Squad - be together

Squad - be together

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  • Current Version: 1.6.18
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Olabot
  • Compatibility: Android
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Squad - be together App

The best place to hang out The idea for the app came from a 14-year-old girl named Emma who wanted a better way to chill with her best friend when they weren't together in person. She wanted to be able to see each other while watching videos, playing games, reading text messages, looking at photos and listening to music together. Relax and be yourself There are so many apps where you have to perform or look good. Squad is not like that. You can call friends while lying in bed or while putting your makeup on in the morning because it’s a place to be the real you. What you’ll find on Squad: - Watch YouTube and see your friends reactions - Watch TikTok videos - Simple screen sharing - Call friends on any smartphone - Video chat with up to 9 people - Share that you’re free to hang out with custom Snapchat stickers Squad is the closest thing to hanging out IRL.

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Squad - be together app reviews

  • Terrible 1/5

    By tirzah_360
    Does anybody else a get text message from random people after downloading this app
  • Asking for update 3/5

    By plzcheak
    Am asking for new update that u can search for the live name please we need this kind of update
  • okay 4/5

    By Flashpoint So & So
    it’s a fun way to talk to friends, but when i try to open the app sometimes it won’t open and will glitch out. i know it’s not my phone that’s glitching, because all of my other apps would open. also, you can’t watch a huge selection of movies. on tiktok you can’t scroll, you have to search a specific person to watch.
  • Awful 1/5

    By bstone17
    Wouldn’t send me the code to log in
  • Help 2/5

    By LllLoLoLlLlLOoLooO
    Other people I don’t want to talk to keep joining my sessions, how do I make a invite only one???
  • Really Good 4/5

    By K.Beth.104
    This app is just really good. The new update is amazing 💪🏻 love the new backgrounds. Now listen, it will drain your battery more if you use the backgrounds all the time but who cares? If I’m using squad I’m chillin in my room watching YouTube with my girlfriend. Now that brings me to YouTube. Literally the only thing that would make this app better is if the YouTube surfing option was a little more... more. They only offer trending videos and so you really gotta have an idea of what you’re gonna watch. Same goes for the TikTok option, but the free movies are hella 🙏🏻🕺🏻
  • :) 2/5

    By stttttrangggerrrrr
    It’s a really good app but it lags a lot like really a lot when someone calls it doesn’t show or it doesn’t let us join together, or share screen or anything I always have to delete it and then download it again so please fix this problem!!
  • the best 5/5

    By V1027
    Im quarantined and I feel like my bestie lives w/ me 🥳🥺🥰💙
  • Weird 1/5

    By amazinghelpfulperson
    I just got the app to hang with my friends, instead there are just some horrible people on there and now I am very scared because someone took a screenshot of me and idkkk where it is going, please fix that.

    By anastasia403
    overall, squad is a great app. they do have a few flaws but if you are looking to chat with others and have fun it is a safe, fun app to be on! love all of the filters and cool features! i recommend this app.
  • GLITCHES 3/5

    By k_9081
    Please fix bugs and glitches and there is hacker but the app is great if there is no hackers and glitches please fix it in the fastest way, they scan freeze the app and can have our photos
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By haileyylovesapps
    It’s very confusing and doesn’t let you do everything it states while watching the apps !
  • BAD 1/5

    By Sarah and Valentina
    It’s really bad because it very glitchy and it’s not my WiFi and it asks for a lot of information. It’s just overall a bad app and do not use it.
  • It’s not a squad 1/5

    By angie wolfkadhim
    I use computer why my friend uses tablet i’ve tried countless to invite her in but it doesn’t let her if you could fix that it would be greatly appreciated
  • Ehh 4/5

