Spotify Kids

Spotify Kids

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  • Current Version: 1.31.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Spotify Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spotify Kids App

Introduce your child to a playground of sound with Spotify Kids. Packed with singalongs, soundtracks and playlists made for young listeners, the app is an easy way for children of all ages to discover music in a fun environment. Included with a Spotify Premium Family subscription. Try Spotify Kids free for 3 months with a Premium Family trial. Cancel anytime. Spotify Kids lets your child: Listen to audio they love with their own account Explore their tastes, without hearing explicit content Discover music handpicked for kids by our experts Hear playlists made just for young listeners Play their favorite tracks offline Important information about the app: -To use the app, you need to subscribe to Spotify Premium Family first. - A Kids profile counts as 1 account in your Premium Family plan. You can create up to 5 Kids accounts for your Family plan, and download the app to as many devices as you want. - The app uses your device’s internal storage to store downloaded music for offline play. - The app streams content over WiFi and mobile networks, so check your data package and allowance with your mobile network provider. - The app asks for your child’s name and age. This is used to showcase the most relevant content for your child and to personalise their experience using the app. Children may see different content, depending on their age. All information is fully encrypted.

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Spotify Kids app reviews

  • Me luv! 5/5

    By Plants VS Zombie boy
    This app is awesome! No bad word, no body parts, clean songs! Download this for your child NOW!
  • So great 5/5

    By will6778
    Hi I love it and thank you for all the fun and fun of music I could use some more music and kids love music for Spotify so I think you could add some more music if you would I would appreciate it
  • You need to pay 3/5

    By Fade Gronny
    To ask the app you need to pay 15$ a month to get a Spotify premium family plan. I like the concept but if maybe you only have to have one Spotify premium play rather than the entire family plan, that would be cool, anyway I love listening to regular Spotify and I thought this would be cool for my younger sibling. Still if you already have the premium family membership than this would be a nice download.
  • Great App. Guided Access Issues 4/5

    By jabberlope
    The app is GREAT! but it has an issue with Guided Access mode wherein it will eventually stop loading songs. This is easily remedied by turning off guided access, killing the app, and restarting. But it sure would great to see this defect fixed.
  • Great app but too many filters 3/5

    By creture crazy
    I got this app a few weeks ago and when I first got it, I immediately noticed that there was no stitches ( Shawn Mendez), my shot(Hamilton), or Lindsey Stirling. I know that the app is trying to create a kid friendly version of Spotify, but you it of went too far with the filters for the average teen. It would be great if there were more age ranges like toddler, little kid, older kid, and teen because there isn’t much of a place for teens within Spotify. It would be great if you listed more age categories when a new profile is being created along with some bullet points under each telling exactly what you were getting. Like if under the teens (my age group) it said: ages 13+, slight explicit content, and no bad message that would be great. This app would be amazing if not for the extensive filters:)
  • :\ 3/5

    By swiftthewolf
    You have to pay to get in, i just want music
  • hey 1/5

    By majo123 remi
    this app is more cool than a other app. 😭🤘🏻*cry in spanish*
  • Not available in my region? 1/5

    By bebelhar
    Wow ok kind of a good thing to know before install that it can’t be used in America apparently…
  • why.. 1/5

    By afton family and mha yo
    Okay so I love the consept of the app,this is the only music app i can lissen to rn but why do you braly have any good songs?Soon im switching to another app like cmon my grandmom jist wanted my ears to not lissen to "bad music"(even tho kts the best music)I thought this app would be way more but its not its just a baby app...and i cant even sigh in anymore it just kicked me out and nobody ellse yooses the acount!!!!!i hate/dislike this app alot now i have to go find another app for "kids"even tho im a di hate the "good"music
  • Good for the kids but not google speakers 3/5

    By Musiclovingfreak
    Our house is run around google speakers and I can’t play the Spotify kids on them like I can with the regular Spotify app. It does have the option for airplay but not to cast.
  • I 4/5

    By sededdrr
    Great app!!!! My only complaint is that can’t you add more songs like more in the heights songs and just bleep out the explicit stuff????but hey this is a REALLY great app and my parents LOVE it.really try to download it sometime
  • Look here 1/5

