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SpotAngels Parking Map & Deals

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SpotAngels Parking Map & Deals App

Welcome to the largest community of drivers making parking easy together! SpotAngels takes the stress out of parking once and for all. The app will help you find free parking, get parking deals and book them, as well as avoid expensive street cleaning tickets! **Find free parking** SpotAngels shows a crowdsourced map of all street parking spots and parking garages, with detailed rules and prices kept up-to-date by our community. It also shows where you're likely to find street parking based on where drivers of the community previously parked. Search and filter the map in 1 tap to find free parking and save money! **Get all the parking deals** SpotAngels shows you all the deals on parking garages so you can save money when you can't park for free. You'll also be able to book parking if you want to through our partner websites. **Get street cleaning and alternate side parking hours for your neighborhood** See where to park to avoid street cleaning or alternate side parking. SpotAngels also supports residential parking permits in cities where they apply. **Locate your car at any time and avoid tickets** SpotAngels automatically remembers your parking location using your car’s Bluetooth or phone sensors. It then sends you notifications when it’s time to move your car for street cleaning or any other street parking rule. **Start crowdsourcing to put your city on the map!** Drivers in the SpotAngels community can add or edit parking rules at any time by simply sending a picture of a parking sign. They can also report open spots for other drivers of the community. Atlanta Austin Berkeley Boston Chicago Columbus Dallas Detroit Hoboken Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Los Angeles (LA) Miami New York City (NYC) Oakland Philadelphia (Philly) Phoenix Portland San Antonio San Diego San Francisco (SF) San Jose Santa Monica Seattle Washington, D.C. Start crowdsourcing to put your city on the map! They are talking about SpotAngels: “The NYC street parking spot finder” New York Post “The solution to NYC parking tickets” Fox 5 New York "SpotAngels can at least make sure you avoid a parking ticket" The Boston Globe "SpotAngels helps drivers avoid parking tickets” San Francisco Chronicle “San Francisco parking app protects you from parking tickets” CBS San Francisco "Useful for finding open meters and free parking" Chicago Tribune "SpotAngels helps drivers find free parking and cheap parking, fast" Patch Los Angeles "The map helps drivers find free and cheap parking" Patch Seattle Happy parking :) We’re here to help at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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SpotAngels Parking Map & Deals app reviews

  • Crashing at launch 1/5

    By Kentzo
    Today when I needed the app the most it was crashing immediately at launch.
  • won’t open 1/5

    By PrincessAprilSam
    i’ve been trying to open the app for two days and it won’t open. what’s up?
  • App steals your money 👎🏻 1/5

    By Prof8off1
    RIP OFF!!! Thieves !!!! I use to use the app constantly but last time I paid for a spot and when I arrived my confirmation email never arrived but my account was already charged. I had to pay again for the parking almost double. Customer service is no where to be found I emailed 2 times with no response and my account is down $65. Thank you for ripping me Off !!!
  • Ticket free 5/5

    By KimNecole
    Keeps on track of time and a reminder a head of time to move my car for street cleaning.
  • Car vandalized 1/5

    By 59dsp
    Beware of this app. Car was vandalized. Others are watching were your parked
  • This app reduces chronic stress from parking on the UWS. 5/5

    By Porky Balboa
    Plus, the avatar is adorable and I feel like a decent citizen when I help contribute images to the database. It helps avoid parking tickets and reminds me where I’ve parked.
  • Failure to launch 1/5

    By ondo
    I spent twenty minutes trying to get started with this app and gave up. It took over an hour for their verification email to reach me. I couldn’t register using my gmail because I needed to disable cookies. Even after disabling cookies on all my apps, I was unable to register. Just a waste of my time.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tinu Adebowale
    Just moved somewhere where the parking is tougher and this app really helped me find parking nearby no problem
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By KR 500000
    Great service! There’s nothing that comes even close to Spot Angels. Dependable, robust and easy to use. Love it!!
  • No thanks 1/5

