Spotify Stations: Stream radio

Spotify Stations: Stream radio

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.32
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Spotify Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Spotify Stations: Stream radio App

Create stations based on the music you love, all for free with Spotify Stations. Select an artist, genre or even decade and Spotify Stations does the hard work for you. Plus, the more Spotify Stations learn about what you love to listen to, you’ll get even more personalized recommendations. Rock, Rap, Pop, EDM, Classical, RnB, Jazz, Alternative, Top 40, Country music and much more! Choose from many different genres and spend less time searching and more time enjoying your music. Whether you’re driving on the road or sound tracking your workday, Spotify Stations has mixes just waiting for you. Tuning in with Spotify Stations couldn’t be easier: Choose the style of music you love Get personalized recommendations based on your tastes and preference You can even name your stations and make them totally unique to you Easily switch between genres when you want to mix things up Create a station based on one or more of your favorite artists Use it on mobile, web or connect it to your car for your next roadtrip Log in with your Spotify account or create one to access Stations for free. Download Spotify Stations today to get access to a whole new listening experience from Spotify.

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Spotify Stations: Stream radio app reviews

  • NO RADIO! 1/5

    By tub,kgruktrhkfgerefhrjkcb
    This app is horrible there isn’t even a radio and it needs mobile data cant you plug you earphones in and it’s like a aerial? I’m going back to my Nokia.
  • Something a little +More 5/5

    By max.i.mus
    A Nice Alternative / 2nd option to their main APP interface. Change your listening experience uP^
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By chingadamadre!
    Thank you for all the blessings of these songs, those were the days my friend!
  • Great addition 4/5

    By mtay.b
    Spotify stations was a great addition to Spotify, although the app is still lacking a few features I’d like to see from the main app overall a great experience with the app so far
  • BEST APP EVER!!! 5/5

    By deadpool669suckers
    This app is awesome I use everyday they got my fav rappers like ynw melly blueface and so much more
  • Rege 3/5

    By Lobo9004
  • Hi 1/5

    By bobby55113
    Yall car enable is missing put a new automatic enable for car
  • Awesome music 5/5

    By El Rojo51
    Love the variety of all the songs
  • Great app! 5/5

    By nikki lassen
    Love it. Not a lot of ads for free music.
  • I’m premium and it still played ads 1/5

    By admiller82
    Not very impressed. I was listening to a Mumford and Sons station, then it started playing the Ghostbusters theme song. If that wasn’t bad enough, ads started playing. I pay for premium, I was logged into my correct account, but it still played ads! If I’m going to have ads on my radio, Pandora is way better at generating playlists anyway.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By MattBurnett15
    I enjoyed Spotify and pandora but couldn’t decide, this is the perfect mix!!
  • Skip 5/5

    By sTARR461
    I wish you'd would bed able to choose the song more!
  • Not fully baked app 2/5

    By Nickname19821
    It’s a little buggy, doesn’t slays start back up with CarPlay sometimes needs to be restarted completely
  • Needs Features 3/5

    By hisnigbo
    Add a queue and the ability to go back to skipped songs also the ability to add songs to my playlist on the main Spotify app
  • No Casting 2/5

    By VolioB
    Doesn’t currently support chrome cast.
  • Good... but why? 3/5

    By Somewhat Bad Reviewer
    Good, but why isn’t this integrated into normal Spotify?
  • Great algorithm. Why can’t I access from anywhere else? 2/5

    By Lost in Disney
    It’s really very good, nearly replaces pandora for me... except I can’t access my stations anywhere except the iPhone app OR if I get lucky and one of my stations goes to the “heavy rotation” category, then I can finally add it to Sonos. I am trying to create buttons for easy access to certain playlists and cannot do this with Spotify stations due to the issues and limitations- seriously what’s the hang up with adding stations to the main app?
  • Review 1/5

    By yfn500
    Screen frozen
  • Convenient! 2/5

    By Blad_
    Great for discovering songs and leaving it on play while driving. Please add crossfade and rewinds! All I want.
  • Widget Support 5/5

    By Lancebuzz
    Please bring a widget to start a station(s) quickly from the Home Screen.
  • Actually better than 4. That said... 4/5

    By JohnnyAngel69
    The following changes/fixes would for mevearn this otherwise first-rate app a 5: Integrate functionality, including station creation and saving, into main Spotify app. Barring full integration into main Spotify app, implement hardware volume control just like in Spotify app.
  • Super cool app 5/5

    By Viralkumar Shah
    Loved the interface which is better compare to normal Spotify. Would love if I can change skin color.
  • Add Playlists to Stations 3/5

    By anbonney
    I’d like to be able to add my own playlists to Spotify stations.
  • Horrible for tablets 🙄 1/5

    By Lily_claire837
    It a good app but I really hate because I use a iPad when I listen to music but this app does not have a full screen to use a iPad so do not get when using a iPad/tablet type device
  • Perfect, Just 2 tweaks please! 4/5