    By getmein!
    Love this app. I love how this give u the opportunity to be with friends and family from a distance, but the problem is that u don’t have much options to anything. U can’t such the movie u want to search, and when u find a movie u wanna watch, the ads make it complicated to watch. Meaning when the ads come on the movie is still playing in the back. And sometimes the sound cuts off too. Now we just live screen our screen and search for a movie or show, but we can’t really enjoy that cuz if ur the one to show ur screen. U can barely hear the noise. It’s like the noise u can’t hear doubles for the other person on the other side. We can’t really enjoy what we’re watching together because of noise problems. Other than that everything else is good. Please try to resolve this problems with the noise and ads.
  • improvements 3/5

    By Anonymous [360]
    the sound and screen share is laggy
  • Please make better for quarantine 3/5

    By dis bit stacy
    Screen sharing doesn’t really work, we try and watch Netflix( Hulu, hbo go, etc) and it doesn’t play you can hear but Not see. Love this app during this quarantine but please try and fix
  • Plz fix 1/5

    By Unstopagirl
    When I opened squad, it said join with Snapchat or phone number. I chose Snapchat. It still make me put in my phone number! I selected the country, and let’s say it said +6823 and then I had to put in my phone number. The 823 was supposed to be in brackets! When I put the rest of my number in, it still wouldn’t let me press next. Plz fix it!! Also, when I added an extra number to my phone number it it put the three numbers after the +6823 in brackets! That’s not how it’s supposed to be!!!!!!!
  • Tons and tons of bugs 1/5

    Just doesnt work
  • Sends links to people without permission 2/5

    By Edwynna
    So I’m still new to this app, but I realize that when I pressed friend thinking that those people are already on the app, But they aren’t and squad sent them links abt me wanting them to join my call It’s something embarrassing especially when the link was about “join my squad and videocall me” or smt especially to those who u arent close with and just wanna call And the thing is the messages sent DIDNT APPEAR IN MY MESSAGE AND I HAD NO IDEA THAT IT WAS SENT UNTIL A FRIEND OF MINE TOLD ME ABOUT IT IT DIDNT TELL ME OR ASKED PERMISSION FROM ME ABOUT SENDING THE LINK
  • My friend 5/5

    By olive for
    I love this app bc I can to hang out with my friends and wack movie bc befor that me and my friends had to find a movie on the tv go on FaceTime and then watch it like that but bc of you we do not need to do that no more
  • Squad 1/5

    By AppsRating101
    The app is awful. The volume displays way to loud when sharing your screen. If you try to watch tv then randomly the screen goes black and only one person can see the screen. Then the whole thing goes black and even the volume of the other person cuts off. I tried checking other entertainment apps and all the screen kept turning black. Ended up having to get on facetime cuz Squad is some real trash.
  • snap 1/5

    By snapchat sqaud
    on snapchat it has a thing and it won’t let me post on my private story bc of the squad app
  • Not the best 1/5

    By AngryAngelina
    My best friend s has an email and no Snapchat so it didn’t exactally work for me so I didn’t like it.There should be an update where you can use an email.
  • Bravo 5/5

    By pickled tato
    Amazing app
  • Glitch 4/5

    By hxeehdujiddubxei
    When I call my friend squad freezes He first thing I did was check my connection but that didint work then I tried after 1 month and nothing worked but the chat still worked
  • Won’t let you use app unless you invite 3 people 1/5

    By WhoIsWhatIs
    Per title... I can’t even get into the app because it won’t let me continue unless I invite 3 people. Just so happens I’m using an iPad that I don’t connect any contacts with. Which means... the app effectively locked me out. Good job, guys. /s
  • Bad 1/5

    By paijskajaja
    I don’t have a phone number but I have Snapchat that’s all you need so this is trash
  • Can you fix this? And also I have an idea for the app 3/5

    By The wild and windy mama
    Ok so... I use this app to hang out with a cupole of friends during this quarantine time, and. It’s working really well! But, two things. One, I try to screen share and it allways stops in the middle of the screen share. My friends screen share works good. Second, I have an idea for the app, there shops b a Netflix icon. The tubi tv wont let me search for a movie and honestly, I wood rather have Netflix cause its just easier. Pls pls fix the screen share, I really loooooooooooooove this app and especially during quarantine. I apriciate it.
  • Weird 2/5

