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  • Current Version: 1.2.45
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Sprint Drive™ App

Download free app to check vehicle compatibility. Functionality requires this application, and separate purchase of a Sprint Drive device and network service plan from Sprint Connect your car with Sprint Drive, and enable vehicle location tracking and health, driving behavior analysis, roadside assist, media connectivity and more. Manage up to 25 cars for your family or business fleet. With Sprint Drive™ you get: Peace of mind with location monitoring: - Real-time and historical vehicle location & monitoring. - Always know where loved ones or your business vehicles are at, and how safely they are driving. - Be alerted if your vehicle is towed or moved without your knowledge. Roadside Assistance by AAA: 24x7 Roadside Assistance provided by AAA (up to 4 service events/year)*. Assistance if you are stranded in the following situations: - Locked out of vehicle - Emergency fuel when out of gas - Dead battery or can’t start car - Spare tire change - Emergency towing for disabled vehicles (*some restrictions apply. This is a roadside assist service only, and does not provide AAA membership.) Mechanic Hotline: Toll-free Sprint Drive Mechanic Hotline staffed by experienced ASE certified mechanics. Call for repair opinions, cost estimates and repair shop locator. (Available during weekday business hours M-F, and Saturday morning) Vehicle awareness: - Vehicle health information and alerts for*: fuel level, battery status, coolant temperature, and more. (*Health alerts vary by make/model/year of car) - Trip analysis and driver behavior. Know how often and where the following driving actions occur: • hard acceleration • sudden braking • sharp turns • long idle times - Set custom geo-fence and curfew notifications for each car. Be alerted when a vehicle enters or leaves a boundary, or if it is operated outside of curfew hours. Entertainment & Productivity: In-vehicle LTE Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 8 connected devices Sprint Drive is especially useful for: - Family members keeping an eye on younger or elderly drivers - Car owners seeking confidence and assistance in maintaining their vehicle - Drivers benefiting from convenient in-vehicle internet connectivity for productivity or passenger entertainment - Small Business owners needing real time fleet location & driver behavior, for up to 25 vehicles

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Sprint Drive™ app reviews

  • Great if... no, its useless 1/5

    By GotWeen
    Great if you have a teenager or Forget where you parked. Other than that, It is pretty useless... and it judging hard acceleration’s and sharp turns is ridiculously stupid and inaccurate.
  • Sprint Drive 3/5

    By amp319
    The Sprint Drive is great. No complaints with the overall quality it offers. But, i do wish Sprint would fix the Idle notifications. Our SD is plugged into our Diesel F450, with the idle notification turned off but i still get notified every 10 mins that’s the truck is idling outside when it is turned off. My current notification stares the truck has been idling for 596 minutes, but it’s turned off. Please fix the idle settings.
  • Sprint Drive 5/5

    By ab and cyndi
    I ❤️my sprint drive 🚗perfect reminder, Very informational item . A must for anyone That is always on the go . Recommend to purchase give it a try 🙋🏼‍♀️😉you wont regret it 👍. Cynthia R.
  • Sprint 5/5

    By tori lanez
    It’s the best
  • My sprint drive 5/5

    Great product.....
  • Sprint 5/5

    By noneya1300
    Great works fine and great for the kids sometimes WiFi a little iffy but overall great product
  • Wifi 5/5

    By anunaku
    El wifi ta un poco lento
  • James Jones 4/5

    By Too oaken
    Great app but the get help part of the app has not worked for me but besides that it’s a great App
  • Never works 1/5

    By Shai4152
    I’ve had the Sprint Drive for almost 6 months now and it’s really a piece of crap. It never works right. My hotspot almost always says that it can’t turn on because my car isn’t running when the only time I try to to use it is when my car is running! How does that make sense. And then on top of that, half the time it wants to say that my engine isn’t on and puts my cars location at a place that isn’t accurate or even near to where I am. I no longer want this product as it doesn’t do what it claims it’s supposed to. Absolute waste of time and money!!
  • Unfinished 3/5

    By Rocoroc18
    The app is unfinished unless this is all it offers to track kids are just the base info the screen don’t even rotate the fuel that display on the screen reads N/A you can’t remove the notifications or The code reader message. The WiFi is easy to connect but all in all I giving it a 3 tell a major update comes please fix
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ramirez80731
    Worst device ever... only positive is the AAA that’s associated with it. Hotspot is slow like it has magic jack internet connection
  • Good 5/5

    By omaha nebraska
  • The best speed and the connection is consistent!!!! 5/5

    By Troi mims
    Hello to everybody sprint drive is the best, I love the service we enjoyed all seven of us connected to the Internet with optimize speed. The coverage is very good I love the service!!!...keep doing a good job Sprint!!!!😁👍🏾❤️🙏🏽✌🏾
  • Review 5/5

    By LouisNH
  • Easy Driver 5/5

    By EdWheelman
    This is great for anybody who is a daily driver. Keep your car running well.
  • WiFi in the go, with peace of mind attached 3/5