    By BobbyJpsia
    Unhappy with this apps privacy response patterns. I deleted app.
  • No app! 1/5

    By OpraLvr
    I requested to download but there is no app on my phone. When I click from the App Store, it goes to the internet. Uh, just no.
  • Battery killer 2/5

    By user082118
    I would love to keep the app and give 5 stars but it literally killed my battery; even on airplane mode my phone used 30% battery overnight, without any operation. Once I deleted the app it is fine. I can’t risk having it in my phone when I use gps :( plz fix this
  • Essential parking app if you’re in nyc 5/5

    By L0tso
    Honestly I was praying for an app like this to come out. It’s cleared up so much of my anxiety parking in nyc
  • Great app with a few issues 4/5

    By Arkady1972
    Hey I've been using this app since the beginning of this year and it's really good. So good that if I listened to the app I would've been spared a parking ticket. My only major gripe is the location editor. I'm not expecting to be spot on but trying to get the general location is a chore. So other than that really like this app
  • Signup required 1/5

    By Skofgar
    I want to check out the app before I sign up for anything. However the app doesn’t let me. 1) the app doesn’t show me why I should sign up 2) I want to be able to try out the app and evaluate it before giving you my user data 3) you don’t need the email for notifications (use the device token) 4) in an earlier review you claim data is stored anonymously, but yet require this information? Interesting process where can I review this?
  • Up to date 5/5

    By kvelokvelo
    The most accurate parking app that I have used so far
  • Must-have for SF residents! 5/5

    By andymaurer
    I use this app daily, actually multiple times a day. Super useful for remembering where the car is, and most importantly when street cleaning. The reminders are most helpful and have saved us loads of $$ in possible parking tickets. A must-have for SF residents who need/use a car. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Wrong info got a ticket 1/5

    By Tina this is ridiculous
    App says parking on 11th and 6th ave in NYC is free Saturday and I got a $65 ticket twice Can’t use app w/o giving email or FB account AND they make it mandatory to use ALWAYS in settings to track your location WHY??? Obviously selling private info Paid $130 in tickets for wrong info and for them to make $$$ off me
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By Genxxmind
    I love this app. It’s so useful for getting all your options, whether there’s free parking or if there isn’t, then the cheapest options for parking. The app is super user-friendly
  • Don’t know how I lived without this 5/5

    By Cbry007
    I can’t believe how helpful and easy to use this app is. Decided last minute to drive into NYC for the weekend, and downloaded this app on the way there. I was able to find a spot using the map feature, and safely parked my car on the street all day Saturday and Sunday without fear of a ticket. Just keep in mind that in NYC, you can’t park within 15’ of a fire hydrant (either side).
  • Bluetooth? 5/5

    By Solarlanding
    Do you sell a Bluetooth that stays in the car to notify my phone when I’ve parked? It would be better than turning on the location services. Love this app.
  • Best app for parking!! 5/5

    By Bimokejoht
    This app is so great. It tells you open spots for the parking around San Francisco.
  • Trip to lower east village 5/5

    By timson tiger
    Used this app to advise me on parking free in the lower east village area on Fri. afternoon. I was going to E. 6th St & it advised trying to find a spot on E. 3rd. I drove in on E. 2nd & found a spot quickly. We walked the short distance up to E6th St. Spot Angels did its job!
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By targetdog
    I downloaded this mainly for a street sweeping reminder. It does not work well because it requires that every time you park, you manually go into the app to confirm your parking location. If you don’t do this, it won’t send parking reminders. How about you just send the person the reminder from BOTH sides of the street instead of none at all. Stupid app design.
  • Real time 5/5

    By Vinta6e
    This app has saved me SO much money and cuts out the endless searching for where to park in super busy neighborhoods/ expensive garages around town. User is able to update parking signs and meter costs if it isn’t accurate. It also automatically saves your parking spot from where you last parked (in case of super busy days running around town, you can be quite forgetful). I was suggested this app from another user and am quite happy.
  • The most useful app ever :) 5/5

