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Spotlite - Sing Freely

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  • Current Version: 1.4.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Spotlite Media Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Android
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Spotlite - Sing Freely App

Spotlite is a new music app where you can sing original music, karaoke and cover songs. Get followers and fans or support your favorite artists by gifting them virtually. Share your vocal talent and interact with other singers! Features: -Sing along to millions of songs with lyrics and accompaniments; -Enjoy DUET feature with other singers; -Make live streaming performances; -Ues special audio modifiers to make you sound like a professional singer; -Try cool filters to make your own music videos; -Share your works on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.; -Get fans who gift your songs; -Social networking with music lovers and singer-songwriters in the community. Spotlite respects copyright and all songs on this music app are authorized by record companies including Universal, Warner Chappel, SonyATV, EMI Publishing, and BMG. New songs are added on a daily basis, covering genres of pop, rock, hip-hop/rap, R&B, country, INDIE, REGGAE, Jazz, Latin, EDM/DANCE and more for you to explore! Questions? [email protected]


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Spotlite - Sing Freely app reviews

  • Upset 2/5

    By HayhayTucker
    I love the app... however, I’ve used it on both my boyfriends and my own phone... both run iOS same version... his phone is iPhone 6s and mine is an iPhone 8 Plus... he can use the duet function on his and I’m not able to on mine...? It’s never allowed me to use the function on my device and I’m up to date on version updates. If someone could help me with this- I’m sure the app would be much more pleasing to me. :(
  • I don’t get it 1/5

    By juliemoran
    I don’t understand how I was broadcasting live and it just kicked me out and gave me an error 2069? I was trying to go back live but it keeps saying error2069???? Can someone explain what that is I’m new to the app???
  • Very dishonest developers 1/5

    By Eric Perales
    I write this as a frequent spotelite user. For the past 5 months. I usually take my complaints to spotelite directly, but they are very selective on hearing what they want to hear. I addressed fake profiles voting for me because after I started to rank high in contestants I realized these profiles were more than suspicious but they were indeed supporting me for some reason. until I posted about this topic on the app and addressed the issue cause I felt bad receiving votes from profiles that seemed to be false. After I posted my post, those profiles stopped voting for me, and I got organic real fam votes, I keep my peace and still have fun on the app without worrying if I am recieving votes from fake profiles that increases winners. However, spotelites newest contest I’m on, something happened where they or someone took 60 organic votes from me and now I have 2 votes also I saw this on 4 or 5 other honest and good artists, Spotelite I’m not sure if you are allowing fake profiles to cheat and sustain dishonesty with all these high ranking profiles, and I’m not sure if you all are having trouble just getting a grip on this and if your trying, I told you before if you don’t clearly communicate this to the people that support your app which I still do , but if you don’t straighten this out your going to lose valuable people, and lose tremendous value to your app! Resolve these issues please! Thank you and God bless you always Eric Perales
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By shay😘1988
    Every time I try to open the messages from when somebody comments on my song it closes me out the entire app it makes me upset because I can’t see anything that’s one thing I don’t like but other than that it’s fine
  • Songs disappearing 2/5

    By Myah Nessa
    One moment a song is there and then when I search to sing again the songs are gone 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m not really sure why but it’s very annoying! Your sound is sooooo much better than smules but they have a way better song selection than y’all. I hope y’all fix this
  • Please fix 3/5

    By Rings annoy me
    The app was doing sooo good for a few days I was really liking it but now it keeps saying download failed, check your connection and won’t let me record a song. I have check my WiFi it’s good every other app works so I know it is just an issue in the app please fix, other wise it’s just another useless app🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Love it 5/5

    By chickcan
    This app was so awesome
  • Where did all the songs go? 2/5

    By shayne6318
    Since last night there are only a few songs in the country genre. I LOVED the app till then.
  • Contests are bogus 1/5

    By Mpggpm
    Spotlite supports cheating contestants that appear to be working for Spotlite. Daily complaints of cheaters have fallen on deaf ears. If honest singers are allowed to win, it is almost all the low end prizes. This has been an issue since the app started and has become overrun with cheats making up hundreds of fake followers and creating fake votes. Spotlite even makes it easier for the cheats by enabling more votes for sharing. Enough fake followers and you can get hundreds of free fake votes per day. DON’T TRY TO PLAY FAIR AS THIS WILL ONLY RESULT IN FRUSTRATION. Just listen to some of the top 3 of any contest and it’s pretty easy to know the cheats.
  • Letting go 2/5

