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Spot On Period Tracker

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  • Current Version: 2.5.3
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  • Developer: Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.
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Spot On Period Tracker App

“This new period tracking app is a serious game-changer.” — Teen Vogue Staying on top of your cycle has never been easier or more fun with Spot On — a birth control and period tracker powered by Planned Parenthood. Stay consistent with birth control reminders, guidance, and tips — no matter your method. If you’re not on birth control, Spot On can help you accurately predict your period and even give you a heads up on ovulation when you’re likely to be fertile. Spot On comes directly from the world-class sex educators at Planned Parenthood, so you know it’s reliable and safe. Track Your Period & Menstrual Cycle • Your flow — from spotting to light to heavy days. • Your symptoms — fatigue, cramps, or stomach aches. • Your activities — exercise, sex, or sleep quality • Customize what you track and how you track it (new in v 2.2!) Manage Your Birth Control • Track any method that affects your period, such as the pill, patch, ring, implant, shot, and IUD. • Set discreet reminders specific to your birth control or menstrual cycle, even appointment reminders. • Get tips on the right steps to take if you get off track or switch your method. Access Personalized Support • Feel safe with access to resources and detailed FAQs from Planned Parenthood experts on everything related to sexual and reproductive health. • Import your period data from other cycle tracking apps using HealthKit, or easily export your data anytime. Your menstrual history is at your fingertips. • Access links to locate a Planned Parenthood health center near you to make appointment to speak with one of our health experts. Stay on top of your sexual and reproductive health with the only app that lets you track both your period and any birth control method that affects it. “’s probably time you downloaded the new Planned Parenthood Spot On app. Seriously, it’s pretty awesome.” — Bustle “...a smart, unassuming, useful piece of technology — thank the gynecological cosmic forces.” — The Cut “We’ve already downloaded it — have you?” — Shape


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Spot On Period Tracker app reviews

  • No “Partner Is Infertile” option for BC 4/5

    By CamelotKim
    I love this tracker - a sly sense of humor and a dinosaur on a bike? Adorbs. However, I was a smidge put out that I can’t enter a BC method of “monogamous but my partner has had a vasectomy”... it’s minor, but feels exclusionary.
  • Great App 5/5

    By tm1423
    I've had SpotOn for two months now. I enjoy this app greatly and I make a habit of punching in my stats every night. It's nice to get a visual of the calendar and have an extra reminder to use my birth control. For a new update, maybe you could help predict ovulation or more medical things like that. Otherwise, I love this app because it's nice to be able to predict exactly when my period will come and how my body will react at different times of the month.

    By blueberry enby
    I’ve used this app for a couple months now, and couldn’t be happier!! In all honesty, this is the best cycle-tracking app I’ve ever used (and will continue to use)!!
  • You get what you put in. 5/5

    By MinnieHawk
    It’s nice looking back at the end of the month, seeing where the consistency is- such as wanting more junk food right before menstruation.
  • Okay but... 4/5

    By AbigailIsBatman
    So I like this app but for some reason it won't tell me when my next period is it only tells me the day I started my last period that was 2 weeks ago
  • Really good although 3/5

    By Oddlabong
    So the app is really great like really great although, the calendar is off.. It says I’m due for my next app before the 15th of July but the one my doctor gave me says July 24 .. and it just sorta worries me for other users who do forget
  • Perfect for all birth control options 5/5

    By Hughes12698
    This app is better than the others for one main reason that it has the option as to what kinda of birth control you use . I use he patch and all the others remind you to take a pill . Well I need reminders for my patch and when it’s time to change it . And this app does that and keeps up with it for you .
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By Kupcake23
    I was looking for a new app since BabyBump aka pinkpad is gone now. There’s no calendar for me to log my previous cycles so that the app can give me educated guesses on my upcoming menstrual cycle date. There are no forums to talk to other women, and it’s completely independent of human interaction on here. I guess I just miss what other apps have to offer.
  • This app is fantastic!! 5/5

    By bb08762649
    This app has really helped me, not only in tracking my period, but also in making sure that I’m monitoring other aspects of my life. There is a “Mood” section, which allows you to track your mood over the duration of different cycles, and you can customize it with whatever moods you want to add, in addition to the default moods. There is a “Body” section, which allows you to track symptoms, both in general, as well as period related symptoms. There is an “Action” section, which I have found to be especially helpful. It allows you to track your eating, exercise, and self-care habits, and is, again, customizable. I have found that this helps me to stay on track with taking care of myself, and the app is very user friendly, so it’s not something I really have to push myself to remember to do. The period tracking portion helps with knowing how heavy your cycle is on a daily basis. The app also allows you to input your birth control method, which I’ve never had from a period tracker app before! It’s been really helpful in reminding me to take my pill, and in terms of helping me to know when my next cycle will be in relation to my other plans. I hadn’t used a period tracking app since starting birth control but this app got be back into tracking it, and I’ve found it to be incredibly useful and user friendly. Definitely worth downloading!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Laceyyyloo
    This app is great, but my cycle IS regular, it’s just 35 days versus the average of 28 days. Since 2010 I have used the P Tracker in the free AppBox app, and it has the option to enter your personal cycle length. I think SpotOn should be able to recognize my cycle length after I had added a few regular periods, or I should be able to change the number of days in my cycle, in profile settings or somewhere.
  • Nice 4/5