    By girly girl10789
    First I didn’t really know how to use it but then except it switched my friends account to my account
  • Phone number wrong 1/5

    By I can't message anyone
    It says my phone number is wrong when it is write so I can’t sign up
  • Doesn’t work all the time. 2/5

    By ChanelP._
    The idea is phenomenal but all the app’s work is useless if it doesn’t work more than half the time. I’ll try to call my friend or have them call me and the calls don’t go through. The few times the app has worked have been great, though.
  • it’s great when it actually works 3/5

    By _.makai_
    this app is fun to use. i love to broadcast my screen with friends so that we can watch stuff together at the same time, but recently.. it’s been lagging a lot. what shows on my screen takes 10 extra seconds to appear on their screen. it needs to be fixed as asap.
  • great idea 4/5

    By 130Gomex
    this is a great concept of an app and i like it! however it would be awesome if youtube live-streams were compatible
  • Screen sharing 4/5

    By oopppppppppppppppppppppp
    You should make it so when you screen share a video the other person can actually see the screen other also you should make it so the avatars of people are optional to take away because they block some of the movies/videos I watch other than that the app’s amazing
  • AMAZING.. Except the movie option 5/5

    By _.Jaduh._
    I just barely started using it with my friends and we love it sooooo much! We were wanting to watch a movie with each other, but their was no search bar or something like that. Also I personally think theirs not a lot of movie choices on their either. I hope you can fix this in the future! Overall this is an amazing app and highly recommend to everyone.
  • Hackers... very disappointing:( 1/5

    By Nicolenikky1
    Hackers on this app tried to hack into my account that I used to sign up with.. very disappointing.. be careful .
  • Needs more entertainment 4/5

    By ibbyaintithiky
    The app overall is really good, best app in my opinion for stuff like screenshare and other things. HOWEVER, this app would be even greater if it had more popular and more widespread uses of apps. Like Netflix, Hulu or Crunchyroll. Those are a lot of apps people use that people would probably LOVE to see.
  • I was forced to download this 1/5

    By fromdahl
  • Amazing 5/5

    By StupidRattatata
    Best thing since sliced bread, absolutely great for quarantine
  • Pluto TV 3/5

    By Lizzzieeeee2004
    The app is a great app but when we all watch a movie together one persons screen always skips ahead or before so we all can’t watch it at the exact same time
  • Movie 4/5

    By sssssaaaaammmaaaaNnnnThha
    When you use Pluto tv to watch movie. There’s always one person ahead or behinds everyone else when u watch movies. And the others are at the same point. Can u plz fix this because it spoils it for the others if u watch a scary movie. 👍🏼
  • Random people 3/5

    By stef😬
    The app was good but I didn’t like how random people could go on your calls, that seems a little dangerous. I was on a call with my friend and someone came on the call with us so I left and told her to hang up because I didn’t know who it was. If you were to change that the app would be perfect.
  • GREAT APP!!!! 4/5

    By bre0ns
    All we need is a queue and we will be great!!!
  • great but... 4/5

    By adri_anna_15
    i love the app, but there should be an option to scroll through your four you page. it would make the app even better!
  • Glitches 2/5

    My friends and I always try to call each other and it never works and nothing ever works idk what it is but they need to fix it
  • You can’t use email 2/5

    By lila loves dogs2
    I was very excited to use this but then when I signed up with Snapchat it asked me for my phone number and do not have a phone number what do I do?
  • Something to add to squad 2/5

    By not karen I swear
    You should add Netflix so u and ur bf/gf can watch Netflix together during quarantine. Smart right
  • Not good at all 1/5

    By l hflcpucjvkvkvg
    This app only did not made me embarrass myself but crushed my self confidence. I am going to warn everyone if you go on snap on live mode on Snapchat. It will screen record and ruin your life.

Squad - be together app comments

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