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Sprinkle of Jesus App

Our passion is to encourage a life changing relationship with Jesus. Looking to become apart of the Sprinkle of Jesus team. Let us know! What are you waiting for? This app gives you access to inspirational content as well as provides a place to interact with each other. Use this app in church or take it on the go!


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  • Worldly posts and some posts are very against the christian way. 1/5

    By nicolelaurenk
    I originally downloaded this app because I am a devout christian and wanted some more inspiration in my life. However as time went on having this app, there were many posts that i thought were wrong and worldly and against what God would say or do. The final straw for me was when they did a post that said “Jesus tried to come back but Trump wouldn’t let him into the US”. There are several things about this post that upset me, one being that God is all powerful and could make anything happen so Jesus would be able to come into the US. Also I felt it was extremely inappropriate to bring politics into a post from this app, it is supposed to be christian encouragement and politics have nothing to do with that. The final thing being that if someone is not fully sure in their faith and is a Trump supporter, this could cause them to drift from their faith. This app has inappropriate posts and when I went to send an email complaining about this post there was no way to contact them on the internet app store or even in the app hence me now doing a review. If i could rate this a 0 I would.
  • I love this app. 5/5

    By NiceTryHarder
    For me it s definitely Holy Spirit guided. I love how God uses it to speak directly to me about an issue that I’m dealing with at that precise moment. Note to developer: please review the spelling in Lost and Found. Thank you for this app.
  • i love it 5/5

    By Ro😜
    i love this app so much. if you’re in need of some positive affirmations then def get it !! these things just pop up when they fit perfectly into my life and it is a gameee changerrr
  • Notification settings don’t work 2/5

    By Cookies run the world
    I enjoy the devotional messages; however, after I deselected notifications for events , entrepreneurs, store etc. I still received those notifications.
  • Needs improvements 3/5

    By Dog lover 1234.
    Please make it where it’s more secure for us users. Where it doesn’t show our emails to other users when they press on our profile, I don’t like that all. Please make improvements, because I don’t like this is at all. I don’t want others to see my email for safety reasons. So, please fix that. Make it where they can only see our name and bio when other users press on our profile, that’s all they need to know. Thank you!
  • NEEDS WORK 2/5

    By Beastben1023
    The app was really great in the beginning and was something I was soon getting my family to get and they loved it too but then some of the notifications were unwanted ads and political stuff about Donald Trump and it just became something instead of encouraging me and “sprinkling” me with Jesus, all I was getting was unwanted notifications. The app needs an upgrade and maybe put the ads for when you open the app and not constantly sending notifications out. So it was good at the beginning but needs improvement.
  • It has changed. 2/5

    By Hansolooooooooooooooo
    I enjoyed the app when I first downloaded it. The little notifications I got were always inspiring and had great messages. However, now the messages seem like they’re trying too hard to relate to young people and it really takes away the meaning behind them. When I received the notification that mentioned Trump in a negative way, that’s when I deleted the app. Positive or negative, I don’t think a Christian app should try to push its own political agenda on anyone else and should glorify the message of God. Very disappointed.
  • Weird Notifications 2/5

    By jjadibug
    I was excited about this because it seemed like a really nice concept and I thought a couple reminders throughout the day would be refreshing. I’ve had this app for like a week and I’m really disappointed. There are some weird and inappropriate notifications that I’ve gotten. For example “What do God and an ungodly man have in common? If you’re not on your knees he’s not interested.” Okay.. nice. 👎🏻 And then tonight “If sexuality is your source of power, you’re weak when you reach your peak.” Just not what I was expecting and not what I signed up for lol. Otherwise, some parts of the app don’t even work and are sort of buggy.
  • y’all let me down 1/5

    By unhappycamper923
    I used to love this app. I was in a really low place, and it was amazing. The “sprinkles” lifted my spirits when I was in a really bad place. THEN... some not awesome sprinkles came through. Many have already relayed the HIGHLY inappropriate #christainjokes so I won’t go into that. & to make it WORSE a sprinkle came through that said “Jesus tried to come back but Trump stopped Him.” FIRST OF ALL: Nothing would stop Jesus. SECONDLY: this is petty and disrespectful. It doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are. This is a Godly app.. not a political one. I went from relying on this App to deleting it.
  • Not what I thought 2/5

    By Rachellie2014
    I downloaded this app because I wanted daily inspiration and quotes about God and Jesus. Now it just sends condescending messages and most of them don’t even have any mention of God or Jesus. Deleted because I don’t like seeing condescending messages when I have an app that sends me actual Bible quotes.
  • Keep your politics out of it 1/5

