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SportsEngine App

SportsEngine keeps your team on time, up-to-date, and united with schedules, team chat, rosters, and RSVPs—free for teams, coaches, and families when your club, league, or association is on SportsEngine. Other sports apps can make life complicated with confusing requirements and barely-used features that aren’t worth the extra fees—get everything you need, without the cost, with SportsEngine. EMPOWERING COACHES Put an end to last-second emails and phone calls—the latest team schedules and team chat are right on the app, ensuring families show up at the right place at the right time with no extra effort from you. “This app is amazing! Being able to update schedules and having a central location to send updates is key!” - Lance B. “Such a great way to share schedules, updates, and team photos!” - Brianne M. “Love being able to communicate so quickly and clearly with my team.” - Robert D. Features for coaches and managers: • Create and manage team rosters • Schedule and share team events, practices, and games • Communicate with athletes and families • Track player availability • Post scores and information UNITING TEAMS Now you’ll always know where to be. View the latest team schedules, get notified of cancellations or changes, chat with the team, and even share photos. “Excellent app for team schedules and communication.” - Brian M. “Very easy to keep in contact with the coach and other parents. I also LOVE the ability to sync my calendar. With 3 kids in soccer, it is a lifesaver!” - Krista S. “Love it. So easy to keep track of things and communicate with the coach or other team members.” - Jill G. Features for families: • View events for multiple athletes on one calendar • Integrate with your personal calendar • Get notifications of team activity and schedule changes • RSVP for games, practices, and events • Chat with families, athletes, and coaches • View the latest team news, content, and photos Features for fans: • Stay connected with the athletes in your life • Follow your favorite teams • Access team schedules • Receive real-time score updates *Login required. Your sports organization must use SportsEngine to take advantage of this app. Having trouble? Reach us at [email protected] ABOUT SPORTSENGINE SportsEngine is the Home of Youth Sports and the leading provider of Sport Relationship Management (SRM) software, serving millions of coaches, parents, athletes, clubs, leagues, governing bodies, and associations. TERMS OF USE: PRIVACY POLICY: DO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION: CA NOTICE:

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SportsEngine app reviews

  • Love it! Wish it would sync w my calendar 4/5

    By KatherineL in TN
    This app is great for keeping all things organized in one place. If they could make the RSVP feature in scheduling sync to my outlook or Google calendar it would be hands down, 5-stars from me.
  • App is incredibly amazing 5/5

    By Kvdfuhuhdjucdujijixjjinixd
    This app is wonderful because…… it helps kept track helps with organization helps to know all if the information you need for the game or practice really helpful can chat with parents tells what time the game is Words for this app is…… wonderful Amazing incredible organization Helpful informational
  • Incredibly buggy and overly complicated. Why? 1/5

    By CCportland
    Wondering how and why anyone would want to make participating in sports in team sports as complex as possible?. This app is your answer!
  • Bug problems 1/5

    By master1012345678910
    Has a hard time loading for me
  • iPhone app is getting faster 2/5

    By Thisisstupidihavetodothis
    Still some delay, but recently has been faster. I still prefer the web browser though as it is much more user friendly. However, there is not parity on the mobile app and the web browser, example, player contact information such as email and phone number are easily available on the app but not in the browser, if it is, it definitely is not the same end user workflow, the development teams are not synchronized or properly managed with output. I shouldn’t need both an iPhone and a PC to be both agile and informed.
  • Great potential. Poor execution. 1/5

    By El Dorado Jim
    When the application works, it adds great value. The problem is that frequently it forgets its users requiring you to re-sign up. It’s not even that you can enter a username and password again but you have to give it your name, birthdate, etc. all over again. That should never happen. Sure, it happened once when they went away from Google but there’s no excuse for it to happen two or three times.I simply should not have to put this much work into a single app to track my kids’ sporting teams. That’s stupid.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By SNOLA
    If it takes me 10 minutes and I can’t figure out how to use the stupid app, then why bother? Impossible to create a team on the fly.
  • Good app 4/5

    By adamthebarbarian
    Good app that keeps u up to date. Could use a print option for s schedule. If I have misspelled words sorry. For some reason the review doesn’t show my text.
  • Scheduling at my fingertips! 5/5