    By Emonie Digital
    I use to be very exited about this app. Things are changing, I love to sing always have. But it’s begging to feel like a waste of time singing here. Everyone just wants your vote but are not even willing to as much as leave a comment. I worked really hard to record high quality videos like they ask in order to get featured but no. I have share so many other artist material made several playlists, recommended many artist to other people and even ask they vote for them ( yes not just for me but others ) complete strangers just because they were talented. Spent plenty of money voting for others as well as my self too and didn’t mind the fact that monitory return was horrible I considered it an investment in myself and other too. I have had money taken from me when voting ( price says one thing then charge something different) when I asked for it to fix like I should have I get nothing. Then they change everything after spending and sharing all my money with everyone and I loose all the levels that I earned. How is it that I’m verified and proven to record high quality recording and videos and be on the same level as someone who is the complete opposite. I send emails asking for help with things and get nothing. And keep in mind that I haven’t receive one penny and I’m sure I won’t.
  • Who is Patrick ...Apex boy ... Leroy... Dani Daniel and so on ? 3/5

    By lieutenant commanders wife
    Ive been using this app for 7 month now , and I never had any problem with your application ... I enjoy every song that I sing ... Met new friends and I enjoy sharing things about music ... But recently some of them stopped using spotlite because of this person who they called a cheater with multiple accounts ... Who is this guy with multiple accounts and why you cannot ban his accounts for good ? He gets 250 votes in just an hour , and that was very unbelievable unless he have 55 friends who all votes at the same time in just 1 hour ... I do not care if he wins as long as he play fair ... He doesn’t even sing , nor finish the songs ... He never get any feedbacks unless if it’s his other fake accounts ... It was so easy to spot the cheaters , so please fix this problem... You have the best karaoke application so far , so please keep the good image of your page ... We are looking forward for a better solution to this problem, thank you ...
  • I like it but 2/5

    By shanoah87
    After recording the music doesn’t sync with the lyrics the timing is off
  • Good app needs a lot of work 3/5

    By Amanda31315
    This app is really cool, it’s nice that I can sing and playback songs for free. However the timing is off on all of the songs that I tried, the lyrics are wrong on a lot of the songs, it leaves out important parts that ends up messing me up and I can’t complete any of them using the timing given on the app. It can be difficult to sing to a song that is just instruments so having the apps timing be correct Is super important so maybe I’ll try this app again later on when they get these bugs fixed and add more songs.
  • This app is amazing 👌🏻👌🏻 5/5

    By roseedinghairline
    I’m someone who likes an echoy, acoustic sound while I record, and this allows you to record “original tracks” so you can write practice and write your own tracks easily. 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (the people are very nice too)
  • great app but needs more selection 5/5

    By Minecraft Player_HHH
    i love this app sm! it is amazing and is all free (from what i can tell) all i would say is to add more songs like the greatest showman and other popular musicals
  • 2nd Update: 1/5

    By Collegemomma818
    I’ve been using this app for a long time and it used to be awesome. Recently it suddenly became flooded with Indian guys who seem to think it’s a dating app. Most of them don’t sing, they send you messages hitting on you constantly, and I’m not exaggerating - I’m talking hundreds of these guys. And then there are the cheaters. There are so many cheaters on here that suddenly out of nowhere will jump into 2nd or 3rd place and you know they didn’t get their votes honestly because they have very few fans but have literally hundreds of votes. I have almost 3000 fans and I get plenty of votes but these cheaters are now making it hard for me to get to the top or even close. I’m not the only one complaining either but it seems no one is listening. Spotlite, you are about to lose a lot of members and this app will become useless before much longer. You need to pay attention to your loyal users before it’s too late.
  • This app rocks! 5/5

    By Nwsjunky
    This app is so cool and lots of fun to use! The functionality is great and simple to navigate. Highly recommend it.
  • App crash 2/5

    By chiloox
    The app crash in the last version
  • Fix your bugs! 2/5

    By Spotliteuser
    Make the rules clear. Overnight the majority of users cannot join the sing40 competition - even when they are not part of any other competition. This is not playing fair! Fix your bugs in time please!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bad update:(
    This app doesn’t even work the options are stupid and the music is to don’t waste your time with this app
  • Stupid 1/5

    By jmtz77
    This thing is so stupid it won’t even let me login don’t waste your time
  • Needs work 2/5

    By DyllonNotDylan
    I can't use my $170 air buds with this app because it doesn't sync correctly with a Bluetooth mic. There is a half second to second long lag behind both the audio track and the video. Aside from that great app but I can't use it without regular headphones which I don't have.
  • Great but ! 5/5

    By Nicknamepari
    Ok, You are the most amazing sing app in internet. The unbelievable amazing song key changer!! I mean Woww!! . Magic❤️ The quality of songs and the recording stuff like reverb and the effects are so great. So natural and qualified . 👉🏽 But The problem is the searching. Searching is too weak and the song list is too limited. Most of the time you won’t find the song you want ✍🏻 It will be great if you add an option for users to upload karaoke songs to the app .that is so important and helpful. Although i have never ever find an app better than spotlite. Love love ❤️
  • Songs lag??? 2/5

