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Square Payroll

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  • Current Version: 2.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Square, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Square Payroll App

Access affordable full-service payroll, built by Square. With this app it’s easy to pay W2 employees and 1099 contractors in just a few taps. Use the app to import timecards or enter your team’s hours, then let our team of specialists take care of the rest—we pay your team, file your payroll taxes, and send your tax payments to federal and state tax agencies. You can setup your account directly within the Square Payroll app in just minutes. Whether you’re paying your first employee or switching from another provider, we’re here to make payroll the easiest thing on your to do list. With Square Payroll you can: - Pay hourly and salaried workers. Your team gets paid via direct deposit, check, or deposit to the Cash App or Cash Cards. Subscription includes unlimited payruns each month. - Never worry about tax compliance again. Square handles all your payroll tax filings and payments and provides quarterly and end of year reports like W2s and 1099s - Save time by importing timecard hours and tips from the Square Point of Sale app or other leading timecard apps - Track sick leave, paid time off and overtime - Manage pre- and post-tax deductions - Let team members set themselves up with online accounts - Set up Automatic Payroll and let payroll run itself - Access affordable benefits plans for you and your employees, including health insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, workers compensation and pre-tax spending Square Payroll starts at just $34 per month. With fair and flexible pricing, you’ll only be charged for the employees you pay. There’s no monthly subscription if you’re just paying 1099 contractors - it’s just $5 per contractor you pay each month. Available in all 50 states + DC. Learn more: squareup.com/payroll

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Square Payroll app reviews

  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Arcnadius
    I have an IPhone XR and cannot get the app to progress. It’s installed and updated but when I try to log in, I get a solid green screen with the payroll logo and no option to enter my user name or password. I thought it might be a network speed issue but after five minutes, still nothing but the logo. I can’t rate the rest of the app because I have yet to experience it.
  • Payroll, Great. App, Unusable. 1/5

    By natynoboaa
    I love square payroll but the app isn’t even usable. I can’t enter any numbers for payroll so I still have to log on to the desktop website regardless. I’m not sure how they promote an app that doesn’t even work.
  • Needs better functionality! 3/5

    By Cblwolf
    I love using Square Payroll on a desktop, but I need more from this app than what it can currently do. My payroll week ends on Monday. It’s Wednesday, and I can only see Timecards from Monday and back. Where is Tuesday and Wednesday? I can’t edit a time card punch for either day, which is super frustrating. I also can’t run payroll from my phone because we tip out on payroll and I can’t add those in on my phone. I’ve had to run payroll late a few times because I wasn’t sitting in front of a PC. I tried to go through Safari on my phone and the screen won’t move over to the Paycheck Tips area, so again, that doesn’t work either. Please make these items available on the app!!
  • Not very mobile friendly 3/5

    By Nick Slater
    This app has so much potential.
  • Not made for iPad 2/5

    By Curious_Cat
    Considering all of the beautiful UIs offered throughout the Square products, I was surprised to find out the Payroll app via iPad is like the regular website but worse because it isn’t the full screen.
  • Makes Payroll a breeze! 5/5

    By Momma-of-4
    Square payroll makes having employees a breeze. The app and website and easy to use and navigate and it takes the guesswork out of unemployment and payroll deductions.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By polirabdf
    At the beginning it was fine let me check my paystub. But now they added the stupid update that won’t even let me log into my account. I can’t check how much money I made this month nor can I look at my hours or paystub‘s. It’s glitched out and it won’t let me press the login button. Five star app gone to one star up and just one update.
  • Is a good app 5/5

    This app is the best app in the world thinks to yall I grate to have this app trust me ok app is good 5 stars ok
  • Testimony 3/5

    By BTJaProphet
  • Thanks square 5/5

    By Sddrejlut
    This is so easy
  • Great app 4/5

    By Borileofl
    I love this app and all it does, the only thing is there has to be somewhere where if a stylist goes on vacation I can customize the payroll, ex. If they take a week vacation they only get 1/2 of the their pay and that way taxes are less for them to deduct. Hope that made sense. Thank you
  • Completely Stopped Working 1/5

    By @ThrivingCoach
    This has worked well for months, but now it’s stuck in a perpetual update loop with no update. I attempt to update it, login and it takes me back to an update window. Please fix the bug because it isn’t working at all currently. Thanks
  • Best payroll I’ve used 5/5

    By Kindra_S
    Efficient and easy to use.
  • WOW Horrible APP I expected more from Square . 1/5

