My Sprint Mobile

My Sprint Mobile

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  • Current Version: 6.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sprint
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Sprint Mobile App

On the move, or on the couch, My Sprint encourages users to live their lives without worrying about their Sprint account. Check for upgrade eligibility, view and pay your bill or find the tech support you need. Improving your experience is important to us. Feel free to let us know the ups and downs of your journey by contacting us at [email protected]


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My Sprint Mobile app reviews

  • Overall service 1/5

    By Trip Fisher
    The day my contract is up I will be switching my cell service away from Sprint!!
  • Too many glitches and loading bars 1/5

    By Nickname6760
    First, it won’t let me sign in even though my password is correct, then it’ll make me change it so many times that I just don’t even bother trying to remember it anymore. Finally, it won’t even load the screen to change my password, so that by the time I load safari, visit the sprint website, enter in all my security info to prove that nobody else is trying to pay my bill, change the password and log back into the worthless sprint app, my bill is overdue and sprint takes even more of my money. Brilliant marketing scheme.
  • New customer 5/5

    By Amazing11111
    Just switched over and got my whole family a phone line. I’m loving it so far saved me money and I’m getting LTE everywhere!! Also love the mysprint app, very convenient!!
  • Unhappy customer 1/5

    By Antenisha
    Worst service EVER
  • Good service 4/5

    By Denny062294
    Just needs more cellar coverage
  • Effortless? 1/5

    By cbg27
    I don’t get why you guys have a header saying “effortless account management” when you can’t even use the app to perform the very simple task of paying your bill. Which is the only reason why I have the app in my phone. Every time I hit authorize, nothing literally happens and I’m left to wonder if my card was actually charged. If I get a late fee because of this stupid app, I’m done with Sprint.
  • Awful service 1/5

    By ysoltero
    Sprint is the worst company I have ever done business with. I do not recommend them their service is awful. I had a billing issue today I spoke with 3 different people this morning each one of them gave me a different answer and non of them could resolve my problem. I will be canceling my service and will never do business with sprint again
  • The worst app !!! 1/5

    By armenmiami
    Does not work, does not open, terrible, does not accept passwords !!!
  • Incredibly glitchy 1/5

    By Mr. GNO
    This app works almost none of the time. Today, every time I open this app it says I need a new password. If I create a new password, it won’t recognize the password I created. Sprint is pretty trashy, overall, so I guess this app is about what you’d expect from them.
  • Service bad 2/5

    By Stais78
    App freezes and sprint service is horrible. That is all good day!
  • Sprint 1/5

    By jssg
    Sprint is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Their customer rep sold me a buy one get one free I phone deal and now for 9 months have charged me for 2 phones and no one has answered my need for help. They have robbed me illegally for 9 months, but if I robbed someone I would go to jail.
  • Fix the new update 1/5

    By Jasoncrafton
    Nothing works
  • Must use! 5/5

    By sly_vest
    Excellent very fast and helping. I love the feature that the agent can text to help you out with any issues.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jakesquadron
    Won't allow me to get into acct then tried customer service they said they would help and didn't at all still can't get into my account
  • Bad 1/5

    By Footballfan01
    Horrible app, can’t even pay your bill from here it’s been bugged for years still no fix.
  • Happy 5/5

    By M. Wallingsford
    I appreciate the fact that my bill is exactly the same every month. No secret fees or unknown charges. It’s exactly what they told me it would be and has not changed.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Xoxtay94
    This app is completely worthless.... you can’t access anything
  • Fast App 5/5

    By bbtv89
    Reads clear, easy app! Fast!
  • First time 5/5

    By SilverNblack89
    Came over from metro and really enjoying it thus far. Love my IPhone 8+ never had a phone this fancy and I’m quite impressed. Really happy with sprint right now
  • Worst company on the planet 1/5

    By Color Chuck
    Sprint made a mistake on my billing and even after numerous hours on the phone, a 2.5 hour trip to a corporate store, my bills and my bank statements all showing I paid this phone, they refuse to adjust the bill.... any company even straight talk is a better choice! AND I’ve been a customer for 18 years and the mistake is clearly theirs 18 payments on a phone that was paid off in 24 payments on 1 bill... hours and hours on the phone, retention said they see the problem and would adjust it... never happened!
  • With little or no help from Customer Support 1/5

    By Cheese Is Christ
    I recently talked to a Sprint Rep about upgrading my service plan and was told it was accessible through the app, when he said it was and I went and looked there wasn’t a clear option to upgrade so I had to call back again and ask how I was able to upgrade my plan. There really is no clear control way of showing how to take things off your bill or upgrading your plan. It should be easier than a hassle.
  • Not as bad as everyone says 4/5

    By Ac19892010
    I’ve only been with Sprint a few months. On my plan it is myself, my husband, and my father and the three of us all having relatively “new release” phones and the bill for the three of us is still lower than what my father was paying for just himself at Verizon. The three of us are on the new unlimited plan as well. My only complaints are somewhat minimal and more frustrating than anything. When we decided to go to Sprint, we looked at the coverage area since we live rurally and it said that for both voice and data we were in exceptional service and it said the same on the coverage map at the store. However, we are almost always in 3G and 1x while at home and eve sometimes while we are in town or in bigger cities. Needless to say this is mildly frustrating. My only other complaint, that I’m sure could be fixed relatively easily but working 65 hours a week I just simply forget to call, is that our Hulu account won’t set up or allow access to any of our phones. Also, I find it somewhat unnerving that your sales people automatically add the device insurance for $13/month without consulting the customer. Granted yes, I was going to have all three phones covered anyway, but I never authorized that I wanted it done while we were in the store. Overall the app has made bill payment super simple and the app is pretty user friendly. Fix the coverage issue and this could easily be a five star review instead of just four. 😊
  • Important customer 1/5