    By NourhanT
    It gives me the advantage of planning ahead where I should look for a parking spot when I go to new areas. Before using this app I never went to the city by my car.. now I don’t go to the city without my car :D Thank you so much SpotAngels team, I really appreciate your hard work on the app and believe it or not sometimes I pray for you guys for helping a clumsy person like me :D :D
  • Great with Parking in NYC 4/5

    By Drew Dank
    Was down on 10th and 32nd last week on Thurs 1/31/19 6:00pm for a job interview at Korean Barbeque restaurant. I downloaded this App to see how or if it would work. It found me a bunch of parking garages for $18-30 that were very close to my destination. But then it offered a street parking area (Available 6pm - 7am). So I parked on the street and it was no charge and more important no ticket. Had been there a week or two prior and paid like $30 for 2-3 hours of parking from 5-7/8pm. I have been working in NYC for the last 5-6 yrs and usually park in garages bc didn’t want to get a ticket or tow. I will use this app whenever I need parking. Thank you for making the app... Mark
  • Several failed notifications 2/5

    This app failed to notify me on a few occasions that where I was parked was scheduled for street cleaning on Monday between 12-3pm in West Hollywood. Meanwhile it’s giving notice on other streets nearby but one of the most popular free unlimited street parking streets in West Hollywood, one of the very few, that doesn’t have meters and is otherwise unlimited, this app failed to give updates on that street, the street I park on every day. So I got a couple tickets when I first started using the app which was when I first started parking on that street I’m fairly disappointed, and I have two 78$ tickets
  • Requires registration to use. 1/5

    By LarryCL
    Can’t use app without registering and providing your email? No way! Deleted.....
  • Its flaws can be forgiven 4/5

    By car person 123
    This is an excellent app for a person who parks on the street in a large city. It keeps track of where you left the car and when you need to move it for street cleaning. Some other features are a little half baked but it performs it's primary function well.
  • Great app 5/5

    By AkhtamJon
    One of the most practical apps ever
  • Best Parking App 5/5

    By Arnulfog
    Recently moved to LA. This app is a life savor. No more reading confusing signs. Notifies you when you need to move your car. Totally worth it!
  • Finding free parking spot feature never works in Chicago 1/5

    I tried to use this feature to find free parking in Chicago but the app directed me to places where I didn’t find any free parking spot (only street parking, which is not free)
  • This is life changing!!! 5/5

    By Mimercha
    I feel SO much better having a car in the city. I can’t believe how much easier it is to find parking. I’m feel so much better just knowing how much I’ll have to spend on parking. Definitely makes it easier to decide if to take the car or not
  • Kills battery 2/5

    By pane
    I loved this app, very useful... until I realized why suddenly my phone wasn’t holding a charge for a full day anymore: this app kills the battery pretty fast because of its background activity. 27% battery usage this app alone in 6 hours... Uninstalling until it gets better...
  • DESTROYS battery life! 1/5

    By Ritter1999
    I downloaded this app after seeing some good reviews about it. First impressions were pretty good and I really liked it saving my vehicles location, but really my phone already does. My city isn't supported (the list of supported cities is very small). My phone battery was dying really quickly over the past week so today I opened up my settings to try to figure out why. This app drained my battery by 43% in a single day and I never even opened it. That's absolutely ridiculous! Facebook and Snapchat (both of which are known for battery draining) only took up 8%! As soon as I saw that in my settings I deleted the app instantly. Only download this app if you HAVE to use it in a major city or if you plan to visit one (but be sure to delete it afterwards if you want to keep a healthy battery)!
  • Great app, some room for improvement 4/5

    This app works well, but the only complaint I have is not being able to invite others to view your car location. For anyone that shares a car when commuting ( think significant other)it would've very helpful if they could look up the location where the car was last parked.
  • Requires email 1/5

    By raj.electic
    No need to require an email to try this out. Invasive...
  • Looks Very Cool But... 2/5

