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SpotAngels Parking Map & Deals

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SpotAngels Parking Map & Deals App

Welcome to the largest community of drivers making parking easy together! SpotAngels takes the stress out of parking once and for all. The app will help you find free parking, get parking deals and book them, as well as avoid expensive street cleaning tickets! **Find free parking** SpotAngels shows a crowdsourced map of all street parking spots and parking garages, with detailed rules and prices kept up-to-date by our community. It also shows where you're likely to find street parking based on where drivers of the community previously parked. Search and filter the map in 1 tap to find free parking and save money! **Get all the parking deals** SpotAngels shows you all the deals on parking garages so you can save money when you can't park for free. You'll also be able to book parking if you want to through our partner websites. **Get street cleaning and alternate side parking hours for your neighborhood** See where to park to avoid street cleaning or alternate side parking. SpotAngels also supports residential parking permits in cities where they apply. **Locate your car at any time and avoid tickets** SpotAngels automatically remembers your parking location using your car’s Bluetooth or phone sensors. It then sends you notifications when it’s time to move your car for street cleaning or any other street parking rule. **Start crowdsourcing to put your city on the map!** Drivers in the SpotAngels community can add or edit parking rules at any time by simply sending a picture of a parking sign. They can also report open spots for other drivers of the community. Atlanta Austin Berkeley Boston Chicago Columbus Dallas Detroit Hoboken Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Los Angeles (LA) Miami New York City (NYC) Oakland Philadelphia (Philly) Phoenix Portland San Antonio San Diego San Francisco (SF) San Jose Santa Monica Seattle Washington, D.C. Start crowdsourcing to put your city on the map! They are talking about SpotAngels: “The NYC street parking spot finder” New York Post “The solution to NYC parking tickets” Fox 5 New York "SpotAngels can at least make sure you avoid a parking ticket" The Boston Globe "SpotAngels helps drivers avoid parking tickets” San Francisco Chronicle “San Francisco parking app protects you from parking tickets” CBS San Francisco "Useful for finding open meters and free parking" Chicago Tribune "SpotAngels helps drivers find free parking and cheap parking, fast" Patch Los Angeles "The map helps drivers find free and cheap parking" Patch Seattle Happy parking :) We’re here to help at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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    By MMHH987
    I heard about this app and thought, “wow what a life saver” and it seemed to be too good to be true. Turns out. It is. I booked a parking lot for my weekend in the city. I show up to the lot, which was impossible to find as it ended up being down a car-width-wide alleyway I drove around in circles trying to find, and spoke to the attendant who then sent me away because the lot was “full”. I reached out to SpotAngels directly and explained the situation asking to be refunded. They told me the lots are who charge you for the bookings not them so to reach out to them directly for a refund. After literally weeks and almost 10 attempts to contact the lot, I haven’t heard a thing from anyone let alone come close to a refund. I reached out to SpotAngels again and they told me that if I don’t hear back from them to go ahead and contest the charge from the lot with my bank as there’s nothing they can do to refund me. Use this app if you want to lose money.
  • Reduced Stress! 5/5

    By roameromero
    I loathed going to the city because I never knew where to park. This app has changed the way I view commuting in San Fran! Thanks!
  • The best app!! 5/5

    By wazeliker
    It is the best app EVER!!!
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By TheLatrine
    First time using the app I couldn’t get into the garage I’d reserved a spot for (was full). My card was still charged and was given the runaround by their CS agent on who to contact for a refund. Can’t recommend paying through the app based on my experience.
  • This app is trash 👎🏼 1/5

    By Charlie next door
    First of all they make you unnecessarily sign up for an account. Second, they ask for wayyy too much access to your phone when there are better apps (apps that don’t require you to create an account or give up access to your personal information) that do just as good a job, if not better. Download SmoothPark instead. 👌
  • Pretty useful 5/5

    By Keny96
    Great for reminding me to move my car and what streets cleaning schedules are.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By J_D_Dub
    Fantastic! Best parking app I’ve ever used.
  • Great execution! 5/5

    By Miss-Claudia
    Amazingly useful in SF and LA! Haven’t tried anywhere else.
  • Great app 5/5

    By shan love ujara
    You won t be regret if you use it .100 present setisfection!
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Alex00234
    I have never gotten a ticket since I got this app. When in doubt, use the app before the depraved soul of a traffic cop can suckle on your hard earned money.
  • Cannot use without "location always" permission 1/5

    By algjk940335
    Does not give you full info on the mobile website so you have to download the app. The app will not let you proceed to the map at unless you give it permission to always track your location. It should still work without having to provide location.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By shrugalot
    Easy to use and very helpful.
  • Ripoff. Avoid like the plague 1/5