    By Leeburn22
    I signed up for this App to do simple Contractor payrol . and wow i have never seen a more confusing app than this . I mean come on Square i had faith in you before this . All i wanted to do was pay a contractor and it is asking me for “Hours “ and there is NO way to bypass that . Iam paying a truck driver and He “DOES NOT “ work hourly . No way to bypass that . My second problem was I am trying to CANCEL and when i got to payrol setting and scrol down as stated in ur support page THERE IS NO OPTION TO CANCEL. A big company as square can’t figure out a simple Payroll APP? 🤷‍♂️... I had more faith in your company before this .
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By AlfredosPizzaCafe
    I don’t understand how this is an app. You can’t actually use it, it freezes and doesn’t let you put in the info at all. Better off just using the website. Big disappointment. And I’m running an iPhone 11 that’s up to date, no reason or shouldn’t work
  • They should have zero stars 1/5

    By Ebonynicole1
    They are scamming people and once you hit submit to pay your team they take your money then deactivate your account and say they are holding your money for 90 days. Don’t do it you will lose money and your employees don’t get paid.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Tovsworld
    Great concept. Full of bugs. Doesn’t do the job.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By dookyaselftodeth
    Horrible app with horrible customer service, don’t waste your money get Intuit Quickbooks instead, better value without all the hassles!
  • Best thing ever 5/5

    By Aaliyah&Amari
    Very easy to use, I now can pay my employees via check and I’m so glad square has helped me figure this out! They pay my employees on time and I haven’t had an issue yet.
  • Needs Improvement 1/5

    By Medical Office Cali
    Can’t adjust payroll period to our actual, no help via support emails or messages. Loooong holds by phone. No distributing retirement contributions done for free by prior payroll provider. More expensive than Benefit Mall and ADP.
  • Simple but would like recurring time cards 4/5

    By Whitney Lavette
    Love the ap. Would like to be able to upload a recurring payment schedule though for employees that work the same hours weekly without having to manually have them enter.
  • Pay stub 2/5

    By ms.JayBee
    I am trying to access my pay stubs. I am an employee and not an employer. How do I access this information?
  • Bad communication 1/5

    By Hijodesumalditamaimmg
    Stay away from this people bad service. Used this services once. When I ran my first payroll cycle the day after I got an email that my account was close and they couldn’t explain further the reason it got close. In the mix of it my employee was setup to receive direct deposit they withdrew the money from my account and he never received his deposit. When I tried calling square their website doesn’t provide me with a code it always said costumer services not available I send multiple messages with no reply till this day and still holding my employee money.
  • Please, please, please allow employers to see time cards on the current payroll cycle 2/5

    By Mstam22
    No idea why you are not able to see and edit time cards on the current payroll cycle, only historical. Very limiting in that you cannot clock people in / out if needed, can’t see how many hours they have worked the current week, etc. This functionality is needed for basic operational work!

    By OJZ Ventures
    I love square and their products but this application is so buggy and unresponsive. I try to do our company’s payroll on the go but the app doesn’t respond, it’s super slow, and super laggy. I don’t know what’s going on but square needs to fix these and update this terrible bugs!
  • Not working 3/5

    By Bobby Kawasaki
    Can’t do anything beyond inputting the name of the person getting paid. Amount inoperable.
  • Square Payroll 5/5

    By packerdad12
    Super easy to use
  • Square Payroll is Great 5/5

    By Topolino-Man
    Having come from a 30-year background in payroll management for a large company I was dreading the prospect of going through the process again for 11 part-time employees. No worries: since my square time card system and payroll are linked, payroll , from managing time cards , direct deposit , tax payments and reporting , deductions and all that goes along with payroll has been perfect. In the payroll world, that’s a big ask. The added benefit of being able to add employees and now adjust time cards on the app is a great addition .
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Moe >:(
    Has to be the worst app every! It doesn’t save anything and refreshes every time you open it. Not sure why everyone rated it such high ratings.
  • Incomplete 3/5

    By E Glueck
    This app won’t let me edit time cards. Which is quite annoying.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By xob4lox
    This app would be great, but it’s not designed for smart phone use. When you go to pay your employees, it doesn’t let you enter the amount due to all the information not fitting on the screen. It doesn’t turn or expand when you rotate your phone, so this app is basically useless. I have to sit down and physically log in from my computer to do payroll
  • Can’t view imported time cards 3/5

    By Blastrx
    I import timecards automatically from When I Work. When I try to view time cards in the app I can only see timecards from the previous pay period. It would be nice if I could view time cards from the current pay period as they are imported each day.
  • Clear Cut Cincinnati 5/5