    By Jroc22
  • In shock. 1/5

    By mo_ellzbeth
    I’ve had this app for months. Have loved the encouragement it’s brought on a daily basis.. then all of a sudden it started throwing in political slams here and there, attempting (but failing) to tie it in with Jesus.. Like no thanks, I’m not interested in your political views or like/dislike for our president when I’m supposed to be reading something that will encourage and challenge me for the day. So, I kept the app but was kind of annoyed.. Then a friend got a notification.. a perverted “Christian Joke” was the notification they got today. Seriously??! That’s what you share claiming Christ as you do? App has now been deleted, my friend’s post is being shared all over Facebook and more people are deleting it. You try so hard to censor trash and negativity constantly thrown out way. Never expected it from a source like this.. Very disappointed.
  • Ungodly and ridiculous 1/5

    By hateyoujerk
    I think it’s ridiculous to pay for God’s words and anything that he supplied for you to be able to make an app. Shame on you
  • Loving God not Politics 1/5

    By rethguadfodog
    I liked the app a lot at first, then this past year they started sending out these nasty jokes and political comments that “involved” God. I want to read a daily quote that makes me smile and realize how lucky I am to be a daughter of God. Not telling me that Jesus couldn’t get into Customs because of Trump.
  • Just had to go there didn’t you? 2/5

    By vh4ever
    First off, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get just the daily, I got all kinds of notifications. And then you just had to go political. Sorry, not doing it. Adios!
  • Rude and crude 1/5

    By Paulyp22
    I used to love this app for its cheerful daily reminders, but recently they have been getting aggressive and crude. They have started to use sexual and inappropriate jokes to try to”connect with teenagers” ,which I just don’t appreciate . Also, the reminders now just make you feel bad about yourself and your sins. I want love not aggression.
  • NOT BIBLICAL!!!! 1/5

    By juststop4000
    i don’t know how an app titled “Sprinkle of Jesus” thinks it’s okay to make inappropriate jokes and comments using the name of Jesus. i’m offended and appalled. i’ve seen some that say “Jesus tried to come back but Trump stopped him at customs”, and “condoms don’t protect from spiritually transmitted demons” and stuff like “what do God and ungodly men have in common? if you’re not on your knees, they’re not interested”. like are you serious?? i get that they’re trying to be funny but that’s down right inappropriate and disrespectful. app makers, please fix this and post actual biblical content and not this trash.
  • Ehh. 1/5

    By BrookeAgee
    At first the app was great. It sent me messages relating to my life and even sent bible verses. Then starting to relate God to politics, side chicks, and even make jokes that aren’t even Christian appropriate. Deleted the app right after and haven’t used it after. Not a good app to use to get closer to God especially if you’re new to being in a relationship with Christ.
  • Distasteful and crude 1/5

    By smnthdlln19
    Every day over the past week my daily reminders have become more crude than the last. The most offensive one being, “What do ungodly men and God have in common? If you’re not on your knees he’s not interested.” A few other distasteful messages are, “Slide out of your DMs and into prayer” and “Jesus didn’t die for you to be a side chick.” I used to really enjoy this app but now I am deleting it.
  • This is why I only gave a two star rating... 2/5

    By alyn223
    I have loved the app since I downloaded it, but in the last week it has given me very inappropriate comments. For example “stop treating god like a side chick” and “what do god and an ungodly man have in common? If your not on your knees he’s not interested” This app has also given me some unfriendly comments about the president. I personally voted for Trump and it boiled my blood to see a Christian app disrespecting him.
  • Stick to the Bible 1/5

    By Hs varsityguy6
    Originally I thought the app was fine. Wasn’t always relevant but probably once a week it sent something that hit home. This week has really been a change in posts however. First was the “joke” that was not something that a “Christian” app should share. Then there was a political shot that was really uncalled for as well. And this is coming from someone that didn’t really support the man until he was in office because he is the PRESIDENT and I live in the country he controls. Bottom line is there is a separation between church and state for a reason. Keep it that way and keep the app professional with political and sexual opinions out of it.
  • Political now? 1/5

    By rjtcool1
    Had the app for over a year.... loved its daily uplifting messages... yesterday, it turned political. Today, it’s uninstalled.
  • It would have been good if they didn’t go political 1/5

    By vatowy
    After they said “Jesus was trying to come back but Trump stopped him at customs” I deleted it. No one should have that pop up on their phone it makes them mad, and gives a very bad view onto the company.
  • Disappointing!!!! 1/5

    Really enjoyed the app, until yesterday when the powers to be running this app decided to start bashing President Trump!! Very disappointing, remember the majority of subscribers are not, LIBS.,!
  • Really? 1/5

    By kt3zy
    I originally loved this app until one day I got a notification which I thought was the normal inspirational saying. Instead it was a sprinkle of Jesus notification which included political slander. Really? There can’t be one app on this planet that simply provides religious encouragement and inspiration without getting caught up in the worldly problems? Come on.
  • Not biblical 1/5