    They will take your money for parking but when you go to get your car, they will have failed to inform the garage that you paid. You will end up having to pay again and SpotHero/SpotAngel will only refund what you pad them, not what you paid the garage
  • Love this app 5/5

    By KKre372836289
    Has saved me from a parking ticket more than once! And gives me peace of mind if I ever forget where I parked/what the rules are, I can just check it from my phone instead of running back to my car! SO good!
  • Just a warning to any new users 4/5

    By skatermusicians
    The “always” allow location feature to detect where you park automatically has issues, namely that it will think you’ve parked if you go skateboarding, biking, etc. I went out skateboarding today and the app totally reset my parking location. This seems like an easy fix: don’t move the parking spot unless I first go to where my car is located, indicating I got in my car and drove somewhere. This seems obvious and it was frustrating that the app failed at this purpose. I turned off “always” allow location and will be setting my parking location manually.
  • Wants too much info 1/5

    By jcilione
    App wants to send me notifications if I want to use it. GARBAGE! Just show me street cleaning. I’ll look on my own with your BS app demanding my info
  • A life saver 5/5

    By B^squared
    Or a least a money saver? This is a must have if you live or visit LA. Signs are confusing, SpotAngels isn’t. Quick and easy to use and even works automatically to remind you where you parked if you want it to.
  • Changed my driving experience 5/5

    By farooqsCat
    Love love LOVE this app. Other nav/parking apps want you to buy into a community but SpotAngels is the only one that makes me want to support and build a larger community of drivers because the platform Is so seamless and helpful. Smooth interface and great google maps integration. Love the street cleaning reminders and parking location alerts. A+++
  • Close but not perfect. 4/5

    By ksfkay
    There’s a few annoying issues. But the location accuracy is my biggest pet peeve. Parking sign information can be untrustworthy. Hopefully these issues can be fixed.
  • It’s “ok” but I deleted it. 3/5

    By Inked_Italian
    I rated 3 stars b/c it is a little helpful but I deleted the app b/c it always puts my car parked in a different spot or on the opposite side of the street then I’m actually on. The street sweepers are not up to date in Brooklyn either. It told me I was in a spot that I needed to move by 9:30am. I know for a fact it’s 8:30 so if I listened to the app I would have received a ticket. It’s an “ok” app but I had to delete it. I think I know the streets of Brooklyn better then the app.
  • Great App 5/5

    By gihoeyb81690
    Really easy to use and convenient. I like how it saves the spot where you park as well. I use to always forget exactly where I parked and now that problem doesn’t occur for me.
  • What happened to your database? 5/5

    By BoseUriko
    This update no longer shows the free or metered parking to the places I routinely go to. It just has question marks. It’s like they deleted their database of existing (and already known) parking in popular areas and want you to contribute from scratch. The app was already good before the update. Now it shows only paid garage parking.
  • Surprisingly awesome in San Francisco 5/5

    By Jljarmstrong
    I used this app many times on our recent trip to San Francisco - a city notorious for difficult parking. I had no trouble finding a spot in the city. Zero. Made it so easy to find garages and lots, and how much each would cost. So so helpful!!!!
  • Missed Street cleaning sign 1/5

    By miserd dtreet cleaning sign
    While in San Francisco the app did not warn me about the street cleaning sign for the early AM hours from 2am until 4am that did not allow for the street parking. As a result I incurred a $79 parking ticket.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By DrLeviathan
    The worst. Automatically moves my parking location, by default, every time I get out of a moving vehicle. Every time I get out of a Lyft. Every time I get out of a bus. Apparently never thought about city living. What terrible design. Have gotten so many parking tickets.
  • Great 5/5

    By marzandjupy
    Great I have the street cleaning schedule by block on the map. Could be improved by using graphic calendar for alternate side cancellations instead of text with dates.
  • A developer who listens to bug reports! 5/5

    By Dancin Forever
    This app is indeed an angel helping me find where I park my car in the city & preventing parking tickets! I love how you can search for parking locations based on when you plan to arrive & stay - paying 50¢ for a meter to get a primo spot for the rest of the evening is always a good deal. This is also one of the very *few* developers who treats you like you are part of the team squishing bugs quickly & staying on top of getting clarifications until it’s fixed. Every developer should aspire to this level of service 😇
  • Thank you ! 5/5

    By mgwizdala
    I recently went to San Francisco for a road trip and parking there is horrible like in Los Angeles . Thanks to this app i got able to find the areas were i could get free parking and for how long . If not then there were the paying parking spots . Love the app :)
  • Thanks 5/5

