Squad - be together

Squad - be together

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  • Current Version: 1.5.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Olabot
  • Compatibility: Android
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Squad - be together App

The best place to hang out The idea for the app came from a 14-year-old girl named Emma who wanted a better way to chill with her best friend when they weren't together in person. She wanted to be able to see each other while watching videos, playing games, reading text messages, looking at photos and listening to music together. Relax and be yourself There are so many apps where you have to perform or look good. Squad is not like that. You can call friends while lying in bed or while putting your makeup on in the morning because it’s a place to be the real you. What you’ll find on Squad: - Watch YouTube and see your friends reactions - Watch TikTok videos - Simple screen sharing - Call friends on any smartphone - Video chat with up to 9 people - Share that you’re free to hang out with custom Snapchat stickers Squad is the closest thing to hanging out IRL.

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Squad - be together app reviews

  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Shan3_
    Been trying to set it up via phone and doesn’t work
  • Obnoxious Notifications 2/5

    By Kronos_44
    I was trying to get my friends onboard with downloading this app. However the notifications it sends you throughout the day are obnoxious and excessive. I found no way to disable these without disabling all notifications for the app altogether.
  • Sound problem 2/5

    By lnaz kiddo
    Hi , thank you for such a great idea. So my boyfriend and I are trying to use this app during quarantine and watch YouTube together, but unfortunately when he started to play a video on youtube I can’t hear the sound of it . We try both with and with out handsfree. I searched all over safari and youtube to troubleshoot it but I couldn’t.
  • Wow!!! 4/5

    By iSupaFresh
    Unfortunately can you add the close caption please? It’s for dead people. Thanks!
  • It WAS okay 3/5

    I liked squad. I hadn’t been on it awhile until my friend pointed it out that their were live streams you could go on and meet new people. I thought it was awesome! We hung out with these cool friends, but then something happened: my friend couldn’t go on lives anymore. It was strange, and we were trying everything, but it just disappeared. I tried to tell squad about it, but they never responded. So she tried it on my account, and now I can’t do lives. We’ve been trying to figure out what went wrong, but to no prevail. Now we can’t make new friends during this quarantine time, to help others not feel lonely and scared because of the virus. Please fix this, Squad.
  • Really good, but there is some problems 4/5

    By Orangejuice27
    I like using this app with my friends because we can watch TikTok, YouTube, and other things all together at the same time. However, if you are screen sharing, if you can’t control the volume of the music from the app that you are using (ex: Spotify) you can’t hear the other people in your call.
  • Netflix does not work when screensharing! 👎 2/5

    By Desireesilva2015
    Was great for watching movies that already were on the app, but when it came time to screen share and watch Netflix with the girls on the app it did not work at all! The music played but the video didn’t. It stayed black. Hopefully there is a update soon because idk how else to do!
  • Help??... 4/5

    By ~Moshi-Moo
    I really like this app and everything great to communicate with new people and friends, but now I’m not allowed to go into party lines. Me and my others friends have the same problem too.
  • Good app but... 4/5

    By Kkman$$$
    I’ve used this app quite a while, I enjoy watching videos/movies with friends, and it’s just a good app all around. A few things I’ve noticed is issues when watching on the “TV” section. Movies struggle to stay synced, I’ve witnessed multiple times being several minutes ahead of my friends watching the same movie. The same sort of issue pertains to ads, how ads will play for 1-2 people, and the movie keeps playing for the others. One suggestion would be to do something similar to YouTube, the screen and timeline (changing from red to yellow) on the bottom change to show ads and only ads. The ads can’t be skipped, as the scroller can’t be moved, but they can still be paused, which would ensure everyone is in the same ad. Another issue is that while ringing someone while in a group, the other person only sees “X is ringing you” and not the other members.
  • Half-baked 1/5

    By Ramedla
    Not ready for prime-time. You can find friends from your contacts, but then Squad doesn’t let you add them to a chat. What’s the point? Chatting with yourself? What a waste of time. Fix the app and I’ll fix this review.
  • Terrible Screen Share Quality 2/5