    By Xenogenesisss
    Whenever I record, my voice is perfectly on beat, but after finishing the song, my voice lags behind the music. It sounds awful. Not sure if it’s my fault, or the app.
  • Where Are The Gospel Songs? 4/5

    By BeYouStayTru
    I would have gave this app 5 stars but the only reason I’m not is because it lacks today’s gospel songs. I would love to see more of Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, and Travis Greene, Tamela Mann etc. I just would love to see today’s gospel and not just old hymns. Other then the gospel sections it’s a great app
  • Rigged 3/5

    By Mysterynite77
    I’ve join contest it’s not if you are talented goes by crummie singers plus I had 15 dollars in my account gone and they block my list of songs go figure so if you wanna get robbed of your time for others to rob You of your votes and money go for it.
  • Fun but..... 2/5

    By Neeeeessssshhhhaaa
    This app is fun to do but when it comes to contests it’s really more about popularity you’ll find that u sing better than a lot of the people that win but it’s more of a popularity instead of talent thing which caused me to uninstall Spotlite doesn’t really allow people to be discovered because the same people are always put up front. I recommend sing karaoke because it’s actual fun singing and everyone gets a fair shot
  • Out of time 1/5

    By JJUSA4
    Every song I chose is not calibrated properly. The lyrics on “blue moon” and “duality” plus many others begin highlighting well after they’re supposed to. Nice idea, terrible timing, perhaps developers should learn what 4/4 timing is to help them out a little bit or perhaps listen to the songs they have. I downloaded it, the app failed and I got rid of it. Can’t even keep the timing right from the lyrics to the beat.
  • Winners are not given prizes on time 1/5

    By 18594!,$;&2!/&;!
    Winners of contests on the app are given their prizes only after 7-10 days. The cash out also takes 10 days, so you only get your prize money after about 15 days. UPDATE: Been 2 weeks since I’ve won a prize in a contest and I still haven’t received the money after cashing out. The awards for winning contests are only sent to the winners 2 weeks after the contest. IT HAS ONLY BEEN GETTING WORSE AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO COMMUNICATION FROM THE APP. Please be advised before taking part in the contests.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By worst app ever😫🤬😡
    Wrong lyrics off tune blurry camera. JUST BLOODY WRONG. sucky app. Dont buy it. Unreccomened
  • I like it but 3/5

    By Maven1127
    The original song disappears after using it 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Muy buena Aplicación! 5/5

    By MishiV2
    ♥️Shelly♥️ Esta aplicación tiene muchísimo que ofrecer! Puedes hacer duetos con personas incluso algo que ninguna otra aplicación tiene es que puedes subir tu propia música (Original). Puedes crecer tanto! Es un buen lugar para comenzar a cantar, y desarrollar tu voz! No importa si acabas de empezar o ya estás avanzado! Soy maestra de canto y siempre les hablo a mis estudiantes de esta aplicación y también les digo que es mejor unirse ya porque estoy 100% segura que aplicación Spotlite va a avanzar muchísimo, se va a llenar de muchísima gente y ahorita hay un chance mucho más grande a que te des a conocer y seguro aprendas muchísimo! Sígueme - ♥️Shelly♥️
  • These guys got something here 1/5

    By Jorai0323
    I love the duets and originals function. This app is bout to blow up even more so once the have the option to upload your own original music and have people Duet with you. They have something here and a lot to think through because a lot of people come through and discover there talent for the first time, I can imagine artists becoming something and having there start on Spotlite, these artists will look back and give mad shout outs to Spotlite for giving them a platform.. There are some things that need to change and they are learning and growing so it’s cool to see them work towards bettering this already awesome app, I take up my concerns to there emails with respectful and constructional Critism and know that they are listening and also they are doing there best to create a thriving business app, promote artists and provide and opportunity for ordinary men and women to become something more and or just to have fun singing!! :) great job Spotlite -Eric Perales
  • I love Spotlite! 5/5

    By Connor Jacob
    Hi my name is Connor, on spotlite Connor Jacob. I’d just like to say I love the app! I love the community aspect and the genuine feedback you get from fans. I wish there was more ways to be featured and more contests to enter but other than that I highly recommend Spotlite! And if you join the crew don’t forget to follow me and the other Verified artists and join our duets! Thanks guys, let’s have some fun!
  • I love this App 5/5

    By Siomy76
    Me encanta esta aplicación es la mejor aplicación que pude encontrar 😍😍😍
  • Guide lines 4/5

