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Spotify - Music and Podcasts App

Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts on mobile or tablet. Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection. Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything. Spotify also offers thousands of Podcasts, including originals that you can't find anywhere else. Spotify for your Apple Watch gives you the ability to seamlessly access and control your favorite music and podcasts from your wrist. Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium. Free on mobile • Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode. Free on tablet • Play any song, any time. Premium features • Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer. • Enjoy ad-free music. • Listen offline. • Get better sound quality. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Love Spotify? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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Spotify - Music and Podcasts app reviews


    By Curlytop101
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! It’s incredibly difficult to navigate through ANYTHING now. The artist list is all jumbled and I don’t know how to even use this app anymore. Bring back the old setup, nothing was wrong with it, it was familiar and user-friendly. This is TOO MUCH change at once, there was no transition.
  • The new update makes it harder to listen to my music 1/5

    By allie abomination
    I used to be able to easily listen to all the music I had downloaded from a certain artist. Not all the music by that artist, just all the music I CHOSE from that artist. Now selecting from the artist list only allows you to play through ALL their music. The only way I can see to play selected songs from a specific artist is to create a playlist. This is unnecessarily complicated.
  • Still love streaming, update is terrible. 3/5

    By douchemaster9000
    Please revert to the old Spotify. This new update is awful and unorganized.
  • I'm sorry 5/5

    By Grant12212
    I'm sorry for That last update. I found where they are now.
  • Have to spend money? I think NOT 5/5

    By stella likes pickles
    I dunno, but paying money to skip a song, and having limited skips? Is it just me, because I have like no money. Yeah, but besides that I just love Spotify! Like everything is just so easy and I love it. Ever since I got the app, I was literally addicted, or would you call obsessed? It's amazing, that's a fact
  • Library update 1/5

    By Anymouz
    I’m very disappointed in the new library format, yes it’s a clean and cool layout but it gets rid of recently played. I use Spotify daily, all the time. I’m not happy with this update.
  • Unacceptable 1/5

    By ChFGX
    Not supporting iPad multitasking in 2019? Enjoy your 1 star.
  • Dog has stinky breathe 1/5

    By Connor Haegerman
  • Buggy 2/5

    By jdgubert
    I’m really not sure how this has 4.8 stars. I’m constantly having issues with bugs in the app whether it’s not being able to add songs to playlists, or songs not playing when I select them, or playlists not deleting when I delete them, or CarPlay taking an unreasonable amount of time to load, or the screen displaying a song other than the one playing. I’m considering ending my subscription and moving to Apple Music.
  • Ruined library navigation 1/5

    By SmoggyPluto
    I’ve always used Spotify as a way to save the songs and albums I like and the latest update completely ruined library navigation. Only albums that you saved entirely show up in the albums section, and artists will only show up if you “follow” them. This is terrible for anyone who doesn’t only use playlists on Spotify
  • This is a good app but I have a question 4/5

    By Charles711542
    I like the app more than any music app, Hope you guys can add the song lyrics!
  • Update is atrocious 1/5

    By Gumbeaux_
    The new update has broken the app. The ability to view your saves songs by artist in alphabetical order has disappeared. It’s made it much harder to use and after years of being a Spotify user I’m switching to Apple Music if it isn’t added back soon.
  • Spotify review 3/5

    By Down falllzaz
    Don’t get me wrong I love the app it’s just that when your playlist is to short Spotify decides to add songs for you and there is no option in settings to turn it off. Me and my friend would appreciate it very much if you would make that an option in the Spotify app’s settings.
  • No 2/5

    By yeet my life owo
    If I wanted to get Spotify premium then I would but, I don’t want to. You don’t have to keep trying to make me get it with adds for it. Other than that it’s fine, although it doesn’t have all the songs I would like it to have.
  • Amazing music🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 5/5

    By chlobear chloe balanay
    I love this app and I have a passion for singing
  • Wish I could rate 0 stars at this point 1/5

    By The vampire diaries lover <3
    In the 8 years I’ve owned an iPhone, I’ve never written a review for an app, but the most recent update is horrible. Where is the alphabetic scrolling for my library? I have thousands of songs & now, I have to scroll to find one instead of just jumping to a letter. What was the point of removing this feature?? Also, why is “my library” now my “liked songs” & in the same window as my playlists? Something that was so easy to access is now unnecessarily hidden away. I understand the desire to make an app sleeker but this is not a user friendly update & it feels like nobody at Spotify considered these things. It’s frustrating when there was nothing wrong with the old design & yet it is completely changed.
  • New Update is GARBAGE 2/5

    By Clemsonboi444
    Ever since they switched from “saved” to “liked” music this app as been garbage. But now this new update takes it a step further trying to organize things better. However, now all my once “saved” music is no longer there. Now I have to go back and re- “like” or “save” pretty much everything I once had. It’s simple, IF ITS NOT BROKEN DONT FIX IT!!
  • Best music app ever 5/5

