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SportsSignUp Play is a leading team and league management system, providing schedules, calendars, communications, rosters and more to busy coaches and youth sports families in an easy-to-use app. SportsSignUp Play is free and can be used with any team or club! Best-in-class features: - Scheduling, calendars, and changes in real time - Communications and updates on the fly - Rosters, player info, video and photo highlights - Simple, easy, and fun to use! Why will you love SportsSignUp Play? - SSU Play is 100% free for ALL our features and functionality - The Feed allows teammates to post comments, highlights, videos, photos and more - Family Schedules: track games, practices, and events across all your kids’ sports and teams in one place - Interactive Player Cards make your players the hero – rosters, athlete info, attendance tracking for coaches, and tagged photos/videos - Live game and score updates – share scores, stories, photos, video and more, right in the app! SportsSignUp Play is built for all sports – baseball, softball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey… or whatever team you are part of! Start simplifying your sports life and sign up your team today! SPORTSENGINE TERMS OF USE: SPORTSENGINE PRIVACY POLICY:

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SportsSignUp Play app reviews

  • Nor thrilled 1/5

    By Neen 1904
    I like what this app is supposed to do. I hate that it is very inconsistent. Some times the app is wonderful, often it isn’t working.
  • A great app 5/5

    By mama bear 3056
    what a great app this is it helps me with my son’s football practices and all his games
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hoooorrrriiiibbbllee
    App is difficult to navigate, shows no calendar, no stats, have received no notifications
  • Horrible 1/5

    By heatherMa
    This app has me associated with teams I have no association with, and then the team I should be associated with it will not let me connect. Very hard to follow and do anything on this app
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By dnaoiebrbdus
    Idk what has happened recently, but I never seem to get notifications any more. Other parents say the same. Deleted app and reinstalled several times to no avail 🙁
  • Not great. 3/5

    By bpsr68528
    The app is ok but I can’t upload my pictures. It keeps kicking me out. I don’t know if it’s the new iPhone update but this app needs to be updated I think.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By hardtofindaunusednickname
    Photos don’t download, very buggy. Come on guys please fix this simple app.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By mom kihls i
    I was kicked and can’t see anything after 5 teams. The new one won’t load and can’t get any help
  • Photo Uploads are SLOWWWWW 2/5

    By Telnikewl
    Uploading photos takes forever!
  • Need to be able to do more from a phone. 2/5

    By Ki~~~~
    Wish I could register for signups on my phone. Also the app seemed to lose the schedules and now in a different place once I turned my phone off and on again. If it moved on your site. Then tell us. Thx
  • Was great last season 1/5

    By SandySuzy
    This app was great before it changed names. It is now so buggy. I wish I could be more specific but the issues change, whether it’s not being able to close videos or hear the sound, or finding my rosters schedule. It’s always something different. Right now, I can’t see the upcoming schedule, I just know there’s nothing happening today.
  • Feed shows posts from 2 seasons ago 1/5

    By SCLEV99
    Feed shows posts from 2 years ago even though the team isn’t one of my configured teams and isn’t even available to select. Reinstall doesn’t work. Login/logout doesn’t work. Terrible.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By voidooidodoodoo
    Worthless. Goes down every day
  • Abysmal 1/5

    By shopper4921
    I have tried many ways to find support for this app. I have to use this app for many different teams, and I am trying to figure out why every time I am forced to change a password for one team’s site, it seems to invalidate the passwords for all my other teams. Also trying to figure out how to sync the schedule for all of my teams to a google calendar. I find it very disappointing that there is no customer service and users are directed to contact their teams’ admins. So unpaid volunteers of local youth sports organizations should do your troubleshooting and tech support? Wow.
  • Activating player impossible 1/5

    By yoyoUtahSportsMom
    Very frustrating! No matter what I try, my player shows inactive and keeps receiving requests to join. I can still see the team schedule, just not access all aspects of the app.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Matt in North Texas
    Worst app ever. Literally won't let me add events for my current team, when I add an event it goes to last years team. None of my parents can access the schedule. None of them can view or read any messages. Everyone has updated the app, deleted and re-installed. You guys should pay us to use the app instead of our leage paying for it. 0/5 stars, do not recommend.
  • Super Flawed App 1/5

    By KaraAngela
    If it wasn’t for my son’s soccer team communicating through this app, I would’ve deleted it a long time ago. It shuts off on its own, it doesn’t update properly and I’ve had to delete it and re-install it a bunch of times just to get the updates/messages/calendar I was missing from the team. The most frustrating part is uploading photos to the app. If you’re lucky enough to let it upload you can’t do more than 3 at a time and as the team photographer, it’s really annoying to upload 30+ pictures and it takes a good 2-3 hours of my day. That’s if it even lets you upload them in the first place.
  • Not worth the effort 1/5

    By Chris JC_2010
    This app is really an 'also ran' in terms of team management apps. The interface is horrible, navigating is cumbersome, the home screen is useless once you read the stream items (ads). The notifications never work either. I'm trying to convince our league to use TeamSnap instead.
  • Contact info editing needs improvements 3/5

    By BrittaniParrett
    Once you have added adult parents to your “family” on the SiPlay login, their contact information should transfer to their kids but it doesn’t and then you can’t invite them to join the app because their contact info is already in there.
  • Does not work and not user friendly 1/5

    By Leafeater II
    Glitchy app- needs revamped. Not a fan
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By xxxxxxxxxxx99999999xxxxx
    Can’t get my team in the app.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Papa smurf345
    Difficult to navigate, numerous bugs, unreliable messaging feature. If your league or club chooses to use this app, do all that you can to dissuade them. Edit: Nothing works on this app. Everything is a struggle.
  • This app is terrible! 1/5