    By B'Snizz
    Posts are political and moralism. Not scripture. Take the name Jesus off, because it’s taking his name in vein.
  • Why did this have to get political? 2/5

    By mmmmeeeeelll
    App was good in the beginning. I got notifications that were encouraging. As time went on the majority of the notifications were advertisements. Then I received a notification that meant to be encouraging about Jesus (I’m sure that was the intention). But, it was political. That drew the line and I deleted the app.
  • Stick to the Name of the App 3/5

    By shelbsdev
    Overall, I do enjoy this app. It sends out notifications to uplift and encourage people which is something I feel we all need from time to time. However, the app is called Sprinkle of Jesus not Sprinkle of Politics. Just yesterday a notification was sent out in reference to our president that I found to be highly inappropriate, not encouraging or uplifting at all. I do understand everyone has their own beliefs and views but there was absolutely no reason to send out that kind of notification to millions of people who have this app. Joking or not, it shouldn’t have been sent out. This app will do perfectly fine with only sending out scriptures, reassuring and inspirational quotes because I promise, Jesus wouldn’t be making “jokes” like that.
  • Just don’t 1/5

    By tinaabru
    It is literally some buns, and not scripture based. Get the actual bible app instead. The only “daily motivation” we need should stem from scripture and not made up quotes about Trump preventing Jesus from coming back.
  • Not a place for politics 1/5

    By EmmyJade97
    This app was something that I really enjoyed, but it is NOT a place to bring politics into play. Will be deleting.
  • Sprinkle of Savagry 1/5

    By Sissy032
    This app was super encouraging at first, and incredibly profound! Then over time the quotes that would pop up in my notifications seemed a little sassy - I’m ok with sass so it was kind of fun to see what was next! (My favorite sassy one was “Jesus didn’t die on the cross for you to become a side chick...”) My issue with that increased when I started seeing political stances being taken regarding the white house’s current elected officials and nothing was said to honor those in leadership, but to only throw shade. If you’re going to name your app sprinkle of Jesus, and be seemingly unbiased, you might want to actually know a little more about Jesus himself. He’s not merely some dude that died for a get out of jail free card; he cultivated a culture of honor for those around him. All this to say, it was a fun ride initially, but that last political satire threw me over the edge. I don’t even like sprinkles.
  • Really enjoyed until ..... 1/5

    By Clairbear57
    Really enjoyed the positive and encouraging messages daily until the app got political. I don’t think there’s any reason for the last message y’all sent out about Trump. Totally unnecessary and uncalled for. Deleting the app for this.
  • Spreads negativity, not the word of Jesus 1/5

    By Kvl6435
    This app went from being a great way to spread kindness and to spread the word of God in a positive uplifting manner. But after inappropriate crude jokes and bringing politics into a strictly religious app by insulting the president, me and everyone I know have deleted the app. Had great potential and hit rock bottom
  • Leave Politics Out! 4/5

    By Kkyndal
    I love this app! I love the little quotes I get throughout the day. But for some reason I’ve been getting political posts. I love this app I would just prefer political post about Donald Trump kept out. There’s no point for a Jesus app to be talking about politics.
  • More spam than Jesus 1/5

    By neagirl 54321
    Started out with nice devotional messages. Now I might get one encouraging message a day and 5-6 ads asking me to buy something or wanting businesses to advertise with them. Lately even the “encouraging” messages have gotten political. The message about Trump stopping Jesus at the border was over the line. Have deleted the app and will look for something that does what it says. Sprinkle of Jesus is correct in its title. Among all the junk and spam is a “sprinkle” of Jesus.
  • Mostly a wonderful app 3/5

    By Mr. Fun-gi
    Really enjoyed the daily messages until they threw their political agenda into it. I want to read motivational spiritual based messages, not someone else’s political opinions.
  • Political notifications 1/5

    By caityjtay
    I downloaded this app and actually deleted it the next day because of a notification I received from the app. It said “Jesus was trying to come back but Trump stopped him at Customs”. I was shocked by the notification and found it to be extremely unprofessional and inappropriate.
  • Absolutely love this app until..... 1/5

    By someen11111
    Alright i absolutely love my sprinkle of Jesus every day. But this last one about “Jesus was trying to get in but Trump stopped him at customs” ????? don’t push political agenda here....also if you were trying to be funny, your quotes have never been on that level of humor.
  • Mocking God and Trump 1/5