    By chanthanalay
    You have to pay!?!? I thought it was free music 😩
  • It’s Decent 4/5

    By Olivia Rpdrigo fan
    I love this game because it is safe for kids but there is a song by Avril Lavigne where it says S*** but it says. The word the song is “My happy ending”.Please fix that.
  • Not very much country music 1/5

    By arian brown
    I love country music but there’s a little section of it and I TIERD of herring the SAME MUSIC OVER AND OVER i want more country music and update the music like every week and add more artist to.
  • Unreasonable Content 1/5

    By TheSpiffy1
    We don’t care for the content or the lack of parental controls in this app. Even the characters are weird, not making any sense to my preschooler. It’s better and easier to set up an account for our kids on Spotify itself and set the content there. Since I could do all that on the main app with far more control, this one is really a waste of time.
  • Still no parental controls? What’s the point of a kids app? 1/5

    By B.Dave
    I’d rather decide available content, not spotify. Truly I have no idea the purpose of having a kids app without this functionality?
  • Premium only for this app? 1/5

    By krc_floss
    Do you have to have a subscription to Spotify premium to use the kids Spotify? I heart radio and pandora are looking better everyday. The regular Spotify crashes all the time.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Kittycate3000
  • This is a waste of my time 1/5

    By AwesomeA67❤️
    I have to get a premium plan for this that’s awful
  • Favorites doesn’t work 1/5

    By stephxmarie
    Every time we favorite a song and go back to check favorites list there are no songs. Also some songs that are available just do not play. What’s the point.
  • Not the best 2/5

    By A random kid on the Internet😀
    Me and my friend tried to get it to work but it wouldn’t work. I’d just listen to music on YouTube if I were you
  • Variety PLZZ 2/5

    By Nojelyan
    I’m trying to listen to Friday Night Funkin zavodilla but for some reason it says “Sorry not found” like some GAME SONGN IS CURSED
  • Not great at all 2/5

    By Jriiiii342
    I get the point. I want kids music to stop messing up the algorithm for recommendations. Problem is this app doesn’t have access to tons of content that should be for kids. Vast differences between what our kids can find on this app vs regular Spotify.
  • This is why I gave it one star 1/5

    By Moriah the art girl
    I literally do not think this deserves 2.7 stars it is terrible I cannot get in the bad people who made this are really bad
  • Plz read 5/5

    By olliebaer
    I it is the best and when I got I it had no bad words and I was like boom
  • It’s annoying 1/5

    By make it bettteeerrr
    It’s an okay app in general for my kids but they hated it because you can’t make a playlist and you can’t shuffle your favorites or shared playlists
  • Great for the classroom 5/5

    By KrK W
    I love this for the classroom
  • Add Travis Scott 5/5

    By starcodefrusty
    Can you add Travis Scott out west please the clean version please?
  • I’m confused 1/5

    By ureishsiajsiajdiw
    Hi there! I just wanted spotify but my mom said spotify kids, and I don’t know what this premium spotify family accuont is, can you help me? ☹️
  • TRASH!!! 1/5

    By rickillz
    Not Available In The US
  • Shared playlists? Maybe in theory 3/5

    By Taktishun
    Ideal for the purpose described by Spotify for parental controls of kids content. There’s limited kids content, though. My daughter looks for her favorite kids music and can’t find most of it. So, the feature to share playlists from my own account was added and was ideal to fill this gap in content for her. Well, I created a playlist just for her and followed the instructions to add this playlist to her shared music and it seems to be the only playlist I’ve created that can’t be seen to share to her account! So, this seems pretty useless to me at this point. Not sure why. Other playlists I’ve created are visible EXCEPT THIS ONE. Why?!
  • Not very good 1/5

    By ioneipnciperffrrf
    I always try to play my favorite music.but,this app isn’t letting me listen to it. For example, my home country”Venezuela”music is not on there.NEVER LET YOUR CHILD USE IT!
  • Their shared functionality and playlists are great! 4/5

    By Ellie Roma
    The reason why I got this app is so that it doesn’t mess up my listening in the main app, while my daughter can also listen to her music. They recently added the function to share playlists, which is great! I know it’s design for kids but I wish the app was a bit more intuitive for adults as well, and that my daughter could create her own playlists (other than from liking a song). The repeat button is also something she asked for. Other than that, it’s a good app with great music curation (you just have look them up or go through the categories).
  • I love it! 5/5

