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Spotify Kids

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  • Current Version: 1.32.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Spotify
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spotify Kids App

Introduce your child to a playground of sound with Spotify Kids. Packed with singalongs, soundtracks and playlists made for young listeners, the app is an easy way for children of all ages to discover music in a fun environment. Included with a Spotify Premium Family subscription. Spotify Kids lets your child: - Listen to audio they love with their own account - Explore their tastes, without hearing explicit content - Discover music handpicked for kids by our experts - Hear playlists made just for young listeners - Play their favorite tracks offline Important information about the app: - To use the app, you need to subscribe to Spotify Premium Family first. - A Kids profile counts as 1 account in your Premium Family plan. You can create up to 5 Kids accounts for your Family plan, and download the app to as many devices as you want. - The app uses your device’s internal storage to store downloaded music for offline play. - The app streams content over WiFi and mobile networks, so check your data package and allowance with your mobile network provider. - The app asks for your child’s name and age. This is used to showcase the most relevant content for your child and to personalise their experience using the app. Children may see different content, depending on their age. All information is fully encrypted.

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Spotify Kids app reviews

  • songs with curse words 1/5

    By kichfhfjjfjfhdb
    How are you advertising this as a kids app and songs with curse words are present. This is false advertising. As a parent, I should be able to trust when Spotify advertises something for kids, that they have a higher vetting standard. Señorita by Sean mendez should be kids bop version only or edited. However, the regular version is on there and includes curse words. We have a paid family membership and downloaded the kids Spotify to filter the songs our kids listen to. Do better.
  • THE WORST APP! 1/5

    By just a person-_-
    This is nothing like Spotify. It’s just way more cringer I hate it!
  • Questionable Songs Allowed 2/5

    By rosesforchrist
    “Senorita” and not the kids bop version. Heavy metal. Not something I want my kids listening to. Had to explain what the lyrics were about to my middle schoolers. Yeah nope.
  • It has no songs 2/5

    By 99 red ballons flying by
    I mea. Im nine and I have a LOT of songs I like but it has none of them its really annoying because I can have a favorite song and its not on there im very frustrated because of that.but its okay for like 0-7so if your around that age its good but if your older pleas dont try this
  • Crashes a lot 3/5

    By gr81337
    It’s incredibly difficult to actually view the shared playlists and 80% of the time that I try to do anything in the Grownups section the app just crashes. Also I really wish there was a way to block religious music.
  • Shared playlist is extremely buggy 2/5

    By jefforjeanne
    It seems like such an easy thing — especially the way Spotify’s tech support explains it — go into your kid’s setting and choose your playlists you want them to have access to. In reality, it is stupidly buggy. I am shocked that this is not a beta. It took me no fewer than 4,382 frustrating attempts to get my child’s playlists from my account onto hers. Tip to anyone reading regarding PLAYLISTS: you just have to wait, keep trying, leave the blank playlist page open, and try again. It’s extremely infuriating and it makes you wonder why is such a simple thing so difficult?!?! Anyway, I otherwise am very glad that Spotify has a portal for kids that has supposedly been vouched as well as the option for parents to add playlists they approve. However, I do think some artists should not be featured in their marketing — these artists are not 100% G-rated. If you’re going to market something for kids, you have to make it G-rated. I also heard there are iffy songs that are dubbed by kids. That’s not okay either. Otherwise, I do find this much safer and less annoying than allowing my child to surf YouTube Kids, which is a true landmine.
  • Spotify kids 5/5

    By Tommy & Timmy
    The best app
  • I love the music 5/5

    By Leinaloty
    I love the music such much but it’s stoping every time
  • More 4/5

    By DO more like this
    Please add lots of living tombstone songs
  • Meh 2/5

    By 🩰first time reviewer 🩰😊😊😊
    Ok, I just need to say this one thing right away, about every other day I click on anything that is not my favorites, and it’s just blank!😡😡😡and I know favorites are available offline, but most days, everything is blank, and I SWEAR I’m online!!! Also, you guys REALLY should update your music! My favorite song is middle of the night by elleyduhé but according to Spotify Kids, the only song by Elley duhé is this song called happy now that isn’t even her most popular song!! BTW, you need to make this app more teen/tween friendly. I can’t make playlists besides adding to favorites, and all the playlists that Spotify Kids already has are about stuff like fricking BATHTIME good job creators but pls improve
  • Needs more music 3/5

    By fortnight kid 2.0
    Overall it’s a great app but it does not have artists that have ZERO explicit music and are really good also heads up explicit songs do have clean versions but it is a great app
  • Make it so you do not need Spotify premium 2/5