    By The adjuster
    I have the Sprint Drive installed now for a week and so far it’s been decent. The internet within the car has been so far been reliable, and even though it would be nice to have Internet after the car has been shut off for 10 minutes, it’s still not bad. I’m hoping to see additions and more improvements with some of the features in near future but so far it’s been nice to have.
  • Overall device and app offer service that is unmatched 4/5

    By cantrillionaire
    App could certainly improve in terms of ease of navigating within and operating it generally. However, beyond that I am beyond pleased by the product, app, its’ service and functionality. It offers exactly what I have been looking for out of a product for at least a year now, which I had otherwise still yet to be able to find elsewhere in the marketplace. This is an affordable, reliable mobile hotspot- with an array of extra perks. It tracks my mileage for work which I previously had an additional app and subscription for exclusively. It also serves as a code reader- which can cost a couple of hundred dollars alone as well- among multiple, multiple other functions and services. I would pay what I pay for this for the WiFi function alone. Add in the countless other perks, and I truly think sprint has wildly outdone themselves. I hope the push for innovation and marketplace competition in terms of performance continues! Assuming it does, I am certainly a customer to stay.
  • Won't work 1/5

    By Rx 400h
    I plugged it in, it took a while to activate which was fine but after that it wouldn't sync with my car. Even after I took it to sprint and they changed it there. Piece of junk? Idk....
  • Nice but still a few bugs to work out 3/5

    By Dudedebubbles
    I keep getting random notifications about my car being towed or a “disturbance detected” which is a nice feature to have.... it they weren’t consistently false alarms. Also my in my trip history, my departure and arrival locations on the map are backwards. Good app/service,.... just needs some polishing.
  • Awesome Service 5/5

    By wzrmjzrm
    Sprint Drive has helped me on multiple occasions already since I’ve gotten it about 6 months ago. The AAA service and just being able to locate my car after being towed has been invaluable. Keep up the great work is all I can say.
  • Contento 5/5

    By chilangazo
    Muy satisfecho
  • Sprint Drive 5/5

    By mastercrafter27
    Just started using my “ Sprint Drive “ and it has not failed to impress, it even diagnoses your vehicle just like your mechanic would without any bs. And you always know where your car is😉😉😉 even when your “ teenager “ or other young adult is driving, lol😂😂😂 again no more bs. I have to rate this an 11 out of 10!!!
  • Very Handy 5/5

    By 天願武
    All the OBD readings and GPS tracking are in real time. The first day I got the Sprint Drive. I noticed my car battery read 11.4 volts. I knew immediately I needed to replace my battery. I used to test my battery with a multi tester. Sprint Drive is a thumbs up for me.
  • Good Choice 5/5

    By Tanazz4
    You won’t be sorry
  • Link 1/5

    By dylthologist
    It keep giving me an email link then saying it’s expired
  • Awesome app!!!! 5/5

    By Isthalov
    Literally the coolest thing and app I’ve ever had! Keeps me connected to the internet and monitors my cars health! Love it!!!!
  • I want to give it 3.50 Stars, but ...... 4/5

    By Ppdoodler
    I like using Sprint. They make your life SOOOOOOOO convenient by bundling almost everything I like about cellular connectivity, and I am satisfied I made the switch from AT&T. But, their “Drive” device is slightly problematic. I first attached it to an ‘04 Odyssey. That vehicle was known to have a number of problems and connecting the “Drive” unit identified these areas as advertised. As I drove around for a few days, averaging 40+ miles per; I immediately began to receive text notifications for “excessive idling”, every 10 minutes or so. Okay, I WAS doing that. So, digging through the unit’s software settings, I found an on/off button that was ALREADY in the “off” position. Not a good sign. Nothing I tried could get it to stop sending this notification, unless I actually stopped idling the vehicle. Then, the 4g LTE performance is less than equivalent to my iPad or iPhone and seems totally dependent on signal strength and number of devices connected. Calling customer service didn’t produce a solution, so I decided to remove the device from the Honda and attached it to an ‘07 Uplander. The Chevy wasn’t known to have any problems and the “Drive” unit gave it a clean bill of health. So, did I return it? Nope. I love the software features that DO WORK, and I also plan to attach it to other vehicles just to see if the issues I’ve had, might be manufacturer related. P.S. When its software positions your vehicle, you are shown a good bit of info about the area you’re in, but if you try tapping on a restaurant or gasoline station etc.; nothing!! Nothing happens. You might think that you’ve located ANOTHER BUG, but no, it’s just the software has been “Crippled” and that kind of functionality isn’t available. Thanks for that, whom-ever. This is a case of “You barely get what you pay for.” Still, it’s far cheaper to purchase this thing and drive what you already own and love, than to acquire a newer vehicle which would be as expensive as hell, just for some extra gadgets and that new car smell, eh?
  • Can’t say enough positive things. 4/5