    By Rebel Thompson
    Hello, my name is Chris, I have been on this app for awhile now and have a good following. I have been trying to get verified but it keeps saying guidelines not met. But it fails to tell you what the guidelines are. I have an Instagram artist page with over 6000 followers and also a Facebook artist page. What do I have to do it has become very frustrating to say the least. Thank you for your time and I look forward to some valuable feedback.
  • Underrated app 5/5

    By Daner dler
    Hi my name is daner also known as (Daner dler) on spotlite! This app is just amazing and the greatest place to share your work or get support and have fun,i give it 5 stars
  • Love it! But... 5/5

    By Purpleskittlezz(:
    This is a great app! I used to be on Smule for a while but I honestly prefer this app over the other. The quality is a lot better. BUT the only thing I don’t like is that if you’d record a song with just audio and not video, you can’t save that song to your camera roll or anything. Sometimes I just don’t feel presentable lol but I want to record a song and just use the cover photo as the picture for the video, but it’s not like that. Unfortunately you can only share it as a link if you record with audio. It would be awesome if audio videos could also be turned into video as well to save to our camera rolls!!! Just my opinion. Other that that, the app is super cool☺️
  • This App RockaRocks$$$$ 5/5

    By Omar The Rocka-Master
    I win money most of the time. My stage name is El RockaMaster and I rock the hell out of their app!! Google El RockaMaster
  • Great App 5/5

    By Kyriarchi
    I’ve had a lot of fun with this app and they’re constantly making improvements to it! If you get it, look me up @Jared Allen!!
  • My Experience with Spotlite 5/5

    By Bqbyboyjqie
    Hi my name is Josh also known as BlueWolf on Spotlite. I love the app see I love to sing and I used to be on Smule for years I happened to come across Spotlite on Facebook and had to try it out. I love all the contests that they do I love how everyone shows love to each song and leaves amazing comments to each other. I will honestly say I have nothing negative to say about this app. I am a verified artist on Spotlite and I will say if you have talent or love to sing and have a good time download this app. One it’s free there are so many of variety of songs to sing from, Its a wonderful experience. In conclusion I just like to thank everyone for taking the time out to read my review and if you see me on Spotlite let’s sing together looking forward to it Many blessings BlueWolf....
  • Eh. 1/5

    By 😜😊😎🙊🙈🐣😋😄
    Fun at first. Then it got glitchy. I recorded songs and the app would shut down and all of that can be very frustrating.
  • Great but... 5/5

    By Mrmikey210
    Ok this app is one of the coolest apps I’ve downloaded in a while, my only issue is that I get a dam alert pretty much every hour of everyday telling me to update it (EVEN THOUGH ITS UPDATED!!!) STOP ALREADY!!!
  • Developers clearly didn’t read this 2/5

    By cjmax101
    **UPDATE** The prizes were given to the contestants, so thank you admins for that. However, the same few people keep winning every single contest(they are great singers, don’t get me wrong.) but it’s to the point where I know for myself as well as others, that we no longer even participate in the contests because there is no chance at winning. I even know of a few people who have deleted the app altogether. I think, and I’m sure others will agree, Winners can’t enter week after week. There’s should be a time gap in which winners can’t enter the competition. This is all just my opinion, but I think you’d see a higher number of app downloads and contest entry’s. Which would also result in happier users. Thanks for taking the time to read this. (P.S. the song list could use more songs to choose from, there are so many “popular” songs that everyone wants to sing but can’t so in turn we use Smule karaoke.) (Original rate: I love this app, it’s so fun to sing especially when the songs are free! But it’s starting to seem a little sketchy. No one is getting their contest winnings. I’ve asked other contest placers and no one seems to be getting payed from winning contests and the developers and customer service won’t respond to any emails. I have to give 2 stars until someone from the company responds to me.)
  • By far the best karaoke app out there 4/5

    By Shebsigjsbajfjdnsj
    The ONLY thing I would like to see happen is more and newer songs added. Adele for sure needs to be on there and more Bruno mars. Still the best karaoke app out there so happy I found it 😁😁
  • Racist much? 1/5

    By Xiucchan
    Spotlite posted an advertisement on instagram of a non-black person singing Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow and saying the n-word. Highly insensitive and ignorant of them to post such a thing. I hope something is done about this.
  • New update event 5/5

    By CStasainowr
    I love this app but let the next update, lucky drawing and 50% off events would be where you’re able to gain more free coins and send to favorite singer
  • Superb App 5/5

    By lK nnethlBel
    This app has every song you could imagine and you can actually sing by yourself as well! You can also playback the audio to listen to yourself and then post.
  • Christmas event 5/5

    By IriblaeG Shook
    Always a great time when I go on. Slowly getting over my anxieties of singing out loud thanks to this app. Not only am I improving I’m also having fun and feeling loved from other users.
  • Deut sing for saving good memory 5/5

    By t??aCV?s?
    Best is all I have to say 2 good 4 words

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