    By hh,j g hkuvkutyvtkyivtyki
  • Not that good 2/5

    By 🤞💩🥘
    I am 9 but It needed more songs it is Olson veryBoring
  • Needs Tweeks - EG Accessibility/Inclusion 2/5

    By S.J.L.B.S.
    Listen-Spotify (original) is one of the best apps ever. I was so excited for the kid version. But - while I love the idea, execution is lacking. This is less a parent controlled app and more a Spotify controlled app. By that, Spotify is telling you what your child should like and listen to (genre, station, appropriateness) and not the parent. I have playlists I make my children based on what I know they like and I approve of that isn’t Disney or Cocomelon. For example-Spanish versions of songs we love, or noise blocking tracks. Songs I know calm meltdowns. Or kid podcasts on neurodivergent themes. If I want to add these accessible options for them I can’t. If I want to include bilingual options I can’t. Please make this app more inclusive and ADA friendly! I’ve used Spotify for 10+ years and I hope the thought and care put into the standard app can show up here. I appreciate the need for caution-but trust your parents!
  • It’s ok… 3/5

    By 👾🫠🫥
    The app is good but it has some problems. First, half the time, I can’t do search anything or click on playlists other than my liked songs playlist, even if the Wi-Fi is perfectly fine. Second, the app shows mostly Disney and pop music, and almost no rock, even though I know from when it plays on the radio there is no dark theme or cussing. There are only two twenty one pilots songs, 3 Green Day songs, and not a single gorillaz song. Bro the isn’t even one explicit twenty one pilots song! 😒also add a shuffle button 🔀
  • Ta-Da! 5/5

    By NumberCounter17
    We eventually did it!!!
  • Good 4/5

    By yarizit
  • I love this song app 5/5

    By Stella880
    So I can’t say my name because many people say don’t share your personal information with people you don’t know but I want to say that I love this app it’s really good at and I really love music and being able to listen to songs in music is really helpful for me I really like what you did to improve this app the only thing that I would suggest to add is a few more than one playlist this is unknown name sending out PS I love this game I probably mentioned this before I can’t say it enough it’s a really good app I don’t know what to say but congratulations you have made the best song app ever thank you so much for making this app it means everything to me in the world and if there’s anything I can do to repay you just let me know thank you!👋😁❤️💕🥹😘🧚‍♀️😁
  • Girkatrock 2/5

    By girlatrock
    Same, I’m 10 and there’s songs that have “WORDS” in them and there’s ones that aren’t even appropriate that are in the whole app so it’s a mix of more inappropriate
  • Needs CRITICAL features! 2/5

    By Lindy
    For the sanity of all young parents who ferry pre-schoolers and toddlers, and for the love of all that is holy on the highways, please add: -CarPlay (this app was made for the car, that’s where we EXCLUSIVELY use it). -Shuffle -Radio This app hasn’t had any meaningful development over the past year or two. Please give this app some love, devs!!
  • Great but… 4/5

    By by isabella T.
    This app is great in hindsight and theory, but there’s so many great songs that I know don’t have any bad words whatsoever, that aren’t on this app, like this one band Cimorelli that in listen to all the time, they do covers as well and always censor bad words, and I would really appreciate if their songs would be added to this app along with other music that doesn’t have bad words
  • A few things… 4/5

    By sededdrr
    Listen I really like this app a lot, but u guys need to do some things people are telling you to do. I know 7 guys respond, but u never do anything about it. Like I know a fully clean band that’s even Christian and they have ABSOLUTLY NO songs that r explicit. I can promise u that, and they’re called DC talk. Just pleez do what people are saying, like let us make our own private playlists, let us see lyrics if they are so clean, and please add songs that r fully clean in profanity and context. Thank u, and I love this app. I don’t want 7 guys to stay at two stars still, because I think u guys deserve three. Just do something about the reviews pleez and thank u. Otherwise from all of this, it’s truly a great app!!!
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Queen of Yes
    Hello! I do like you’re app but, when I tried to find something I couldn’t find it and I felt that this suggestion needed to be heard. I am asking for podcasts, I thought that I saw some, but I didn’t. I would really like some podcasts to listen to while drawing or while in the car. If u do this I will feel happy! And I will feel heard and noticed. Thank you if you read this and please do my suggestion.
  • Mom of 2 1/5

    By ellahtac
    -Why are there still ads even with the premium family? And the ads are LOUD -Can’t turn shuffle on and off -When you click on a song in a premade playlist from Spotify, 80% of the time it doesn’t play the right song -can’t cast to anything other than apple products or my tv
  • Great although… 3/5