    By OneShotBrennen
    The Mechanics are on point, and the music quality is amazing. 100% Spotify over Apple Music
  • New Layout - No alphabetical slider 1/5

    By Kook!
    Please add the alphabetical slider back to the albums/artists section. Why would such a useful feature for sorting/searching through music be removed? I like the new layout but it’s useless without an easy and fast way to navigate.
  • Good 5/5

    By bradylope
  • Sickkk 5/5

    By isamonster7
    Dope it learns your taste!
  • Terrible Update 2/5

    By CC70453
    Spotify has been my favorite app for years. I use it daily to find new artists and make playlists. I have a ton of songs saved in my library, and typically will go into my artists to search for an artist I want to listen to and play their songs I have saved. Now I have to save those songs, AND follow the artists to do that. It might seem like a small thing, but when you have thousands of songs saved, going through and following all of those artists seems like an unnecessary hassle, and now my follow list, which is mainly close friends I share music with, is now going to be cluttered with hundreds of artists. I don't hate the layout, but changing that feature makes no sense.
  • Recently Played 3/5

    By not a big thing but kinda
    I preferred the previous ‘Recently Played’ display. It was much more convenient to scroll my current taste in music as opposed to it being moved to larger icons in a horizontal manner. Can someone explain the difference between liking and saving something? If I like it, I must want it saved, right? Guess not since they’re different.
  • Terrible June UI update 1/5

    By levi116
    Bring back a way for me to see my recently played songs...I shouldn’t have to scroll through my entire library and create a manual playlist to find the songs I’ve been listening to lately. This update is so trash I’m turning off automatic updates for this app
  • Great, but adding bad songs to my playlist 3/5

    By 3laine's review
    I had Spotify for a while now, and the worst problem for me was THEY ADD HORRIBLE MUSIC TO MY PLAYLIST! I was l just listening to my playlist while doing chores once, and a song with cuss words came on. My mom was there, and got my phone banned for a week. There are other small problems, but this one is the worst for me.
  • Bring back saved artists and songs. 1/5

    By Huxley the beagle
    Good lord, why would they make it harder to organize and curate your library. Literally over half a decade of saved music now undone. Do the people who work on this app even listen to music?
  • Spotify rate 2/5

    By brenda nguyen
    I’m giving this 2 stars because I’m irritated about the new updates and feature. It’s really annoying! Please just change Spotify back to 2017 features. It’s so much easier for people to use.
  • This app is splendiferous 5/5

    By ollie grandfather
    Hou Spotify is cheerah ah free music, not rubbah, stay cheerah, plenteh mahalos
  • my review 5/5

    By JJ😝Queen
  • Unnecessary Changes in updates 2/5

    By 7Dwight
    Was working great. Then they update and rearrange the library for no good reason just to be different. They removed the shuffle all songs function. I will cancel soon if this is not fixed.
  • New update is horrible! 1/5

    By Usernametaken9272639
    Before the update, I would’ve given Spotify a 5 star review without hesitation. In its current state, I wouldn’t even give it 1 star if that was an option. I shouldn’t have to “follow” an artist to be able to sort my music by artist. Also, you can no longer save individual songs from album?? It automatically gives you the whole album to put in your library and you can’t delete songs that you don’t want in what is supposed to be your personal library. Absolutely horrible update, hopefully the developers realize this from the numerous unhappy reviews and other media.
  • Help. 2/5

    By HarrysBabygirl
    My Spotify screen keeps changing. I’d like to listen to all my songs not just the ones I’ve “Liked”. Please fix whatever this is. I liked the way it was before.
  • New UI 1/5

    By Tim6263949273
    The new UI is trash. Bring back the alphabetical tab on the right side to scroll. I can’t even sort by artists anymore. Come on man.
  • Update issue 1/5

    By brent3421
    This new update is absolutely terrible I can’t even access the songs and stations I previously listened to...I want the old UI back
  • Gets worse with each update 1/5

    By Sam.Pause
    I feel the Spotify developers have a bet going on who can make the worst change to get people to actually stop using it. I have both Apple Music and Spotify and used to use Spotify more, after the last update where everything got weird and it didn’t have the global or top charts and made it look like a free trial I started using Apple Music even more. Now Spotify made an update where all your podcasts and music are together. There is literally no one who would want that. Like imagine listening to your music jamming out then a podcast just turns on and kills everything. Spotify please stop making your app less usable. I wanna go on the app, be able to see what’s at the top charts right away, then see my music. I’ll be deleting my Spotify account and using exclusively Apple Music now. For those of you who haven’t tried it, please do.
  • 🙄 5/5