    By katc14
    Y’all... I’m absolutely DISGUSTED. Their most recent Post “Jesus tried to come back... but Trump stopped him at Customs” @sprinkleofjesus wow. Really . Besides the fact that he is our president. We need to respect that and pray for whoever is in office regardless... just besides that fact completely. Are you really gonna mock God right now? Like seriously I couldn’t believe this. I’ve had sprinkle of Jesus on my phone for over two years and I love the positive things they send me! I have recommended them in the past but that ends now. They’re not the type to even try to send out jokes.. this isn’t even funny. How disappointing. No one stops Jesus. There’s a time and place for everything, and mocking political slander is not the place for a so called Christian organization...
  • So disappointed 2/5

    By lydiagracee
    My app just sent this,”Jesus was trying to come back but Trump stopped him at customs.” I am very disappointed that this app would choose to become political. Up to this point I have enjoyed the “sprinkles” of encouragement but I find this is neither of Jesus or about Jesus. If these types of messages continue I will be deleting my app.
  • Trying to spread the word? 1/5

    By trulytexan18
    At first I thought this app would be great, but I just received a notification from the app and instead of it being an inspiring message of faith, it said “Jesus was trying to come back but Trump stopped him at customs.” Really? This was supposed to be an app about Jesus and spreading The Word. Not politics. That message was the complete opposite what you’d see from a true Christian app. Definitely deleted it.
  • Going Political now? REALLY?? 1/5

    By Jesscha77
    You know, at first this seemed to be a pretty cool app. Getting the motivational alerts each day to being a smile to your face. Oh but how quickly Sprinkle of Jesus started to show true colors. Those sweet inspirational alerts turned into CONSTANT overwhelming alerts for work advertising to donating money to advertising their OVER PRICED merchandise to, ready for this! POLITICS! This company is a sham, a wolf in sheeps clothing. Be aware! So if you’re looking for an app that overly advertises these things MULTIPLE times a day then these are your people.
  • Had to delete, got unbiblical 2/5

    By Banana1029
    I originally had this app for its daily “sprinkles of Jesus” that sometimes were very in-depth made you think about life...but then they posted a political one that was unbiblical.. God has a plan for this world and it seems they can not see that.
  • Why the political point of view? 1/5

    By sillyleslie
    Keep it bible based please
  • Politics 1/5

    By kelli britt
    Hated the post today about trump and had to delete. Loved this app at first but really ? Trump stopped him at customs? Stupid and ignorant on you’re part. #deletedapp #spreadingtheword
  • Not what it says it is!!! This app is a Joke.... 1/5

    By mandajankoviak
    Wasn’t looking for anyone’s political views!!! Wanted the word of God.... your view on our current President is not my problem that’s your problem!! App deleted.... bye ✌🏼
  • Trump 1/5

    By Frankey warren
    I am a faith filled Christian who loved this app! But they said “jesus was coming back but Trump stopped at customs” everyone has their opinions. As jesus followers we are supposed to come together as one body of Christ. We all bleed red. This app just separated the body in two. It is absolutely ridiculous and inappropriate. This app should be about spreading the love of jesus not about politics. I am so very disappointed and I’m praying they fix this some how. I don’t know who is in charge of the notifications but they need to be removed. I have now removes the app. This was taken too far
  • Makes a difference 4/5

    By Mateymadison
    This app has stood by me through thick and thin throughout the past few years and every time I seemed to go through something difficult, it weirded me out how relatable the random sayings were that popped up in my notifications. I have seriously loved this app and it’s become a habit to look forward to these sayings from my app that gives me a breath of fresh air every day and helps me feel closer to God. However, today I have some negativity for the first time towards the app. I randomly got a saying that says “ Jesus was trying to come back but Trump stopped him at customs.” I’m not a very political person but when you try to correlate Trump, our president, with God... I don’t see how that ties in to my every day life. What if I didn’t live in America? I’m almost offended that someone tried to push something political into my positive habit of looking forward to a saying that actually matters. Something positive and pushing me to be a better me, Christian or not. I like the saying that draws me in, not make me believe in a biased opinion. Now, I’m debating on deleting the app or not.
  • Appalled! 3/5

    By MrsMarTeni
    You went too far this time. “Jesus was trying to come back but Trump stopped him at customs?!!” Not funny and I’m not republican. Poor taste....
  • Disappointed - Way too far! 1/5

    By Live for Christ NOT the world
    So initially I liked the app. The daily quotes made you think and were even relatable. However, recently there have been tons of notifications pushing Christian businesses which is great but not the purpose I downloaded the app and more alarming there have been some inappropriate quotes that made me cringe. (1) did not line up with scripture, basically saying that if you were not praying God doesn’t love or want you... that could not be farther from the truth! (2) this quote comparing God and being on your knees for an ungodly man made me sick to my stomach. I found this to be disgusting and vulgar. I am confident that young eyes and minds are reading these messages and sadly, that just doesn’t seem truly GODLY, especially associating the two together. What a tasteless quote to blast off. I think I’ve had my fill. I’m now trying to uninstall this app from my phone.

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