    By clubscouts
    I love this app and it provides music that I love. But. There is no shuffle button, please add one! this was pre made but, this is exactly what i was going to say, anyway, I love this app, it is perfect.... WHERE IS THE SHUFFLE BUTTON
  • Plz add more songs!!! 4/5

    By Timmy-trumpet-007
    Ok to be honest I like this music app... But here’s the thing you gotta add more new updated songs like all the Harry styles ones, Taylor Swift ones, Justin Bieber, Lizo, and all those other new songs!!! It’s so disappointing because I only get to hear those songs on my radio and in the car but sometimes I don’t have those things and it’s really disappointing because I cannot listen to my favorite songs sometimes. Anyway plzzzz add more songs!!!! Thanks for your help :)
  • AWSOME! 5/5

    By mozzerellacoolio
    This app is amazing! But there are a few songs that aren’t great for kids. I would also like you to add more church songs! Such as, “ I am a child of god, and and gethsemane. Hope you take this in mind! Thanks!
  • Chrome cast support please 3/5

    By dgrr87
    Would love to be able to cast to home speakers
  • 4 stars. Here’s why… (I would give 3.5) 4/5

    By SimbaLove1226
    I’m 14. I have this app. I like bands like Evanescence and TOOL and Within Temptation. None of them are on here, which is very disappointing. I have to listen to shared albums. Update Ideas: Add Evanescence and Within Temptation and Maddie and Tae. Add a que where you can choose what order you want to listen to your songs. Not just unliking them then liking them back like I have to. Add a song request feature where you can request specific songs to be added by whoever adds the songs. Thanks for reading. I look forwards to seeing those features soon!!
  • Needs more music 3/5

    By jackson bullock
    All right so first of all there are a lot of retro rock bands but not enough and also why do you have Benny and the jets but not goodbye yellow brick road or any Radiohead songs there only like one or 2 minor swears and you have Alexander Hamilton where they say 2 swears in the first 5 seconds!!!!!
  • No radio 1/5

    By hshxbdbdjfnd
    Add the radio so I can listen to it.
  • Please fix! 2/5

    By GachaAvaGR
    I know that you would like children to listen to appropriate songs for their age, though children from 10+ are getting into other ages music. For example, Kate Bush, Doja Cat, etc. May you add another setting choice? I want it to be that the parents can choose what type of music their children can listen to. Overall, great app and is very appropriate for children ages 8 and down. Thank you if you will add this. Bye 👋
  • Nope 1/5

    It tells me to put my email so I did and is declined
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By yo whats goodie no cap
    I was searching through the app and I can’t even listen to harry styles
  • Needs some tweaks 3/5

    By iwantmyburritos
    I’m just 11 but there is a lot of songs I want to hear but they are not there. There are Eminem songs that I want to listen to but I know they swear, so just add the clean version. I feel like any song that has an explicit version of the song is not on here. I wish I could listen to the songs as clean versions. There are also 2 or 3 brad paisley songs and he my favorite country music artist, please add more songs of his. None of his songs are explicit. Also please add playlists that we can make, and please let us shuffle our songs, I am sick of hearing one song over and over again so I want the shuffle feature, please add those things. Also there are undertale songs that I like and they aren’t there. They don’t have any words in them so how could they swear. Also add more country music. If you could do these things that would be great.
  • PLAYLIST 4/5

    By rfhhrh&gryf
    You should be able to make playlist of your own. I don’t like that I only have one playlist not be able to make more than one.
  • just some suggestions. 5/5

    By lamapug123
    Hello! It’s a honor if you actually read this! Though I have a-few suggestions. One is that you look into more songs that are kid friendly you have a-lot of them! But some I really enjoy are missing. As an example one of these songs is house of memories and it is a great song by panic! at the disco don’t have it on this app. I just wish there was more variety for love songs on this app. I really do enjoy this app otherwise![I am a teenager and Spotify won’t work so I use this app,sorry if this confuses you]
  • Seems like they aren’t actively investing in this app 1/5

    By meggingyourpardon
    It’s lacking in some essential features, like the ability to shuffle and download shared playlists. Not super user friendly and feels like they just aren’t investing in it anymore.
  • Many Inappropriate Songs and Artists on Here 1/5