    By Benny B Hell
    I was trying to watch a video on my camera roll, but she could barely see anything and there was no audio. I wish it was better. :(
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By Chadicus01
    This app is like no other and the experience is incredible I love this so much!
  • 😍 5/5

    By Nargisjonik
    Great app, love it
  • App is a great idea but... 3/5

    By BrianRostro
    The execution needs to be a little more simplified. There’s too many things everywhere and trying to find what you need in terms of functions feels confusing. Also, when trying to communicate between iPhone (Xs Max) to Android (Galaxy S7), the other end (S7) could only hear me out of the earspeaker.
  • Is it good for a nine year? 5/5

    By Hueyduck623
    PLEASE I Am nine
  • Geez 4/5

    By Fiamma Zakrewsky
    I love this app to communicate with my friends but I joined a party line and a girl was shaving her *thing* and it was very disturbing so I got out right away pls stop this
  • Netflix 4/5

    By wow crazy!!!
    Netflix should be added it. It would be really good if it’s possible
  • Great app! Great alternative to rabbit (rip) 5/5

    By grrrrr angery
    This is a really cool app if you have friends far away. Love the option to voice chat. It's a bit intrusive asking for video permissions and then immediately turns them on when opening the app. But other than that seems like all the problems people are having is because their connection is crap, not the apps fault.. get better internet!
  • no screen sharing 3/5

    By bangtan4ever❤️
    theres no screen sharing like it says in the ad
  • Crap 1/5

    By oktoberguy
    Not even able to sign up . With both phone number and snap chat . It loads for a while then getting the error message.
  • 👎👎 1/5

    By mylemonsbespicy
    I downloaded this app super excited! Like Oh my gosh! Tiktoks! Youtube! Movies! Calling friends! It seems so great! And then it installs. “Continue with Snapchat?” or “Continue with phone number?” Seems like nothing wrong, but the fact that they are saying 4+ for an app that requires people who have phone numbers and are obviously 13+ to have snapchat. I do not have a phone number, or a snapchat. Please add a place to sign up with email. SO much easier. I just wanna talk to friends. And please keep in mind that when i downloaded this app i expected to be using it. That is whats not happening. Please put a higher age minimum if you’re going to have the only ways to sign up to be things only 12-13+ plus ages have.
  • Good 3/5

    By drum0000
    I wish there's an option to change friend's voice call volume.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By DB2302423
    Chaotic UI. Broadcasting does not work. The screen is not transmitting to me from the other person even though they see the broadcast running. And audio and video quality is terrible compared to FaceTime. Get back to the drawing board.
  • great app 4/5

    By bloggermary
    i love this app but can y’all make us update our number like i now have a new number and i can’t use it.
  • The best 5/5

    By jkdokwldmd
    I love this I LOVE the party line please keep updating it thx
  • Please share audio 3/5

    By Lysuuhh
    This app seems to have a lot of potential but I want to be able to hear my boyfriend’s audio. He has an Android and I have an apple. He can hear mine screen but I can’t hear his screen. Is there any way this can be fixed? 🥺
  • Unblock?? 3/5

    By downsoid
    Its an awesome app, but the unblock button doesnt work. Help would be appreciated.
  • App bugs 2/5

    By Ahasbakdbwndndbejnx
    Screen share has bad quality & there is absence of sound within android device usage, this app needs serious work, other than that it’s pretty handy the way it’s set up.
  • Awesome but 4/5

    By Kool kitten 😺
    So in I am 9 and it says 4+ and I was searching all day and when I get on the page it says Phone number and I do have a Phone but I don’t have a number! So I am sure it is a great app just keep in mind you need a Phone number.
  • To squad: 5/5

    By mouzakis
    I love squad
  • Adding 4/5

    By axdeeedexzh
    Can u add two people for screen share and party line please
  • One Suggestion 4/5

    By Fuzziefunsockswhoa
    I love this app! The only thing I would suggest is adding a chat feature where you can text in the call instead of just using the speaker. I can’t use the speaker because my microphone is broken, so a typing feature would be amazing. It could also be good for people who just don’t want to talk and would rather type what they want to say. Other than that, I love the app and would for sure recommend.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Abigail 2614
    Did not work- frozen - pingee voice- not understandable!
  • Please update android too 1/5