    By Tay shanay
    I use square payroll to pay my contractors by the job and square is very flexible with any form of payment whether you pay hourly, commissions or by the job!
  • Ez Pz 5/5

    By iPhone 1975
    Great price and ez to use!
  • It’s not an iPad friendly app 1/5

    By hviking
    The interface is the same as it on a computer, it even can not roll automatically on an iPad .
  • Double log in 3/5

    By rainaroo2
    I’m not sure the point of the app when all it does is take you to a website to login there after you have already logged in on the app. I wish the app actually had the information and didn’t just send you to the website.
  • app does not work 1/5

    By hair by steph
    App does not work,square payroll itself is great,but the app needs some work,completely non functioning
  • I don’t often leave mean one-stars... 1/5

    By Billfred
    ...but when your app doesn’t let you log in with an iCloud Keychain item, I’m calling it busted from the start. Square Payroll is otherwise good and trustworthy, just having an epic failure here.
  • Payroll has never been easier 5/5

    By The Big SSG F
    I love this system
  • App doesn’t ever work 2/5

    By ml88210
    90% of the time I attempt to use the app it doesn’t even work. Just shows a blank white screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times.
  • Love payroll app!! 5/5

    By Libbys Massage
    I had started doing payroll on my phone, but at 1st I was using the website on non-mobile and couldn’t see everything. Then I just did payroll on the new payroll app and it was so easy. I love the payroll app. Square is totally mobile with all I need to do now. Thanks square for always being awesome and growing to fit the needs of my business! 8 years with square and I’ve never had to call for help. Everything square makes is just so easy to operate!
  • Love Square Payroll 5/5

    By Wendel-PA
    I’m a small company and was nervous to get set up for my first contractor/employee. Square has made it so easy! I have been recommending square to several other businesses too.
  • Untrustworthy 1/5

    By cdk1qnz
    I would have loved this app if it weren’t for the backwards underwriting process and unethical communications with my clients without my express written permission.
  • Glitchy, frustrating and disappointing 1/5

    By TigerRaiders
    The part that is most disappointing is that this app has many of the functions I need and want in a payroll app. However, when you input data for team members, the app freezes. Additionally, I have a lot of part time hires (as an employer) and square sends my new hires an email to sign up. Every single one of my new hires reports some kind of problem signing up, from glitchy freezing and subpar processing of personal data. I’ve gotten to the point of telling all my new hires not to use the mobile app when submitting data for payroll and direct them to use the desktop version. However, when they use the desktop version they constantly encounter the “uh-oh, something went wrong.” I don’t have time to hold each of my new hires’ hands and walk them through troubleshooting signing up. I need something that works consistently and across the board for my team. I’ve been super disappointing and am now considering changing my payroll service (which is a nightmare in itself). Square better fix these issues pronto or you’re going to lose my business.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By scissorsammy
    This update has still not fixed the problem, I can’t leave the app to look at any of my numbers and then come back to it without it wiping all of my progress.
  • Help??? 1/5

    By Marisa 🖤🥓
    Why won’t I receive my email saying my pay is on the way, but I receive it when it’s been out into my account???
  • Huge opportunity, terrible execution and unusable app. 1/5

    By Fishsurfvball
    I joined square payroll to make it simpler and easier to run my business, as promised. But the app doesn’t work with FaceID, doesn’t function on iPhone screen, can’t pay my team because the app freezes and doesn’t respond. Have tried to reinstall and nothing has resolved the issue. Square is exploiting small businesses trying to do payroll on mobile device. This is something that CAN be fixed and simply hasn’t been addressed.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By vvvdhebdjgoowuabflcn
    Sometimes it works, most of the time it just doesn’t. When trying to input payroll, once I hit save it clears everything I just did. A lot of the time the buttons seem to be off, or just not working. This app could be great. For now it’s more work than it’s worth.
  • Disappointing (Could be amazing, falls short in one key area) 1/5

    By Danial Jackson
    I’m not one to give 1 star reviews. This app need some serious love from developers to make it usable. I can’t even press on the buttons. I have to offset pressing by like 1” and it’s slow and clunky. Beautiful interface, beautiful concept. Please make this work the way it should. Make sure you test on ALL iPhone models. Mine is iPhone XS not sure if it’s a screen resolution or size thing throwing off the capacitive touch mapping. Right now this is UNUSABLE. Also the web app seems to fail login from safari no matter what even when I use the correct password. This is infuriating.