    By Lemon Hope 🍋
    Great concept, UI, and functions perfectly. It’s been awesome seeing this project grow! Just 2 things: 1) Please allow the ability to edit the order of stations (my last added station is stuck at the bottom of the station list, but I want it at the top) 2) Please add an EQ like there is in the regular Spotify app Thanks and keep up the awesome work!
  • Spotify Station Is Okay. 4/5

    By Arsehole-San
    Pros: -Easy navigation and transitions between stations. -Allows you to dislike and like songs on stations to improve song selection. -Personalized stations-add artists to stations, rename stations, include similar artists. -Pause, Play and Skip buttons. Cons: -Does not allow music to play offline. -Cannot go back or forward x amount of seconds into songs. Overall it is a great app. Personally, I prefer the main app because of the offline mode because of the location I live in.
  • Why does it stop playing? ⛔📵🙅‍♀️ 2/5

    By memyohmyohmy
    Ugh when it plays normally, I feel like all I hear is a song or two then ad ad ad. When I really want to hear music, it just stops altogether. No consistency! I don't care about your suggested stations or artists.. Get it to work right first!! 🙏 🤦‍♀️
  • Personalized 1/5

    By Drazen001
    It might be good idea to allow creating multiple groups of radio stations for personal organizing, such as different styles of music or yearly categories that users can create and organize themselves, and than put performers into those groups itself Thank you kindly.
  • The playlist up next 5/5

    By Chloeita 21
    The app is awesome and all but whenever I try to scroll next row of songs, it doesn’t work.
  • Prefer Pandora 1/5

    By Jackfrancis 100
    It’s ok but the thumbs down keeps playing the thumbed down songs and my stations don’t seem to have much variety normally just plays the same songs in a loop also artist only mode doesn’t work support couldn’t fix it either
  • Add iPad support please 5/5

    By scvplus
    Nice app and I really need it to be on iPad!
  • Great pandora alternative! 4/5

    By Hotelpanda
    Love this app! Wish it was also for iPads and there was a widget…
  • Keeps signing me out!! Lots of issues with CarPlay. 1/5

    By gamerdude74
    As title says.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Dmf87
    It's a good idea, in theory, but every station repeats the same songs... over and over and over to the point of insanity. No variety or anything. Even the custom station I created repeats songs. Needs a lot of work.
  • Asd 1/5

    By التطبيق قديم
    yes AD no Skip track
  • Not quite Pandora but still good. 4/5

    By MPLSRyno
    Similar to Pandora but not as customizable. Doesn’t let you select very many artists per station, so it tends to be a limited playlist per station. Also due to Spotify algorithms, it seems to play some artists and songs more than others. Sometimes gets “stuck” on one artist. Not quite as random as I would like. All that said, I like Spotify generally better than Pandora since it plays album cuts, not “live” versions and remixes all the time. Hoping it improves with time.
  • This is a pretty good app 5/5

    By Balux2004
    This is a pretty good app for people that don’t know what to choose from thousands of songs. It also has a pretty minimalist designed interface
  • Great app; missing a few major features 4/5

    By LukeConley
    This app is pretty awesome and its my new fav way of finding new music. The main features its missing are: - more genres! - why is there no funk option under the dance tab?? Only contemporary dance! - adding songs to playlists straight from the app - i have to leave the app and open regular spotify every time i want to add a song to a playlist. As someone who uses the app for discovery, this is perpetually frustrating - starting a station from a song or album. - artist-based stations can range too wide or too narrow, depending on the type of artist. The vibes on Bruno Mars’ first album are much different than his most recent one, so why cant i make a station based on each? - no share feaure Keep up the great work spotify team 🖤💚
  • Dr C 5/5

    By Music lover Detroit
    Love the variety, don’t miss the commercials!
  • Annoyed 2/5

    By Flip.flop.thunder.theighs.
    The app stopped working by itself and I had to delete it to fix it and come to find out it had an update and god rid of all my music and now I don’t know how to get it back..
  • signs me out constantly 3/5

    By Honkycatt
    I like the app for having “channels“ to just listen to a style of music, but the fact that it constantly signs me out is very frustrating. I’ve started using its competitors (like Pandora) because when I choose Pandora in my CarPlay, it actually plays and doesn’t require me to login. Every. Time.
  • Spotify 5/5

    By turkey10°!!!
    I love your stations and songs
  • Spotify for life 5/5

    By Something Motorola
    I really enjoy this app. You can discover new music in just an instance. I would just recommend on adding a Halloween/Christmas station please and add a way to make your own station based on a song movie or album title.
  • Awesome just one thing that’s 👎 4/5

    By TheFunkyKittyCat
    I got it and searched up Nintendo switch music and boop nothing. But otherwise thumbs up
  • Spotify radio 5/5

    By ghhrghy
    The best
  • Was skeptical at first 5/5

    By SlipSlap87
    Way better than Pandora
  • Me 5/5

    By hockey coach Gary
    Great selection of songs! I have over 600 songs in my library
  • Spotify 4/5

    By Dardahl
    It’s nice to hear popular songs from my childhood.
  • Love!!! 5/5

    By TittersMcJiggle
    Love how Spotify knows just what I wanna hear! Lifts my spirits so much!