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Sprinkle of Jesus App

Our passion is to encourage a life changing relationship with Jesus. Looking to become apart of the Sprinkle of Jesus team. Let us know! What are you waiting for? This app gives you access to inspirational content as well as provides a place to interact with each other. Use this app in church or take it on the go!


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  • Irrelevant Promotions 2/5

    By sniknejdoow
    I used to love this app and it’s encouraging notifications, but over time they have added so many promotions and links that are irrelevant to my reasoning for downloading the app. I would no longer recommend this app. Promotions get very annoying and you cannot turn them off.
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By High hard to please criticgirl
    Sprinkle of Jesus sends me great reminders that always help me to get through my day. I love having sweet messages from this app in my notifications that make me appreciate where I am and see the bigger picture.
  • A sprinkle of what used to be good???? 3/5

    By 10summers
    “I can’t afford to have a thought in my head that’s not God’s head about me.” I can’t really relate or even understand what most of the quotes are saying now smh.
  • Worldly 1/5

    By Subway ultimate surfer
    This app is worldly and anything but biblical. “Jesus didn’t die for you to be a side chick” is not an inspirational Godly notification I’d like to receive.
  • Advertisements constantly 2/5

    By tigerbounce17
    I thought this was a good idea in theory and especially the notifications just to remind me to be more faith filled. However, it’s constantly a notification of something the app is selling and that’s so disingenuous.
  • Could be better 2/5

    By hansolo007
    I first loved this app, but then the quotes I got on the daily became very aggressive. "Some of y'all ain't blessed like you desire to be because you owe people money." This was an actual quote I got on my phone. I don't really get it. They just keep getting worse and worse. The app is constantly changing it's pictures which is kind of annoying. Over all, it's more pain than it's worth. I'm sure there are better apps out there than this one.
  • best app 5/5

    By jxssica10
    this app is amazing. I love how it always gives me a motivation and reminds me how strong i am. it really inspires me to be a better person and it’s so cute how the little things can bring a big difference for someone
  • Upset 1/5

    By juliaciulei
    Definitely would’ve loved to use this app if my email, or any email I have, would not say that I already have an account when I in fact do not. As I never have used this app before so how could I have a registered account? My name is not a commonly used name so no clue how someone would’ve taken my email. So that is surely interesting. Without an account this app cannot really be used. Guess I will have to take a pass for this app.
  • Gr9 5/5

    By Grammar Issue
    Dis app is the bestest. U get good lyfe inspo and u get smarter. Yay.
  • it was all good until.. 2/5

    By Betty4554
    It started off a really good app.. until it started running real slow and force closing out . and costing money .
  • For the Holy Roller who likes Golden Showers 1/5

    By Sumguy405
    Yep, this is a weird app.
  • Could be better 1/5

    By drthym5555
    It wasn’t how I expected. Very cluttered and no well organized. I couldn’t type a prayer request simply because the text was the same color as the background. Needs some work and it would be great.

    By SexxxxxxyFresh
    This app changed me....Well it started off in 1st grade when i found a cheetah in front of my house and me and my fellow tribe members killed it with our mouth. Then we celebrated by hitting up girls at the local pond, then in 6th grade i found the importance of life when my mate found a diamond in the sky, shine bright like a diamond, then we made the hit song Shine bright like a diamond and made millions, this app really made me feel important, successful and encouraged me to feed my local panthers and raise and nurture them and give them a home that they will love, i am now considered a panther
  • An OK👌🏼 app however... 2/5

    By Ashhope1
    Seems like in today’s world a lot of these Christian apps want you to buy things from them or show more product instead of showing goods word. I get more notifications on this app wanting business owners for certain things. Like I downloaded this app for the “sprinkle of Jesus” quotes... come on. Don’t be like every other Christian app.
  • Money... Really!!! 1/5

    By MsLdyNiecey
    I guess nothing in life is free... Not even Jesus
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By MsZTB
    Originally, I loved the app for the daily devotionals. However, over time, the app began to become average. When you join a group, it notifies you of all group posts, even those you are not a member of. And there is no way to turn this off. Then, the daily prayer has been the same prayer that was posted at the beginning of the new year. Lastly, the devotionals have slowed down. They used to come twice a day around the same time. Now, I can recall at least a few days where nothing came through. I understand it’s a small organization possibly operating with a few staff, so I hope things will improve over time. They’ve recently started charging entrepreneurs to feature themselves in the app, so I anticipate salaries being made available for more staff to assist with bugs. Just now, I tried opening the app and it never left the main page and the menu button is not available.
  • 👏🏿👏🏿 1/5