    By lrhayu
    I personally am very disappointed. We really love the regular Spotify app and was really hoping to be able to share this with our girls. However they are young children and there is barely any control over what they listen to on this app. I like what the mighty Vive did and made it so that parents could create the kids playlist and they are only allowed to listen to that. We could add songs to it anytimeWhenever they heard a new sign that they liked. I don’t understand why they didn’t go this route. That would be way better or at least have the option to do it that way instead of the pre made playlists with horrible music I don’t want my kids listening to. I absolutely cannot believe that Nas X is allowed to be on Spotify kids. Please fix this. Make the app work so that I don’t have to constantly monitor what they are listening to. Idc if your people handpicked these artists or whatever. You opinion is quite different than mine is for children’s content. It would be nice to have the peace of mind that my kids can listen to their heart’s content without worrying about filling their head with crap like relationship problems and sex when they are 5 and 9…
  • NEEDS ALOT OF WORK!!!!! 1/5

    By ferretlover1777
    I am frustrated with this app.Today it randomly just deleted all the songs on my playlist.And it’s so kiddie too.I’m not trying to be mean but there are amazing CHRISTIAN songs that I love that aren’t on there but they have “drivers license” and there with a bunch of other song with badddd curse words!And when my mom tried to add the music from Spotify on there it didn’t work!They took off a lot of Lauren Daigle songs for no reason. All they have is kiddie music for Christian kids. That’s not right. My parents would let me have Spotify and this is no substitute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please fix this app!!(also I am missing various songs from imagine dragons like dull knives and bleeding out witch have zero curse words.) here are some of the lyrics- I’m bleeding out if it’s the last thing that I do I’m bleeding out I’ll bleed out for you
  • fine ig 3/5

    By im the chickfila cow UwU
    its overall fine but it is lacking music.its all just disney and kidz bop and lots of little kids like to listen to way more than that.BUT there's little 9 year olds complaining that there's no abcdefu or something 🤔 like its called spotify KIDS 😐 if your parents wanted you to have an app without that kind of stuff then you probably shouldn't be listening to that anyways. like its SO crazy that spotify kids doesn't have dove cameron's boyfriend, emily 🫢
  • No no no no no no no 1/5

    By sosmed,w,wmsoskw
    you have to have a Spotify family premium To sign in LIKE BRO!? I just wan’t an app that plays music that I like without having to pay for anything or sign in to anything😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡
  • Just a song request 4/5

    By La gato👾👾🎵🎵
    Hi this is from a 6th grader I just have one little request and that’s if you would add a song call “I am a woman”by Helen Reddy.The song is really inspirational to me so please consider it.By the way great app just needs more content.🙂
  • Not so good 2/5

    By This Has Been Displayed
    It only has popular stuff and lacks classical music. It doesn’t have George Winston’s music and is too cheesy.
  • Not much variety 1/5

    By Harper237
    This is a good app, but it doesn’t have much of a variety of songs as regular Spotify.
  • Add more panic at the disco twenty one pilots and Owl City!? 3/5

    By gyfgggghhhb
    First of all why is there barely any panic at the disco it’s stupid. and why is there barely any owl city. And why is there none of Panic! at the disco’s new song’s!? Twenty one pilots is also good but there is barley any!?
  • This app is good. 4/5

    By miraculous star
    So this app is good for children! It has good songs and it’s fun! But there are somethings that this app needs. •Needs to get rid of songs that has cuss words in the title. •This game NEEDS TO UPDATE! Their are songs that is not inappropriate that is not on this app for example; Wolfs; Selena Gomez, and Late night talking; Harry Styles. So please update this app. Also it’s a good game you can only have one playlist so they need to add more. But anyway, this app is a good app! So please update it. It’s getting old. 4/5
  • I had my high hopes crushed 1/5

    By MajikAce
    I let go of my Spotify/Hulu combo account to get the family account for one reason, so my 10 year old son could listen to the playlists I make for him without him seeing the content I listen to. YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD A PLAYLIST A PARENT MAKES!!!! I lost my special deal on my account for nothing. I want my son to only listen to Christian rap/rock at this time since I don’t have to worry about sex, sexism, cursing, or suicidal lyrics and also violent lyrics to surround him. He is way to young for that. I swapped my account and lost my deal just to find out he can only listen to songs SPOTIFY deems okay. Listen, the honest truth is, you people don’t have the same standards I have so not being able to listen the the music I pick for him is absolute trash. No security… I regret so badly that I didn’t read reviews. I have had Spotify Premium for so long I trusted them blindly. Big mistake, I’d rather go to Apple and download it on the iPod.
  • No good 1/5

    By MushroomHunting
    I personally hate this app, it’s a good idea they just don’t have like any songs (good ones at least), i’m not a huge fan of Hamilton I don’t like Disney songs anymore, and I have to have Spotify premium to listen to it, that may not be the case for some people but every time I try to open the app it says you need Spotify premium too able to listen to music on here.