    By TheSustainableRunway
    This app has changed my LIFE! Gone are days of having to sort through emails to find the week’s schedule or ancillary messages with last minute updates and changes. This app is easy to use, never glitchy, and the information it contains is pertinent and useful. I’m so grateful!
  • Big fan 4/5

    By kmars227
    This app is awesome. I have 2 kids who play & i love having all the info in one place. Only thing I don’t like is My chat icon has a red dot which usually signifies be messages. There’s nothing New & it won’t go away.
  • ⚾️⚾️⚾️ 5/5

    By Budlight here we go
    Awesome app
  • Thanks 5/5

    By not your kids dad
    Now I know my kids whole season. 😀
  • Glitches 3/5

    By TMD1223
    Of course the app is nice to keep everything in one area foe my child’s house league. But I constantly get the red notification circle on the app and nothing is new. I have to literally click on every screen and scroll up and down for notification to clear. Others on our team are experiencing the same thing.
  • Technology 5/5

    By Andy 0318
    I love that we no have the technology for me to follow both of my children and what their games out from this phone app. If I have any questions for the coach or families, I am able to ask that without waiting until next time I see them. Thank you.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Fonetiks
    Everything our team needs is right here
  • Can’t seem to set up account 1/5

    By Jgeach
    Wants to verify my email address over and over again.
  • SE 3/5

    By Sullbear
    It’s great when it works but half the time it doesn’t. Says bugs are fixed but I’m still getting the same problem that was a week ago
  • Love the one-stop app for all my kids activities 5/5

    By Jane-MN
    With the new addition of chats and chat notifications, this app provides everything we need to stay connected to my kids’ teams. I do wish all of their activities took full advantage of using al the features like calendar and rosters. May be more service to get adoption.and know it’s hard with many coaches and boards being parent volunteers.
  • Nice app with a few bugs 4/5

    By Mjmckenna
    I like what this app has to offer and it has tons of potential but as a IPhone user (12) I have a few issues. I have alerts set in my phone and in app but I don’t receive alerts to my phone. (This fixed - thanks support team). I noticed I did not have the ability to change my daughters profile by the phone app. (Failed to load - newest app version) Also how can I turn ads off?
  • Fix the message notifications 1/5

    By Jcarrkc
    Errors with the message notifications have been present for years now. Updates always say they have fixed the problem but it always returns. It’s either 1) notifications don’t show up when they should and you don’t know there are messages until you open the app or 2) the notification badge never goes away. Even after you e read all messages. I’ve logged out, deleted/reinstalled the app, turned phone on and off. Nothing works. Add to it the fact that now I have to sign in nearly every time I open the app. The 5 star reviews here are bogus. We have a soccer club with nearly 1,000 players and I ha ent met a single coach or parent who would Recommend this app. It’s constantly mocked but “it’s cheap”. There is absolutely no way this app has a legitimate 4.8 star rating. It’s garbage.
  • Re reviewing 5/5

    By Lilbaconchewer
    I originally wrote a 3 star review because I have notifications that I can’t clear, however their customer service is excellent. They were working on getting an update to fix this and once they released it they emailed me to let me know. They have excellent response times too
  • Signs out constantly, missed notifications 1/5

    By CptJingles
    App automatically signs out for the past month or so on my phone and iPad. Chat notifications don’t appear until I open the app. Used to be great but having to log in 10-15 times this month and missing a few key chats, 1 star.
  • Great App😁 5/5

    By MariaLizarraga
    Great App😁
  • Email updates 3/5

    By notification improvments
    It would be useful if any changes to schedule sent automatic emails rather than having to check app often to spot changes. Or at Leaser flag changes from last log in on app.
  • Notification won’t go away 2/5

    By kls096
    Notification for a chat that won’t go away and there is nothing there. Super annoying.
  • Really helpful app 4/5

    By NYCKenny
    Would love for the iPad version to do both landscape and portrait. Also would be nice to have a rich text editor for the iPhone app. Those are minor tweaks to what is a very useful app.
  • Reverse 4/5

    By duitez
    Great app. Wish have an option to reverse/change accidental choice.
  • Avengers 5/5

    By AJB jr
    Love the instant communication while on the rd .
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By kaiserrn
    Get a message that to play this weekend certain forms need to be submitted ( we are just opening up- so last minute notification) get a spinning circle for OVER AN HOUR on the site. 1800 only wants to talk to coaches!
  • So nice! 4/5

