine while same password doesn’t work in the app. Only one of 3 teams I’ve followed shows up under My Teams. Instead, I have to use iCal links to keep my calendar up to date. What should be a lifesaver is a total pain.
  • Please Fix 1/5

    By TScim
    Deleted all my games from app and calendar!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Don Marlais
    I’ve been using this app because my hockey program requires it and, simply put, it is awful. I can’t understand why anyone would give this more than one star. Regularly, the app will pull up rosters from previous teams thus increasing the likelihood of my accidentally sending updates to the wrong families (and the right families not getting the updates). It constantly takes forever to load. This morning it won’t load and keeps literally crashing. I’ll probably have to delete it and reinstall it and hope that fixes the problem. Functionality is poor. Options for inviting players to events is not intuitive. (Why not make a button instead of an innocuous text link). If I try to send a message to the team, I either have to keep my message very short or copy and paste a longer message after I input the addressees. One of my programs gave up on trying to use it because it’s admin interface was too flawed. We went to TeamSnap instead.
  • Multiple users for children. 4/5

    By Tina_Sather
    I have many parents that are separated or divorced so it be nice if different accounts could be listed for children. It’s hard when only one of the parents are able to login and view all activity in the chats.
  • Can’t even activate account 1/5

    By andrewparadise
    The email I get on my phone is not letting me activate my account. This app is not user friendly.
  • Can’t connect to my team :( 1/5

    By Nikki Jerrett
    Can’t connect to my team.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By H&D7333
    Can’t see schedule or team even though we are assigned the team. Get emails notifying me of events in schedule but can’t see schedule.
  • Got caught in an infinite sign up loop 2/5

    By Nzzzzzzzzzzz
    Can’t sign up because it loops around and around and around.
  • New version bugs 1/5

    By Ottopa
    After a recent update (maybe?) I can no longer see one of my child’s practices on the calendar. I tried to report the issue on the app’s “report a problem” section, but it is not possible to click “submit this form” because it is down below the margin at bottom of the form and cannot be clicked on. The submit button can only be seen when actively scrolling down...but when you let go of the screen, the page/button springs back down to below the margin and out of reach. Developer, if you are reading this, please look into. Thanks
  • I miss Team Snap 5/5

    By Scarlet-o
    Not very user friendly. Many parents constantly asking me, the team manager, for help with their account. The help info isn’t helpful.
  • All problems. 1/5

    By Stupidappopprevie
    I keep selecting my sons team. Wait repeatedly. Keep ending up with no favorite team selected.
  • Trouble logging in 1/5

    By Reggie blue chips
    I still am not able to login into this app with my account. I keep on tapping active my account but I still am not able to login. Super frustrating not wasting my time.
  • Not so good 1/5

    By Toolman99
    Not easy to use, not all features work all of the time.
  • Hard to use... not intuitive... 1/5

    By Kmol.perspective
    This app has been a mess for our family-linking, accessing sports is truly a pain with the set up and lack of intuitiveness of the app. It needs a user friendly update. There are competitors who do a much better job.
  • Most frustrating login experience 2/5

    By ImpressedByAfterYou
    I can’t believe how much trouble I’ve had (twice now) trying to get logged into this app. So ridiculously broken. Just save everyone a ton of trouble and remove the option to login via Facebook. That whole flow is just horrible. Finally got logged in and then when I upgraded my phone I had to burn another hour going through this nonsense again. That being said, the app itself is moderately helpful. One request though... Why can’t I add a scheduled even to my calendar? I can’t even copy and paste so I have to manually copy and paste game times and locations into my calendar. Overall, pretty frustrating.
  • Doesn’t work if you have multiple children and multiple sports and multiple guardians 1/5

    By Boymom5
    Doesn’t work if you have multiple children and multiple sports and multiple guardians
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Dansfever
    This app is horrible. My daughters team I see the schedule but can’t set up chat and my sons team I can chat but can’t see the schedule!! Awful since our league is using this exclusively and there are so many bugs!!
  • IPad 2/5

    By shan619
    How about you support the iPad in landscape mode?
  • Can't download schedule to phone calendar :( 1/5

    By Micmulsing
    This app says it has so many functions, but I have not been able to figure out how to automatically add events to the calendar on my phone. The map is not working for me. Also can't figure out how to "chat". I do like that I can see multiple teams in the schedule but there is definitely room for improvement.
  • Frustrating download process 3/5

    By Hischildministry
    I’m not sure how well this app is- I spent more time on this then when I did my taxes. This was a horrible experience to download the app. I hope it isn’t a sign of what is to come with interaction with the app.
  • No calendar integration! 1/5

    By Furrysponge
    Please, please, please add calendar integration so that the schedule feature is useful. Great to know when practice and games are, but when I have to manually add these to my digital calendar, I may as well be working from paper, not SportsEngine. :( TeamSnap has a perfect ‘add to iOS’ etc. calendar integration that would be great to see implemented into SportsEngine.
  • Nice alternative to TeamSnap 4/5

    By Beebim Bob
    Was not as intuitive and easy to set up at first, but vastly improved and easy to use and follow multiple teams.
  • Why no app icon badges? 3/5

    By A-Pow
    So overall I’ve been really pleased with the app. I can manage most of what my kid’s team needs from us which is helpful. One thing that is really missing is the app badge with notifications for chat. We use the chat feature constantly and nothing. You have to login, click your team and then into chat to get caught up. Why not have an app badge to show how many unread messages? Other competing sports team apps do it and it seems a glaring omission. Please consider in future updates.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By stupidappwontload
    This app is awful to try to create an account on! Terrible when I put my email in and not found then put in Forget password and no email found!! Just terrible!

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