    By j hunt 80
    Can’t get the app to work and no response from the app for help!
  • Attending/not attending issue 1/5

    By SoccerBoy92
    I have issues with changing attendance from attending to not attending
  • Terribly designed 1/5

    By cyoCoach
    Very difficult to navigate in the app, emailing the team a mystery! Most parents complain how difficult it is to use.
  • Headache 1/5

    By K32789
    Constantly crashes. I never know what’s going on. When I want to check the schedule it’s down.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Greazy19
    This is the worst app I have ever used!! So hard to navigate and not worth my time but I’m forced to use it!! Please work to make this BETTER!!
  • Great at first and then... 1/5

    By Kynywi
    This app was great at first and then a couple of days into the season my kids teams disappeared, the schedule disappeared- despite my being logged in, nothing appears for me. I still get email notifications regarding games but it says on the app that I have no upcoming events. Therefore it’s not useful as I cannot get any information on it.
  • Grandparent 5/5

    By Audie46
    As a grandparent who loves to see their kids play but don’t live in the same town this app is really good at letting me know what’s going on when the schedules are and win and loss I really like it
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By mort8282
    Don’t depend on it to work when you want it to
  • Standings 2/5

    By Frustrated Parent 1266
    Standings are useless on the app. The screen will not rotate to allow the user to see more than the first few letters of a team name. With several schools/teams starting with the same first few letters one cannot know which team is which.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By Macsupergeek
    This app used to be useful. Now it’s just plagued with constant issues. The latest is that scheduling just doesn’t work. Every time you enter the app is asks you to reconfirm a game or practice that you have already done several times before. It’s a shame too, because this system actually worked better than most. It’s also paid for, so if we are going to continue to have such issues why bother staying with SI Play next year because if we are going to have this much trouble, we can get the same hassle with a free service like Dicks Sporting Goods.
  • Waste 1/5

    By Conversation starter
    No one updates this app and I can’t even see anything pertaining to football or any teams. The pictures and the information that was up is no longer there.
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By No fan of thr SI app
    This app doesn’t consistently work all of the time. Sometimes messages appear and other times they do not. I’ve had to delete and re-install the app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By iekneduumdkejzlsnndinsxujd
    Doesn’t sync to gmail calendars and difficult to sync to iOS calendars - subscribe calendar links are missing
  • Bad app 1/5

    By djeiviudjeeidj
    Teams don’t show up in app on a consistent basis. Get every email and notification in triplicate. There are better more reliable apps out there. Like TeamSnap.
  • Bugs and outages 2/5

    By Michaeld8
    Decent app when it works. Unfortunately the app this last month has been riddled with bugs and an outage for a few days. This presents major challenges when we have become dependent on it for communication. Hopefully they get it fixed and sorted soon.
  • Features don’t work 1/5

    By APGirl9876
    Currently the schedule is blank even though I know there are games and practices tomorrow. The chat feature isn’t working and the app is generally not reliable.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Coach Wardlaw
    My team won’t even pop up . Have a hard time getting the app to work correctly
  • USED to be great 2/5

    By M21D
    This app used to be great. I could count on it for messages to the team, schedules, attendance, etc. Now it barely works for anyone on the team, attendance is not saved, messages do not go through, and it constantly says it is “slicing oranges”. Highly disappointed that it stopped doing what it is supposed to. I thought maybe it was just my phone, but it’s the same problem for the entire team.
  • If 0 was an option that would be my choice. Definitely not even a 1 star 1/5

    By MO soccer
    This app is TERRIBLE. Didn’t even have the correct team for my child. Our friend was put on a team in an entirely different state. We don’t get updates. If I need information I have to delete the app download it again get the info the first time I’m on it because chances are it won’t be there the next time I sign in. The concept is great but it simply is garbage.
  • Awful 1/5

    By plmoknijbijbuhvygctfx
    I have to give the app one star, but it deserves none. The app hasn’t been sending me messages from the team in weeks. The schedule won’t update. Other parents on the team are also experienced varying levels functionality. We are having to figure out a way to work around the app. Now I’m having trouble submitting is bad review because the app is forcing me to pick a nickname. (Frustrated, frustrated parent are already taken, and every nonsense name I can come up with are taken)
  • Constantly going down 2/5

    By waldwickparent
    The app has some great features but is always going down or having connection issues
  • Crashes/log out 2/5

    By beesome1
    This app crashes all the time and you constantly have to log out in order to see your teams’ schedules. It’s very frustrating. Wish it would work the way it’s supposed to. Plus, the home screen shows you the old news you’ve already seen. Seems like things could be fixed, so please do!
  • No bueno 1/5

    By cookford478
    Needs a lot of improvement. Difficult to navigate especially with all the ads. Now all team info somehow disappeared and is useless
  • New update? No longer works 1/5

    By BeautifulCarsTM
    Poor usability at the best of times but the fact that an update requires complete re-registration is beyond infuriating...
  • Crashing 1/5

    By LLH825
    App is crashing frequently. Can’t message. Can’t view messages sent by coach. Highly frustrating. Please release bug fixes.
  • 9 of 10 times don’t work 1/5

    By chivis2019
    Worst app ever, usually don’t work
  • Very poor 1/5

    By Wino13
    Keeps going down, not reliable, wastes time we don’t have as coaches

SportsSignUp Play app comments

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