Spotify - Music and Podcasts

Spotify - Music and Podcasts

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  • Current Version: 8.7.68
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Spotify
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spotify - Music and Podcasts App

Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts on mobile or tablet. Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection. Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything. Spotify also offers thousands of Podcasts, including originals that you can't find anywhere else. Listen live to real-time conversations between creators, artists and athletes. Spotify for your Apple Watch gives you the ability to seamlessly access and control your favorite music and podcasts from your wrist. Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium. Free on mobile • Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode. Free on tablet • Play any song, any time. Premium features • Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer. • Enjoy ad-free music. • Listen offline. • Get better sound quality. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Love Spotify? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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Spotify - Music and Podcasts app reviews

  • Good 5/5

    Im too poor for premium but it’s still good 👍
  • Lo mejor 5/5

    By chapin🇬🇹🇬🇹
  • La mejor aplicación para canciones y no cobra 5/5

    By ._. uwu 🧋
  • New UI 1/5

    By Rob Boss BTD
    Really not a fan of the new UI, the sizings too large and it doesn’t feel as organized as before.
  • Just loving spoti can’t shout 5/5

    By flipMohaaWohaa
    Keep the beats coming 🥰
  • It got worst 2/5

    There’s nothing new on song recommendations. You can’t remove recent playlists. And worst, the ads, it used to be an ad every 2 songs. Now it’s after every song, even 30 seconds songs. It doesn’t even let me have 30 minutes ad free. It’s 4:30 am rn I’m annoyed
  • Backward leap in UX 1/5

    By AppleCrapware
    The new Home tab is so bad - poorly laid out, space inefficient - and actually taking away several bits of core functionality… Well, it’s staggering think there’s a team of supposed paid UI/UX designers who actually thought this was some kind of improvement instead of a huge regression.
  • Apple Watch streaming 1/5

    By tiny giraffes
    Watch streaming is broken with WatchOS 9.
  • Kanye 5/5

    By jeds com sock
    I listen to Kanye 25/8 top 1% Kanye 2024
  • Disappointing. 2/5

    By squiggys14k
    So I just got the app about 2 weeks ago and my 14 day free trial for premium is up. I’ve come to realize you have a limit on skips, you can’t pick what song you want to listen to.. you have to start a station.. which is ridiculous. If I wanna listen to a specific song, I don’t want some other song playing instead. You can’t rewind songs, which is ridiculous as well. This app is a waste, I don’t see what people think is so great about it. SoundCloud is better than this, and that ain’t saying much as most songs (that aren’t covers) on SoundCloud you gotta pay for. If I could at least listen to what song I want to listen to that would maybe convince me to keep the app, but for now, no. What a disappointment.
  • aaa 5/5

    By EchoFoox
  • So clutch 5/5

    He is better than 90% of mainstream rappers and I don’t know the dude from Makena paint I just got out of prison a year ago and I already have 16 K followers on my YouTube so believe me I know music I don’t know technology I just download your app today but that dude is going somewhere you need to promote him more I’m serious just saying
  • Only thing is… 5/5

    By riley660889
    I can’t play it without Wi-Fi
  • Hi 5/5

    By kingvi128
  • Screen is huge in latest update 1/5

    By ,(&473$:
    I don’t have the eyes of an 80 year old. Why can’t things be smaller
  • iPad Mini Add to playlist glitch 😔 3/5

    By iPadAppReview_15
    Definitely love the app, but unfortunately I’ve run into a glitch where when I go to add a song to a playlist by selecting the 3 dots then Add to Playlist, but the menu closes immediately after it opens.
  • Stop with the Podcasts 2/5

    By bs87racer
    Spotify is for music. I have zero desire to listen to podcasts and shoving them at me constantly at the cost of music real estate is irritating. Make a separate podcast app if you want to pursue podcasts so bad or let us disable them.
  • People considering premium 1/5

    By Max Compilations YT
    People considering premium, don’t be fooled by premiums promises. You will still get sponsored pop ups, and trash artists paying to be in your recommended songs
  • Sweet child o’ mine 4/5

    By lacey 1329
    I love Spotify..but why is sweet child o’mine explicit? I’m younger than 13 and I have the “no explicit” seatings on. My mom went through all the words NOT ONE SINGLE BAD WORD in it. Please fix these I would appreciate it. ❤️
  • 10/10 5/5

    By girl girl 2067
    I Love this app it literally saved my life get it now if you don’t have it
  • Spotify 5/5

    By uehrgshenheje
    This app is really good I can play music when everything I want to they have every song but the bad this is u have to pay for some stuff I just got a knee phone so all my stuff is gone but it’s a really good app u should download it
  • New update 2/5

    By camilaqwrtui
    The update looks weird and I no longer get my daily mix playlist on my Home Screen. They’re now on the search section which adds more steps to look through the playlist.
  • We Are Spotify 5/5

    By A Jai Warlock
    You Me We are Spotify!!!!
  • Change it back! 1/5

    By nobodyzy11
    The single column card design looks awful.
  • Love it 4/5

    By stranger things 1234568
    I listen to it every night and I love the podcast and the music but there are some music that is in on it but overall it is so great
  • Missing heart button 1/5