    By ColonelClary
    I use this app to watch youtube videos with my long distance girlfriend who has an android phone. It's nice, but EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING to use because the android version apparently hasn't been updated in forever so whenever we try to do stuff together it always breaks on her end and it's unnecessarily frustrating. We used to be able to watch youtube videos together and both hear the sound, but now that I can't screenshare and do youtube videos in squad at the same time, there's no way for us to do that anymore and I'm really upset about it. The youtube video thing doesn't work on her end unless I screenshare it too, and now I can't. Please update android too. I am so tired of having my date nights thwarted by technology deciding not to work anymore. Please.
  • I love It 5/5

    By ahmedo0o43
  • I love it 5/5

    By hjjehhdhueuuruhbdkf
    This app is so cool and convenient and I just love the way it’s structured and it’s so colorful and now all my friends can talk to eachother all at once
  • Problem 1/5

    By MaplePancakesxx
    Screenshare tab is all black and it won’t work.
  • The sharing screen is laggy 3/5

    By laura_j486
    Over all the video sharing is very good I can also hear my friend when we play a video from YouTube or any other social media . My only problem is the laggy screen share . When me and my friend tried to share screen it lagged a lot . I hope you guys can take this review I’m consideration Thank you ☺️
  • It used to be good but now it’s slacking 1/5

    The app isn’t letting me hear my friend even my friend can’t hear me so it used to be a 5 star but it failed this is a total 1 star...not happy with the experience at all.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Gagsgdgg
    I like this app but the one thing I do not like is that when you want to watch something like YouTube or tik toks you have to call someone.
  • AMZING APP 5/5

    By Choclate Puff
    APP IS AMAZING!! It works just fine for me idk why people are having issues but this app is incredible.
  • احلا برنامج 5/5

    By iiiikeh
    لقد اعجبني برنامج سهل تواصل بالفيديو والتحدث مع الاهل والاصدقاء لقد استمتعتوا كثيرا
  • 3 Stars 2/5

    By virtualthumbsup
    I downloaded this app so I could watch videos with my friend. The sound works if I'm watching from YouTube, but if I try to screen share videos from my web browser, the other person cannot hear the audio. This app would be perfect if I could share the audio. Also, it requires you to have a phone number to log in. Not everyone has a phone, so it was a real struggle for my friend to set up his account. He finally did get it set up eventually but now he can't log back in. Good concept but the app has very little use to me. This is just temporary until Rabbit TV (no longer works) or Discord screen sharing (failed audio) is back up and running.
  • Great but 4/5

    By jpconnect
    Only problem is it doesn’t allow you to set privacy otherwise pretty cool app
  • I was looking for an app like rabbit 1/5

    By z bonba
    This app is horrible you cannot do anything without the call . & the mirror screen is a horrible idea. I wish it were like rabbit when you could text and video a movie or video at the same time
  • Good App but some issues 4/5

    By Sasakiller2000
    I love this app and truly believe that it is the best calling app for me to use when I’m calling my friends internationally. The only issue I have is that I can’t screen share. There is an option to but whenever I start a broadcast, my screen doesn’t show up on the receiving end of the video call 😭. I have an iPhone XR and really want to be able to use the screen share feature so can someone please help me?
  • رائع 5/5

    By Asmaalhashimi
    تطبيق ممتاز جداً
  • Wow!!! I can’t get enough of it! 3/5

    By Pastor Mark 222
    I have been hanging out on Squad with my dad, my brother and my kids Thank you for making it fun and easy to keep connected! Keep up the good work
  • Doesn’t work, can’t delete account or contact support in app! 1/5

    By ArixKing
    Installed this app and right off the bad it was creepy. My coworker got a notification I joined before I even allowed access to my contacts. I understand Squad checked my phone number against his contacts, but I can easily see this being abused by stalkers/ex-partners/etc. On top of that, when I went to delete my account, I got repeated errors that it “couldn’t be done” and that I would need to contact them—so, I clicked the Feedback button and that didn’t work either! Just another error with no guidance on what to do next. Suspicious app obviously mining personal information. Beware.

Squad - be together app comments

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