    By Chinchillasaur
    I haven’t had it for too long. But so far I really enjoy it! It’s a very handy tool to have. And I like the reminders!
  • More options for birth control 4/5

    By NoMoEgg
    My method is a tubal ligation. I would like that option. The app is great! I use it every month to track my period.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By E0727
    I love this app with my whole heart, great organization and additional resources!
  • LOVE it 5/5

    By 13467853113457889865422467
    I love ending the day by thinking some about how I felt and how I treated my body, so this was the perfect app for me!
  • Good but needs an improvement 4/5

    By gomezs90
    i love this app have been using for a long time but i just switched from the ring to the pill and it doesn't give an option to use the pill continuously although it says that is a safe way to use it. please update with that option for the pill then it will be perfect!!
  • New user 5/5

    By iamdari
    Since having Spot On it has been really helpful with keeping track of how I’m feeling during my cycle and how every is customized, the app is designed to each woman and I would definitely recommend this apply to other women.
  • :) 5/5

    By mocynthia10
    It’s spot on!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Yezi21
    This app is literally “Spot On” :) It predicts with a 95% accuracy when I will be on my period. Every now and then my period will decide to delay itself a day or two but its not the apps fault. I love the emojis we can use for the symptoms and the fact that its so simple to use! I use Natural family planning as a form of contraception and this helps me know when to use a secondary form of protection on my fertile days. All in all, i love this!
  • Love using this app! But slight improvements can make it better! 4/5

    By julicorn_xo
    I began to use this app on the day I visited Planned Parenthood to start my first birth control method (pills). This app literally keeps me on track by reminding me to take my pill everyday, the same time, and it keeps record of all the days you pressed “yes” if you took the pill for the day so that if you feel unsure, forgot, or must take two pills if you missed, you can check and proceed to take action to get back on track. They also have a feature where you can add any symptoms, feelings, or when you stated your period as of well as the flow to look back on to see any changes or differences. I gave this app four stars because as a suggestion, this app can improve if it can have an option where people can make an account or not. My phone suddenly stopped working and the four month progress I had put time to keep track of my moods, my side effects, and my period is now gone. I can’t look back on those four months to compare it to a new pill I was switched to. I would really hate to lose all of the progress I have made in the app to keep track of everything again. Thank you!
  • App crashes 3/5

    By oola doola moola cool
    Always crashes when I try to input information to the “Body” bubble.. been using this app for 9 months and it’s great( recently switched to IOS)
  • Helps keep me in line! 5/5

    By DJ91.1
    I recently just got off birth control pills and switched to the IUD. I was use to having a set time for my period and my pills helped keep me updated on when my period would be. But after switching I knew I was going to need a new tracker and this one is amazing and free!! I adore the messages I get asking how everything is going and I like that I can refer to previous months to see how my cycle was to predict the next one. I would suggest this app to anyone! It is a great free app!
  • Best out there 5/5

    By Me Ka Ar Ab
    I’ve used probably close to five other period tracking apps and this one is by far my favorite. You aren’t bombarded for adds and they aren’t trying to sell an upgraded app to you. The predictions are pretty accurate on average. This app has been perfect for what I need it for.
  • Good, customizable app. 4/5

    By Canonfish
    This app is great, as far as tracking periods, as well as body symptoms, moods, etc. I really like that you can customize info as needed. You can input your birth control also, but I don’t use that part, so I couldn’t say much about that feature. I just wish it could have a password, so that if my kids open the app, they don’t happen upon that personal info.
  • Synchronization 4/5

    I use multiple devices, so it would be great if it allowed for syncing to multiple devices.
  • Love Spot On! 5/5

    By Liz7/95
    Love this app! I love being able to track my period and being able to plan months ahead!
  • I use it for more than just periods. 5/5

    By TheSpanishArmanda
    I live in Texas, so the amount of information I get about my cycle is limited to “DIRTY DEMONS COMING OUT OF YOUR NETHER REGIONS!” And since I hit puberty early, it was worse for me. Spot On provides plenty of educational information about my cycle. After consistent use it’s even tracking when I’m about to start my period — something I’d given up hope on because I always thought my cycle was unpredictable. It also keeps track of my moods and physical symptoms, which helps me on more levels than just one. I’ve got bipolar disorder, so when I’m looking at all the information collected together I can see whether my depression is a mood swing or a symptom of PMS, which helps me care for myself accordingly. I love this app and I update information several times a day, even if to just to record my moods to help me stay on top of my bipolar disorder.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By mlm30
    The humorous emojis help lighten the mood! Wonderful app
  • Wow! 5/5

    By morelikesedated
    I don’t normally write reviews but I had to with this! This is a great app! -TMI- It’s great with prediction! Down to the very day! Every women should have this! Great app!
  • Easy, Gender Inclusive, & Fun! 5/5

