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  • Current Version: 8.4.53
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Spotify is the best way to listen to music on mobile or tablet. Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection. Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything. Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium. Free on mobile • Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode. Free on tablet • Play any song, any time. Premium features • Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer. • Enjoy ad-free music. • Listen offline. • Get better sound quality. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Love Spotify? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:


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Spotify Music app reviews

  • please go back to the way it was 4/5

    By 33337775883
    i love spotify so much i use it for about eight hours everyday, but this update is horrible. there are so many things i can’t access and i very much prefer the way it was. please go back
  • Great app but needs change 4/5

    By 😝😉😳😯😶😕👍👎
    You should be able to merge playlist or add a playlist to anything playlist. Needs a new look and layout. Light mode and dark mode.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Music is my Venom
    Ads consistently making up 30% of your music playlist. Also constantly teasing you with Spotify premium privileges.
  • Good Music Bad Morals 2/5

    I have been a member of Spotify since 2012 I believe, as well as a premium member for almost as long. As a music service, I thoroughly enjoy the product. Recently Spotify has decided to stick their nose into something like determining the morals of their artists. I don’t need a company determining what’s right and wrong, ultimately that’s up to the laws and judicial systems of whatever country they’re in. As well, I would like to make a determination for myself as to whether I want to continue to support an artist or not. I’m going to start doing some research into other streaming services to see if there’s someone who provides a wide array of musical offerings and switch to them, because I don’t want a service getting involved in the moral business, I’m a consumer for music and music alone.
  • Idk 3/5

    By Joseph :D
    Spotify headquarters: “quick how do we hide all the negative impacts the new update will have on its users?” Spotify Employee: “not tell them about it in any of the updates?” Spotify HQ: “genius !”
  • Idea for New Feature! 5/5

    By EvanUB
    Create an alarm feature that people will use everyday and that links to their favorite Spotify playlists.
  • Spotify.... 5/5

    By Paulexis40
    I mean it’s aight.... lol jk it’s great!
  • Trash update 3/5

    By i thought i loved this app
    The new update is trash it’s like using pandora it won’t let me put my playlist on shuffle anymore
  • Error!! 1/5

    By Hjh Dee
    I Cant create new account!
  • This latest update is unbelievable 1/5

    By prov221
    I was just discussing joining the Spotify Family Plan with my family last week, ...then this update came out and we all unanimously changed our minds against paying for the service. Both free users and paid users are mentioning important concerns within many reviews. As much as we have enjoyed Spotify, the frustrations are becoming more and more common and concerning. We try to roll with the changes and innovations, but as I browse other review, we are not the only users feeling this way. It seems each update tries to implement something new, but consistently removes and breaks features that are popular and useful. Forgive me if I am mistaken about some of these items that seem to be changed or removed after this latest update: —Playlist Folders missing on the app. —Songs actually added to my custom playlists! —Song counts missing on playlists. —Radio missing on the app. —When clicking the video for 30 free minutes without ads, this actually ends up being a random range of as low as even 5 minutes before more ads. As a side note, thank you for bringing back the useful song previews! I hope that this input helps to improve your product, direction, and concern for your user base. You do have a great product. Just a bit misguided when it comes to what is useful as a user, and what is not useful as a user, sometimes. Good luck, and thank you if you are sincerely taking this in. ;]
  • Awesome 5/5

    By therealmikemic
    I really have nothing bad to say. It's awesome! Mafia Negra Riders/ Records (MNR)rock to this all the time.....
  • Lies 1/5

    By lpsadore
    “30 minuets of ad free music” what a lie. I don’t even get 10 minuets of ad free music 🙄
  • Good so far 5/5

    By patroclous
    Great so far 😄😉
  • MV with songs 1/5

    By Dominicanacrazy
    How come songs and music videos are on one playlist instead of separate.
  • Not intuitive at all... 2/5

    By iriebuff
    Pay for the service and really don’t like it but need to because of Xbox app. Need to make it easier, less clicks to get to my stuff...always pushing Spotify lists etc. after 6 months still cannot figure out how to remove songs from playlists vs. library vs. what’s playing many clicks, swipes, screens, etc.
  • Off line downloading 3/5

