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SportsLine App

COMPANION APP FOR SPORTLINE.COM MEMBERS - FEATURING EXPERT PICKS FOR EVERY GAME AND DFS OPTIMAL LINEUPS SportsLine combines advanced data with the analysis of sports experts to project the outcome of every game for all major U.S. sports. We use 10,000 computer simulations of every game, proprietary algorithms developed by data scientists and information from industry insiders to provide our best picks and daily fantasy optimal lineups. With its blend of data and insider insights, it’s the perfect tool for competitive sports fans - whether you’re in a picks pool, playing Fantasy or just trying to win an argument with friends. Privacy Policy - Cookies Policy - Do Not Sell My Personal Information -

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SportsLine app reviews

  • App don’t work 1/5

    By Dbullzown6
    Can’t even get into the app, doesn’t let me sign in! Going to delete soon if not fixed and request money back
  • Don’t spend the money 1/5

    By jjybl614
    Sometimes the picks are decent but the guy who does daily fantasy and DraftKings help is awful
  • Experts often wrong 3/5

    By Johnnyd1297
    I like the site but their experts are wrong way too often
  • Good Info, Skewed numbers on their “Pro’s” 3/5

    By TheRealSilverFox
    Checked out the pro membership for a month. The content is good but don’t expect much for “Pro” picks. You really have to dig to find their real numbers and even then, a lot of times it can’t be found. You’ll see things like “Joe Schmoe, 4-0 in last 4 NBA picks”. Or “Bob Smith, 6-0 ATS spread vs Miami”. They intentionally skew the season records which if your a better, is what you want. You want to see long term results or at a minimum, what’s their record for say this years NBA season. Other than that, the breakdowns and simulations are a good read.
  • Subscription 1/5

    By jimdee2023
    Paid for a year subscription and when I go to dfs hockey to get help with a team it comes up April 2022
  • App is Great! 4/5

    By SinCityCowboy1992
    App is great! Glad to finally find out about it after having Sportsline for 3 years. The only thing I think could improve it is that the game information should be updated after they have started so that it’s current. Love the service!
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Indianaboy4791
    Do not use this app as they may blindly debit funds from your account almost a year later after you cancelled. I explained to the rep that they had taken funds that were in my account to complete a cross state move. He replied; We don’t give refunds. I hope my 24.99 is worth all of the negative reviews lm starting to post along with word of mouth through forum discussions. To see a business model like this should be a huge red flag to stay away!
  • Simulations are nonsense 1/5

    By JRK-VA
    I’ve been using their “computer picks” and scoring near the bottom of my league. Garbage. Better off flipping a coin! Will be deleting this app and canceling my subscription!
  • Trash on the street has more knowledge than this app. 1/5

    By CJ42izzle
    What sad excuse of a place to get betting information. If you want to lose your money use this trash.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Teddie2828
    They have 10-15 so called experts that give you picks but they contradict each others picks, yes some have good records but you have to pick the right prediction so basically your still relying on yourself.
  • Isn’t a fantasy football app 3/5

    By Wolfie03
    Got ripped off by the good people at cbs again. As if ads on site I’m paying for wasn’t enough. Trick me into getting this to use for fantasy football league. Nothing great at all for fantasy. Only good for gambling.
  • App won’t let me login 1/5

    By MusicSnob20
    Type In my login and password and the app does nothing. Tried to reup my account on the browser and it always tells me there was an error processing my request. Have tried multiple times on each
  • Loser picks 1/5

    By Jdb56722
    I placed 10 picks within 3 days I won 3-10. Not worth the annual subscription.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By MMF Voyager
    Not able to log in. Took my money but won’t let log in
  • Satisfied customer 5/5

    By focuse18
    There is always lots of contents to help me with my sports betting
  • The app is pretty much a waste of time 1/5

    By kpask1360
    Do your own research .. if you face the expert picks you will make a lot of money .. lol guaranteed.. only way I make money off this app is looking if experts are all on one side.. bet the other .. typically a blowout winner
  • Severance doesn’t pay! 1/5

    By WiseGuy307
    The only thing this app is good is some insight. Most of these so called experts just seem to make emotional picks. I find better to actually fade most of there picks. They allow people like Matt Severance to continue to post his -235+ picks. This guy is an absolute disgrace to this app and should be removed. The only thing he is good for is fading his picks.
  • Free offers 5/5

    By K of dreams
    Please cancel any free offers. Love the app
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By sct13_Redd
    After entering my correct email and password, nothing happens. It just shows the sportsline logo with a sign in button at the bottom. Can someone help?
  • Unable to sign into app 1/5

    By Prepper Boii
    I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it multiple times but I still can’t sign into the app
  • Winning 🤑🤑 5/5

    By 4Pockets
    Great picks, keep it up!
  • Need all contributors in the app 3/5