    By KristinaFailla
    DO 👏🏿 THE 👏🏿 IPHONE 👏🏿 X 👏🏿 UPDATE 👏🏿
  • not getting notifications 2/5

    By cjxsjj
  • Sad to say.. 2/5

    By Mariah.lo
    I LOVE this app and daily reminders but lately I’ve been having some issues loading sermons and really everything. It’ll load up, but i can’t click on any of the sermons and watch then or anything. It’s like it might need a update because I have the X and it won’t load much of anything.
  • Used to work now it doesn’t 1/5

    By Mfjfsyldrnovsrbgo
    App won’t work anymore!! So frustrating! You pay for something then when you go to the app nothing happens. The spinning wheel of death spins forever! What is wrong with the app??!????
  • Just a business tool?? 1/5

    By Milo Martinez
    I got the app because I like the idea of having little reminders Throughout the day, I uninstall because for every good note I got, I got five ads from this app. Ultimately I had it for a few weeks and wouldn’t even read any notifications from it anymore because the ads were so often and annoying. Good idea, ruined by money grabbing.
  • Too many notifications! 1/5

    By Shunnnnnna
    I downloaded this app to get notifications on Jesus and inspiration. Why do I need notifications on credit , books and other useless stuff 🙄
  • Not for Christians 1/5

    By Blessesthreads
    This app uses foul language, but is supposed to empower Christians? This is almost as comparable to having I mini-sized false prophet in your pocket. So I’m definitely not looking for advise or wisdom from here anymore.
  • smh 1/5

    By steezytatiee55
    APP WAS GREAT! Until i realized the owner is far from a good christian and is a TRUMP SUPPORTER!!!!
  • So much for inspirational... 1/5

    By UWG Student
    I got this app because I needed a daily dose of inspiration. However, the notifications I receive are not uplifting messages. Whoever writes the daily “inspirations” seems insistent upon generalizing and criticizing the users of this app. I understand that to grow in our walk with God everything can’t be rainbows and daisies. But rather than focusing on negativity and knocking people down, they should be more focused on uplifting and building people up.
  • Will not load connect group pages. 2/5

    By ceecee933
    I can no longer get into the connect group pages because they will not load up. I always loved this app but I can’t seem to use it if I can no longer see content. :(
  • The worst 1/5

    By DeshaKing
    The App is horibbe, they charge for very single content within the app. It never functions and it barely works. Don’t waste your time, because it’s way better apps out there that actually promote the teachings of God and help his people. This one does not!
  • Too much spam 1/5

    By Coops*ma
    Enough with the entrepreneur crap. I got this app for the actual sprinkles we’re supposedly getting. Cut it back already. I know this sounds rude but I honestly don’t care. Please cease and desist.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By chris'shuna
    Hallelujah praise Jesus
  • Uhm?? 1/5

    By Cadie Anderson
    Not impressed with this app. Quite frankly I don’t think “Jesus loves the side chick, too” is something that I appreciate being messaged. Quite frankly I don’t think we should be denoting others as “side chicks” let alone encouraging that there should be such things... not for me.
  • Purchased a course and get blank screen 1/5

    By barnettd
    So I’ve had this app for a few months now and love the daily inspirations that come through. Tonight I decided to purchase the 10 day prayer course. Well my purchase went through and now all I get is a blank screen. Very disappointed. I really hope that I’ll get to the do the course at some point but right now all I see is white screen! ☹️ Please please fix your app! It’s so disappointing that you have such a wonderful app that appears to offer so many things yet none of it can be accessed. I can’t get into any of your sermons, connect groups, courses. All I get is a blank screen.
  • App has never loaded for me 1/5

    By ChefMoDeezy
    I have had the App for a while now. T does not work for me. I get an error that says “a critical component has failed to update.” With and ID and Version number. I can’t even get started....
  • Trashy 1/5

    By Moreizmore
    This app is trashy and so is the founder of the app. I have no desire to hear the words of Jesus through someone who can be so ugly as to use their platform to tear down other people under the guise of trying to help and uplift them. And then to double down on that ugliness? Nah. God don’t like ugly and neither do I. App deleted.
  • I’m not getting the inspirational messages 3/5