    By robanthonyross
    The reason for my two star rating is that the app wants a lot of tracking privileges — this is ok with my as long as I’m getting a service in return — however, in two cities that I frequent (Austin and Houston) the area served by the app is a very very small slice of downtown. Not that useful with current offering of spaces. However, I can definitely see how this app could be great based on the areas that are available. I decided to delete the app because the area served in Houston, the largest city in Texas is very small, especially when considering “downtown is practically everywhere inside the 610 loop. I don’t want to give away my location and motion data continuously when I’ll rarely be in the specific area to use this app.
  • Great for NYC & Hoboken! 5/5

    By pound4pound1983
    This app is a lifesaver and it works great in NYC and Hoboken, tried it with an iPhone X and then XS and both worked without a glitch.
  • Doesn't work on iphone 6 1/5

    By yoblin
    Can't compete setup wizard to grant permissions
  • Great app, responsive team 5/5

    By drew_nyc
    App does exactly what it says. Initially had an issue with sharing a car with my wife, but the dev team responded to my feedback quickly and offered support.
  • Communication 1/5

    By October33
    When I click google direction to guide me to the parking spot it takes me NO WHERE.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By SideShowBob859
    Used this app in NYC and followed any viable signs on the street and the app said it was free parking and I had ticket protection turned on. Came back 3 hours later to a 115.00 ticket. Do not use this app for help. It will give u false information and doesn’t take any responsibility for it. Would never recommend
  • LIFE SAVER 5/5

    By cougies
    I am so happy someone actually built this - and built it well! This has already saved me so much parking pain. Bravo, guys!
  • Thought it was perfect until.. 2/5

    By probablydm
    It notifies me every time I park my car shortly after I park (a minute or two). I was at home and had been home for about 3 hours when it notified me about my parking location. I thought it was weird because I had parked hours ago. I opened the app to where it said my car was parked and had a mini heart attack. It said my car was parked in some random spot miles away from me. I parked my car about half a block away around the corner so I ran to where my car was thinking someone had stolen it. My car was there. Right where I left it. Don’t know why it’s telling me it’s parked miles away from my home but that’s pretty annoying.
  • Useless if you need to park in the “future.” 2/5

    By Jimg16
    Before posting this I tried to go to their app support page. It brings you to an ad for the SpotAngels app. Then offers to send you to the mobile site. The only page available is the web version of the app. However it is a great concept. Useless to me. I want to reserve parking in November 2018 for a week. Right now it is September 2018. When you put in dates, it goes back to today’s date. Am I using the app for a purpose it is not built for? If so why are there options to put in the dates you need? 4 stars for concept. 1 star for app usability.
  • Got a ticket. Don’t use 1/5

    By reviewer 2353
    Yesterday, Wednesday, I walked outside to my car and to my surprise that was the ticket on the window. On Tuesday evening I park my car, and I forgot to check the alternate side, my mistake. When going back to double check I received a notification saying alternate side is Thursday. So I went back inside, my mistake again. The street I was on was not a small street where both sides are close together, it’s a wide street with 2 way traffic and much room to spare. This is the entire function of this feature on the app, the developer has told me this does not work in New York City or California, which is half or more it’s market. Basically app doesn’t work for what it was built to do. The app does ask for you to confirm your location, which I thought was just to confirm that you are at this area, not to confirm your exact coordinate location. If that’s the case, you don’t need this gps feature , as you have to check anyway.
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By mama de ez
    This app seems like a great idea and I downloaded it because I thought it would be helpful. Perhaps it works better in other areas, but in my particular neighborhood (in NYC), this app has not been helpful at all and it is completely inaccurate and continues to send me false alerts about moving my car and making me feel nervous that I’m going to get a ticket! It’s not updated to the current parking signs. For example, it is telling me now that I have to move my car at 7am tomorrow for street cleaning. But I looked at the sign outside very attentively and many times to make sure the street cleaning said 8am. This app is giving me a headache

SpotAngels Parking Map & Deals app comments

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