    By JRodman
    This is great! Super convenient and love how it’s organized!! However it would be nice to have blended families all be able to access the same access!
  • 💯💪🏻 5/5

    By Shaggamuffin
    Love the 🥅☘️Engine🤘🏼 how do we add players #s on roster w/ pic
  • Keeps showing badge count when nothing there 2/5

    By steve989888
    Chat is sometimes indicating a notification but there’s nothing there. This glitch has been for a while. Other than that, good app
  • NEVER receive Notifications 1/5

    By LaurenLynnB
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times, disabled and enabled the notifications and I still never receive notifications. I have to check the app multiple times a day to ensure I didn’t miss a chat which is extremely annoying. Why doesn’t this work???
  • Forced to download app 1/5

    By Bpcockrum
    I hate when companies force me to download apps when I could just as easily use their website. Why should I trust your app on my phone with all my private info? I don’t, especially when you constantly want to access my location for no good reason. Give people a choice instead of forcing them to do things
  • So unreliable and non-intuitive 1/5

    By COSportsDad
    Can never find kids’ teams, need to delete and reinstall constantly, tutorials never map to what you actually see on screen.
  • Great intentions, poor development 2/5

    By JeffMeiDSTI
    The app has great functionality but it is incredibly unreliable. It would be a great app if it worked reliably and consistently. After 4 years on this product, have been living with issues and unreliability. Data does not show up consistently for all users or it does not show up at all. Database architecture is clearly a mess. Website data does not always match mobile, rostering, registration and scheduling updates to not propagate to all areas consistently or timely.... It’s extremely fortunate for this development team that you are servicing non-critical youth sports demographic rather that a business environment where directors and team leaders would be fired for results like this. Oh yah, the addition of advertisements is HORRIBLE!! Great way to piss off your already frustrated client base. Who’s making these decisions anyways??? Need to be removed.
  • Never receive notifications 2/5

    By JShane2
    I have to open the app a couple of times a day to see if anyone has tried to chat. I receive no notification at all.
  • No chat notifications 2/5

    By Nhilg
    I had continually made sure I have all notifications on within the SE app and on my iPhone. Why do I sometimes (rarely) get notifications when a new chat has been posted, but often do not? So many inconsistencies within the app!!!! It displays my account phone number accurately on the website, but not on the app. There are multiple better options out there. The inconsistency kills it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By NP Hockey Mom
    Love that we can sync our hockey schedule right onto our Apple calendar. Super convenient!
  • Notifications don’t work! Ugh 1/5

    By Nullerror
    I have uninstalled/reinstalled and updated the app, but notifications still don’t work! We are missing many important chats. Please fix this issue!!!!
  • Release messed up notifications 2/5

    By Klblue77
    The newest release says it fixed chat notifications. For me it has now stopped them. I was getting them just fine until this latest push. Now I’m not yet all the settings are correct. Very frustrating!
  • Calendar 3/5

    By dcmartin37
    SE event does not push to our family calendar as easily as team snap.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Areamann
    Notifications don’t work, not great for when the schedule changes and you don’t know because the notifications don’t work. Say it with me “ the notifications don’t work”
  • Gran 💡 idea 5/5

    By ivanoskywong
    Es una gran idea de planificación y disciplina. Sencillamente estupendo 💪💪
  • Glitch 2/5

    By my hhhggg
    The app always crashes
  • Fix your app! 1/5

    By 4_E
    The app doesn’t give notifications Also, the RSVP section it pulls our team from 2 years ago. Please fix ASAP.
  • Works well, when it works! 3/5

    By poochie1286
    Please, please fix the issue with Chat. Our whole team has an issue with the chat notifications not always working. Extremely frustrating when Coaches communicate through chat but the message is missed because a notification is not sent. You needed to log in and out every few days to get the notifications to enable.
  • So good I get to talk to my coach 5/5

    By jayxwavy1
    Love it
  • wth??? 1/5

    By I am going cracracrazy
    im so confused looking at these reviews it's obviously not a good app but i cant even get past the signing in for the age there isnt years its just stuff like "reiwa 5, reiwa 209. shōwa, ect." i have no idea what any of that means, when i looked it up it didnt work. can someone please explain is there something im doing wrong???

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