    By Reese smiths
    Sprint app is terrible. Sprint services has failed me in very important times with no compensation.
  • Sprint Service 1/5

    By blake3712
    I hate everything about sprint. My service is spotty in my city, and awful at home with or without WiFi. Horrible customer service and the stores are all crooks; corporate and 3rd party. I feel sorry for the workers abroad, they are inadequate and not equipped
  • Bad 1/5

    By Manny281980
    Signal stinks
  • Great Company 5/5

    By JPistol32
    I have been using Sprint since about 2001. I currently live in a small town in Oklahoma. I work for the government in a room where it is tough to get reception. Everyone around me has issues, but my phone always works. When I was having issues after first arriving here and Sprint sent me an Airrave device that worked great. This as well as excellent customer service and an easy to use website keeps me coming back.
  • I do not like this network 1/5

    By Lillie c.
    Worst ever!!!
  • Price 5/5

    By Slim869
    Too expensive for one phone and line
  • I’m supposed to be on auto pay I don’t know why it’s not working 4/5

    By captain really Frank
    I’m supposed to be on auto pay I don’t know why it’s not working every month it seems like I have to make sure the payment goes through so I’ve deleted two cards and left one card hopefully this solves the problem as I was able to make the payment using my phone and the app
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mds011
    Easy to use, great app, no complaints
  • Love the APP! 5/5

    By .elchispa.
    So apparently customers are just venting their frustration with Sprint’s service through the app which has nothing to do with their experience. After all this is not the Sprint venting app, but an App for account services that provides useful and insightful information into a high amount of whatever you need to know about your account. Definitely a better App than the old Sprint Zone app.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By GloriousWarrior0817
    I left sprint a few years back to return and see that they still have poor service and high price rates
  • Service is horrific 1/5

    I called yesterday to complain about my quality of service and of course they tried to undermine me and belittle the situation. I’m definitely switching to Verizon. Sprint service and customer service is horrible. If I can upload screenshots I would. I drop calls, don’t receive my calls, and more than often my service says NO SERVICE. Smh
  • App issues 2/5

    By Tjdjkiller
    The app won’t allow me to edit the amount of my payment.
  • 1 in best service n customer service 5/5

    By Pgstone
    Never had or have any problems with service or customer service. Started with them in 99 left to verizon for 2 months and went right back to sprint. So if want to tell your friends and family I’d advise it. There’s no other service I’m willing to go to, no matter what deal their trying to sell me..
  • Log in 1/5

    By just want to pay my bill!
    For month after month I continue to get a “log in information is incorrect”message. It is correct. Have tried to rectify this multiple times with no success.
  • Update!!! 1/5

    By santanagil91
    I have been trying to open so many times the app and it doesn’t work on my iPhone 7+ I think that is time to update the app. We need a new version of My Sprint Mobile
  • Why? 1/5

    By Kibyes
    Why would you recommend to download the app only to be told that it doesn’t support my account?
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By FEBWEBB86
    I am highly dissatisfied with this company. It has been nothing but pure hell since switching over to Sprint from Verizon. I was lied to about my bill and the service is horrible. I will definitely be switching back to Verizon and I would not recommend anyone to this company. I wish this company would shut down. You guys are horrible!!!!!!
  • Review of sprint 5/5

    By leriksidneygosdin
    I have been with sprint going on 6 years now & I have found it to b the best network from all the others including Verizon I have always had a phone but my exsperience with sprint has been the absolute best , other then the language barrier with customer service which is with any company I’d say sprint is the top network to use for cellular service
  • The worst carrier ever! 1/5

    By Skysunia
    Service is slow. Lots of dropped calls
  • Missing AT&T! 1/5

    By Rebecca.G.F
    I switched thinking that my bill would be lower after speaking with an in store rep. What they promised me and what I’ve received are polar opposites! My service coverage is horrible and inconsistent. My sons service gets interrupted at least once a month for “past due balance”. They claim I owe a month more than the amount of time we’ve even had the phone lines and they interrupt service the day I receive my bill for “non-payment”! I am and have been, counting the days until my contract is up and I can switch back to AT&T! If fewer stars were an option, I would rate them -5! Their customer service is terrible, you can hardly understand them and they’re rude and unprofessional to boot! I can’t wait to switch back!
  • Customer service 2/5

    By NewtoSprint
    Never get anything done that has been confirmed. Lack of trust for any service leads you to look for the end of your contract.
  • Sprint app 5/5

    By Kreampie
    Great app, very convenient
  • Sprint is just the worst carrier 1/5

    By KyleeLA
    Planning to switch soon, you should do the same
  • Due dates 1/5

    By sckreisher
    It says you can change the due date bute it wont
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By sprint blows big balls
    Bill is never the same from month to month. No reason why.
  • Latest update? One star. 1/5

    By 5477610
    I have a shared data plan, and with a couple of clicks I could find the data hog in my family. Can’t seem to find that option now. Please bring it back
  • Never loads 1/5

    By Juan Hiraldo
    Every time I open the app I have to first force close it and then re open. Then I have two wait for two minutes for it to load, this only happens with this Sprint app.
  • The worst 1/5

    By Kikidns13
    I hate sprint.

My Sprint Mobile app comments


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