    By AdamGonzo
    I live in midtown Manhattan. This coupled with the Automatic CCA is seamless. One app tells the other app to alert me about days of street sweep almost immediately with a notification which reminds me to check the signs before I leave my car. Couldn’t ask for a better application for parking!
  • Ininiiiniiinninniiii 5/5

    By Brian ops
    Noijjijiiijijjjjinkinjnjjjnjjjnjninjinnnininnnjnjnnninninnninjninjnnniiijininnininiiininniniiijniniiijiiiiniiiiinniiiiiiniinijii nnniiiiniiininjiiiniiiininiiiijnnmiiijiniiiiinnikijjninjiinnnjniiniin 😂mkkkkm
  • Unreliable and pointless! 1/5

    By AzBiDn
    Has so far been the most pointless unreliable crap ever!!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By fisherm
    Seriously, one of my favorite apps ever. Has saved me so much time. In Manhattan no less!
  • Game changer 5/5

    By R.o.z.
    I love this app! Living in SF, parking is a challenge. The app not only shows me where to look, it allows me to look at when the next street cleaning day/time is to target the best place to park based on my schedule. I 100% rely on two things—the app keeping track of exactly where I parked, and reminding me when I need to move to avoid a ticket. Support staff have been quick and helpful when I’ve had issues with the app. This app is the absolute best, and I don’t know what I’d do without it.
  • Crashing at launch 1/5

    By Kentzo
    Today when I needed the app the most it was crashing immediately at launch.
  • won’t open 1/5

    By PrincessAprilSam
    i’ve been trying to open the app for two days and it won’t open. what’s up?
  • App steals your money 👎🏻 1/5

    By Prof8off1
    RIP OFF!!! Thieves !!!! I use to use the app constantly but last time I paid for a spot and when I arrived my confirmation email never arrived but my account was already charged. I had to pay again for the parking almost double. Customer service is no where to be found I emailed 2 times with no response and my account is down $65. Thank you for ripping me Off !!!
  • Ticket free 5/5

    By KimNecole
    Keeps on track of time and a reminder a head of time to move my car for street cleaning.
  • Car vandalized 1/5

    By 59dsp
    Beware of this app. Car was vandalized. Others are watching were your parked
  • This app reduces chronic stress from parking on the UWS. 5/5

    By Porky Balboa
    Plus, the avatar is adorable and I feel like a decent citizen when I help contribute images to the database. It helps avoid parking tickets and reminds me where I’ve parked.
  • Failure to launch 1/5

    By ondo
    I spent twenty minutes trying to get started with this app and gave up. It took over an hour for their verification email to reach me. I couldn’t register using my gmail because I needed to disable cookies. Even after disabling cookies on all my apps, I was unable to register. Just a waste of my time.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tinu Adebowale
    Just moved somewhere where the parking is tougher and this app really helped me find parking nearby no problem
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By KR 500000
    Great service! There’s nothing that comes even close to Spot Angels. Dependable, robust and easy to use. Love it!!
  • No thanks 1/5

    By BobbyJpsia
    Unhappy with this apps privacy response patterns. I deleted app.
  • No app! 1/5

    By OpraLvr
    I requested to download but there is no app on my phone. When I click from the App Store, it goes to the internet. Uh, just no.
  • Battery killer 2/5

    By user082118
    I would love to keep the app and give 5 stars but it literally killed my battery; even on airplane mode my phone used 30% battery overnight, without any operation. Once I deleted the app it is fine. I can’t risk having it in my phone when I use gps :( plz fix this
  • Essential parking app if you’re in nyc 5/5

    By L0tso
    Honestly I was praying for an app like this to come out. It’s cleared up so much of my anxiety parking in nyc
  • Great app with a few issues 4/5

    By Arkady1972
    Hey I've been using this app since the beginning of this year and it's really good. So good that if I listened to the app I would've been spared a parking ticket. My only major gripe is the location editor. I'm not expecting to be spot on but trying to get the general location is a chore. So other than that really like this app
  • Signup required 1/5

    By Skofgar
    I want to check out the app before I sign up for anything. However the app doesn’t let me. 1) the app doesn’t show me why I should sign up 2) I want to be able to try out the app and evaluate it before giving you my user data 3) you don’t need the email for notifications (use the device token) 4) in an earlier review you claim data is stored anonymously, but yet require this information? Interesting process where can I review this?
  • Up to date 5/5

    By kvelokvelo
    The most accurate parking app that I have used so far

SpotAngels Parking Map & Deals app comments

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