    By Alaska Man 782
    I recently had to update my phone so I had to re download the application! When trying to download two of my playlists so I can listen to them off-line, I was having major difficulties getting the songs to download. I made sure to have a WiFi connection and my cellular data on and I was only able to get two songs to download in about a three hour period... They are still no downloading:) Other than that I love Spotify!!
  • No problems 5/5

    By brownbulgarian
  • Great app, but... 4/5

    By GuitarGuy5150
    I love this app for all the music that it brings to the table, but it seems to crash at least one out of every five times I use it.
  • hjhj 5/5

    By sgygywhsugi
  • No premium+ phone= end me 2/5

    By Jayjay williams
    Spotify without premium on every device except phone is fine. It’s complete cancer on phone.
  • The new update 1/5

    By mcpaddleboat
    I used to be a premium member, but not after this new update. I had almost two thousand songs and now I only have around nine hundred. I am also not a fan of the way the new daily mixes work. I don’t know what happened to all the good music that was on Spotify. I used to love the app and would brag on it being better than all the other music apps. Now I cant stand the new layout and I don’t like the categories. I can’t find good rock music anymore or any decent country. Maybe it’s just me but the old Spotify was perfect and now you couldn’t pay me to use the app.
  • New Update 3/5

    By michxo
    So the new update is pretty cool and all, but I so much prefer it when my songs I added in a particular section AND WHEN IT WAS ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Other than that it’s pretty cool though.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By NixxWizz
    I love it
  • Old Spotify is awesome. 1/5

    By Derek_Spelite
    The new Spotify is garbage. It barely plays the songs you save. If you get premium, there is a possibility that your account will not work after your premium is up. You can’t even save music anymore and play it in playlist and don’t brother using the mobile version this app. Just use computer or gaming console to listen to music.
  • Update stinks 2/5

    By tjhurls
    Looks nice, but where did my “songs” bar go? Where did “radio” bar go? I really liked being able to shuffle all my songs like my personal radio. Now you want to me to make playlists instead? Ugh. Not to mention that albums are no longer sorted by artist!! What’s up with that? They are sorted by when you added them. And there is no more letters on side bar to sort anymore. Scroll only? Come on. And hell, even clicking on an album brings up those songs and random others. I virtually have no way of knowing what is in my saved library anymore. Was just about to do premium until the update. Sigh. Why would you mess with a good thing???
  • Where is the artist radio? 2/5

    By this guy 2566447
    Loved the artist radio. Since last update either you got rid of it or you have it hidden really well.
  • I lost my playlist 1/5

    By Nattles7
    I was perfectly happy NOT being signed up as another means of being tracked for what I listen to or enjoy. Then I go back to Spotify after being forced to sign up and lose my already established playlist. Not happy not cool. In fact I left pandora for Spotify because I had to sign up to listen to music .
  • U will love it 5/5

    By Joni killed too ma
    I love this app it gots all the music you’ll ever need u will love it
  • I like it but I wish it was free 5/5

    By Crazycuckchickcanible
    I like it but I wish it was free
  • I deleted Spotify for XXX and R. Kelly 1/5

    By Bladedurden
    What about Billie Joel Armstrong? What about Tupac? What about Nelly? What about Marylin Manson? What about A$AP Bari? What about Michael Jackson? If you’re going to instate a policy like this to keep down artist who’ve made mistakes in the past, at least be consistent. Smh Spotify
  • Version 8.4.53 Update 1/5

    By this review anonymous
    I never have written a review before, but Spotify’s new update made me cringe. The biggest problem for me is that a playlist’s songs can’t be put in order anymore; you can only view them in the order they were added to the playlist. This makes editing the playlist far more difficult for me, because I would have to find the song not by title or artist but by what was an essentially arbitrary order. Furthermore, it appears as if playlist folders have disappeared. From an organizational perspective, these were immensely helpful. Also, there’s an entire tab for premium that doesn’t do anything if you have the free version. This is NOT applicable to the free version, so why is it there? You can’t even sign up for premium from it - you can only see benefits. This update was a mistake, it made the app much harder to use on mobile.
  • Great 5/5

    By Spotify on the spot
  • I can’t find where to pay for premium 4/5

    By Not Annonomous
    All I get is a link that shows the benefits if I pay. Student discounts would be nice too. Like Apple Music
  • Mrs G 5/5