    By Rice Toast
    With custom emoji trackers, fun period facts, and zero pink floral backgrounds, Spot On is the best period tracker app I’ve ever used. I hate tracking things, but the ease of use and fun in making my own custom tracking categories keeps me coming back. For the first time in forever, when my gynecologist asks me about my cycle, I’ll have answers! Bonus points for a gender inclusive commitment and design that helps everyone who has periods.
  • Spot on 4/5

    By Spot on Review
    It’s a very good, useful app but I’ve had it for about a month or two and it’s hasn’t been able to predict my period
  • Makes life easier to remember. 5/5

    By Kara Huffman
    I have the memory of a goldfish. Probably due to ADD. This app makes me seem like I know what the f*** is going on with my body to me and my doctor. I’m super bad at using it but I don’t mess up my 💍 bc anymore. It’s dippity dope. Also they tell you cool facts and stuff. Thanks guys!!
  • Best menstrual cycle calendar! 5/5

    By Hannah_bella314
    This is an awesome and easy to use app. I like how you can associate emojis with everything you do/feel, and the facts about different times in your cycle, and the resources (thanks Planned Parenthood!!), and a super accurate prediction of your next period. The only thing I would love to see is a “Notes” section so you can keep track of specific things rather than broad feelings/actions
  • amazing 5/5

    By Babycat1000
    this app always gives an accurate time frame for my period, so i never have to worry about any incidents because i am already prepared!
  • New update... 3/5

    By kristenseee
    Doesn't send me notifications for alerts anymore even though I've set them to alert me
  • Helpful app 4/5

    By Nutcracker112
    I really like how this app is designed and how flexible it is to my life. I have 1 complaint. I want the body and action sections to have scales. For example, when I select cramps, is also like to be able to track how mild/severe the cramps are.
  • Great, but... 4/5

    By Sarajohl
    Would be better if there were a spot to take daily notes. The little emojis and whatnot don’t give you enough ways to bite what’s going on during your cycle.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Julz76882
    I ended up leaving clue after trying this. I love it. It’s very simple to use. And the little motivations when you log taking your pill make me smile.
  • Best ever ! 5/5

    By Monster1268590026252
    It’s the most cutest app for a period tracker , I love how you can create your own emoji with the a corresponding feeling , it keeps track of it very food and he’s little side quotes , jokes and information
  • great but a few bugs! 3/5

    By juicystar00007
    love this app, used to be a great reminder tool for me until it stopped notifying me when i had my pill alarm ON! :(
  • Bug 5/5

    By Sara- Louise
    I love the app. I have nothing bad to say except that I don't seem to be getting my pill reminders. I used to, and I don't anymore. I've checked my iPhone setting notifications to make sure they're on for the app, and made sure the reminder is set and on in the actual app. Still no luck. ☹️
  • So helpful! 5/5

    By Hannibalecter
    I love everything incorporated in this app. It’s not just a reminder. It’s a mood tracker, period tracker, source of information. You can even set a reminder for a doctors visit! It’s also so nice that it notices if you didn’t log yesterday or not and reminds you to take two pills instead of one.
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By arcadeforest
    Fun to use too
  • Yay Spot On! 5/5

    By Queer Cathy (Ack!)
    I love this app! I love using emojis to track my flow & symptoms! I love that it’s a period app that isn’t pink & flowery & unnecessarily femme-y & entirely straight! (Queer women wanna track our menstrual cycles too!) I love the period facts and trivia it provides and I love that it’s from Planned Parenthood, which provides essential services & is perennially under attack. 🙌🏽
  • Perfect 5/5

    By chachabear
    This app just gets better and better. Thank you!
  • Amazing, but one problem... 4/5

    By Nellieboo4
    I love this app and I use it everyday! It helps me keep track of my cycle and taking my pill everyday, along with a daily reminder in my iPhone; however, when I got a new phone, I stopped getting notifications from Spot On to take my pill. It reminds me to input my feelings for the day, but never to take my pill. I've turned off the setting and turned it back on, changed the time and changed it back and still no pill notification. Other than that, this app is amazing!
  • Spot on 4/5

    By 1taetae
    It’s really great but for some reason my reminder to take my pill has not been working lately. 😕
  • Very very accurate 5/5

    By How long can my nickname beee
    I've been using this app for about a year and the tracker is almost always correct. When the calendar is wrong it's only off by a one or two days. The graphics are also very nice.
  • Helped me so much. 5/5

    By Lili_billy
    I absolutely loved the simplicity of the app. It was very loyal to the reminders I’d set and it helped me throughout my journey. I definitely recommend it.
  • I love it, but.... 3/5

    By Britt ❤
    I love most of the features, and I love how it’s different from other apps. However, what I’m not a fan of, is not being able to change my period dates, it just predicts it for me. Also, while it does predict my next period, it shows my next period returning before there’s even a 28 day cycle. Sort of frustrating, but I guess it’s ok.
  • Won't open 3/5

    By Dragonfly1277
    Having trouble opening app lately. Closes 2 seconds after I open it.

Spot On Period Tracker app comments


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