    By TyrenJohn
    I use the heart button a lot; and now I have a really dumb plus button. This makes the app feel much worse, and it wants me to add songs to playlists (which I don’t want to do!)
  • Love love love 5/5

    By kK wings
    10 years the best!!!!!
  • Great except it randomly deletes music 3/5

    By shoremann
    As I was scrolling through my library I clicked on an album and when I swiped back my liked songs was about 1000 songs give or take lower than it should have been, I go check my library and the last most recent thing is from may 2020 almost 2 and a half years ago, this isn’t the first issue I’ve had with songs randomly disappearing but definitely the worst
  • Music 1/5

    By akutagawaaah
    This app isn’t even that bad its just that its playing songs that aren’t on my playlist, i don’t wanna hear anything recommended just let me listen to my music in peace idc about them ads just stop playing those stupid songs i don’t even like, please.
  • Win 5/5

    By ghost b77
    The best
  • Best app ever!! 5/5

    By zamarita ✨
    This is such an amazing app! I definitely recommend this app is you are a music lover 👌🏼 I love to play music from here while I do my work, clean, and more ✨
  • It’s good, but has become even more unstable after recent updates. 2/5

    By CH3RRYR3D
    Spotify used to be very stable, clean, and bug free. It remained one of my favorite services despite its lacking library system, lack of songs tab and lossless audio, and podcast-crammed home screen. The audiobooks are an unnecessary addition in my opinion but it’s whatever. The big problem comes with the rampant instability issues caused by recent updates. The app will freeze, crash, or otherwise not function more than 3 times an hour for me. Deleting and reinstalling hasn’t helped. On top of providing only the bare minimum for music, Spotify seems content with leaving their app half-baked. This service used to be great but now I wouldn’t recommend it over Tidal or Apple.
  • Best AUDIO Subscription Service Ever! 5/5

    By BUY $NOK
    Spotify continuously pushes the boundaries of my individual music tastes to uncharted waters. I remember signing up way back when it was a tiny company that just provided a convenient service. Through the years I found myself discovering hidden gems. I never in my wildest imagination would have ever thought that I would enjoy the music that I do today because of Spotify. I feel liberated from the monotonous one-size-fits all repetitive playlists that is mainstream radio. The other services are just “you act, we react.” You pick a song, it plays it. Spotify is so much more than that. It’s proactively learning your tastes and absolutely smashes expectations with their suggestions. This is one subscription I will NEVER give up.
  • 9/2022 UI - Horrendous homepage 1/5

    By Juan Tawn
    The new homepage is awful, it displays two items at a time and they’re usually playlists of podcasts I don’t want to listen to. Between this, and the recursively weighted algorithms I am considering cancelling my premium account and moving to a different app.
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By b!gbody
    This app is amazing
  • G sad nxmbjsk 4/5

    By had xx
    Good music, too many adds, and you can’t listen to a specific song if it’s not hip hop or rap.
  • I want to sing bang by AJR 5/5

    By oaunytjj
    Bang bang bang bang you I didn’t bang bang bang bang bang
  • It keeps deleting playlist 3/5

    By 😯🙄😬😯😶🤫😐
    Okay so me and my friend group have a collaborative playlist great we all all songs to and listen to ALL THE TIME but every day now it deletes our playlist and glitches and It is so annoying, and I get an add after EVERY single song guaranteed.
  • Awesome for listening to music 5/5

    By xilefcloneversion6
    I can’t express how amazing this app is I’ve only used it for a month and its really good I’m listening to music as I’m making this review I use it to sleep study and just work in general
  • Love this artist 5/5

    By Pop Music 3773
    Just discovered Violette Lani. Highly recommend.
  • i hate ads. 1/5

    By l3slieceballos
    I HATE THE ADS TAKE THEM AWAY “want a break from the ads 🤭”
  • Great app 5/5

    By Keith Moore Jr
    Great podcast and music selection
  • Spotify 5/5

    By caileba
    Really good app but a little expensive but I think it is worth it
  • Why Spotify is great 5/5

    By the spotify kid
    I used to use pandora, but then I tried Spotify, and it’s amazing. First of all, it has music videos. Also it’s algorithm is amazing recommending so many great songs. It really tries to find what you like for you instead of you doing it for yourself.
  • Brutal spam 2/5

    By Esmo2000chess
    Great app but massive spam notifications.
  • to much adds 1/5

    By Joshuapadykula
    to much adds and can only skip 6 songs per hour with free
  • The days 5/5

    By We welcome to smell like poop
    5 stars
  • very great 5/5

    By thhis is an amazing app!
    spotify i amazing for listening to music i use it to stream all my music and podcasts if you are looking for somewhere to get your songs and podcast spotify is it!!
  • Amazing Spotify 5/5

    By my sea friends
    You can enjoy so many of your favorite songs anytime anywhere and if your a little hyper you can listen to calm music or when your sad listen to you favorite songs to get you in a good mood that’s what I usually do Spotify is great in so many ways!❤️