    By Anita0198
    Love this application, wouldn’t change it. I really recommend.
  • Change it back 1/5

    By Fhaack
    The new update is trash.
  • Shuffle in random songs? 3/5

    By Unsingefou
    I really love Spotify. The ability to find just about any song, discover new music, build playlists. I am a free user so I understand the need for ads. What I don’t appreciate is that often we will hear ads that are not appropriate. Sure I created my account and I’m over 18, but I simply don’t want my kids to hear some of the inappropriate ads. Honestly sometimes I think the ads are inappropriate for me to listen to as well. I also understand the need to lock down full control of your music so it’s okay to hear my playlists in a random order and not be able to play any song I want on demand. What is not okay though is having random songs added to the list. This again is similar to the situation mentioned above, we simply don’t want to hear songs that we aren’t expecting as some of them aren’t appropriate for our family. Until these issues are fixed, sadly we will not be using the mobile app.
  • Adds 1/5

    By dizzie :~}
    I clicked an add to have 30 minutes of add free music and adds still played.
  • Lyrics? 5/5

    By ybjulius
    Okay but the new lyrics pop up is really awesome. 10/10
  • New update killed it 2/5

    By MainMan138
    This is my favorite app for playing music. However with the most recent update on May 15th I found it quite unenjoyable. The new update claims that it's easier but I find it much more complicated. I wanted to make a playlist with songs from two specific albums and as I scroll to look through the albums after creating my playlist, I see a song from a band that I love, yet it had zero correlation with the playlist, and it said "You added" with the songs from the albums, and a "We added" with the song from the other band. Why would you purposely destroy a specific playlist that someone made? I can even understand if it was the same artist. Please fix this. I don't like the new update at all.
  • Couldn’t live without it 5/5

    By westonedyo
    Spotify is a great music streaming service. I use it for almost anything I’m doing. They have pretty much every song out there and It is a very convenient feature that you can download all your songs to An offline playlist. It has an intuitive interface and it is easy to make playlists. I think the price is worth it for not having to listen to advertisements. It is also good for finding music because it will automatically play music that is similar to that would you listen to
  • Don’t like the new update 3/5

    By Ella_reads
    LOVED the old version. Now I can’t add multiple songs to a playlist. And it takes too much effort to save songs. And add whole albums to a playlist. Please just let me be able to add multiple songs at a time and whole albums to playlist.
  • The Best! 5/5

    By I'mma Good Person
    I Love Spotify! Best Selection & Great Songs!
  • ehhh 3/5

    By ahni1
    i tried to listen to a new album that just came out. so i added all the tracks to a new playlist but spotify keeps on added tracks from past albums and it’s really bothering me but it’s okay. please fix this and only add my music to a playlist. also the update is terrible i want the old spotify back, it’s so difficult to see all my tracks. the preview of the song is cool tho.
  • Wow! 5/5

    By beautynbrainz26
    I give this app a “5” it’s everything! Best music downloader I’ve seen yet
  • Could be better 3/5

    By zungz1
    It’s free for some things, but the app is really hard to use because it doesn’t let you listen to some of your songs. You can’t choose what song you want to play- you have to shuffle play. But other than that it’s pretty good for something that’s free for the most part. A lot of adds though.
  • the best 5/5

    By mounkey54321
    this is a great app and omg i cant even explain how good this app is it just the best
  • The songs aren’t playing 4/5

    By Ahwake
    I have an iPhone 8+ and I’ll open Spotify and it freezes or I’ll click play on a song and it stays at 0 seconds. This happens on wifi and on cellular data. Is it a bug?
  • The best!!!to share and enjoy music 5/5

    By vilpq
    I love it
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By 7125Al
    I love Spotify and all, but whenever i play songs from a playlist of mine, suggestions of songs pop up, which really frustrate me since I have a free account
  • the update. 2/5

    By ChaoswithCake
    the most recent update has made radios impossible to find, songs can only be added one at a time, and playlist folders aren’t there anymore. not to mention an entire tab for advertising premium? the redesign /looks/ nice but many functions have disappeared and there appears to be no attempts to rectify that. it’s all extremely irritating.

Spotify Music app comments


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