    By Dewwi
    I downloaded this app because a friend of mine said that they send you inspirational messages but I haven’t received anything. I’ve looked everywhere to fix my problem. I wanted to see if it was that I needed to fix the settings on my phone as well as the app but I’ve done everything I can and I still can’t seem to get them... can this be fixed? I have an iPhone.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By kaelin6
    I used this app to receive messages from speakers and now all I get is a blank screen. I keep getting “updates” that do nothing. Please fix it.
  • Falls a little short :( 2/5

    By Ayodeeray
    This app could use some improvements. A lot of content is either missing or unavailable. I’ve tried to watch several sermons all of which have been unavailable for months now. Which makes the experience fall short in my opinion. I wish I connected more with it. I really wanted to like this app and was hoping to get a lot out of it. There are missing photos in places. I’ve reached out a few times on IG regarding about 5 sermons not available in the app with no response. Could be due to app creator I’m not sure. I wish it would improve so I could enjoy it.
  • In app purchases 1/5

    By Gottoo
    I don’t understand how EVERY single devotional or words of wisdom you have to pay for. The only thing is free is a daily notification. How is that helping If you have to pay for every features of the app.
  • Annoying notifications and unavailable contents 3/5

    By Myddangel
    This apps was one of my favorites but recently things have changed and it’s bothersome. The reason why I gave 3 stars it’s because I still enjoyed the regular notifications that used to receive when I first downloaded the apps. But recently I’ve been receiving other notifications every time someone posts a quote and it’s annoying. Also I cannot access the apps contents such as the different speaker messages or musics. Every time I opened the apps I’m stuck with a blank page. It did say that I have new contents available to download and that doesn’t help. Please fix these issues because I loved hearing some inspirational messages from good speakers and it’s frustrating when I cannot access them anymore through this apps.
  • Ask For money 1/5

    By Justinbieber2222
    They are always asking for money. They send notifications but they are never real Bible verses
  • I love the app but... 4/5

    By Fangirl2004
    I love this app so much!!!! I love getting uplifting notifications! But, I feel that a lot of the notifications are adds. I just feel that it should be all about faith and not adds.
  • Sprinkle Of Jesus 3/5

    By jesusswoll
    Performance and support for iPhone X.
  • too many ads 1/5

    By erin hanley
    i downloaded this app to receive christian inspiration, and i deleted the app because it berated me with ads and constantly asked me to partner with them ... IM 15!!! I DONT HAVE A BUSINESS!!! stop the annoying messages and maybe i’ll consider redownloading
  • Kindve disappointed 2/5

    By Breezy eu
    I loved this app at first then got hit with a bunch of ads and then for their specials they took Christ out of Christmas and put Xmas ... that just doesn’t work for me deleted the app today ..
  • Too much promotion stuff 2/5

    By ajrmedel
    I think I would take the messages more seriously if there weren’t so many “do you own a business” and other notifications of the like. I’ve tried changing preferences but there’s just too many. If they changed this, I think I’d take their messages seriously.
  • Deactivate 4/5

    By Katiejatie
    How do you deactivate an account? Also not a fan of how ones profile is not private and tells everyone your information. There should be settings.
  • App makes you pay to read blog posts 1/5

    By Luvsherlastname
    Downloaded this app because it seemed cute and had a good purpose. I don’t like the idea that it charges you to read each individual blog post. If the developer wants to make money then just sell the app at a flat fee... doesn’t seem Christ like imo
  • Love it 5/5

    By Soph-ia
    For some reason I feel like this app knows exactly what’s going on in my life sometimes it’s scary how well the timing comes into place I would highly recommend this app to anyone who needs help with anything in life or just wants to add some more jesus into their everyday life. Amazing app.
  • Really??? 1/5

    By Ken Rivera
    The app itself is a wonderful concept, one that could impact many, including myself. That being said, I am uninstalling it and giving it 1 star, (I wish it could be zero), for the following reason; How can an app that is trying to help people towards learning about Jesus, refer to CHRISTmas as “Xmas”??? Seems the authors/creators/support staff need to learn some of their own lessons. I refuse to be led by people who don’t seem believe in what they are doing. Seems to me they are merely finding information others have written and passing it off as there own. Thanks, but I’d rather find an app that teaches from the heart.
  • Having problems with pages loading 3/5

    By grow&rebuild
    All I want for Christmas is for my Sprinkle of Jesus app to work...😔
  • I liked it at first then it started to get negative 2/5

    By Jimbo_boo
    It would be great if Sprinkle of Jesus based some of their “inspirational” quotes on the actual bible. They’re way to negative for me to even be inspired by them. And what’s with all the business advertising? It’s super annoying.

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