Square Dashboard - Analytics for Point of Sale

Square Dashboard - Analytics for Point of Sale

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  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Square, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Square Dashboard - Analytics for Point of Sale App

Square Dashboard gives you access to sales data from your Square Point of Sale app. It puts your finger on the pulse of your business—anytime, anywhere, on the go or in the office. Link to your existing Square account and view live sales in seconds. Track sales reports week over week or year over year. Set custom time periods to compare whatever you want. Even compare sales at multiple locations. See which items are selling best, and start running your business better. Check your data all day—it will become your favorite feed to follow. Features: • Sales Summary: See sales, number of items sold, and average sale amount. • Sales Comparisons: Compare sales to last week, last month, or last year. • Categories: See which categories outperform others. • Items: Sort your items to know what’s selling well or falling behind. • Employees: View gross sales by employee or mobile staff. • Timecards: Keep an eye on who’s working. Use of Square Point of Sale is required to view sales analytics in the Dashboard app.


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Square Dashboard - Analytics for Point of Sale app reviews

  • Password not saving 1/5

    By austxcara
    I have had continuous issues with this app losing my password after a week or two. This is the only app I have ever had this issue with. For a business owner who just wants to check on their store revenue quickly this is irritating. Square’s investment in this app is highly disappointing!
  • I love Square but... 3/5

    By ScottCPA
    I live Square but the Dashboard could use some more attention. There is no ability adjust any of the reporting and discounts are excluded from reporting, so you can only see Gross Sales as far as I can see.
  • Great service. Dashboard is lacking 3/5

    By Jdbmarengo
    Square itself is awesome. We’ve been using it for three years and have never had any of the problems people complain about in reviews here. However I agree with folks who say this dashboard is not sufficient. Need to see inventory, transactions, and other stuff you see in the web site to make this app useful
  • Nice but lacking 2/5

    By Ricky742
    It gives you simple information like your gross sales. Unfortunately, it doesn’t not give you how much you collected that day. Say you are having a half off sale for your business and you use the discount option on the square app. The dashboard will show it as if you never applied a discount.
  • Do not trust them 1/5

    By GravyRobber 2.0
    They will hold your money and then ban you for asking about it.
  • Can’t give even one star! 1/5

    By Awwwsomeness
    You can’t give stars to the app that doesn’t open. :( I don’t know what’s up. It’s just frozen on the logo.
  • Best way to borrow money 5/5

    By rbhayes4600
    Square has helped me sooooo much with my small business. They lend me money and I pay it back with a portion of my sales. So easy to use. I charge a client. Then I have that money instantly deposited into my account and part of that money goes toward my balance with square. Very cool. Happy customer here :)
  • Works great for an overview of your square ecosystem 4/5

    By sirblackader
    Would love to see this information available on the watch too!
  • Analytics not relevant 1/5

    By Mine tour
    Dashboard as a tracking app is way off. We recently ran a 25% off sale. The dashboard showed sales before discount. What was relevant to know was net sales after discounts. So now all my daily tracking analytics are incorrect. My daily, weekly and monthly sales comparisons are terribly skewed and useless. I called square. I explained the problem. They told me where to find the net sales. I knew where. So to find my monthly sale all I can do is go in and program a custom report in the square app. Finally they just hung up on me.
  • Square is great! 5/5

    By CoreyK12345
    Square is absolutely fair and does good business for as long as I've done business with them. About 1.5 years now, I've never had a single problem and they've been there with all the help I've needed for many problems. Thank you square, and thank you to square's team!! Good job, I appreciate you.
  • Not worthy of a great company 1/5

    By mrwhale
    When the mobile analytics app came out I thought it was great. Then I had trouble signing in because it would never remember my login though it does if I just go to the website. Then I found out it doesn't play with 1Password--cutting and pasting wasn't worth the hassle compared to just hitting the website. I tried the new upgrade today 6/25/17 and when I cut and paste a masked password it reveals the password on the screen. So now I have to wonder if it's compromising my password over the Internet. On top of that the login failed, telling me to try again in 30 seconds several times in a row. This company and their product is too good to have this mostly superfluous afterthought giving it a bad name. I popped it from the toaster and they should do the same. At least get the ad for it off the mobile screen where it just annoys me.
  • I'm very happy 4/5

    By Tacodell
    Works very well, I can easily compare trends. PLEASE add historical weather data!! It'd be soo much easier to predict sales!!
  • Worthless Company and Customer Service 1/5

    By KGBguy
    Spare yourself some dignity and time, to deal with Square is to have no respect for yourself. They will decide that one of your sales is illegitimate, will hold your funds, will not respond to your support emails for 10 days, will remove an ability from your account to call them. I end up calling the customer and asking them if I can refund the payment and then charge it again via different merchant.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Kristenvaye
    This app is useless. I would like a square app in which you can do everything you do on the website in a mobile friendly version. This is not that. It's useless to me.
  • Release notes are useless 1/5

    By hepisbeth
    The release notes are worthless. Its not like they are going to claim the new version is worse and contains more bugs. A little content here would be great. I don't want to have to look in the app to find out what's new when there is a place here on the app store designed to communicate this information.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By carlchastain
    Very informative and streamlined snapshot of your sales performance. One request: I would love the app to include a list of transactions for the day I'm viewing.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Tim Marten
    Really great for keeping tabs on sales on the go. It would be great to be able to compare two custom dates (or ranges) for events that are not an exact distance apart. Also an Apple Watch app + complication of total sales would be really handy for watching sales during busy markets and such. Keep up the good work!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Hesky1217
    I have been using square register for two months it has been flawless the deposits are in the bank the next day. I called them just to get an idea of customer support and I was impressed. They answered right away and were very helpful and nice to deal with. Any business looking for an affordable pos system square is a no brainer. I even utilized their free online marketplace and love it.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By J&M Customs
    I've been using Square for 6 Months now and it works great. One of the best apps & possibly the best company I've ever done business with.
  • Much better than mobile web dashboard 5/5