    By screwlife666
    When it says that you have 30 minutes of ad free music (without premium) just know they’re lying to you and that there’ll still be ads.
  • Feature of scrolling alphabetically is gone 2/5

    By cheeseonme
    Where is it? Did it get lost? I can’t find it. Please find it and return it. I need it. We all need it. $10 Reward. I won’t scroll through thousands of songs to get to the letter Z. Apple Music has one.
  • Update took away sort by “song” 1/5

    By Buddyaspen
    Unable to find music by song. Only options are “playlist, artist, albums”. Fix the UI back to similar to pc as it was in previous versions.
  • Awesome best app ever 5/5

    By flashymoney
    This was the best app I ever bought add if Spotify is reading this please pay me.
  • You F****d it up! 1/5

    By P_inkFloy_d
    Worst update to an app in history!!! You can no longer use the side bar to scroll through music, if you liked songs but didn’t download them they were deleted, if you want to see songs under a particular artist you HAVE to follow them and you no longer can see all your albums only the select few that you have downloaded!
  • Liked Songs Playlist 4/5

    By Chris Alstott2
    I would give this app 5 starts because i absolutely love it, but you need to add the alphabetical scroller back. It takes me forever to find a specific song now because I have to scroll through all 2000 of my songs to find the one I’m looking for. Please fix this.
  • Newest UI changes removed the slider to search for songs faster 2/5

    By Tamashi13
    It takes forever to scroll through my music and searching for it limits it worth hr songs that are sort of like it. Add the slider back in.
  • One more thing 5/5

    By Gettinittogethet
    It's a great app.. it would be great if instead of local files (which I appreciate.. it's definitely better than nothing) you offered a cloud music locker, AND if we can have a HiFi option with at least 44.1 khz 16 bit. Otherwise great app, and THANK YOU for having your queue work properly!!!!
  • Best music app on the market. 5/5

    By Allie Cat🐱
    Spotify, thank you. Because of your streamline, simple UI, listening to and finding new music has never been easier. Even without premium, with adds, limited skips, and not on demand listening, this app is still dominant. I tried pandora; deleted it right away. I’ve been done with anything having to do with Apple Music or iTunes for a while now, so when I found this app a year ago, I was relieved. I can finally listen to music. I have only two complaints though, very minor. The price for premium. It’s fine; not great but not terrible either. I can deal with it. The issue is when signing up for premium with a credit card, it will charge you automatically. There is another option for buying each month at a time, but with some card I’ve never heard of before, why can’t I use a credit card to buy one month only if that’s all that I want, I don’t want to have to check my account to cancel my plan to cancel it each month. It gets tiresome. Also, when making a new account, after a few days of listening to music, I want my daily song playlists. I don’t want to wait said amount of time to find new songs. Like I said, very minor complaints, I give this app 9/10.
  • Yall is it 5/5

    By straccapose
    Best thing that ever came down theRoad Love what ,yall is and are Doing Lord Be JESUS dont Stop Cause,Baby this aint no Bus Station 1000000000 STARZ,yall is Really,Real ?
  • New UI is Trash 1/5

    By JakeStroudles
    The new UI is trash, change it back to the old one and stop trying to fix what isn’t broken.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! 4/5

    By jowhwalla
    I adore that Spotify always keeps the library packed with all the less popular music that is oftentimes amazing, but doesn’t necessarily get attention from promoters and outlets like Billboard or radio DJs. The curated playlists accurately fill the sonic void they describe. It seems that there is a pretty effective beatmatching / mixing engine at work with music in electronic genres, too. Neat! My complaints are minimal. The first relates to shuffle scope: When I pick a playlist (or album) and select “shuffle play” in the car without Internet, the Spotify app will shuffle all the songs stored locally on my device instead of the scope of my current play ([playlist name]) for example. Secondly... I sometimes save music to my device in a “library” and often “like” tracks. “Downloaded” and “liked” seem to be treated the same, and when I go to “my songs” I’d rather see the tracks I hand-picked than the albums I keep handy because they work better as a progression of songs than a random “I (expletive) LOVE THIS (expletive) SONG?” that might work better with other favorites. In other words, let us keep a digital CD case and a “personal anthems” collection too. 😁
  • bad update 1/5

    By leatherneck1991
    i love spotify, but this new update is awful. it’s SO hard to sort through my music and podcasts without my nice recently played list, and yet this update was supposed to make it easier. it looks bad and it makes it really hard to find my music.
  • New update 1/5

    By eskimoamber
    made things way too complicated. why should my liked songs be in a playlist? and we shouldn't have to follow artists if we only like one of their songs. and liking a whole album when i only wanted to like the ONE song? who thought this was a good idea? i would seriously give it zero stars if i could.

Spotify - Music and Podcasts app comments

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