    By Alexis36216
    I was upgrading my phone when I came across the Sprint Drive device at my local store. The employee talked me into immediately, I’ve had a lot of car trouble in the past and I have a sick mother who I like to keep an eye on. Sprint drive is simple to install yourself and the app is even easier to navigate. It constantly keeps me updated on my cars location, my amount of gas, battery power and many more important things. Aside from constantly monitoring my car I also get access to AAA when I have a problem such as a dead battery, a flat tire, or if I’m in need of a tow. My only complaint is that sometimes it can’t always read the car. It’ll send me notification saying I have no gas when I’m at a half tank or that I may be in need of a tow when something else is read wrong. It doesn’t happen often and it seems like it’s gotten used to my car so I’m hoping it was just a starting off thing. Anyways, the app is amazing, effortless, and so very useful. I’d recommend the product and app to anyone with a car.
  • WiFi 2/5

    By Himayjj76
    The WiFi is sketchy, very sketchy. But I do like the vehicle health portion. I have to disconnect and reconnect the device every time I start the car. Unless there is a solution to this that’s not on the internet then the WiFi is useless.
  • It’s great. 5/5

    By Little Mishki
    We love it! I love it when I’m home and they take the car and I get to see where they are and if they stop somewhere for snacks I always state we’re is mine. They kids have no idea how I know. I have super powers.
  • Clearing notifications 4/5

    By Granny van 1955
    I am annoyed with the fact I can’t seem to find how to clear the notice for the engine problem I had last year
  • Great app 5/5

    By silvercrab69
    Hello ..! I love this app so far it’s really a big help for your everyday car concerns..!
  • Very nice piece of technology. 5/5

    By Garyintexas
    Awesome device, wish I had one for both cars. The boys can connect their iPads and play their games. Keeps them happy & quiet during a long drive.
  • WiFi 3/5

    By CL0411
    Sometimes WiFi doesn’t work you ok you get service but it lags not fast
  • Cool! 5/5

    By Gratelin82
    Accurate info
  • Awesome little device on a great network! 5/5

    By Mountaineer 304
    So we got this device about a week ago and have absolutely fell in love ever since! It shows accurate real time data that it takes from your cars obd2 port, accurate gas readings, battery capacity, engine temperature, intake temperature, and shows all service codes.. The GPS feature is also very accurate with mph and distances, the wifi is fast with a very strong signal we've been getting speeds of 80-100 mbps consistently, All in all this is a great device at an Amazing price highly recommended! Thanks Sprint!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By knyce750
    Amazing!!!!! Its a must!!!
  • Great job 5/5

    By bigga92
    Great job
  • Helps me out a lot 5/5

    By Ninjalord70
    Best gadget ever made to correct road issue and put in check.
  • Best bang for your buck 5/5

    By abmcheckmate
    There is so many options that come with this unit for the price. There is no reason not to have one. FREE towing if your vehicle brakes down that bill can be 200+ so how could you say no😊
  • Great device!!! 5/5

    By Lil Debra,
    I can actually see the health of my car, the shape my battery is in and if any warning it will give an alert and it come with WIFI.
  • Sprint Drive 5/5

    By Doc Nicks
    Love this device. While my vehicle is in the shop, I know every time it is started or driven!
  • Worked good on my older car 3/5

    By hijdyjion
    When I had a 2013 200 in worked good for the most part. The internet connection wasn’t that great but what do you expect it’s sprint. But now that I have a 2019 truck it constant notifies me that my car has been idling for hours! When it isn’t the WiFi is okay but being notified my car is on all night is annoying and it dosent give all the features. I ended up deleting the app and will just use the WiFi
  • This is pretty cool 5/5

    By Herschel
    This would be awesome if it worked with IFTTT and Alexa. Any movement in the vehicle without ignition results in a notification for “possible disturbance”. Parking with the front wheels downhill results in “possible tow” — it’d be nice if these push notifications had some teeth. Why not turn on a Nest outdoor cam near the driveway, maybe turn some lights on — maybe get an announcement from a voice assistant at home? There’s a ton of untapped potential here. The device could remain the same, but the app could run in the background and handle these functions. Still, that’s the early-adopter penalty for nascent technology. Overall, I love the detailed reports, availability of roadside assistance and in-car WiFi. This has made for the perfect stereo interface — an Echo Dot, in the car. That can also give you a method for outbound calling during a GPS-guided trip — or enabling WiFi calling on phones that can’t data and voice at the same time. It’s pretty awesome and well worth it for $30/mo or $25 with AutoPay. I think the unit’s somewhere around $120 — I’ll probably pay it off early to keep a more tidy bill. I also wonder if anyone’s hooked this up to a car battery and an old ECU to use for home Internet. LOL
  • The best 5/5

    By Killamattdog
    I love this app
  • Great device! 5/5

    By another gti driver
    Great device! Get yours too!
  • bad 1/5

    By beto123a
    immediately after i plugged it in my dashboard went crazy. engine light is now on so is my ldw and system failure is on.
  • Make it better 5/5

    By dat51501
    The next best thing to finding your car after the wife or kids drove your car last Just wish it could do remote start and stop
  • I loved 5/5

    By elhectorito
    Is very helpful

Sprint Drive™ app comments

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