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Spotify for Artists

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  • Current Version: 2.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Spotify Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spotify for Artists App

Get the most out of Spotify with the app designed for artists and their teams. Our free tools help you understand your audience, manage your artist profile, and celebrate your new releases and milestones. The Spotify for Artists app puts the most important information in your hands, so when you’re on the go, in the studio, on tour, or just dreaming about your next release, you have easy access to all the stats and tools you need. With Spotify for Artists you can: • Understand who’s listening and where they’re coming from with clear song, playlist, and audience insights. • Control your presence on Spotify by editing your profile, playlists, and Artist’s Pick right from your phone. • Celebrate your music with real-time statistics for new releases, updates when you’ve been added to a playlist, and follower milestones. • Easily switch between artists to keep track of your roster’s new releases, stats, and profile. • Learn the latest tips and tricks right from the home tab with access to our latest articles, product updates, and videos. • Share feedback with us and get answers to your questions - we’re here to support you. Connect with our community: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter:

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Spotify for Artists app reviews

  • Can’t view audience stats. 2/5

    By ACX901
  • Why is this so limited? 1/5

    By Lff484442
    What happened to the top 50 cities? The data shared here is so limited that this is a pretty worthless app. IMO, further proof that Spotify has zero respect for artists.
  • Cant even log in 1/5

    If your email address is longer than 23 characters, you will not be able to log in. The text box simply will not accommodate. Poor form.
  • Won’t even let me log in 1/5

    By DayWalkerDANI
    Second time I’ve tried to use this app and it always tells me no such account exists. I go on the desktop and log in just fine.
  • Fantastic!!! 5/5

    By n!ck934
    I love this so much, you can see how many watches it has gotten and it has stats as well as editing your bio! You get to customize your artist picture and artist pick. But I do wish that every artist would be able to have the chance to post a canvas to it, and don’t get me wrong you can submit access to get a canvas but not sure how long that’ll take😕 but otherwise it is awesome and I am so glad to have this and keep track on how I am doing so download this it’s great!!!
  • Useful but flawed 2/5

    By franklin-4200
    Withholds information for no reason; for example, if you hit overall streams, does not change from “listeners” and won’t show you the total streams or followers in the last 28 days. Not to mention, you can’t change the time increments at all. There are no fields to enter; I guess it was too hard to code. The desktop version and even the mobile browser version allow you to see far more information, which is totally ridiculous. Spotify, if you’re going to steal money from creative people, at least have some decent coders working on developing tools for artists.
  • Good 4/5

    By I ❤️ SPOTIFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s okay
  • I thought this was.... 1/5

    By superdancergirl11
    I thought this was for all people but I am not a singer so rude for this app
  • Solid Artist Support 4/5

    By "Subtact", only the real one
    I’ll preface this relatively short take by saying this: Spotify currently offers the best analytics and arrangement of said analytics for musical artists and their teams. No primary streaming contender comes close! This app only limits a couple functionalities currently, such as selecting a custom time frame in which to view your audience stats. It’s annoying if you do need an oddly specific statistic, but if you just want an update, (and a pretty detailed one at that) as to how your tunes are performing on Spotify, this app is almost perfect as it stands right now. (Nov, 2019)
  • aide 5/5

    By Iffdthb
  • The Instructions are trash 1/5

    By Better then all the games
    It gives no instructions on how to claim ur profile I pasted my spotify account and nothing happened. Might change my review if someone responds and helps.
  • It doesn’t open 1/5

    By ISE Trell
    It won’t even open now since “the iOS 12 fix” well you guys screwed iOS 13 now
  • Play count glitch 4/5

    By Eliseeekennedy
    I’m willing to change my review once the situation is handled BUT my play count for a new release that’s not even close to 7 days old decreased in plays AND froze while it’s still “live”. UPDATE: I actually lowkey love the updated app . But please fix the play count issue. Milestones are so important for artists just starting out.
  • It would never even be a 2. 1/5