    By jnl62829299
    The app is missing key cappers from the website .
  • good information and layout 5/5

    By nenejdidi8374
    but please add dark mode
  • Sportsline 5/5

    By Nday65
    Great website with great cappers and analysis
  • Why does the July 7-22 update say DELETE?? 1/5

    By Cworden23
    Just wondering why the update says or telling people to “ DELETE ACCOUNT “? July 7-2022
  • Awful 1/5

    By Fun_fortune
    Doesn’t let me sign in
  • Meh 2/5

    By biglabowskiz773
    Play opposite of what they expect very few times have I hit on their predictions very average hockey predictions are probably the most accurate everything else we’ll see for yourself .
  • Awful 1/5

    By Pecan dandies
    Don’t waste your money. Whatever simulator they use, I can assure you doesn’t work. Yo are better off pulling teams out of a hat. Trust me when I say, do not waste ur money. Look elsewhere
  • March madness bracket 2/5

    By qqqq99993
    Claimed to have a great March madness bracket predictor. I followed it exactly and now I’m 30 out of 33 brackets in my pool. It’s almost hard to be this bad. I didn’t need to pay to be bad at brackets
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By bc_tanner
    Everytime i try to sign in and hit sign it takes me back to sign in page. App doesn’t work.
  • Useless 1/5

    By MikeyMo81
    App does not work at all. Had to create profile on website and the app will not acknowledge sign either way.
  • Ok 1/5

    By belicheckyoself
    The app is dope. But Sportline has only been successful for me when it comes to Fantasy Sports.
  • No search feature?! 1/5

    By TeagueL
    They just give a list of like 200 games in a day and you can’t search for what team/game you’re looking for so you have to scroll forever trying to find it🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • Terrible user experience 1/5

    By Cecsix
    What is the point of downloading an app on my phone if I have to type in my username and password every time I use it? It’s 2022, let’s get faceID going. Or just keep me logged in.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By DoBetter69696969
    Lol these guys that do these reviews and predictions are an absolute joke. I think I took their advice one week and went 0-18. Please tell me these jokers don’t get paid for this. Terrible app and terrible “employees”. Do better, get better. Idiots
  • Inexpensive for great picks! 5/5

    By kirerik25
    I love betting on football and I usually use my best judgment/analysis but I am new to betting on the NBA and the analysis of the games the experts chime (pick) on has been spot on!
  • For those who are new to betting 2/5

    By jwincel
    I have no experience in sports betting (~2 weeks) and my only sport experience was swim, track, and lacrosse in high school. My bets before sportsline were Moneyline, point spread, and a few over/under wagers-- generally in a 7-20 leg parlay. My last four bets (7,25,17,11 leg) ended 6-1, 23-25, 17-17, and 10-11 respectively. Now mind you, I haven't watched a single game or match in about four years. Then, using the sportsline promo, I got three months of what was sold as the top sporting simulation and expert analysis of each match for just 99¢. My first two parlays (11 legs each) using the sportsline predictions all failed after the second game. New (and veteran) betters-- Stick to your gut, you'll have better odds of winning money than following this joke of an app.
  • Loser 1/5

    By zaybewetwet
    You guys literally consistently choose the wrong picks all following you does is cause losing
  • Loving it 5/5

    By TnbrentbrownTn
    Great people and great advice!!!
  • Algorithms 4/5

    By Shalandy
    Whatever algorithm you used four years ago has obviously been replaced. Your 99% rated CFB and CBB plays were like printing $ until January ‘17. Now they are a disaster, and not bad enough to make $ playing against either. Probably running at about 40%.
  • Can’t see all of the games w projected scores at once 1/5

    By Jcrewify
    In the app you have to click on each individual game to see the projection and the pick. Website is fine but the app is horrible
  • Great App w/ Lots of Great Info 5/5

    By fresnolegend
    Use this app for multiple purposes and it’s great!
  • Great… when it works! 3/5

    By Murphs Mix
    I’ve been using SL for a few years now and it does give great data. Recently the app is not working and in not able to login. Forgot password or reset login info has yet to work for the last few weeks. CBS is also no help!
  • Investment 5/5

    By Macmallga
    Worth it if you play with more than 10$ a month on sports betting. Make it back in 2 bets easy.
  • Freeze 4/5

    By smokesumshii
    My app doesn’t work. I have an account but when I try to log in, it just goes blank?
  • Beware records! 1/5

    By To9561
    The app works and runs perfectly, but don’t be fooled by their records. I follow Larry for his NFL picks and this is the second time I’ve caught on. For example he went 4-6 today and when I checked back there were 2 loses completely deleted so it makes them look better? Just be honest!!!
  • Greatness!!!! 5/5

    By dburkz
    Love sportsline never stop making money
  • Bet 1/5

    By bev son
    Its ok I did not win yet
  • Experts? 1/5

    By dgjuo
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