    By Jason54721
    A much needed mobile command center for my square dashboard. Top notch- Thank You
  • Great! 5/5

    By AL chic
    I used Square for the first time at a festival this past weekend. Worked great. No problems. A plus being able to go back and see what items sold. I like the idea from a previous comment of having an inventory line. I understand the policy of funds held if over $500 in one day. Looking forward to using this app again in the future. Customers trust it.
  • Inventory please!! 2/5

    By Hexatron
    Please add a simple item-by-item inventory to this app, it's critical to my business and very difficult to get to on the phone. It's not even available on the mobile website. Inventory would make this app useful to us.
  • Clean and simple, but lots of info 5/5

    By RooneyService
    Really like how simple it appears, and yet it also seems to have a lot of data. Very easy way to check my sales on the go. Hated having to sign in to my computer.
  • Lacking 1/5

    By roblosmcd
    This app needs to be like the desktop version on the computer! I need to be able access everything from the app and can't.
  • Not what I thought it was 1/5

    By Grmrgurl
    I thought I would be able to see my comments from customers and you can't. Only sales. Pointless app.
  • iPad version 3/5

    By Derisnel
    I need urgently the iPad version Is really annoying using this app on iPad everything is so tiny. Do something square.
  • Totally inconsistent 1/5

    By Concession man
    This is a good idea, but not a good app. The app would let me see sales for some days and not others. Sometimes it would show sales numbers for one date and then they would disappear suddenly and not come back.
  • need more 4/5

    By Michele da sarzana
    great app, but as others pointed out we need to see the transactions and Apple Watch app would be great.
  • Please add Apple Watch support 4/5

    By ronniemarshall
    Love this app but wish it would support Apple Watch. Would love to see my day at a glance!! Thanks Square!!!
  • Helpful, but I still need the website 4/5

    By The King of Atari!
    This is a good looking app with some nice features. I do miss being able to see the individual transactions for a given day. In order to see that I still have to log into the website dashboard. Add that feature and I'll stop holding your five star rating hostage. :-)
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By tempuraloop
    Love this
  • Do not get 1/5

    By Hshucksk
    This app is useless, can't look at a year or even compare months in years. Get a piece of paper it would be faster than this poorly set up app
  • Kudos 5/5

    By jkey4tina
    Was very pleased to see Mobile Staff on dashboard report!
  • Freaking Awesome!!!! 4/5

    By MistressFeral
    I am a new small business owner and I love this app. I have been around retail for fifteen years and the ease of use is an amazing thing when dealing with the analytics as POS sales with the the Square card reader. I would be lost without either of these apps. Thanks Square I love this so much!!!!
  • New improvements 5/5

    By Smiles35
    I Love the time charts and the break of cash and credit credit cards ... Great!!!
  • Eh 2/5

    By Jessica Anaya
    It would be better to have it like the desktop view, to be able to see your deposits and see details for that deposit
  • Need More... 4/5

    By ParadoxicalSins
    It will be really great if we can get stats for the marketing section in square. I would like to be able to see who has opened my newsletters and all of that from this app. Could we possibly get a look at customers as well. I would like to make changes to their profiles, see their stats, and how they are doing with rewards.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Victorpdj
  • Nice 5/5

    By Kosvrub
    Love this app
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Gemme28_foreva
    Great app I love it works great!
  • Fantastic 4/5

    By DBruehl
    This is the first time I use an app like this and I am happy with it. It is straightforward and easy to use.
  • Useless 1/5

    By onerichsong
    I've been a Square user for quite some time. To call this app "Dashboard" is misleading. I'm constantly in and out of the actual dashboard and this app does not even remotely resemble it. Useless, in my opinion.
  • And...?? 1/5

    By Fopasanfer
    Useless unless you were able track individual invoices paid/unpaid and view individual transactions. Why isn't the dashboard built into the Register app in the first place? Please improve access/tracking/re-sending invoices! Could care less about the charts: what counts in my business are the profits and the cash on the bank account!
  • Dashboard 1/5

    By Buddha & Gods
    I don't see anything different. It also take useless space on iPhone.
  • Invoices 2/5

    By Bigotudo
    It would be nice if one could track and view invoices. Paid, unpaid etc.
  • Amaze balls 5/5

    By MattJustus
    This is a wonderful app for a business on the go. As a completely mobile business, this has been a lifesaver for coordinating between admin and our sales teams. If you didn't understand the point of this app, it clearly isn't meant for you.
  • Poor execution of a good idea. 1/5

    By beat*rice
    The app only allows to view a daily record of sales. No other dashboard items available. I agree a poor use of space. I quickly deleted
  • step in the right direction 4/5

    By Lefse queen
    I have been wanting an easy way to check sales totals on my phone and iPad, this fits the bill. I would like to see more of the information that is available on the full dashboard, such as looking at monthly and yearly totals. I look forward to seeing what the next updates bring.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Grizzlies Shaved Ice Sallisaw
    Thank you Square this is the app I have been waiting for I love to be able to compare sales to last week or last month or even last year you guys are amazing keep up the good work!! You have helped our shaved Ice Business BOOM!!
  • Not sure what it does 2/5

    By We_ndi
    I'm not sure what this does different than the regular app. It shows activity which you can see on your regular square app. Seems like a waste of space to me. I'm uninstalling.

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