    By dsaytr
    I had this app for about 1 month. When I first got it, it was ok. Then, IT WAS SUPER BAD. When ever I search up my profile, I can’t really change my profile that much. Is it just my iPhone or is it the app? 1 star only
  • Really loving the new update 5/5

    By jeebslay
    New update is great!! Now going to obsess over my live listeners every day . Thanks Spotify
  • Pointless redesign is pointless 1/5

    By Anna the Wacky Banana
    The redesign is terrible. Functionality has been removed — like all-time play count — but not much has been added. Things have been shuffled around, and now I don’t know where they are. Why do you designers do this?? In all honesty, it looks like you’re trying to justify your employment. I suppose that’s valid, but couldn’t you find something more constructive to do? Design by numbers isn’t design. Doesn’t matter what the metrics say — if you’re a good designer and actually *use* the product (or speak with users), trust your intuition.
  • Home Page 3/5

    By Grassy075
    I recently updated and it seems like the home page isn’t loading up, and the same goes for the home page on the desktop, I’m assuming it’s a bit buggy
  • Browser won’t open after update 1/5

    By Bliss Vanderbilt
    It just hangs.😫
  • Where are my tour dates? 2/5

    By Buttergun
    I went to the help section to find out when my tour dates will show up (I posted them on songkick 2 days ago), and they say to go to “concerts” in the Spotify for Artists. Maybe I’m blind but I’m not finding the word “concerts” anywhere in Spotify for artists. It stinks that you have to jump through hoops just to figure out when your dates will be posted. Lame.
  • Good, but 1/5

    By Luigilex_wuz_here
    My Bio never updates No matter how many times I try to change my Bio it just keeps saying "error" or "not updated" and leaving my bio blank
  • It’s so freakin crappy 2/5

    By AppANIMAL!!!
    It won’t let me even sign in!!! Why? I wanted to create an artist account but it won’t let me!!! Please fix it!!! (I gave you an extra star for your troubles, your welcome.)
  • Put listeners back 3/5

    By jameirkgolden
    I hate that you changed were the listeners section is and why can we not view our streams live after 7 days we should be able to still seem them so we can have accurate information and I hate that we can't interact with fans on your platform to help ourself grow I feel their is a lot lacking in terms of tools for the artist I have 20k monthly listeners but for smaller artist it's nearly impossible to grow if your not Playlisted but Spotifys algorithm
  • FB login doesn’t work 1/5

    By froman828
    Tried installing, re installing multiple times and used multiple devices but gives me error message whenever I try to login with FB. However desktop version works fine so clearly issue is not on my end.
  • No listeners per individual song 1/5

    By swetti boy
    I used to be able to see listeners per song but now I can't
  • listeners is not displayed under song stats? 2/5

    By seanpfett
    Why is listeners suddenly taken off of song stats now there is no way to know how many people play more then once!! This was my favorite part of the app!!
  • Can’t write a bio 4/5

    By Jaycanrap
    I can’t write a bio, It keeps saying I’m unable to update it.
  • Bring back # of “Listeners” 1/5

    By MP0023
    Took away the # of Listeners from the song pages in the most recent update. Regret having updated now. Please bring it back, it makes the app a lot less useful.
  • If It Worked, I’d Rate It 5 Stars 3/5

    By Enderdeath12
    Here’s the deal. LOTS of issues and bugs. You can’t edit your profile images, bio, or pick correctly every time. I have issues with adding pictures to my bio the most. They never show up and it sometimes removes all my pictures. It also doesn’t remember my picks and forgets them and they disappear. When I go to add an image to a pick, a lot of the time the image won’t show up. If these little issues were fixed, I’d rate this 5 stars for sure! :)
  • Buggy 1/5

    By nate2019
    The artist photo gallery seems to be having technical difficulties. You cannot edit or delete or reorder the images. This been going on for months now still no fix!
  • It’s awesome, bUT 4/5