    By koala lover12
    Spotify kids is a wonder place for kids but... it could use a lil bit more songs but I love how Spotify kids have books. It is so fun and awesome!
  • Kids Spotify 1/5

    By hdhdfbfurbfhdjdhxufhcfhhchc
    This app is very trash
  • Missing features are keeping me sticking to the regular app 3/5

    By r0vens94
    Some kid songs that are on the regular Spotify app are missing in this app. Is there any way to request songs be added to Spotify Kids? Is there a way to block songs in this app so they are never played? Appears there’s no way to create custom playlists except for “liked” songs and those songs are automatically kept for available for listening to without an internet connection, I wish there was a way to toggle this on/off. As of now I’d rather use my regular app with a playlist of kid songs.
  • This game is good, but what about Kevin Macleod? 4/5

    By Dinosnake🐈🐈🐈
    Please add Kevin Macleod’s music. It is clean and suitable for children. I would just like to see Meatball Parade on Spotify Kids before I record it otherwise. But still. ADD. KEVIN. MACLEOD’S. MUSIC. 🥸, A concerned Alien 👾
  • Love the app 5/5

    By lileddle
    I love the app and I listen to it every day (most likely) amazing and I have found many songs (mostly Disney) that I love and my parents have looked at my playlist to see if it’s something i should not listen to and they have not found anything tho pls pls pls add more five nights at Freddys songs just a suggestion! perfect app for ages 4+ 😁😁😁😁😁
  • Awesome 5/5

    By simmsa
    Love it
  • Please 5/5

    By shopkins girl!
    Add more video game songs and The Living Tombstone songs. I do love The five nights at Freddy’s song but I like all of them so add more of them made by the living tombstone and other songs from living tombstone. And I want bongo cat. It’s good besides that.
  • What about rap 1/5

    By juicyhousty
    What about it I can’t listen to it I want to so improve this app please if it isn’t to late
  • Absolutely bad 1/5

    By liam235673214689976432246
    I have to sign up to listen.Do I really need an account to listen to kids music!

    By welcome to paredice
    I am a kid and I want to listen to what I want so it’s not fair that I can’t listen to my fav songs we just wanted to see what the app was and it’s the worst. for all the stupid little kids out there you should have this app but for a 10 year old girl delete it and through up on this app!😏
  • Okay? 4/5

    By scout……
    It would be nice if parents could go in and approve certain songs. Also LET US MAKE PLAYLISTS PLEASE.
  • Dismal app for kids 2/5

    By spyrospyn
    What in the world?? This app is so featureless and doesn’t even allow for a kid to create a playlist and add songs to it. It offers canned lists and “favorites” and only allows the parent to create playlists under their account and then you have go to the kids app and allow the kid to see the playlist. Please do better since kids are capable of managing playlists.
  • HAMILTON! 4/5

    By #ParisandOli#BellaandCarlito
    MORE HAMILTON SONGS (at least Yorktown)
  • It's fine 2/5

    By tomparker7
    The idea is right, but sort of useless as a phone-based app. The inabilty to cast means I have to either hand the phone to my kid, or use and impact my account directly. it's a great idea, but basic parity with the flagship app needs to happen.
  • Pretty Good, still some bugs. 3/5

    By Sashaamo44
    I downloaded this app to use for the kid I nanny so I can listen to her songs without messing up my Spotify algorithm. This app was a great tool for that! Kids songs aren’t showing up on my discover weekly anymore and she loves to explore through the preselected kids playlists that were made. My main complaint is there are still a lot of weird bugs, like sometimes the album art isn’t correct to the song at all. The biggest thing is that randomly a playlist will go to shuffle mode and there is literally no way to change it on the app. The only way is to delete the app and completely redownload, which is pretty annoying.
  • This has the potential to be so much better. 2/5

    By mazodnem
    I am very disappointed with the limited user control. Can you please enable a 10-16 age category, add custom themes, and a repeat feature? Honestly, no repeat? Do you even know anyone with kids?