    By N0LLID.O
    So the app itself is awesome, it basically just makes the actual browser SFA page much easier and streamlined into app form. That, however, has inherent flaws that should really be addressed as soon as possible. 1. Bro why the h*ck can’t I see images on the app. For page customization, when you go into your photos, either to add a photo for the ‘artist’s pick’ section, or when you’re editing your gallery, you cannot see the photos your choosing. Let alone the fact that the artist gallery editor section is completely useless to me as it stands on the app. No images show up in the editor, just black squares, and I can’t click on any of them despite it telling me that I can. 2. This is more of a not-as-important thing, but I wish the app had more stuff that the browser had. I really would like to have the variable graph analytics that the browser has, not just one month. And I would love to have the artist comparison graph too. I’m sure that there’s more stuff, regarding UI, analytics, etc, that I’d like added, but for now, this is all I can think of. Overall, it’s a great app for a more streamlined version of the OG SFA browser. Keep making improvements and *fix the frickin photos,* man. 3.9/5
  • Glitches 3/5

    By Crashing saturn
    So my bands single had reached 1,000 streams and the app decided to say that the song didn't have ANY streams and I contacted Spotify about this and still nothing. This has been a glitch since last year(I saw someone else say the same thing) and they still haven’t fixed it also yeah the live counter stops working after day 6 it’s really annoying
  • Unable to write my bio 2/5

    By Moe Jiggy
    For some reason it allows me to write my bio but it won’t allow me to actually save it. Tried updating the app, using data, using WiFi. Nothing. That’s a pretty big poopy dumb bug if you ask me.
  • It has a a lot of potential. 3/5

    By Brett1998
    I like everything they’re offering on the app, but not everything works. Specifically adding your bio. I tried multiple times and when I finished typing it for submission, it would say “something went wrong, please try again later.”
  • Can’t edit bio photos 4/5

    By Dzimingd
    Useful app, but I’m unable to edit my bio photos. I’d also love the ability to post a playlist from my artist profile instead of my personal one.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Gino Graham
    This app won’t even let me find my profile smh
  • Image gallery broken 3/5

    By Spotify for artists
    I’m having trouble editing/changing my photos in the image gallery section. I can do everything else, edit bio, change main photo, add playlists. This is a 4 star app at best (say my problem was fixed) it still has a long way to go for a mobile app.
  • Sign in issue 1/5

    By apple better
    When I try to “claim” my profile and input my URL the submit button don’t appear :/
  • 👎 1/5

    By LJC112806
    Doesn’t let me put my url in
  • It used to work? 1/5

    By flapboii
    One day I logged into the app and it wouldn’t let me add or remove artist images and blacked out.
  • Perfect app, but there’s a bug 5/5

    By Jacob Rhymes
    I love this app and it helps me personalize my band in a lot of ways, though I can’t seem to edit my bio. I’ve even tried on my bandmates phone and it gave me the same error report. It’s very frustrating.
  • Spotify music all of it 5/5

    By Aloha'T, survivour*
    Music great,I even got to add the many more songs that I wanted so now it looks like you're having something team's Music is very important n LIFE
  • It’s now BROKEN 1/5

    By Uncle Leroy 7
    For the past week or so it won’t even open. Just sits flashing the three circles on the screen and never opens now. Never did much but at least it opened. App is broken.
  • App isn’t updating 2/5

    By Driafarr
    So when the initial song release went up it was updating as the update says it will. Now, it’s only updating once every 24 hours.
  • Spotify Canvas 4/5

    By cooocjdd
    Please add canvas for every user!!!
  • Please help 2/5

    By Hyena Black
    Can’t claim artist profile
  • Claiming profile 1/5

    By famoath
    Has a very poor process. I’ve been trying to get access to my account going on 2 months and still no success.
  • iPad Compatibility 2/5

    By The Cryptid Music
    I really wish this app was compatible with an iPad.
  • Error editing Bio 3/5

    By Tay Don
    Unable to edit my bio. Every time I try to update it I receive an error message.
  • Yall aren’t fooling me 1/5

    By fufufhuffufujf
    App is a scam. Asks for your ig or twitter password then u put it in and it says ur wrong then it takes that and logs into ur stuff DONT DOWNLOAD THE APP

Spotify for Artists app comments

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